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Default Cry Louder, Little Slut - It Makes Me So Hard

A story I just finished...Part One of a series to come. I like stories where the girl does NOT start liking it, at all. I'm young but look way younger, and I like stories with innocent, cute teenage girls being tied up, slapped, insulted, and used in every possible way. A little whore's got to learn her purpose, after all! Let me know in the comments if I did my job and made you cum... call me a dirty little bitch and tell me what you'd do to me - I promise I'll struggle and cry a lot!


He smiled as Sherry hung on his arm and tried to push her hips against his leg. What the fuck was this stupid cunt even talking about? Her laughter grated on him. But he smiled. She was a good cocksucker, like the rest of the cheerleaders, and if she wanted to get some social juice from being seen with him?

Well, Dan thought, I guess the little whore's earned it. Her especially, he thought, and smiled slightly.

During games - raged out of their minds on steroids, snapping bones and bringing blood from the opposing team - Dan's cock got hard from that shit. And all he had to do during halftime was snap his fingers at Sherry, or Kim, or Stacey, or any of the cheer chicks. They'd get this thrilled look like a lottery winner and follow him, giggling, into the locker rooms. They'd wait in a damn janitor closet on their knees until Dan or any one of the team walked in, sweaty and full of violence, horny as fuck. And open their mouths and swallow what they were told to swallow. Dan thought about the last time he'd mouth-fucked this dumb bitch. He had easily the biggest cock on the team. Sherry had put her hands on his hips and tried to keep Dan from pushing it too far into her mouth. He had put up with it for a few seconds, but quickly got angry. He pulled out, and slapped Sherry. The little yelp she did, and the look on her face of hurt and fear, gave Dan a huge rush. He grabbed her head and pushed it back until it was against the closet wall, bent his legs slightly, held her head with one hand and his cock with the other. Sherry had looked up at him, breathing fast, her eyes wide and fearful. "Open your fucking mouth," Dan said, and she did. Dan stuck his cock back into her wet, tight mouth, held her head with both of his huge hands, and with a groan, forced his cock down her throat. "Suck it, whore," he commanded, pulling out and then all the way back in. He held it there. Sherry spluttered and gagged, her small fists beating helplessly at his thighs. Moving just his hips in an obscene pumping motion, he had had pulled out and slid all the way back in a few more times.. and when Sherry whimpered and began to cry, that did it - Dan exploded down the quivering little slut's reluctant throat. It was like a scene from his favorite rape porn, and he had emptied his balls down her throat. "Swallow, you dirty little bitch!" Dan grunted as his cock pulsed in her hot wet mouth. It was fucking excellent. Best BJ of his college career, no doubt.

So yeah, though he couldn't stand the slutty little dumbasses, he wasn't going to begrudge them their social fun and the thrill they got from being seen with the stars of the football team.

And Dan was horny as fuck tonight. He felt restless and mean and speedy. Probably the speed! Hah. But he turned down Sherry's disgustingly whorish offers, because he had already seen the other girl, and THAT girl made his head swim with the intensity of the dark, violent hunger that started in his balls, burned up his spine, and forced a thrilling rush of blood into his cock. He had to adjust it so it didn't stick straight out from his board-shorts. Dan had an abnormally large cock, and unlike other guys with big ones, when Dan got hard, he got hard as a fucking rock.

He scraped the cheer girls off and went around, laughing and nodding with his bros, but always keeping an eye out… THERE.

He stood a ways back and gazed at her. This was going to be tricky - she was so damn young. The girl stood shyly apart in a corner, drinking a bottle of San Pellegrino. She was so little - her head came up to Dan's chest. She had glossy honey-brown hair that swung to her mid-back. She had huge, amazing eyes - emerald green, with long dark lashes like a fucking baby deer. Her nose was small and tilted up at the end, and her mouth was sulky and pouty and deep rosy pink, though she wore only a tiny bit of makeup - quite a difference from the cheer-whores. She was model-gorgeous, but innocent and sweet and dumb-looking...

His gaze slid downward. Slender neck, delicate shoulders. Her body was so slim, but oh fuck, she had those brand-new puffy jailbait titties.. plump, firm, not very big but with that swollen look that the really dangerously young girls had when they just started developing. She wore a light pink tank top with spaghetti straps, and jeans shorts - it was the midsummer Dukes of Hazzard bash at Carolina University, the benefit of that being that all the girls had to wear the short shorts. Her legs were long and shapely and thin, and her ass was a fucking miracle. A high, round bubble-butt that stuck out like a shelf from the girl's delicate body.

She saw Dan looking and froze, looking terrified, and he smiled his best gentleman's smile and went and talked to her. Seeing them together, Trent brought her another San Pellegrino, but this one with some vodka in it, and she didn't even seem to notice.

Dan had not been this fuck-hungry since his first time, years ago. As he got her into his room and onto his bed, his head swam with anticipation. She was so little, and Dan was a huge linebacker with a monster cock and a taste for brutal, hard, punishing fucking. This sweet little innocent baby slut looked like she was going to cry and struggle…and that made Dan come harder than anything. His breath was coming faster, and his eyes were narrowed. He locked the door.

Casey mumbled and tried to get up, and then Dan was on her, slamming the young girl down and covering her body with his. He rubbed himself against her, pawed at her silky young body…Fuck, she smelled good - so clean and sweet. Her glossy hair fanned out on his pillow and she shook her head, no, and tried to push him off - it gave him a dark rush, that feeling of her tiny hands on his big, hard chest. She was so weak, helpless, vulnerable. Powerless to stop him. It gave Dan a rush of intense, predatory lust.

Dan reached down and grabbed her thighs, yanking them apart so he could settle his hips between her legs. The length of his throbbing cock mashed between them, and he rocked his hips slowly, rubbing his aching erection deliciously against the girl's small pussy through their clothes.

"No don't!" the girl's voice was high and breathy and full of fear. He could taste her fear. It made him drunk. "Please stop. Let me go. STOP. Sto-ho-hopppp.." the last word turned into a rising, whining sob as Dan reared back and quickly ripped at the sobbing girl's clothes. "You don't want me to stop," Dan said. "You've been flirting with me all night. Everyone saw it. You're fuckin' BEGGING for it, aren't you? Huh, you little slut?" He slapped her once, twice, smiling, his palm cracking against her tear-streaked face. Not hard. Just enough to sting and teach her who her Master was. Slapping a girl, making her cry and beg, made him so fucking hard..."Look at how you're dressed. You look like a dirty little whore."

Her crying and whimpering were a drug to him. "That's it, baaaaby," he crooned, removing her shorts and the remains of the shirt he'd ripped. "Beg me. Beg your Daddy. You want Daddy to stop? Do you? BEG ME."

"Please!" the girl wailed. "pleeeeaase let me go!!" Laughing, he ripped her bra and panties away and let out a shaky, groaning breath at the innocent young perfection of this little bitch. A ripe, trembling, sweet little fuck toy. All his to use, rape, pump full of cum.

The fat little-girl tits stuck straight up, obscene…the nipples puffy and fat like pink marshmallow kisses. Her belly was perfectly flat and her skin was flawless creamy silk. Dan leaned back and easily pulled her shaking legs apart, getting a good look at her bald, sweet, tiny little pussy. No hair. None at all. Not even stubble - just a few white-blonde, silky peach fuzz hairs on top - and a fat little cleft between her legs. Forbidden and wrong and fucking hot as hell. He was filled with the violent urge to destroy her, fuck her senseless, make her whine and sob…Dan groaned and fumbled with his shorts, yanking them off as fast as he could. He knelt naked between the girl's trembling thighs, shoved them apart roughly with his hands as wide as they would go, leaned forward, and spat.

Spread wide, the lips of her cunt parted like flower petals, revealing her tiny opening. His angry-red, veiny cock was so big compared to her, it looked like he was about to fuck a doll. His saliva spattered onto Casey's pussy, drooling down the cleft, looking like cum, collecting in a pearly glob. The sight made him moan with lust. He rubbed her small cunt, a sweet little helpless pink plum, slicking it with his spit.

She must have passed out for a second. Good. He took the opportunity to flip her up forward, reached for a tie he kept near his bed for this purpose, and tied her wrists behind her - not because he was afraid she might hit him. She was so weak it would be laughable. But because it turned him on more than almost anything else to tie a bitch's hands behind her back. It put the final edge on the pleasure for Dan, heightening her violation and forced submission, making her into nothing but a plaything with no will or purpose except to give him pleasure.

Dan gazed down at her bound wrists for a second, enjoying the sight, his cock throbbing as he squeezed one of her perfect plump tits. "Oh yeah.. little baby's all tied up now. Big bad man tied your stupid bitch hands up, huh, you dumb fuckin' whore…" he said, laying her back down.

Her big green eyes fluttered open and she looked confused. Dan watched her, his eyes slits, his lip curled back from his top teeth in a sneer. "You're awake, good. You ready to get that tight little pussy raped? Struggle if you want, baby. I like that." Her eyes flew wide, and she thrashed and whined as she realized where she was. Dan grabbed her slender thighs again, and shoved them so far apart, she was nearly doing the splits. Casey yelped from the pain, tears rolling down her face, squirming as hard as she could against her bonds. It made her back arch, thrusting those fat, firm titties up into the air…what a little whore. He pinned her thighs down with his knees to free his hands for a minute.

"What a dirty little whore," Dan said, staring down at her gaping pink slit. It was shiny, slippery with his spit. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth parted. He grasped his aching erection and rubbed it, squeezed it, savoring this moment just before he totally conquered and defiled the crying girl. "You know what happens to dirty little whores like you? Huh? They get their tight little pussies fucked. Is that what you want? Huh, slut?.. Oh yeah, that's it… cry like a little bitch… it makes Daddy so hard…" With his other hand he felt her stunning young body, squeezing and pinching her perfect fat tits, feeling her flat silky tummy, and rubbing his calloused thumb on her smooth, plump pussy lips.

"Your pussy is so little…." He slid his thumb down, probing until he found the hole, tried to push it in. "God DAMN, that shit's fuckin' TIGHT…" Dan's cock throbbed, aching for release. He forced his thumb up into her another half-inch, relishing her incredibly tight fuck-hole. It felt like a hot, slippery hand squeezing his thumb as hard as possible. "My cock is going to hurt you BAD," he smiled. "I'm going to WRECK that fuckin' pussy.."

"Please…" her voice was a breathy little whimper. "PLEAASE don't.. " She tried to meet his gaze, tears glistening in those big emerald eyes, chin wobbling… so fucking beautiful and young.

Dan moved forward and positioned himself above her.

"Please… I'm sorry.. please don't, please…I..I'm sorry…" The little bitch was so scared she was babbling, apologizing to HIM, desperate. Out of her mind with shame and fear. Hearing her say I'm Sorry.. that did something, drove Dan over the edge, made him crazy to force himself into her.

Dan dropped down on top of her and her body jumped and thrashed under him. Her legs, forced wide apart by his hips, kicked helplessly in the air. He licked and bit at the girl's soft throat. Her body under his, totally helpless, bound and trembling, felt electric. Her firm fat tits mashed against his chest. Her flat little belly fluttered and jerked against his. Dan couldn't remember ever having been so turned on in his life.

"Ahh, FUUUUCK.." Dan rubbed his huge, erect cock against the girl's slit and moaned with the pleasure of the electric-hot skin contact. Damn, she was so small. He wanted to slow down and savor it, hear her beg and cry more, force her to humiliate herself and beg for her Daddy's fat cock against her will, but he felt crazy with the urge to fuck now. He couldn't take time yet and make it last.. Maybe later. He had all night. Once he had satisfied the first urgent ache of his lust and shot his first load hard and deep inside her unwilling young pussy, once she was raped and dominated, fat little bald pussy pumped full of his spunk, he had ideas about destroying that jiggly, tight, perfect little ass. His head swam with a mental image of this little bitch on her knees and ass-up, himself with his hips pressed tight up against her, taking her ass from behind, her sobbing face mashed into the bed…slender bruised wrists bound behind her…wailing into the mattress as Dan forced his huge cock ALL the way inside that tight young ass, fucking it as hard as he could, hurting her….making her scream…exploding in her ass so hard, so good…fuck, he had get his nut NOW.

He buried his face in the pillow near her head, arched his back, moved his hips to jam the massive head of his cock up against her pussy. It squashed and slid, slick with his spit and pre-cum, her little labia smashing and sliding, yielding apart. He grasped his cock with one hand and held it, fisted it, pressing hard to find the small opening. THERE. Dan's breath came in ragged gasps. He socketed the head up against the soft, tiny entrance and felt her hole start to stretch around him reluctantly as he pushed in a steady, slow movement.

"Ah, Jeeeesus - " Dan gasped. The girl was whimpering, vibrating like she was having a seizure, her whole body tense. As he slowly but roughly forced himself into her, she gasped - again and again, sharply - and with every exhale, she began making the hottest noise Dan had ever heard: A high, breathy little roar-whimper of shame and humiliation, fear and helpless rage. The animal sound of a young bitch female being dominated and fucked for the first time. Learning her place.

Dan held himself still for a few seconds - all the way in - as long as he could stand it - feeling the intense rush of pleasure as the tight muscles of her slippery virgin pussy suckled and grasped at his cock in an urgent attempt to expel him. The girl's head thrashed back and forth as she began to scream and wail louder now.. Dan grit his teeth and set up a rhythym, hard, pounding with his hips, making her submit over and over again.

Oh fuck it was tight, hot and wet and young. He clamped a big, calloused hand over her mouth as his body pistoned into her. He was sweating now, eyes closed, head down. He let her bawl like a baby into his palm as he raped her, forcing it in harder with each thrust, wanting to split her apart.. urgent, hard, brutal jerks of his hips. The bed pounded against the wall and the air was filled with her muffled bitch-animal howls, and the rude wet sounds of a tight young pussy being brutally fucked. Her whole body was taut and shuddering. She couldn't stop him, he was the man, he was stronger. She fought to free her hands and couldn't, and Dan felt his whole world start to rush to his cock and balls as he drank in her helpless shame.

He began to gasp and catch his breath, feeling the liquid intensity of his orgasm starting to build. He reached down, under her, and grabbed the plump globes of her ass with his hands, his thick rough fingers digging into the rubbery springiness, bruising her. Using her ass like a handle, he jerked her whole pelvis back and forth, using her young body to jerk off with, pounding his hips down as he yanked her hips up toward him.

She was crazy with pain and shame…sobbing OW, OWWW, OWPLEASE OWW OW NOOOO, her voice hoarse, eyes swollen with crying, rolling up into her head.

"Oh that's it.. OH, you tight fucking baby WHORE… Daddy's little whooore…that's right, fight me, I said FIGHT ME, you fucking stupid little cow… take that cock, TAKE it -.. oh, what's wrong, you cryin'? Does it hurt? Huh? C'mon, you little BITCH, scream louder…oh FUCK… yes -" the whole bed squeaked and rocked. His cock dragged back, the wet suction of her rape-swollen tightness making an obscene noise, her inner lips pulling outward and slurping at his cock obscenely, and then he lunged forward and slammed his cock back in. Pumping and grinding his hips, he pushed all nine inches of his meat up into her, delighting in her wild, hoarse whiny sobs.

"You like it, huh, baby?" he said, through gritted teeth into her ear. He was so close now…"Beg me to come, you dirty little bitch. Yessss, oh your little pussy's soooo sore, huh baby? Tell me it hurts - do it, say 'Daddyy it hurrrrts' - Ohh yes. YESSSS, you dirty little SLUT - " (thrust) "stupid fucking WHORE!" (slam) "UNghhHHH!! OHHHHHH!!!" - And BLAM, everything rushed down into his heavy balls and rocketed up his spine and into his brain, and, the explosion, white-hot fucking pure ecstasy racing through him and spurting out in jets, his cock and balls jerking, spasming like a machine-gun as semen rushed up his shaft and he came incredibly hard, spurt after spurt that felt endless and made his knees shake with pleasure.

He arched, pushing his hips up and forward as hard as he could and threw his head back, his lips peeled back and his teeth clenched, and held himself there as his balls tightened and relaxed, and his cock throbbed inside the sobbing little bitch's defiled fuckhole, his semen spurting deep into her belly, jet after jet of creamy spunk. He emptied his balls into his little fuck-toy. The best god damn cum of his LIFE.

Dan stayed deep inside the girl's pussy for a minute, panting on top of her. His cock slowly softened, but even at half-hard, her abused pussy - swollen by the violent rape - was tighter than ever. He chuckled and pulled out with some difficulty, her lips dragging on his cock, letting go with an obscene little pop.

He sat back against the heavy dresser at the foot of his bed, leaning against it, catching his breath. God DAMN, he felt good…like he'd been emptied out. He grabbed his beer from the floor where he'd put it and took a long cold drink, watching his beautiful young fuck-doll. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying. She stared at the wall like a zombie, that pouty, pink mouth half-open, her back forced into a slight arch from laying on her bound wrists. Her whole body trembled visibly. Dan's gaze traveled between her slender thighs.

Before, her pussy had been a sweet, peachy-pink, innocent cleft, like a little girl's. Now it was pink/red, swollen obscenely, and her thighs were slick with his sweat and semen. As Dan watched, she tried to close her legs.

"Uh-uh-uh," Dan said, and laid his heavy, muscled legs on top of hers, pushing her thighs apart and pinning them down so they were spread for his enjoyment. The girl let out a quiet, desperate little whimper, which sent a new rush of blood to Dan's groin, making his heavy cock swell and twitch.

Reaching behind him, he grabbed his meth pipe and lighter from the dresser, and took a long hit. Dan's sex drive had always been unusually strong and aggressive. But he'd found that a hit of tweak sent his fantasies over the top, into a dark place, giving him hours of staying power at peak sexual excitement. And there was no way he was letting this perfect little bitch get away yet. In fact, it was Thanksgiving break starting tomorrow. The campus would be almost empty for a week. Perfect timing…he felt his heart start to beat a little faster as the drug kicked in. He watched as a thick rush of semen drooled out of the girl's brutalized little pussy, and smiled. His cock grew and swelled, rose until it was sticking straight up and out, ready for Round Two.
I never start liking it....
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Fucking amazing
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Now that's a hot story, great setup and details!

He should call his teammates over, and they can all spend the week gangraping, beating and torturing the little bitch.
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Very nice, when are we going to hear about him taking her ass? I like Obikenobi's sugestion to.
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