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Default Playing the Game

1st Quarter

The campus apartment was filled with college students of all ages, and the party was into full swing. The music was loud and the booze flowed everywhere - there was even some pot and coke happening out on the balcony. No one in the complex complained about the noise because this was the place to be. It was the first Friday night of the new school year, with everyone returning from Summer vacations and starting their new classes... so this was a celebration of sorts with the reunion of many returning students, and a chance to meet some of the new ones - the incoming freshman, many of them girls, were easy to identify as they were all huddled together with nervous smiles on their faces. The emotions running around were a mixture between excitement and anxiety - it was a time to party, relax, and let go... after a couple hours some couples were finding their own ways to unwind, already on the coach or in the corners making out and petting - even over the loud music everyone heard passionate noise coming from one of the bedrooms - a female voice moaning and screaming "YES! YES! YES! That's it! Oh God, YES!" - which brought out some knowing smiles from partiers around the living room.

Over in the kitchen Josh and Kevin were standing strategically by the fridge which was stocked full of chilled brews. From there they both enjoyed surveying the babes in their apartment. They were both also heavyweights with booze, and after downing a few beers they were just getting started. As seniors the boys were quite accustomed to the Friday night tradition - after a long week of classes and study, it was time to get wasted, find a chick, and get laid - and tonight's choices of freshman females looked very promising - one of them walked over to the kitchen, a thin petite busty girl with flowing blond hair, wearing tight jeans and a halter top, walked over to the kitchen - she was bubbly with a valley-girl accent, slurring her words...
"What's a girl got to do get a drink around here?"
"And what's your name?" asked Kevin
"Oh how RUDE of me" she smiled and blushed, covering her mouth "I'm Heather" she hiccuped "and I'm so wasted" she lost her balance and held onto Kevin's arm.
"So are you Heather or So Wasted?" kidded Josh.
Heather smiled, slurred more "Ok, what do I need to do to get another beer?"
Kevin jumped in "Well you could pay the toll."
Heather wrapped her arms around Kevin's neck and kissed him deeply, very deeply, passionately for a good long time. When it was over, she released her lips, backed up, and looked flirtatiously into Kevin's eyes, smiling.
Kevin was now smiling, glowing "Oh baby, you deserve two brews - and I've got a special place to enjoy them." He opened the fridge, grabbed a couple beers, put his arm around Heather, and looked at Josh smiling.
As Kevin and Heather were leaving the kitchen, Josh gave him a fist bump and acknowledged "Awesome dude, just awesome!"
Kevin strode away into one of the bedrooms, beers in one hand and the other arm on Heather's ass...

Ten minutes later Kevin returned to Josh who had a quizzical look on his face "Woh, I knew you made fast moves but dude, that was FAST!"
Kevin was straight faced "Yeh, Heather and I started makin' out, then she removed her top, I was feelin' her up, playin' with her rack, and then she passed out."
"Noooo, fuck!"
"Well, fuck we didn't, but I did get a souvenir!" Kevin had a big grin on his face as he pulled her bra out of his pocket.
Josh grabbed it from his hands and read the tag "Shit! Not bad bro. She's a fuckin' 36DD! What do you say we both have some fun later when she wakes up?"
Kevin and Josh gave each other a high five.


2nd Quarter

The time was nearing 11:00 pm and Josh was getting anxious. Kevin was in a glow over his earlier prize, but still very horny. Josh on the other hand was like a fighter not wanting to go down, having struck out a few times - but Josh was very frustrated, and horny too - he then looked at his watch...
"How much longer will it be? Sam was supposed to be here over an hour ago."
Josh wondered "Who's Sam?"
"Sam's someone I used to be good but secret friends with for many years until we parted 4 years ago - Sam was starting the sophomore year in high school and I was headed to college. Man, ours parents totally didn't get along for years – and they never let us play which other when we were growing up, so we had to sneak out and hang in the nearby park. Sam loved playing one-on-one basketball against me, nearly beat me every time – damn what a good player!"
"That good huh?"
"Fuck yeh, Sam was shorter but had a great way of bypassing, getting under me, swinging around into the scoring area, and then from behind me shoot and whoosh the ball through the basket."
"Tell me about it, Sam always knew my one weakness and I couldn't master it - and that dude was so fast! And so fucking competitive. Sam always laughed at me when I got angry - so did my friends. It was kinda embarrassing... you know? My friends watching a puny freshman beat ME at basketball – and I was on the Varsity team! To this fuckin' day I've always wanted my re-match, to teach a lesson, you know to get back at that little bit..."
Kevin could see Josh was getting worked up "Take a chill pill dude."
Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Josh looked at Kevin, smiling and excited "Cool! That must be...!"

Josh ran over and opened the door. He stood there with Kevin just looking at Sam – both with their jaws dropped and eyes wide open - staring right at the enormous chest sticking right out before them. Other than the music at the party, you could've heard a pin drop. Sam could clearly see their eyes were locked on her huge, heaving rack, and it seemed like it would last forever. After a while she decided to break the trance... "Josh?"
Josh raised his head up and now looked into her eyes "Sam?"
Kevin looked at Josh "Sam? This is Sam?"
Josh looked at Kevin and excitedly nodded 'yes' with his head.
Kevin leaned into Josh's ear "Dude, I thought Sam was a DUDE!"
Josh whispered back "Surprise!"
Kevin now had a smile on his face - Josh was beaten by a girl! In fact he was laughing inside. He then turned toward their new guest opening his mouth about to ask, but then Sam beat him to the punch "Well are you guys gonna just stare at my boobs or are you gonna invite me in?"
"Of course Sam, please come in and outta the cold." Kevin said as he noticed her nipples hardening "So NICE to meetcha!"
"And you're?..." Sam wondered.
"I'm Kevin, Josh's better half. Actually he's my best friend – you could call us bro's." Kevin put his arm around Josh.
"Well, my real name is Samantha but you can call me Sam, Josh always did."
"That's cause you were such a tomboy - you know, one of the guys" Josh declared. Josh then gave some guy his cellphone "Hey Chuck, could ya take our picture?" The three huddled together, while Josh wrapped his arm around Sam giving a thumbs up - Chuck then flashed the camera.
"Hey Sam, can I getcha a beer?" Kevin asked.
"That sounds soooo gooood - I wanna get so wasted right now." Sam exclaimed.
That piqued their interest as Josh and Kevin both licked their lips.
"We've got stronger stuff." Josh said.
"That's ok - a beer'll do me just fine - but I'll need a few - you've got plenty right?" Sam sat down at the breakfast table in the kitchen.
"As many as you need Sam. Ask and you shall receive." Josh reached into the fridge, popped open the bottle, and offered the brew to Sam.
Sam took the bottle and guzzled down the whole thing - Josh didn't hesitate to replace it.
Josh started "You know Sam it's so good you friended me on Facebook otherwise I wouldn't have known you just started here at the University. The last time I saw you, you were a Sophomore in Grand Peaks High. Wow, you were 14 years old goin' on 15? And man you we're so good at sports. I swear you hung out with the older guys more than you did with girls your own age. But wow, look at you now Sam – you're a woman now - you've really filled in – you know what I mean?" She noticed Josh had blushed a little bit.
Sam then looked down at her breasts and at Josh, she was very frank and blunt "I know what you mean Josh - these things have just grown ginormous" Sam was pushing her massive boobs together, hefting them with both hands - she was so comfortable being around guys "they're soooo BIG. Four years ago I used to be a 32b but now they're 44DDD. I hope these don't grow any bigger, they're gettin' pretty heavy."
Kevin was mesmerized as he mumbled to himself "Oh God I hope they do."
Sam continued “I remember when I turned 16 my boobs grew out so much that in 1 year I went up several bra sizes, almost every month – I was amazed but my mom wasn't surprised – she said the same thing happened to her around the same age, and her breasts now are very large as well. Problem was boys , and some girls, started teasing me, and were constantly trying to touch them – I got to the point where sometimes I really hated my boobs. Then when I turned 17 they grew even bigger – I remember mid-senior year they were 42D. I stopped all sports not because they got in the way, but because of how much attention they got – some guy even posted a video on Facebook of me on the track team, showing my chest bouncing up and down – well that damn video went viral and the teasing got worse. I considered getting a operation to reduce them but someone wise told my breasts were what made me unique – from then on no one's comments bothered as I started fighting back. I can thank my last boyfriend for that wisdom.”
Kevin chimed in “So how did they get as big as they are now?”
“Well my boyfriend was fascinated with them, he used to play with them all the time – and I didn't mind, I loved the attention but his sucking caused my boobs to start producing milk – and over the Summer they grew to 44DDD.”
Josh wondered “Is he still your boyfriend?”
“No – we broke up 2 weeks ago – turns out he only loved me for my breasts – funny isn't? But at least it gave me the confidence I needed – I now love my breasts and the effect they have – in a sense they give me strength.”
“And are you still making milk?” Kevin was curious.
“Oh yes - my breasts have kept producing milk and I can't seem to stop it - they keep getting bigger and fuller" Sam placed her hands underneath and was hefting her huge tits. She knew guys liked them but really didn't understand why – she didn't get how guys got so excited over her mountainous bosom. Sam was actually very comfortable around Josh so she felt she could honestly share anything with him. For Kevin and Josh on the other hand, they were just awed looking at her milk-filled mammaries, and enjoying the fact that Sam was being so honest with them – it just made her hotter and was making them both very horny.

"Do they get painful when they're full?" Kevin was really hoping she'd say yes and she did...
"Oh God, yes they do! I had to milk them before I came over here, just to relieve the pressure - I may need to express them again soon because they're getting engorged."
Kevin was thinking there was something he'd like Sam to milk instead.

Josh was amazed "Wow Sam I still remember when you were a young girl - so short and so, I don't know, straight up and down. But fuck, look at you now, you're a... you're a... total babe! And fuck, you're taller, beautiful, sexy, curvy AND so, well you know, well-endowed. I bet you can't keep the guys off of ya - fuck I'd go for ya."
Kevin jumped in "Speaking for yourself dude? Sam you're way hot! Damn, you'd be lookin' good in a 2-piece right now!"

Sam was flattered. She eyeballed her admirers - both cute, lean, and in shape. From the definition on Josh she could tell he worked out. She thought the guys were being a little aggressive, especially Kevin, but other than that they seemed pretty innocent. Still the way they kept devouring her, moving their eyes up and down, lusting every feature, curve, color, and texture. Sam saw their eyes tasting her, licking her, soaking her up - and they especially loved her huge chest, fixated on it - and she loved the attention. She also noticed how the boys were sitting facing her with their legs spread, showing off their crotches - she couldn't help but notice they were sporting rather large erections - which she enjoyed - she felt appreciated. Oh God, she wanted to get fucked, real bad, but at the same time she was competitive - and if Josh wanted her, he had to work for it - yes Sam wanted it hard and she wanted to be forced - to her that was a huge turn-on. But she knew this would be a game of cat and mouse, so she had to push Josh to “udder” frustration – and make it a competition by involving Kevin.

Sam responded to Kevin "A 2-piece Kev, really? With these boobs?” she hefted them again “they would be flopping everywhere." She could see Kevin was enjoying the visualization. "I have a tough enough time wearing a sports bra - I still enjoy a game of one-on-one - sometimes with more than one - that way everyone gets a chance to score." Yes, Sam was dropping hints hoping the boys would take the bait.

Then Sam looked at her friend "And Josh, would you, really? Go for me? That's so sweet!" she threw her arms forward, locked her hands, and hunched her shoulders, causing her two huge milky breasts to create a very deep cleavage. Josh's breath quickened. Sam continued "I mean, we're such good friends – could you move beyond that?"

Josh felt challenged and he had to counter "Well, we were friends when we were kids but now me I'm a man and you're a woman – well, I don't think men and women can be friends."
Sam questioned "Hmmmm, oh really, what do you mean by that?"
Josh drove his point "Did ya ever see the movie 'When Harry Met Sally?"
Sam pretended not to remember "Hmmm, no I haven't."
"Well Harry says in the film that 'men and women can't be friends cause the sex part always gets in the way'. I always remember that line - and it's soooo TRUE."

Sam could now argue with him, because she had seen the movie and remembered all the lines "I don't agree - I have men as friends and they don't want to have sex with me."
Josh retorted "Oh really! Those guys are faking it - believe me they really do want to have sex with you."
Kevin was enjoying the debate...
"Oh Josh you're so typical - my men friends wouldn't screw me if they had the opportunity. Now let's assume they would - why would they?"
And Josh fell right into it "Because you're so attractive!"
"But you didn't find me attractive four years ago."
Josh fell into even more "Well that was then, this is now. Just look at you now Sam - you're smokin' hot. No man wants to be friends with an attractive babe - cause he'll always want to have sex with her."
"So Josh, we can't be friends?"
Josh felt even more cornered "WELL I GUESS NOT!" Then he heard what he just said "Oh Jesus Sam, I didn't mean that - I still like you - yes we can be friends."
Sam smiled with victory "Oh Josh, I'm just fuckin' with ya."
Kevin was glad he stayed quiet.
Sam washed down her beer, asking Kevin for another - frustrated and sweating, Josh asked him to get him another one too.


3rd Quarter

The rest of the girls started leaving the party, and the guys with them. Even Heather was being helped out of the apartment. She looked around, still very drunk "Hhhhaaass ANYONE seeeen my BRA???" Her friend quieted her down by covering her mouth "Heather, maybe you didn't wear one tonight?" Heather, already out the door, took her hand away and blurted "Witth TTTIIITTTSSS THIS BIG, I ALWAYS hhhavvee to weeaaar a BRA!!!" Everyone heard her and was laughing.

Kevin was laughing real hard as he watched everyone else leave, clutching onto the bra in his pocket. There was no way he'd go - he decided to continue listening and participate in the “juicy” debate that was going on...

Sam waited for the apartment door to close. "You know Josh maybe that sex theory of your holds some water." Sam stated.
Josh proudly sat up straight "Oh really?"
"Yeh, I started taking a History of Feminism course and the teacher told us that according to a famous feminist, Catherine MacKinnon, all sex between a man and a woman is rape."
Kevin asked "Hmmm Sam, how does she figure?" as he stared deep into the beautiful cleavage before him.
Sam went on "Well, she says a man has to violate a woman - to push in through a boundary, you know, like the lips of her pussy” she looked at Kevin to see if he was aroused, and he was “He must take her body and violate her privacy, finding the opening between her legs, and push himself into it. In fact she argues a woman can't have real privacy of the body while having sex – the guy must take her body and enter her - even if she consents” she then looked at Josh who was also aroused “Her pussy has muscles and the cock must literally force those muscles apart. The thrusting of a cock into a woman's pussy is like an invasion that happens over and over and over again. The woman is literally opened up and occupied by a “foreign invader” -- and after the guy's dick finally ejaculates” Sam looked excited when she said this “his cum is left inside, so she's still occupied even after he's pulled his dick out."

Josh was blown away, and also staring into her cleavage "Fuck Sam, you're deep... I mean that's deep... but wow, in some way it's fuckin' hot too!"
"So Josh, you think all sex is rape?" Sam asked.
Kevin was absolutely quiet waiting for Josh to answer "Well sometimes a guy's gotta be aggressive, even when a girl says no - you know, it helps keep the human race going. If guys weren't aggressive then humans would die out. Besides most guys just can't stop when they get really horny - they have to have sex, they have to fuck. And especially if a guy's already into it havin' sex with a woman and she's say no, well fuck he just can't stop! The dude's gotta finish it - you know Sam, he's gotta shoot his cum - he's gotta go all the way."
Sam noticed Kevin was fascinated by his answer, and she loved being the center of attention between the boys "So Josh, you're saying when it comes right down to it, guys just want to fuck me? Especially if they could get away with it? Right? Well that essentially means deep down they really want to rape me. You're saying every guy really doesn't give a damn about me, they just want to fuck my brains out? And there's nothing I can do to stop it if they're horny enough? I have to let them do it?"
Josh and Kevin were both secretly agreeing with Sam – both of them admitted to themselves that yes, she's right, if they could get away with it, they would each love take her and fuck her, right now, to rape her without her consent.
Kevin was silent as he was enjoying his rape fantasy about Sam.
Josh didn't know what to say, but he did want Sam in his fantasy too - he really did want to fuck her, but he was conflicted, she was his friend – in spite of that his lust and urges were really building up - he really wanted to take her - to have her for himself - to violate her over and over, and it would feel so good - but then his hand had a mind of it's own, it started reaching out for her leg, it wanted to grab her, take hold...

Kevin just noticed "Hey Sam, you've gotta wet spot on your shirt and it's still growing..."
“Well Kev, so glad you're looking at my boobs.” It was now Kevin's turn to blush. She looked at Josh and noticed some jealously.
Sam then looked down “Oh damn Kev, my boobs are leaking milk - you guys are so lucky not to have these things – it's been a couple hours and they're startin' to flow again. I'm gonna need to express them.” Kevin and Josh were both fixated on her filled up juggs with fascination – like being in a toy store.
“Good thing I carry one – Kev could you get my breast pump outta my handbag?” Kevin got it out and gave it to Sam. “Doc says I need to use this cause my boobs are “hyper-lactating” which means I'm making a ton of milk every day and if I don't milk em they'll leak everywhere.” She noticed the guys were smiling. “In fact yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt and forgot my pump, so after a couple hours my shirt was soakin' wet, I couldn't believe it, like I was in one of those wet t-shirt contests!" Sam laughed. The guys were quiet but watching intently. Sam lifted her blouse out just enough to move the pump underneath and fit it on one of her breasts, snuggling the cup on a nipple - then she turned on the electric pump. She couldn't help but notice the guys looked like they were in a science lab watching an experiment as the milked flowed from Sam's mammaries through a long tube and out into a bottle - they even watched the milk rising – yes, it was fascinating but also erotic. Sam wanted to cut the tension in the room "I hope you guys don't mind?" but she knew they'd enjoy watching. Both Josh and Kevin gave their enthusiastic approval with not one objection - of course.

She kept it going "Hey Kev, you ever notice when a guy gets milked he cums, but when we get milked we squirt!" Kevin laughed at Sam's joke, and Josh became even more jealous. "Come on Kev I can tell you're fascinated with my boobs, don't be shy, I'm sure you have questions."
Getting the clear invitation, Kevin asked "Are your boobs heavy Sam?"
"Yeh ever since I started makin' milk they feel like I'm carrying an extra 5 pounds around, which is why pumping my boobs feels so good. Here Kev, why don't you feel how heavy they are?” She took his hands and placed them under her tits – Kevin was absolutely thrilled as he weighed them, and yes they were heavy – he then smiled at Josh - Sam could almost see the steam coming out of him. She then pushed Kevin's hands down, indicating that was enough.
Josh was tempted to ask if he could hold them but that would make him look jealous, so he fired off "I bet those big boobs of yours make a lotta milk – don't they Sam?"
Sam noticed his frustration "Well I get about 4 or 5 these bottles a day" pointing to the one that was nearly filled up. Sam switched the cup to the other nipple and turned on the machine again "You guys are sure obsessed with boobs especially big ones – do you ever wonder why?"
Josh frustration poured out more "I don't know Sam, something about a chick's big tits makes me wanna, you know... fuck her."
Sam knew the alcohol was acting like truth serum on Josh. She wanted to explore that further to tease him more "Ok, but what about MY tits really turns you on Josh? Be really honest Josh, now tell me, I really want to know, don't hold anything back - use any words you like."
Josh took a long guzzle of beer "Ok Sam, you asked for it” he stared right at her very large breasts then poured it out "baby, your big beautiful melons look like they're beggin' to be squeezed – like they want me - I'm mean they're right there – full beautiful and delicious mounds of boobs - I could fucking reach out right now and grab em – hold em, squeeze em tight – suck em... and I wouldn't let you stop me – come on Sam, you know you want me to... just one touch...”
Kevin had to jump in because he not only felt the same way toward Sam, but now he saw Josh was competing with him "Hey Sam, does milking your huge boobs turn you on?"
"Hell yes! Fuck, I get really turned on when my tits are squirtin' lots of milk - it's like a wonderful release – sometimes I even get orgasms – but definitely pumpin' my boobs makes me real horny - I just wanna, well you know... makes me feel like gettin' a good fuck." She reached under her blouse and removed the cup – the second bottle completely filled.
Kevin reached out and affectionately touched her arm "Sam, are you turned on now?"
The goosebumps visibly spread from Kevin's touch and all over her body, making her clit tingle – the guys could actually see it – goosebumps coming up everywhere even causing the hairs to stand up on her arms and her nipples to harden "Oh God yes Kev, I'd rather have a mouth on my tits than a pump! That would feel sooo good - a guy sucking all the milk outta me – now THAT would definitely make me cum!” Sam smiled and crossed her arms like she was hugging herself, causing her mountainous bosom to mash together creating a deep valley of cleavage for both Kevin and Josh to thoroughly enjoy. Sam realized at this moment she had complete control of them - and she was fucking loving it. If she said the word right now, they'd fuck her silly.


4th Quarter

Josh's dick was ready to explode, he had to have her “Sam I'm going to be really forward with you now” and he meant it “I'd really like to feel those big boobs of yours.”
Sam didn't think he would be so forward – and Josh didn't even wait for her to answer – she let Kevin hold them after all, so he was just taking his turn. Josh's hands started reaching out for her breasts, getting closer, ready to grab her fleshy delights. Kevin was watching and waiting, holding his breath... and now just inches away, all of Josh's fingers fully extended... almost touching her boobs... ready to pounce...
Sam reached up and grabbed his hands... Kevin was taken back...
“Now Josh, do ya think I'm that easy?” she had to use all her strength to push him away – he really did want her bad – and she could see the raging bulge in his pants.
“Oh Josh, you want to touch them so bad you're gonna have to earn it.”
Josh was angry “Jeez Sam, are you fuckin' kidding me? I have to earn it?”
Kevin defended her “Wow Josh, Sam's got more balls than you do. So Sam what do you suggest?”
She didn't hesitate “How about a game of strip poker. If Josh wins, he gets to feel up my boobs, whatever he wants – but if I win, I leave the apartment all dressed up. So Josh, are you game?”
Josh was feeling really frustrated, like he could just grab them right then and there – but then he realized Kevin was there too – and he was cheering him on - “Go Josh!”.

So Josh gave in “Fuck! Alright! I'll play!” Kevin cheered him on some more – Josh would win and he'd see Sam all stripped down, breasts bared and all. Kevin knew Josh was really good at poker, and didn't think Sam would have a chance. He got the cards from the kitchen drawer, put them on the table, and shuffled the deck. Josh was now really determined to win – and he wanted to do more than just feel Sam's boobs, he wanted Sam in more ones than one – and his balls were aching.
Josh picked up the deck of cards and gave a devious smile.
“Okay Sam, have it your way, lets play a simple game of strip poker. I’ll tell you what I'll do with your boobs when you run out of clothing,” he said with an ear to ear grin on his face.
“Don't count on it” Sam assured him.
He commanded her “First, we remove our shoes.” Josh did so and Sam complied.
Josh dealt the first hand.
Sam ended up with one pair, took one look at Josh's face, and put them down immediately.
Josh grimaced “Shit, I have nothing” he said, as he laid down his cards and took off his t-shirt.
Sam smiled at Josh, and then looked at Kevin “C'mon you're gonna have to try harder than that!”
Josh re-dealt, with a smirk on his face.
Sam this time received a horrible hand, having nothing.
Josh then laid down three of a kind. There was excitement between the guys.
Sam proceeded to remove her blouse, pulling it up and over her head, now first exposing her flat tummy and then her very large, milk-filled breasts barely covered by a black lace bra that just covered her nipples. Hoots and hollers erupted between the guys as they high-fived each other.
“Shit Sam, those melons are fucking fantastic.” Josh said, while licking his lips and staring at her massive tits.
Sam sighed, looking at the boys lusting after her “Just deal, ok” and Josh did.
Sam had two pairs, and laid them down smiling.
Josh grinned at Sam wider, and laid down a straight.
“Shit!!!” Sam muttered as she unzipped her tight pants, pulling them down to the floor and tossed them aside. The guys were beholding her hour-glass figure revealing her tight ass covered by red skimpy, nearly see-through panties that barely covered her trim pussy.
And more hoots and hollers ensued - “Oh yeh!” “Fuck yes!”
Even Josh's jaw dropped at the incredible sight before him.
Nervous, Sam sharply took in a deep breath as she sat back down, causing her huge tits to balloon way, way out. Seeing her engorged boobs so inflated Kevin's balls were starting to ache – her tits looked so hot.
Josh dealt again, but Sam looked him in the face and bluffed with a very deep sigh – Josh was encouraged...
Sam then suddenly smiled as she had a full house.
Josh laid down two pairs in frustration “Fuck!”. He then unzipped his pants, pushed them down, and took them off revealing his silk navy-blue boxers.
Sam was overjoyed, smiling even wider, smelling victory was near.
Josh dealt.
Sam looked at her cards, smiled and laid down three of a kind.
Josh was now overjoyed as he laid down four of a kind. He rubbed his hands together, leering at Sam's deliciously big tits.
Josh and Kevin cheered her on - “Ok Sam, show us your tits!” “Yeh! Let's see those bitchin' boobs!”
But Sam refused – she really wanted to make Josh work for it – drive him to desperation in order to see her tits. While sitting at the table, she reached down and pushed her panties out, lifting her legs, and slipped them off – trying to minimize what the boys could view. Sam was just sitting there with her bra on.
Kevin leaned down and looked under the table but could only see the top of her pussy as her legs were held together.
“Nice move Sam, but you still look so fuckin' hot!” Josh said while lightly rubbing his crotch. He removed his hand, then smiled at Sam. She grinned back.
Josh went on “Well, after this Sam you lose your bra, and then you have no choice but to let me feel your big beautiful tits.” Josh still had other things in mind he was going to do to Sam, and he knew Kevin would cheer him on.
“Here goes Sam...” Josh dealt again, and Sam's hands shook nervously as she received her cards.
She briefly looked at her hand, then held them against her breasts, her face now looking very, very sad.
“Oh shit. Josh you go first... please.” Sam was acting very nervous.
While Kevin was totally thrilled as he anticipated Josh's victory, and soon seeing Sam's awesome tits displayed in all their glory.
“Ok Sam I will show you my hand first, but only because you're about to lose and we're about to see those big fuckin' beauties of yours.”
Josh laid down his hand – it was a full house – and Sam knew he won, grinning so wide as he folded his arms behind his head in total confidence – remembering back to the one-on-ones, he knew he had finally beat her.

But Sam grinned back even wider than Josh as she laid down a royal flush – and she started laughing, then laughing harder – Kevin was in absolute disbelief and his smile completely left his face .
Josh's reaction too was utter disbelief as his locked stare went from Sam's tits to the royal flush laying on the table. His blood started to boil knowing he had just lost. Josh removed his boxers – his final article of clothing, making him totally naked. He was furious, feeling completely humiliated in front of his best friend Kevin.
And Sam was still laughing at him as she raised her right hand to her forward in the shape of an 'L' (for Loser). Kevin looked at Josh to catch his reaction only to see he was getting even angrier.
As Sam reached over to pick up her clothes to call it a night, Josh completely lost it as he ran over and grabbed her.


The Slam Dunk

Josh had Sam by the shoulders as he pushed her flat onto the table – he then held her in place by pinning down her arms. Kevin was surprised but aroused by seeing Sam man-handled, her huge mounds still wobbling around, and her legs spread. Josh's cock was rock hard and pointing right at Sam's pussy, less than an inch away from the entrance. His cock had been teased so much tonight it was already dripping pre-cum onto her cunt lips.
“God damn it Sam! You always win! And I'm fuckin' tired of it!”
Sam was shocked, scared, but strangely enough she started getting a little aroused herself – but didn't know why. She only wanted to tease Josh cause she was interested in him. Yes she was competitive, but she never wanted it to get to this point.
“Oh Josh please, please don't.” Sam pleaded.
But there was no reasoning with Josh “You're a fuckin' tease Sam, flaunting your bitchin' bod and huge tits everywhere – all the hot talk about sex – making us so fuckin' frustrated – you can't do all that and expect us NOT to do something about it!”
Sam was getting a little scared, but at the same time even more aroused – one part of her wanted him to stop, the other wanted him to fuck her brains out.
“Now Sam let's see those juicy tits of yours!” Josh lifted Sam up as she squirmed. He reached underneath to unsnap the bra, and then carefully lifted it off to reveal the final prize - Sam's huge bountiful tits came out into full view, topped with large round areolas and nipples that were long and hard as erasers - so beautiful, so hot, so incredible.
“Just look at these fucking beauties!” Josh was elated as he finally took his prize - he grabbed and squeezed Sam's tits – they felt so soft but full - he molded them in his hands, playing with the titflesh – teasing the nipples, making them harder – he continued squeezing her melons again but this time milk started to squirt out of both nipples and onto him. Josh groped and squeezed them again and again and again, making more milk squirt out – it was so erotic to watch – it made his cock so hard it started to pulsate, dripping more pre-cum. Sam looked into Kevin's eye's and saw pure lust – like she was completely his – that he was having total pleasure with her body.

Sam then heard Kevin say “Fuck her Josh! Do it! Fuck her!” Sam looked at Kevin, then at Josh – she was pleading with her eyes for Josh not to go any further. Josh looked down at his cock as the tip was just touching the outside of her pussy lips, poised and ready to enter – ready to penetrate. Josh then looked right into Sam's eyes, smiled and said “Now I win” as he thrust his cock right into her cunt.
“Oh god Josh! Please no! Please”
But Josh relentlessly kept pushing in further, forcing her cunt to open wider to accommodate his big cock – the head disappeared inside as he kept pushing – inch by inch Josh rammed his cock into Sam – deeper and deeper as it slid inside..
Sam closed her eyes and held her breath, then exhaled “Ohhhh gggoooddd!!!”
...pushing his cock in further and further, the entire length was completely inside Sam – he wanted to savor the moment cause it felt so good, and Sam was so tight “Oh god Sam, I have to fuck you... I must fuck you... you feel so fucking good!”
Sam felt all of Josh's manhood inside her. She clenched her muscles around his rod - and she felt complete, her hole filled up – yes he was raping her but she felt closer to him – like they were one. Sam then felt Josh's cock begin to move out...
As Josh pull his cock all the way back out, it glistened with Sam's juices – Josh felt like Sam was completely his but also like his cock finally found home – and back it went as he rammed in his stiff dick – Sam all wet, and his cock well-lubed, he start pistoning in and out her cum hole – Josh thoroughly enjoyed the friction – the feeling was amazing...
Sam was still scared but for a different reason “Josh... I know you have to fuck me... oh god... oh... oh... oh... I have to tell you... oh god... I'm not protected... oh shit... please pull out and cum on my tits... oh god... don't cum inside me...”
But Josh was feeling so good he was euphoric “Oh Sam... fuck! Oh FUCK! It feels sooo gooood!! Oh GOD! I HAVE TO CUM INSIDE YOU!... OH SAM! I NEED YOU!!!” He was feeling the wonderful pressure building up inside, the blissful, pleasurable burning of his cock inside of Sam's pussy, the pending explosion... “OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM!”
Sam pleaded again “OH JOSH, PLEASE NO! I NEED YOU TOO! BUT NOT THIS WAY!” But the pounding pushed Sam over the edge as she felt her pending orgasm building up – oh it felt so good to her too – she was giving in to the unbelievable pleasure - then she screamed it “OH JOSH FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR COCK! SHOOT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME! OH GOD I'M CUMMING TOO!!!!”
Josh couldn't take it anymore “SAM I'M GONNA SHOOT! OH FUCK I'M CUMMMMMINNNGGG!!!” Just before the moment Josh leaned down and gave Sam an orgasmic kiss – as they both spasmed into sexual bliss – Josh felt the ecstatic release of cum shoot out of his cock, load after load, filling up her up with his seed – Sam's pussy went into multiple orgasmic contractions as her whole body tensed, covered in goosebumps, squeezing and milking Josh's cock – they were both in heaven... and it felt like... forever... and ever...

When the bliss subsided Josh leaned into her ear “Oh Sam, I need you, I want you, I think... I think I love you...” Josh's cock was still spasming and spilling seed inside Sam. She got a smile on her face, reached up, grabbing Josh's head, and gave him the longest kiss... and they kissed, and kissed, and kissed... then she looked him in the eyes, smiling “Josh I think I you love too.”
They held each other in their arms wanting it to last forever...

Kevin was happy for them but still very frustrated “Well nice to see you two lovebirds together...”
Josh remembered his best friend was still there “Dude are you ok?”
Kevin responded “What do you think? Oh fuck I'll just go to the bathroom – I won't be long.”
Sam spoke up “Kev you need to cum – don't you?”
Surprised, Josh looked at Sam – and she told him “Josh, it's okay – I don't mind – but I still only want to be with you.”
Josh was more surprised “Sam you're willing to share yourself with my best friend? You're amazing – god, I love you.” Josh deeply kissed Sam again and he then led her off the table and onto the floor.
Sam spoke directly to Kevin “Come here and fuck me.”
Eagerly Kevin quickly took his clothes off, ran over, kneeled down and started aiming his stiff cock at Sam's pussy, the head just starting to push in.
Josh reached into a drawer and handed a condom to Kevin “Hey dude, don't forget this.” Sam smiled.
Kevin ripped the cover off and slipped it on, his cock still harder than ever. He smiled briefly at Josh but went right back to it “Oh Sam, here I come...” He started pushing his long thick cock into her, sliding it deeper and deeper... pushing and pushing his cock till it was all the way inside her pussy... until their pubic areas met.
“Oh Kev... fuck me...” Sam felt filled up again.
Kevin started the rhythm, moving his dick back and forth... it felt so good to be inside Sam, the soft warmth of her cunt wrapped around his thick cock. The rhythm picked up as he pounded his flesh into Sam... he reached down and mashed her huge tits together causing the nipples to poke straight up and start squirting milk... he loved the sight so much, he almost came, so he slowed down the pace of his cock... Kevin then laid on top of Sam and sucked one of her tits, the milk streaming into his mouth, while he kept pumping his cock into her cunt.... Kevin kept sucking and sucking... Sam loved the release from her tits so much she had a powerful orgasm... Kevin moved to the other tit and starting sucking again, nourishing himself with more of her milk... Josh got down next to Sam to first French kiss her and then put his cock into her mouth – Sam eagerly sucked on it... Kevin kept thrusting into Sam while he pushed her boobs together so the nipples were next to each other, sucking on both at the same time – pushing Sam almost to the brink... Kevin was feeling like he was about to cum, so he backed off and now picked up his pace, thrusting and pounding into her pussy – faster and faster... thinking quick Josh reached down and started rubbing Sam's clit... faster and faster, in and out Kevin fucked her repeatedly... until his cock got stiffer than ever, he tensed up, about to enjoy his release, he rammed his cock in as far as it would go “Oh God, FUCK! I'M CUMMING!!!!!” his cocked exploded, pumping out loads of cum into Sam “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”... Sam was overwhelmed as her clit was rubbed into a mind-blowing multiple orgasm, a muffled “OHHH GGGGOOOODDD!!!!” came out... Josh then exploded into her mouth, shooting more seed into her as she swallowed every bit of it... She could feel Kevin was still pumping in cum as his cock kept jerking inside her – he was in orgasmic nirvana as his eyes rolled up into his head with his mouth going “AHHHH!!! AHHHH!!! AHHHH!!!”

Josh deeply kissed Sam again “God, I love you!” Sam smiled again – she reached up and stroked Kevin's head “Now does that feel better?” Kevin was just coming down from his bliss “Oh god yes – thank you Sam” but his cock was still inside her.
“So Kev?” she said.
“Does your cock want to stay inside my pussy?” she smiled.
Kevin just grabbed her hips and felt the final joyful drops of cum pump out “Oh yeh....” Sam then felt Kevin's cock pull out of her. With an ear to ear grin, Kevin pulled the cum soaked condom off his dick, lifting it up to show it was completely full and about to burst.
Josh reassured him “Dude, way to go!” they then fist bumped each other.



Sam and Josh totally fell in love with each other – their competitive rivalry created the sexual tension needed to finally bring them together. Three months later Josh proposed – and Kevin of course would be the best man. Josh took Sam to a lavish restaurant to seal the deal, giving her the diamond ring she deserved – Sam then took out of her purse a pregnancy stick to show Josh – it was positive. Josh was overjoyed they were going to have a family.

Without Sam's family at the wedding, four months later Kevin was walking a very pregnant Sam down the aisle, arm in arm. She looked radiant as an expectant mother on this special day – Josh was standing proud waiting for his bride.
Kevin asked “Sam I've always wondered – is the baby Josh's or mine?”
Sam simply said “I really don't know who it belongs to – and I certainly don't think I was pregnant before the party – Josh thinks it's his and that's good enough for me – this baby will be loved.”
Kevin said “I'm sure it will – so I guess that makes me the Uncle. Sam, I want you to know I am always here to help.” he squeezed her arm tight. Sam smiled, thanked Kevin and gave him a wink.

They arrived at the alter as Kevin gave Sam to Josh – Kevin grinned and gave him a wink. Josh smiled at Sam, he was so happy. Sam then leaned into Josh's ear “Sweetie I love you – and on this day, WE win.”

The minister began “Today we celebrate the joining of Josh and Samantha...”
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