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First attempt at writing one of these... I know it reads like it could be continued past the last Chapter I'll be posting but I'm currently intending to end it there. I figure it's plenty long enough already.

Hope you enjoy.
================================================== ======


Chapter One. Acquisition.

She really did bring it on herself.

It's not that I think of myself as some kind of crusader dishing out cosmic justice or that I had any interest in the idea of justice whatsoever... my own motivations were purely grounded in the fact that I am a sadistic, vindictive bastard who enjoys my little hobby. But that doesn't change the fact that she did still bring it on herself. And that my actions could be interpreted as the universe smacking her down for what she had done was extremely amusing to me.

You see, I'd been planning a gift for myself for quite some time. All the preparations were made. Had her all picked out... the cutest little thing. Korean, maybe 19, all of 5 feet tall. Just perfectly proportioned. I'd been mapping out her routine for weeks. She was going to make my year once I got her back to the room I'd prepared for her in my basement... getting that properly in place inconspicuously had taken considerably longer. I hadn't started shopping for my present until the room was nearing completion. Then that stupid red headed bitch fucked it all up. There I was, one day away from making my move. One. Freaking. Day. Just checking in on her to make sure she was sticking to her usual routine, and then out of nowhere *WHACK*. She's down. Some Idiot Blind Fucking Whore just had to try and race the light as my little treasure was stepping off the curb. Oh, she was still alive and breathing, but she was all screwed up when the paramedics took her away. No telling how long she was going to be out of commission and who the hell knows when if ever she'd get back into a routine that fit my plans. Assuming I would even still be interested after she was patched up. A blink of an eye and all my work was shot to hell.

There would be repercussions.

I had to spend all afternoon lounging around outside the police station waiting to see if the careless slut would be released... not a place I wanted to be spending my time. But after several hours she finally came walking out of the building and headed for the bus stop. I guess the cops were holding her car still, or maybe they'd taken her license. That made things easier.

During the ride I sized her up. I had a decent view of her, she was sitting up front on one of those benches that run lengthwise and I took a seat about halfway back on the opposite side so she'd be in my natural field of view. She wasn't exactly my type. Mid to late 30s, light red shoulder length hair, decent rack... maybe a C cup. About 5' 8". Thin, not quite athletic. Looked like she probably did just enough jogging or something to keep her weight down but no real muscle tone. Overall entirely fuckable, but nothing I'd be setting my sites on normally. None of that was the point though. She'd taken away my present. If I had anything to say about it she was going to damn well replace it. This wasn't about window shopping for eye candy anymore, I was pissed. But I'm a patient person. I would take my time, do this right.

I followed her off the bus at her stop then headed to the opposite side of the road after watching her turn north up the street... then tailed her at a distance. I was making sure not to be too obvious but there wasn't much point, she was clearly way too preoccupied to be paying any attention to her surroundings. Finally she turned into the driveway of a house on a quiet little cul-de-sac across the street from a small park (sometimes things just come together) and I took note of the address then headed home. I had some planning to do.


I killed the next few days catching up on my work backlog and doing some brainstorming. Working on contracted out software jobs gave me a lot of flexibility in my schedule to pursue my interests but I'd been letting things slide lately with my preoccupation with my impending treat and that wouldn't do. No work, no paycheck, no more playtime or special little additions to my facilities downstairs.

First thing I needed to do was make sure she was clear of any direct involvement with the police from today's little incident before moving in, that was for sure. It was a complication I didn't need any part of. So it looked like I was going to have lots of time for research. The room I had prepared downstairs should serve its purpose just fine, the change in occupant made no difference there. What nagged at me was what to do with her once I had her. Oh, the usual activities would keep me entertained sure enough... but something additional was called for here. Something punitive. Something agonizing. Well, it would come to me eventually. First I needed information.

I got the most important piece of it a week after the accident, on the first day I started watching my new target.


There I was, relaxing in the park across from her house waiting for the stupid klutz to either leave or come home so I could start collecting data and figuring out her routine and then out steps the daughter. Ha! A red-headed teenage collection of curves! At best guess she was a senior in high school. There was some clear resemblance to her mother, but oh the differences. She was about 5' 4". Her hair was a darker red, and hung down her back all the way to the top of her ass. She wasn't as thin as her mom but any extra flesh was strategically located. She might be a D cup under that shirt, then her waist thinned before flaring out into just a terrific ass. Oh yes, things were looking up. I got so absorbed thinking of all the sheer joy I could have defiling that young little body I drifted off and lost track of where she went before I realized it. No matter, there would be plenty of little trips to come tailing after her.

And then inspiration struck. That missing punitive element would be realized in spades... it would be a thing of absolute beauty.


It took months before everything was ready. The legal proceedings around the accident had to be resolved, which I kept as up to date on as I could. Apparently the stupid bitch eventually got off with paying damages but fortunately no jail time, which gave me a green light. Additions had to be made to the basement to outfit a second, separate area. That seriously drained my funds but it would be worth it, I wouldn't have any need for any additional entertainment expenditures after this for a good long time. The daily habits and routines of my quarry had to be fully mapped out. And, fate smiling down upon me... there was no father in the picture. At least, not one that ever put in an appearance while I had been watching. It turned out Kelly was actually in her first year at college, she looked younger. Then, finally, the day came.

Monday night, that was the time for it. The neighborhood saw particularly little traffic that night, most people resting up after their first day back at work after active weekends... sticking inside and grabbing some early sleep. And my two girls almost always spent the night in and alone without any visitors or interruptions. All it took was for the proper circumstances to present themselves. And after several Monday nights in a row waiting and watching it happened. I knew they were both inside and alone. It was getting later, 10pm... the neighbors were all home and settled in... watching their televisions or otherwise occupying themselves indoors. Scattered lights were on but nobody was moving around outside. And then out came mom, waving over her shoulder and heading for the car (which she'd eventually been allowed to recover). She was wearing casual clothes, no make-up... she wasn't heading out for a night out. No... this was probably a snack run or something. It would do just fine.

Once she was gone it was time to move... this was the critical time. Everything had to go right now. I took a moment to settle myself and get a handle on the adrenaline surge, then headed for the house with my backpack over my shoulder and my tools ready.

I strolled right up to the house, scanning the neighbors continuously while I approached. No open blinds or curtains... nobody peeking out any windows... nobody taking a stroll outside. I could vaguely hear the sounds from a few louder television programs drifting into the street, which was good. Low level ambient noise masks a surprising variety of sounds. I reached the door and knocked. They had no peephole, and they never answered the door with a chain in place when any visitors showed up while I'd been monitoring them. It was such a nice, safe neighborhood... which made it ever so vulnerable. Sure enough, a few second later the lock promptly clicked and the door began to swing open.

"What? Did you forg..."

As soon as the door cleared her body I slammed my foot into her stomach then lunged forward. I heard the air blasting out of her lungs as she smashed back against the wall behind her and then I was through the door, swinging it shut behind me and moving in on her. Her face was a mix of terror and pain and confusion as she tried to fight to get a breath and stand up, curl around the pain in her gut, and scramble away from me all at once. There was no time for her to do anything though. I immediately jumped on top of her and pinned her with my weight while I grabbed her hair with my free hand... the one I'd knocked and then closed the door with... forcing her head down to the ground against the wall, while my other hand came around and pressed the chloroform soaked rag firmly over her mouth. She was struggling hard now, but she didn't have the strength to dislodge me... and soon enough she started getting more docile and disoriented. Good enough... I needed to move. No telling when mom would be home. Some geniuses think you're supposed to just slap a soaked rag across a face and hold it until they pass out... like knocking a person out chemically is the easiest damn thing in the world and anyone can do it right. I mean hey, that's why anesthesiologists make minimum wage, right? Stupid. No way to guess inhaled dosages from a freaking rag, just as likely to end up killing the girl if you try that crap.

I dragged her back into the house, past the first rooms, and into a bedroom in the back. Looked like the master, certainly didn't feel like a teenager decorated the place. She was making some moaning and whimpering noises and still trying to struggle but the anesthesia and the kick to the gut were combining to prevent her from accomplishing much. I threw her face down on the bed and pulled out a set of cuffs, quickly securing her arms behind her back. Then I grabbed an ankle, bent her leg back towards her arms and secured another cuff to it... then looped it between her arms and the cuff chain there, grabbed her other ankle, and clipped it on. It was clumsy, but I was rushed and it would impair her movement enough for now and let me work without worrying about her suddenly bolting. Now I went back into my pack, and pulled out the needle. She was facing away from me now, so she never even saw it until it went into her arm.

She's be out cold soon, and stay that way for hours. That was taken care of.

I quickly ducked back out to the front door to look things over... some furniture that had been knocked around while I was dragging my new plaything into the back needed to be straightened out. No mark left on the wall where she hit it... that was good. If she'd knocked a hole in the drywall or something I would have had to intercept mommy right at the front door... which was not ideal. Re-locked the door... a quick peak out the front window through the closed blinds... still all clear. Good. Then I went to the bathroom I'd seen across the hall from the master, turned on the shower, and closed the door on my way out and went to keep an eye out while planning my ambush. The shower would produce enough background noise to give mommy a handy explanation for why her little girl didn't greet her on arrival or answer her if she called out.

About 20 minutes later, the car pulled back up and out got the object of my retribution, carrying hat looked like a plastic bag from a convenience store or something. If I'd known I had that much time I'd have done a more thorough job securing the girl... but oh well. I quickly retreated to just inside the door of the first room down the hall and waited until I heard the front door open. This seemed to be a guest room, it was unlikely she'd walk right in here for anything. I pulled on my face mask... mom getting a glimpse of my face just wouldn't do for what I had planned.

"Kelly, I'm home!"

There was the sound of shoes being kicked off... then some rustling plastic...

"Kelly? Are you having a shower again?"

Shit... the little slut’s hair hadn't seemed wet that I noticed. Well, no big deal. I could hear her approaching the hallway... now muttering to herself...

"Damn teenagers... never leave the bathroom..."

She went past my door and continued down the hall towards the master bedroom and bathroom. As soon as she was past I slipped out behind her and immediately hammered my fist into her kidney. She went down with a shocked little screeching gasp and I was on her immediately, jumping on her back and forcing her forward onto her stomach then yanking her head back by the hair while pressing the chloroform rag around over her mouth. Her body was writhing under me, trying to buck me off, and she was letting out muffled screams around my hand but she didn't have much strength and pretty soon the anesthesia worked its magic and she calmed down.

Home free!

With the trickiest part behind me the temptation to just rape the bitch right then and there on the floor in celebration was extremely strong, but I knew better than to indulge myself. This house was still an uncontrolled environment, too many things could go wrong still if I lost focus. I dragged her by the hair back into the master bedroom where my pack still was and pulled out more sets of cuffs. Pinning her face down on the floor I began the same procedure I'd followed with the kid, but making sure she never saw my face. Then once everything was taken care of I hauled her up and threw her on the bed facing away from me... where she saw her daughter. That almost snapped her out of the effects of the chloroform completely, the howl she let out from behind the ball in her mouth was just gorgeous. But then it was time for the needle in her arm as well and soon everything was quiet.

Relocation was relatively easy... thanks to the garage. They didn't seem to use it regularly but there it was, my own personal loading bay. After taking a peek outside to make sure nobody was around to observe I grabbed mommy's keys, took the garage remote from the visor of her car, then walked up the street to my car and drove it right inside. Then with the door closed I loaded both of my new playthings into the trunk. Then stopped to review everything.

I'd been wearing gloves all night, so no prints to worry about. There certainly weren't any cameras around. I was very confident there had been no witnesses. There was absolutely no connection to be found between me and this house or these girls... oh yes. This was a good night. I hopped into the car, and headed home to unwrap my presents.
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Chapter 2. Introductions: Sharon.

The next morning I watched on the monitors as both Kelly and mommy gradually regained consciousness. Each in their separate little room. Preparing that second room had taken some serious effort, but it was going to pay for itself with its entertainment value.

Both of them found themselves in a spartan little cell. A toilet and a sink in one corner away from the door, a mattress in another with sheets laid out on it over top of the plastic cover it was encased in. No windows. Some small vents near the ceiling... a rat might be able to crawl through one but not a person. And each was completely naked except for a metal collar around their neck, fastened to a heavy chain which was firmly bolted almost to the center of the concrete floor, just a little further from the door than the other walls and just long enough for them to barely reach those walls, and almost reach the door, if the chains were laying flat on the floor. A few steel eyebolts were strategically set into the ceiling and floor as well, plus of course the cameras. One in each corner of the room at the ceiling, all simultaneously recording to disk when I activated them... but right now three of them were in standby while I watched the live feed from the fourth. The only thing distinguishing the two cells, besides their occupant, was the video monitor and speakers mounted above the door next to the ceiling in mommy's room, safely out of her reach.

They both had terrified, confused expressions on their faces and they were starting to scream for help... which was amusing. The rooms were soundproofed of course. I could only hear them when I turned on the mic feed, but it was off now so I could only see them wailing away. But it seemed like it was time my new toys and I formally met. I'd considerably enjoyed unwrapping them earlier while I got them settled in, but toys are for playing with.

Mommy would be first. I'd brought her purse with me when I hauled them back home with me... and I'd browsed through it after securing my prizes then grabbing some sleep. Turns out her name was Sharon.

I began recording from her cell, retrieved my face mask and pulled it on, then approached the door to her cell otherwise unclothed, turned the key in the lock, and swung the door open. The pleading of course began immediately.

"Oh God Please! Pleeease! WHERE'S MY DAUGHTER??? Just let us go.... please...we'll do anything you want!!!"

Stupid clueless bitch, as if she had any other options but to do anything I wanted. I could have had her waiting for me gagged of course... or bound and restrained in some imaginative position... and that would certainly follow. But this first encounter, when they still don't really grasp the reality of their situation and they're still full of fight and spirit... well, half the fun is the struggle really. No, I wanted her able to move around in here right now. To put up a bit of a fight. I didn't say a word, just stepped into the room and shut the door behind me as she backed away as far as she could against the far wall, still pleading, pulling the chain tight between her neck and the floor. I hung the door key on the hook above the door... out of her reach with the length of chain available, then moved across the room towards her. As I got closer I grabbed the chain and yanked her in towards me, making her stumble forward, right into my fist to her stomach. That put a stop to the pleading, and the gasping and sobbing began. She was still upright, half standing and half being held up by my grip on the chain and trying to stumble back away from me but I hauled the chain back around and swung her down hard on top of the mattress, landing on her back. I jumped on top of her, straddling her waist, as she screamed and tried to beat at me with her fists. I grabbed both of her arms and pinned them above her head, then grasped them in one hand and slapped her hard across the face with the other... three times in quick succession, making her gasp and sending tears streaming down her face. She was bucking and writing under me, straining to throw me off. I could feel her muscles contracting under my hard cock as it lay across her stomach. Her legs kicking, trying to twist away from me but having no luck at all.

I slid my free hand further down and grabbed her breast. It wasn't bad at all for a tit that had seen almost 40 years... sure as hell not anything you'd call perky but it had some miles left in it and was only a little on the droopy side. I took her little pink nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard, which earned me a nice little scream, some more sobbing, and a lot more thrashing and wriggling. I kept the pressure on, crushing her flesh between my fingers, then twisted and pulled upward as hard as I could, as if I was trying to tear it off her body... watching her tit stretch out from her chest then pull her whole upper body off the ground while she screeched and convulsed in pain underneath me. I held it there for several more seconds then let it go...dropping her back onto the mattress and leaving her gasping. Before she could recover I flipped her onto her stomach then straddled her back, facing her ass.

She did have decent legs. Slim, smooth, soft.... leading up to a frankly average ass. It was probably toned and extremely appetizing once but it was definitely sliding into flabbiness now. I stroked my hands up the back of her thighs, then slapped them both down hard on her ass... which got me a breathless little squeal and a little livelier wriggling. So I reached down and grabbed one cheek with my left hand for leverage, then hauled off with my right and slapped her other cheek as hard as I could. Again. Again. Again. Again. "smack"... "Smack"... "SMACK"

I gradually accelerated into a nice fast rhythm...




Oh, she was howling now. Her left cheek was starting to absolutely glow red as I continued punishing it. The slapping of my hand against her flesh and her shrill screams echoing off the walls of the cell continuously. I kept it up until my arm started tiring and my hand was aching... then quickly slid down further and grabbed her by both ankles before she knew what was happening. My rock hard cock had been sliding all over the smooth skin of her back the entire time while she twisted and bucked underneath me and it was time to relieve some pressure.

I flipped her over onto her back, spread her legs wide and dropped down between her thighs all in one quick movement, then let go of her legs and reached for her arms. She tried to avoid me, waving them and trying to push me away at the same time... she knew what was coming next... but I got a hold of both after a little struggle and pinned them above her head with her wrists crossed. Then holding them squeezed together in one fist I reached down, guided my cock to the entrance to her pussy, and started grinding in. She was still dry of course, I could have brought some lube... but I always enjoy it more when I make the first entry "unassisted". She'd slicken up soon enough one way or another, either her juices would get flowing or she'd start bleeding when her tender pussy stated tearing under the punishment I was about to inflict on it.

I worked the head of my cock into her then started thrusting hard, each one scraping further into her until my balls slapped against her ass. I was grimacing myself, it can be rough on the dick to really tear into a dry pussy... but mommy, well.. "screaming" doesn't really do justice to the sounds coming out of her throat. Her face was all contorted in a grimace of agony as tears streamed down the sides of her face from behind her squeezed shut eyelids while she shifted up and down in time with my fucking. She was arched backwards with the muscles in her neck standing out like cables as every muscle in her body strained against me. One of her arms got away from me and started flailing against me trying to knock me away but I grabbed it with my other hand again and pinned it to the mattress at her side without breaking stride. Her screams were getting hoarse. I was loving the way they kept peaking and falling in time with her rape, every time my cock bottomed out in her the impact causing them to be disrupted for just a moment as her body jerked upward...


My cock was nice and slick now, and I looked down to watch it pistoning into her. Her screams were hardly letting up at all still so.... yep, definitely some red down there. Seems she didn't get her own juices flowing fast enough and I'd torn her up at least a little. Good. She wasn't even close to tight compared to what I usually had wrapped around my dick, couldn't have expected it with her having a kid I guess, but the way her muscles were convulsing from the pain was at least partially making up for it.

I would have loved to keep going for a marathon session, but I'd been anticipating this too long and my balls were bursting. I brought both her arms together back over her head again to free up one hand and clamped it around her neck and squeezed while I felt the tension in my cock peaking, she started more violently jerking and spasming under me desperately trying to get air and then I started pumping cum into her womb until I was drained dry. Then I pulled out, let her go and stood up to watch her curl up in the fetal position gasping and sobbing and trembling... with a giant satisfied grin on my face under the mask.

"I'll see you later." I told her, my tone making it clear it was phrased as a promise... the first words she'd heard from me. She didn't seem to like hearing them too much, and started crying even harder. Can't imagine why. I grabbed the key from over the door and let myself out. As I was closing the door I added "I'll say hi to Kelly for you."

Just before the door sealed and cut off the sound the agonized animal wail she let out damn near got me hard again right there.
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Chapter 3. Introductions: Kelly.

After leaving Sharon's cell it was time for a little recovery time before moving on to the delicious little piece of meat waiting for me in the other room, so after shedding the mask and hanging it on it's place by Sharon's cell door I went upstairs to grab some food, then brought it back down to eat while I watched the monitors some more and made sure the recording of what I'd just done to Sharon had been saved. That was an encounter I'd undoubtedly want to look back fondly on in the future. She still hadn't hauled her violated body off the mattress and looked like she was still sobbing uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, it seemed as if young Kelly had given up on yelling for help while I'd been busy breaking in her mother and was now wandering slowly around the cell... undoubtedly trying to figure out a way to escape.

There wasn't one. Something I would be sure to fully impress on them later before I got started working their throats over with my cock... making sure they fully understood the futility of pissing me off or trying to get clever was essential before letting my dick get between one of my little playthings teeth. But there was time for that later. For now watching that sweet young piece of rape bait pacing around my cell while the footage of her mother's treatment I was reviewing played in a window in the corner of the screen had me ready for round 2 and I got up and headed for her cell, grabbing the mask on the way.

As I entered Kelly's cell she reacted much more timidly than her mother had. Apparently the extra time to think about her situation had let at least a few basic facts sink in and asking the naked guy with the erection who had just walked into the cell she had woken up chained naked in to please let her go must have been too absurd for her to even attempt. Instead she just whimpered and shrunk away while I closed the door behind me and hung the key in its place then turned to look her over and appreciate all over again what I'd found when I first stripped her naked and chained her up.

The first thing that caught the eye was the hair of course. That burning red magnificently long hair with the tips just tickling the curving flesh at the top of her ass. Then those terrified green eyes staring at me over top of the light sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and her little button nose and tiny little mouth. I swear, if I could only see her from the neck up I'd think she was 13. But then my eyes moved lower.

Her skin was creamy white and almost unblemished. No sunbathing for this one. And those tits! I'd underestimated them from watching her walk around town all clothed and concealed, the damn things must be at least double Ds and they practically defied gravity! Her nipples were much darker red than her mother's, and larger too. Her waist was flat and smooth. Not toned. Not muscled. Just... smooth. Then flared out into hips it was going to be an absolute joy to hang onto while I rode her ass senseless... and damn, that ass! Two perfect white globes of firm jiggly flesh. Mmmmm.... the patch of red hair over her pussy looked like it was trimmed, it certainly wasn't growing out much, and then those soft creamy white legs extending straight down to finish off the package.

I realized she was starting to sniffle and take little gasps of air like she was fighting a losing battle against bursting out bawling, probably because of the look on my face while I ran my eyes over her. Well, no sense drawing out the tension any further. That, after all, would just be cruel. Time to get started.

"Hello Kelly, it's time for introductions." I said. This was going to be fun.

"You," I continued "are my job. And I am your jailor. A very special kind of jailor. The kind whose responsibility it is to use and abuse that pristine little body of yours while you're held here."

This, I could tell, had jarred her enough that her mind was starting to get into gear a little. Enough at least that she finally overcame her fear of what was coming enough to utter a syllable.


"You see, I offer my very special services to some really perverse people. People who get a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeing some sweet little thing like you violated and broken by someone really, really good at it. And that's me. Now you might be thinking you couldn't possibly know anyone who would be able to afford to hire me to do this to you... but you see my rates are actually extremely low. I don't do it for the money you see... I very much love my work. No, the people who hire me aren't rich. They're just... dedicated. Twisted in that special way that gives them the kind of drive it takes to eventually discover I exist and make to contact with me. I am, after all, beyond discreet. As you might imagine.

And you, little girl, are unfortunate enough to know one of these people."

I could tell she was still struggling to absorb that, I doubt she really believed it yet... confusion and disbelief were now actually starting to break through the expression of terror she's been wearing since I walked in. But she would accept it a lot easier once she'd screamed for a while. Which, of course, was overdue.

"And speaking of violating, I do believe I'm running late for work. Feel free to struggle, it makes the process so much more satisfying." ...and I stalked across the room towards her.

It was almost comical, watching her try to shrink away from me with nowhere to go, she was actually backing her ass into the wall turned halfway sideways with her head bent over towards me, pulled down by the chain on her collar the wouldn't reach quite that far with her standing up. She was starting to make little mewling whimpering "nonoNO-o-onono" sounds and trying to hold her arms out between us as if that would keep me away... of course with her bent over like that her incredible length of hair was hanging down in front of her damn near to her knees. I swatted her hands away and grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her up against me, then spun her around and locked one arm around her throat while my other hand got a nice full handful of tit and squeezed and kneaded it. I made sure to turn so one of the cameras had a perfect direct view of the full exposed length of Kelly's body, her tit I was mangling, and of course the look on her face. Her hair was spilling down between her body and mine and I could feel it... soft and smooth... shifting between us all the way down my torso as she wriggled and struggled.

I kept up the mauling for another 30 seconds or so to make sure the opening act could be properly appreciated in later viewings, then released my hold around her neck to grab her other tit with my second hand and lifted her off the ground and carried her over to the mattress while she kicked and cried. When I reached it I swayed a bit to build momentum then swung her out hard so she was practically parallel about 4 feet off the floor, face up, while keeping my grip on her tits, then continuing the motion I hurled her straight down onto the top of the mattress hard enough her whole body bounced at least foot back into the air. The scream that started when she found herself flying towards the ground was cut off in a grunt as she rebounded off the mattress. As she landed again I was already climbing on top of her to straddle her stomach and grab her arms. I pressed them down to her sides and slid further up her body so I pinned them firmly between my legs and her body and as a bonus dropped my cock right between those magnificent tits. As soon as I felt those warm, soft globes of flesh jiggling against the sides of my dick as the little whore struggled against me I just had to take a moment to enjoy it. So I got another good hard grip on them and jammed them together around my shaft and started slowing stroking between them while I pinched and twisted her nipples.

Then I noticed the slut was turning her head away and squeezing her eyes shut, probably trying to shut out what was happening. That just wouldn't do...

Her hair had ended up fanned out all around her head. So I reached up, gathered a handful and yanked her head up, getting a gasp and popping her eyes open. Then I used my other hand to start pulling the rest of her hair out to the sides in both directions. Once I was done I put all my weight on one hand to pin her down by the chest as I levered myself up then I quickly jumped down and grabbed both her ankles. She started thrashing and kicking and screaming, knowing where that was leading... but she didn't have the strength to stop me, only slow me down a little. Soon enough I had pushed both her legs up so the top of her knees were pressed into her chest, squashing her breasts beneath them while I kept my grip on her ankles which were now sticking straight up above her. Her back was arching forward and her ass was pulled up into the air now, soon enough for that though. First things first...

I started leaning all my weight into her ankles, slowly forcing them further forward and straightening her knees... and she started to shreek. She didn't have the flexibility to go where I was putting her and the further I pushed the more the agony mounted...


When I had her so her lower legs were pointing a bit past 45 degrees forward over her head I stopped, leaning my body in so her calves and heels were pressed together against my chest between my arms. If I pushed much further I'd probably tear something up pretty badly and it was early for that. I wouldn't even be able to keep her in this position for long, but seeing the agony she was in while I had her there and imagining the effect of the sounds she was making echoing through the other cell in the near future had my cock hard as steel. Once I was sure I had her legs braced with my body so she couldn't push them back I reached down with my right hand and grabbed the hair I'd stretched out to the right side of her head, then started rotating my wrist... twisting... twisting... twisting... working my way down the length and slowly forming a crude rope that I twisted tighter and tighter until I was satisfied. Then I pulled it up and looped it once around the top of her calf just below the knee and pulled it as tight as I could, then transferred the end of my "rope, to my left hand to hold the tension and grabbed her thrashing right arm. I pulled it up next to her leg and then the hair made another loop around it just above the elbow, pulling that tight as well so it was pressed close against the loop near her knee. Doing her other leg and arm was a little more awkward since I had to keep a grip on the end of the first rope of hair to keep the tension on it but a couple minutes later I had her all trussed up to my satisfaction. Once I leaned back her knees immediately bent back to a less painful position but she could only bring them away from her chest a few inches by pulling her head forward and pressing her chin to her chest.

I moved down to kneel behind her upturned ass and took in the view for a moment. In each hand I was holding the end of a length of her hair looped around my palm which then extended to wrap around her knees and elbows then back to the sides of her pretty little head.... which was currently yanked forward so she was staring straight down at me through her legs. Hew face was soaked with tears and she was blushed red from all the crying and screaming. Her tits were being squeezed in between her knees, bulging together into two creamy white mashed together mounds of flesh. Then the taught stretched out muscles along the backs of her thighs ran down on each side of her compressed stomach until they reached her young, ripe pussy lips... with my cock currently lying directly across them... and her tiny puckered little asshole that currently had my sack resting on it.

I gave a little tug on my improvised reins and her whole body jerked and rocked forward, sliding her pussy up and down against the bottom of my dick and bouncing my balls against her asshole... and increasing the volume of her whimpering. Perfect. I spent a couple more minutes playing with my new setup, jerking her up and down and toying with her while she imagined what was coming next before I transferred both lengths of hair to one hand then shifted so I was keeling beside her... running my other hand down the back of her leg and over her ass cheek, then sliding it into her crack and running my middle finger forward, directly over her puckered little anus which immediately twitched and contracted, then resting my hand on her cunt and rubbing while her sobbing and crying steadily increased. I loved that sound.

There were others I liked better though.

My arm came up, then flashed down as hard and fast as I could drive it... pulling on her hair with my other hand for leverage to put maximum force into it, and my hand smacked into her pussy with a ***SLAP*** that echoed off the walls a split second ahead of the piercing howl the little fucktoy let loose with. She desperately tried to twist and roll away but it was easy to control her with my grip on the "reins" and my hand rose and fell again and again and again. Her legs started jerking, and her head was yanked and twisted and bounced up and down as I continued punishing her twat. Watching it get more and more red and swollen and tender. After a minute of uninterrupted open handed blows I adjusted just a bit and drove a punch straight into her crotch before resuming the pussy spanking. Now she was screaming and begging for me to stop... which naturally motivated me to go even harder.

I started feeling moisture on my hand when it struck and the slapping sounds echoing around the cell started sounding more liquid... sure enough, her pussy was reacting to the "stimulation" it was receiving and she was getting wet. Hard to say if she's have preferred to be raped dry like her mother had been or after the beating I was giving her of course... but I'd already done the former today and variety was, after all, the spice of life.

I kept up the punishment for another full minute... sprinkling in two more punches. She was barely able to scream any more now, her voice was getting a little hoarse and she was having trouble catching her breath. I shifted back down behind her ass, worked the head of my cock into the opening of her pussy, then hammered it into her, driving my shaft through the bruising swollen flesh I'd just finished beating on. Her mom had taken my 2 and a half inch wide cock without much difficulty besides the pain of lack of lubrication... but I don't think her little girl had ever had anything that thick in her. The opening to her cunt resisted for a moment as it stretched, then the head popped past it and I stabbed into her. To my surprise and delight I felt the head of my cock smash into her cervix after only a few inches and I saw her eyes bulge as she let out some kind of rasping high pitched grunt of agony through teeth clenched together so tight I could see her jaw muscles spasming. I kept myself buried in her for several seconds, feeling her warm, wet convulsing cunt writhing around the end of my cock. Her pussy was already stimulated, which means she was already loosened up a bit. I'd stretch her out some more... but I still had 6 inches waiting to bury in her. No way was she going to take it all, which meant she was really about to take a beating. The little fucktoy's pussy was tiny! I marveled at my amazing luck, then I went to work.

I pulled almost all the way back out, then plunged in hard again, this time pulling hard on the two lines of hair in my hands and rocking her body into me violently. I felt my cock flex as I the head hammered into her cervix again. I quickly fell into a fast rhythm, slamming my cock into her over and over again while jerking her towards me with each thrust. Sometimes I'd only pull one side and then the other... forcing her head to be twisted back and forth while her body bounced off my dick again and again and again. She had her eyes squeezed shut again but she wasn't blocking this out... tears were pouring down her face, which was screwed up in absolute agony while she screamed her lungs out every time I bottomed out in her. I was beginning to stretch her out slightly, and another two inches of cock was disappearing inside her now. The earlier session with her mother was paying off, despite the absolute bliss of violating her tight clenching little twat while she jerked and shuddered and suffered under my control I was having no problems holding back from shooting her full of spunk... so the rape just went on, and on.

Finally I noticed she was no longer reacting as dramatically as I continued assaulting her, possibly starting to be numbed to the repetition. It was time to finish off the session anyway... and remembering her earlier reaction I knew the perfect way to get a last gasp of life out of her while I peaked. I brought my hands up, dropping the hair and grabbing her ankles in the same movement and then as I thrust into her again throwing all my weight forward. Her knees smashed up deeper into her chest again, squashing her breasts flat and making them bulge out, then her knees were driven straighter... maybe even slightly past where I'd maxed out with them before. Her pussy clamped down on me like a vice and every muscle in her body almost seemed to be experiencing a seizure as she made an absolutely inhuman animal howl of pain which just went on and on as I ploughed into her, feeling my cum rising and then finally spewing into her.

I finished off several more strokes and thrusts, squirting every drop I could inside her before pulling out and releasing her legs... which immediately flopped straight down on either side of me. I stood up and stepped back and watched her curl on her side and begin crying uncontrollably. She might not even be hearing a word I was saying at this point, but I didn't really care... they weren't just for her after all.

"Well Kelly, I think we're done for the time being. That was quite an enjoyable little warm up session. Of course in the future we'll be getting a lot more serious about your treatment but since this was your first day I thought we should take it easy while we got acquainted.

We'll be meeting again soon."

And then I left.
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Chapter 4: Conditioning

I spent the rest of the day catching up on errands, finishing off some projects, and tossing some food into the cells through a sliding shutter in the doors to keep the whores strength up enough that they’d remain entertaining. Then I decided to turn in for the night, but as I lay there thoughts of what the next morning was going to bring as I began progressing my plan filled my mind with anticipation. Eventually followed by the decision that nothing said that that had to wait for tomorrow. I needed something to tire me out so I could get a good night's rest, and I knew just what would do it.

Shortly afterwards I walked through the door of Sharon's cell. The image on the monitors seemed to show she'd fallen asleep so I entered carefully and silently. The doors, while heavy and strong, were newly installed and the hinges well greased and the bolts on the locks slid smoothly and quietly. I entered the room with almost no sound, and her prone body never even stirred. Maybe my restlessness was a blessing in disguise, I hadn't been planning on surprising her in her sleep but the idea had appeal. She was laying face down but twisted slightly to one side, her right leg drawn upwards slightly and her face turned in that direction and both her arms curled above her head. With her legs slightly spread I could see her pussy peeking out at me, still slightly swollen and red from the earlier assault that had also left the bloodstains on the single sheet beneath her.

Enough of playing the spectator though, I was on a timetable here.

I walked over next to her then grabbed her by the hair and arm, hauling her body around so her head was facing the door as she jerked away with a gasp. Before she had time to register what was happening I slammed her face down into the mattress then sat on her lower back, let go of her hair, and grabbed her other arm. I forced them both around behind her until her forearms crossed then grabbed them both in one fist. Then I reached back up and grabbed her hair again, pulling her head back towards me as I spoke.

"Hello again Sharon. Did I wake you?"

"Ungh... oh god... fuck you!!!" she gasped.

"Now see, that's just rude. And here I am about to let you see your daughter! That kind of language makes me think maybe I should change my mind, but of course I did already set the timer so I suppose we'll just go a..... oh look, right on schedule." I finished, as the screen over the door came to life with the footage I'd set up to play before I'd come in. There was Kelly, pacing her cell earlier that morning just before I'd entered. I could see Sharon's attention was instantly focused completely on the monitor and felt her breathing quicken, then start to race as the screen showed me entering the room.

"I'm ashamed to admit, I completely forgot to tell her hello for you. She's just so delightfully distracting."

Then the recording of my earlier self started his speech, and I occupied myself holding her tightly restrained so she could enjoy the performance as I told Kelly all about my "special services" and clientele.

"It's all nonsense of course", I spoke into her ear as the dialog on the screen was reaching its conclusion. "But it amuses me. What do you think of the story?"

"You sick asshole! If you fucking hurt her..." ... and then I had to hold on tight when every muscle in her body went taught and she fought to get loose as she saw the me on the screen finish talking and advance on her little girl, grab her, and start mauling her.

"No! NOOO!!! I'll kill you!"

Damn she was fighting hard! I lost one of her arms as she wrenched it free. She tried to beat at me with it but it was impossible for her to put any force into it with me at her back and I wasn't in position for her to get an elbow on me. Then she tried using it to push her off the ground and help her buck me off of her while the image on the screen finished with fondling and moved towards the mattress. I really wanted her properly focused to appreciate the next part... so I slammed her face down hard into the mattress again then let go to use both my hands to get her arms back behind her back... then grabbed a fistful of her hair again and pulled back hard in time for her to see her daughter, with her ankles now firmly in my hands, start to have her legs forced up towards her chest. I had a firmer hold on her this time, she wasn't getting loose.

She struggled and screamed and cursed at me while Kelly's legs were driven beyond what they could tolerate and her howling scream of pain filled the room, not letting up at all as she watched me bind her legs and arms with her gorgeous hair. As the earlier me took hold of the lengths of hair and jerked and toyed with the sobbing crying girl on the screen Sharon started tiring under me, and sobbing and crying started breaking through the profanity she was hurling at me.

Then the beating started, and the threats made a comeback.

"You're dead! You sick asshole! You're fucking dead! Oh god!!!! Stop! Stooooopppp!!!"

"It's a little late for that, I'm not a time traveler you know." I answered, having to speak loudly enough to make myself heard over the sound of hand striking flesh and Kelly's shreiking response pumping out of the speakers. "No, there's no stopping what's coming up there. Aren't you enjoying the show? I almost never get to watch my work with an audience you know. Maybe you could give me a critique!"

Then she tensed underneath me as she saw how events on the screen were unfolding. My shift in position to line my cock up with Kelly's tender swollen cunt. A kind of high pitched whine started emitting from her throat, gaining volume and pitch quickly... then as she watched her little girl get fully violated by my raging cock she collapsed in hysterical gasping sobs and tears. All the fight went out of her, her eyes squeezed shut. I almost started beating her into submission to make her look back at the screen... but then I decided hearing it and the images that was creating in her mind would be just as good. So I let go of her hair, took one arm in each hand and pined them down by her sides, and lay on top of her so I could speak into her ear with those lovely sounds as the background music.

"Now, listen up. If you want sweet little Kelly there to survive her stay here you need to understand, completely, what I'm about to tell you. Are you listening?"

She made some incomprehensible gasping sound...

"Are You Listening!?!?"


"Good. Now let's run down the list first.

One. That steel collar around your neck? It can't be picked. You can't break it off. And the key never even enters this room. Understand?"


"Two. You would need a jackhammer to get those bolts on the other end of the chain out of the floor. Understand?"


"Three. These rooms are completely soundproof. The hall outside these rooms is also completely soundproof. The door to this room is never open at the same time as the door out of that hallway. You can never, ever, ever make enough noise for anyone to ever hear you. Understand?"

Nothing but sobbing and tears...

"UNDERSTAND!?!?" I screamed into her ear.

"Yes!" She hissed.

"I think you're starting to get the picture... so I'm going to skip to the point. Very soon you're going to have my cock buried in your throat. When that happens you might start getting certain ideas. Maybe you'll think you can chomp down and force me to let you go... that's there the key to the collar never entering this room comes in. Couldn't let you out if I wanted to.

You might think if you bite me bad enough you could stop me from fucking you and your little girl. Maybe true. Of course if that happens I'll have to find another way to amuse myself with you. Something involving a blowtorch probably. Do I have to go into more detail on that? Do I?!?"

"No-o-o"... she was starting to sob again. The hopelessness of her situation starting to sink in.

"You might even think you could do enough damage while I'm in there that you could take me out with shock and blood loss. First, not likely honey. Second... if you did you'd wish you didn't. See, you probably already grasp that you and Kelly would be left here slowly starving to death. Maybe you even think that would be better than what you're going through now. That is not, however, what would happen.

"See, I own some dogs. Big, unfriendly dogs. And whenever I'm in here, they're in their cages. Cages with doors that open into the hall outside. Doors on 72 hour timers that are triggered automatically when I enter my little facility here. Now... see those food slots on the bottom of the door there? The ones I tossed your dinner through earlier? They can be pushed open from the outside. The dogs know how. And they know to expect to find food in here when they do.

Now, I want you to imagine young Kelly sitting in that room for three days, alone, with no food and no contact... getting hungrier, and weaker... then the dogs come through the slot. Big, starving, slavering dogs. Then I want you to imagine her being ripped apart, shredded by tooth and claw. And now you tell me if you think she'd prefer that to spending some more time having me play with her until my little game here is done and then going on with the rest of her life?"


"ANSWER! Think she'd thank you for that?"

"Fuck you! I'll do what you want! I get it! Just fuck you!!!"

I watched her, lying there, no longer struggling, dejected, soaked by tears as Kelly's grunting yelping screams continued to echo through the room... yep, she grasped the situation. Of course the dogs were pure bullshit, but the claim served its purpose of focusing her mind on the hopelessness of her situation. Of course, it remained to be put to the test. The responsible thing for me to do would be to forget about it, shove a jaw spreader in her mouth to lock her jaw open and work her over that way... but it just wasn't the same. Time to roll the dice.

I got up and pulled her onto her hands and knees. If I remembered the timing right the girl on that screen should be letting out one hell of a screech in a few more minutes and I really wanted my balls bouncing off this whore's chin when that happened. I was getting tired of speaking to her though, so I knelt in front of her, stretching her head back with my grip on her hair, and lined my cock up with her mouth. She tried turning to the side, and my other hand came slashing down to slap her face hard once, twice, three times... then gripped her jaw and squeezed hard until she opened wide and my dick pushed forward between her lips. Her wet, warm tongue pushed against the bottom of my prick. I slowly, steadily plowed forward. An inch... another... another.... she let out a muffled alarmed moan as I pushed back further, the head of my cock approaching the back of her throat... and I felt her teeth make contact as she instinctively tried to stop me from pushing deeper.

"I feel those fucking teeth again and I will go get that blowtorch I mentioned and pay Kelly another visit just to illustrate the fucking point. OPEN!!! And keep those goddamn hands on the ground!"

Her jaw stretched open as far as it could reach, and I pressed my hand against the back of her head and pressed further. I hit the back of her throat and she started gagging and heaving... trying not to vomit. I pressed harder, felt her windpipe start to stretch around my dick as it began sliding down her spasming throat. 6 inches down, 3 to go... I yanked her head into my crotch and jerked my hips forward, burying my cock the rest of the way, jamming her nose against my body and feeling her chin hit my sack... then I thrust fast and hard, withdrawing a couple inches then hammering back in a half dozen times while she tried to yell but only produced muffled groans that vibrated up my shaft until her stomach clenched, her back arched, and I felt the bile forced past my cock just before it sprayed out of her mouth and nose. I pulled back out just enough for her to hack and cough and get a breath, then shoved her head back down until her lips were pressed against the base of my cock again and went right back to work on her throat. Short, hard, fast strokes in and out... keeping one hand on the back of her head I reached the other one around under her throat and grabbed her by the neck for more leverage. I could feel her throat stretching and contracting, my cock driving in and out while her gagging, choking, and desperate muffled attempts to beg for air kept humming against my dick. Her hands came up trying to push me back so she could breath and I drove in harder, ramming her face down into my crotch and holding it there and another load of puke flowed past my cock and out her mouth and nose. I let her go then and she collapsed on the mattress, choking and gagging and gasping for breath. I waited a few moments until she'd inhaled a few deep lungfuls of air, then grabbed her arm near the shoulder and threw her sideways so she rolled onto her back, then pulled her forward until her head hung slightly off the edge of the mattress and slapped her face and squeezed her jaw again to remind her what was required now. She was almost hyperventilating now, her eyes were panicked, her face covered in puke and spit just like the cock I was dangling above her face but she opened wide again then she squeezed her crying eyes shut against the goo starting to drip up her face now that her head was tilted back and I grabbed both her arms, pinned them to the mattress beside her, and drove my shaft back in to the hilt until the base of my cock hit her face and drove her head back deep into the edge of the mattress behind it. I'd been keeping my attention on the screen while I'd been raping her throat and knew that massive scream of agony I was expecting should be coming right about... now.

Looking down I could see Sharon's eyes snap open under my cock, and the upside down screen was directly in front of her between my spread thighs, giving her a clear view of her baby girl screaming in horror and pain while her legs were driven back to a tortuous angle and her pussy continued to be violently penetrated. I couldn't tell if the sound she tried to make through her raped throat then was screaming in anguish or yelling in fury but whatever it was it had volume that made it feel like my dick was buried in some kind of mechanical vibrator that had just clamped down around it and been turned up a few setting. I was really testing her control now, but her mouth stayed stretched open as wide as it would go and I began fucking her face viciously, bouncing her head into the edge of the mattress over and over while I felt my balls constricting, getting ready to blow. She puked again but I gave her no relief this time, plowing into her again and again then burying myself as deep as I could go and holding it there while I pumped cum down her throat and she kicked and twisted and thrashed desperately trying to breath... then I pulled out and let her go to watch her retch and choke and try to breath all at the same time. When I thought she'd recovered just enough to register what I was saying I spoke again.

"Well, it looks like you did understand your situation, my blowtorch can stay in the garage. That's good, I really do prefer a more... intimate and physical method for interacting with my playthings. I think we've accomplished what we needed to tonight."

And I turned to walk away...

"Wait!" She barely managed to rasp out... "You said..." and then she collapsed into hacking coughs again...

"I said...?" I prodded.

"You said... 'when your game is done'...."

I thought that would have got her attention.

"Ah, you want to know when you and your little girl get to leave? Is that it?"

That received a pathetic nodding of her head, speaking as much as she had apparently pushing her abused throat to the limit...

"Like I said, we've accomplished what we needed to tonight. You've accepted certain realities of your situation, which is necessary before you're going to be able to do what you need to do to satisfy me and end your stay here. As for the rest of the activities we're going to be enjoying together, those explanations are for another time. I wouldn't want to use up all our conversation subjects in one night now would I? What would we talk about when I'm raping you tomorrow?"

And I walked out, passing under the screen which now showed Kelly alone in her cell curled up in the fetal position and crying her eyes out... locked everything down, and went upstairs to get some sleep.
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Chapter 5: Indulgence

I woke up the next day refreshed and full of energy. I hadn't felt this alive in years. I'd originally planned to be educating Sharon this morning but since I'd gotten ahead of myself last night I had leisure time now. I went down and tossed some breakfast into both cells then spent some time video editing the footage from the last day for my future reminiscing. Of course that could only be done for so long before watching the last day's action had me ready to start today's.

The question was who to go to first. Sharon was the one who was going to need the most work, getting her to do what was necessary and do it properly was going to require breaking her down further than I'd needed to make her keep her mouth open last night. On the other hand... hot as hell 18 year old fuckdoll behind door #2. Decisions, decisions.... screw it, Sharon could wait. I was in an indulging kind of mood and I really wanted to see how Kelly's throat compared to mommy's.

Not too long later I had her whimpering on her knees in front of me in the center of her cell. A simple repeat performance laying out the reality of her situation had done the job, with no need of any nonsense about dogs or consequences to others requires. As far as she was concerned her only worry was saving her own skin after all, making it clear the only way out (not to mention avoiding horrific tortuous punishment) involved keeping her mouth under control accomplished everything I needed. So there she knelt, eyes closed, sobbing and sniffling, waiting for it to begin.

She had her legs bent underneath her with her ass on her heels, placing her mouth slightly lower than my cock. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her head back, arching her back until she was looking almost straight at the ceiling and I'd have a straight shot down her throat, then straddled her body so my dick was hanging directly over her face, watching the ends of her hair almost brushing the floor behind her as it swayed.

"Open. Now."

Hew pretty little mouth formed a small "o" barely big enough to fit around my thumb, she had an amazingly small mouth but that wasn't even trying. I hauled back and smacked her across the face and repeated my demand over her gasping little scream and she opened up properly, straining her jaw... and still only produced an opening barely larger around then my cock. Tight fit, but nothing wrong with that. I dropped the head of my cock between her lips and pushed it down 3 or 4 inches into her mouth. She was already making distressed gagging sounds... it was like she'd never sucked cock before in her life. Maybe she hadn't, selfish little whore. I knew she was no virgin when I acquired her, she definitely should have swallowed some dick by now. My curiosity got the better of me and I pulled out and asked her, and her little head shake confirmed it. Never had a cock in her mouth in her life.

Well, well, well... this was going to be a learning experience for her.

I pushed back down into her to the same point where she started gagging, feeling her tongue thrashing around under my dick trying to push it out while my head was pressed against the roof of her mouth.

"Stick your tongue out."

She might have tried to say something, but all that came out was more gagging "mmphhnnphnnngggghhh" sounds. I felt her tongue slide forward slightly over her teeth and then she brought her hands up to try and push me away as her stomach heaved and I slapped them down.

"Hands behind your fucking back! Now! That's right... grab your elbows! Now hold onto them. You let go and you'll pay, understand?"

She nodded her head slightly up and down with my cock still shoved in her mouth.

"Now. Stick. Your. Tongue. OUT! As far as it'll go!"

This time I felt it squeeze between the tiny space left between the bottom of my shaft and her teeth. Fuck that felt good. I bobbed up and down just barely an inch, stroking myself along her tongue but keeping far enough out that she was able to control her gag reflex... taking my time and letting her begin to believe that was as far as I was going to go and relax just a little. I kept that up for almost a minute, listening to the slurping and moaning sounds coming from the clueless little slut as I slid my other hand around the back of her head to take a two-handed grip on her. Then I tensed hard so she couldn't pull away and dropped all my weight down, driving all the way down her throat like a pile driver until my balls squashed her protruding tongue against her lower lip and following through several more inches, forcing her head back towards the floor. Her eyes bugged out, her tongue pulled back in, her arms shot up to grab at my hips and try to push me away and as I held her in place she heaved and puked all over her face, the vomit spurting out around my dick, running up into her nose and dripping down her hair towards the floor while she thrashed and struggled to break away from me and clear her airway. I bore down harder, locking her head in place and holding her while muffled panicked sounds added their vibrations to the spasming throat muscles desperately trying to expel the foreign object choking her. Then I released her and let her collapse to the ground while I walked to the door and let myself out.

I was back in seconds, carrying several sets of cuffs and a supple leather strap. She didn't notice at first, being too busy trying to get her breath back and clear the puke out of her airway, but it got her attention when I dropped them on the floor beside her then grabbed her by the hair again and shoved her face first into the mattress and knelt on her back.

"What did I tell you about your hands Kelly? Now you just made things worse for yourself."

I cuffed her hands behind her back then flipped her over onto her stomach and grabbed an ankle, slapping another cuff around it then dragging it out to the side to snap the other end around one of the eyebolts I'd set in the floor. She tried to thrash and kick her other leg so I couldn't grab it too but that only slowed me down a little before I had her legs chained wide apart. Then I had to shift the mattress so I could get the edge of it under her head and lean it back.

"Now, let's try this again. OPEN!"

As soon as her sobbing mouth popped open I jammed my cock back into it until it hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag and puke again but I just bore down and pushed forward until I was all the way down her throat with my sack resting on her slimy nose while she thrashed and struggled and let out more of her muffled choking squeals around my cock. Then I pulled out until I heard her gasp in a breath and plunged back in again and started short violent thrusts, plowing her tight little throat but not pulling back far enough for her to breath. I could see her neck bulging as I forced myself up and down it and she heaved another load of bile around my prick, into her mouth, and all over her face and I kept going for another 20 or 30 seconds. Then I pulled out enough for her to breathe again... one gasp, two, three... and I slammed back down her windpipe again. Then I set up a rhythm. Driving in, holding for a few seconds, back out for one breath. Over, and over, and over. She was absolutely panicking for the first couple minutes, but finally she looked like she was figuring out how to adjust to the pattern.

Then I slammed in again... held myself pressed as far down her throat as I could, and my hand came around and down with the leather strap and whipped it down across her pussy. She didn't have enough breath for a proper scream but the spasms her body went into felt incredible as her mouth snapped wide open with a gagged rasping noise, then it closed partially and I felt teeth pressing on my shaft. I immediately smacked her across the face to focus her attention and screamed at her about the far worse consequences she was going to bring on herself if she didn't keep her fucking mouth wide open, the teeth separated again and I pulled out enough for her to catch another couple of breaths. Then I drove down again in time with another lash of the strap across her pussy even harder this time and settled into a new rhythm. Out, breath, thrust in and lash and feel the (attempted) scream and spasming. I kept it up for several minutes.. she dry heaved several more times but had nothing much left to puke up... and by the end she almost seemed to be getting a bit of a handle on her gag reflex... or maybe she was just getting too numb and exhausted to react as strongly to the continuing violation of her throat. I was starting to draw blood on her pussy and was ready to cum so I set the strap aside to use both hands to brace myself on either side of her body then started fucking her skull as fast as I could, bouncing her head back against the mattress like some kind of rag doll while her body went wild struggling against it's restraint... but she kept her mouth open still. I'd done a sufficient job instilling that fear in her. Then I plunged in one last time and held myself down her throat while I pumped sperm towards her stomach, not pulling out again until I'd drained myself.

I left after taking the cuffs back off, this had turned out to be a great session. I hadn't anticipated defiling virgin territory this morning, and her failure to control her hands under the strain had given me an excuse to take it to another level. Not that I needed an excuse of course, but I liked making them think they had some tiny degree of control over their lives still. At least in the beginning. It left something to take away later to make sure I wouldn't get bored with them too early.
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Chapter 6: Casting

As much fun as playing with Kelly was, I really did need to get back to work on Sharon now that I had rested up and refilled my energy reserves. Kelly was just a pure pleasure toy that uniquely suited my purposes of the moment but Sharon still had to be made to fully pay for carelessly ruining my previous plan and breaking my chosen plaything, and raping the living shit out of her while making her witness the same happening to her daughter was just a good start on that. She was going to play a role in bringing the worst of the pain on herself, just like she's brought this entire situation on herself... and it was time she started learning her lines.

This time when I walked through the door of her cell she didn't even get up from the mattress she was laying on, she just curled into a tighter ball and whimpered... she'd obviously resigned herself to the fact that her only way through this was to ride it out and was now thinking that she just had to outlast my interest in using her. Time to disabuse her of that notion.

I walked over and grabbed her by an arm, pulled her onto her stomach, then ordered her to lift her ass in the air while keeping her face and chest down. Just thinking of what today's session held had me hard before I even walked in so I immediately knelt down behind her and started violently forcing my way into her dry pussy in a repeat of the first day's treatment. I still regretted not having a longer go at her that time and making up for it now would be fun. As I tore into her, going deeper with each jerking thrust, she sobbed and yelped in pain. I decided this was going to be my preferred method of fucking her, compared to her daughter's tight little holes doing Sharon wet would be like fucking a door but getting things started this way definitely had it's appeal.

Once I was buried all the way inside her I pushed forward and forced her flat onto her stomach and kneed her legs apart, then pulled her head back and started speaking into her ear while I kept punishing her raw cunt with hard violent jabs of my cock.

"Now, I believe you wanted to talk about when you and Kelly get to leave?"

"nngh... NNNGHH... yyyyoooOOOWWWWW.... YES!!" she gasped...

Well, that will happen after I'm satisfied you've suffered enough Sharon. You see, you're the reason both of you are here. Do you remember a little Korean girl? A few months ago? And a reckless bit of driving on your part? REMEMBER????"

"ugh... it uuuUUGHHHH... it wannnGGHHH oh god... was an accident!!!"

"I don't give a shit Sharon. That girl was very, very special to me and you messed her up pretty bad. That pissed me off. A lot. So now you're paying the price. Part of that price is the violation you're experiencing right now. And part of it is having to watch what I do to little Kelly. But that's not quite enough. If you want to get yourself and your daughter out of here you need to make a sacrifice. You need to take on the kind of pain and anguish I can't inflict on you myself. That's the way to free you, and to free Kelly. Are you listening?"

"YES! NNNGGGHHHOOOoooOOOOWWWWW... just teuuunnnghhhh... tell me what to do!!!!"

"Remember that little session of mine and Kelly's I made you watch last night? I'm sure you do. There was a story I told her at the beginning of it. Do you remember that? A ridiculous little fairy tale about how I was doing this to her because I'd been hired by some sick sadist in her life to punish and degrade her? Remember the story Sharon?"


I stopped thrusting into her, holding myself buried deep and letting her focus fully on my next words...

"Well, if you want to get out of here, and if you want to get Kelly out of here, you need to convince her that you're my employer."

I watched the look of confusion and disbelief wash across her face as she processed what that meant, and the sheer horror as it began to dawn on her what that would involve, then she broke down completely... tears streaming down her face, sobbing so hard she was almost hyperventilating, I couldn't help but start thrusting into her some more I was enjoying it so much... but after a while I decided to snap her out of it. I'd allowed plenty of time on the timer this session to give me slack for bringing her up to speed but I didn't have forever before that monitor turned on and I needed Sharon to pay attention and start accepting her role. So I stopped raping her again and bounced her face off the mattress a half dozen times or so and yelled into her ear.

"Hey! FOCUS! You screw this up and you and Kelly both never leave here! And I swear I'll make what you've experienced so far seem like fucking paradise! Are you hearing me?"

She spastically nodded her head up and down, still unable to speak intelligibly through her gasping sobs and I finished explaining the situation to her. That she wasn't going to be allowed to even try and pull off the performance required to free herself and Kelly until I was satisfied she could do it convincingly, and the only way to do that was to show she could act the part, spontaneously, while under stress. Which meant that from now on while she was being raped and watching her daughter being violated she would be required to verbally encourage my image on the screen. To express sincere appreciation when I was especially creative at violating or tormenting her little girl. To offer suggestions for how I should abuse her next. And to do so in a tone voice which made me believe she was getting off on it. When she was able to do this convincingly and off the cuff to my satisfaction then I'd let her try one performance, live, in Kelly's cell. And if she pulled it off then one week later (after Kelly had had time to live with the belief her mother had done this to her, and Sharon had time to live with the knowledge that she believed it and the memory of making her do so) I'd let them both go. Neither of them had seen my face or knew where they were, nobody could ever trace the nature of my connection to the girl she'd hit, I was untouchable and would be satisfied the price had been paid.

If she refused, she was going to spend the rest of her life watching me slowly rape and torture Kelly to death while I did the same to her, making sure she lasted longer.

She accepted, although it took quite a long time to get past the screaming and crying and cursing.

A few minutes after that the video monitor came to life, and my earlier throat rape of her little girl began playing. I listened to Sharon trying to pretend to be cheering me on and think up depraved suggestions for me to try while she stared in anguish at the screen with tears streaming down her face and I yanked her back to her knees to fuck her doggy-style, but it was pathetic... as expected. She could barely get 3 words out without choking up and sobbing and crying. After I finished filling her pussy with cum and was on my way out I told her so and instructed her to spend her time until my next visit figuring out how to improve fast or she was going to be here a long time. And that although I had to keep her in relatively good physical shape so she would be able to play her part later, no such restriction applied to Kelly and she was going to be suffering mounting degrees of damage if Sharon slacked off.
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Chapter 7: Inspiration

After sending in another meal to my pets I'd spent the rest of the day on my own work until it was almost time to turn in... and once again I found myself too restless to sleep without burning off some excess energy. Sharon certainly needed more practice, but I was getting to enjoy switching between them every visit and besides, Sharon obviously needed to be inspired to greater efforts and more imagination. Judging by her first attempt she couldn't stretch her imagination beyond the big mean man impaling her little girl with his cock while he got a little rough with her... and I'm a huge fan of visual aids when someone needs teaching. So I headed for Kelly's cell.

As soon as I walked in she shrank huddled against the far wall at the full extension of her collar chain and started crying. Instead of walking all the way over to her I strode to the middle of the room, laid down the armful of equipment I'd brought in behind me, grabbed the chain, then yanked on it hard enough to sprawl her out on the floor and dragged her to me by the neck while she scrambled to try to stop the collar from digging into her throat. Once I had her in the center of the room I held her face down on the floor, pushed her legs together, then sat on the back of her knees... grinding her kneecaps into the concrete and she cried out in pain as I grabbed one of her arms and began fitting it into a restraint I grabbed from the pile on the floor. It was a leather sleeve that would enclose both her arms from the elbow down. Once I'd forced both arms inside it I drew it steadily tighter, drawing her elbows further behind her back and straining her shoulders. Some girls could have their elbows meet behind their backs without much problem... Kelly wasn't one of them. I had to pull hard on the bindings to tighten them all the way and bring her elbows into contact with each other before tying them off, and she was begging me to stop for the last couple inches, her shoulders straining like they were ready to pop out of their sockets.

Once I had the restraint in place I flipped her over. Those gorgeous young tits were really jutting out from her chest now and I spent some time squeezing and twisting them while I crushed her arms under her back as I spoke.

"Well Kelly, I've been getting some feedback from my employer. They've been watching the video of our first sessions together and loving every minute of them... but I've received a few requests. And I am all about customer service, so we're going to be trying some of them out today. First order of business is to pay more attention to these gorgeous tits of yours. It seems I've been neglecting them. Apparently your tormentor also enjoys the use of certain props, so expect more of those. But for right now..."

I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth... sucking and nibbling on it to get it hard and erect, enjoying playing with it... then I squeezed her tit hard and jammed it further into the side of my mouth until her nipple was between my molars and bit down hard, feeling her flesh crush between my jaws while her whole body almost jumped off the floor while she cried out in agony. I kept bearing down, pulling my head back and stretching her breast out, then shaking my head violently back and forth like a shark shredding a kill while savoring the feeling of her naked thrashing body writhing underneath me. Finally I let her go then moved over and sucked her other nipple into my mouth, flicking it lightly with my tongue while her entire body tensed in anticipation. I let it draw out, giving her time to dwell on what she now knew was coming while I continued licking and sucking on her perfect breast, then I clamped the base of her nipple between my front teeth and slowly started applying pressure. Letting it build and build while her screaming and struggling became more and more frantic, finally biting so hard she was hysterically begging me not to bite her nipple off. I started grinding and chewing until I tasted blood, then let her go and watched a few red drops slowly drip down the side of her tit from where I'd torn through the skin.

The next thing I grabbed from the pile on the floor was a choke chain with a narrow clip on the end. I pulled the chain over her head and around her neck next to her collar then yanked it tight, stood up, and pulled her to her feet with it.... then reached up and fed the other end with the clip through an eyebolt in the ceiling and brought it back down, pulling it tight until Kelly had to rise up on her toes to keep the chain from choking her while the second chain to her collar dangled down the back of her naked body to the floor behind her. Then I attached the clip back to the chain, locking it at that length, and reached down to grab a short leather whip from my dwindling pile of supplies. When I held it up in front of Kelly's face, slowly weaving it back and forth, she just screwed her eyes shut and whimpered... until I drew my arm back and brought it flashing forward, snapping the whip across the firm white flesh on the top of her right tit with a *"CRACK!!!"*. She screamed and her knees bent as she instinctively tried to curl around the pain, the chain immediately bringing her up short and digging into her throat until she recovered and rose back up onto her toes again. As soon as she had I immediately repeated my blow on her other breast, producing more screaming and dancing around on her toes. Both lashes were already raising red welts on her skin. I whipped her again and again, sending the strikes in from different angles each time, savoring each scream and spasm of her body... then a strike landed directly across the nipple I'd crushed between my teeth. The sound she made was ear splitting and inhuman, then she almost passed out... going limp for a moment while the chain choked her before she recovered and lifted herself back up again for the lashing to continue.

A few strokes later another blow fell across her other nipple, and again her knees went weak and the chain choked off the deafening screams she was emitting until she could straighten her legs again. Now her legs were beginning to tremble from the strain and the fear in her cries was beginning to come through even over the pain... her voice taking on a more panicked tone as the prospect of being suffocated by the chain began breaking into her awareness even over the searing sting of the torture I was inflicting on her breasts. I started whipping her harder and faster, landing stinging blow after blow while I watched her slowly lose the strength to hold herself up and begin sinking lower, the chain tightening around her throat, her screams beginning to get choked off more and more as breathing got harder and harder until she finally couldn't hold herself up high enough to get air at all and the only sound in the cell was the cracking of the whip against her tits and the choking gurgling sounds coming from her throat as her face turned red. I let her suffocate for another minute of beatings, her tits were now a solid mass of red welts and the skin had been broken in at least a dozen different places so small drips of blood were slowly oozing down her chest, then I reached up and unclipped the chain and let it fall free while she collapsed face down onto the floor desperately sucking air in big sobbing gasps... and I turned to grab the last of the equipment I'd brought with me. She was oblivious to what I was doing.

"Well Kelly," I spoke, while I worked... "it looks like our little session here has caused a few cuts and scrapes. It would be bad news if those got infected... I'll make sure to do something about that. Don't worry."

Then I reached over, grabbed her hair, and dragged her across the floor towards me, her lacerated breasts and nipples scraping across the concrete making her howl again until I pulled her up to her knees. Then I knelt behind her, grinding my cock between her ass cheeks and keeping her face pulled back toward the ceiling by her hair with one hand and reached around and gave her tit a good hard squeeze with my other before sliding it down her body to hook around her waist, leaving a faint red smear across her stomach. Then with her head still pulled back tightly I shifted her around into position then bent her over just enough to expose her tight little cunt then stabbed my dick into her. I had to grind and thrust hard to get the head in while she whimpered and cried, but once I popped through I shot forward until I'd filled her tiny little pussy again and bounced off her cervix. The little whore was wet again! It seems the dirty little slut's pussy had a certain reaction to pain... if I wanted to fuck her dry it looked like I was going to have to go there at the beginning of a session sometime. Oh well, for now my last prop would do just fine to give me a memorable raping of her tight little pussy.

I still hadn't let her look down but she had to have noticed the smell by now... or maybe she was too distracted to register it. I didn't really care. With my cock buried in her I forced her upper body to the floor using one hand on her hair and the other pressed down hard between her squeezed together shoulder blades... and her tormented lacerated bleeding tits landed directly in the casserole dish I'd lined her up with. The one I'd just half filled with rubbing alcohol.

For a second nothing happened, then she went wild! My cock felt like it was caught in a vice as her whole body spasmed, she tried to jerk her chest upward but with her arms pinned together behind her back she had no way to get any leverage against me and she just managed to splash some of the alcohol around onto the floor and she let out a horrified tormented screech that just went on and on and on as she thrashed against me trying to get clear of the burning liquid. I let go of her hair and let it fall around her head on the floor while I grabbed her bound arms instead, pulling them up at the wrists with one hand while continuing to push down between her shoulders and forcing her to choose between trying to straighten up against the pressure and dislocate her own shoulders or allow herself to be bent forward and pressed more firmly into the puddle of alcohol... and I began fucking her hard, daydreaming about ramming my cock all the way in through her cervix every time it slammed into her, even though I was pretty sure that was physically impossible. She couldn't seem to make up her mind what hurt more, her shoulders or her tits, as I kept pounding into her hot, wet, twitching snatch... she was constantly jerking up slightly then throwing herself back down while twisting and writhing as much as she could without popping a shoulder out of joint, practically bouncing herself off the ground while the alcohol continued splashing all over the front of her body and onto the ground... all the while screaming herself hoarse until she started rasping and coughing while tears and alcohol soaked the floor under her face and I plunged into her until I finally shot my load deep into her womb.

I held her down until my dick stopped twitching inside her, the pulled out and let her go and she immediately threw herself sideways onto the floor, crying out as she landed on her abused shoulder and then rolling onto her back gasping and crying hysterically.

"It seems my employer has an imagination I can appreciate when it comes to your treatment girl..." I chuckled while I walked over and flipped her back onto her stomach again so I could undo the restraints on her arms. "I personally can't wait to try the next set of suggestions. How about you?"

The only response was a slight increase in the volume of her sobbing... which was good enough for me as I took the chain now hanging loosely around her neck, gathered everything up, and walked out with a final comment.

"You know, I thought you'd want to rinse those tits of yours off."

As I closed the door the frantic scrambling sound I heard as she came to her senses and tried to reach the sink made me laugh all the way upstairs as I went to grab a shower and get some sleep. If that performance didn't get Sharon thinking more creatively I'd have to come up with something more special next time...
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Chapter 8: Rehearsals

For the next several days I split my time giving Sharon two visits every day to Kelly's one. Sharon in the morning, Kelly in the afternoon, and then Sharon again before I turned in for the night. The first session with Sharon after I'd finished my performance on Kelly's tits got her properly motivated once I'd made sure she understood that I had a long, long way I could still escalate if I felt the urge to. She was fully bent to my will at that point, making real effort to please me with her attempts to learn her character as she gazed at my her daughter being violated and abused one the screen and listened to her cries and screams while her pussy was torn into over as I gave her feedback and guidance. I would begin a few sessions indulging myself bouncing my balls off her chin and feeling her throat spasm around my dick while I fucked her throat but for the most part I needed her to be able to speak so my physical options were limited.

Every afternoon I'd rape Kelly in new ways, making sure to always incorporate at least one idea I'd forced Sharon to shout at earlier that morning. Every night I'd ride her mother while she watched her suggestions used on her daughter and shouted out new ones, desperately trying to convince me she was ready to play her role convincingly so it could all end. Then every morning, after she'd had a night to think about what she was going to be seeing and construct more well thought out responses we'd do it again. Learning to control her voice so her anguish and horror and terror didn't leak through as she listed ways her daughter should be tormented next.

Making sure Sharon stayed in good physical condition was a concern. I had to ensure she continued eating properly, got sleep, that I didn't leave any injuries on her that would be to obvious... I even stopped dry fucking her as her performances improved, contenting myself with the pleasure of her psychological torment.

I had no such concern with Kelly of course. As the days passed her body was collecting more and more cuts and scrapes and bruises and welts. The incompetent whore took over a week to finally figure out how to get enough control over her gag reflex to stop puking up her breakfast when I raped her throat... which was often since I was restrained from spending much time making Sharon suffocate on my dick... and she dropped some weight. A repeat session forcing her ankles back towards her head while I hammered into her tight young cunt had resulted in what I was guessing was a sprain after I got over-excited pumping cum into her pussy and jammed her legs so far forward something began to tear in the ligaments behind her knee... the sound she'd made then had made me immediately shoot into her mother both times I heard it on the recordings later during our subsequent sessions. Her unbelievable long hair was becoming matted and soiled until I forced her to do something about it, I liked having it loose and easy to work with when I felt like using it for leverage or restraint. And she was breaking... barely trying to avoid me when I entered the room or struggling when I threw her into whatever position I was using her in that day, and I was beginning to have to work harder to get the same levels of screaming and crying out of her... but she wasn't completely broken yet. I was careful to avoid that happening.

After almost two weeks I decided... it was time. Tomorrow was the big day. I had my cock buried in Sharon listening to her attempting to sound enthusiastic and appreciative as she watched the image of Kelly suspended from the ceiling by a short chain and metal cuffs clamped around her ankles. That had left her head dangling down around the knees of the image of me on the screen, facing away from me... until I'd reached down and grabbed her by the hair with both hands and lifted her head back and up, arching her back until her face was pointing straight ahead and giving my cock a straight shot down her throat. Her arms were unbound, she lacked the strength now to come even close to fighting me off and feeling her feebly try just added to the satisfaction of the experience as I'd rammed my shaft all the way down her throat in a single stroke then started rapidly fucking her face, pulling my hips back as I pushed her away from me by her hair, her whole body swaying back then rocking forward again while I pulled her forward and thrust back down her throat, jamming her head back further as I bottomed out and her nose mashed against the bottom of my stomach. The cuffs were digging into the flesh of her ankles, small trickles of blood were slowly dripping down (or rather, up) her legs while her neck bulged around my dick.

"Yes, fuck her little whore throat!" Sharon growled. It was quite good. If I hadn't seen her spend day after day trying to get that type of line out without choking up and collapsing in tears I would have bought that she was getting off on it. "Now hold it in there deep and let her choke on it!". The image of me on the screen kept pumping away, her suggestion unable to be transmitted back in time... although it was a good estimate of my probable actions to come. I would be doing exactly that in about 2 more minutes... the bitch was getting to know me.

That morning Sharon had suggested I do this, had grunted it out while she laid on her back with her head over the edge of the mattress, taking my thrusting cock while she watched the upside down image of me standing with my dick buried balls deep in Kelly's pussy... jamming a tazer into her nipple. Seeing her convulse and scream while she was impaled on my cock.

The only problem was the eyes. I wasn't looking in them right now but if I was I knew what I'd see. Sharon was able, now, to control her expression and give nothing away about what she was really feeling while she watched me rape and torment her daughter... for about 2 minutes. Max. After that, it crept into the eyes. The despair. The depression. The horror at what she was seeing and what she was saying and what she knew was still coming. And I frankly didn't think she was going to beat it. Fortunately, it didn't matter, I had a way around it.

"Very good, Sharon! I must say, you've improved by leaps and bounds during our rehearsal sessions these last many days." I murmured into her ear as I was grinding my hips against her ass with my cock buried up her loose cunt. "In fact, I think I'm giving you your big break. Tomorrow you're getting to do the live performance and try and earn your reward."

She didn't believe me at first, but eventually I got the point across. Once I'd finished up inside her I left her sobbing quietly on the mattress, then returned a little while later... holding the makeup I'd scavenged out of her purse the first night and made it clear before I left for the night that she was expected to look presentable when I came for her tomorrow or the show was cancelled.

It took me quite a while to get to sleep... it was like the night before Christmas.
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Chapter 9: The Performance, Act 1

There was no session with Sharon this morning, she needed to be well rested and prepared... so after tossing in breakfast to both girls I spent some time going over plan in my head for a while until it was time to begin preparing Kelly's cell. She figured out pretty quickly that today wasn't going to be a regular day, cowering where I chained her against the wall in the back of the room while I went about my business... bringing in all the toys and props I was going to need later, more than I had ever brought in at once before. When I brought in the small, low table with it's strategically placed straps I could see her mind working at how I was going to fit her into it.

I unchained her from the wall and dragged her over to the mattress instead, throwing her face down onto it and pinning her on her stomach, then grabbed the restraint I'd left in easy reach. The same one I'd used on her the first time I introduced her to props during my visits, the sleeve that enclosed her arms up the elbows. I forced her back into it again, tightening it down until her elbows met behind her back just like the first time. I hadn't used it again since then, her shoulders hadn't been stretched out any more and she howled in pain as I forced her to move the last few inches. Then I hauled her up and dragged her to the table.

It was just wide enough to support her straining shoulders, and the main section was about 2 feet long, with an extra narrow platform extending from one end that was hinged to either extend and lock or fall to the side and with straps hanging off the sides everywhere. I pushed her back onto it until her head was on the currently extended platform and the other edge of the table was pressing into the middle of her ass cheeks, with her bound together arms being trapped beneath her body. Then I straddled her and sat on her stomach, making her cry out even more as her arms were crushed beneath the weight and her shoulders must have nearly dislocated... if I'd put my full weight on they possibly would have. I secured the first set of straps around her neck, tightening them until they pressed firmly against her throat just above her collar bone. Then I fasted the next two sets across her chest, one above and one below her jutting breasts. Then one more across her lower stomach just above her hips. All three of those I tightened down as much as I could, causing the straps to bite into her already abused flesh. I had more straps available... but I left them off for now and left her legs dangling onto the floor.

With everything in place physically, it was time to set the stage.

"Well Kelly, you might be thinking I'm going to more effort than usual today to prepare things... and you're quite right. You see, today is an unusual day for me. I'm bringing in a visitor! I almost never allow that, someone has to do a lot of convincing before I would even consider letting them share my fun here... but my current employer has managed to impress me. A lot of the things we've been doing together since you arrived have been her ideas and requests you know."

This was the first time I'd referred to the gender of my "employer"... and I could see it hadn't gone unnoticed. She said nothing but her suddenly distracted expression told me she was furiously trying to figure out how any woman she knew could possibly want to see her sexually tormented like this.

"She has been enjoying the video record of our sessions together immensely, but she wants more. She wants to participate, just once. And after arranging for some security precautions I've agreed. Normally even an employer who managed to impress me with their feedback would not be able to get me to agree to this... but in this particular case, well, let's just say having you two in the same room will be incredibly entertaining for me as well and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. She's waiting outside as we speak, she doesn't know the route by which she was brought here, she doesn't know where she is, and she doesn't know what I look like... and when this is over she'll leave the same way so I don't have much to worry about. I'm not a very trusting person you see. But for this one special performance... well, it's worth it.

We'll be back soon girl."

And then I left.

When I crossed into Sharon's cell I could see she'd been working hard. Her hair was, if not fresh from the beauty salon, presentable enough. Her makeup was all on, the evidence of the long days she'd spent crying and screaming well masked. Her naked skin remained unmarked. Her muscle tone, if a little less firm than before, wasn't noticeably different. For all anyone looking at her would know I could have taken out of her house an hour ago and stripped her naked just this moment. Perfect.

I could see the apprehension in her eyes as she looked at me. Oh yes, my little toy had a case of stage fright now that she was looking that live performance in the face... but I gave her better than 3:1 odds of pulling it off. She did after all fully understand the stakes if she didn't.

As I took the collar off her I made sure she didn't lose sight of her situation. The key to Kelly's collar was different, and not here. There was no key that opened the outer door of this area. If she even attempted to overpower me I'd beat her senseless without breaking a sweat then I'd let her spend the next month watching me brutally torture her daughter to death as a punishment. Etc... Then I led her out into the corridor. She could see the steel doors on both sides, the one to Kelly's cell just like hers, the one to the outside heavily reinforced and secured with a combination lock. There was nowhere for her to go. While she composed herself for her performance I gave her last minute instructions to make sure the first few minutes went properly. Those were the vital moments.

Then it was time.

As I walked into Kelly's cell she turned her head, trying to see who this person she'd been told was the reason for her long torment was. I'd placed the table sideways to the door to make sure she could witness the moment she walked in. Then, as I moved to the side and she could see who was following me into the room her eyes bulged, and the expression on her face was priceless.

Turning to the side so I could see Sharon's face I watched her reaction. I'd drilled her for this specific moment over and over, pounding it into her head how she was supposed to react if she wanted to get herself and her daughter out of here... forced her to visualize this meeting over and over again... and there it was. The slow, unconcerned, mocking little smile. Yes!

"OH GOD! Mom! Mom! MOMMY!!!! Oh please, help me! Get me out of here! Please! MOMMY! PLEASE!...."

She couldn't accept it yet, it was too much. She kept screeching for Sharon to save her, and she reacted exactly as I'd instructed her she had to.

"Shut up Kelly." Sharon barked, then turned to me as she continued. "Can we put a hood on her or something? I didn't come here to have her staring at me the whole time."

"Sure thing boss." I replied, with a grin on my face. "Want her gagged too?"

"No. I want to hear her when we get started."

With that I grabbed the thick hood off the wall and then fastened it over Kelly's head. I did it standing on the opposite side of her from Sharon. keeping my eye on her the whole time. She knew she was to stand away from the walls where my toys were but if I turned my back she might still get some last second desperate ideas. The hood was something I'd been working on just for this. It fitted down over the top of her head and down across her eyes to the tip of her nose, leaving an open area around her mouth, straps extended down from the top to a loop that tightened around her neck under the chin... holding it in place. This way I could still play with her hair, which was still falling down onto the ground beneath her head, without obstruction.

Now with the hood on Kelly wouldn't be able to see if Sharon let her expression slip during the session... which she almost certainly would. As long as she kept her big mouth under control this would work perfectly. As I finished securing the hood I gestured at Sharon to get her ass moving. Once we got further into the routine she'd be improving, but there were some things she knew she had to do and the opening sequence of events was one of them. She had this part absolutely committed to memory.

She walked over and grabbed her daughter's tits, one in each hand, and squeezed hard. "Mmmm, you have no idea how long I've wanted to get my hands on these. Ever since this little whore hit puberty her body has been driving me more and more crazy every year. Keeping my hands off and playing the good mother has been torture."

Kelly let out a shocked little gasping sob while Sharon kept rubbing and squeezing a tit with one hand and the other slid down her daughter's stomach and between her legs... then she jabbed two fingers into Kelly's tight little hole and began poking and prodding.

"Oh yeah... shit that's tight. No wonder you look so damn happy whenever I'm watching you fuck her."

Kelly was just mewling and whimpering now, with an occasional whispered "mom" pathetically leaking out... trying to squirm away from her mother's fingers but unable to move more than an inch or two. I watched Sharon's face, sure enough her composure was already cracking. If Kelly got a good look in her eyes now she'd have trouble believing the words coming out of her mouth. But her voice was still under control and it was obviously devastating both of them.

"Damn right" I answered... "Speaking of which, how about we get started?"

"Oh hell yes!"

Christ, the woman deserved a voice acting Oscar or something... all that practice was really paying off. I moved down to Kelly's legs, spreading them wide and stepping up between them. The table was at a height that placed her pussy level with my dick, and I began prodding her pussy. At the same time Sharon moved to her assigned position. I'd placed a low step below the platform Kelly's head was on and Sharon stepped onto it and went up on her toes to lift herself over her daughter's face, then commanded "Open wide baby!" and pressed her pussy down onto Kelly's mouth. Kelly of course immediately clamped her lips shut as soon as she realized what was happening, desperately trying to close her mouth against her mother's cunt, unable to turn her head because it was now clamped firmly between Sharon's thighs.

"Now Kelly," I spoke. "Be a good girl and listen to your mother. You know what I've told you about doing what you're told with your fucking mouth. Open! NOW!" And then I hammered my cock balls deep into her cunt. The girl's mouth snapped open but the cry was muffled by her mother's snatch.

"Ooooh, that felt good. Now LICK ME Kelly! Get your tongue working!" Sharon demanded, as she moved her hands back to her daughter's huge tits and began pinching her nipples.

"Yes Kelly, be an obedient daughter before I have to discipline you. Eat mommy's pussy" I instructed as I began thrusting into her, bouncing her body against the straps, causing her head to shift up and down against Sharon's crotch. I could tell by watching the movement of the muscles in Kelly's jaw and her mother's reaction that she had done as she was told, and was now tasting the inside of her mother's pussy as Sharon ground it into her daughter's face. And she was grinding it with enthusiasm... I'd made it clear to her that a requirement of success today was her cumming on Kelly's face during this first stage so her daughter wouldn't miss it... and that was going to take some work.

In fact, it took damn near 10 minutes. After about 6 or 7 minutes of raping her daughter in front of her while I watched her frantically humping against her little girl's mouth... listening to the slurping sounds of her juices sloshing all over Kelly's tongue while muffled gasps and sobs leaked out... prodding her visually to keep up the verbal performance declaring how hot she was to be sexually tormenting her daughter while she twisted and mauled her breasts... I couldn't hold back. I jammed my cock as deep into Kelly's tight little hole as I could, caught Sharon's gaze and held it then pumped Kelly full of cum while I stared her mother in the eye.

Then I stood back and rested, watching the show until Kelly finally felt her mother cumming against her thrashing tongue. Her hands clenched into claws that dug into the flesh of her little girl's tits and she cried out... still following instructions perfectly. So far it was everything I imagined it would be.
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Chapter 10: The Performance, Act 2

I watched Sharon, trembling and shuddering, sitting on her daughter's face. Her knees must have gone weak for a moment when she came because her weight was fully pressing down and Kelly was obviously having trouble breathing. As much as I was enjoying that image, I had to keep things moving.

"Ha, I can tell you've been waiting to do that for a while! If you still have any strength left we can move on to your next request... I have it right over here." I said aloud as I walked over to the wall and grabbed one of the toys I'd brought in earlier... a large strap on dildo. At 10" long it had me beat by an inch. And even though my cock was thicker than most, 2.5" across, this one was 3".

"Ahhh... yes... let's do it now..." she panted, as she lifted herself off Kelly's face and stepped down. I couldn't entirely tell if she was just out of breath or a little choked up... her eyes were getting teary... but if I couldn't tell looking right at her then Kelly wouldn't notice anything. I tossed the strap-on to her and watched her put it on as I walked up to Kelly's head, reached down, and flipped the release on the platform under her head. It dropped against the side of the table immediately and Kelly's head flopped back as her gasp of surprise interrupted her crying whimpering. I gave her no time to lift it back up, grabbing her by the hair on both sides of her head and pressing it back against the side of the table, leaving her mouth at the perfect height.

"Open Kelly. Right. Now."

Her response to that command had become instinctive by this point, and her jaw gaped wide. I took my now soft cock in hand and placed it in her mouth, then pressed my crotch forward until her head was pinned between me and the table.

"Now suck Kelly. And use your tongue, get me good and hard again, we can't leave all the fun to your mom now can we?"

There was more muffled whimpering in response, then her tongue started sliding across my dick and her cheeks went hollow as she started sucking strongly while she worked hard to breath though her nose. I felt each gust of breath through her nostrils blowing across my balls. Meanwhile I'd continued keeping my eye on Sharon with an expression that made it clear she better not try delaying, and she had finished strapping up and moved between her daughter's legs. The proportions of the huge rubber cock and Sharon's small body made it look like she had a large club sticking out of her body.

"Get ready you little slut, here comes mommy" she announced ... as she pressed the head of the dildo against Kelly's already well fucked pussy then immediately pressed in hard. This had been part of her instructions as well. Any attempt to be gentle, any indication she was doing less than pounding her daughter's cunt with all her strength, and she fails. The huge rubber shaft flexed for a moment as Kelly's tight, abused hole was forced wider than it ever had been before, then it popped in and the shaft slammed into her so hard the table rocked back against me, crushing Kelly's face against my crotch. I'd given Kelly's little cunt some stretching but it was still far too tiny to take that monster, and when it smashed into her cervix with half the length still to go it caught Sharon by surprise as she was trying to follow through on almost half a foot more of stroke. Sharon grunted with the effort of her thrust and her daughter screamed around my gradually hardening shaft. Her legs thrashed on either side of her mother's body, and a look of horror flashed across Sharon's face as she fully realized what had happened. She'd seen me raping the shit out of Kelly night after night but she'd never figured out how freakishly small that pussy was until this moment. Then with another threatening reminder look from me mommy frantically went to work, jerking back then smashing forward as hard and fast as she could. She was so desperate to convince me she wasn't holding back she was almost out of control.

While I watched her bruising assault on her daughter's cunt I felt my cock growing further into Kelly's mouth, stretching past her tongue and beginning to press into her howling throat as it hardened, muffling her screams. I held my body firmly against her face as she continued following my orders to suck and lick my shaft even as it began cutting off her air, and reached down and gathered a handful of hair from each side of her head, then brought them both around the sides of the table and handed them back towards Sharon...

"Hey Boss, I remember you said you really enjoyed it when I took this little whore by the hair... if you do it now you can get even better leverage and really hammer into her."

Pure hatred flashed across her expression for just a moment before she got control of herself again, then she grabbed both lengths of hair... "Oh, I am going to love this" she grated out. To Kelly it undoubtedly sounded eager and sadistic, of course she didn't know where the aggression in it was really directed.

At my gestured coaxing she wrapped each length around the palms of her hand until it was tight and secure, then on her next stroke she yanked back hard and pulled herself into the thrust. I'd let Kelly's head come up just an inch or so first and the pull slammed her skull back into the table side with an audible little *crack* that was mostly covered by the newly heightened scream of pain she forced out of her stuffed mouth. I was almost fully hard again now and I'd slid a couple inches into her throat. I reached down and stroked her neck where I could see the bulge of my cock, then I pulled back half way and started thrusting into her, matching my strokes to her mother's so we both slammed into her from opposite ends at the same time, impaling her between us.

Where the last exercise had ended with Sharon cumming on Kelly's face, I'd made it clear to her that this one ended when I finished. And just having finished pumping a hot young pussy full of cum I was drawing it out. I kept pace with Sharon for at least 10 minutes making her relentlessly rape Kelly's cunt and periodically verbally abuse her before I decided to end it, she was panting hard and slowing down now, sweat was beading on her forehead and dripping down her face as she desperately continued thrust after thrust, determined not to fail by stopping before I did. Kelly sounded like she was dying... her breath rasping in and out of her tortured airway between thrusts of my shaft down her throat, her legs now hanging limply off the table. I caught Sharon's eye then reached down and wrapped my hands around her little girl's throat and squeezed, cutting off her air completely, putting the pressure high up under her chin. On the next stroke of my cock into her throat I could feel the tight squeezing on my shaft from the pressure of my hands. Kelly no longer had the strength to thrash or struggle with any real energy but she began weakly wriggling and twitching and making strangled gurgling noises. Sharon was no longer pulling her hair tight so as I pistoned into her the back of her skull was bouncing off the side of the table with a rapid series of *thud*s before I let loose and filled her throat with sperm, then let her go and pulled out.

She hacked and coughed and spit a stream of cum and saliva out onto her face and it ran up her nose and under her hood into her eyes then gasped for breath with a tortured wheezing, and Sharon pulled out of her pussy and collapsed onto her knees between Kelly's dangling legs, breathing heavily.

It was time for a little break.
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Chapter 11: The Performance, Closing Act

"The little fucktoy really eats up a lot of your energy doesn't she? You look like you're ready to fall over after that pounding you just gave her, why don't you lie down over here and we'll get our strength back up?" I told Sharon, making it clear with a look that this was an order and not the kind suggestion or request I was making it sound like for her daughter's benefit while I pointed at Kelly's mattress.

As she walked past me on her way there I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in close to whisper in her ear...

"Very good so far Sharon, almost there now. A little further and you'll get both of you out of here. But the last part is going to be the roughest... so you damn well better keep it together or I'll make you beg for me to go this *easy* on you. Nod if you understand." ...she jerked her head up and down while she continued breathing heavily, then I let her go and she flopped down on her back on the rumpled sheets, tears streaming down her face but holding in any audible crying.

I started unstrapping Kelly from the table, beginning at her neck and working down her body... then I hauled her off it and onto her feet. She was still too weak to do anything more than gasp as I yanked her up then led her blindly stumbling over to the toilet then pushed her face down across it sideways so her stomach was across the bowl with her ass in the air. I'd spent every day and night since I'd acquired these two exercising iron self control avoiding doing either of them in their rear. During all our sessions never once had I even expressed any interest in taking either of them up the ass and Sharon had stayed away from the subject in all the suggestions I'd pressured out of her. I'd let her believe that maybe I just wasn't interested in going there... of course nothing was further from the truth. I was just holding back a surprise. And having made myself wait this long for it I planned on making it really special.

" I know you kept saying you wanted to see this Sharon... I was saving it but I think since you're here this would be an excellent time to take Kelly's last cherry. Don't get up though, " I said aloud, with a warning glare at her as she began to realize what was coming and moved like she was going to come to her feet... "she needs some preparation first to make this really fun. You're going to love this."

"I can't wait!" she blurted out when my visual cues to her made it clear she better respond. Then I reached down and grabbed the rubber hose from where I'd left it on the floor earlier along with three other bits of equipment. Kelly was still sporadically hacking as she regained her breath, and whimpering and mewling in pain and horror. She didn't seem to be too focused on what I was doing... but that would change fast. I took the end of the hose and pressed it against her asshole and she immediately clenched tight trying to keep it out and found her voice again as she squealed "AhhhAHHHH NOOOONoNoNononononononono... oh god NOOOOOO not there please mommy please pleasepleaseplease!!!!"

She was trying to twist and thrash her ass away from me so I shifted around and sat on her, pinning her bound arms against her back under me, which got me a scream. I watched Sharon's horrified face as I increased the pressure on the hose and started forcing it into Kelly's virgin ass. That was only a guess of course, but the little cock tease had never even sucked cock before I got my hands on her so it was a safe bet, and she was sure reacting like I'd expect.

"I'm not a big fan of getting shit all over my cock, and we could both use a break anyway... so I'm using the time to do a little cleaning in there. My own special method. Just sit back and enjoy the show!"

I jammed the hose several inches deep in her screaming daughter's rectum then reached down again, coming back up with a funnel and attaching it to the other side. Then I checked my watch. It had been about 2 hours since I'd prepared the next item... that was close enough to how long I'd guessed it would take to reach this point.

"See, the trick is Sharon, you have to get the temperature right. Too cool, and you're just not really cleaning properly you know? Too hot and, well, third degree scalding burns to the intestinal tract would definitely put her in shock and knock her out and possibly kill her... and either way she becomes a much less entertaining fuck right? A mildly scalded rectum on the other hand... well, with the help of some smelling salts to keep our little plaything here awake and aware just in case, that's just a recipe for fun!"

As I spoke I took the lid off the thermos, and steam immediately curled out of the opening. Kelly was going crazy underneath me now, and Sharon was clearly doing everything in her power not to cry out in anguish. I really was pushing things a little here, I gave her a 50/50 chance of holding it together through this... but once I thought of it I just had to experience it.

This should be about 115 degrees. Now, for an adult exposed to the external skin that's not too bad. Most people set a hot tub around 105... 115, well it would be uncomfortable to stay in too long but tolerable for a quick dip. Of course this isn't going to be external. If you put a baby in 115 degree water they'll have 3rd degree burns in 5 minutes... because their skin is so thin and unweathered you see. I'm not quite sure how the inside of little Kelly's ass here compares but we're going to find out!"

And then I began dumping the water into the funnel. No attempt to draw it out or ease her into it, just poured it in. I watched the fluid flow through the clear hose and then disappear into her twitching clenching asshole... then 3 seconds later Kelly made a sound like you'd expect to hear from a cat being burned alive. A yowling, tearing, piercing rough voiced howl that bounced off the walls as her body convulsed under me. I had to brace one hand against the wall to keep from being thrown off. She was grinding her ribs into the porcelain edge of the bowl and her bound arms were twisting and wrenching under me and she didn't seem to even take any notice. I kept the funnel in the air with my other hand as the water kept draining out into her bowels. Her hooded head was thrashing around wildly, her hair flying, her scream just going on and on until she's emptied all the air out of her lungs, then she gasped in and howled some more.

Sharon's face was all screwed up with her eyes squeezed tight and her hands clenched in the sheets as she fought not to scream at me to stop. I watched the last of the water flow down the hose, then waited, holding it there as Kelly's wailing and thrashing continued undiminished... watching Sharon for signs she was going to crack. One minute.... two minutes... the struggles were getting weaker but the screams weren't letting up although they were getting more and more hoarse. Sharon was beginning to tremble and shake... I stood up, grabbed Kelly by the hair with one hand, and hauled her upright then pushed her down so she was sitting on the toilet... then yanked hard on the hose, ripping it out of her ass. I had to hold her up as she voided her bowels into the bowl, she was too weak to sit up herself but her screams never let up at all. Eventually I pulled her off the seat and let her drop to the floor where she finally substituted wrenching sobs for the screams as she weakly twitched and rolled around in agony.

I still wasn't hard again yet, the previous two rapid fire performances had really taken it out of me... but I was definitely feeling a stir. I got a large handful of toilet paper and gave her ass a swipe to clear away any lingering results of my cleaning then I grabbed one of Kelly's ankles and dragged her across the floor towards where her mother was still gripping the sheets in her fists so hard her nails might be driving through them. "Here, it's going to be a little while still before I can start in on her but no reason you shouldn't get going ahead of me. Why don't you just lie back and we'll let you keep enjoying your little girl the way you should have been able to all these years you've been holding yourself back." I gestured for her to get on her back and spread her legs, then I lifted Kelly up the hair and one ankle and swung her over her mother head to toe, then lowered her down face first into Sharon's crotch, letting her legs come down on either side of her mother's head as I waggled my tongue at Sharon and made it clear what her role was now. Somehow she was still managing not to give herself away audibly, and as her daughter's swollen red pussy came down over her face she obediently grabbed her around her waist and then buried her tongue in Kelly's cunt and gave a good approximation of an enthusiastic "Mmmmm".

I pushed Kelly's face down into her mother's pussy and hissed at her. "You know what do, you've already been here once. Get to work or we're going to clean you out again, and this time the water will be boiling. Understand?"

Kelly immediately shoved her face against Sharon's cunt and started desperately working her with her tongue, in a complete panic at the thought of what I'd just threatened. Satisfied, I moved around to her ass and watched Sharon licking and sucking on her daughter's abused twat as she glared up at me, seeing Kelly's spasming asshole winking up at me. It was redder now, almost glowing, and still wet. My dick began getting firmer as I continued enjoying the show. With me keeping an eye on her Sharon kept up the vocal act as the minutes ticked by, letting out appreciative sounding moans. When I watched her bark "work that clit with your tongue you stupid bitch!" I decided I'd really outdone myself with her rehearsals and training. This was actually going to work.

After some time my cock was standing tall and hard again. I reached down and spread Kelly's firm soft ass cheeks wide with both hands and pressed the head of my dick against her sphincter. It immediately clenched tight as Kelly began letting out high pitched squeals and little whimpered "nonononono"s, then I pressed in hard. Twisting to the side so I could look down past my shaft to see Sharon watching my cock force its way into her daughter's asshole. Her body was trembling with the effort of trying to keep me out but her tiny little asshole started stretching around the head of my cock, then I suddenly popped inside as Kelly screamed in agony. I immediately grabbed her by the waist then yanked back on her hard as I drove myself balls deep into her ass, feeling her still burning hot rectum squeezing my dick. Her sphincter was spasming and clenching around the base of my shaft like a vice as she howled at the pain of having her scalded little shitter violently penetrated. I pressed down hard, grinding her pussy into Sharon's mouth and pounded into her fast and hard, jolting her entire body with each thrust. Sharon's head was being hammered down into the mattress underneath her as I tore into Kelly's ass. After only about 30 seconds she went quiet and limp... she'd passed out from the pain and trauma. I spent another half a minute tearing into her anyway, enjoying the fact that I'd managed to actually rape her unconscious as her body flopped and bounced on top of Sharon. Then I pulled out.

"Just hold on right there for one second..." I said cheerfully as I grabbed the smelling salts I'd prepared just in case this very thing happened. "No need to stop eating that delicious young pussy Sharon, I'm just going to wake up our little plaything."

I popped open the vial and pressed it under Kelly's nose, then as her breathing quickened hauled back and gave her a hard smack across the face for good measure and she snapped awake... disoriented for a moment but the horrified wailing and whimpering started up in moments as she felt her mother still driving her tongue into her cunt and the lingering agony in her ass. I grabbed her head to hold her still and kept the vial jammed against her nostril for a while longer to make sure she was nice and alert again. "Wakey wakey Kelly, can't have you drifting off on us during mommy's visit now can we? You don't want to miss any of it! She went to a lot of trouble to come see you today. Now just hold on a minute and I'll put that tight little ass of yours back to work." I murmured into her ear, then set aside the salts and stepped back around behind her.

"Oh god please stop! STOP! PLEASE Mommy, please stop this please... please... please... don't let him put it back in there. I'm gonna DIE! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?!?!?!?" she shrieked. I mouthed the required response to Sharon as I lined my dick back up with Kelly's abused little shithole... I noticed a bit of blood, I'd managed to tear something.

"Shut up bitch!" Sharon barked out the line I'd fed her. And just as she finished with "Eat my pussy!" I pounded the full length of my cock back up inside that gorgeous young ass. Over the scream that followed I yelled "You heard your mother, move your tongue or I get the hose again!" and I saw her head dart down immediately as I began punishing her asshole again. Her sphincter was gripping my shaft so tightly it was being pulled out and pushed in again with every stroke. As I drew out it felt like I was pulling her inside out, then I shoved her back in as my cock thrust into her again and buried itself in her hot flesh. I hammered into her with long hard strokes for a minute or two... then pulled out and watched her asshole quickly shrink together until it closed, then I rammed it open again to the sound of more screaming and continued slamming into her.

Being my third performance of the day it took a good 15 minutes before I was ready to wrap things up. My cock was coated in a red film from her bleeding rectum, Sharon had come again after about 10 minutes, which was 5 minutes after I made it clear to her that it was required and she'd reached down and grabbed Kelly's hair to grind her face into her pussy. I felt the pressure building and buried myself deep while I pumped what little cum I had left into that firm, tight little ass then pulled out with a wet "plop" noise. I held Kelly's ass down, pressing her cunt into Sharon's face as I watched her torn up ass slowly recover and shrink tight again... then a small dibble of white spunk began trickling out of it, then slid down and dripped onto Sharon's face.

I reached up and grabbed a handful of Kelly's hair then puller her up and off of Sharon. "Mmmmm, now that was one hell of a conjugal visit!" I said, as Sharon rolled away, then I tossed Kelly back down on the mattress where she curled up and cried. "But, time's up I'm afraid. We need to go arrange for your trip out of here. So, say good-bye and I'll make sure you get a copy of all the video like always."

"Bye-bye Kelly." Sharon managed to grate out, then I led her out the door and closed it behind us. Sharon broke into uncontrollable sobs as soon as the door clicked closed and fell to her knees... so I dragged her back to her cell by the hair and slapped her collar back on. "Congratulations! That was a hell of a performance! All that practice really paid off. In fact, you have successfully won your freedom Sharon, how about that? One little week to go then it's off home."

I knew she heard me, but there was no reaction except more sobbing and crying.

"Well, I'll leave you to enjoy your accomplishment. I'll see you tomorrow."
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Chapter 11: The After-Party.

I took the rest of the day "off" after mommy's visit to her little girl, mentally I was up for more inside of an hour, especially when I started going over the recordings and editing them... but I was completely drained physically. So I just finished cleaning up some of the aftermath of the performance in Kelly's cell with her curled up in a whimpering ball the entire time I was in there, caught up on more work, tossed some meals in to the girls so they could get some strength back, and then lounged around resting up.

Finally, that night after dinner it was time to go visit Sharon.

She looked awful. She must have been crying for hours after I left, her face was all puffy and red and she looked like... well, like someone had just forced her to participate in the enthusiastic brutal raping of her daughter. But there was just a little glimmer of something there too. She was counting the days now, one week and out. She saw light at the end of the tunnel.

"Well, hey there Sharon. Been enjoying your achievement? I would if I were you, hell of a show! Don't get too excited yet though... like I said, one week. And you know, you've had it much easier than little Kelly has so far, what with me needing to keep you all presentable. Now it's time to get you caught up." I announced.


He he.

"Now now, don't misbehave. You wouldn't want me to change my mind about my generous offer now would you?"

That shut her up fast.

"Now, get on your knees. That's right, kneel bitch. Now bend forward and put your tits on the ground. Keep your ass in the air! That's right. Now arms behind your back..."

She obediently complied with all my instructions, terrified by the thought that I'd go back on our deal if she pissed me off. Once she was in position I walked over and grabbed one of her arms and slid it into the restraint I'd carried in with me. The same one I'd had on Kelly earlier that day.

"You recognize this, right Sharon? I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to identify more with Kelly." I continued as I shoved her other arm in and began drawing the laces tight. She was, surprisingly enough, more flexible than her daughter. It was probably the narrower shoulders, but she only started really protesting and mewling a bit when I drew her elbows that last inch together.

"Now, the first time I put Kelly in this I spent quite a while working over those magnificent tits of hers... but let's face it, her chest is in a whole different league than yours is so I think I'' just leave you lying on yours for a while. I've got a different idea for you, this should definitely get you a long way towards having your treatment evened out with hers at least." As I finished speaking I landed a hard swat on her upturned ass that made her squeal, then I jammed a couple fingers in her cunt and roughly jiggled them around for a while just for the hell of it... then I went out into the hall and came back with the hose, funnel, and thermos... making sure Sharon saw them.

"Oh god no... no please please don't please no no no no no no...."

She probably couldn't help herself, even though she obviously knew nothing she said was making a difference. I set them down over by the toilet then walked over and grabbed her. As I pulled her across the room her begging and pleading got louder and she started sobbing, she was trying to resist me but without her arms she had no chance. I shoved her down across the bowl and sat on her back, grinding her stomach and ribs into the rim, then immediately grabbed the hose and jammed it up her ass hard. It went in easier than with her daughter, but it was still a tight fit. She was wailing now, her voice getting higher and higher pitched as she struggled to escape from underneath me.

"Brace yourself, here it comes!"

And then I poured.

She might have taken the hose easier, but when the burning hot water hit the inside of her rectum she went every bit as wild as her daughter had, screaming and thrashing, it felt like I was in the rodeo. I finished emptying the thermos into her then held on while she jerked and spasmed and screamed underneath me. Sticking my dick in Kelly was much more enjoyable than fucking her mother... but I found hearing Sharon scream much more satisfying. She was, after all, the focus of my wrath. I got so wrapped up in appreciating it I kept her ass filled at least 2 minutes longer than I had with Kelly. Then I sat her up and yanked the hose, then tossed her on the floor once she was empty.

I watched her trembling and wailing on the ground for a while as I hooked a length of chain and a clamp to the ceiling, then pushed her over on her stomach and kicked her legs apart to give her a wipe with a handful of toilet paper. The flushing did a pretty good job of cleaning things out but I'm not one of those watersports freaks... can't stand getting shit all over myself. Once I was done I pulled her to her feet and pushed her into the middle of the room. I bent her over until her head was at the same height as my waist, which lifted her arms into the air behind her back. Then the clamp on the chain snapped around a metal ring on her restraints, near her wrists. It was just long enough that it held her arms away from her back about an inch.

She was still whimpering and sobbing, and her asshole was red and twitching as I placed the head of my cock against it, then I grabbed her by the hips and drove my dick forward as I pulled her back into me. Her sphincter gave way much faster than Kelly's had, but then my cock hit her burning hot scalded rectum and she howled just as hard as Kelly had. Her knees started to give way and I got a hard grip on her waist to hold her up as I started driving into her, but I only got a half dozen strokes in before she passed out. My grip on her waist kept her ass in the air, and the chain on her restraints I kept her upright enough that I could keep burying my shaft in her tight asshole. I couldn't use the smelling salts this time, So I snaked one arm under her to hold her up then wound up and started beating on her with my free hand, spanking her ass, her back, leaving glowing red handprints all over her body on either side of her arms while she limply bounced around on the end of my cock. I had to make sure to take enough of her wait that she didn't suffocate herself on her collar.. and finally the beating brought her around again and she regained consciousness and resumed her crying and screaming.

After a couple more minutes of stabbing my shaft into her asshole I took a step back, pulling her with me. The chain pulled her arms up a couple inches and she screamed louder while I kept pistoning into her, jerking her body back into me with each thrust and making her swing and bounce at the end of the chain. Then I edged back some more... then more... then more... Sharon was wailing louder and her voice was getting frantic. Her upper body was bending down towards the floor as her arms were forced higher and higher. As the chain was pulled further sideways her feet began lifting off the ground as I pulled her back until she was bent almost double as far as she could go as I slammed up her throbbing, burning ass.

I pulled back again and she lifted another inch off the ground and her arms pulled further away from her body... grinding her shoulder blades together harder and putting more stress on her shoulder joints. She was kicking her legs on either side of me now that they were clear of the ground. I slowly edged back another foot as I kept pounding away at her... feeling the strain in my own arms now from holding her up as I bounced her off my cock. I pulled out until only the tip of my dick was pressed into her twitching asshole then yanked her back hard onto my shaft and she let out a howl then found enough breath to start begging.

"Oh god stop! STOP! No more! PLEASE! I CAN'T GO ANY FARTHER!" she wailed...

"Wanna bet?"

I buried myself balls deep in her spasming asshole then got a good firm grip on her waist and her voice rose higher and higher as she started screaming "no no no No No No No NO NONONONO!!!!" and I took a good step back and hauled her with me. There was a moment of resistance and her words vanished into incoherent screams just before there was an audible *POPPOP* and her body twisted and jerked as her left shoulder dislocated a half second before her right and suddenly she pulled into me as her arms yanked straight out towards the center of the ceiling where the chain was anchored. I thrust into her hard for several more seconds before she passed out again.

After a little while longer I carried her unconscious body forward again, unclipped the chain, and dropped her off my dick and to the floor. Then I removed the restraints and her arms flopped onto the floor by her side. I flipped her onto her back and sat on her stomach, then slapped her across the face several times and got no reaction beyond a faint moan. I grabbed both her nipples and twisted hard, then pulled up... stretching her tits out until her shoulders left the floor then dropping her again. She began moaning groggily. Good enough... I ducked outside and came back in with the smelling salts.

I shifted down and grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders, then pressed back into her asshole and pounded my cock into her again and she started waking up, letting out a pained grunt then a rising wail as she became aware of what was happening again. She tried to lift her arms to push me away then screamed as they dropped back to the floor. I took the smelling salts and sprinkled some directly inside her nostrils, I wanted her awake and aware as I finished up. I began taking long, hard strokes... pulling almost all the way out then pounding back down and slamming her into the floor as I plowed into her ass as I grabbed her left arm with one hand and her left shoulder with the other.

"You know, we really should set this."

"N....!" she began, but I was already moving and as my next thrust stabbed into her I jerked her arm out and jammed her shoulder back into the socket. She screamed and bucked underneath me as her asshole contracted around my cock and I felt myself getting ready to blow... so I quickly reached across and grabbed her other arm.

"AAAAAAaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGHHHHHHH.... NO NO NO STOOOOOPPPPP!" And I jammed her other shoulder back in and her eyes rolled up in her head as she howled and thrashed against me and I exploded into her bowels.

"Mmmmm, now that's more like it..." I said, as I pulled out and left her sprawled on the floor as I began gathering my toys. "This next week is going to be all kinds of fun."

As I was walking out the door I paused and turned back.

"Oh, I completely forgot. You'll never believe the stupid thing I did earlier. After I brought you back here and leaned up I went back to tidy up Kelly's cell, and I was so tired from our little performance that I completely forgot to put my mask on and she saw my face. Looks like you're the only one with a ticket out Sharon, I'll just have to hang on to your little girl. My bad! But don't worry, I won't let that brilliant performance of yours go to waste, I can keep playing along with it... oh, forever I'm sure. Well, see you tomorrow!"

And I was off to bed, with a giant grin on my face.
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That is bar none the best story I have read in a LONG long time, Nem, very descriptive and excellently written! I was captivated from start to finish! Whether you change your mind and add to this story or write others, I will be looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future! + Rep!
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Originally Posted by jwham View Post
That is bar none the best story I have read in a LONG long time, Nem, very descriptive and excellently written! I was captivated from start to finish! Whether you change your mind and add to this story or write others, I will be looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future! + Rep!
Thanks jwham. I'm brainstorming my next victim/storyline now actually so maybe I'll have something else to post before too long. Probably won't be quite this length though...

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