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Default Amy's Bad Decision

Amy had just recently turned 21 and wanted to do something special with her life. When the opportunity came up to do some missionary work in a small South American country, she jumped at the chance. Her church was sending a small band of 5 members to a local church deep in the interior. The village consisted of two small tribes of native villagers. She was the only girl volunteering, as well as the youngest member of the group.

Her family and friends were horrified and tried to dissuade her from going. This was a country in the mix of rebellion. The government was massively corrupt. They were constantly in battle with several rebel groups for control of the countries resources and drug trade. Still, she insisted that this was all taking place in the larger cities, not in the smaller hamlets. The men that had been there previously said that it was fairly safe. Of course, these were men, not a young, naive, attractive, blond, blue-eyed, 21 year old virgin from a small town in Nebraska. No, her mind was set and nothing would change her decision.

A few weeks later, the group arrived in the country with no problems. Of course, none were mindful of the ever watching eyes of the government's National Guard. Their first few weeks, where an exciting mix of: adventure, harsh weather, dirt, and the satisfaction of helping others in need. That would end when the local authorities dropped by, suspecting some of the natives to be rebel sympathizers.

A large, dark-skinned officer, (One they called; Colonel), entered the encampment, cursing, slapping, barking orders, and rudely seeking answers. He had their group gathered up and ushered to the village center.

"What are you Whites doing here? Supporting the rebel cause?" he asked cruelly backhanding the group's lead missionary.

Several of the other men tried to hide Amy behind them. They knew that the discovery of a beautiful, young blond would not be in her best interests. In all of her naive, boldness, she refused the subtle message. She jerked her way from behind the bodies and rushed forward.

"Idiot," one of them mumbled.

"You Bastard, let him go! You can't treat him like that. We are American citizens!" she yelled.

The Colonel turned, raising an eyebrow at the attractive blond. She was warmly dressed an a pair of short cut-offs and white blouse tied at the waist, a colorful bikini top showing through the thin material.

"Well, well,' he said, appraising her in his cruel gaze, 'Look around, Sweetheart. Your not in America and here; I do as I wish."

His look, and the look the surrounding soldiers were giving her, made her skin crawl. She began to realize her mistake.

"L...Look, we are just lowly missionaries, just helping the sick and spreading God's word," she stammered.

"A lie,' the Colonel replied, 'and the only word that needs spreading around here is mine,' 'or perhaps your legs," he added with a sardonic grin. He threw the man in his grip violently across the court and waved to his soldiers. "Take these Sympathizers to Headquarters for interrogation, and don't lay a hand on this blond, she is mine to break."

Their pleas were ignored by the mostly non-English speaking soldiers, and the missionaries were gathered up, zip-tied, and thrown into filthy large trucks. Amy had to endure with lurid remarks and lusting looks her whole bumpy ride to Headquarters.

Upon the groups arrival, they were separated and carted off in different directions. The apparent, Sergent-in-Charge, stood looking at Amy and chewing on a toothpick.

"This one, bring to the Colonel's office," he ordered.

Amy was dragged into a small, concrete room and thrown to a hard, straight-backed, military chair. Her guards remained, holding her seated with their firm hands on each shoulder. The chair fronted a large metal desk with padded leather chair. Papers were scattered across the desk, and only a few certificates adorned the walls. This was obviously a temporary headquarters.

The Colonel entered the room, comfortably dressed with his uniform un-tucked and unbuttoned down to his gut. It was not an overly large gut, but still one that displayed a nice love for food and alcohol consumption. He plopped down in the leather chair resting a boot on the desk's edge.

"So, you ready to talk, Girl? Let's start with your name," he asked.

"Look Mister, this is a mistake. We are just missionaries."

The guard beside her, stepped back and gave her a resounding slap to the face. This left a bright red mark and and trickle of blood from her lower lip.

"Just answer question," the guard barked.

"M...my name is Amy," she replied, sniffling and holding back her tears. Her heart thundered with fear in her chest, causing her pert breasts to rise and fall, exposing a little cleavage through the V of her blouse.

"How old are you?" he asked next.

"I...I just turned 21 three months ago," she replied.

"Well, and are you a virgin?" the Colonel asked, raising his eyebrow as he had done back at the village.

"Sir, I don't see how that would be a pertinent question. It's private."

Her answer was met with a brutal slap to her face. This one knocking her from the chair to the hard concrete floor.

"I suggest you answer the question, Girl," the Colonel continued.

"Y...yes," Amy weakly replied.

The three men looked at each other and smiled.

"So, that being the case, you will cooperate and give me the name of your group's contacts with the rebels."

"Sir, as I have said, We have no contacts with the rebels. We are just missionaries to the people," she sobbed.

"Oh, I think you lie," he said, then tossed a glance at the guards. "Strip her."

"Oh, please! No!" Amy screamed, struggling with the guards.

As she tried to run, the back of her blouse was grabbed and torn from her body. Then, one soldier caught her arms and pulled them up and behind her back. The other one dug his fingers into the front of her bikini and stripped it from her chest. Her pert ,white breasts tumbled out. The shoes were next, as her kicking feet were caught, they were pulled off and tossed to a corner. She stared in horror, as a dark pair of fingers began to unsnap and tug at the zipper to her cut-offs.

"Wait,' the Colonel called out, holding up his hand, rising and stepping towards the girl. 'I want to do this myself."

He stared down into the frightened girls face and hooked his fingers in her waistband.

"Hold her feet," he told the soldier.

Slowly he slid the shorts down her creamy thighs, lowering his face down her body till he was face to cunt with her panties. He pressed his nose into the crease of her sex and inhaled, as his fingers dug cruelty into her tender ass cheeks. She squirmed in their grip, whimpering.

"Mmm, smells refreshing. Clearly an upgrade from the cunts we get around here," the colonel stated.

He stood back up, his face right at hers. Amy could smell the aroma of her cunt on his nose.

"So, you going to tell me about the rebels, before or after you suck my cock?" he asked.

Amy reared back and spat in his face.

"I like a little spunk,' he said, wiping his face with the back of his hand and smearing it over her breast. 'It will be fun to see you choke on my cock." He turned back to the soldiers. "Put her on her knees," he ordered, while he lowered his trousers and fished out his growing shaft.

Amy's legs were kicked out from under her. As she fell to her knees, once more her arms were pulled back behind her. Her blond tresses were yanked back by the other soldier.

"Corporal!' the Colonel barked at the door.

A soldier poked his head in.

"Bring one of the other prisoners in here, and...'

"Yes Sir?"

'Bring a machete too."

"Oh my God, W...what are you going to do?" Amy asked.

"Very simple,' he replied, 'you suck my cock, real nice like...or we hack a limb off one of your friends."

"No, please, no. I don't even know how to suck a cock," Amy replied. She even found it revolting to say the word, 'cock'.

"I'll make sure you're a quick learner," he said.

A handsome young man of about 28 was dragged into the small room. It was, Brad, the boy that Amy carried a small crush on. Her face blushed beet red from the embarrassment of him seeing her in this state; naked except for her pink panties, a dark, hard cock, poised beside her lips.

Brad could not talk. A large gag was fixed over his mouth and around his head. He was kneeling on the floor, hands and feet tied. The Corporal stood at his side twirling the machete in his hand.

"Open your little mouth. There you go," the Colonel said, slipping the crest of his shaft into her wide open mouth.

Amy cringed at the taste, fighting the urge to spit.

"Lick it. Roll your tongue around the head," he said.

He held his cock and drew it back and forth across her lips. The wet pre-cum coated them, making them shine in the lights.

"Now take it back in... No, not like that." he looked to the soldier holding her hair; "Show her."

The soldier shoved her head forward, pulled it back, then shoved it again. Amy choked, gagging as the thick cock slammed into the back of her throat. The Colonel moaned, pressing his pelvis ahead. Even more of the squirming snake lodged in her throat. Spit splattered out around the shaft and drooled down her face. Her eyes watered, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her chest heaved as she tried to breath between strokes.

"Damn Girl, you can't take me deeper than that?" the Colonel complained. He looked at the Corporal, "Tie that Fucker in that chair, and come help the boys hold her to my desk."

Amy was pulled to the metal desk, quite unaware of the Colonels plans. He removed the papers from its surface, stacking them on the floor.

"Throw her on top. I want her head hanging off the end,' he ordered. 'You two each hold an arm, and Corporal, you hold her feet."

She fought like a Hellcat but was easily manhandled onto the metal table. As the Corporal pressed her ankles into the table, he leaned forward and ran his face over her pantie covered sex. The other soldiers ran their dirty fingers over her young, exposed breasts.

"Mmm, smells good." the Corporal commented.

Taking up a position at the end of the desk, the Colonel held Amy's head down and slapped her face with his hard shaft. Then, he pinched her nose shut and thrust his penis into her open mouth. This time it went all the way in. She gagged, burping up a thick bile that gushed over his shaft and down her face. Once the Colonel's fingers were removed, the bile ran down into her nostrils.

"Don't you worry, Bitch,' he said, 'I'll replace that fluid with my own soon."

He continued abusing her, till the bile turned pink from her scratched throat. Her face was bright red, making her blond hair stand out from beneath his dark fingers. She had never even seen a blow-job, and had no way of knowing what was coming as the shaft flexed in her throat.

"Aghh!" the Colonel yelled.

The end of his shaft pulsed and thick cum came bursting forth in generous amounts. It shot straight down her throat, burning the whole way. Once there, her belly sent it right back up, around his cock and over her face. He lifted the head out, but it was still dishing out spurt after spurt. He aimed the stream at her open lips.

"No, no, Bitch,' he chastised, 'You swallow that cum or your friend looses a hand."

Amy forced herself to close her lips and swallow the vile load, bile and all.

The Colonel pulled his trousers back on, then addressed the guards; "Clean the Cunt up and take her to 'Interrogation'. I'll be along soon, and don't you dare put a dick in her...yet."
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Default Amy's Bad Decision Part 2

Amy found herself strapped down to some strange table. It was made from thin metal strips that resembled the top of a cage. She was still naked except for her panties. Her arms and legs were spread and attached to each corner if the table with strong leather cuffs. The room was thick concrete with a large drain in the floor's center. There were 2 large, steel cabinets along one wall, a faucet and water hose. Both the ceiling and several walls were adorned with various iron eye-bolts. Beside her table was some sort of rolling electrical box with black dials. A mass of wires were draped over it.

The soldiers had left several minutes ago. Her throat was sore and her voice hoarse, so she had given up screaming for some time. Obviously there was no one to come to her rescue. She could only hope that the Colonel would come to the proper conclusion, that they were innocent. Little did know in her young and naive mind, that the Colonel already knew she was innocent; He just did not care.

The thick metal door clanged open and the Colonel entered the room. He was still in his trousers, but this time, he wore a white t-shirt. In his hand was a tall glass filled with ice and a clear liquid. He was sipping the drink, as he stepped over to Amy.

"So, have you decided to talk?" he asked, running a thick finger up from her belly button to a point between her heaving breasts.

"There is nothing for me to tell you. We know nothing of any rebels," she responded, while trying to wriggle her body away from his finger. The finger was getting dangerously close to one of her small nipples. "D...don't," she pleaded, as the finger pressed into the little nubbin.

"Still willing to lie for your friends, I see," he said.

His finger was exchanged with a piece of ice from the glass. The ice was positioned over the nipple, where the cold, melting water dripped over its surface. The nipple reacted by increasing in size. Amy's body jerked to and fro, as she tried to avoid the freezing droplets.

"Your nipples like this attention, don't they?" he asked, shifting the ice to her other breast.

"No, no, please don't. Ah. It's cold," she complained.

"This will work better if they're hard, Little One," he remarked.

"This? This what?" she asked in fear.

The Colonel did not reply. He rolled the electrical cart closer and picked up two wires and a short wooden dowel. The wires were draped over her body for the time being, and he moved to her head with the dowel.

"Open up," he said pushing the dowel between her teeth and tying it around her head with a small wire. "You'll want to bite down on that in a little while."

She muffled a scream, as he picked up a wire. He carefully made a little loop on the end. Cupping her young, pert breast in his large hand, he slipped the loop over her erect nipple. She screamed again, as he cruelly tightened it onto the nub. He glanced up, smiling at her and did the same to her other swollen nipple. He patted the mound of her pussy, feeling the soft curls beneath the material of her panties.

"Let's see if we can make you wet those panties, shall we?"

He flipped a toggle switch on the cart, and the device came alive. Amy's fearful eyes darted back and forth from the wires on her nipples, to the hand hovering over the large black dial.

"Shall we start on low?" he asked.

With the turn of the dial, Amy began to feel a slight tingle to the tips of her nipples. It was a slight vibration with a gentle tapping that began at the tips and traveled out across the surface of her breasts. Her flesh seemed to sort of ripple in waves. The feeling was somewhat arousing, and it was making her cunt slightly damp. Unconsciously her hips rolled on the table's surface.

"You like that? Let's move it up a notch," the Colonel said, shifting the dial two more notches.

The feeling intensified, becoming uncomfortable and somewhat stronger. He left the dial at that setting and stepped to her prone form. He ran a finger over her mound, pushing the material into the damp crease of her sex, searching for her clit beneath its surface.

"Oh yes, my horny little virgin. Your enjoying this too much. Colonel can fix that for you. How about we jump on up to...say, 10?"

"Nph nph'" she mumbled in response.

Her blue eyes shot open in horror, as his hand gripped the dial.
Suddenly Amy stiffened, her body arching off the table. Her teeth bit deep into the wood. A small stain appeared on the crotch of her panties. It began to quickly spread across her mound, till liquid could be seen pouring from the material. It drizzled down the crack of her ass, through the table, and splashed loudly onto the floor below.
The dial was turned back, and Amy's body came crashing back down to the table. Her chest rose and fell with her gagged breaths. The swollen, erect nipples were dark red.
"Again, I think," the Colonel said, smiling at the horror reflected in the young girl's face. He flicked the dial farther over.
Amy's body shot up in the air. It hung there convulsing and twitching in some torturous dance. What were only seconds, seemed like hours of pain to Amy, before her body came crashing back down.
"You ready to talk,' he asked, looking down at her face. She tossed her head back and forth, trying to form words beneath the dowel. 'No, I don't think so. I think I will have a look at this soaked pussy of yours."
"Mphh, Mphh," she pleaded.
He lifted a knife from his pocket and used it to slice up one side of her wet panties. Slowly he peeled the material aside and tossed the remnants to the floor. She had a wonderful little patch of light blond curls. They were matted and wet from her urine.
"I see the carpet matches the drapes,' the Colonel remarked. 'That is until I remove it. You'll be much more sensitive, once your bare as a baby's ass." The knife was placed back in his pocket, and he walked over to the cabinets.
He returned wearing a pair of latex gloves and carrying a beige plastic bottle. Amy watched as he squeezed a white lotion into his palm. His hand came down to her mound, where it began to smear liberal amounts of cream into her blond curls. The lotion was very warm and getting warmer by the second.
"Oh, this is a hair removal. It's not made for your sensitive areas though. If left on too long, it can cause quite a burning sensation," he said, observing the way she was gyrating her hips. "Oh, it must be burning already. I forgot how young and tender you were. I'll wash it off...Now, where's my glass?"
He retrieved his glass. The majority of the ice he had used up on her breasts, so now the tall glass mostly contained 151 proof rum. Tipping it over her mound, he began to wash the hair from her cunt with the alcohol. Due to her thrashing and screams, he had to pour, wait, then pour again. Amy's sex was left, hairless, smooth, bright red, and swollen. Upon admiring his work, he gave it a sharp 'slap', then stood back and watched her struggle, trying to scream beneath the wooden gag. His cock was anxiously pressing against his trousers.

Going back to the cart, the Colonel retrieved more wires. Amy lifted her head, trying to see what was going on between her thighs. His thick fingers were prying her nether lips apart, stretching them, and massaging them between his fingers.

"You have small lips, but I think I can still get this clip attached."

"Aghh!" she screamed from beneath the wood as the powerful pinch registered; First on one labia, then the next.

"It really helps that your wet down there. How about a 12?" he asked moving his hand back to the dial.

The intense burning pain, shot through Amy's sex and breasts. Her limbs lifted and shook, as her body stiffly arched from the table. She would have surly bit off her tongue if not for the wooden bit. The dial slipped back to 0 and her flesh came crashing back to the table with a wet 'slap'. Drool trailed from the corners of her mouth, and her chest rose and fell. Her breath game in harsh gasps as if she had just ran a marathon.

The Colonel was horny as Hell from watching the girl's young, naked body dance in pain. He strolled over and ran his fingers through her sweat damp, hair.

"Forget the rebels for now. Do you want to fuck me? Give me your precious virginity?" he asked Amy.

She shook her head resiliently in an obvious answer of; 'no'.

"Well then, We'll give you a little more exercise in strengthening your cunt muscles, and ask you again," he stated with a grin. With one hand in his pocked, stroking his hard cock, and the other on the dial, he flipped it up to 20. Then he began to toy with her; Down to 6, up to 25, down to 12, back to 25. On and on it went, her body twitching in the air, then crashing back down to the hard surface of the table.

He went back to the table and took her head again.

"You want to fuck me now, Girl?" he asked.

She weakly nodded her head up and down in answer.

"Good," he said slipping the wooden dowel from her lips.

Amy found her head turned, the dark mushroom head of the cock, poised at her mouth.

"Suck,' was all he said.

She found herself opening her lips and accepting the vile monster into her mouth. Her hair hurt, as he painfully held it by the roots, thrusting the cock deeper each time. Her spit mixed with his pre-cum and bubbled over his shaft and down her face. As he continued with her humiliating face fuck, he called for his guards. They began loosening her bonds and viciously yanking the wires from her abused body.

The cock withdrew from her gagging mouth, and he slapped it a few times across her cheek.

"Now, time for that fuck, isn't it?" he asked.

She glanced to the electrical cart and nodded in submission.

He walked away, removing his clothes and taking a seat on an armless, padded chair that had been moved into the room.

"Tie her arms behind her back, and bring her here," the Colonel ordered.

Amy was half carried, half drug to the naked man. Her legs were kicked apart, till she was straddle the menacing dark shaft. It waved between her thighs like some poisonous snake waiting to strike.

"Now, you will kindly lower your tight cunt over my cock," he ordered Amy.

Hesitantly, Amy began to squat down. She flinched, when the tip of his flesh made contact with her sore and engorged lips.

"Lower," he commanded.

Amy forced herself to ease a bit farther. Her dry opening painfully stretched over his shaft. Once partly in, she felt the head press against the membrane of her maidenhead. She began to sweat in fear.

"Please, Sir, I...I can't," she pleaded.

The colonel was prepared and swiftly swinging his feet to the side, kicked Amy's legs out from under her. Gravity drove her body down, ripping away her virginity, and plunging his thick cock up to the hilt in her young womb.

"Aeiii!" she screamed.

As he lifted her struggling body, he could feel her blood trickling down his shaft. He dove his face into her tender breasts, as he plunged her body back down his stiff rod.

"Take her arms,' he told the soldiers, 'and show her how to fuck."

They began to raise her body and move her up and down his cock. She was so tight. The Colonel bit into her tit and moaned, as the snug cunt caressed his shaft. Amy cried and panted with pain. Her red, inflamed mound slammed again and again into the course hair of his crotch.

"Oh yes, you're learning to take a man's cock. Just wait till you feel my hot cum fill your young womb. You will die of pleasure," he teased.

"No...no, you can't cum in me. You mustn't," she pleaded between gasps.

"Why? Don't you feel me swelling now? It won't be very long."

"No! No!"

He looked to his men; "When I cum, I want you to hold her down on my cock. Be ready, she's going to squirm."

Harder and faster the cock pumped into Amy. Her own body began to lubricate against her will. Involuntarily, she began to moan in between thrusts.

"Here it comes, Girlie. Feel it?" he asked.

"Don't...D...don't cum in m...me!"

His hands gripped her hips, while the soldiers pushed down on her shoulders. The cock moved on its on, jerking inside her twitching body, releasing its hot seed. They struggled to hold the small girl, who was intent of removing herself from the cum shooting, shaft of terror. Her struggles were useless. Paying no heed to her thoughts, her convulsing cunt, milked the shaft of its potent load. Finally, her body collapsed to the Colonels shoulder. They continued to hold her still, as the pulsing cock released its last few shots.

Afterwards, The Colonel removed himself of her body, allowing it to fall limply to the concrete floor.

"String her upside down,' he commanded, 'I want my cum to stay warm. Then work her over with the strap. I'll be back to hear her talk."
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I hope you continue with this it's a very enjoyable read so far.
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Default Amy's Bad Decision Pt. 3

Amy's ankles were pulled wide apart and locked into the far ends of a spreader-bar. Her arms were secured behind her back with plastic ties.

"Up we go," one of the soldiers said, as she was hoisted in the air.

She found herself staring at their legs, the blood rushing to her head. A soldier squatted down and presented her with the strap in his hands. It was thick, black leather, 1 1/2 inch wide, and 2 1/2 ft long. The soldier held one end and slapped the other into his open palm.

"This is going to work you over good," he said through his gap-toothed smile.

"No! No! Please don't!" Amy screamed.

"Scream all you want, Punta," the soldier said, raring his arm back, strap in hand.

With a resounding 'thrak!' the strap landed across her smooth belly. She screamed, swinging her body. as she cringed from the pain. Another blow landed. This one across her bare, left ass cheek. The two blows left behind cruel red whelps, in the contoured shape of the leather strap. They stung and burned her tender skin. More blows followed; across her other ass cheek, along the back of her soft thighs, back across her belly. Then came a very painful surprise; One slap that caught her right across her left breast. The edge of the strap grazed just over the tip of her erect nipple.

"That one got a good response," the soldier remarked.

"How about you put one over that nice red cunt of hers?" the other guard asked.

"Excellent idea."

"No! Oh God! No!" Amy screamed.

While one soldier pulled his arm back to strike the blow, the other went over to hold her still. First he ran his fingers over her cunt, dipping them into her sex and smearing cum over the surface of her mound. He took her legs and turned her cunt towards his partner.

"Right there. On the wet spot," he said.

The strap came down hard. The full surface of the leather struck her wet cunt, splashing cum across her inner thighs. Amy's pain was horrendous. She was beginning to see spots.

The soldier looked down, "She's still here. Hit it a few more times," he said. Several more times the strap came down across her open sex. They spun her around, placing blows over every inch of her young flesh.

Every thing was going black. Her head swam in pain. Then it was gone, and she drifted off into a dark sleep.

The Colonel returned, and he smiled. The beautiful young blond was hanging limply, upside down from the ceiling, her body a mass of red and purple streaks.

'I love those men' he thought, 'They do a most excellent job.'

He did not wake her up yet. First he rolled the electrical cart over and prepared some other things, placing them on a shelf below the cart. When ready, he thumbed a bottle of smelling salts under her nose.

She awoke with a start, twitching at her bonds, coming back to the realization that the suffering was real. Her arms were numb. Her head throbbed from the blood. Looking up, she could see the familiar, evil face of the Colonel.

"You going to give me names now?" he asked.

She mumbled something indiscernible.

"Speak up,Slut!" he said, backhanding a sore breast.

"I...I told y...you, I... d...don't know anything," she replied between sobs.

"Well, then," the Colonel said, standing up and removing an object from the cart. Stepping around behind her, he slipped something greasy into her ass. His thick finger followed in behind it, pushing deeper.

"Wh, what are you doing?" Amy asked.

The Colonel came back to the cart, picking up another item.

"Just a little suppository to liquefy your insides," he replied. He bent down to her eye level and showed her the rod in his hand. He was liberally coating it with a clear conducting cream. "This,' he said, 'is the device in which to stir it with."

She stared in terror at the rod. It was stainless steel, 1 inch in diameter, and 9 inches long. The base was a flat, 2 inch diameter disc with connecting wires that led back to the cart.

"Please, surely your not..."

"Oh yes, I am," he replied moving back to her spread thighs and beautifully toned ass.

Amy grunted as the rod was pushed past her tight sphincter, and embedded, snugly into her virgin bowels. The Colonel pushed onto her belly with his hand, and leaned in, listening to the growls inside.

"You will begin to cramp real soon, and find that it is hard to double over in this position. That's something you will want to do, once that liquid becomes electrically charged." he explained.

Uncomfortably, she watched as he moved the chair next to her. First he removed his clothes, then, before taking a seat, he picked something else from the cart. Reaching down, he lifted her head by the hair, placing it in his naked lap.

"Open," he said, holding her nose and thrusting a metal device between her lips. The devise was a metal, dental gag, which opened her mouth as he turned the screws. He was satisfied, once he had it about the size of his cock.

There she hung, wires running from the rod in her ass to the electrical device on the cart. Her blond tresses rested on the Colonels lap. His hard, dark shaft easing into the warm embrace of her open mouth. She could both hear and feel the bubbling gurgles in her bowels.

"I don't think I need to tell you to suck,' the Colonel said, 'your screams will suffice." Reaching over with his free hand, he turned the dial.

The first turn was only slight. Amy felt a light tingle along her rectum. It caused her ass cheeks to flinch and squeeze the steel. He left it at that setting for a few minutes, while he slipped his shaft in and out of her open mouth. His salty pre-cum dripped along her tongue, pooling inside her cheek. Then, his hand moved back to the dial. He smiled and gave it a longer turn.

"Aghh!" her scream reverberating along his shaft. Spit and pre-cum flew from her lips, down along the cock, soaking his thigh. The pain was unbearable. There was a deep burn along her rectum then a crushing, volatile, jolt to her colon. The continuing and building cramp made her whole body shudder.

The Colonel just groaned. The sudden clamp of her throat, combined with that muffled scream along his throbbing prick was awesome. Never had a blow-job felt so damn good. He cranked the dial down, then turned it again.

"Oh God, Yes," he moaned.

The current running down the steel rod, ignited her loose, watery bowels and sent shock-waves of agony throughout her system. The muscles of Amy's ass cheeks seized up and her legs shook violently. The walls of her colon seemed to contract along the steel rod. The Colonel had to struggle to hold her head to his cock.

As Amy's torture went on and on, and the Colonels shaft got harder and harder, thicker and thicker. Every few minutes he would clamp her nose shut and watch her eyes widen in horror. Then came that wonderful feeling to his cock, when in panic, she gasped for fresh air .

"How does that feel, you little Bitch?" he asked thrusting his cock farther down her young throat. "You ready to choke on my cum? Here it comes, you Cunt!"

He flipped the dial all the way over, as the hot jism erupted from his pulsing shaft. It shot down her throat, as her body twitched in convulsions. Her body still jerked when he turned off the machine and dropped her head. Cum poured forth from her open mouth, running down her face, into her nose, eyes, and blond hair. A trail of brown and red gushed from her rectum, down the crack in her toned ass, to trail in streaks down the center of her back. The only sign that she was still alive were various wet farts and weak, gagging heaves.

The Colonel wiped his cock across her stripped breasts, then donned his clothes. He called to the soldiers outside;

"Hose this Bitch down and keep her company till I decide what to do with her," he said.
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Great story.
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Default Amy's Bad Decision Pt. 4 (conclusion)

Amy was taken down and thrown to her belly by the soldiers. One of them stepped on her back forcing her to release the liquid contents of her abused bowels. Then the hose came down, and she was sprayed with a strong current of cold water. She rolled back and forth across the concrete floor in an effort to get away from the powerful jets. The water beat at her tender breasts and pounded her bruised skin.

The gap-toothed soldier ran the hard nozzle up her ass filling it with the icy water. Next, he knelt over her arms, pulled her legs back, cruelly bending them, forcing her thighs into her chest and belly. With a laugh, he leaned his full weight over her legs, crushing them into her bloated abdomen, causing her to expel the icy water from her raw ass. Then the cold spray torture was repeated, until the evil soldiers felt she was clean enough to fuck.

While the gap-toothed soldier was tall and wiry, the other goon was short and stocky. Both apparently spoke pretty good English. Amy assumed that was the reason she was placed under their charge. That, or the fact that they possessed the same taste for sex and violence as the Colonel.

While she was on her belly, the larger one cupped her small tight butt cheek, squeezing it hard.

"This one has a sweet ass," he observed. "You know, I did not notice any cum in it yet?"

"Perhaps the Colonel has not fucked it yet," the other replied with his tooth-less grin.

"Flip her over and kneel over her arms again," the large one said.

Amy was turned to her back and a length of rope was retrieved. A loop was tied around her left ankle, then the cord was passed behind her neck. Her left leg was pushed back, then her right. After this rope was tied around her right ankle, Amy found her her ass and pussy, raised and exposed between her spread thighs. The rope behind her neck kept her from lowering them. She watched helplessly, as the large goon removed his uniform proudly displaying his thick, 8 inch cock.

"Wait,' the other one said, 'hold her while I undress and get something."

The large one gladly took her arms and crushed her with his heavy, naked body. He mauled her flesh and bit into the tender skin of her breasts. The meat of his shaft rubbed against her still raw mound. He pressed it harder to her skin.

"You feel that, Little Slut? That snake is going to fill your tight ass with its venom."

"No, Please, no. Don't do that to me. What did I do to you?" she cried.

"Just keep squirming, Girl. You 'are' doing it to me," he replied.

To Amy's horror, the other soldier returned with the dental gag.

"No! Not tha..."

Her cry was cut off by the bite of metal between her teeth.

"Now, where were we?" he asked, retaking his place on her arms, while the large one scrambled between her spread thighs.

Naked, the wiry one let his longer, but thinner, cock flop down over her forehead.

The large soldier smiled down at her rosy puckered rosebud. He pressed the thick tip of his cock to its elastic entrance.

"Open up, Baby," he said, adding pressure to his shaft.

As hard as she squeezed, she could not stop the invading shaft from worming its way up her back passage. Painfully her ring began to stretch around it. For the time being, the smaller one was content in rubbing his shaft back and forth across her face. Its sticky per-cum dribbled over her lips. Little droplets splattering across her tongue.

"Look here, Honey," the large one said, just before ramming his cock up to the hilt in her once virgin ass. He dug his fingers into the soft tissue of her thighs and began to piston his shaft into her struggling young body.

This sight made the other soldier's cock expand. Amy could feel it stretch in length as it brushed her face. Then, her chin was taken into his hands and her head bent back. She was looking right up at his dark, hairy balls; Balls that she feared were full of a huge load of hot cum.

"There you go, Bitch," he said, slipping his long cock into her open mouth with a moan.

Amy's body was being rocked back and forth by the never ending thrust of cock flesh. She felt so shamed and abused. Having never experienced sex before her capture; She never wanted to learn about it this way. If she ever made it out of here, her life would never be the same. All of her innocence had been viciously ripped away. All she was now, was a vessel for their pleasure and seed.

The large soldier's thrusts began to grow faster and more erratic.

"Ah, ah, ah, Yess!" he groaned.

Amy grimaced, feeling the warmth of the man's cum filling her bowels. The other soldier pulled his dick from her choking throat.

"Come here man, I want some of that cunt," he said.

Instead of completely switching places, the large man cut the rope, straddled Amy's torso, pinned her arms by her sides with his knees, and tucked her feet into his armpits. This left her legs still spread and allowed him to plop his nasty, slick ,cock between her pert breasts. She could not see the other soldier, but felt his long shaft pierce her sex.

The penis between her breasts smelled of cum and ass. It was slimy, with a mixture of his cum and her blood. He pushed her breasts together making a tight sheath for his cock to slid through. Grabbing her blond hair, he pulled her head up, so at the apex of his stroke, the tip of his cock would poke through the dental gag and into her open mouth. The taste was worse than the sight.

"I think she likes the taste of her ass," he laughed.

Below her the long, thin, shaft was furiously pumping into her cunt. It bruised her already sore, cervix. But a new problem arose for Amy. She was beginning to feel strange inside. The constant stroke of the cock was arousing her sex; Causing it to emit a thick lubrication of cream. With a will of its own, her hips began to rise up, and her sex clamped down on the shaft. The muscles of her ass flexed, pushing cum from her abused asshole.

The Colonel had entered the room. Leaning against the far wall, he observed Amy's rape. Through his trousers, he massaged his growing cock.

"The little Slut is getting off on this man,' the thin man exclaimed, 'She creaming on my cock."

The wet slap of skin filled the room, then with a howl, the gap-toothed man's cock exploded into her womb. It triggered Amy's first, humiliating orgasm. The large man leaned forward, burrowing his shaft down her throat, and released his own seed. What she could not swallow was coughed back up.

The Colonel strolled forward, clapping his hands.

He had them pick her up and strap her to the crude table. Taking care, he double strapped her left arm, both above and below the elbow. Going to the cabinets, he returned with a long syringe and a small rubber tube. He tightly tied the tube around her bicep and tapped her vein.

"I don't know anything...P...please," she sobbed.

"Oh, I have always knew that,' he confessed, 'but you were just too sweet to pass up."

"W...What are you doing? What are you going to do with me?" she inquired in fear.

"My brother runs a wonderful bordello in the capitol. There, you will make a top dollar whore. Now enjoy your heroin. We will make sure and give you a good fucking before your taken to the city."

He slipped the needle into her vein, pushed the plunger forward, and released the tubing.

"No!" she screamed. Her pleas became weaker and weaker, till they transformed into a moan.

"No, no, n...ohoooo."

The Colonel began removing his uniform and setting his cock free.
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Excellent - and the Colonel is so right.
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rape, torture

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