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Default The New Hire

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Harvard, Karen just started her first job at a software company as the only female architect on a team with more than a dozen guys. The company was well known and quite successful, and was therefore very selective on their candidates, picking only the top notch graduates in the country. Karen was not only proud of herself for getting in but wanted to make a good impression. Her manager Bill saw her differently – he wanted his guys to be motivated – so he was looking for someone that was not only smart but would provide eye candy for his team. He knew Karen's proportions would attract a lot of attention, and the guys deserved it as they worked very hard. At 5' 4” Karen was extremely busty on top with a slim figure, overall measuring 40DDD-24-36. She was very geeky, somewhat shy, and socially awkward, but tried hard to get along with everyone – sometimes a little too much, and her trust had gotten her in trouble in the past. Growing up she didn't really like all the attention her boobs constantly got but if they got guys to hang around with her, then what was the harm? After starting at the company guys were always hanging out at her cube for one reason or another, or asking her for favors, mainly so they could stare at her heaving bosom. Karen did nothing to hide them - wearing sometimes plunging necklines to work showing off the girls and their cleavage. Sometimes in her cube or a meeting, or while she was giving a presentation to relax she'd take a deep breath and stretch her arms over her head or behind her, causing her very large breasts to jut way out - this always drove the guys crazy. For Karen it was innocent and she never really understood the effect her chest had on men. For the guys, it wasn't so much Karen they wanted to be around but rather her boobs.

A few months after starting Karen was invited to the Holiday Party at Bill's house, but Bill was on travel. Most of the parties in the past would get a bit wild so the other females in the company knew to arrive, spend a little time there, and leave – but not Karen. Karen wanting to fit in, decided to drink like the rest of the guys, so she kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking – having several beers within a couple hours. Many of the females employees had left but Karen was still guzzling down the booze, and kidding around with her co-workers. She was getting giddy, and when she laughed, it caused her boobs to jiggle quite a bit, which caused her drunk co-workers to not only stare at her chest but they started getting hard-ons as well. Although they did respect Karen's intellectual ability and appreciated her hard work on the team, they couldn't help but see her as a sexy woman with big, beautiful tits – someone they'd love to touch, love to play with, love to fuck – and yes the booze helped bring out those lustful feelings, as they were hard to resist.

Watching her boobs bounce so much, one of her geeky co-workers Eric decided to be brazen, “Karen, just curious, how big are your boobs? I mean we don't have them, and well you're a woman, and they look so huge, so tell us about your breasts.”
Karen was little embarrassed, as all the guys were now starting right at her chest with their jaws open, but being innocent she answered "They're 40DDD"
Tim said "Wooohhhh, that's BIG." And Jim said "Yeh, that's really BIG Karen."
Blake asked "Are your boobs heavy? You know, to carry around?"
"No, I've carried them for a long time now - I'm used to it."
Tim asked "Do guys always look at them?"
"Yeh, most boys and men seem to stare at my chest a lot no matter where I am - the bus, subway, even at church."
Rick blurted out "Well shit Karen, I don't blame them - just look at your tits!"
Karen started getting a little self-conscious.
Tim seeing no ring on her finger asked "Do you have a boyfriend?"
"No I don't."
After hearing she wasn't latched to anyone, Vince got even more brazen than Eric "Karen don't take this the wrong way, and I hope you won't mind, but could I touch them?"
Although the booze made Karen feel care free, she felt just a little hesitant but then remembered she really wanted to be part of the team, what was the harm? So she said "Sure, I suppose, just not too long, ok?"
Vince reached out, putting a hand carefully on each breast, wrapping his fingers around each one, and lightly squeezed, then squeezed some more, and more, and more - Karen looked away like she wanted it too end, but it didn't - Eric pushed her boobs together, making a deep cleavage, and causing her nipples to poke through her red dress - "God Karen, they feel sooooo gooood". Eric was in heaven and didn't want to let go - squeezing, mashing, feeling the fleshy roundness of her pendulous breasts - he was hypnotized by her boobs and wanted them so bad. The guys around her were really getting turned on watching Karen felt up this way. Karen sensed it was going too far, so she turned her body away from Eric, causing her boobs to be released from his grip, saying "Please that's enough"
Eric said "But Karen I wasn't holding them THAT long - I want to touch them more."
Blake aggressively spoke to Eric "Dude, that was long enough." Everyone's testosterone was building up, like it was a competition between the males of the group.
Blake offered Karen a shot of tequila to relax - she guzzled it down, and yes it did help - she still wanted to feel part of the group and alcohol helped loosen her inhibitions.
Blake told Karen "My girlfriend has really large breasts like you do and she's always gets lots of attention from guys... at the grocery store, the gym, the bar we frequent. I don't mind - I like the way my girlfriend's boobs make other guys jealous."
Then Blake came out with another request "You're breasts are so much like my girlfriend's, could you take them out and show me? Please? I'm just curious that's all."
Blake was her supervisor, and she didn't want to disappoint him, so she figured this too would be harmless, so she decided to take another chance... Karen first pulled her dress underneath her bra encased boobs, then putting her fingers inside each bra cup, she pulled the bra underneath allowing her hooters to spill right out in front of everyone.

The guys gasped. Her breasts looked humongous outside on their own - they were gigantic. Even her areolas were getting hard, and her nipples were sticking out like erasers.
Jim couldn't hold himself back "Fuck Karen your melons look incredible."
Rick then said "Jesus what fucking beautiful tits! Karen those tits are awesome!"
Karen thought the guys were being too straight forward but the booze made her like all the attention.
Feeling his frustration build inside, seeing Karen's breasts exposed like this, Blake insisted "I have to feel those Karen, you gotta let me feel them!"
But Blake didn't wait for Karen's answer, his hands flew forward and grabbed her breasts real hard. Karen was taken aback and took a deep breath because she was nervous - but this only caused her boobs to swell in his hands, so as he squeezed, the tit flesh came up between his fingers.
As Blake kept mauling her boobs, Rick ran around to Karen's back saying "Hey Blake, let me try this!" as Blake removed his hands, Rick grabbed her boobs from behind, mashing them together, making more deep cleavage, molding her tits in his hands, tweaking her nipples, tickling them, causing sensations to go right down to Karen's clit.
"Ooooh Rick - please stop" Karen begged.
"We're just playin' with ya Karen - you know, you're like one of the guys - Karen we're really a close knit group, we do favors for each other all the time. Call this a favor." Rick replied.
"But, Rick..."
"Karen relax, Tim here has another drink for you" Tim handed her the next shot, and she drank it straight down.
Rick kept molding her tits - "Karen show us your pussy - we just want to look at it - you've shown us this much - remember you're one of the guys. Another favor?"
Karen didn't notice but her co-workers were getting more excited, rubbing their cocks through their pants.
David was a bystander the whole time but now his male hormones were moving - "Come on Karen I'll help with your dress" - David lifted it up over her head and off. Rick undid her red bra and David removed that too. Karen was now just left in her panties and high-heeled shoes.
She felt like a sex toy, being played with, but she was fitting in with the guys and they definitely liked her - they were just curious and wanted to look at her body - they're guys after all, and tipsy, it's a favor... and yes the booze was really going to her head too, all her inhibitions were gone.
"Fuck Karen you look so hot! Let's see your pussy!" Blake bent down and first removed her high-heels, and then pulled off her panties exposing a beautifully shaped pussy with succulent lips and clit.
"Karen, open up your pussy - let's look inside you"
Karen laid back on the floor, David gave her another shot which she gulped down, and she spread her legs wide. With all the booze in her she wasn't embarrassed at all. This was just show and tell - the guys were only curious. They wouldn't rape her - they were her friends - she was just fitting in.

Blake opened her pussy lips, showing her budding clit on top and the red flesh inside her cunt. Her nipple topped mountains were sticking straight up, no sag, and rising higher with her deep breaths - Rick and David were getting so excited, they suddenly jumped on her tits and sucked her nipples - while Blake started rubbing her clit.
Karen felt so good now, she thought the guys liked her so much they wanted to pleasure her, but thinking it wouldn't go further than that.
With her tits heaving, nipples sucked, clit rubbed, surrounded by men, Karen came to an exploding multiple orgasm which seemed to last forever. Her pussy was completely soaked afterwards.

By this time Jim had his clothes off, he was drunk, and couldn't even think rationally. He came up to Karen, stroking his cock "Karen I can't take it anymore, I know this has gone a bit far, I know, but you look so hot, so hot - your big meaty tits, awesome pussy... Karen, I have to fuck you, I can't control myself, I have to fuck you now."
Karen even as drunk as she was realized this was going too far. They didn't care about her at all - she was a whore to them - she screamed "NO!!!!!!" but it was too late, Jim kneeled down and inserted his cock head into her pussy, just passing the lips.
"Karen I'm sorry about this, I am. You're smart, a great architect, and a friend, but look at you, you're so fuckin' beautiful, I can't help it, my cock needs you, I have to fuck you...god Karen, I'm sorry, I have to fuck you."
Jim kept pushing his cock in.
Karen started to cry.
His cock kept going deeper inside, deeper, pushing and pushing.
Karen thought back to the first day she met Jim. He started after she did, as an intern. She spent many extra hours helping him get up to speed, even helped him with his school homework... and this is how he repays her kindness...
Jim's cock was all the way inside, his testicles slapping against her body. "Karen you feel so good inside, damn you feel so good!"
Jim pulled his cock all the way out, then he thrust it back in.
Karen spoke up "Jim, please, after all I've done for you... please... I think I'm ovulating right now, I could get pregnant, please... ohhhh... please, please pull out of me, I'm begging you, please..."
But Jim was determined, his cock thrust forward again, his personality now changing "Bitch, you think I care? All I ever wanted was to see those BIG MELONS of yours - every chance I could get to see those BIG TITS. Karen you're a big titted tease, teasing everyone with your fuckin' boobs, and now I'm fucking you, I'm finally fucking you!"
Another thrust forward, Jim could feel the pressure building up - his excitement was beyond words. Karen could feel it too and saw Jim tense up, his nipples hardening, and goosebumps beginning to appear.
"Jim please! Pull out please! Oh god... please! I don't want to get pregnant! Cum on my tits! Pull out, Jim!"
Jim's body instinctively knew what to do, and nothing would feel as satisfying as this moment now.
With one final thrust, the sensations sent his dick over the edge, triggering the flood of semen and sperm mixed together and delivered right down his cock until... she heard Jim scream "Here it cums Bbbiiiittccchhh!"
Karen felt it as Jim's cum shot into her pussy, coating the walls, load after load, gobs of his cum shooting inside her with each slam, feeling the warmth deep down in her cervix as she was filled up - his cock spasming with each shot... until the last drop came out.
In total bliss, Jim finally pulled out.

Karen looked around as she saw the rest of the guys now stripped and stroking their cocks. Rick came forward and started aiming his cock at Karen's cunt. "Rick, please, not you, call this off! I thought we were friends! Please Rick, help me!"
Rick was so drunk, he slurred his words but they came out something like "You're a bitch with big tits..." and he slammed his cock in next.
"Rick, is that what you think of me? After everything I shared with you? I want to have a family some day but not this way."
Rick slurred some more "Fuck you, you never wanted to go out with me, so I might as well have some fun." Rick started pumping in and out. He was truly raping Karen - taking her, taking what he wanted - Rick grabbed her mammoth hooters with both hands, squeezing them hard - he then leaned forward giving her a kiss, which she resisted - Rick pounded her harder "And now I'm gonna give you what you deserve, my cum" "No Rick!" He held onto her thighs, thrust real deep, and shot away emptying his whole load inside her - shooting several times, Rick finally got what he wanted, and pulled out, completely satisfied.

Blake climbed on top of Karen sticking his dick in her valley and wrapped her fuck melons all around his cock. Pushing his meat in and out, you could only see the head poking out the other side. Meanwhile Tim rammed his dick in Karen's pussy and started fucking her, real fast.
Karen cried more as she reminded Blake how she drove him to work for over 2 weeks while his car was in the shop. Blake could only say "Look Karen thank you for doing that but do you think I could pass this up - everybody else is fucking you, and god I've always wanted to fuck your tits" Blake was sliding in and out of them. "Karen you don't know how hot you are - you're a bitchin' fuck toy - and you should be fucked - baby, look at yourself, you're meant to be fucked - why blame a guy for doing what cums naturally - we all want to fuck you - any guy would want to fuck you - oh god, oh god" Blake rubbed his dick back and forth enjoying the friction and the feeling of Karen's tit flesh surrounding his fuck pole - "Oh fuck!" Blake squirted a long stream of jizz all over Karen's tits and face, covering her in hot cum. "Karen that felt so fuckin' good, I'm gonna have to fuck you again baby, you feel just too good." Just then Tim shot his cum load over and over deep into Karen's womb. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" is all Tim could say.

When Tim pulled out, Vince was incredibly hard and slammed his dick into Karen's cum hole, pounding, and pounding it. Eric, tired of stroking his dick, turned Karen on her side with Vince's help, and pushed his cock into her ass. This was a new sensation for Karen - "Oh please Eric, that hurts! Ow, that hurts! Please no more!" She reminded Eric about sitting his kid while he had to go out of town overnight. Eric replied "God, do you want a metal? I paid you didn't I? At least let me fuck you for free!" A few more thrusts from Eric, "here Karen here's another payment", Eric pumped all his cum into her ass while Jim shot another huge load into her cunt - Karen felt so used by these assholes, but the two spasming cocks in her sent Karen into an unbelievable orgasm - wave after wave hit her as her whole body tensed. Blake held Karen by the hair and spoke in her ear "Doesn't it feel so good to be a whore Karen? All these men care about is fucking your brains out, give into it, let them use you, you big titted bitch." And with that Karen had another huge wave of orgasms.

Karen finally decided to relax and enjoy her co-workers - she was finally getting it - filled and covered with their cum everywhere - yes, they liked her but in a different way - they could work with Karen but not as a friend, but as a whore - they're enjoying my body as they should - I'm supposed to be fucked, and why not enjoy all their cocks? In a total state of acceptance, Karen reached down and rubbed her clit into a massive orgasm - ohhh, what a sweet release.

The fucking continued until the whole group was exhausted and fell asleep.


Later Bill, her hiring manager, finally arrived at the party. Seeing Karen and the guys all naked, sleeping on the floor, he realized there was only one thing to do. He quickly undressed. Seeing Karen's slim figure with her huge melons, Bill got an instant hard-on. Without any warning, Bill got on top of Karen and shoved his cock right into her pussy. Karen immediately woke up and realized it was Bill now fucking her.
"Oh Bill, you too? Is this what you really wanted? Is this what you hired me for?"
"Karen, I knew you graduated at the top of your class, but when I saw those tits and your body I knew I had to have you for the team."
"You're raping me."
"Well it's much more fun to take what you want than to ask."
"Hmmm, so you want me to resist?"
Bill kept pounding.
Karen got a knowing look on her face, as she now knew Bill always wanted to rape her, so she decided to make it more fun for him.
"Oh Bill, please don't do this! Am I just a fuck toy for you? This is why you hired me? To fuck me? Bill please pull out, please, I have so much cum inside me already - please Bill, respect me, don't do this!"
Bill was rapidly pushing his cock in and out of Karen now, he had to have her.
"Woman, you're meant to be fucked, take my dick you bitch. Nobody cares how smart you are, what a good worker you are - guys just want to fuck you, over and over and over."
Squeezing her huge tits, Bill was reaching his climax, and Karen felt it cumming on.
Bill's dick got even longer inside her, pushing in and out of Karen's cum hole, until...
"Oh god, please pull out now!!! I don't want you to cum in me!"
"I'm gonna fill you up bitch!"
And with that Bill exploded inside of Karen filling her to the rim, adding more cum to everyone else's.
Karen laid there taking it all and feeling so good - in the high of her last orgasm - she felt complete, filled up - she was a whore.


When Bill came down from his high, he told Karen "You realize I'm paying you well for this - and I'm also going to give you a big raise. Now go get cleaned up and start taking the pill. I'm going to call and invite over the Board of Directors and some of our clients. Karen they're going to love you."

Just when Karen was feeling comfortable with the team, she started getting nervous again.

To be continued...

*** If you enjoyed the story, you can continue taking pleasure in Karen's adventures and predicaments in The New Hire - The Customer Always Cums First ***
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Wow...great story...would love to see more pictures off "Karen"
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They're coming soon - In the sequel "The Customer Always Cums First", Karen gets a promotion to Director of Client Relations, and takes a business trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans getting into further busty and lustful adventures - and it will include more pics.
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Check out "The New Hire - The Customer Always Cums First"
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