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Default Brutal Rape of an Enthralling Aunt

Quick introduction. I originally started this project out of boredom, but before I knew it, I was completely consumed by it. The story starts off on Chapter II. An odd place, but it's what inspired me to actually sit and write. The first chapter is written in my head, so to speak, and I will probably include a prelude before all is said and done.

Please leave feedback, negative or positive. I'm hugely critical of my own work, so I may go back and update already posted content. I will post more of the story in the coming days. With no further ado...

Chapter II
"My aunt was next..."

I saw her later that weekend at church, family and siblings included. She was wearing the same outfit she always wore to church, which is to say, looking as sexy as ever. A skirt of fine burgundy color that barely stretched past her knees, showing off the length of her legs. Her rump was a pleasant round, a piece of ass that had probably never been touched by her prude husband. She wore a tight shirt that showed her every curve and a tiny hint of cleavage, enough to bring attention to those incredible C's. Like my mother, she had long, wavy hair of brunette color, but today she wore it up in a clamp. She was the younger of the two sisters, and Susan, my aunt, was certainly a piece of art... one worth taking.

I sat through the dullness of church, occasionally chiming with the rest of the crowd whenever the priest paused in monologue. But I mostly thought back on my night with Laura, as ironic as that may be, given my circumstance. In some sense, I had pulled off the perfect crime. Laura had gone to the police to file a rape report, but only after much reluctance and with the encouragement of her family. When asked if she knew anyone who she thought might do this to her, she told the police, "Robert... there was a man named Robert following me only days before." I grinned every time I thought about it. There was never any Rob. I had planted the idea of this guy in her head, and the police were now chasing a ghost.

I recalled the sweet tears of dear Laura streaming down her face as she sobbed and begged me to stop. Just the thought got my heart racing. I started thinking about a next. I had to have another victim, but who? It was then that I heard my aunt's voice, though barely above a whisper.

"Michael." I looked up in question "Did you get the recipes I asked for?"

Recipes? Damn, I had completely forgotten. The family was getting together on Thanksgiving next weekend, and my aunt had heard of these exotic foods she just had to try. Since I was deemed the “computer expert”, I was asked to search and print whatever I could find. Of course, it was just an excuse for laziness.

"Sorry, I didn't bring them with me. I'll stop by your house after work tomorrow and drop them off."

"Don't forget," she nodded and turned her attention back to the priest.

I made my way to work the following day. I was manager of a local shop, barely 22 and had worked there for only a year. I had a keen sense of business, according to the owner at least. It had been a slow day, so I decided to take an extended lunch break and drop the printed sheets off at my aunt's. Something I'd soon be grateful for.

I pulled into her driveway a little after noon. The houses in this area were spread out, with large burlap trees offering shade and seclusion. My uncle's car wasn't home, no doubt at work, and my aunt wasn't expecting anyone for another few hours. I stepped up to the door, and as I reached for the doorbell, I caught a glimpse of her. My aunt, naked, luscious and wet. Fresh out of the shower, she was wiping moisturizer on the back of her neck as she traveled from an open room back to the bathroom. I decided to wait.

I stepped off the front porch and made my way around to the back. It was there that I could glimpse into the bedroom of my aunt, assuming the curtains had been left open... as luck would have it, they were. I got there in the nick of time. She was bent over, hands on ankles, her plump and luscious ass in bird's eye view. Her skin was beautifully tanned, soft, gleaming. She pulled up her red, silk panties, hands sliding up the length of her legs. She then sat down at the corner of her bed, facing a mirror off to the side. She started to apply more moisturizer, but this time, over and under her firm breasts. I could feel my blood boil as I watched her gracefully caress her tits.

She stood and walked over to the bedroom door and reached for her silk robe, hung on a hook where I wish it had stayed. I could no longer see her front side, and once the robe went on, the show was over. I knew, however, who my next victim had to be.

I walked back to the front of the house, my heart still beating rapidly. My head swarmed with images of her as I imagined how good she would taste with my cock throbbing inside her. I paused at the door and took a deep breath before ringing the bell. For now, I would have to tame myself with only thoughts. She greeted me with glee and surprise, unbeknownst to her my fiery lust.

Days passed and I carried on as normal as possible. I had made a couple of stops at a nearby adult store in preparation of what was to come. I often lied in bed for hours pondering all the things I would do to my aunt. That luxurious and tender body, ripe for the taking. I don't think my uncle realized how lucky he was. Maybe that needed rectifying.

I never cared much for Thanksgiving, but this one was special. It was traditional for the family to get together, sit around a table and share laughs. In this family, however, one other thing was traditional. The men would conjure together and discuss last year's expeditions. Hunting, kayaking, hiking. They had gone out on these almost every year. Sometimes the wives and kids were invited along, but not always.

When I arrived at my aunt's place you could already smell the aroma of food. There were several cars parked, including family on my dad's side. While I looked forward to a full belly, nothing could possibly taste as good as my aunt, on her knees, begging... all I needed was a window of opportunity.

It would arrive later this evening, right on cue. My aunt, of all people, was the first to bring up the last year's expedition. It had been a couple of years since I had last gone with them. Last year they went kayaking somewhere in Michigan and had plenty to talk about.

By late evening they were already discussing Colorado, logistics, and the sport of moose hunting. I considered myself a hunter, but of a different breed. Moose are small game.

I had been sitting quietly when my uncle turned to me, “Hey Michael, you've been to Colorado, right? You should come with us. Show us the ropes.”

I nodded, “Beautiful place, but...” I forced out a sigh, “I can't go this year. Already made plans with some buddies to hit up the Appalachian trails.” a little white lie couldn't hurt. After all, I did already have plans... with his wife.

“Oh, you didn't mention anything about that to me,” my dad chipped in, with what looked like concern on his face.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. It was sort of short notice. They hit me up on the idea just a few days ago.”

I turned my attention to the ladies and glanced over my aunt, taking in every ounce of her beauty. She was talking and laughing with the others. Even amongst family she was often the spotlight. I already knew I would have to make my move in the coming weeks. The guys were already discussing a date for their trip, and they'd take the necessary vacation time. I then overheard something exciting.

My aunt had been planning a trip, and she was to meet up with some out-of-state friends. It became obvious why she had jump started discussion among the men. She'd been wanting to travel to some spa resort, something my uncle probably lacked interest in. I couldn't have asked for better. At worst, she'd be getting a phone call. That's a problem easily solved. I'd have an entire weekend to bend her to my every whim. She'd been the perfect target.

Finally, the time had come. I packed my things in a surgical bag: toys, gags, rope, and things of that nature. My uncle and the others had left town earlier that day and would be gone all week. My aunt would be gone by morning, so I had to make my move before then. Not that that mattered; I couldn't wait any longer in anticipation.

I drove off and arrived at her house around midnight. I wanted her asleep for my arrival to ensure things went as smoothly as possible. I pulled in to the side of the house, concealing my vehicle from passersby. I put on a ski mask and readied the house key, an extra I stole on Thanksgiving. It was a still night with plenty of moonlight. I could navigate my way around with ease.

I stepped up to the front door and inserted the key. I listened for a moment to ensure there wasn't any movement inside. The knob turned, the door opened. I stepped inside and looked around. All clear. I closed the door and relocked it in case there were any unexpected guests in the days to come.

I breathed heavily as I made way to my aunt's room. I could hear my heart beat, and each second felt like minutes. The door to her room was already cracked. I slowly pushed it open. Only a small creak could be heard.

There she lay, lit only by the moon, sound asleep and stretched out over the bed, covered in sheets and blanket. Only her breathing giving her hint of life. Her chest slowly rising and falling, her breasts pressing against the warmth of the covers.

I swallowed and took a deep breath, moving in on my prize until I stood directly by her side. I stared down, admiring the glow on her face and her luscious lips. I moved my gaze down the length of her body as she shifted her feet. The sound of silk rubbing together.

I placed the carrying bag on the floor and pulled out four lengths of nylon rope. I took an end of each rope and tied them to the corner bed posts. I reached back into my bag and pulled out a knife. There's little more intimidating than a sharp blade pressed to the skin. I stood and turned the blade upward, moving its pointed tip to the crevice of my aunt's breasts. I slid the blade down, dragging with it her covers. Her breasts slowly revealing against the moonlit room, all but her nipples visible under the bra. They lowered and raised ever so gracefully.

I could hardly wait. I lifted the blade and readied to throw myself on her. My aunt was a sturdy woman, but no way could she escape the restraint of a man.

I lunged my weight over her, firmly pressing my knees on either side and immediately cusped her mouth, pressing upward against the jaw, protecting my hand from teeth. She awoke in shock and tried to flail, barely realizing what was happening. Restraining her, I lifted my blade to the corner of her eye, only inches from cutting distance. She turned her gaze to the blade, breathing heavily through her nose. She weakened her resistance.

“That's right...” I slowly and firmly whispered, restraining her under my weight. I found it easy to mask my voice, having practiced it a great deal before claiming my first victim, Laura. I turned the blade, reflecting moonlight onto her face.

“You make one wrong move and I'll send this blade clear through you...” I stated coldly, pausing and letting her process, “Understand?”

She nodded. I could already see the tears streaming down her face. I reduced my restraint, but only slightly, ensuring she behaved. My left hand still cusping her mouth, I moved the blade to her neck and gently pressed it to the skin. I sat upright and removed the cusp. She was too scared to make a peep.

I began tying her off using the ropes I had tied to the bed posts. One hand, then the other. I looped the rope around her wrists three times each before knotting, blade never leaving her throat.

“Now then...” I leaned over, groping her breasts with my free hand and gazing coldly into her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks as she lay, terrified, “Keep behaving and I'll consider letting you live.”

I kissed her. Those beautiful and luscious lips. I savored the taste as I rolled my tongue into her. I removed the blade and placed it beside her. I relieved to be getting my first taste.

I sat up and stepped back onto the floor so that I could tie her feet. Although she was too terrified to risk harming her attacker, I wanted her to feel full physical constraint.

I whisked the covers off of her. They fell silently to the floor. There she lay, scared and motionless. Wearing only bra and panties, glowing to such great effect. I moved to the bed posts and began tying the rope around her ankles.

Her legs now constrained and slightly bent at the knees, I walked back to her side and admired my prize. I had never seen a woman this beautiful and so naked before. She fixed her gaze upon me and spoke.

“P-please...” she begged with jaw shivering, “I've got plenty of money. You can have every dollar. Please, just let me go!”

I looked at her, choosing my words carefully, “Do you have a vault? Here?”

A glimmer of hope sparkled in her eyes, “Y-yes.”

I grinned under the mask. My uncle makes a handsome living, but I never imagined they'd have a vault hidden somewhere. For now, however, my prize was her.

“I'm not interested in your money you dumb bitch.” I said coldly and watched as she drained of hope. She trembled as she fought back her tears. I reached for the knife, picking it up and holding it at my side.

I reached outward with my free hand and wiped away a tear. I slowly moved my fingers across her soft skin until I came to her lips. I swirled my fingers over their surface before gently pursuing into her mouth. Reluctantly she let them slide in, but she knew what I wanted. I slid them in and out as I imagined her soft, wet lips pursed around my cock.

I slid my hand further down, carefully following her every curve. Up and over her shoulder, down to her breasts. I slid a finger under the strap of her bra and held the knife in view. I looked into her eyes as she lay scared, unsure what I would do next. I reached in and cut the strap. As if relieved itself, the strap snapped onto the bed, freeing her breast. I slid my free hand over the breast, pushing the bra out of the way. I could barely describe how soft and contour they were. I could feel the nipple begin to harden under the friction of my hand. I cuffed the full breast and dropped to a knee. I leaned over, sliding my tongue along her breast as I began to suckle. I wondered if my mom's breasts ever tasted so great.

I stood back up and inched my way down her waist, sliding my hand over her silken panties and groping her inner thigh. With a certain firmness, I then slid my hand from one thigh to the other. Already she was succumbing to the stimulation. I slowly slid my hand over and down her pussy, massaging it. My aunt quivered, unable to resist such temptations. I then inserted a finger into her pussy, her panties folding in. She began to shift her weight, extremely uncomfortable with what I was doing. I removed the finger only temporarily, sliding my hand under her panties. I gazed over her face, delighted at the sight of her struggling. She couldn't control how her body felt, however much she despised it.

I raised the knife, pressing its cold blade to her skin, then cutting the length of her panties. I set the knife aside, and in some way I think she found relief. It's less intimidating with the imminent threat of a sharp blade. I then slid off my pants and shirt, wearing only the mask to protect my identity. I had been rock hard for a while now, and it was time I sought relief from my new toy.

I sat back onto the bed, and as before, I towered over her with a knee on either side. I could feel her cold skin pressed against my thighs. Soon to be warm enough. Her breasts looked inviting and her lips luscious. I had complete control over her and I barely knew where to start. Before long though, I will have fucked her in every hole.

I spoke as if without emotion, though firm, “I want you to beg.”

She looked up at me, confused, “W-what?”

“I want you to beg me to give you my cock.”

“Y-you can't-” I threw my hands to her neck before she could say another word and applied forced. Her eyes widened as she became more afraid. I kissed her again on the lips, then slowly and firmly, I repeated myself.

“I want you to beg me to give you my cock.”

She stammered as she spoke, sniffling and fighting back tears,“O-okay... please... please give me your cock.”

I released my hands and moved them to the the sides of her head, wrapping my thumbs around her ears. I held her up, sliding my tongue into her once more.

“That a girl.” I whispered.

I adjusted my position, placing my hips in front of her face, gripping my cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. I teased the purse of her lips with the head of my cock. She slowly opened as I slid it in. However reluctant she may be, she knew she was without choice. I then thrust my hips, shoving my manhood deep into her throat. She nearly gagged.

I don't think she had ever been face fucked. Not like this. With every thrust I could feel my cock sliding into the depths of her throat. My cock throbbed, as if pleading, and so every thrust became harder than the last. Pulling out only when her gag reflex was simply too much.

My nuts began to swell and so I paced myself, holding my cock in the depths of her throat, choking her of air. It had been a while since I had last came, reserving myself for her, this night. I felt amazing and alive, and I was ready to explode. With my final thrusts I dug deeper and held her head pressed to my stomach. Finally my cock erupted. I became powerless as it pulsated, throbbing and pouring its loads into her. I wasn't pulling out. Not until every last drop of seed was down her throat. Load after load, the cum seeped in. I wondered if she liked the taste of her nephew's semen.

I let go and collapsed onto the rail of the bed as my aunt gasped for air. I hovered over her as I recuperated my energy, my cock dripping what remained in its shaft onto her face, and with each heartbeat it danced, as if celebrating. Too early for celebration though, I thought. I had much left to do, and I wasn't keen on wasting time.

I shifted back down the bed and sat at my aunt's belly, my cock resting against her aptly warmed skin. She still wore panties, cut they may be. Facing her, I reached back and grabbed hold, then yanked as fast and hard as I could. The panties slid right from under her. She looked at me with concern in her eyes. She knew I'd be fucking her sacred place next.

I again reached back and began massaging her pussy, and as if instinctively, her hips shifted, lifting into my palm. I grinned and bore my fingers in. It wasn't long before she became wet. Nice of her to lubricate herself in preparation of my cock.

I positioned myself between her bound legs. I placed my hands on her knees and aligned my cock, rubbing its head against the flaps of her pussy and teasing its clit. I gazed down at her, her firm breasts glowing amidst the moonlight. By this point, her bra had slid fully off.

I placed my hands beneath her thighs, forcing her to arc her back. I slowly slid my cock in, stopping half way. I repeated this a couple more times before being interrupted.

“P-please...” my aunt stammered, with sincerity in her voice, “I'm not on the pill. Please, before you...” she stopped mid sentence, unable to finish her words. She couldn't stomach saying them. “Just pull out, please.”

I could hardly believe my ears. Her and my uncle had been married for years, with no children to speak of. This, however, was a delectable treat, and only fueled my desire for her. I would have her. All of her... and she would bare my children.

Without saying a word, I took the silk panties that I had ripped off of her and began stuffing them into her mouth. Now the bitch couldn't speak. Just the way I like it.

I straightened my back and grappled my aunt's rump, then, without chance of anticipation, I pulled my arm back and smacked her square on the cheeks. Her body flailed as she let out a muffled scream. Even in the moonlight the hand mark was clearly visible.

I repositioned myself with my hands outwardly against the bed. I hunched over, my face only inches from my aunt's breasts. I could hear her breathing deeply, still recovering from the pain. I slowly inserted my cock once more and waited as her breathing returned to normal. I swayed my hips and she quickly forgot about the pain, now concerning herself with what was to come. I pulled out and took a deep breath before lunging in. I thrust, deep and hard I went, as far as my cock would go. I felt her entire body trimmer as the heat emitted from her pussy and swallowed my dick whole.

In and out I went, my hips weaving in the air as if being orchestrated. My cock expanding inside her with each thrust, our blood flowing with every beat. My breaths became sharper as beads of sweat began to pour onto her enthralling skin. I cusped her firm breasts with both hands, squeezing as I sucked her hard nipples. I sat upright once I had my fill and slapped each breast until they were glowing red.

I came closer to climax with every thrust, our hips grinding together as I anticipated the look on her face when I cummed inside her. My hands grasped her outer thighs. Harder and faster I went. More anticipation with each thrust.

With one last plunge my body became paralyzed. My cock exploded inside her, pouring its seed as if to sing its victory. With her pussy filled, I could feel the cum as it leaked, seeping down to her virgin hole. Without even realizing it, I had tightened my grip around her thighs to the point of bruising. As my cock drizzled down, so did my grip.

My cock still resting in her, I readjusted my focus. I had to see the shock on her face. She had already begun pouring tears, but unlike before. These were the tears of a sad and shamed woman. She noticed my gaze and looked away. I was exhilarated, and I knew this church going woman would never consider abortion.

Exhausted, I slumped down over my aunt's body, resting my head against her firm breasts. I slowly fell into a slumber as I caressed her soft, vigilant skin. I had made her my own, fed her my seed, and in the coming days I will have shown her true humiliation.

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I awoke hours later with a fresh sun and renewed vigor. I still lied on my aunt, head pressed to her chest. My hands quickly sought pleasure, fondling her breasts. She had already been awake and probably hadn't slept. I lightly moaned and suckled her tits. It was a delectable treat to wake up to.

I stood up onto the floor and stretched in the warm sunlight. I gazed over my aunt, taking in her beauty under the fully lit room as she still lay there, tied up. I decided to close the window curtains, just in case. I turned back to my aunt and smiled. I knew today would be a good day. For one of us, at least.

I walked over to my carrying bag and reached into it. I pulled out a dildo and held it in view of my aunt. By now she had managed to cough up the stuffed panties, and she spoke with a sense of sorrow in her voice.

"How long do you plan to keep me hostage?"

I looked at her and thought about the coming days. I could keep her tied up for another week before my uncle returned home, and anyone she knew locally would be expecting her out-of-state by morning.

"My husband will be home soon, and people will come looking for me!"

You could hear the desperation in her voice. I chuckled and smirked, "Then I'll deal with him as easily as I've dealt with you."

I sat down at the bed side and yanked her legs apart. I took the dildo and inserted it into her pussy, steadily sliding it in and out. I then rubbed it along the lips of her pussy as she became wet. Some of last night's cum could still be seen.

I paused and spread her cheeks apart. Her asshole was tight. I grinned at the thought of taking its probable virginity and decided it was time to pleasure it. I stood up and stuck my fingers on the lips of her mouth. She opened. I slid my fingers in, remembering how good it felt with her lips pursed around my cock. Once my fingers were good and wet, I sat again at the end of the bed, spread her cheeks, and inserted the middle finger. She moaned as I pushed in. She hadn't expected this.

I continued to finger her asshole until the saliva ran dry. That wouldn't do. I went back to her mouth and ran my fingers over her lips. She looked up at me, hesitant as ever to open. She gave in and I inserted the finger I had just used. I slid it along her tongue, making sure she got a good taste. I went back to her asshole and reinserted the finger. Then a second. Then a third. They were tightly crammed in. Once again she moaned as I pushed in.

I reached into the carrying bag again, this time pulling out anal beads. I dangled them in front of my aunt and her eyes widened before shutting them and turning her head to the wall. I inserted the beads, her asshole closing and tightening over each one.

I positioned myself onto the bed between her legs, knelt forward and grabbed hold of her. I breathed in the aroma of her pussy as I drilled my tongue into her. She took to this quickly as her juices began to flow. I picked the dildo back up and thrust it in her, quickening the pace with each stroke. Her breathing became sharper and less subtle as she neared climax. She fought so hard to hide the pleasure, but in the end, biological needs trump all.

She finally came and her juices ejected onto the surface of the bed, her body involuntarily quivering. I massaged my hands over the surface of her belly, relieving tension. I removed the dildo and shifted to the head of the bed. I looked down at my aunt and smiled. She still faced away, too ashamed to open her eyes.

I placed my hand under her cheek and lightly slapped so that she'd look up. She instead turned, facing the other wall. I squeezed her cheeks in the palm of my hand and forced her to look up. She opened her eyes, tears streaming down her face. I released pressure but didn't remove my hand. I took the dildo, covered in fresh juices, and with it I followed the outline of her lips. I applied downward force until she opened her mouth, letting the dildo slide in. This would be her morning breakfast.

I got up and left the room, then headed for the kitchen to eat and rehydrate myself. My aunt would also eventually need water, but I wasn't going to make that easy for her, nor pleasant. I started to wonder about the hidden vault she mentioned, and whether it had a number lock. I never planned on robbing anyone, but this was too tempting. I would have to get the information from my aunt, and I already had some ideas.

I returned to the bedroom, sat beside my aunt and gave her pussy a good rub. She turned her attention to me and I smiled, then raised my hand and thundered it down onto her crotch. She yelped in pain, much to my delight. I groped her breasts and thought about the coming hours of pleasure.

I removed the anal beads from earlier, then reached into my bag, pulling out a pair of handcuffs and slinking them in my aunt's view. I grabbed the knife that I had placed on the night stand and cut the ropes binding her hands. I then dropped the handcuffs in her lap.

"Put them on." I commanded, "With hands behind you."

She sat up and stared, then slowly attached each cuff. She looked back up at me, wondering what next. I freed the remaining bonds then forced her to her feet. I stood only inches taller.

I grabbed her by the arm and then slammed her against the wall. I held her there, her rump pressed to my thighs and her succulent breasts to the wall. I stroke one side of her hair over her shoulder, still smelling of Rosemary, then whispered into her ear.

"Now then... don't you look delicious?"

I slid my tongue over the lobe of her ear as I massaged the cheeks of her rump. I moved my tongue down her neck before grabbing her and forcing her to face me. Still pinning her to the wall, I gripped her by the neck and slid my tongue into her throat.

In a stern voice, I then commanded her to kneel. She looked over me, gauging whether I meant exactly that. She slumped against the wall and onto her knees, tears streaming down her face, having gone from one bound and helpless position to another. She already knew what to do, reluctant but without choice, and I felt her tongue slide down the length of my cock and over its sack.

I combed my hand through her hair as she went to work. As I got more excited I formed her hair into a ponytail and held on. I then lunged my cock deep into her throat, face fucking her with her hair as leverage until I nearly came.

I yanked her to her feet by the hair and grabbed her by the arms, shoving her against the bed. I pressed my hand to her back, forcing her to bend over and planting her face into the bed. I pinched and slapped the cheeks of her ass, grabbed hold of my still wet cock, aimed for her third pussy and plummeted in. She moaned as she became overwhelmed by all the rapid sensation, her virgin hole being penetrated for the very first time.

Relentlessly I pounded, our bones cracking together as her tight asshole enveloped the length of my cock. I slapped each cheek again and again as she cried in pain, soon they glowed red with visible hand marks. I then threw my weight over her and onto the bed, grabbing her again by the hair, pulling and tugging as I continued pounding her ass, "Like that you fucking whore?!" I exclaimed.

I steadied myself, grabbing hold of her hips and readied for climax. My nuts swelled and my shaft thickened. Finally my cock erupts, pouring its load into this familiar body but untapped mine. I wasn't done yet. I took her by the arm and forced her to roll onto her back. Barely able to give a response, her eyes spoke of abuse. My cock still hard and dripping, fresh from out of her ass, I took her again by the hair drilled into her throat. She gagged as I plunged in, and I held her there until I was drained of every last drop. I bet she loved the taste.

I let go and stood over her, admiring my work as she lay helpless and exhausted, with signs of abuse all over her. Momentarily satisfied, I dragged her to a corner bed post and sat her on the floor. With more rope from my bag, I began tying her to the post, looping the rope around her chest. I pinched her nipples, then left her alone in the room.

I spent the next few hours enjoying some of the home's luxuries before returning to the bedroom. As I entered the room I shifted my gaze onto my aunt, who was already staring at me and teary eyed. I was sure what came next wasn't easy for her.

"I..." she paused, swallowing her humility and gathering what strength she had left, "I need to use the bathroom."

Hearing this pleased me greatly. By now she no doubt realized she was dependent on my generosity, however much she hated and despised it. That, however, simply wasn't enough.

"Then I want you to beg. Call me Master and beg to use the bathroom."

"You... I..." She could barely speak, unable to form words. Then she looked up at me, her mouth quivering, "Please Master... please let me use the bathroom."

I smiled at the thought of this woman, sister to my mother, that I grew up loving as a child, now at the mercy of my every whim. I went over to my carrying bag and pulled out a leather collar and leash. Attaching these to her, I freed her of the ropes and adjusted the cuffs so that her hands faced forward.

"Well?" I tightened the slack in the leash and tugged, "Start crawling."

She hesitated before starting a slow crawl, sliding one hand in front of the other. Like a bitch on a leash, she followed. There was a master bathroom only feet away. The frustration she must have felt, unable to move those few feet. I stepped onto the tile floor of the bathroom, and although I had put on socks, I could feel its cold radiating. I knelt and spanked my aunt's bare ass. She yelped and hastily moved onto the cold floor, then crawled her way to the toilet.

I stood her up but didn't let her sit. She looked at me with desperation in her eyes. I pushed her back to the wall and forced a leg onto the bathtub as she struggled not to pee and keep her balance. With an arm pressed to her chest, I took my free hand and fingered her pussy.

Her voice trembled, "Oo-oo. Please..."

I leaned in and kissed her lips, my fingers exploring deeper into her pussy. She began to tinkle urine messily onto the floor. I kept prodding until she was unable to contain herself, her pee splashing everywhere. I groped and suckled her breasts as she urinated. She looked away, eyes closed and crying, humiliated and shamed.

"That a girl." I said in a satisfactory voice.

With her pussy still dripping droplets of urine, I placed her soft, cuffed hands around my cock and began self masturbating. She offered little resistance as she wept. I kissed up her neck and face as her hands stroked the length of my cock. Before cumming I let her slump onto the toilet. I forced her to look up and slid my tongue into her mouth as I finished. I came, unleashing my load onto her face and tits, showering her in cum. I squeezed every last drop, then wiped my hands across her face, forcing her to eat the cum. Pleased, I lightly slapped her teared face.

"Clean up. Take a shower." I commanded sternly and left the room, closing the door behind me.

I had removed anything potentially dangerous hours before, and after a warm bath, she'd feel human again. Fresh for my desires and with renewed spirit. What could be seen as an act of kindness among all the chaos, was actually a cold and calculated self benefit.

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Updated with the second section. I will probably post the third around this time next week. Please drop a line if the story has at all peaked your interest.
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a very nice story. i am looking forward to the next chapter.
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Thumbs up

I have this account since 2007 and visit the board regulary,but it's the first time i feel the need to say something.Very hot story.Please keep it up!
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don't post much either but definitely wanting more
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Hey guys, just a quick update, and wanted to apologize for lack of new content. I've written about 2/3's of the new chapter, but it's been a slow process, largely due to a lack of interest/motivation, even though I really appreciate the support and think it's awesome.

I'm currently writing new material that I plan to finish before posting at all. It'll be a bit shorter, and perhaps strikes a little closer to home for some, but hopefully others will enjoy it.
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Can't wait until the last chapter comes out.
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bdsm, incest, pissing, rape, water sports

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