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Default Green With Sexy Evil (Open to Anyone Who Is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan!)

(Decided to start this after watching the Green With Evil Saga from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for old times sake. This RP is open to anyone who has had the same vision as me...that when Tommy was the Evil Green Ranger, you were kind of rooting for him to kidnap Kimberly - the Pink Ranger - to make her exclusively his! Please, please if you were a fan of MMPR and you were like me for this kind of fantasy, please join me!

Basically the Evil Green Ranger could kidnap Kimberly after she learns who he is just to keep her quiet. He could also have decided to kidnap her after making a deal with Rita, saying that he would work with her as long as he can have Kimberly as his pet/playtoy/partner! Nothing too drastic that would be out of character for Tommy like no severe abuse...maybe a couple piercings, drugs to make her compliant until there is a spell that can tie them together so she could never break away from him to run away with the other Rangers, a branding to mark her as his...that sort of thing!)


He had always wanted her. From the first day he saw her in the school hallways and then the Juice Bar. He had watched her as she practiced her gymnastics and secretly smiled to himself when he saw the way she bent and moved. He could often feel his cock jump as he watched her turn and do back bends, imagining what she would feel like doing those types of moves while pleasing him.

During a fight with the Rainbow Colored Fighters known as the Power Rangers, he was surprised to find out that the girl he watched was the Pink Ranger. His desires grew more after this realization.

After striking a deal with Rita that he would remain his warrior if he could have the Pink Ranger as his pet/playtoy, he began making plans on how to go about kidnapping her. He had a lot of plans for her indeed.

Kimberly's POV:

I had noticed the new boy in school and had to admit he had struck my curiosity. There was just something about him. I had seen him in the hallways and had watched him behind my locker door, then always pretended I didn't notice him at all when my friends came up to me. I saw him in the Juice Bar, seeing him watching me then appearing that he wasn't watching me.

He appeared just as we were fighting against a new villain: The Green Ranger. Internally, I started doing the math but just because I liked him, I didn't want to admit my suspicions that Tommy was the Green Ranger. I kept these suspicions to myself and enjoyed talking with him when I could in the hallways at school.

That morning though, I couldn't go to school because I was running a fever...not knowing that it was a spell cast by Rita to make it more easier for Tommy to sneak into my room and kidnap me without my fighting him.
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