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decker dary
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Cool White Student Gang Raped

She was a stunning white girl studying in the same university as us, long auburn hair, pretty Caucasian features. Narrow light brown eyes and proportioned nose and mouth. She was about 5' 5" and had a nice leggy figure.

We were the 3 musketeers of Asia, being sons of diplomatic officers from China and Korea. Joon Woo, the only Korean amongst us standing tall at almost 6 feet at 190 pounds and packing an 9 incher below the belt, I matched him in both height and muscle below the belt and the other being Han Jiang who was below us slightly but matching in the size that department below

We all loved the women we had been with and how we have taken them all by force. All 3 of us had parents in the diplomatic corps assigned to Japan, studying in College together was when the musketeers were formed. The history between our nations had been less than ideal during the war 80 years ago and we took it upon ourselves to avenge our ancestors on the local population.

Scoring several escapades under our belt we began turning our attention to the exchange students from the West. One day while having drinks in the campus town bar out the corner of my eye I saw her walking down the street back to her home. She was dressed in a low cut dress and heals clearly showing her 35C breasts and I felt my self-hardening up. Clearly, I wanted to sample that white meat

On the following days I made a point to follow this white bitch to study her movements and patterns. Avoiding suspicion, we would take turns amongst ourselves for the next 2 weeks Gathering notes we found out she was from the UK and studying in Japan on an exchange program for the next 2 months. Her hours were class and a part time job at this local café before returning to her apartment and lights out at around 9pm. No plans over the weekend with friends as far as we observed. I made up my mind, we were going to take her the following Friday night once she returned home from work

The week came and go quickly, we got the necessary things required, ropes, camera and so on. We made a short trip to her apartment block; concealing our massive hard-ons beneath our shorts and boxers

Lights out at 9 as planned, we moved to the front of her apartment door. Joon Woo was an expert lock picker and within a minute we were in to her apartment. Setting down our stuff, we quietly crept to the bedroom and opened the door and we saw a sight to behold. There she was on her bed, in a short silk red nightgown, fast asleep. We snuck till her bedside and in a synchronized movement and got on top of her. I covered her mouth with one hand and stuck a knife underneath her chin, her eyes flew open in shock. Her immediate instincts to struggle were repelled when she felt the cold hard steel pressing on her neck just as Han Jiang and Joon Woo were both pinning her hands and legs tightly. As Han Jiang went first the last round, it was my turn to fuck her first

Hands and legs secure by Han Jiang Joon Woo took a roll of tape and just as I removed my hand off her month it was immediately replaced with the duct tape. Mouth secure he immediately setup the camcorders in the room to record our escapade with our pretty lass. With the cameras set up I moved the knife down and ripped open her nightgown exposing her milky white body and beautiful breast. Looking down I could see her auburn pubic hair hiding her pleasure hole. I immediately stripped of my clothes and signalled Han Jiang to release her arms.

That bitch started screaming and forming fists with her hands pounding me as I sampled her firm English goblets licking and chewing them and my hand was caressing her smooth beautiful legs. My other hand was preventing her from tearing the tape over her mouth to scream and alert her neighbours. After our short foreplay I was ready to enter her. Sensing what I was about to do she fought even more ferociously as I pried her legs open mounted my target.

My Cock had swollen rock hard during the frenzy and was started exploring her opening inch by inch. And hell she was just as tight as the petite Japanese bitches I sample earlier! Then I met an all too familiar resistance…she was still a fucking virgin! Pulling back a little like a spring recoil, I took a deep breath and rammed hard into her as hard as I could. Immediately the thin barrier was no match for my cock as I planted ala 9 inches into her. From there it was the good old in and out routine. Savouring the inside of this British girl I humped her in a steady rhythm for the next few minutes. All the while she was screaming as I pinned both arms on her side, licking her nose, ears and her body savouring her outsides too. As I felt my balls tighten I began pounding her like a jackhammer and at that pivotal moment of no return I plunged all the way into her vagina and flooded her womb with my cum. Feeling me cumming inside her broke her fighting spirit as she began sobbing. I pulled my cock out and observed my hard work with cum and blood now dripping off my cock and overflowing her pussy onto her thighs.

Joon Woo went after me, he placed both her legs on his shoulders and plunged himself into her. Fucking away, with one hand caressing her flat tummy and breasts whilst the other holding her legs as he kissed and lick her beautiful thighs. Soon enough he too exploded in her. By now Han Jiang tore off the tape from her mouth. Signalling me to do a closeup shot with the camcorder as he forced his cock into her mouth. He began to pound into her mouth with one hand holding her hair like a ball and another roaming squeezing her breasts, after a while he exploded in her throat and forced her to swallow his cum. Pulling out his cock from her mouth he cleaned his cock on her hair

Obviously, she thought her ordeal was over, all 3 of us had cum in her, we forced her into the shower to clean herself,with Han Jiang keeping watch we ransacked her wardrobe and found some dresses for her for our next round of excitement. Exiting the shower and still seeing us naked with our erect cocks jutting out she was on her knees crying and pleading for us to let her go. And we did………… on Sunday night after spending the rest of the weekend on an all you can fuck buffet with our British bitch, during which I had the honour of breaking her anal virginity. And we had it all on tape!

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