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Default A brithday nightmare

I’m sure this has happened to every guy at some point. You meet the girl. She is perfect, smart, sexy, and nice. Somehow, things go awry, and you wind up her ‘friend’. No matter how hard you try, she just won’t let anything happen between you so she “doesn’t want to risk the friendship.”

Mine was Jennifer. Not Jenn, not Jenny, Jennifer. She insisted on that. In high school she was the captain of the cheerleading and gymnastic teams. In college she made all honors. She had honey blond hair that fell just to her shoulders. Her body was tight and lean, sculpted by all her exercising. Her ass was perfect, tight and round. Long lean legs, and small handful breasts that are perfect, just perfect.

Last night was her 21st birthday. She had just broken up with her long-time boyfriend so she went out with me, and a group of her friends. She was wearing a short skirt, tan stockings, and a tight white top. She got really drunk, me I stayed fairly sober but got a little tipsy. I was just following the rule that any guy out with a girl who looks like that has to remain sober enough to fight.

The entire night she danced with me. By danced, I mean she spent the entire evening humping my leg and rubbing her ass on my cock. Needless to say I was horny. Really, really horny.

When we finally left the bar, I was picked to make sure that Jennifer got home all right and didn’t die in the night. Piling her into a cab, she said that she didn’t have her keys, and then she passed out. Sigh, great, I’m gonna have to take her to my place and sleep on my couch. And I’m not going to get anything out of this.

I carry her limp body into my bedroom and gently lay her on my bed. God she looks perfect there. Her legs splayed just alittle apart, ass in the air, head turned just slightly. She’s really out of it.

I pulled my cock out, and slowly started to stroke it. I was drunk, and I figured that I had down this 100s of times before, jerking off to her, but this time she was in the room. If she woke up she probably wouldn’t even remember. It really wasn’t even wrong.

I slowly stroked myself, staring at her perfect body. Well, as long as I was doing this, I might as well touch her. I ran my hand, up and down her legs. God, they are perfect. Traveling up her body, I cupped her ass. Next thing I knew I was on the bed between her legs, fondling her tits.

She let out a small moan. I guess I convinced myself that it meant that Jennifer wanted this as much as I did. Because before I knew it my hands were up her skirt. I pulled her panties down. I held them to my face and took a big sniff. I shuddered.

My hands went to her pussy. It was wet. I convinced myself that this was an invitation to fuck her. And I did. I slid my cock into her. I couldn’t last long, after all this was the girl I had wanted for years. I started to slowly pump. Her body rocked back and forth with my thrusts.

I felt her stockings rubbing on my legs. I couldn’t take it. My eyes rolled up into my head and I came. I came and came.

Shit, shit, what did I just do. I just raped my best friend. Okay, she’s out, she won’t remember this. Just get out of the room. Go, get in the living room and sleep on the couch. She won’t remember this in the morning. I tossed and turned the whole next.

The next morning…

“Hey, did something happen between us last night.” I turned, Jennifer was awake, and she was looking a little strange.

“No, why do you ask?” I lied.

“Because, I woke up this morning without my panties and I was sticky.”

Shit, I can’t believe I forgot about that. “Ummmm…” I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“You sick fuck! I thought you were my friend! I passed out last night and you fucked me?! God, you sick bastard you raped me. I’m out of here, and I’m calling the cops! You’re going to jail you sick fuck!” Jennifer screamed at me.

Shit, shit, I can’t believe this is happening. “Jennifer wait” Fortunately the couch was between the bedroom and the door, I stepped in front of her.

She slapped me, “Get out of my way, you pervert!” Then I snapped, I couldn’t take it. I grabbed her and threw her over the arm of the couch.

Before I knew it, I was mounted her again. She never did find her panties. “Listen to me bitch. I put up with your shit for 8 years. You never gave me the time of the day, despite the fact that I was always there for you.” I screamed as thrust into her from behind.

“Please, stop. You’re hurting me!” Her body, was probably bent painfully over the armrest, rocking and rubbing as I pumped. She was crying, but I didn’t care. This was my time. I fucked her harder, rocking her body. Her small tits swayed with my thrusts. I reached up her shirt and cupped them. I teased her nipples until they became hard.

I leaned towards her and whispered in her ear, “I waited too long for this, you slut. You spread your legs for every asshole you met, but never me. Its my turn now.” I enjoyed her tight pussy, suckling my cock. I liked running my hands all over her tight body. I could take no more. I increased my pace, and came again. She felt it, and sobbed.

When I pulled out and backed up she collapsed off of the armrest. She fell to the floor and curled into a fetal position.

I stared at her. Part of me felt pity and shame over what I had done. Part of me just wanted more. Unfortunately for Jennifer, the latter part won.

I rolled her onto her back and straddled her. I grabbed her hand, and put it around my still firm cock. “Beat me off.” I ordered.

She did nothing. I slapped her. “I did this too you for years, I am not letting you go until you give me a handjob. I want to stare into your eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, as you do this.”

Finally she began to move her hand. Her strokes were slow, but her grip was perfect. My hands explored her body as hers pleasured mine. I stared into her tear filled eyes as she jerked me off. After a few minutes of this, felt my balls tighten. I didn’t tell her that though. I let her keep moving in long deliberate strokes, until I exploded. My spunk shot out and covered her face. She screamed as the first glob hit, but, I grabbed her head and held her still.

Standing up I buttoned my pants. “Jennifer, you are going to clean yourself up, and get out of here.”

She just stared at me, “If I leave here, I am just going to call the cops.”

“I don’t think so. If you do that, I will kill everyone, and everything you love. I will ruin your life, I will rape your mother, I will fuck your sister. Do we understand eachother.”

She nodded, showered and left.
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you are kidding right?
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Not bad. Is there any more in the works?
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