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Default The New Hire – The Customer Always Cums First

*** This story is a continuation of the The New Hire ***

Chapter 1 – The Promotion

The New Year came and went, with everyone returning to work after the well-deserved holiday break, all refreshed and full of energy. Karen decided to take the back entrance trying not to be noticed – all sobered up and recovered, she was completely embarrassed about what happened – it took nearly 2 weeks for the soreness between her legs to go away. Karen took the “morning after” pill afterwards but didn't start “the pill” like Bill told her. Walking into the main cubicle area, she didn't know if she could deal with anyone's sexist or rude comments – she wanted the guys to keep it too themselves, not mentioning anything that happened. As she walked by their cubes, she got the opposite of what she expected – yes, they looked at her bouncing chest as usual, that's what guys do, but no one said a word – all was quiet, and it was deafening, even weird. Karen finally arrived at her desk. Getting settled in she saw the note to come see her supervisor immediately.

Bill smiled when Karen entered his office – still remembering the Holiday Party – watching her bosom jiggle as she walked in. Karen looked down toward the floor, averting her eyes from Bill in shame, as she sat down in front of his desk. She knew what was about to happen, and so she came prepared with her resignation letter, folded in half in one hand. She thought after screwing every one of her male co-workers, including her boss, what else could happen? She'd seen every one of their cocks and felt them inside and on her everywhere – even remembering the looks on their faces as they came, over and over and over again. Oh god it was humiliating...

“Well good morning Karen, I hope you're all rested up and had a wonderful holiday.”
“I did Bill.”
“Well so did I” Bill smiled again, looking at her heaving chest. Karen got self-conscious folding her arms trying to cover them up, but this only emphasized her cleavage making her bosom stick out more.
Bill was so glad to see her back; he missed those big beautiful tits of hers, but quickly covered up his feelings switching to a poker face “Look Karen we have to talk about your future at the company.” Karen gulped and started pulling out the resignation letter, lifting it up toward Bill. Her letter got no higher than the desk, just under Bill's view, when he whipped out a piece of paper himself and slapped it upside down on the desk. Karen realized she was too late and gulped again.

“Karen...” he paused, and then said seriously “I was so glad you decided to join us but after your performance over the last few months, I had to think again about you.” Karen had a real sinking feeling, looking down again toward the desk, staring at the piece of paper. Bill paused more then said “Look, I want to apologize for what happened at the Holiday Party – we all took advantage of you, and so did I – believe me everyone had a great time, it just got outta hand. Hey, there's nothing for you to feel ashamed about.” Karen looked up and into his eyes, Bill continued “We all had WAY too much to drink and the booze made us do things we wouldn't have otherwise – you know how it is – boys will be boys – besides you were feeling pretty good too...... anyhow, I've asked all the fellas to keep quiet about what happened that night.” Still ashamed, she smiled a little. Bill looked right at Karen, with a smile again “Karen, we value you as one of the best new employees in the company, and I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.” She was confused now, wondering what was coming.

“Karen, pick up the paper and read what's on the other side.” In anticipation she quickly picked it up, started reading, and eventually got to the good part: '… In recognition for your outstanding performance we are prepared to offer you a salary of $150,000 per year, the title of “Director, Client Relations”, a $10,000 dollar bonus on any closed project, a company leased BMW 750i, and stock options at 100% value exercisable in 1 year...” Karen nearly peed in her pants, she was so excited, but kept reading: '… acceptance of this offer will require keeping all company interests, secrets, and activities (social or otherwise) in strict confidence, not doing so will include termination and legal action.” Karen was already starry eyed from reading the first part of the letter, not even paying attention to the latter. She was elated and felt so relieved! “I’m Director of Client Relations!” (Bill thought “that’s right baby, sexual relations!”) “I get a BMW!” Karen felt on top of the world! She was thinking this was much better than sex, and the guilt about the party was completely gone! Bill jiggled the car keys right in front of Karen with a smirk and a giggle.

Karen couldn't keep it in anymore “YES! YES Bill I accept! Where do I sign?”
“At the bottom.” Bill handed her a pen. As Karen grabbed the pen, she took a real deep breath causing her boobs to balloon right out, growing three times their size – watching her massive boobs, Bill's dick starting growing too - he wanted to just tear open her blouse and fuck her right there – but instead he smiled. Without hesitation, Karen signed the paper, and with absolute delight! She then walked around the desk to shake Bill's hand. Bill was so happy he stood up, grabbed her hand, pulled her body into him, and hugged her real tight, mashing her huge tits right into his chest – he enjoyed the fleshy cushion between them – Karen thought she felt a bulge against her groin – no matter, she clearly saw Bill was also elated about her decision.
“Karen I'm so very happy you accepted! And here are your keys.” Bill placed them in her coat pocket then hugged her even tighter but this time with his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him – mashing her boobs even further against his chest. Yes, Karen could tell he was REALLY happy.

Chapter 2 – The Assignment

A few weeks later, Bill entered Karen’s office – it was decorated with a mahogany desk and book cases, leather chairs, and with her favorite art on the wall – a quantum leap over her cubicle. Karen was sitting comfortably in her director chair as Bill sat down.
“So Karen how did your sales training go?”
All bubbly, she answered “I only learned from the best: Chip and Chad”
“Yeh, I know, they found you to be a very apt pupil – and you learned fast – there’s nothing fake about you, you’re all natural.” Bill smiled.
“I know! I love their techniques!” Karen’s tits jiggled with excitement.
“What did you learn?” Bill inquired.
“Create a very intimate relationship with your customer.”
Bill: “Hmmmm….”
“Satisfy their every need.”
Bill” “Oh yeh!”
“Hold onto them tight, suck them in, until you blow them away.”
Bill: “Oh yes!”
“Always keep them satisfied.”
Bill: “God yes.”
“Keep them coming back for more.”
Bill: “Fuck yes.”
“And most important, the customer always comes first.”
Bill: “Wow! You have me! I'm sold! Jeez Karen, you really are all natural!” Bill was staring straight at her ample chest. He noticed her nipples had hardened and her skin was covered in goosebumps, as she was so excited to share what she had learned. Bill got excited just staring at her.

It was difficult to get past the sexual distractions but Bill continued “I'm so glad you got so much from your training, and so are you ready for your first assignment?”
“Absolutely Bill – yes I am!” Karen exclaimed.
“Great! Tomorrow will be your first opportunity. You will be able to apply your client relation skills with a major firm in Texas named Cox & Cummings – their CEO Richard Strong and his executives will be arriving tomorrow morning to meet our Board of Directors. I'd like you to participate in a presentation to the execs of what our company can offer. This has the potential of becoming a $10 million dollar project.”
Karen was fine until she heard the dollar amount “Bill, am I ready for this? I'm a bit nervous.”
Bill noticed her breathing becoming rapid, causing her huge boobs to expand out and in, over and over. He quickly ran behind her and started rubbing her neck and shoulders “How does that feel?”
“Oh Bill that feels so good, keep going...”
“That's it Karen, just reeelllaaxxx...”
Karen was really loosening up as Bill kept massaging away. From his vantage point he could look straight down on her massive, deep valley of cleavage, watching her huge meaty tits rise and fall as her chest filled with air – rising and falling, ballooning out and in, blowing up and going down, rising and falling – so hypnotic – her nipples started to poke out through the blouse, getting bigger and harder. Bill then noticed she was wearing a red, lace, push-up bra that latched in the front – he just wanted to rip it off, ravage her tits and then fuck them until he released his seed all over Karen's face – oh God that would feel so good....
“Bill... Bill... BILL! That's really enough, thank you, I feel much better now.”
“Oh, oh yeh, you're welcome Karen.” Bill was sporting a huge boner right now so he had to carefully walk back in front of Karen's desk and sit down without her noticing.

“Relaxed?” Bill inquired
“I am now, sorry that I started panicking.” Karen was embarrassed.
“There nothing to worry about – I know you'll do fine. Let me give you some info and tips for tomorrow. First off, the CEO and his team are real go-getters – they know what they want and won't waste time taking it – they're hands on, so you'll need to give them a good feel for what you can offer them. Don't hesitate satisfying them in whatever way they ask, and spare no expense – you must aim to please their every desire, with the goal of gaining their business. Think you can handle that?”
Karen was full of confidence “Absolutely!”
Bill continued “I knew you could, that's why I selected you for this position. Another thing you should know is these guys are more 'traditional' when it comes to dealing with women in business – let them speak first, be passive but win them over by letting them have their way. Also dress like a woman – meaning no slacks and no jacket – and show lots of skin – this picture should give you an idea...”
Bill handed her the picture. It had an extremely attractive and busty blond wearing clothes showing off her legs, arms, and breasts – even her hair was tied up, showing her neck as well. Bill was right, show as much skin as possible.
“You can use your corporate credit card to purchase the clothes.” Bill wanted to make sure she looked just right for the fellas – and he couldn't wait.

“One last thing Karen: I know this is personal but are you seeing anyone right now?”
Karen's faced looked quizzical but she answered “No, not really, I date occasionally but I'm too busy for a relationship. Why?”
Bill paused and then carefully spoke “Well I don't quite know how to put this but are you intimately involved with anyone?”
Karen was wondering where this was going but answered “Bill, that's really none of your business but I do have a life after work you know – I'm a woman after all.”
Bill was very careful about what he said next “Karen I apologize, I'm really not prying into your personal life – believe me keeping a balance between work and your personal affairs is very important. I'm only asking you all this because the President of our company wanted me to convey to you that he wants a woman who is totally dedicated to the job. If you were to get pregnant, we couldn't guarantee you'd have the same position coming back and you might not have the same benefits either. You're not planning a family now are you?”
“Of course not Bill, I really want to build my career – especially here at this company – and I'm so grateful you gave me this opportunity.”
Bill then went straight to his point “Then Karen all the more reason to keep yourself protected. You know what I mean?”
Karen understood, and she really had to agreed with him, almost like she had no choice – she would start taking the pill right away – the job was that important to her “Yes Bill I'll make sure I'm protected.”
Bill on the other hand meant something else entirely – he didn't want the company to have any liability in case she got pregnant – and knowing what was coming for Karen, she would if she didn't take any precautions.
Bill smiled “I'm glad we have an understanding. Well, you better get shopping, you have a big day tomorrow.”

Chapter 3 – The Boardroom

At 8:30 in the morning the staff from Cox & Cummings arrived and were sitting in the executive board room when the Board of Directors came in and sat down with them – the gentlemen chatted amongst themselves. Meanwhile Bill pulled the CEO Richard into his office and closed the door.

“Richard, so glad to see you again my friend.”
“And good to see you Bill – long time no see, it's been a while since we've done business, and as always it's a pleasure but we better be brief, the meeting is about to get started.”
“Absolutely – well I've got the contract printed up right here based on our agreed upon statement of work. Your attorneys have been through it and I take it you're ready to sign?”
“Oh I'm ready to sign right now, but you know it's contingent on the arrangement... you know, the arrangement?”
“Richard of course – so you promise to sign and fax the contract when you return to Texas, right?”
“If this arrangement is as sweet as you say it is – I'll sign it in a heartbeat and have my secretary get it back to you the second I call her. Karen is here, isn't she?”
“Oh yes, and Karen is the icing on the cake or contract, she's here and definitely ready. Look Richard, she must not know we already clinched the deal, nor should your staff or the Board of Directors – it's just between you and me.”
Richard looked at Bill, smiled, and shook his hand firmly “You got it Bill – just between friends.”


Richard and Bill took their places in the boardroom, seated amongst all the executives and directors.
Bill leaned forward and called in Karen, using the conference phone, only speaking briefly and hanging up.
Bill spoke up “Gentlemen, may I have your attention...” the room quickly quieted down “Karen will be joining us shortly...”
Everyone paused, and within a few seconds, the handle made a noise and the door to the boardroom started to open. Heads turned and every man's eyes were focused on the doorway.

It was like slow motion: Her first leg passed through the door, with her foot fitted in a black leather high-heeled shoe, just above it showing a well curved calf and a slender thigh, leading up to a black tight skirt barely covering the top half of her thigh. The other leg passed through bringing in her thin waist, and then the first glimpse of her well-toned arms coming out of a sleeveless blouse with a very low-cut neckline showing the final prize: Karen's huge bust came into view – the push-up bra emphasizing her full, round fleshly orbs of delight highlighted with a long deep cleavage. Every man was wide eyed with their jaws dropped – and it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Karen was tight and firm all over but each of her steps caused her chest to jiggle as she walked. As she made her way to the front of the boardroom, eyes were still glued to her tits. Only when Karen cleared her throat did everyone finally focus their attention on her face – no disappoint here either, she was an extremely attractive woman – natural blond hair tied up in a bun showing her smooth, slender neck, and her eyes and lips seductively covered with black eyeliner and deep red lipstick. Oh yes, Karen had their attention – in more ways than one.

Even Bill was stunned by the sight of her awesome beauty but quickly caught his breath “Gentlemen, please let me introduce you to our new Director of Client Relations, Karen Staxx.” Richard leaned into Bill's ear “Stacks, fuck, she's got two huge ones!” Bill continued “Karen came directly to us from Harvard University – she graduated Sigma Cum Laude at a 4.0.” Bill noticed that the last mention went over deaf ears, but Karen was still very proud of her achievement. “Over the last few weeks Karen has carefully prepared an incredible slide deck. I am sure you'll be very impressed with what she'll show you – no holds barred guys, Karen exposes it all showing everything” the whole room smiled “...her market analysis of your competitors is stellar – Karen took a hands on approach, grabbing the low-hanging fruit, pulling and massaging with powerful strokes, taking in reams of information, and produced a mind-blowing presentation. Karen you have the floor...”

She took in a very deep breath, expanding her chest way, way out, and began “Good morning Richard, I'm so glad to finally meet you and your staff. I am very sure you'll like what you see. Starting with the first slide...” but no one was listening they were completely mesmerized by the sight of this amazing woman standing before them – they just smiled and nodded their heads through the slides. At one point Karen walked over and pointed at a projected graph high up on the wall, causing her boobs to spill out of her blouse and her skirt to ride up her ass – oh what luscious curves they were, on both ends - even her panties could be seen underneath. When Karen finished the slide deck she bent over to turn off the projector, again making her huge hangers spill out with a deep cleavage between them – some of the guys gasped but Karen took it as a complement – she thought they clearly appreciated her mind, her presentation – so she asked them “Well?”

“Amazing!” “Incredible!” “Wow!” “Awesome!”
Bill kicked in “I take it everyone enjoyed Karen's analysis.”
“Oh yeh!” “Most definitely!” “Yes!” and another “Wow!”
Karen was absolutely elated – these guys were really impressed with her – and they liked her because she was so smart, or so she thought.
Bill noticing everyone's excitement wanted to wrap up the meeting “I'm sure gentlemen you're convinced of what a great opportunity this is and that we're close to making a deal” Bill subtlety winked at Richard “So let's talk next steps.”
Almost on que, Richard jumped right in “Well I'm convinced Bill, and I anticipate we'll be partners, but I'd like Karen to accommodate us to our Texas corporate headquarters to meet with our lawyers. Karen, what do you think?”
Bill looked at Karen for a response but she was already excited “Of course Richard, it will be my pleasure” as she jumped in her seat causing her boobs to jiggle up and down.
Richard immediately followed “Wonderful Karen, and I hope you don't mind a stop-over in New Orleans on the way?”
Karen was even more excited “Wow! That's great! I love jazz AND Cajun food!”
Richard said “Wow! So do I! And don't forget Mardi Gras – it starts February 21st – that's tomorrow – it will be quite festive.”
Karen definitely knew what Mardi Gras was, and to show off her knowledge she told the execs “I studied comparative religion at Harvard. Mardi Gras, I know what that is, it's a carnival celebration beginning on the epiphany and ends on Ash Wednesday, which is the day that kicks off a fast for Lent.”
Richard smiled and sarcastically said “Now I'm impressed!” Karen didn't catch it. All the execs in the room instantly knew Karen had book smarts but no common sense – and they were thinking to themselves that Karen will make this a memorable and fun trip mostly because she was so gullible.

Richard then closed the meeting “Karen, Bill, are you guys all packed up and ready?”
They both nodded yes.
“And Bill you have the trip plan?” Richard wanted to make sure.
Bill nodded and winked his eye.
“Great! Let's get in the limo, pour some champagne, and head to the airport!”

Chapter 4 – The Flight

One hour later the limo arrived at the airport and Karen was feeling quite tipsy after drinking four glasses of champagne. She accidentally spilled the fifth one on her blouse getting it all wet, but the alcohol made her not care. In fact she found booze really helped loosen up her inhibitions. Stepping out of the limo she was giggling so loud a crowd of people couldn't help but stare at her - the men around her especially took immediate notice of her wet boobs, and how the blouse clung so tight they could make out her large nipples underneath. A half dozen bag checkers rushed up to help, which startled Karen causing her to lose her footing in her high-heeled shoes but Jason quickly came to the rescue grabbing Karen under the shoulders, lifting her back up, and covered her with his coat - soliciting several boos from the crowd. It all happened so quickly Karen forgot to thank him as they proceeded into the building toward the departing terminal. Jason had worked with Karen for a few months prior to her promotion. He never attended the holiday party nor did he believe the stories of Karen's promiscuity – he also didn't like the way the guys always treated her like a sex object. Jason was in his late twenties, and a straight laced “Clark Kent” type who was quite smitten with Karen – after partnering with her he developed feelings for Karen but never shared them not wanting to ruin their great working relationship – Karen on the other hand was just way too busy to feel the same way about him.


Walking a little wobbly onto the plane, Jason helped Karen into her seat next to him in first class – within a few minutes everyone was boarded and so the plane taxied to the runway. She was still feeling a little drunk but then remembered she didn't thank him outside – dreamy eyed she looked into his eyes slurring her words placing her hand on his chest “Hey Jason, I just wanted to thank you for coming to my rescue outside – you're such a nice guy, you really are.”
“Oh Karen it was nothing. Any guy would've...”
Karen blurted in “Have I ever told you how much I enjoy working with you.”
“I enjoy working with you too Karen – I have for a very long time.” Jason knew she had a few drinks but still remained a gentleman.
Karen gave him a tipsy smile “That's so sweet. You're just not like the others – you're respectful, courteous, you don't look at me like other guys do.”
Jason had to tell her “Well Karen I don't want this to jeopardize our working together, but I really like you.”
Karen was feeling so good from the booze it started acting like truth serum – she touched him on the nose and responded “I like you too, you're so handsome!”
Jason was flushed with feelings, turning red “Really?”
“Yeh, I always thought you were handsome, for a long time. I never have luck finding nice guys like you – most men just like my body or are interested in my boobs – you're not like that are you?”
Jason was speechless.
Karen continued “Say, do you want to touch my boobs?” she placed her hand on his chest again “Go ahead touch them, it won't bother me.”
Jason started getting a huge, engorged boner in his pants. He stared at her very large breasts, they were so inviting, just right there, and really begging to be touched – the devil on one shoulder told him to grab those big melons, after all she asked you too - go ahead and grab those massive beauties! Come on, you know you want to! Then the angel on his other shoulder told him how much he cared about her, that this was a test, she'll respect you more if you stay a gentleman. Against all his willpower the angel won out “Karen I like you too much to do that.” Jason bit his tongue after saying it – but God he really did care about her.

And it was exactly what Karen wanted to hear – she rested her head on his shoulder, leaving her hand on his chest, and fell asleep for the rest of the plane trip. Jason's balls were aching the whole way.

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Default The New Hire – The Customer Always Cums First (Con't)

Chapter 5 – The Hotel Bar & Balcony

Karen was suddenly woken by a huge thump when the plane touched down at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. Sobered up she sat up straight in her seat, stretched, yawned, and then fixed her hair. Jason was just waking up too “Hey Karen, hope you enjoyed your nap.”
Karen smiled at Jason but was a little embarrassed “Oh boy, I had one too many glasses of champagne – what time is it?”
Jason replied “It's 3:00 pm local time.”
She looked around the cabin and noticed the execs were sitting up too – she quickly woke up “Where are we staying tonight? Did Richard want to have a quick meeting at the hotel before dinner?”
Jason was disappointed Karen was jumping right to business with not one mention of their discussion – did she forget? Did she have too much to drink? But Jason still remained the gentleman “We're staying at the Ritz Carlton. It was Richard's choice.”
She was excited “Wow! That's a five star hotel! And it's in the center of all the action! We'll have a great view of carnival right there on Canal Street!”


While checking in at the lobby Richard let everyone know to meet at the Library Bar in the hotel, and to dress casual – very casual. With that, everyone, including Karen proceeded to their rooms to change. This was Richard’s planned que to Bill – Bill sent a text to Karen's cell phone asking her 'to dress very comfortably, especially to wear a loose-fitting t-shirt, pullover on top, and advised wearing no bra – he explained women here didn't wear bras during Carnival mainly because of how hot it got with so many people in the streets' – of course Karen believed him.

Bill then texted Richard letting him know the plan was set in motion...


Karen entered the bar finding Richard, Bill, Jason and the firm executives sitting on stools, munching on Cajun appetizers, and already downing cocktails. The band was playing smooth jazz in the background, making the atmosphere relaxed but lively. Bill told the busty waitress to bring a round of tequila shooters, making sure there were 4 shots per guest. When she returned Bill noticed her hands were full and so stuffed the tip in her cleavage – the waitress frowned but Bill reassured her the next tip would be bigger – the waitress smiled.
Richard then announced to the group “I will say this once and only once: I'm so happy our two companies are working together – this partnership will surely make both our stockholders happy. Now enough shop talk – let's party – I want each of you to grab a shooter” everyone did “raise it up... and now let's drink to a night of fun!” everyone downed their first shot. A Hispanic exec Carlos picked up another shot, raised it, and shouted “Arriba”, brought it down “Abajo”, brought it to the center “Al Centro”, then to his lips “Pa' Dentro”, and drank down the shot – everyone else did the same. Karen was unsure “Huh?” Jason leaned in and translated “Up, down, to the center, over the teeth” Karen replied “Oh of course! A little like the French I learned in school!” she then smiled and down her second shot.

Greg, Richard's CFO, raised another glass “And here's to our awesome hostess with the mostess – Karen!” All around was a “Here, here!” as they all stared at her breasts and downed another shot - Karen joined them, and by now she had a happy, boozed grin. The party started gearing up – Todd, Greg's assistant, bent over, grabbed another shot with his teeth, raised it up and then gulped down the tequila. Karen feeling bold said “Oh that's nothing – watch this, I used to do this in the dorms” she grabbed a shot, hunched her shoulders forward to mash her boobs together, folded her arms underneath her boobs, placed the drink on top of her huge rack, lifted her boobs up toward her mouth, placed her lips around the shot glass, raised it up and swallowed the liquid. That brought a round of applause from the group which made Karen happy. She finally felt they accepted her and was part of the team.

Bill snapped his fingers – the busty waitress brought another set of shooters, and walked away smiling with a nice tip between her tits. Jonathan, Richard's Project Manager, commented “Fuck did you see the awesome tits on her?”
Karen was taken aback by the comment - she didn't expect that.
Bill knew the booze was starting to kick in, so he kept it going “Not as nice Karen's!”
Everyone was startled, they looked at Bill, and then over at Karen – she started turning red.
Todd kept it going “Oh come on Karen, why be embarrassed? – I think you have a very beautiful bust – there's nothing to be ashamed about. You should be proud to be so well-endowed. You should show them off more often.”
Karen looked away and didn't know what to do. Feeling uncomfortable she grabbed and downed another shot. She then noticed all the guys just staring at her chest – all eyes were glued on her huge tits – her breathing got heavier causing her boobs to look even bigger. They were just waiting for her to say something, but this only made her more self-conscious. The quiet was getting unbearable for her. It was then she suddenly remembered the first lesson of her training 'Create an intimate relationship with your customer.'
Karen spoke up “Hey! Whoever can guess the size of my chest gets a dance with me!”
The guys were now excited, throwing out the numbers “38D!” “36DDD!” “42E!” “40C!” “40D!” “40DD!”
Karen said “Oh so close!”
Finally Greg threw out “40DDD!” Karen pointed her finger at Greg “And you're the winner!”
Greg replied “Cool!” and threw down another shot – and so did Karen.
Greg said “Hey Karen, let's dance!” going over to her, he grabbed her arm, and pulled her toward the dance floor, causing her boobs to wobble...
Todd then jumped in “Wait! Why should Greg just enjoy Karen, I think she should show them to us!”
Hesitant Karen didn't know what to do, but then she remembered lesson number 2 – 'Keep them satisfied.' - she thought to yourself, OK, but then questioned Todd “Here? In the bar?”
Greg chimed in “Of course not in here Karen – this is Mardi Gras – you need to show your tits outside!”
“Outside? Where everyone can see? In public?”
Todd backed up Greg “Oh yeh! All the ladies show off their tits during Mardi Gras! Come on Karen lets see those big boobs of yours!”
Jonathan pleaded “Come on Karen – be a good girl and show us your titties... please!”'
Todd teased “If you don't Karen I'm gonna have to lift your shirt myself. Now let's see those beauties of yours!”
Kind of nervous Karen finally admitted “Well I guess 'The customer is always right' – huh?'”
Greg agreed “That's a girl – let's go show everyone your tits.”
Karen downed two more shots, and then Greg grabbed her by the arm, walking her over to the sliding door leading onto a balcony – the fellas followed right after them.


Stepping outside Greg pulled Karen over to the railing. There was huge a crowd gathered below and the atmosphere was very noisy and festive. Karen was extremely nervous and she was only doing this to please her customer. Bill gave her the a-ok whiling nodding his head to assure her everything would be fine. Karen didn't mind showing her boobs to her co-workers, she knew them, but to these execs and the crowd below – they were strangers, that was different. Fortunately she was quite drunk and the booze she drank had a calming effect taking away most of her fears, otherwise she would have been a nervous wreck.

A voice came up from the sea of people, loud and clear “Hey baby! Show us your tits!”
Greg gripped her arm again and then patted her on the back “Come on Karen, give your audience what they want – and do it with a smile! Show them your big beautiful tits!”
Thinking only of the money she would get making her customer happy, she went for it – Karen closed her eyes, put on a nervous smile, and started lifting up her pullover and t-shirt – first up past her belly button – her stomach was so flat – Karen looked reluctantly towards the execs on the balcony who only cheered her on – she continued lifting – her boobs were so BIG she had to pull her top out and away from her body so she could lift it over them – she continued lifting higher – the bottoms of her large breasts came into view – the execs were holding their breaths – lifting higher – Karen's nipples just came out into view – she could feel the cold air on them – lifting higher – her entire BIG TITS came into view for everyone to enjoy – and she heard the comments from all over the balcony:
“Jesus Karen those boobs are so BIG!” “Damn Karen you've got huge melons.” “Fuck those tits are really BIG!” “God those boobs are so beautiful!” “Wow Karen you should take those huge puppies out more often, I absolutely love them!” “Jeez those tits are so fucking hot!”
From the crowd below she could only hear “Yeh!” “Wow!” “Woh!” “Fuck yes!” as beads were thrown up.
A voice came from the building across the street “Hey beautiful! Lift em up so we can see them better!”
Greg commanded her “Karen go ahead, please the crowd – and keep smiling.”
She did what she was told lifting her heavy boobs higher up with both hands like she was weighing them.
Loud cheers erupted from below, while the voice across the way yelled “Yeh baby! I love your tits!”
More beads were thrown up while Greg started capturing Karen and the crowd on video – he definitely wanted to enjoy this later. Jason just stood back watching the whole spectacle – he couldn't stand how these animals were treating Karen and could do nothing about it – Jason didn't realize it but he was actually jealous of them – he really wished he could have Karen all to himself, so he stayed quiet.
Todd then requested “Hey baby, suck those melons!”
Greg told her firmly and directly “Do it!” as he grabbed her ass “and keep smiling!”
Karen obliged lifting her humongous hooters up to her mouth – the crowd just roared with approval – she then started licking her nipples – the crowd was now screaming with delight, tossing up tons of beads – the execs were all laughing with pleasure.
Jonathan couldn't keep it in any longer “Oh my God Karen I just love your amazing big beautiful tits, they're just so fucking huge! Can I touch them? Please?”
Karen felt this was getting a little out of hand so she started lowering her top, which got several “Oh NOs!” on the balcony – but it was too late, Karen had her top pulled down.
A voice then came out from down below “Hey up there! Bring her down here so we can get a closer look!”
Greg really thought that was a great idea as he grabbed her arm again, pulled her, and commanded “Let's go Karen, NOW.”
Karen could only comply to keep her customer happy – feeling she had no choice.

Chapter 6 – On The Street

Exiting the hotel lobby Greg led Karen by the arm out onto the street. She immediately received hoots and hollers – she was an instant celebrity. Greg then pulled Karen out to the middle of Canal Street.
A crowd of people suddenly ran up and completely surrounded her, many of the guys were clearly drunk and stoned. A young college boy carrying a camera stood right in front of Karen “Hey baby I saw your big beauties up there, I bet those delicious melons look even bigger down here! Come on show us your big tits again!”
Greg commanded her “Karen do as he says.”
Without question, Karen lifted up her top allowing her huge bazooms to spill out in front of everyone.
The guys were smiling, laughing, and cheering, many with lewd comments:
“Hey bitch you got some really big motherfuckers, Jesus those are fuckin' huge!” “Damn them whoppers are enormous!” “Bitch I bet them udders would make lotsa milk. Let me fuck you and see.” “Shit woman I could fuck you right here! Damn!” “Just look at those fuckin' wazoos! I gotta squeeze them babies!” “Come over here bitch and let me play with your fucking balloons!”
Cameras were shooting from everywhere. Greg whispered in her ear “Karen looks like you're gonna be all over the internet! Sure will be a lotta guys beatin' off looking at your huge tits.”
Humiliated Karen pulled her top back down – was the job really worth all this? The money was nice but...
Greg immediately scolded her “Karen! Don't disappoint them! Lift that top back up RIGHT NOW!”
Greg was really dominant while Karen was very submissive, so without thinking she pulled her top up again causing her huge knockers to flop back out – with more cheers from the crowd and the execs – they were thoroughly enjoying her humiliation and her BIG whoppers.
An older guy walked up to her and said “I'll give ya all my beads if you let me touch em!”
Todd just encouraged him “Sure go ahead and touch em, the bitch loves it!”
The guy didn't hesitate, reaching out, grabbing both boobs and groping them real hard “These fuckin' juggs feel so good baby, you really love this huh? You like me squeezing your tits?” Her nipples got hard “Fuck you really do like this bitch – you love your fucking melons squeezed, don't ya slut?” The guy mashed them together and obscenely twisted her breasts so the nipples were rubbing up against each other. More cameras and cell phones were taking pictures – Karen could only imagine the pics were being instantly posted on web pages all over the internet.
Greg finally told the guy that was enough, so he took all his beads off and hung them around Karen's neck “Bitch you really deserve these – those were the most fantastic melons I ever felt!!!!”

Todd noticed someone in the crowd shooting a video, so he went up right behind Karen, reached around, grabbed both her boobs, and pushed her massive mountains together – obscenely fondling and groping them – twisting her nipples with his fingers until they got really hard. The guy holding the video camera gave him a huge thumbs up. Another young college age guy walked right up and grabbed Karen's huge tits right of Todd's and started sucking her nipples, swirling his tongue around, while molding her breasts – Karen couldn't control the feelings her body was generating, the licking was really turning her on, getting her clit real hard. The guy wouldn't stop, sucking her tits deep in his mouth rolling her nipples with his tongue, making them longer and harder – she felt so humiliated but felt so good at the same time. Karen then felt another hand reaching down to rub her pussy – while another college guy just pulled the tit sucker off of her tits and he started mauling her boobs, motorboating between them, mashing his face right into her udders – the hand kept rubbing – a mouth was then licking her neck, other hands from the crowd were rubbing and touching all over her body, some other guy started french kissing her lips, more hands pawing at her, more hands groping, fondling, squeezing, touching, and playing with her huge tits, nipples... everybody wanted her, wanted to pleasure her, wanted to grab her and fuck her... rubbing her clit... licking her nipples... sucking on her humongous tits... until, oh, until, oh god, until... Karen just couldn't take it anymore... she exploded into a massive orgasm, wave after wave, her body jerking around as she screamed in front of everyone – they all could see her cumming, the crowd, the execs, Bill, Jason, Richard, and all of it being caught in pictures and video – oh god she was so humiliated but it also felt so damn good. All these strangers wanted to fuck her brains out, so the college guys started pulling Karen toward a side alleyway – so they could finish pleasuring themselves, wanting to release their pent up lust inside and all over her.

Richard, the CEO, decided he'd let the frenzy get far enough as he jerked Karen away from the crowd – he even ordered his staff to keep everyone off of her – all the college guys were not happy cursing Richard, but they eventually decided not to fight, and a couple walked away. Karen was still recuperating from her humiliating moment of incredible ecstasy, her legs still wobbly – and yes, the videos were still catching it all – she would be a big, big hit all over the internet.

Richard knew it was important to keep Karen moving, and not let things get out of hand again – so he kept pulling on Karen's arm until they eventually turned a corner and off of Canal Street, reaching their next planned destination. What Richard didn't notice is that many of the college guys from the crowd had followed them to the same place.

Chapter 7 – The Live Sex Show

They arrived at a world famous Strip Club on Bourbon Street. While waiting in line to get in, Bill offered Karen more tequila from a flask to help her relax – she readily accepted it but didn't keep track of how much she imbibed, so she wound up drinking quite a bit. When the doorman saw her heaving chest, he was more than happy to let her in along with the trail of men behind her. Karen was very drunk and giggly when she walked in – she had so much booze in her, Karen was now completely submissive to everyone's commands, and all her inhibitions were gone. In fact Karen had no idea where she was.

As everyone was being seated at their tables, Richard spoke to Ray the Strip Club manager. Ray showed up a couple minutes later with a disclaimer form – he explained to an inebriated Karen that due to the nature of this establishment, this form would release them of any and all liability for any activities which may occur during the show. Karen was so out of it, she couldn't follow any of legalese he said but she still signed the disclaimer – Ray then put a very big smile on his face as he walked away with the form, thinking: this bitch will be fun.

After Ray left, the show began. The curtains rose and the host came up on stage to announce that this evening's amateur show was now beginning, and that he needed a female volunteer. No response came and so he walked amongst the tables to “find” a suitable girl – when he spotted Karen he stopped in his tracks – taking one look at her slim body and huge heaving bosom he knew this bitch would be perfect. He bent down with his face in front of Karen asking her if she'd like to volunteer, and in her state of mind, being completely submissive, she answered with slurry words “Sure why not, anything for these guys”. He led her as she wobbled up to the stage where he introduced her. Seeing her huge meaty chest every guy in the audience cheered, applauded wildly, and gave cat calls like a bunch of hungry wolves.

“What's your name?”
“Where are you from?”
“What's your profession young lady?”
Slurring her words, smiling, and pointing to her teammates, she replied “I'm a Director of Sexual Relations for these guys over here” Karen was unaware of the Freudian slip she made and it brought rowdy laughter from the audience.
“What school are you from?”
Again slurring her words “I graduated from Harvard with a 4.0 GPA.” She drunkenly smiled, being so proud of herself.
“Oh wow, boobs AND brains!” More raucous laughter came from the audience.
Then a voice was heard from the back of the club “Hey let's see this bitch strip, show us her big tits!”
The announcer stated “And so without further ado, let the show begin!”

Two very attractive, busty women who walked on stage, clad only in bikinis, proceeded to undress Karen. She actually looked like she was having fun, or maybe she was just used to exposing herself in front of people by now – in any event the women first stripped Karen of her shoes, pants and panties – next they very slowly removed Karen's tops, mostly for effect, until her huge heaving tits were exposed in front of all the men – this brought on even more catcalls and exclamations “Oh yeh!” “Ow!” “Oh baby!” “Fuck yes!” Finally the women oiled up her whole body, putting extra on her very large breasts. Karen looked amazing as her boobs stuck way out, shining in the stage lighting – cells phones were taking pictures everywhere. The busty ladies placed Karen onto a couch and then left her alone. From above could be seen a microphone lowering down from the ceiling just above the couch to catch all the dialogue.

The host came back up to front stage and announced he needed the first male volunteer. Every arm in the place went up, but Ray had told the announcer who would go first – the host therefore pointed right at Richard. Richard walked up on stage while the two women came back out – both of them stripped off all of Richard's clothes – they admired his chiseled, muscled body – Richard obviously worked out. The audience was shocked to see how long and thick Richard's cock was – it must've been at least 9 inches in length and it was standing straight out, all ready to go. Richard walked over and stood next to Karen waiting for the host, he then heard “Go for it!” He then pounced on Karen – finally.

Richard positioned Karen sideways so the audience could see everything. He then reached up and squeezed her mountainous oily fun bags, while rubbing his long cock all around them.
Karen spoke up, half aware, “Oh Richard, it's you!”
“Karen, Call me Dick.”
She slurred her words “DDDickkk, Dick Strong, ummmm, oh godddd, what are you doing?”
“I'm gonna fuck your brains out Karen! I've been wanted to touch these big beauties ever since I saw them.”
Dick was running his cock now up between Karen's fuck melons, as he wrapped them around his member, rubbing the tip of his penis up and down, enjoying the sensation “Oh fuck bitch this feels good!”
“Really Dick?”
“Oh fuck yeh! You know what they say Karen 'The Customer Always Cums First.' - well I'm gonna fuck you real hard with my cock and fuckin' cum inside you bitch. Do you like that whore?”
Submissively Karen said “Okay Dick, you can fuck me.”
Richard laid Karen down on the couch, pulled back and aimed his cock right at her pussy.
She stared at the long length of Richard's cock “Oh Dick, you're going to put that whole thing inside me?”
The audience at this point was totally engrossed, they couldn't wait for Karen to get nailed. Somebody in the room yelled “Fuck her! Fuck her now!” And a chorus of approval followed. “Yeh!” “Fuck her!”
“We can't disappoint our audience now can we Karen? Remember 'Always keep them satisfied'?
And without one more word, Richard rammed his cock into Karen's pussy.
The audience went wild with more approval “Yeh!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!” “Fuck her!”
The stage operator was inspired and put on “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppilin as the background music.
The lyrics rolled “Way down inside, a-honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you my love, oh”
Karen could only respond with her own primal sound “Ohhhhhhhhh!”
The audience loved it! “Woh!” “Yeh!” “Fuck that bitch!” “Fuck her!”
Richard kept pushing further and further, inch by inch, Karen's pussy expanded to accommodate his huge fuck pole. The audience gasped as they couldn't believe her cunt was taking in the whole thing – and he kept pushing further still – the lyrics continued “A-way, way down inside, I'm gonna give ya my love, I'm gonna give ya every inch of my love, I'm gonna give you my love, Yes, alright, let's go” – Karen responded again with “Ohhhhh God!” as it was amplified over the whole room - until finally Richard's entire cock was completely inside Karen, pushed all the way in – right to the point that their pubic areas met and his balls touched her – his rod was so long the tip pushed up against her cervix and Karen could feel Richard deep, deep inside her.
Richard starting thrusting in and out, pushing in, pulling out, pounding back in – he grabbed her ass while Karen held tightly onto his arms – he kept thrusting his meat into Karen's cunt with all his strength – tensing up his huge muscles, expanding his large pecs, squeezing his buttocks, allowing him to thrusting his fuck pole deeper and harder with all his might.
Karen's body moved about on the couch from his intense thrusting, her huge massive orbs of flesh swaying and wobbling - “Way way down inside, Way way down inside, woman, you need it, you need, Loooovvveeeeee”
The audience was screaming now “Fuck her!” “Cum inside her!” “Fill her up!”
The friction from Karen's pussy walls felt so good, Richard could feel the huge build of cum inside his balls as they tightened - Richard yelled “Oh fuck Karen, oh God, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fill you all up bitch!” - putting all his muscle into fucking her, he thrusted harder, thoroughly enjoying the sight of this bitch he totally owned right now, she was totally and completely his - “OH GOD BITCH!” - his cock swelled up larger and longer inside her – Karen knew he was about to cum “OOOOOHHH!!! OHHHH GOD!” - “Oh, shake for me, girl, I wanna be your backdoor man-a, Hey, oh, hey, oh/, Hey, oh, oooh, Oh, oh, oh, oh” - Richard was up to the edge of no return, he screamed “OH MY FUCKIN' GOD BITCH! BIG FUCKIN' TITS! HEEEERRREEEE... IIIII... CUMMMM!!!! “ - his cock exploded inside Karen – Richard shouted in absolute pleasure “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” - shooting huge loads of cum deep way down inside, coating her pussy walls with all his JIZZ – Karen felt his cock spasming inside her as she clamped her cunt muscles around his meat this caused Richard to pump even more cum into her “AHHHHHHHH!!!!” – she gripped his arms tighter – Richard was still cumming “AH! AH! AH! AH!” - until he was completely drained.
The audience was ecstatic, roaring with approval “YEH!!!” “FUCKIN' FILLED THAT BITCH UP!” “FUCK THAT WHORE!” “GOD THAT WAS HOT!” Richard was gradually coming down from blissful nirvana when he finally pulled out, causing a huge load of cum to spill out of her pussy. Karen too was relieved as she took a deep breath, expanding her breasts, and let out an “Ahhhhhhh”, her pussy sore from his deep fucking.

The two women came back up on stage giving Richard his clothes – they then cleaned up Karen, inserting a large syringe inside her pussy to suck out Richard's cum to get her ready for the next guy. Meanwhile Richard returned to his staff high-fiving them all. The host came up on stage asking for the next volunteer – this time Greg was the lucky one. He ran up on stage and didn't wait for the women – he ripped off all his clothes, revealing a long massive boner. Greg walked over to Karen and positioned himself on top of her. The operator started playing “Everybody Wants Some” by Van Halen” in the background - “You can't get romantic on a subway line, Conductor don't like it, says, "You're wastin' your time", But everybody wants some! I want some too, Everybody wants some! Baby, how 'bout you? Oh! Oh yeah!”
Greg told Karen right to her face “Bitch I've been wanting to play with these huge fuck melons of yours ever since the board room, and now no one, not even you can stop me.” He moved his hands to either side of her huge tits and then mashed them together, making her nipples point straight up at Greg. “God Karen these milk jugs are so fucking incredible!” He jiggled them around, mashed them real hard together causing her tits to be flattened between his hands. “Just look at these fuckin' beauties! God! Do you like this? Do you like showing your big tits to everybody?”
Karen shook her head yes. “I thought so bitch – melons like these should never be hidden, never covered up – everybody should be able to play with your fuckin' tits, to play with these fuckin' beauties – God they're so fucking beautiful!”
“I like the way the line runs up the back of the stockings, I've always liked those kind of high heels, too, ya know I..., No, no, no, no don't take 'em off. Don't take...leave 'em on, Yeah, that's it...a little more to the right. Ow! Hey, hey, hey! Everybody wants some! I want some too. Whoa! Everybody wants some! Baby how 'bout you? Yeah!”
Greg lifted her huge fleshy tits up by her nipples showing off their massive size and elasticity – he then swung them around – the audience responded with applause and comments: “Look at those big fuckin' whoppers!” “Fuck she's got huge udders!” and finally someone blurted out “Fuck her tits!”
Greg didn't have to be asked twice “Bitch I'm gonna fuck your tits, and you can't stop me whore, gonna fuck your TITS!” he placed his long stiff prick deep in her cleavage, and mashed Karen's meaty boobs all around his cock. Greg didn't waste time, he pounded back and forth between her massive mountains.
“Oh God Bitch! I could do this forever, I could fuck your tits forever!”
Greg was filled with carnal desire to fuck this bitch's tits – fuck them real hard! He pounded back and forth, the sensations feeling so fucking good - “Hey whore, you like this? I like this, I'm the man... and you're the big titted whore who must be fucked!”
The oil combined with the friction and the sight of Karen's agony and her big fucking tits in his hands made Greg feel like he was about to explode.
“Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some! Everybody wants some! Everybody needs some!”
Karen knew it was the moment as she closed her eyes – BANG! - like a cannon Greg's cock shot and pumped huge thick gobs of cum all over Karen's face, while Greg screamed “TTTTIIIITTTTSSSSS!!!” - he kept squirting more and more gobs of hot cum - “OH GOD YESSSS!!!” - cumming and cumming “AHHHHHHH!!!!” - “Ah yeah! Ahhh yeah!”. As the last gob of cum came out, Greg rubbed his cock and the cum all over Karen's nipples and boobs - “WOW! What a release! Fuck bitch that was fantastic!”

The two busty women came back out again to clean up Karen and apply more oil. The announcer took the next volunteer – Jason. Jason was undressed quicker than anyone – he was ready to go. Approached Karen, he whispered in her ear “You bitch! I thought we shared something special – but you're nothing more than a whore!”
Karen retorted “Oh Jason, you've got me all wrong, I can explain...”
“Oh sure you can – my favorite co-worker and friend so happens to fuck everyone in sight – so the stories are true!”
“Jason I can explain!” she begged. The audience was taken aback and quiet, not yet knowing what was happening.
“Shut up bitch! Shut up! I'm no longer a nice guy!” Jason grabbed a boob and pinched the nipple until it hurt.
“Owww!!! Jason!!” Karen pleaded.
“That doesn't hurt as much as you hurt me. Now I'm gonna make sure you feel my pain!”
Jason backed away from her ear and pulled her and stood her up in front of the couch, sat down himself, and then grabbed Karen's hips impaling her cunt down on his cock but so hard it hurt – they were both now facing the audience.
“Ahhhh Jason! Ohhh! Owww! Ooooh! Ohhh! Ahhhh!” screamed Karen
The host announced over the speakers “Hey this looks like it will get kinky!”
The stage operator queued up “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd...
Jason covered her mouth, muffling her screams – his cock was now buried all the way deep in her pussy – he kept ramming it real hard, yelling so all could hear “RIDE MY COCK BITCH!!! FUCK ME!!!”
From the audience you could hear the backup for Jason “That's right fuck the damn bitch!” “Yeh fuck her brains out!” “Give her what she deserves!”
The lyrics continued “Run, run, run, run. You better run all day, And run all night, And keep your dirty feelings
Deep inside. And if your Takin' your girlfriend Out tonight, You better park the car Well out of sight, 'Cos if they catch you in the back seat Trying to pick her locks, They're gonna send you back to mother In a cardboard box,
You better run!”
Jason was yanking on Karen's hair and slapping her ass, punishing her hard.
The audience cheered him on “Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!”
Jason kept ramming his cock plunging it deeper and deeper into her pussy – holding onto Karen's huge mountainous mammaries, he squeezed them really hard, mashing the big beauties together – Jason fucked her cunt harder and harder – it was too much for Karen, all the hard friction on her clit sent her into an incredible orgasm – Karen screamed “Oh God I'm cumming!” jerking from every wave that overcame her body – she rubbed her own nipples to keep the orgasm going – the cumming caused her vaginal muscles to tighten, and at the final climax of the song, Jason squeezed her tits even harder and shot bucket loads of sperm into Karen “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”– the twitching of his cock inside her threw Karen into another mind-blowing orgasm “OH FUCK JASON, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING AGAIN, I'M CUMMING!!!!” Jason held Karen down on his cock until he completely emptied into her, while her body was jerking and spasming. Before he pulled out, he again whispered into her ear “I hope you get pregnant from this you fucking whore” he then pushed her off him and his spunk ran dripping down her legs. The women ran over to quickly clean Karen up again for the next sex act.

Richard leaned over to Bill and told him what an amazing night this has been, and thanked him highly for bringing Karen along – he then pushed Bill up toward the stage saying “Hey here's your next volunteer!” Bill was already unbuttoning his and unzipping his pants on the way to the stage, and was completely undressed by the time he got up there.
He whispered in her ear “Karen you got the deal – and the $10,000 bonus – you earned it – here, accept MY token of appreciation.” Bill backed up and held his cock in front of Karen.
“Oh Bill not you – really?” Karen slurred.
Bill smiled and nodded his head “Remember: 'Keep them cumming back for more.'
She slurred more “But you're not the customer...”
Bill's frustration came out “Karen, are you kidding? I'm a man, and tonight I'm horny, I'm so fucking horny! And because I'm a horny man, I don't see you as my co-worker right now, I see you as a sexy bitch with big awesome tits – I've been watching you flashing, parading all night showing off your hot body and big fuckin' jugs, fucking everyone else – well it's my turn – understand? Woman I have to fuck you, and I have to cum now – my balls are about to burst – I have no choice, I must fuck you, I will fuck you – so lay back bitch, I'm gonna fuck you now!”
He then told her to get on her hands and knees so he could take her from behind – she did as she was told.
Totally exhausted all Karen could say was “Then just fuck me Bill...”
The stage operator started playing “You Really Got Me” by Van Halen...
Bill didn't hesitate, he got right behind her, and with all his pent up frustration he penetrated her fucking cunt, shoving his cock until it slid all the way deep inside the bitch.
“Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I can't sleep at night”
Bill was in a purse state of animal lust, pumping this woman with his dick in and out, slowly, then picking up speed, he penetrated her even deeper, pulled all the way out, and sent his cock back home inside her, showing his full sized appreciation - he then reached down to grab and squeeze her huge pendulous breasts, holding on to them like there was no tomorrow – “Please, don't ever let me be, I only wanna be by your side” - and Bill added “and to be fucking you bitch from one project to the next!” - Bill grabbed Karen's hips and kept pounding her, over and over and over – Karen's huge hanging melons were swinging everywhere. Bill then reached around and rubbed her clit – he owned her, he was going to force this bitch to cum with him – rubbing her, fucking her, rubbing her, fucking her, rubbing her – until Karen, the bitch, couldn't take it anymore and she convulsed into another massive orgasm, bringing goosebumps all over her body and hardening her nipples. Bill reached down and grabbed the bitch's huge fuckin' boobs, holding on to them real tight.
“Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I can't sleep at night” And Bill added “I can't sleep till I fuck you bitch... until I fucking fuck you Karen... until I pour my fucking cum deep into you, oh shit, fuck! I'm cumming, oh fuck bitch here it cums!!!” Bill tightened his grip on her tits and shot loads of hot cum into Karen filling her up, his cock throbbing inside, spewing out gobs of his juicy sperm filled semen deep into her fuck hole. After coming down from his amazing release, completely spent Bill pulled out and Karen just laid there as the women came onto the stage again to clean her up.

Thinking it was finally all over, a very tired Karen started getting up from the couch. Noticing Karen, the host quickly ran up onto the stage and told her to stay put, keeping his hand on her shoulder – he then grabbed the mike and announced it was a free for all. Suddenly, there was a wave of men from the audience, surging up onto the stage. Wide eyed Karen saw the group of men coming after her and was aware she was going to be raped by all these horny college guys – many of them she recognized as the ones who assaulted her in front of the hotel. Their frustrations built up from playing with Karen and her big tits, these guys now had to relieve themselves – giving her what she asked for and fuck her brains out – the remaining execs didn't have a chance as they watched the college guys went first and ravaged her. Karen was immediately surrounded and sandwiched by men. One was attacking her from the rear, pounding away; another had his cock already deep inside her pussy, helped by the cum Bill had shot in. A third man had her huge tits squashed together and was fucking his cock in and out of her valley, while a fourth man had his dick shoved deep in Karen's throat. The raping turned into a wild frenzy as these men mercilessly fucked her, spurting their spunk in or on her – everyone was lustfully fulfilling their desires using Karen's amazing body and incredible tits. An hour later she was fucked every which way by every man in the room, even by the execs. Some came back for seconds. Finally the guys were exhausted and Karen was left sprawled on the stage, drenched in cum.

The busty women made their final return to the stage to help Karen to a bath backstage where they cleaned her all up – had some fun themselves – then got her dressed. Bill went in, got Karen and carried her out to a waiting taxi. When they arrived at the hotel, Karen remained passed out as he carried her to her room where he tucked her into bed.

Chapter 8 – An Offer She Can't Refuse

Late the next morning Bill knocked on Karen's door; a minute later the door opened “Good morning Bill”. She was still wearing her clothes from last night and her hair disheveled. “Good morning Karen, can I come in?” Karen opened the door the rest of the way and walked back to sit on her bed.

“How are you doing?” Bill asked.
“Oh I'm fine, just a big headache and I'm really sore all over. What did we do last night?”
He was startled “You don't remember?”
Karen really tried to recall “I remember a bunch of guys grabbing me on the street below, and then being pulled away but it's a blank after that.”
Bill was astonished but clearly he knew she had way too much to drink.
“Oh Bill, other than the flashing I didn't do anything real embarrassing, did I?”
Bill decided not to tell her truth “No, that was it – but hey you sure had a lot of fans – and you left a few broken hearts after we pulled you away.”
Karen was relieved “Oh thank God!”
“After that we went bar hopping but I noticed you were having such a good time I decided to take you back to your room.”
“I didn't do anything stupid?” Karen wanted to make sure.
“No not all – but everyone really enjoyed your company – you have a natural skill at entertaining men – they'll certainly remember you for a long time.”
Karen smiled.
“Hey Karen I'm starving! Why don't you get ready and meet us for brunch – in an hour?”
Karen replied “That does sounds good, and wow, I'm hungry too. Great, see you downstairs.”


Drinking a strong cup of coffee Richard was chatting with Bill in the hotel café.
“I can't thank you enough Bill for providing Karen – what a body! What a fine piece of ass! Wow! The boys and I had a great time last night – when we got back to the hotel we were comparing notes – do you know how many times she was fucked? We figured with every guy going twice she got nailed more than 40 times!”
Bill acknowledged him “Yeh we really did have a good time – look I gotta tell you something before Karen gets here. I went to talk with Karen this morning...”
“Oh how's the bitch doing? Is she ready for more action?”
“Richard – I'm serious – Karen blacked out last night, she doesn't remember a thing after we took her from the situation on the street.”
“You're kidding – right? The bitch can't remember anything?”
“No she can't, and let's keep it that way – ok?”
“Yeh, yeh, sure thing, mums the word. Hey, may I have a word with Karen when she gets down here – just the two of us?”
“Sure, but you promise not to mention anything about last night?”
“Bill – I promise – not a word.”
Bill wrapped up his brunch and returned to his room.


As Karen entered the café Richard admired her figure, especially remembering how it looked underneath last night – he could still recall the feeling of cumming inside her which even now gave him shivers of goosebumps all over – and he couldn't wait to fuck her again. Richard gave her a wide smile as she neared the table.

Karen sat down next to Richard, ordering a mimosa “Good morning Richard, I must've slept in, you ate brunch already?”
“Oh yes, no worries, I'll provide you company if you don't mind?” Richard couldn't keep his eyes off of her.
“Wonderful, I'm rather hungry so I'll get some food and be right back.”
“Karen before you do that I'd like to have a quick chat.”
“Oh nothing serious I hope, by the way I forgot to thank you for coming to my rescue outside the hotel – I don't know what would've happened with all those men if you hadn't stepped in like you did!”
Richard thought to himself: Holy shit! She really doesn't remember a damn thing! I'm her rescuer? This couldn't have worked out any better!
He chuckled and smiled “Oh it was nothing really – any gentleman would've done the same thing.”
Karen placed her hand on Richard's knee “No I really mean it, I could've been raped out there – you're my hero – thank you!”
He blushed: if only she really knew...
Richard spoke up “Look Karen, you are an extremely talented and beautiful woman, and I can tell you're going to be very successful. I'll be straight with you: how would you feel about sharing your success with Cox & Cummings?”
Karen looked directly at Richard, holding her breath...
Richard continued “I'm prepared to give you an offer even better than Bill's: how does $200,000 per year sound?”
Karen swallowed the rest of the mimosa, snapping her fingers for another...
Richard kept tempting her “that includes a $25,000 sign-on bonus and an additional $25,000 bonus for each signed contract.”
Karen's fingers were squeezing Richard's knee while her leg nervously shook and tapped the floor. Her glass was re-filled with more mimosa.
Richard was encouraged with her excitement “You'll be provided a corporate apartment, a leased Mercedes Benz SL500, and of course full stock options totaling $50,000.”
Karen gulped down the second mimosa.
Richard kept going “Your title will be Vice President of International Affairs, and your first project will entail working with a foreign investment company. Some of the contractual funding will come from the Department Of Defense which will require you to get a Top Secret clearance. In fact at the first meeting you'll have an opportunity to meet the Secretary of Defense, the President of the United States, along with...”
Karen was bursting with excitement and blurted out “YES!!!”
Richard was extremely happy “You don't even want to think about it?”
Again all Karen could say was “YES!!!.... I mean I accept!!!”
“Karen you don't know how happy you've made me, I'm a very happy man!” he shook her hand, then pulled her up and hugged her real tight, very tight, crushing her big bountiful breasts against his chest – god he so loved her tits.
When the hug was finally over, he backed up, and looked right into Karen's eyes “Congratulations! And welcome to Cox & Cummings!”

*** To be continued ***
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perfect story.. keep going. and don't let us wait )
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Originally Posted by zizou212 View Post
perfect story.. keep going. and don't let us wait )
You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words
Hopefully you won't need to wait too long as the wheels are turning for Karen's next adventure: Miss Staxx Goes to Washington
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Enjoy... and yes, the next sequel is cumming...
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where is the next squel.. it has been 7 months )
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One of these days, Karen will get nailed by the beaurocrats in Washington... and she damn well deserves it!
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we are still waiting man !!
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it has been 2,5 years and we are still waiting for Karen )
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Default writing a sequel

this tale had my panties moist now I have to throw them away...what I liked was the sensualness how you managed to convey enough saucy details .It never became vulgar okay although I don't mind that either.
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Thank you for the nice complements. Wet and saucy?... then I did my job Vulgar coming up.
It's the darker side of lust, It's the other side of us, It's the thing in you that feeds, The animal in me -Motley Crue

Some of my stories:
The Stripper Wife
The New Hire

The New Hire - The Customer Always Cums First
Playing the Game

Uninvited Guests (Sweetlust, LuvNLust)

My social group:
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