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Default Lowlife Trailer Trish

Trish had moved into the trailer before the miscarriage. Her boyfriend Colt had promised he'd find something better before the baby was born, but when she lost the pregnancy, he jumped into his pickup and drove to his cousin's farm in Ohio without even saying goodbye. She couldn't go home, either because her father had thrown her out when he found out she was pregnant. It still stung to remember how he shouted scripture and called her a whore as she walked away from the cement block house of her childhood.

She had an incredible body with a great face and if she'd had guidance, money, or ambition she could have turned it into a decent life. She had the kind of body that a girl can only be born with, and that guys will do whatever is necessary to fuck. Long auburn hair, large hazel eyes, and big pouty lips that belonged wrapped around a cock. All the necessary traits to extract almost anything out of a man and live like a princess.

Bu instead she was nowhere. The trailer wasn't even in a trailer park. Her landlord was the owner of a junkyard and he had parked the trailer a stone's throw from the rotting hulks of cars that were virtually worthless the day they were dumped into the weeds. The trailer itself was refuse; Quentin, her landlord had been paid to take it off a lot that was being developed into real houses. He had dragged it back here and set it on blocks that were sinking unevenly into the ground, making the floor crooked.


Jimmy, Mike, and Rob were gearheads who knew every interesting car in the surrounding five counties. Jimmy had brought them here tonight for beer and a bit of sightseeing.

"See?" Jimmy said. "It's a Studebaker. It's probably been here since our Dads were kids."

"There's one of those Impalas with the flat fins," Mike said.

They came to a small clearing by a derelict UPS van and set up their lawn chairs. They had just graduated from Vo-Tech together and were working but had another two years before they could drink in a bar. Rob's older brother was old enough so he bought them beer, but because they all still lived with their parents, they were stuck finding places like this to drink. They were all pretty loose when there was an awkward pause in the conversation.

"This fucking blows," Rob said.

"What do you mean? Mike asked.

"I busted my ass changing truck clutches all week and I can't even watch TV while I have a beer," Rob complained.

Mike agreed, "Yeah, this is ridiculous. I put in overtime and I can't relax like an adult."

"Okay, you two, stop whining. You sound like little girls," Jimmy laughed.

"Fuck you," Rob said with annoyance.

"Yeah, quit being an asshole," Mike said.

Jimmy laughed again, unfazed. "Gentlemen, the reason I brought you here tonight is not to look at cars. Tonight, there's entertainment."

"Okay..." Rob said, clearly interested.

"There's a crappy old trailer over there that has something special inside," Jimmy said, tantalizingly. "I could tell you more, but why don't we go have a look?"

They made their way through the weeds and briars to the trailer site and the patch of crabgrass that was supposed to be a lawn. There were junk bicycles, bags of trash and a clothesline that stretched from the trailer to a weeping willow. There was the tinny sound of a small TV playing "The Bachelor" and the rumble of a washer on the spin cycle.

Jimmy motioned to the others to follow and he led them to a spot near the front corner of the trailer. A sliver of light shone through a rusty crack along the bottom edge. The crack stopped and started and there were enough openings for all of them to look.

"That's Patricia Ettinger!" Rob said, barely able to maintain a whisper.

"I heard she got knocked up," Mike said.

"She doesn't look knocked up to me," Jimmy said, beaming. "She was supposed to marry Colt Davis, but he skipped out on her. Maybe she had an abortion or something."

Trish sat filing her nails under the yellow glow of a bare light bulb that cast hard-edged shadows onto the snot-green carpet. She was wearing a towel around her head and a bathrobe that she hadn't bothered to close. Her tits were the stuff of legend in high school and they weren't a disappointment now. Satisfied with her fingernails she uncrossed her legs and put one foot up on the end table. All three voyeurs got a good, long, look at her pussy. She had let it go to meadow in the weeks after Colt left, but fresh out of the shower it was an inviting pink, wet slit. The boys were mesmerized.

The washer's buzzer sounded and she got up to gather her wet laundry. Only Rob had the presence of mind to know what came next. "She's coming out to the clothesline," he said in a panicked whisper.

"Fuck! Let's get out of here!" Jimmy said.

Only two of them had made it across the yard by the time she came out. Rob and Jimmy were watching from the bushes as she hung up the wash. Long, shapely legs stepped lightly along as she pulled clothespins from the pocket of her robe. They waited a long time before Rob said "What do you want to do?"

"There's nothing we can do," said Jimmy. "We'll have to wait it out."

"Fuck that," Rob said, "My sister only lives a couple of miles away. I'll walk out to the main road and call her to come get me."

"Fine, go. I'll wait for Mike and give him a ride home." Even as Jimmy spoke, Rob had already turned to leave and then tripped over a car door, making an awful racket of dented metal and broken underbrush.

"Who's there?" Trish shouted, trying not to sound afraid.

Rob and Jimmy froze solid, wondering what to do next.
Trish dropped her laundry and stepped backwards, away from the noise. She was only a few feet from the trailer when everything went black.

Mike had thrown his denim jacket over her head and was using the sleeves as a garrote while she blindly kicked and clawed in a futile attempt to escape. Her robe fell open, exposing her jiggling tits and her light brown muff. Jimmy jumped immediately to join in and Rob only paused a moment before doing the same. Jimmy held the screen door open as the other two dragged her flailing body into the trailer. Once inside Jimmy grabbed an ugly throw pillow, pulled out a buck knife and gutted it. He cut eye holes in it, put it over his head and made two more hoods for his friends. Once their faces were covered Mike took the jacket off Trish's head.
She screamed when she saw her hooded assailants, moving Jimmy to stuff a sock from the laundry into her mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, whore!" Jimmy yelled raising his fist, "or I'll flatten your fucking nose!"

They laid her out on the open sofa bed. The sock dropped out almost immediately but Trish obeyed and didn't scream. "What do you want?" she asked in a quivering voice.

Jimmy chuckled. "We not here for your antiques and fine silverware."
Mike and Rob laughed, too.

"You only have one valuable possession, and we're taking it." Jimmy stuck his middle finger into her pussy. "Fuck, she's dry."

Jimmy unzipped her purse and turned it over. Among the items that spilled out was an unopened tube of KY jelly. Jimmy dangled it in front of her face and said with a sneer, "Nice that you're prepared, but Colt's not coming back."

She burst into tears and covered her face. Mike pulled them away and pinned them to the bed while Rob held her ankles.

"Awwww. I didn't mean to make you cry," Jimmy mocked. "You'll get a new boyfriend. Look, there's three here right now!"

Her bawling intensified as Jimmy cut away her robe with his knife. "Okay if I go first?" Jimmy asked, glancing to the others.

"Sure," Rob said, "but how are we going to hold her legs?"

"We don't need to," Jimmy said confidently. Jimmy held his knife to her throat and she went silent. Only her rapid panting could be heard as he explained, "You're going to spread those long legs and let us fuck you, or you're getting fucked with this, instead."

He scratched the point of the big, gleaming knife down, between her tits, over her stomach, and through her bush and started playing with her inner labia. She clamped her eyes shut and it was all she could do to avoid peeing as the cold, metal blade poked and slid between her folds. She cried silently and spread her legs.
Jimmy's boner popped out of his pants as he unzipped his fly. He opened the KY jelly and stuck the nozzle into her cunt. A generous squeeze got her sloppy wet and he rubbed the ooze around her opening. He slid his cock into her and it was nirvana. Her hole was still deliciously tight. She writhed with his cock inside her, trying to be somewhere else, but unable to escape from feeling his erection getting harder inside her.
An unwelcome distraction came when Mike hit her in the face with his cock and said "Open up."
She complied and the full length of his member was pushed down her throat. She ceased to worry that she was feeling violated and was in fear for her life as his penis blocked her windpipe and his scrotum covered her nose. Mike pulled out often enough to let her breath, but kept reaming her throat until he was ready to come.
Jimmy was the first to explode, plunging balls-deep and shooting his load deep inside her pelvis. Mike followed soon after, emptying his semen into her throat as she clutched at the mattress and prayed for it to be over so she could breathe.

Jimmy and Mike stood up as Trish coughed and caught her breath. As she hacked up Mike's load Jimmy's semen was pushed from her vagina.

Rob looked down with disgust at the mixture of jizz and KY and said, "Gross. I'm not sticking my dick in there."

Instead, he pushed her ankles up by her ears, exposing her perfect little anus. It was a sweet innocent hole; cute, really, but it wouldn't be when he was done. He used the last of the KY on his cock and pushed its head into her ass. At first Trish just thought it felt strange, but when he pushed all of it into her rectum she couldn't help but scream. Rob gave her the back of his hand which shut her up and bloodied her nose. He pounded her asshole, sweat dripping into her face until with an animalistic grunt he pumped his sticky, white, wad into her ass.

Trish was limp as they stood up and Jimmy said, "Let's go." They quickly made their way out as Trish put her hand between her legs. Her rectum had torn and she was bleeding onto dingy sheets. The trio of rapists was halfway across the yard when they heard the screen door slam. Rob spun around to see Trish stagger after them.

She put her hands on his chest and said "I don't have a phone! I'm bleeding and I need a doctor!"

Rob recoiled at her touch and gave her a mighty shove, saying, "Get away from me!"

She stumbled backward several feet and landed on the bags of garbage that had been accumulating for over a month. She laid there and sobbed, listening to their footsteps running through the brush, and then a V8 engine rumbling away.

She stayed there till morning, waiting with the rest of the trash.

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Good read
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A little short but it's worth reading. Could be more. The landlord could get some piece by blackmailing and coercing her.
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Good to read...
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