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Default 4th of July mixed wrestling battle

This is an account of what my friends and I actually did over the 4th of July weekend. It isn't exactly rape, but it is control/dominance/submission, so hopefully it will be interesting. My boyfriend, Brad and I, and two other couples, my girlfriends Brittany and Stephanie, and their boyfriends, Mike and Jimmy, rented a beach condo for the weekend from Thursday evening through last night. After spending most of Friday enjoying the beach, we went back to the condo for the evening. We were all talking, and eventually the conversation got around to who is stronger, men or women. The discussion got fairly heated, until finally, Mike suggested that we find out among the six of us who was right. He asked us girls if we would be interested in an intergender wrestling match. We all three agreed, so the next morning, we went to an athletic store and purchased a wrestling mat, which we brought back to the condo and spread out on the floor of the condo's main room. We then established the rules of the match. One man vs. one woman wrestling at a time. The girls would have their "corner" of the mat, and the guys would have theirs, where the people not wrestling at the time would stand. At any time we could reach our corner, we could tag in one of our partners to replace us. A fall could be won by either pinfall or submission, and the defeated wrestler was then eliminated from the match; and the match would continue until all three guys or all three girls had been eliminated. The we all agreed to make it really interesting. If the girls won, the guys would have to treat us like queens for the rest of the weekend (through Monday evening) catering to every desire or demand that we had, but if the guys won, the girls would become sex slaves for the rest of the weekend, having to provide sexual favors for any of the guys, not just our own boyfriends.

We set six o'clock Saturday evening as the time of the match. The guys dressed in briefs, while us girls wore bras and panties. Now, even though the six of us are friends, this was NOT a friendly match for fun. It was rough and tough and all of us were going all out for a win. In the first few minutes, things were pretty even, each of us tagging in and out a couple of times. Then, the guys managed to maneuver Brittany to their side of the mat, not allowing her to reach our side. A couple of minutes later, having been worn down, Brittany succumbed and was pinned by Jimmy. With Brittany eliminated, Steph and I tried our best to stay within reach of each other. We even managed to gain the upper hand against Brad for a short time, but he managed to get away from us, make it to his corner, and tag in Mike. Mike and I went at each other for a couple of minutes, but eventually, he and the other guys cornered me on their side of the mat. Then Mike trapped me in a grueling neck lock submission hold. I knew I was in trouble. I struggled and fought, but even with Stephanie yelling encouragement to me, I couldn't escape and I had no choice but to submit. Stephanie was left alone with the three guys. She is the strongest and most athletic of all of us girls, but against all three of the guys, it was close to impossible for her to prevail. She fought as long and as hard as she could, but the guys kept switching in and out and began to wear her down. Once she began to tire the guys worked Steph over relentlessly. After a few minutes, Brad forced her to the mat with a hard takedown, and then locked her in a brutal and vicious leglock. With whatever strength she had left, she tried to fight out of it, but she didn't have enough left to escape. Too exhausted to go on fighting, and unable to endure any more of the pain, Stephanie finally submitted.

The guys celebrated their victory, while Britt, Steph, and me hugged and tried to console each other. The guys then announced that we were officially their sex slaves. For the next 48 hours, us girls performed one sex act after another on the guys, and were fucked repeatedly. Last night, they finally released us from our "slavery" and told us if we ever wanted to try again, we were welcome to do so. My girlfriends and I learned a lesson the hard way...
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