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Default Rape Of The Starlets

This story is a work of fantasy fiction concerning the gang-rape of two very popular Hollywood starlets, Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan. I am writing it at the request of another VB member. I hope you all enjoy it. Like I said, it is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental. In no way do I condone the actual rape or sexual molestation of any Hollywood celebrity in real life.

It was an exciting day at Five Star Productions. The set of the popular morning talk show, “Morning With Megan”, was a bustle of activity. The producers of the show had managed to book two very special guests, teen celebrities Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan.
The show’s host, Megan Portland, was elated. Her syndicated morning talk show had been struggling in the ratings as of late. Landing an interview with the two teen sensations would give her show a boost it badly needed.

It was interesting the way it had all transpired. All week, Megan had been doing a feature on the growing problems of teen sex and pregnancy. She knew Selena Gomez was a big advocate for teen abstinence. It was well-publicized that she wore a “promise ring” that signified her commitment to abstaining from sex until marriage.
One of Megan Portland’s producers happened to be a close friend of Selena Gomez’ publicist. Megan, knowing it was a long shot, got the producer to ask the publicist if Selena would be interested in appearing on her show. She was hoping it would deliver a powerful message to teen girls by seeing a big star like Selena Gomez promoting teen abstinence. Selena not only said she would be happy to do it, she asked if a friend of hers could appear along with her.

The friend was Debby Ryan, from the Disney Channel shows, ‘Suite Life On Deck’ and ‘Jessie’. She was a rising star in Hollywood, and was working with Selena on a new movie. She too was very committed to teen abstinence. Of course, Megan said yes.
Now today, the 34-year old, leggy blonde television celebrity strode around the set, barking orders and ensuring everything was ready for the arrival of their guests.

Manny Vasquez and Todd Zucker stood backstage, leaning against a wall and drinking coffee. The two friends were employed at Five Star Productions as ‘gofers’, TV studio lingo for basically what you would call ‘labourers’. They helped the cameramen and the lighting and sound technicians. In a nutshell, they did all the little menial tasks and errands that no one else wanted to do.

The pay wasn’t great, but for a couple unskilled guys like Manny and Todd, it was one of the best paying jobs they had ever had. Manny liked the job for all the ‘fringe benefits’ as he called them. He liked all the attractive young women that worked at the studio and seeing some of the even hotter guests that often appeared on the show.
Manny was of Mexican descent and stood about five feet ten inches. He weighed around 180 lb. and had a muscular build. His white t-shirt showed off his strong arms and solid chest. He had short black hair and a black moustache and goatee. His forearms were covered in tattoos. He was 32 years old.

Todd was the same age. He was had grown up on a farm in Nebraska. A little shorter than Manny, he was five feet eight inches tall. He weighed a bit more too, pushing 200 lb. In high school he had played a lot of sports and had been quite athletic. He still had a fairly fit physique but was beginning to develop a bit of a beer gut. He had straight brown hair with a receding hairline and a couple day’s worth of stubble. Todd too, enjoyed the ‘fringe benefits’ of their job.
You see, unbeknownst to Megan, both were paroled sex offenders who had spent time in prison for violent rape. The two men had met in prison and had instantly hit it off as they told stories of their past exploits.

After release, they had needed to find jobs as a condition of their parole. Manny’s cousin, Rodrigo worked at the studio as a carpenter. He pulled a few strings and managed to get them hired without them having to submit a compulsory criminal background check.
Although the two of them were on probation, they still had a bit of fun every now and then. Every weekend they went ‘trolling’ for girls and young women on the streets of Los Angeles in Manny’s beat-up old van. They knew it was dangerous and if they were ever caught they’d be back in jail for a long time. But the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration and excitement when they did catch some prey, made all the risk worthwhile. They never went home unsatisfied.

They looked up as Megan came walking past. She stopped in front of the two men.
“Manny and Todd! What the hell are you doing?” she demanded.
“Hey, we’re having a coffee,” Manny explained as he shrugged his shoulders.
“Is the green room ready for Selena and Debby?” she asked. “The fridge needs to be stocked with bottled water and juice and there should be a bowl of fresh fruit on the table.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s all ready to go,” said Manny. “Quit ridin’ our asses!”
“These are very important guests we’re having, you two idiots,” the tall blonde woman snapped. “I want everything, and I mean everything, perfect! Now find something to do. I don’t pay you to stand around and drink coffee.”
She stomped off to berate a couple lighting technicians.

Megan Portland was their boss but as far as Manny and Todd were concerned, she was just a typical blonde Hollywood bimbo.
Megan was a former beauty queen, married to a popular NFL quarterback and the mother of two children. After her beauty queen days, she had pursued a career in television journalism.
She started out as a reporter and eventually worked her way up the ladder to news anchor on Channel 7 News. She held that spot for six years until the station asked her to begin hosting a local morning talk show. After turning it into one of the most popular local shows in L.A., Megan decided to strike out on her own. She managed to get a syndication deal with Five Star Productions hosting her own show, “Mornings With Megan” and so far was being shown in about 50 markets across the United States.

However, to Manny and Todd, she was just a rich white bitch who signed their paycheques. Seeing her strut around the studio in her short skirts and high heels with her platinum blonde hair and long legs, she was just a high-priced Hollywood whore in their view.
Manny smiled to himself. Megan Portland would shit herself if she knew all the things he had done to women. Or all the things he wanted to do to her. Someday, Manny thought to himself. Someday.
For now, Manny and Todd were quite excited about the arrival at the studio of the two young starlets. They both considered Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan to be major hotties! Their pictures were all over the internet and on the covers of magazines. Manny and Todd watched their TV shows on the Disney Channel. Yeah, it was a channel for kids and teeny-boppers but they didn’t care. They liked to watch Disney Channel for all the ‘young cunt’ as they called it.

To have the opportunity to see these two young celebrities up close was going to be the chance of a lifetime. Even if they were almost old enough to be the girls’ fathers. Manny and Todd liked the ‘young ones’.
They heard a commotion near the main entrance leading into the studio. Manny and Todd saw two young female interns who worked at the studio run past in an excited state.
“Oh my God,” one of them yelled, like an excited fifteen-year old girl. “They’re here!”
Manny and Todd moved over to a corner of the studio where they could observe the goings-on in privacy. They saw Megan come rushing across the studio to greet her guests. There was a crowd of people gathered near the entrance doors…and then they saw them!
Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan!

Selena was wearing a white denim skirt that came to just above mid-thigh and knee-high black leather boots with 2 inch heels. They made her look taller than her normal five feet five inches. She was wearing a leopard-print tank-top. Her luscious black hair hung down around her shoulders.
Debby had on a pair of tight black denim jeans and boots that came up to about mid-calf. She wore a bright pink top with a plunging neckline that showed off just a small bit of cleavage. Her long brunette hair hung down her back.
“Hello Selena! Hello Debby! I’m Megan Portland, So nice to meet you!” gushed Megan as she shook hands with the two girls.
She turned and spoke to another woman standing nearby.

“Collette, please take Selena and Debby to makeup and then show them to the green room.”
“Yes, ma’am,” said Collette, a tall attractive black woman.
“Follow me please, girls,” she said motioning to the two actresses.
They followed her across the studio, accompanied by several members of their entourage. Megan and another woman, Selena and Debby’s publicist, headed towards Megan’s office to discuss the upcoming interview. Megan looked around at the crowd of people who had gathered.
“Okay, people!” she yelled clapping her hands. “Let’s get back to work! Only 45 minutes until we’re on the air.”

“You as fucking hard as me?” chuckled Manny, rubbing his crotch.
“Harder!” replied Todd. “You see that Debby Ryan slut? She’s got lips just made for sucking cock. And those jeans! Jesus Christ, should ask her much it cost to get those painted on her!”
“Oh yeah, for sure. But I’d like to do Selena while she’s wearing that white skirt.” Manny smiled lasciviously. “Fuck, that girl’s legs drive me wild, man!”
“I can’t believe we were that close to them,” said Todd. “I’m gonna have to go to the can and beat off now!”
Just then, a lighting tech came along.
“Hey, you two lazy fucks,” he barked. “Come help me. I gotta move some lights.”

Soon it was showtime! The studio audience, mostly teen and preteen girls, along with their mothers, screamed and cheered wildly as the two young starlets came walking onto the set. Tickets for the taping had sold out fast when people had heard Selena and Debby were going to be guests on the show.
Megan began to interview the girls, asking them questions about their new movie project.
“Oh it’s going to be hilarious,” said Selena slapping her knee. “It’s called ‘Stepsisters’. Debby and I play two girls who become stepsisters when my dad and her mom get married.”

“Yeah,” added Debby. “Selena’s this really popular cheerleader-type girl named Monica and I’m Emma, this super-nerd brainiac. Selena is busy dating all the hot guys in school and my idea of a hot date is studying the periodic table.”
“We’re complete opposites,” explained Selena. “I’m a fashionista and she dresses like a nun!” They giggled like schoolgirls.
“One day this really hot boy moves in next door and Monica gets a major crush on him,” said Debby flipping her hair away from her face. “Now this boy, Derek, is also on the school football team but he’s failing math and he is told if he doesn’t improve his marks he’s off the team. So Monica, who really wants a date with this Derek, tells him about her brainy stepsister Emma and makes a deal with him.
If she can get Emma to tutor him and help him pass math, he has to take her to the prom. He agrees. At first Emma doesn’t want to do it but Monica talks her into it. However, when she starts to tutor him, HE starts getting a major crush on her!”

Selena continued the story. “Oh yeah, and then Emma starts to really like him and then to complicate matters, he tells Emma he wants to take her to the prom, instead of Monica! It gets really messy after that. We start filming next week!”
“Well,” said Megan. “It certainly sounds like it will be a great movie. I really look forward to seeing it!”
Selena wrapped an arm around Debby’s shoulder.
“Debby is like such a great person to work with,” beamed Selena. “We’re almost like real sisters!”

Then the conversation began to move to Selena’s and Debby’s commitment to abstinence. Selena began telling Megan all about her “promise” ring and how she had made a solemn promise to her mother when she was younger to remain a virgin until marriage.
Manny and Todd were standing back in the shadows behind the set watching the taping of the show. Their eyes were intently fixed on the two young women sitting on a plush couch across from Megan.
“I think I’m gonna puke,” sneered Manny.
“Why is that?” asked Todd.

“Listen to that little bitch go on and on about being a fuckin’ virgin!” scoffed Manny. “And look at how she’s dressed like a whore. She needs a fucking. A good hard fucking!”
“Both of them do.” commented Todd.
Debby Ryan had also began talking about her commitment to abstinence and how teenage girls needed to ‘empower themselves’ and not fall victim to peer pressure.
Selena crossed and uncrossed her legs on the couch. From the angle the men were watching at, they were able to get a great side view of her slender thighs under her short skirt.

“Oh man, would love to have those wrapped around me,” said Manny leering at the dark-haired girl.
“Ahh, a couple bozos like us, we’d never have a chance with girls like that,” laughed Todd. “And anyways, Selena has a boyfriend. Ain’t she goin’ out with that singer dude, Justin Bieber?”
“Oh that fuckin’ dweeb!” said Manny with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I could deal with that little faggot, no problem. After a night with me, she’d never want to go back to him. She’d know what it was like to be with a real man! I bet he ain’t even got a dick, that fuckin’ little homo!”
“Well, dream on,” said Todd, “Ain’t ever gonna happen!”

“Never say never Todd, my friend!” replied Manny. “You gotta dream. It’s what gets ya through life.”
Todd gave Manny a weird look as he listened to his Mexican friend’s philosophical musings.
Selena and Debby gave a little speech at the end of their interview about the importance of self-esteem. They received a standing ovation from the studio crowd as the show wrapped up. The two girls were ushered off-set and back to the green room. The interview had been a huge success.
Megan came walking backstage and gathered everybody around.

“Great job everybody!” she congratulated them. “Now I have an announcement to make. Miss Gomez and Miss Ryan have informed me before they leave they will hand out some photos and sign autographs for the studio crew.”
She assigned Manny and Todd to set up a table and a couple chairs for the girls to sit at. Selena’s publicist came and set out a stack of publicity pictures and a couple pens. Soon Selena and Debby came out of the green room and headed over to where the table was set up. A lineup of people had formed in front of the table, mostly some of the young women who worked there but also some older people wanting to get autographs for their kids.

Manny and Todd took up spots at the end of the line. They wanted to be the last ones. A couple of the women looked at them condescendingly. As if they were thinking, “Why are two grown single men getting autographs from a couple teenage actresses?”
Manny didn’t care. He just wanted to get close to Selena Gomez. He watched as her long dark hair fell around her face and she would have to push it out of the way. Watched as she ran her tongue across her lips as she signed autographs.
Finally, Manny and Todd made it up to the table. Selena looked up at Manny and he could feel his cock growing hard in his pants.
“I wonder if she can see my bulge?” wondered Manny.

“Hi!” she said with a big smile. “How are you? How would you like your picture signed?”
“Hi Selena,” replied Manny. “It’s so great to meet you. I’m a really big fan. Ummm, could you sign my picture with, ‘Manny, you’re the hottest!’?”
Selena looked up at him with a strange look and shrugged her shoulders.
“Well, okay, I guess I could,” she said hesitantly as she started to write.
Beside him Todd was talking to Debby Ryan.

“Boy, you are one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen,” he said with a smile.
Debby blushed and let out a shy laugh.
“Oh, that’s so nice. How would you like me to sign your picture?”
“I want it to say, ‘Todd, you rock my world!’” His eyes wandered down towards the neckline of her blouse. From his vantage point, he could just see the top edge of her pink bra.

Debby glanced over at Selena and mouthed the word ,“pervert!” Selena nodded back as they began to sign pictures for the two men.
“You know,” said Manny, leaning in towards Selena. “We should get together sometime for a drink, you and I. I know some really fun Latino clubs to go to.”
“Aren’t you a bit old for me?” asked Selena warily.
“Hey, us older guys are the best,” said Manny. “We know how to treat girls right. I would show you the night of your life!”
“Ooookay!” said Selena, raising her eyebrows.

“What, you don’t like Latino guys?” asked Manny.
“It’s not that, sir. It’s just that I already have a boyfriend and a very, very busy schedule.”
“Oh well, I’m sure you could find some time for a date couldn’t you? As for your boyfriend, well I won’t tell, if you won’t! Anyways, you spend a night with Manny, you’ll forget all about Justin.”
“This is becoming just a little awkward,” said Selena. She finished signing Manny’s picture and handed it to him. “I think we’re done here now.”
“Oh come on,” said Manny. “Just give me your phone number. It can’t hurt, right? I’m a good-looking Latino guy, you’re a hot Latino girl, we’re a match made in heaven!”

Selena stood up from the table without answering and was going to start walking away. As she turned, Manny reached across the table and grabbed her ass. She jumped and gave a little squeal of shock.
Selena whipped around, slapping Manny’s hand away.
“Excuse me, mister!” she snapped. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
Megan Portland and Selena’s publicist were standing off to the side chatting with each other. Immediately, they rushed over to see what the commotion was about.

“What’s going on here?” Megan demanded, glaring at Manny.
“Nothing,” shrugged Manny. “We were having a little talk. I just wanted to get to know Selena a bit better.”
“He grabbed my butt!” yelled Selena, pointing at him angrily.
“Hey, it was just a little fun,” Manny said defensively. “Just a little joke.”
“I didn’t think it was very funny!” said Selena.
Then Debby spoke up too. “And his friend here is being a bit of a creep too. Telling me I ‘rock his world’!”
Megan was flabbergasted. “Did you say that, Todd?”
Todd gave Megan a sheepish look.

“Yeah, I said that. What’s the matter? Can’t a guy have a bit of fun around here?”
“It is very inappropriate,” snapped Megan. “And very disrespectful! You two are fired. Right here, right now! Empty your lockers and get out. I do not need you sexually harassing my guests!”
“You’re firing us?” Manny said with an incredulous look on his face. “That’s bullshit!”
“You’re lucky I don’t call the cops!” Selena berated him. “That’s sexual assault, you know!”
“Go ahead, you little bitch! Call the cops. Like I care!” said Manny.

By this time, two security guards had appeared on the scene and began to escort Manny and Todd towards the exit. Manny pulled away from one as the guard tried to grab his arm.
“Fuck off!” he sneered. “I’m going, I’m going!”
Todd looked back over his shoulder at Debby and licked his lips.
“Don’t know what you’re missing, honey!” he called out.
Debby gave a shudder of revulsion.

“Oh, I’m so sorry this happened!” apologized Megan. “Those two have been problem employees for a long time. I’m glad I was able to finally find a good reason to fire them. Are you ladies all right?”
“Yes, I’m fine,” replied Selena.
“I’m all right too,” added Debby. “Just kinda freaked me out was all.”
Selena’s publicist, a woman by the name of Suzanne, took Megan off to the side.
“Please ensure none of this slips out to the media. They would blow it horribly out of proportion. It wouldn’t be good for the girls and it wouldn’t be good for your show either.”

“Yes, I understand,” said Megan. “I am sooo mortified! This will never happen again! I will speak with all my employees. And once again, please accept my apologies.”

Meanwhile, Manny and Todd were sitting in Manny’s van out in the parking lot.
“Fuck! I can’t believe that bitch Megan fired us!” yelled Manny as he punched the steering wheel.
“Our parole officer is gonna be pissed we lost our jobs,” muttered Todd.
“Ahh, piss on him!” Manny sneered. “You know who’s fault this really is? That prissy bitch Selena Gomez. Tells me that was sexual assault! Fuck, that little diva has got no idea what sexual assault is!”

Manny threw his van in gear and they roared out of the parking lot. He threw the middle finger to the security guard at the studio entrance as he wheeled out onto the street.
“Come on,” he said to Todd. “Let’s go get drunk!”

Later that night they ended up at their friend Vicente’s place. Manny’s cousin Rodrigo was also there and their friends Devon and Luis.
“Wow!” exclaimed Vicente. “I cannot believe you grabbed Selena Gomez’ ass! What did it feel like?”
“It was nice and firm!” laughed Manny, who was quite drunk by this time. “Just made for grabbing!”
“You are crazy,” said Rodrigo. “I almost got fired because of you. Ms. Portland was not happy when she found out you never had a criminal background check when you got hired. I had to do a lot of lying to keep my job!”

“That blonde cow!” snarled Todd. “Someone oughtta give her a good fuck someday. Take her down a few notches.”
Manny threw his empty beer can at the overflowing garbage can in a corner of the kitchen. It bounced off all the other beer cans piled high and rolled off into a corner beside the stove. He grabbed another cold one out of the fridge and opened it.
“That Selena! You shoulda seen her today, that little high-and-mighty whore. Telling everybody how proud she is she’s a virgin. And then flaunting her little whore body all around for us to stare at. But oh! Don’t dare touch the little princess!”

Luis shook his head. “Little cunt! She should be working on her back in a Tijuana whorehouse. I can’t stand these Latino girls, come to Hollywood and hit the big time, and then they think they all better than the rest of us. They see another Latino guy they stick their noses in the fucking air! Oh, we just want the white boys now!”
“That Debby Ryan is a stuck-up bitch too,” said Todd, taking a big swig of beer. “There’s several things I’d like to do to her!”
“Like what?” asked Devon.

“Well, it wouldn’t be taking her for a romantic walk on the beach, that’s for sure!” laughed Todd.
“Too bad the old gang isn’t still around,” said Manny. “We’d show those cunts a thing or two. Man, we used to have fun!”
Manny thought back to his younger days when he belonged to a street gang in the barrio. They had commanded fear and respect and no one dared to mess with them. He had joined when he was only sixteen and still in high school.

He had participated in his first gang-rape shortly after he had joined. They grabbed a 16-year old white girl from his school as she walked home and dragged her into an abandoned apartment building. There had been seven of them and they proceeded to savagely rape her. The reason? One of Manny’s friends had asked her for a date and she had said she didn’t date Latinos. They made her regret that remark.
After that first time, Manny had felt something awaken inside him that both terrified and excited him. He remembered the feeling of absolute power and control as they had held down the young blonde girl and ripped her clothes off her body. He had never heard a girl scream so much. They had jammed her panties into her mouth to keep her quiet.

Her eyes had been filled with terror as each boy had mounted her. Oh, how she had twisted and fought, her flat firm stomach pushing up against him! He remembered his heart pounding in his chest as he pressed his body against hers and the feeling of her smooth cream-coloured thighs as he slid his hands along them. Then there was the rush of adrenalin as he pushed his erect cock inside her tight cunt.

After that first one, Manny lost count of all the gang-rapes he was involved in. During his time as a gang member, it became an almost weekly affair. But it came to an end shortly after he turned 18, when he ended up in prison for five years. By the time he was released, most of his old gang members were either in jail themselves or were dead. His friend Luis was the only former member of the street gang who was still around.
“Maybe that’s what we should do,” said Luis.
Manny woke from his daydream. “What do you mean? Do a gang-rape? Fuck, we’d never get near them!”
“Ohhh, I don’t know about that,” said Rodrigo with a sly chuckle. “That movie they were talking about making? They’re gonna be filming some of it at Five Star!”

“Where?” asked Todd, excitement in his eyes.
“Across the street at Soundstage #9. You know Robbie Ortiz?”
Manny nodded. “Yeah, I know Robbie. What about him?”
“He’s working over there. Helping build sets for the movie. He told me all about it.”
“Holy shit!” said Todd. “We got an inside man!”

He looked over at Manny. “We gotta try it, man! We gotta talk to this Robbie guy and see if we can pull something off!”
“You guys are gonna get yourselves in a lot of shit,” scoffed Devon.
“I don’t really give a shit,” snapped Manny. He had a look of intense concentration. “I wouldn’t care what the fuck happened to me. The chance to fuck those two bitches, yeah, we gotta try it!”

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” said Vicente. “I got access to a delivery truck. I’ll help you crazy bastards, if I can have a stab at’ em too!”
“You got a deal!” said Manny, reaching out to shake Vicente’s hand. He looked at the rest of the group. “So how about it, you fuckers? I know you’re in Todd, but how about the rest of you? If you guys help, you’ll all get a piece of the action! It’ll be just like old times Luis.”
His former gang buddy gave a hesitant look, then he broke into a smile.
“Ahhhh, what the fuck! It’s been a while since I gave it to some dulce nina!”
Rodrigo and Devon looked at each other and shrugged.

“Okay, we’ll help you,” said Rodrigo. “I’ll probably regret it, but it could be fun!”
“ ‘Could be fun’?” smiled Todd. “It’s gonna be fucking awesome! When you’re pounding those two tight pussies, Rodrigo, you ain’t gonna have no regrets!”
“Tomorrow, we start planning,” slurred Manny. “For now, I’m going to sleep.”
He staggered into the living room and collapsed on the couch.

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fantastic can't wait for more!!!!
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Originally Posted by leader View Post
fantastic can't wait for more!!!!
Will have the 2nd instalment ready very soon!
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Here is the new instalment!

Chapter 2:

The next morning Manny and Todd woke up in Vicente’s living room. Their heads pounded from vicious hangovers.
“Whoa, ain’t drank like that in awhile,” groaned Manny as he sat on the couch, holding his head with both hands.
“If I don’t shoot myself, I hope someone else will do it for me,” said Todd squinting at the daylight streaming in through the living room window. His eyes were red and bloodshot and he reeked of stale beer.

Manny looked at the pile of empty beer cans in the kitchen.
“Aye caramba! We drank all that last night?”
“That’s only some of it,” replied Todd. “Don’t forget the four hours we spent at the bar before we came to Vicente’s!”
“Well I might have been pretty hammered last night, but I still remember what we talked about,” said Manny.
“Good!” sighed Todd. “We’re gonna have to talk to Robbie Ortiz, huh?”

“Yeah! If he can get us in there, we’ve got it made. Then it’s payback time for little Miss Gomez and Miss Ryan!”
Manny lit up a cigarette and took a big puff. “I know Robbie pretty well and I know where he lives. We’ll go see him tonight after he gets home from work.”
“We gonna let him in on the fun too, if he helps us?” Todd asked.
“Sure, why not?” answered Manny. “Anybody would love a chance to have a go at those two. And when it comes to gang rapin’, the more, the merrier!”

Later that morning, Manny and Todd had to report into their parole officer. When they informed him that they were now unemployed, he was not pleased.
“One of the conditions of your parole is to obtain gainful employment,” he lectured them. “Getting fired every couple of months does not look good on your record. I suggest the two of you get out on the street and start looking for a job right now! Next time I see you, you better have jobs.”
The p

arole officer had had to call Megan and confirm Manny and Todd were fired. Luckily, she had just said they were fired due to poor performance. If she had told the parole officer the real reason for their firing, he would have had to launch an investigation.
Megan was quite embarrassed as it was to discover two convicted violent sex offenders had been working for her without any criminal background checks being done. And it would have created a huge scandal once the parole officer had discovered all the parties involved.
Manny and Todd knew they had dodged a bullet, because if the parole officer had known the whole story, they would have been back in jail.
Later as they walked out of his office, Manny remarked, “Boy, sure glad that bitch Megan kept her mouth shut about what we did.”
“Well she probably wasn’t worried too much about us,” scoffed Todd. “She was covering her own ass so her precious TV show wouldn’t have bad publicity.”

“Yeah, probably,” said Manny. “If only she knew about some of the shit we pulled off when we worked there! I’m glad those bitches have stayed quiet.”
The two men looked at each other and grinned. As I explained before, Manny and Todd had enjoyed the ‘fringe benefits’ of their job at the studio, working around lots of attractive women.They had worked at the studio for 3 months and in that time several co-workers had fallen victim to Manny and Todd’s sick desires.
Manny and Todd recalled a couple of their favourites. One was a young blonde 19-year old intern named Kelsey. She’d had an incredibly killer body. Your stereotypical California beach babe. They had raped her in a storage room at the studio. Manny kept her quiet by telling her he had lots of gang connections who could make her disappear into a Mexican whorehouse if she opened her mouth to the cops. The terrified, naïve young girl had believed him.

Another was a 21-year old woman by the name of Sheila who worked as a receptionist in the front office. They’d had lots of fun with her. Knowing she lived by herself, they had followed her home one night and then forced their way into her house after dark. Taking their time with her, they had tied her up and spent about three hours raping and sexually brutalizing the poor woman.
Todd and Manny were able to blackmail her into submission. They found out from the young receptionist, that she had once worked as an amateur porn actress. Wanting to someday break into legitimate mainstream acting, she was very desperate for it to be kept quiet. It was easy to obtain her silence.
“Yeah, we certainly had our fun while it lasted,” said Todd dreamily. “I’ve never said this about a job, but I’m gonna miss working there.”
“Me too,” said Manny.

The two men spent the day lazily driving around the city until finally it was evening. Time to meet with Robbie Ortiz! They drove to his house and parked out on the street. He greeted them at the door.
Robbie was 33 years old and slightly balding. He stood about five feet ten inches and weighed around 170 lb. He had a thin moustache similar to Manny’s.
“Hey Manny, how’s it going?” Robby said. “Come on in. Haven’t seen you since you got out of the joint.”
“I’m doing all right,” said Manny. “This is my buddy Todd.” He motioned to his friend.
“So, word is from Rodrigo you have something on the go and you need my help.”
“Yeah, kind of,” Manny shrugged.

“Well, I will get us some beers and we shall discuss this little matter.” Robbie walked to the kitchen to get some beers from the fridge.

Two hours later, a deal had been struck. Robbie was going to help them!
“Goddamn, Manny,” Robbie smiled as he walked the other two men to the door. “You were always one crazy sonuvabitch, but this is gonna take the cake! I’ll help you, but it could be tough.”
“I know it ain’t gonna be easy,” Manny agreed. “But once we got them in the van, they’re ours! And remember, you’ll get a turn at them too for helping us pull this off.”

Robbie had a grin from ear to ear. “That is gonna be something else. Fucking a couple Hollywood bitches! Always wanted to do that.”
“Well here’s your chance!” said Todd.
“Okay,” said Robbie. “But remember, you guys gotta give me like a week or so, so I can get their routine established. I’ll give you a call Manny and let you know when it’s a go.”
“Right on, Robbie, my man!” said Manny high-fiving him. “It’s gonna help that their trailers will be outside in the parking lot so they have to go outside to get to them.”

“Yep,” said Robbie. “Like I said, I’ll give you a call in about a week.”
Manny and Todd were very pleased their brainstorming session with Robbie went so well. Robbie had also spent time in prison, like Manny and Todd, although his crimes had involved drug-dealing and assault. He was a bit reluctant and skeptical at first, but the more they talked about it, the more he realized that it was a feasible plan.
He was quite excited to hear what Manny and Todd had planned. And once they told him he could be in on the party afterwards, well, he was sold!

They stopped at Rodrigo’s house and Manny told him everything was a go.
“Robbie will phone me in a week. We got it all figured out. As soon as I got the girls, I’ll give you a call.”
“Okay,” said Rodrigo. “If you silly fuckers actually pull this off, it’s gonna be one helluva good time!”
“Don’t worry,” grinned Todd. “This is gonna work and I’m gonna fuck that little Debby raw!”

Manny and Todd went back to their small apartment and spent the rest of the night watching TV and drinking beer. They were both very excited. They couldn’t explain it but something told Manny and Todd this was the one thing their lives had been building up to.
Manny had had a deep-seated hatred of women for many years. He traced it back to his mother. She had been a white woman, his father had been Mexican. Which was also an issue with Manny as he resented the fact that he was not a full-blooded Latino.

His parents moved from Mexico to California when he was only 3 years old. His mother was a drug addict and when he was six, she left his father. Manny never saw her again. His father also abandoned him and left him to be raised by his mother’s parents.
His grandfather, however, never liked him. He would always refer to Manny as his “spick grandson.” Manny grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood in Los Angeles but he did not have many friends. The other children picked on him for being Latino. As Manny got older, he began wandering several blocks over to the Mexican neighborhood nearby and hanging out with the kids there. That was how he ended up in a street gang at the age of sixteen. And when he started down the long slippery slope of becoming a serial rapist.

Todd had grown up in a small farming town in Nebraska. He had come from a fairly well-to-do family. He was very popular and had been a star football player in high school. But Todd harboured a deep dark secret. He was sexually abused by his uncle from the time he was about five until he was twelve. His uncle was a very prominent citizen in their town and Todd knew it was no use to tell anybody. They wouldn’t have believed him anyways.

As a result, his own sexuality became very distorted and corrupted as he grew older. His uncle always told him he abused him, “because I can.” So as Todd became more attracted to members of the opposite sex, he developed the same attitude. He even said that to the first girl he ever had sex with, a cute little cheerleader named Emily.
He remembered her crying and pleading with him as he held her down and ripped off her skirt in the backseat of his father’s sedan. “Why are you doing this, Todd?” she sobbed.
“Because I fucking can!”

She was the first of many girls who would fall victim to his predatory ways. None of them ever said anything, because he was Todd Zucker, star quarterback of the football team. And in a small town, who was going to listen to them?
He went to college after high school but shortly got in a bunch of trouble there. He was accused of the rape of two freshmen, one of whom was the football coach’s daughter. His father bailed him out with a high-priced lawyer but he was expelled from college and lost his football scholarship.

Disgraced and disowned by his family, Todd hit the road and moved to California. When he saw all the tanned, toned beach hotties, he thought he had died and went to heaven. Even the best-looking girl in his hometown would be considered a mutt beside all the California girls. He had had lots of fun back home in Nebraska as a teenager, but once he hit the streets of L.A., well it was like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It wasn’t long before he had his first victim.
The long arm of the law finally caught up to him and he did his first stint in jail at the age of 20. That was where, ultimately, he would meet Manny. And now here they were, preparing to rape two of the hottest teen stars in Hollywood!

The week dragged by but finally on a Thursday evening, Manny got the call!
“I’m ready!” said Robbie over the phone. “Tomorrow we can do it. The cast takes a break every day at 3 p.m. That’s when we can grab them. You and Todd and Vicente need to be there at 2:45 with the delivery van. Tell security you’re delivering some building supplies.
When they let you in, you go to the back side of the soundstage building to loading bay #3. You know the rest. If the girls don’t show up by 3:15, get out of there!”

“What if those pieces of shit at the security gate want to see in the van?” asked Manny.
“That would mean they’d have to get off their asses and do something. Not to worry, Manny. You know how they operate. They’ll just wave you through.”
“Okay! We’ll be there!” said Manny.
“We got even more reason to see that little Selena get it now!“ said Robbie.
“Oh? Why’s that?” asked Manny.
“That cunt got one of my guys fired yesterday. Young fella by the name of Shaun. She said he was ‘looking at her weird. Was giving her the creeps’. So the fucking producer fired him!”
“Seriously?” spat Manny.

“Fucking yeah, seriously!” said Robbie.
“That stuck-up little cow!” hissed Manny. “Oh, how I wanna fuck her hard!” He slammed his fist on the coffee table, causing a couple empty beer cans to fall on the floor.
“Well tomorrow, you’ll get your wish. I gotta go now!” said Robbie and he hung up the phone.
Manny looked over at Todd and smiled.
“Get your dick ready, Toddy! Tomorrow, we get fucked!”

The next day, Vicente picked up Todd and Manny at 1:45 p.m. It was only a half hour drive to their destination, but Manny wasn’t taking any chances on being late. They parked down the street and then pulled up to the security gate in front of the large soundstage right at 2:45!
Todd and Manny crouched in the back of the delivery van as the security guard walked up to the driver’s side window. The guard was a very large black woman.
“What’s your business?” she asked, holding a large clipboard.

“Uh,” replied Vicente. “We got some stuff we’re supposed to deliver for the carpenters on the movie set. Some building supplies.”
“Okay,” said the guard gruffly. “You can go to loading bay #3. It’s at the back.” She turned and waddled back to the security office.
“Yeah, you just go back there and finish your doughnut, you fat cow,” muttered Vicente as he put the van in gear and drove on through the gate.

He could see a large parking lot off to his right. Several holiday trailers were parked there being used as dressing rooms for the cast of the movie being filmed inside the massive warehouse-like soundstage. He drove around to the backside of the building. There were three loading bays.
Two were for unloading large freight trucks. One was smaller for accommodating small delivery trucks and vans. There was a big number ‘3’ over top of the door. The roll-up door was already open and Vicente backed up to it and shut off the van. He slid open the small window between the driver’s cab and the cargo compartment.
“Okay, boys. We’re in!” he said.

“All right, people! Cut! Let’s take a break!“ shouted the director. “Let’s meet back in an hour.”
Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan were just preparing for a scene that was supposed to be taking place in a classroom. They both breathed a sigh of relief.
“Yes!” said Selena. “I soooo need a break!”
“Me too,” added Debby. “This day is dragging on! Thank God it’s Friday!”
The two young stars walked off the set and headed towards the exit door.

“So what are you doing this weekend, Debby?” asked Selena. She was dressed in a yellow and black cheerleading outfit. The short skirt nicely showed off her long legs. The v-neck sweater hugged her tightly.
Debby was wearing a long skirt that came down to just above her knees and a pink button-up blouse. Her hair was up in a bun and she had the conservative appearance of a librarian.
“Oh, I don’t know,” she said as she shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll probably just relax. It’s been a long week. Maybe go shopping or something.”
“Well, I think we should go to the beach,” said Selena. “I just bought a new bikini the other day and I’m dying to show it off!”

“Another bikini?” said Debby, laughing. “You don’t have enough already?”
“Hey, when you live in L.A., one can never have too many bikinis!”
“All right,” said Debby. “I’ll go to the beach with you. But isn’t Justin supposed to be in town this weekend?”
“No,” frowned Selena. “He’s still on tour. Not supposed to be back until next weekend. Then I’ll get to see my sweetheart!”
They rounded a corner and came to a stop. The hallway was barricaded with yellow tape and they could see a couple tall step ladders reaching up to the ceiling.

A worker approached them. Selena recognized him as one of the carpenter’s who worked on the sets.
“Ummm, what’s going on here?” she asked.
“Sorry ladies, can’t come through here right now,” the man said. “We’re moving some electrical cables in the ceiling. Gonna be here for about an hour and half.”
“Well, we need to get to our trailers,” said Debby with just a hint of impatience.

“You can’t go here,” the man said. He pointed to the corridor going in the opposite direction. “You’ll have to go that way. Go down the hallway to where it says ‘Loading Bay #3’. It comes out right beside the parking lot. You can get to your trailers from there.”
“Okay, whatever!” said Selena, rolling her eyes. “But how come we weren’t notified of this? I’m talking to your boss. This is bullshit!”
“Sorry,” apologized the worker. “It was kind of a last-minute thing. I apologize for the inconvenience. Like I said, we’ll be done soon.”
“Come on Selena, let’s go!” snapped Debby. “We’re wasting time!”

The two girls headed off down the opposite corridor. Robbie Ortiz watched and admired their slender, tight bodies.
‘Gonna be lots of fun fucking that attitude out of you, Selena,’ he thought to himself.
The two girls looked around as they walked down the long corridor.
“It’s kinda dark down here,” muttered Selena.
“Oh there, it is!” pointed Debby to a sign on the wall that read, ‘Loading Bay #3’.

They pushed open the double doors and stepped through into the loading bay. They found themselves in darkness.
“Fuck, where are the lights?” asked Selena. “It’s like totally black in here!” She slid her hand along the wall beside the door looking for a light switch.
She jumped as she felt a strong hand grab her wrist. Selena opened her mouth to scream and another hand clamped over her mouth. It was holding a rag that had a powerful chemical odour. Her head felt light and she drifted into unconsciousness.
A set of hands had also seized Debby out of the darkness and thrown a chemical-soaked rag over her mouth. She tried to flail her arms but felt completely paralyzed as she too drifted away into la-la land.

Manny and Todd dragged the forms of the two limp girls into the back of the delivery van. Manny banged on the wall at the front of the van.
“Go Vicente! Go!” he yelled.
Vicente started the van and threw it into gear, throwing the other two men in the back off balance.
“Hey watch it!” yelled Todd. “Don’t fucking kill us!”
Vicente sped out through the security gate, the guard throwing him a nasty look as he roared past the office.
“I oughtta report his ass! No speeding on studio property!” she thought to herself. But she just shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the movie she was watching on her laptop. She shoved a big handful of microwave popcorn into her mouth.

Vicente drove down the freeway as Manny and Todd admired their catch in the back of the van.
“Holy shit, look at her!” said Manny breathlessly as his eyes roamed across Selena. “She’s wearing a cheerleader uniform. That is seriously fucking hot!”
Todd licked his lips as he gazed at Debby. Her long legs were splayed out in front of her and her skirt had rode up on her silky thighs. Todd ran a hand along her legs and up towards the hem of her skirt. His heart was pounding with anticipation as he pushed her skirt up farther, until he could see a glimpse of her white panties.

“Sonuvabitch, Manny!” he said. “I wanna do this bitch right now!”
“No!” barked Manny. “We wait for the other guys. Besides, I want them both awake when we do them. For now, we gotta get them tied up.”
They had brought several lengths of rope and a roll of duct tape with them. Working quickly, they pulled each girl’s arms behind their backs and tied them securely together at the wrists and elbows. Then they did the same to their legs, tying them at the knees and ankles. Finally, they wrapped duct tape around the girls’ mouths.
Manny and Todd looked down at the two beautiful teens, all bound up.

“My cock is so fucking hard, I’m gonna pass out,” laughed Manny. He ran a hand over Selena’s cheerleading sweater, along her stomach and over her breasts. He squeezed them gently.
“Fuck those are suh-weet tits!”
Todd had propped up Debby against the wall of the van and ran his tongue across her face.
“Oh girl, you do taste good!” he moaned. “Just wait until I got my tongue halfway up your cunt!”
They felt the van slow down and realized they were pulling into Vicente’s driveway. It had been decided earlier they would use Vicent’s house for their evil deed. He lived in a big old two-storey house in a run-down Latino neighborhood.

It had lots of room and a nice big basement. The houses on either side of him were deserted. Not that they had to worry anyways. Vicente lived in a neighborhood where if you heard or saw something suspicious, you just turned up the TV or pulled the blinds down farther. You didn’t know what was going on, and you didn’t care either. Being snoopy could get you shot, or worse!
Vicente had a big attached garage. The van was just short enough to fit inside. As soon as the van came to a stop, Vicente jumped out and closed the garage door. Then he opened the back door of the van.

“Let’s have a look!” he yelled excitedly as he climbed into the back.
Vicente’s eyes were wide as he gazed at the hot teenage actresses tied up in the back of his delivery van.
“Buenos dios! That is…. Excellente!” he gasped. He grabbed at his crotch.
Vicente grabbed Debby’s legs as Todd grabbed her by the upper body and they hauled her into the house. Manny simply hoisted Selena over his shoulder like a sack of grain. He could feel the smooth skin on the back of her thighs.

“Take them downstairs,” hollered Manny.
They carried the still-unconscious girls down the steep stairs into Vicente’s basement. The air was cool and refreshing compared to the usual Los Angeles heat.
At the far end of the basement, was a spare bedroom. Inside the large room was an old queen-sized bed. It was the type with an old wrought iron headboard. It had a worn out mattress with no sheets or blankets.
They flopped both girls down onto the bed.
“We did it!” grinned Todd. The three men high-fived each other.

“Yep, didn’t know for sure if we could pull it off or not. But was actually easier than I expected,” said Manny. “Too bad it was so dark in that loading bay. I’ll bet the looks on these little cunts’ faces when we grabbed them was priceless!”
“Well, when they wake up and see where the hell they’re at, I think that’s gonna be pretty priceless too,” laughed Vicente.
“They’re gonna be out for a while, I think,” said Manny. “I wasn’t sure how much chloroform to use. I put quite a bit on those rags.”
“All the women you’ve fucked Manny, and you don’t know how to use chloroform?” joked Vicente.

“Hey, I never have to use that shit,” retorted Manny. “Usually when I wanna fuck someone, I just do it. This time I had to be a little more subtle.”
“Seeing as we gotta wait a while, why don’t one of us stay here and the other two go and get some beer and weed?” suggested Todd. “It’s obvious these two ain’t going anywhere. And if we’re gonna be doing a bunch of fuckin’ tonight, I want some beer!”
“That sounds like a good plan,” agreed Manny. “Me and Todd will go do that. Vicente, you watch the girls! And NO FUCKING! We wait until the other guys are here tonight. They’re both virgins so I’ll know if you do anything!”

“Okay, okay,” said Vicente. “Don’t worry! I get the message.”
Manny and Todd left the room and went upstairs. They went to the backyard and jumped in Vicente’s old beat-up Camaro. They headed out to find some supplies for the night’s party.
They were back in about an hour with several dozen beer and a large bag of weed. As they came into the house, they saw Rodrigo, Luis and Devon had arrived.
Rodrigo stood up and slapped Manny on the back.

“You sonuvabitches! You crazy motherfuckers!” he yelled, his face breaking into a huge grin. “You did it! I saw your little ‘prizes’ downstairs. Way to go! We are gonna have some nice fun!”
They started putting all their beer in the fridge. Just as they finished, Robbie Ortiz came rushing through the door.
“Hey!” said Manny. “What’s taken you so long?”
“We opened a real hornet’s nest!” Robby said. “There’s cops all over the place there now looking for the girls.”

“So they know they’ve been kidnapped then?” queried Todd. “Well, they ain’t sure,” explained Robbie. “The director was pretty pissed off when Selena and Debby didn’t show up after their break. He just figured they skipped out for the rest of the day seeing as how it’s Friday!”
“Then what!” asked Manny.
“Well, he sent someone to get them out of their trailers but of course they weren’t there. And their cell phones and all their stuff was still in their dressing rooms, so right away they figured something had to be wrong. They had security search the whole place from one end to the other. Then they called the cops. They asked a bunch of us some questions, but of course we just said we didn’t see anything.”
“So the cops got a big hunt going then? Cool!” smiled Todd.

“The only thing they have to go on so far is a security guard saw Vicente’s van leaving in a hurry prior to Selena and Debby disappearing! And they got it on surveillance video.”
“We’ll be okay,” said Manny. “Vicente’s delivery van looks just like a thousand others around the city. They ain’t gonna find it. And you know if the cops come around this neighborhood, ain’t no one gonna talk to them! In the meantime, we can get a lot of fucking done!”
“Yeah!” Rodrigo whooped. “Let’s go.”

The seven men went marching down the stairs to the bedroom where the two hapless girls were being kept. Debby and Selena were now awake from their chloroform-induced slumber. Their eyes grew big as they saw the men enter the room.
Selena had been struggling to break free from her bonds and had rolled off the bed onto the floor. Debby was lying sideways on the bed. “
“Okay guys, just hold on a sec,” said Manny holding up a hand.
“Looks like you bitches been playing around in here,” chuckled Manny. He walked over to Selena and pulled her up by her arms into a standing position.

“Remember me, slut? The guy you got fired just because I asked you for a nice date?”
Selena’s eyes were wide with fear and tears ran down her cheeks.
“MMMUUUUMMMPPPHHH! MMMMUUUMMMPPPHHH!” she tried to scream through the tape over her mouth.
Manny reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife. There was a loud CLICK sound as he pressed a small button and the six-inch blade popped out. Holding her with his left arm across her throat, he held the knife against her cheek.

“This is my favourite knife. I call it Cynthia!” he said in a menacing tone. His face was close to hers and he drank in her beautiful feminine scent.
“You wanna know why I call it Cynthia?”
Selena shook her head back and forth.
“Because that was the name of the first girl I ever used it on. I cut all her clothes off her tight teenage body with this. Just like I’m gonna do to you, Selena!”

“MMMMUUUMMPPPHHHHH!” Selena squealed.
“You have no idea how many clothes this knife has cut off women! It’s had a lot of fun. And it’s gonna have more!”
“Hey!” yelled Todd. “Can we get on with it? I wanna fuck this little Debby!”
Debby Ryan, her long brunette hair having come loose from the bun it was in, let out a muffled scream.
“Okay then,” said Manny. “We’re gonna play a little game. Untie her and take her gag off. Let’s hear her scream!”

Todd reached down and began to untie Debby’s legs. Rodrigo and Devon stepped in to help him. Rodrigo undid the ropes holding her arms and tugged at the tape over her mouth. It tore away from her face. He and Devon each grabbed one of her arms and held them down above her head, pinning her to the bed.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed. “Selena! Help me!”
Debby tried to kick at Todd as the ropes came off her legs but he was able to dodge her flying feet. He pulled her sandals off.
“Strip her!” ordered Manny.

Todd kneeled on the bed. Licking his lips, he grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands and yanked hard. RRRIIIIIIPPPPPP! The fabric tore away, exposing her long slender legs and her white lacy panties. Pinned to the bed on her back, her hands held down by Rodrigo and Devon, Debby began to sob as the remnants of her skirt was roughly yanked off her hips.
The other men began to grunt and breathe heavily, greedily taking in the sight of Debby stripped bare from the waist down, clothed only in her panties. Wasting no time, Todd grabbed her blouse near the collar. He yanked violently downward, tearing the blouse down the front. Buttons flew in all directions. She was wearing a white bra that matched her panties.

Todd gripped the straps on either side and yanked it free of her body, exposing her luscious handful-sized breasts.
“AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!” Debby screamed.
Debby arched her back as her body thrashed and she tried to kick at Todd again. He cocked his fist back and drove her hard in the stomach. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a squeal of agony as the wind was driven out of her.
Todd hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and tore them off her.
“Wow!” said Luis. “Look at that sweet coño!”

All the men were looking wide-eyed at the small triangle of wispy light brown pubic hair between her legs.
Selena was frantically twisting and squirming as Manny held the knife to her face, forcing her to watch in terror as Todd tore the clothes from Debby’s body. Manny was enjoying the feel of her firm body pressing back against him.
“Okay, fuck her now, Todd!” yelled Manny. “I want sweet Selena here to watch her good friend get the shit fucked out of her. It’ll be her punishment for being such a stuck-up little bitch!”
“With pleasure, Manny!” replied Todd excitedly.

“MUUUUMMMMMPPPHHH!” Selena tried to protest, shaking her head.
Rodrigo and Devon held down the bucking screaming girl. She screamed loudly as her long legs were yanked apart. Todd worked his way between her thighs, unbuckling his pants. His heart pounded with excitement as he looked down at the beautiful actress’ naked body spread out on the bed.
Debby was horrified at the sight of the man’s eight and a half inch cock as it sprang free from his pants, thick and long, ready to force its way inside her. Her precious virginity was about to be violently ripped from her body.

Ignoring the pleading girl, Todd stroked his hardened cock, maneuvering it to the entrance of her pussy, slowly working his hips forward.
He looked over his shoulder at Manny and Selena and smiled.
“Give it to ‘er!” yelled Robbie and Vicente. Todd lifted Debby by the hips and brutally impaled Debby on his throbbing member.
Screaming in agony, Debby bawled as the initial wave of pain flowed over her, the cock inside her tearing through her hymen. Pulling back, Todd drove in again. Then he began bucking his hips, driving himself into Debby with reckless abandon. Debby felt as if she were being torn apart as Todd savagely raped her, slamming his cock into her dry tight pussy. Shaking her head, screaming, Debby felt the man’s mouth lock onto hers as he fucked her harder and harder, revelling in the sensation of her tight cunt wrapped around his shaft.

Pressing his face to hers, gripping each side of her head with his hands, Todd flicked his tongue along her lips, licking long strokes up and down her cheek as she struggled. Debby sobbed hysterically as he pumped himself inside her, forcing the entire length of his cock deeper into her pussy as the motion finally began to loosen her up, causing her vaginal walls to lubricate themselves, allowing him an easier time inside her.
“FUCK YEAH!” yelled Manny. “Plow that bitch!”
Tears ran down Selena’s face as she witnessed the brutal violation of her friend.
Manny decided to yank the tape off her mouth.

“LET HER GO YOU BASTARDS!” Selena shrieked as the tape was pulled away. “LET HER GOOOOO! YOU’RE HURTING HER!!!”
"MMMMPPHHHH!" Debby cried as Todd’s tongue probed her mouth, locking his lips against hers. Grinding his pelvis forward, stabbing his member into the writhing girl beneath him, Todd worked himself into a frenzy. He had raped a lot of girls in his life, but this was the best. He was fucking Debby Ryan! A Hollywood starlet!

Building quickly, Todd thrust and slammed his hips forward, nearing a long awaited climax.
“Uhhhhhhhhh,” Todd moaned as he bit down on Debby’s lower lip, pulling it out slightly as he ground his dick inside her one last time. His body tensing, she could feel his cock throbbing as he began to empty his balls inside her.
Tears streamed down her face, as she shook her head.
“NO!NO!NO!” she bawled as she felt Todd’s cum flood her insides. Debby was forced to take every last drop of Todd’s cum as his cock finally slowed in its climax.

Collapsing his weight on top of her, his face drenched in sweat, Todd slowly pulled his softening dick from her violated bleeding cunt. As Todd pushed himself up off her and climbed off the bed, Vicente quickly positioned himself between Debby’s smooth legs, hastily unbuckling his pants.
Debby screamed as the man freed his cock from his jeans. Vicente’s cock was about eight inches long and very thick. It had dark veins running along the shaft and a large head.
“NOOOO!NOOOO!GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” she cried out.

“You don’t like Vicente, little white girl?” he asked with a sick grin. “That is too bad, Now I just fuck you harder!”
Vicente was 34 years old and stood around 6 feet tall. He weighed about 220 lb. He wasn’t exactly what you would call fat, but he was very heavy set, with a thick chest and strong arms. There was a long scar running along his left cheek, a reminder of a bad brawl he was in at the age of 18.

Vicente pointed a finger at Selena and blew her a kiss.
“Just you wait, you little senorita. You will get your turn from Vicente too!”
Squeezing one hand over Debby’s left breast, Vicente brutally thrust his hips forward, grunting with satisfaction as he buried his thick cock inside her.
“UNNNNHHAAIIEEEE!” Debby screamed, a look of utter revulsion on her face as the large Mexican loomed over her, his stomach pressing her into the bed.
He began a series of short sharp thrusts slowly picking up his pace, the smacking sounds of skin against skin, loud in the room.
Painful terrified moans escaped from Debby, her mouth hanging open.

Debby’s body jumped with the momentum of each jack hammering motion into her. Her body bouncing on the bed, the men watched with maniacal glee as her breasts rolled around on her chest, exposed for everyone to see. The men whistled and hooted, cheering Vicente on.
Moaning, his face red and drenched in sweat, Vicente began to approach a climax, quickening the pace as he rammed his cock into her. Debby began to cry all over again, squeezing her eyes shut at the humiliation of having another man cum inside of her. Tears rolling down her face, she could already feel the familiar sensations inside her, the pain of his cock slamming into her, beginning to throb and jerk as he came closer and closer to his peak.

Groaning like an animal, the large man arched his back one last time, burying his engorged member in her pussy, spraying warm fluid that she could feel spreading through her.
Manny decided he had waited long enough. Looking at Luis and Robbie he motioned towards the door.
“Come on boys! I think these guys have the situation under control in here. We need to have ourselves a little Selena time!”
With the knife still pressed to her cheek, Manny began to drag Selena out of the bedroom.
She screamed loudly. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


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Good story. I'm looking forward to the next part.
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Chapter 3:

Outside the room in the center of the basement, Vicente had what he called his ‘den’. There was an old beat-up pool table and a couple ratty-looking sofas. A television set sat in one corner and a large stereo.
Manny pulled Selena over to one of the couches and threw her down onto it. He stepped back.
“Luis! Robbie” he yelled. “Undo her arms and legs!”

The other two men jumped in, untying the ropes that bound Selena’s arms and legs.
Luis held her arms down as Manny straddled her body and grabbed the front of her cheerleading uniform. He jammed the blade of his knife into her sweater and began to slice the fabric open.
“LET GO! LET GO! NOOOOO!” pleaded Selena, violently bucking her body to try and throw Manny off her. She spit at him, saliva spraying across his cheek.

Manny slapped her hard across the face, his hand leaving a large red mark across her cheek.
“Try that again bitch, and you’ll get it worse!” he growled.
“Why are you doing this?” she wept. “LET US GO! You will be in soooo much trouble! The police will be looking for us, you know?”
“Let them look!” Manny sneered as he finished cutting Selena’s sweater open, yanking the two halves away from her body and gazing down at the cute white sports bra she was wearing and her firm flat stomach. His unbelievably hard cock strained at his pants. He sliced the straps off her bra and yanked it off her, showing her perfect upthrust breasts.

“AAAAAIIIIEEEEEE!” she screamed in humiliation. “NOOOO!”
She kicked wildly, trying to throw Manny off-balance.
“YOU BITCH!” he roared as he slapped her hard across the face again, cutting her lip.
Manny grabbed the front of her cheerleader skirt. His knife cut through it like butter, revealing a pair of black Lycra shorts underneath. He slipped the point of the knife blade under the right leg of her shorts and cut upwards. Zzzzzzzt!
Then he did the same to the left leg. Zzzzzzzt! Selena screamed again as Manny tore the cut-up shorts away from her legs. She was wearing a pair of white thong panties.

“PLEASE! NO! DON’T DO THIS!” she begged. She could see the look of animal lust in Manny’s eyes as he slipped the knife under her panties. With a small flick of his wrist, her panties were off her, exposing her nakedness.
“Holeeeeee sheee-it!” exclaimed Robbie. “That is one sweet cunt!”
The three men gazed hungrily at her small, tight neatly shaved vagina.

“So that’s the little pussy you been working so hard to protect , huh?” asked Manny. “Well today, your ‘promise’ ring ain’t gonna do you shit!”
“OH GOD! OH GOD! DON’T DO THIS!” sobbed Selena. “I have money! I can pay you whatever you want! Just let us go!”
“You think you can just wave some money in my face and I’ll forget how you humiliated me?” snapped Manny. “Oh he’s a Latino! He has no money, I’ll give him some and he’ll be happy!”
“NO! It’s not like that at all,” said Selena.
“Then how is it you little princesa? I don’t want your fucking money. I want your cunt!”

“NOOOOOOO!” cried Selena. “I’ve done nothing to you. Why do you want to hurt me?”
“WHY?” sneered Manny. “I’ll tell you why. I’m doing this for all the men you tease and turn on like a little whore, wearing your tight pants and short skirts. But, OH! No one can touch you because you have made a ‘promise’. Well, I have made a ‘promise’ too. I promised myself I would fuck as many women as I can before I die! And you’re next!”
Luis struggled to hold the fighting, twisting girl down on the couch. Manny put his knife away in his pocket and began to unzip his pants and pull them down.

Her eyes were wide open with terror as Manny pulled his erect cock out from his underwear.
He was very proud of his fuck-tool. Ten inches long and thick with veins standing out along the entire length. It had a severe upward curve.
“That little Justin asshole ain’t got a prick like this, does he?" Manny asked. "You're never going to forget the fuckin’ I'm going to give you with this big baby!"
“NOOOOOOOO!” Selena pleaded. Tears streamed down her face.
“You do not like Manny’s cock?” asked Luis. “It is a nice one, no? Back in the day, we called him ‘The Monster’, because all the girls screamed just like you, when they saw his dick!”
Selena’s face went white as Manny forced her legs apart and shoved his body in between them. He reached down, slowly stroking his cock to get it to full hardness.

“Hold her good, Luis,” Manny said, his voice hoarse with excitement. “It’s gonna be a rough ride.”
Manny began to push his hips forward. His cock was much bigger than the tiny pink mouth of Selena’s pussy, and as he pushed his fat cock-head inside her petal-like cunt lips they stretched almost to the point of tearing. Manny closed his eyes against the pleasure of Selena’s super tight, super hot cunt.
He could not believe he, Manny Velez, was about to fuck Selena Gomez, famous Hollywood actress and pop singer! One of the most desirable young women on the planet! His heart pounded fiercely with anticipation and the old familiar sensation of overwhelming power washed over him. He felt like a king!

Selena had prided herself on maintaining her virginity, determined to save herself for the man she was going to marry. It hadn’t been easy in her line of work. Hollywood was full of lechers, perverts and players. All of them interested in one thing, and one thing only. Getting into some young actresses’ panties. But she had always managed to fend them off. Now, ironically, her virginity was going to be ripped away in some dirty basement by a vicious brute.
She lay there on the couch now, Luis holding her arms down tightly above her head. Her whole body trembled and shook with nervous terror and she was drenched in sweat. A fiery wave of red pain shot through her as she felt Manny enter her.

Manny had not pushed far into Selena's tiny cunt when he hit the fleshy wall of her cherry. It didn't stop him. Selena’s body violently thrashed as Manny slammed his hips forward tearing her cherry to shreds. At first it felt as though it was stretching. Then it gave way with a rush, and something hot and wet filled Selena's tiny cunt. When she realized it was her virgin blood, she almost passed out. She let out a scream that reverberated off the low ceiling of the basement.
Manny dug his strong hands into Selena's silky hips and let out a loud yell as his cock broke through and he plowed into her.

Selena trembled and quivered, her fine muscles drawn tight as bow strings, her tanned skin dotted with gooseflesh and her beautiful face pale as if she were dying. She let out another ear-shattering scream as Manny backed out a couple inches and thrust into her again, stretching the tight elastic walls of her pussy. Selena gasped and shivered as though she were dying.
Manny rabbit-fucked her with short, hard strokes until her tight, tiny pussy was taking every inch he had to give. The muscles in his powerful hips rippled and spasmed. Selena grunted painfully with each brutal jab of Manny's long cock.

“UNNNNHHH…..UNNNHHHH…UNNNHH…UNNNNHHH!“He was wrecking her tiny cunt, ripping through the ragged remnants of her cherry and stretching the tight channel of her pussy until it tore with the strain of accommodating his thick shaft. Her cunt was filled with blood and pussy juice, as her inexperienced young body tried desperately to cope with the massive cock that was rutting inside her. Manny’s body shook with every grinding, powerful thrust, crushing Selena's slim young body beneath his brutally humping frame. The old couch creaked and groaned.
“FUCK HER MAN! FUCK HER HARD!” yelled Luis. “Just like old times again, Manny!”

"I'm going to shoot!" Manny shouted grabbing Selena's pert tits and smashing them flat against her chest. He dug his knees into the cushions of the couch and pounded her svelte young body with short, brutal fuck-strokes.
"She's got the….. world's tightest……fucking pussy!…. I'm going to……wet it down…..with its first…. cum shower!" Manny panted breathlessly.
“Yes!!!” cheered Robbie. “Pump the little bitch! Pump her full!”
Selena's lean, sultry body buckled with Manny's weight and the overwhelming assault of his rapid fucking.
"NO! PLEASE PULL OUT! Please, I'll do anything, but please don't cum inside my pussy! Please don't make me have a baby!" the dark-haired young actress tearfully pleaded.

Selena had dreamed about the day she would give up her cherry to the man she married. Already that dream was shattered, pierced and ruined by Manny's long, spearing cock. Now he was going to cum and pollute her pristine body with his filthy cock-slime. He was going to squirt billions of his sperm up inside her and any one of them could make her pregnant.
Manny pulled and smashed her tits until they were almost numb with pain. Selena squealed in agony. Manny fucked her faster and harder yet, his muscular ass a blur as he rocked her slim, sexy frame with savage fuck-strokes. His blood-streaked cock was moving no more than a few inches back and forth inside her and the friction he was getting from her stretched, skin-tight cunt was bringing his cum boiling up from his balls.
Selena screamed in horror as she felt Manny’s cock go rigid and jism exploded inside her tiny, grasping cunt.

She felt his cum squirting up inside her womb. It was as though she had been polluted with some deadly toxic waste. Manny's sperm was so hot and slimy that Selena’s sleek young body shook with disgust.
Her cunt felt like a sponge, soaking up every drop of Manny's horrible fuck filth. Selena cried in revulsion, hoping against hope that it would not make a baby up inside her. But hope disappeared when she realized that there were more men waiting to violate and rape her.
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Very well written. Mmm to deflower a young woman like that... Would be so nice
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Manny collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsing and throbbing inside her. He ran his slimy tongue up along her cheek and across the bridge of her nose.
“I told you I would give you a fucking you would always remember. Manny knows how to treat a beautiful girl! It would have been a crying shame to have let your wimpy boyfriend break you in with his little white-boy dick. You know what it is like now to be fucked by a real man!”
Selena spat at Manny again.

“You aren’t a man! You’re a fucking pig! You raped me and I’ll see you rot in prison for it!” she sobbed.
Manny said nothing as he pushed himself up off the girl. His cock slipped out of her pussy making a wet sound. The inside of her thighs were smeared with her blood.
His hand lashed out across her face. SWACCCKK!
“I warned you before, bitch! Now you’re gonna get it!”
“Luis! Flip her over!” Manny ordered.

Luis grabbed Selena by her shoulders and rolled her onto her stomach. He continued to hold her arms.
“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked frantically trying to look over her shoulder at Manny.
He had yanked his belt off his pants. Looping one end of the black leather belt around his wrist, he placed his other hand on the small of Selena’s back to hold her still. He brought the belt down across Selena’s round firm buttocks.

Selena let out a shriek as the leather bit into the soft flesh of her ass. Manny gave her another lash…and another….another. He laid into her mercilessly.
Selena cried uncontrollably, snot and slobber running down her chin. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOWWWWW! STOP! STOP!” she bawled. “I’LL BE GOOD!”
After about a dozen lashes with the belt, Manny stopped. Sweat ran down his face and he was panting heavily. Selena was still sobbing. Her ass felt as though it were on fire. Bright red welts criss-crossed her butt cheeks.
Manny looked over his shoulder at Robbie and grinned.
“Okay man, she’s all yours!”

Robbie quickly pulled down his pants, exposing a thick eight-inch cock. The 33-year old was well-built from a life of doing manual labour as a carpenter. He was stocky, about 5 feet ten inches and weighed about 200 lbs. But most was muscle as could be seen by his thick arms he showed off with his white wife-beater shirt. He had dark hair in a ponytail but was otherwise clean shaven. He had a tattoo of a flaming skull on his left shoulder.
He told Luis to let go of her arms, then grabbed Selena and pulled her off the couch onto the floor. Forcing her onto her hands and knees, he positioned himself behind her. Robbie grabbed a handful of her lustrous black hair and yanked her head back.

At the same time, he drove the entire length of his cock into her in one powerful thrust.
“UUUUUNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHH!” Selena cried out. The force caused Selena’s arms to give out and her head hit the floor. Not pausing at all, Robbie dug his hands into her hips and continued slamming into her cunt. He gasped at the sensation of intense tightness as he stroked in and out.
“Oh you sexy little bitch,” Robbie moaned. “I could fuck you all night!”
“That’s the plan!” smiled Manny.

Robbie stabbed at Selena’s pussy with long, pounding strokes, the head of his cock bottoming out each time and lifting her knees off the floor.
“NUUUHHH…..NUUUUUUHHH…S-S-STOP……Y-Y-YOU’RE HUR-HURTING…..ME…..NUUUUUUHH….NUUUHHHH!” pleaded Selena between painful moans.
Manny felt himself growing hard again. He knelt down in front of the pretty dark-haired starlet and grabbed a handful of her hair. He yanked her head up, forcing her to look up into his eyes.
“Now,” he said in a low voice. “We find out how good the beautiful Selena Gomez is at sucking cock!”
“N-N-NOOOOO……NUHHHHH!….D-DON’T…MAKE ME….DO…NUHHHHH!……THAT!” Selena whimpered as her body continued to shake and jerk from Robbie’s vicious assault.

Manny’s large cock loomed in front of her face. She realized with horror that he was going to force her to put it in her mouth.
Manny looked down at her big brown eyes, which were red-rimmed now from crying. He pressed the swollen head of his cock against her pretty pink lips. Selena squirmed, trying frantically to twist her head away. Manny backhanded her hard across the face twice. Before she could react, he jammed his thumbs in the corners of her mouth and pried open her reluctant jaw. He pushed his thick rod between her lips.
Her head spinning from the sudden smashing pain across her face, Selena was immediately gagging and gasping for breath. She tried to scream around the mouth-clogging girth of Manny's huge prick.

Manny wrapped both hands around her throat and shoved her head down onto his cock. He delighted in the way her gagging made her mouth constrict around the hard shaft. Selena's mouth was filled with spit, and her saliva ran back down Manny's long, hard fuck-pole. She was swallowing convulsively in a vain attempt to clear her mouth of the spit, and every time she did, her tongue rubbed along the sensitive underside of Manny's cock.
“Yeah, lick it, bitch!" he shouted, pulling back until his huge, spit slicked cock-head was resting against Selena's lush lips. Then he plunged back into her warm mouth.

Meanwhile Robbie continued his savage pounding of Selena from behind. His knees were braced hard against the dirty carpet on the floor as his thighs slapped hard against the back of Selena’s slender legs, his cock pistoning in and out of her. He reached under-neath her and squeezed and pinched her soft nipples.
“Fuck….oh fuck….oh fuck!” he said as he panted heavily. Her cunt lips stretched around his thickness, sucking and pulling at him. He was getting ready to spurt.

"Get ready! I'm going to cream your stuck-up little cunt!" he yelled. He drove his cock deep into her with one last thrust and then held himself there, feeling his cock go rigid. Then came the satisfying sensation of his warm cum flooding her tight fuck tunnel. The muscles in his buttocks and thighs spasmed and shook as he orgasmed.
He pulled out, watching as a stream of cum oozed out from her pussy slit. As he stood up, he grabbed a handful of her hair and wiped the slime from his cock. Luis was already there waiting anxiously for his turn.
Luis’ pants were down and he was stroking his cock as he looked down at the young girl’s firm nubile body.
“Haven’t done this in a while, Manny!” he said. “Gonna feel good!”

Luis was shorter than the other men, he only stood about 5 feet six inches and weighed around 170 lb. He was 33 years old. He had a thin wiry frame and had been a boxer at one time. Until he was caught dealing drugs to an undercover officer and given a 20 year sentence. He only spent eight years in jail though. He won his prison’s boxing championship against another prison and the warden granted him early parole.
Now he aimed his curved eight and a half inch erection at Selena’s battered pussy. He ran the head along her pussy lips and laughed as her body jumped. She could not see him but knew another cock was ready to invade her body. Without hesitation, he drove his hips forward, sinking his cock into her balls deep. His thighs made a loud meaty SLAP! sound.

Selena’s mouth tightened around Manny’s cock as the brutal penetration of her pussy sent waves of pain radiating through her body. Luis’ fingers dug hard into her butt cheeks as he began to pound into her, pulling his entire length back and then slamming into her again. He groaned with pleasure as he felt her cunt walls tighten around him each time.
Manny was thoroughly enjoying the brutal fucking he was giving Selena’s mouth. He felt his balls tighten as her saliva-coated tongue slid along the underside of his cock. Her lips were stretched wide around his girth. It was only a matter of time before he blew his load.
‘Mmmmm. Just imagine,’ he thought. ‘I’m going to be cumming in Selena Gomez’ mouth!’

Selena felt his cock jerk in her mouth and she knew what was happening. She desperately tried to pull away but Manny had a firm grip around her throat. His hips bucked as he felt himself release, a hot spurt of cum spraying against the roof of Selena’s mouth and down he throat.
She retched and coughed as the deep musky taste of his sperm filled her mouth. Selena had never tasted anything so gross. Manny pulled out and watched as Selena coughed and tried to spit out the cum in her mouth.

“Ahhhh, she does not like the taste of a man’s cum,” laughed Manny. “ Well, we’ll soon cure her of that. By the time we are done with you, Selena, you will drink it like it is fine champagne!”
Luis grunted as he felt Selena’s pussy clamp down around his cock each time she coughed. He arched his back and hammered into her, sweat running down his face. It didn’t take long and he was ready to cum.

He stood up, and holding Selena by the hips, slammed into her mercilessly. Her whole body shook and she squealed painfully as Luis shot a load into her. As soon as he felt the last spurt leave his cock, he pulled out. He let go of her hips and she fell to the floor in a heap. He looked down contemptuously and spat on her.
“Good fucking, bitch! You make a fine whore!”

Manny grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Her legs would barely move and Manny had to hold her up.
“Ahhhhhhh!” she gasped, trying to grab at Manny’s hand. “P-p-please s-stop! N-no m-more!”
“You go nowhere until we are done with you, little fuck-slut!” Manny growled. “Now let’s go see how your friend is making out!”
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You bring the page to life with an excellent style. Great story!
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Originally Posted by Cryptkeeper View Post
You bring the page to life with an excellent style. Great story!
Thank you for the comment, good sir!
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I really like your work. You are very talented at writing these kinds of
stories lol. I really hope you'll write more about other starlets. More power to you.
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Originally Posted by infernalbovine View Post
I really like your work. You are very talented at writing these kinds of
stories lol. I really hope you'll write more about other starlets. More power to you.
Any in particular you have in mind? And thank you for your comments. More of this story is on the way.
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Originally Posted by bedroomvile8r View Post
Any in particular you have in mind? And thank you for your comments. More of this story is on the way.
How about Taylor Swift?
And try to write her in character. You know the whole America's sweetheart
bit before getting defiled.lol
I really like the suspense in your stories. Not just jumping into the rumping
but writing the planning, the motivation and psyche of the attackers. It's
more interesting that way.
Can't wait for how it will all go down. Surprise us and good luck.
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Default keep it up!!!

Awesome man, keep it up!
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Why would anyone want a story about Taylor Swift? That girl is dog ugly!!
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Originally Posted by dman View Post
Why would anyone want a story about Taylor Swift? That girl is dog ugly!!
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Awesome!!! Keep it coming!!! (no pun intended hahaha)
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Originally Posted by obrain2007 View Post
Awesome!!! Keep it coming!!! (no pun intended hahaha)
There will be more getting posted soon!
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The men in the bedroom watched Selena being dragged away by Manny as he held the knife against her face.
“Ohhhhh, that girl is gonna get it good,” laughed Todd. “I’ve seen that look in Manny’s eyes before. She is gonna get fucked hard!”
“Just like little Debby here is gonna get it hard.” sneered Rodrigo as he dropped his pants. A thick nine-incher hung between his legs, the purple head glistening with pre-cum.

Rodrigo was the oldest of the group at 36 years-old. He was also the tallest, standing around six feet four inches and weighed about the same as Vicente. Like Vicente, he was very broad-shouldered and heavy set. Rodrigo had a full head of thick, dark hair and a moustache. He had a large wide nose and a pock-marked face.
As Vicente moved out of the way, Rodrigo grabbed one of Debby’s legs and flipped her over onto her stomach. He slapped a big hand across Debby’s ass. SMAAACKK! She jumped and squealed.
“Ready for some more fuckin’, my little Hollywood whore?” Rodrigo asked.
“NNNNOOOOOO!” Debby bawled.

Rodrigo pulled her back so her ass was hanging over the end of the bed. He placed his large cock head up to her pussy and drove into her. His hands wrapped around Debby’s waist and he lifted her up as her legs were driven hard against the bed.
Debby squealed in pain as the thick cock spread the walls of her vagina wide apart.
“YEAH!” yelled Rodrigo. “Gonna fuck you hard, little bitch!”

Rodrigo began a brutal pounding of Debby’s cunt, his cock making slurping sounds as it slid in and out of her tight fuck hole. He pushed his hands underneath her and squeezed and pawed at her tits. When Rodrigo finally came, shooting another big load of semen into her, she didn’t even care anymore. She just wanted the repulsive man out of her.
“Okay, Devon! She’s all yours,” said Rodrigo as he pulled his cock out of her, the shaft glistening with pussy juice and cum. He wiped it off on the bed.
Devon had a grin a mile wide as he dropped his pants and got in position behind Debby. He rammed his eight and a half inch cock into her with ease. Pulling back, he rammed her again.

Devon was 32 years old, same as Manny and Todd. Devon was Caucasian, with a head of curly blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood about five feet ten inches and weighed 180 lb. He had boyish looks and a fit body that made him appear younger.
He had grown up in Texas and came to Los Angeles when he was 20. He claimed that he once worked as a porn actor and was even invited to a party at the Playboy Mansion where he banged a Playboy Playmate. When he was asked what her name was, he said he couldn’t remember.
“I used to fuck so many hot chicks, I can’t remember all their names!” he said.

His friends just laughed. Devon had a reputation of being a bit of a shyster. Most of his stories were about 5% truth mixed with 95% bullshit.
A few years before, he had concocted an elaborate story to a young lady he met in a bar. Like a lot of young women in L.A., she was an aspiring model and actress. He told her he was a talent agent with connections to very powerful studio executives in Hollywood and he could get her an acting job. She had believed him. He talked her into coming with him for an interview. Instead, Devon drove her out into the countryside and raped her in the backseat of his car.
She went to the cops and was able to give them a description of both Devon and his car (including the license plate number). Devon found himself in jail and that was where he made friends with Manny and Todd.

Now here he was, actually fucking a real Hollywood star! He knew this was one story he could tell that wouldn’t be bullshit! He raped Debby with long, powerful strokes, sinking his cock into her balls deep, then pulling back to do it again. Her tight, wet cunt felt good as it gripped his shaft.
Devon looked down at the pretty teen actress sprawled out under him and began to pump harder.
The whole bed shook and groaned as Devon pounded his cock into Debby. She let out painful groans as her mouth hung open, slobber running down her chin. Devon’s body shook as he unloaded his cum into her. Sweat was running down his face as he pulled out.
“WHOA! That was great!” he exclaimed.

The four men all high-fived each other.
“I need a beer!” said Vicente.
“Yeah, we should take a little break and then we can come back for more,” said Todd. “We’ll do Selena next!”
“Oh shit! I am gonna RIP her in half!” yelled Rodrigo. They all laughed.
Todd grabbed Debby by the arm and yanked her up off the bed.
“Come on bitch! We’re going upstairs!” he barked. Debby had trouble walking and Todd had to support her. Just as they were heading out the door, they ran into Manny with Selena.

Debby’s eyes grew big as she saw Selena. The beautiful dark-haired girl was stripped naked and her hair hung down over her face. Her eyes were red from crying. Her inner thighs were covered in bruises. Debby looked down at herself and realized she looked much the same.
“Wh-what have y-you done to-to her?” asked Debby.
“What have I done to her?” sneered Manny. He grabbed Selena by the hair and yanked her head back. Selena gasped in pain.
“What I’ve done to her, is turned her into a little fucking whore! Right Selena? You love my big Latino cock now, don’t you?”
Selena said nothing. Manny yanked on her hair harder.

Tears ran down Selena’s face. “Y-yes, I like your Latino cock,” she replied in a barely audible voice.
“That’s good,” he said as he licked the side of her face. He looked at the other men.
“So where are you guys going with this other little slut?”
“We’re going upstairs,” said Todd. “Gonna take a little break, have a beer.”
“Ok, sounds good to me,” smiled Manny.

Luis looked at Debby hungrily as they walked the girls up the basement steps.
“Looks like you guys gave her a good fuckin’!” he laughed.
“Oh yeah,” replied Vicente. “She was nice and tight! How was Selena?”
“Awesome!” said Luis. “She got a sweet, sweet pussy.”

Upstairs, everybody grabbed cold beers from the fridge and moved to the living room. Manny sat down on the couch pulling Selena onto his lap. Todd did the same with Debby as he sat down in a recliner chair. The other men all plopped down on one of the two couches in the room. Vicente sat in another recliner and turned on the tv set.
Immediately, they saw a news report. A young female reporter was standing in front of the Five Star Productions studio where they had grabbed Selena and Debby.
“ Hollywood is shocked over the unexplained disappearance of young stars Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan! They disappeared this afternoon while filming a movie at this studio owned by Five Star Productions. The circumstances of their disappearance are very suspicious and it is believed they were abducted! This surveillance camera at the security gate shows a white GMC delivery van exiting the studio site just shortly before the girls were discovered to be missing. Police have the license plate number of the van and we have learned it is registered to a man by the name of Ernesto Mirabel. A security guard was able to provide a partial description of the driver and a sketch is being released to the public. No other information is known about this person. Spokesmen for the LAPD say at the moment this man is considered a prime suspect in the two actors’ disappearance and have begun a large-scale air and ground search across the city in an effort to find this van. Law enforcement agencies all across southern California have been alerted. We will keep you updated on any new developments in this very disturbing case.”

A grainy video of Vicente’s van was shown as it sped past the security gate and then a police sketch of who was supposed to be the driver of the van. Vicente changed to a different channel but the news story was on there too. And on the next two channels he switched to as well. Vicente turned off the TV.
“Well, well, looks like I made it on the news! Even if that sketch don’t even fucking look like me” he chuckled. “And good luck in finding Ernesto!”
“Who the fuck is Ernesto Mirabel?” asked Rodrigo.

Vicente laughed out loud. “He is a cousin of mine in Mexico. Well, I should say, was my cousin! He’s been dead for about 10 years!”
“What the fuck?” said Manny. “So you have your van registered to a dead man?”
“You bet!” said Vicente. “Ernesto is in a hole in the desert somewhere. He got messed up with a drug gang and they shot him.”
“That’s too damn funny,” Todd laughed. “Those cops will be looking for a long time! Good job, Vicente! In the meantime, we get to play with our guests some more!”
He squeezed Debby’s right tit making her jump.

“You sick sonuvabitches are ALL in sooooo much trouble! I will personally see to it you’re all thrown in jail for the rest of your lives!” Selena suddenly screamed defiantly.
Manny backhanded her hard across the cheek, knocking her off his lap and onto the floor.
“Goddamn it, you uppity slut!” Manny yelled. “I have beat your ass once already for mouthing off! What do I need to do for you to keep that sass-hole shut?”
“Leave her alone!” shrieked Debby.

Manny glared over at Debby. He pointed a finger at her.
“And you shut the fuck up too, little girl! You both got the attitude your shit don’t stink. That’s why Todd and me brought you here. To show you what you really are! Little whores!”
An evil smile crept across Manny’s face.
“Yeah, it’s time we teach you two some lessons about what your bitchy mouths are really good for! Rodrigo! Luis! Get Debby on the kitchen table and we’re gonna make Selena watch! Vicente, you still got that ring gag?”

“Yeah,” Vicente replied.
“We’re gonna need it!”
Vicente jumped up from his chair and ran upstairs to his bedroom. Meanwhile, Rodrigo and Luis grabbed Debby by the arms and pulled her off Todd’s lap. She was pulled, screaming and kicking, into the kitchen. The two men pushed her face down onto the table in Vicente’s kitchen. Her arms were pulled down over the side of the table and held there while Devon duct taped them to the table legs.
Manny and Robbie pushed Selena down onto a wooden kitchen chair. Her arms were pulled back around the chair and her wrists taped together. Her ankles were taped to the legs of the chair.

“LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” bawled Debby as she kicked and flailed her body on top of the table.
“DON’T HURT HER, YOU PIGS!” shrieked Selena.
Manny had whipped out his knife and he pressed it against one of Selena’s tits. She whimpered in fright as she felt the cool blade against her flesh. Manny had his face only inches from her.
“Shut….the…fuck…up!” he hissed. “Or I will take “Cynthia” here and carve my name in your tits!”
He handed the knife to Todd.

“Todd, you keep her quiet. If I hear even a peep from her, you have my permission to make her bleed!”
“You bet, Manny!” said Todd.
Vicente came into the kitchen carrying the ring gag. It was composed of a thin metal ring approximately 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter and two thin leather straps. He handed it to Manny.
“Thanks,” said Manny. He walked over to Debby. Luis grabbed her by the hair and held her head up. She looked at the ring gag with fear in her eyes.
“NOOOO! PLEASE!” she begged.

Manny said nothing as he forced the ring between her lips, wedging her mouth wide open. He pulled the leather straps around behind her head and tied them off. Then he stepped back and began to unzip his pants. Debby’s eyes grew wide as she watched Manny pull out his ten-inch fuck weapon.
He paused for a moment and looked over at Selena.
“Selena has already had this bad boy in her mouth, now it’s Debby’s turn. And Selena gets to watch!”
He pushed his cock up to Debby’s mouth. She frantically tried to twist away from him but Luis held her firmly by the hair. Manny let out a moan as his erect cock pushed through the ring and he began to slowly pump in and out of her mouth. Debby made loud slobbering noises as she struggled to slide her tongue around Vicente’s big cock.

Although she had been a virgin, Debby was no stranger to giving blowjobs. On the set of the “Suite Life On Deck” sitcom, Debby would “visit” her co-stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, in their dressing rooms on a regular basis. Then there was the time in the limo with that Disney studio executive. Yeah, he was old enough to be her father, but like he had told her, he had made Vanessa Hudgen’s and Ashley Tisdale’s careers. If Debby did him just one little favour, he would make her a star too!
But she was not used to having a cock rammed in her mouth like Manny was now doing.
“It’s time for some throat-fuckin’!” said Manny as he drove his hips forward, feeling the head of his cock push into her throat. Debby gagged and choked as she fought for air.

Manny held her head tightly as he fucked her face like a cunt, his hips pistoning back and forth. Debby felt as if she would lose consciousness at any minute, her lungs screaming for oxygen. Her throat was on fire as Manny’s cock forced its way down.
Debby’s slobber lubricated his shaft and made it slide more easily through the metal ring. Manny looked down, an expression of satisfied pleasure on his face as he watched his cock, glistening with wetness, moving in and out of Debby’s mouth. He was pulling back until about half of his cock was out of her mouth, then he would push back in until her nose would press into his nest of pubic hair. The smell of his sweat and unwashed genitals made her want to throw up.

Selena sat with a look of utter shock as she watched her friend be violated by the despicable man. Todd held Manny’s knife across her throat, the sharp blade just pressing hard enough for her to feel it.
The rest of the guys all watched intently, passing a joint around as their cocks grew harder. Manny nodded to Luis.
“Let’s notch it up!” he said.
Luis let go of Debby and immediately moved around to the end of the table, pulling his pants down at the same time. He pulled her back a bit so her ass and pussy were at the edge of the table. Robbie and Devon grabbed her legs and pulled them wide apart making her pussy well exposed.
Holding his rock-hard fuckstick in one hand, he pushed her pussy lips apart with the head of his cock. Then grabbing her by the hips, Luis arched his back, plunging into the teen starlet’s juicy cunt. Her body bucked as she felt her pussy being violated yet again. The legs of the table groaned and creaked as Debby was rocked back and forth by the two men.
“I can’t take this no more!” yelled Todd. “I want my dick in Selena!”
“Go for it!” said Manny.

With Rodrigo’s help, Todd ripped the tape away from Selena’s wrists and ankles. They pulled her down onto the kitchen floor as she began to scream. Rodrigo wrapped a muscular arm across Selena’s throat and put her in a chokehold as he clamped a hand across her mouth.
Todd wriggled between her kicking legs as he pushed them apart. Pulling and tugging at his pants, he got them down to his knees, his thick erection protruding out.

A muffled squeal came from Selena as she fought against Rodrigo’s thick arm pressing across her throat. She dug her fingernails into the flesh of his arm but the large man just laughed.
“Ahhhh, Selena, you are a feisty girl,” he said. “I like fucking the feisty ones!”
“She ain’t gonna be feeling too feisty when I’m done with her,” said Todd. He braced his knees against the back of Selena’s thighs and with a forceful thrust entered her. Todd’s heart pounded with excitement as he felt her pussy lips wrap around the girth of his cock.
He was fucking Selena Gomez! The Hollywood cutie he had masturbated to so many times since first seeing her on television. He pulled back and shoved his hips forward again, feeling the walls of her cunt stretch around him. Todd settled into a rhythm of hard, driving thrusts.

Manny was fucking Debby’s mouth with slow, powerful strokes. Each time his cock pushed into her throat he would hold himself there for a minute or so, feeling her throat muscles contracting around the head. She would begin choking, her face turning a slight shade of blue, then Manny would pull back and let her have a breath before plunging in again.
Finally, he began to feel the pressure of cum building in his balls. Pulling back so just his cockhead was in her mouth, Manny stroked his shaft until he spurted into her mouth. He filled Debby’s mouth with a load of cum. She coughed and made gurgling sounds as Manny pinched off her nostrils and forced her to swallow. Debby had swallowed cum before but this time it was like taking poison down her throat. The foul taste was overwhelming.

Manny pulled all the way out and watched as Debby took big gulps of air, strings of cum dribbling out of her mouth. A string of snot dangled from her nose.
“Now that my little gringo whore, is what I call a face-fuck!” Manny said, wiping off his cock with a handful of her hair.
At the other end of the table, Luis pumped his hips furiously, as he ploughed in and out of Debby’s snug cock socket. He let out a pig-like grunt as he felt his balls release inside her. Luis pulled out, his cock glistening with cum and pussy juice. He wiped it across her ass.
Robbie and Luis switched places. Robbie dropped his pants and gave Debby a hard smack across the ass cheeks. He rubbed the head of his dick along her red, swollen pussy lips, then plunged into her.

“UHHHHHHHH!” she groaned as Robbie’s cock bottomed out, grinding against her cervix.
“Fuckin’ sweet!” he said as he began to pound her cunt.
Debby looked up with teary eyes as Vicente loomed over her. His large erection stood out in front of him. He began to feed the head through the ring gag into her mouth.
“That’s it, little nina! Gonna make you eat some Vicente cock!”
He grabbed handfuls of her hair as he buried Debby’s face in his crotch, his thick shaft filling her mouth.

Todd had Selena pinned to the floor, giving her a vigorous fucking. He kneaded and squeezed her perfectly round tits as he put his weight into every thrust. Rodrigo had taken his hand off her mouth.
Todd ground his hips against her as his cock went rigid and his seed spilled into her. He kept thrusting, wanting to get every drop into her that he could.
He pulled out, his face covered in perspiration.

“That was a dream come true!” he panted. “You got a fine cunt, Selena!”
“My turn, my turn!” said Rodrigo as he let go of Selena and began fumbling with the snap on his pants.
Selena lay on the kitchen floor, her legs still spread apart. She didn’t even look up as Rodrigo wedged his large frame between her thighs and mounted her.
“UHHHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHH!” Rodrigo grunted as his cock tore into her pussy. Her body shuddered with each powerful penetration. The big man held her arms down above her head and clamped his mouth onto one of her nipples. She squealed shrilly as he bit down. At the same time he pulled back and rammed inside her.

Debby was in a world of hurt as Vicente pumped his thick cock in and out of her mouth, her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. At the other end, Robbie banged her like a man possessed. He gripped the sides of the table as his legs slapped against her, his cock gliding easily in and out of her. Luis and Devon held her legs at an almost perpendicular angle. They cheered on Robbie and Vicente.
Manny leaned against the kitchen counter, sipping on a cold beer and smoking a joint. He watched the proceedings with amusement.
Debby prayed that Vicente would cum soon. She felt light-headed and her vision was blurry. Her jaws ached horribly from having her mouth wedged open by the ring gag. Vicente’s thick cock scraped along the roof of her mouth, the swollen head thumping against the back of her throat. He let out a low guttural moan and she felt his cock go stiff in her mouth.

“Here it comes!” she thought to herself.
His thick musky-tasting jizz shot into her throat and the muscles in her neck stood out as she fought to swallow.
“That’s it!” said Vicente, watching as Debby drank his seed. “That’s what that sweet mouth was made to do. Swallow man-cum!”
A couple minutes later, Robbie came. He did not cum inside her though. He pulled out and let his dick spray across her back in a high arc. Debby could feel the warm slimy liquid on her skin.

Rodrigo was buried deep in Selena, giving her a brutal pounding. Her cunt lips stretched tightly around his shaft and his cock made wet SCHLIKKK…SCHLIKKK…..SCHLIKKKK sounds as he propelled in and out of her. He had taken his mouth off her nipple and was now kissing and licking her face as he fucked her. She closed her eyes tightly in revulsion.
Vicente suddenly pulled out of Selena and moved up her body, straddling her chest. He placed his wet, slimy cock between her tits and pressed them tightly around his shaft. Rocking his hips back and forth, he began to tit-fuck her. Manny and Todd cheered him on.
“Yeah, tit-fuck the little whore!” yelled Manny.

“Way to go, Vicente!” whooped Todd.
“OH GOD! STOPPPPP!” cried Selena.
That only made Vicente go faster. He could feel his balls ready to release. The silky soft skin of her breasts wrapped around his dick was driving him crazy. He let out a loud howl and cum shot from the end of his cock. At the same time he pulled out from between her tits. White jizz sprayed across her upper chest and tits. Selena sobbed in humiliation.
“That cum looks good on you. You’re gonna make a good fuck-bitch,” Vicente said as he stood up. He looked over at Devon.
“Hey Devon, Selena says get over here and fuck her!”

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Keep it up man, keep it up!
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