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Default Prison Whore - Story (and fantasy)

Sara was a 29 year-old actress desperately trying to break into the porn industry. She auditioned for many roles but never got a call back. She was attractive and stood at 5-3 (5-8 in heels), 115 pounds with red hair. One afternoon after she had just about given up, Sara was contacted by an unknown director who wanted to make a very violent reality film. He explained to Sara that he wanted to shoot the film over two weeks inside an actual male prison and use real inmates instead of any actors. In the film he wanted the actress to tease the men to get them excited and then do some sex scenes with the inmates that would probably get very rough. Sara was very scared but at the same time very desperate. She was late on her rent and thought this might be her big break into porn. Once she heard she would earn $100,000 she agreed.

A few days later the director called Sara and told her that she will begin shooting the film the next day at a prison a few hours away. Sara called an ex-boyfriend who was a cop and asked him about the prison where the film will be shot. He told her that it is maximum security and one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. He said it was very overcrowded and there had been some violent incidents there lately. He tried to talk Sara out of going but she told him that this could be her big break and hung up. Sara went to sleep wondering what would happen to her tomorrow in the prison.

The next morning Sara got up and packed. She wanted to wear something that would get her noticed so she put on a tight black half-top and black capri jeans with black 5-inch strappy sandals with no stockings. She loaded her car and began driving to the prison. As she got closer and saw signs for the prison she was more and more nervous about what she had gotten herself into.

When she arrived at the prison she was directed where to park and began walking to the front guard house. There were a number of guards who took notice of Sara immediately and begin undressing her with their eyes. She introduced herself and was escorted into the prison. She walked down a number of long corridors before arriving at the warden's office. The director was inside. The warden began to tell her a little about the prison.

"This prison was designed to hold 250 inmates. It currently has over 500," he said. All of the men inside are very violent and many have severe psychiatric problems. We have had a few uprisings in the past few weeks. I don't have to tell you what you are doing is very very dangerous. You must be a brave girl because I can't even begin to tell you what some of these men do to you if they get the chance."

When the meeting finished they were ready to shoot he first scene of the film in which Sara walks through the entire prison prickteasing the inmates while they are in their cells. She wore the same top and heels but changed into a black mini-skirt and put on lots of makeup so she looked like a even more of a whore. Sara was escorted to the entrance to the general population. She stood there shaking in her high heels. When the gates opened she walked inside. There were no guards around - just her and hundreds of violent inmates in their cells. She walked slowly down the corridor makingeye contact with every inmate, smiling and blowing kisses at them. They were shouting obscenities at her, throwing things at her, and spitting on her. Many of the inmates were touching themselves. Some even were holding their cocks jerking off when they saw Sara walk by. She touched herself as she walked and frequently bent over. Sara was terrified but put on a good act. She kept walking past the hundreds of screaming inmates until she finally came to the end. When she finished the director told her what a greatjob she had done.

The next day he wanted her to tease a violent inmate while he was tied up in his cell. She wore a white spandex half-top and mini-skirt and 5-inch white strappy sandals. Once again she wore lots of make-up and looked like a total whore. The director told her a little about the inmate.

"He was found guilty of 4 counts of sexual assault and isnt ever getting out of here. He has nothing to lose. You will be locked in his cell with him for thirty minutes while he is tied up. If he gets loose you are on your own no matter what he does to you."

Sara was shaking with fear. She was about to be locked in a cell with a real rapist. The thought of him getting loose terrfiied her. She started sobbing.

"I'm sorry," she said, "Just give me a few minutes please."

Sara walked down to the cell. She saw a large bald man (maybe 6 foot 4 and 275 pounds) with no shirt on. He had scars and tattoos all over his chest and arms. He looked at Sara and licked his lips. Two guards went into the cell to tie and cuff his wrists to a pipe over his head. He struggled a lot. Once he was restrained the guards left and Sara walked in slowly. She shook as the cell door slammed behind her.

She walked up to him slowly and began to gently touch and kiss his chest to tease him. Even in her five inch heels he towered over her.

"What would you like to do to me," she whispered to him. He struggled to get loose but it was no use. Sara worked her way down until she got to his pants. She started rubbing his cock. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down to reveal a huge throbbing cock. She got on her knees and started to gently tease it with her tongue. She put it in her mouth and started sucking him until he was just about to burst and then she stopped. He was furious. She looked at him and said with a smile on her face, "Sorry - maybe next time." The inmate was kicking and screaming threats at Sara. The guards came in and escorted Sara out of the cell.

The next night the director wanted Sara to be tied up so that the same inmate could put his hands on her. She put on a tight red leather half top and mini-skirt with matching red 5-inch sandals. She was escorted down to the inmates cell. Two guards were inside the cell restraining the inmate. The director had her stand facing the bars outside of his cell. He raised her arms above her head and handcuffed each of her wrists to one of the cell bars. One of the guards spread her legs and tied each of her ankles to bars also. The two guards let go of the inmates and he charged the bars trying to get to Sara. He stuck his hands through and pulled her top off and groped her bare chest. He wanted to kiss her but the bars were in the way. He touched her everywhere he could. He was able to lift up her skirt and find her pussy. She trembled as he began fingering her. A few minutes later Sara felt something warm running down her thighs. The inmate had cum on her. The guards untied Sara and escorted her out of the general population.

The next day the director told her that in the next scene she would be naked except for her heels. She took off her clothes and two guards escorted her through the prison. The inmates went wild as they saw her. They brought her down to a room with a large wooden board on the floor with two shackles on each end. She laid down on the board and the guards shackled her wrists and ankles. The director told her that one by one eachof the inmates was going to come into this room and stand over her and shoot a load of cum on her body. There were over 500 inmates. The inmates lined up and started shooting their loads on her. Most went for her face or pussy. A few shot on her feet. After one hundred inmates she was covered in cum. Her hair was drenched and her pussy was completely covered with cum. When they finally finished hours later her body was totally covered in filthy sticky cum. Her eyes were pasted shut. There was a large puddle of cum that had dripped down off of her body. The director asked the guards to rub some on her body. They did. After this five hour ordeal Sara was escorted out to go clean up.

The following day the director told her that she would be locked in a cell with the inmate she teased twice earlier. This time he would not be tied up. He would be free to do whatever he wanted to Sara. She put on a tight pink dress with pink 5-inch strappy sandals. The director escorted her down to the inmate's cell. He was waiting for her. He just stood there staring at Sara. The director told her she would be locked in the cell for thirty minutes with him. She was trembling. The director took four pieces of rope and threw them into the cell with the inmate.

"Let's make this interesting," he said.

The cell door opened and Sara walked in with much hesitation. As soon as the cell door slammed the inmate slapped her hard across the face.

"You little whore!" he yelled.

Sara screamed and fell down on his cot. He grabbed her wrists and tied them to the legs of the cot and then did the same with her ankles. He climbed on top of her and started kissing her hard. She was helpless against him. He started kissing and sucking on her neck. He ripped her dress off ofher and started sucking her breasts as she screamed. He took off his pants and looked down at her. She was hysterical. She was begging him not to but he just laughed. He climbed on her and jammed his cock inside of her and started thrusting harder and harder. She begged and pleaded with him not to cum inside of her but he just kept pounding. He licked her face as she lay helpless and spit inside her mouth. Finally he let out a huge moan and fell down on top of her as he released his load of cum into her body. When he finished the guards helped untie her and take her out of the cell. Sara was hysterical after being raped.

The next morning the director came to see Sara. She was very shaken up after yesterday's rape scene but still wanted to continue. He handed her a large glass jar. She asked him what it was for. He told her she would be collecting cum in it today from every inmate. She put on a very sexy black dress with holes and tears in it along with her 5-inch black sandals and followed the director down to one of the visitation rooms. There was a floor to ceiling glass partition in between the visitor section and inmates. Several holes about waist high had been cut for the inmates to stick their cocks through. The first inmate came in and stuck his cock through. She stroked it with her hand until he came in the jar. She used her hand for a while and then became bored. A large inmate came in and stuck his immense cock through the hole. She got on her knees and teased the tip with her toungue until she was deep throating him. She took his load in her mouth and spit it back into the jar. The next inmate stuck his cock through and she guided it in and out of her pussy until he came. Sara loved being in control of the men who wanted her. Hours later when she was finally finished with the last iof the 500+ inmate there must have been about a quart of cum in the jar. The jar looked disgusting. Over 400 loads of cum had been shot into it. It was a mix of white and yellow. The director wanted Sara to drink the entire liter cum. She started slowly but managed to drink a lot. She had gotten about three quarters of the way through it when she started feeling sick. After a few more hours she had finished the entire quart of cum. Sara spent the night throwing up the filthy cum she had swallowed.

The next morning the director told her Sara he wanted her to take on two inmates today. She put on a tight white dress that she wore off her shoulders along with her white platform sandals. The director escorted her down to a cell with two lmen in it. They were both very excited to see Sara. The cell door opened and she walked in. After a minute or so of heavy kissing and touching the two men had pushed her on her back. They ripped her dress to shreds. One climbed on her and jammed his cock inside her pussy while the other straddled her mouth and jammed his down her throat. She was having her pussy and mouth raped at the same time. They pounded her like she was a rag doll until they each dumped their load inside her and then switched places. When they finished tag teaming her moutth and pussy they rolled Sara over and each forced themselves into her ass. Sara screamed in pain as each man took her. She was barely conscious when they finished with her. Each of the men spit on her as she lay there leaking cum and blood.

The next day the director wanted Sara to take on a gang of inmates. She was very very scared. She wore a black mesh half top and mini skirt with her black 5-inch sandals. The director escorted her down to a large cell with a dozen men inside. They were all members of a gang that had arrived last night. They went absolutely crazy when they saw Sara. The director told her she would be locked in the cell with them for two hours and that they could do whatever they wanted. She was sobbing but just wanted to get it over with. The cell door opened and she walked in only to be punched and slapped immediately by members of the gang. They got her down on the ground and started fucking her right away. Sara was being mauled by the gang. They started fucking her mouth until she gagged and puked from all of the cum she was taking. Finally they grabbed her and put her on her stomach and started taking her ass. She screamed as they stretched her asshole and dumped their cum inside. They played with Sara for the entire two hours. They bit her and burned her body with cigarettes. She screamed and begged to get out but remained in the cell. After the two hours expired Sara could not even walk out of the cell. Her body was covered with marks from her attack. The guards carried her out of the cell.

Hope you enjoyed. I would be happy to chat about the story (and my fantasy).
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good story, have to say, very good for a comic (if i could draw something, but i am very bad at it)... no thinking in a sequel?... only an idea, but for next time Sara, after some recovery time of course, has not yet get her dreams of fame... so the same director take her to another prison, just this time it would have to involve the beasts of the prison's farm (something like milking pigs or, besides get a guard dog fuck, she has to breed with the pigs, nothing much into horses or bulls cause i have to say i really never bought that in stories (a little too much to believe))

Of course get some gang rape from prisoners and all, and maybe involve also that inmates are not only criminals, but also some mentally ill people (retarded or something)

But the most important, the director has changed the pills Sara used (contraceptives) for hormones or something that make her extremely fertile, so later the girl discorvers that have been impregnated during the shoot of the film

well nayway, there are only ideas... main i have only say that i like your story
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Great story!
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Story was so good just had to sign up (Last scene felt rushed just a tad).
Never thought words could get me so hard. Ha
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Originally Posted by DarkZenRitual86 View Post
Story was so good just had to sign up (Last scene felt rushed just a tad).
Never thought words could get me so hard. Ha
Yeah, the introduction of a new group took away from the pent up frustrations that the long term prisoners had.
Still, I loved the story.
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