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Default No Please, Dont Hurt Her

Christina, a 20 year old college junior, was the perfect girl for me. She was smart, beautiful, and a lot of fun to hang with. Most guys wouldn’t appreciate that (the smart part mostly). Even though I had only known her for a year, I would have given my heart to that girl. That was before I found out recently she had been fucking half the men in our school’s photography club which consists of about 40 members. 16 of them are guys, including me and the club’s president who Christina has blown too. Hearing this news did not sit well in my mind. At first, it disgusted me and I thought to myself, “What a waste of life.” But after a while, I kept imagining how it would look like me forcing my cock down her throat. And each time made me want to bring this image to life.

On one brisk evening, I was again working with the group in our usual room. The school sometimes would let us stay overnight if we needed to work on projects. For one particular project, all that was left at the end was to develop the pictures and make a collage. Christina, being the perfect little bitch she thinks she is, insisted that she could handle this alone since everyone else was either too tired or had to study for midterms.

I made sure to walk behind everyone else as they started to walk out the door and saying good night to Christina. She said good night as well but was too preoccupied prepping the pictures in the dark room. As soon as everyone else was clear, I moved back into the room, closing the door gently, and locking it. The room was nearly silent now and I can hear Christina pouring the solution into the bath getting ready to process the photos. I tip toed my way towards the room standing on the side of the entrance.

Damn…she locked the door! How do I get her to come out? I reached for an old glass bottle and dropped it away from the door, shattering loudly into pieces. That seemed to do the trick as I can hear Christina walking towards the door. She opens and walks out the door, stopping short to see the glass in front of her and bending down trying to clump pieces together.

And then…

I come out the side grabbing her waist and smothering her mouth, dragging her ass back inside the dark room. She screams and flails not knowing what exactly is going on. I shove her to the floor and close the door behind me. She can barely make out my face in the red-amber glow of the room.


I answer, “Isn’t this how you like it Christina?”

She sees me unzipping my pants. “OH GOD, please don’t.”

I pull her feet towards me and jerk her long delicate brunette hair upwards so she understands to sit herself up before I rip her hair out.

“Y’know, I thought a girl like you would have A LOT! (smack her face)........MORE! (smack)............CLASS!”

I smack her face a few more times, “You’re nothing but a filthy whore.”

“GO FUCK YOURSELF,” she kicks my stomach in and makes a run for the door.

Right when she opens it, “OH NO YOU DON’T,” I grabbed her feet making her fall hard to the floor. She’s screaming for help as a drag her back in, clawing the floor desperately trying to get away. I pin her arms down with one hand and grab a small roll of duct tape on the table.

Taping her wrists together, “Is this how you like it?”

She starts crying and pleads to me, “NO......PLEASE, I DON’T WANT IT LIKE THIS.”

I pulled down her pants and ripped off her pink panties, shoving my fingers deep inside her pussy. At first she is bone dry, but that changes very quickly when I see her close her eyes and moaning. “Enjoying this are we?.......You’re a whore and A LIAR!.......I’m gonna so enjoy hurting what seem to give away so easily.”

I get up to close the door and sit back down reaching over her mouth and stuffing it with her ripped panties and sealing it shut with one more piece of tape. She tries to scream through the gag as I whip out my stiff shaft. “Take a good look Christina, enjoy it while it lasts,” rubbing my cock and balls on her forehead, eyes, nose, and cheeks. Then back down, my cock rubbing her soaking wet clit, teasing it. Finally, I spread her legs and push my way in feeling every inch of her pussy. It’s so warm and slippery inside. At first, I thrust slowly in her, moaning on every thrust. “OH GOD, no wonder the guys love you so much. It’s so easy to get in there. Let’s see what you’re packin’ under your shirt.” She’s still crying through the gag. I grab the collar of her shirt with both hands and rip it right down the middle, revealing her white lace bra. I pull the cups down and bite gently on her sweet erect nipples while squeezing her C size breasts. “mmmm....you taste so good, like fresh strawberries. And what the fuck are you still crying about?” I ignore her cries and thrust her pussy harder now for a few minutes. Her bitter cries only get me harder and make me moan louder.

“Hope you’re not an anal virgin Christina.” I lift her up off the floor and place her stomach on the table. Her ass is at the perfect height to stick my dick right in. It’s not hard getting it in. I hold on to her shoulders for leverage and pound her ass hard but slowly. Now she’s screaming on every thrust, either in pain or satisfaction. “I want to hear you say you love being raped, I know you love it.” I rip the tape off her mouth and let her spit out the panties. I yank her hair and yell at her while still thrusting, “TELL ME YOU LOVE IT BITCH!”

“I........I.......(growling)” She can barely talk over the massive ass beating she’s taking.

“What was that? I can’t hear you. You got to.......(spank her ass) SPEAK UP!”

“YES! YES! I LOVE IT! PLEASE RAPE ME!” She finally gives in to her desires and I give her exactly what she wants. I pound her ass as fast and as hard as I can. Our breaths pant just out of sync. She’s moaning like a wild cat in heat.

“Alright, last stop Christina,” I carry her off the table and have her kneel on the floor. “This part you should be good at by now.”

She looks at me with her sad puppy eyes, “I need my hands for this, please untie me. I’ll do a good job I promise.”

I grab her mouth and stick my tongue in her, “I don’t think so sweetie. I love the fact that you’ll gag on my dick, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

She starts crying again, “Please no, I’m afraid of throwing up.”

“Wow, you look so cute when you cry. We’ll take it slow then. Just lick it for now.” She happily sticks her tongue out and licks my tip. She even kissed it a few times too. After a few more licks she takes a small portion of my entire cock in her mouth and moves her head back and forth. “Not bad baby, now take the whole thing.” She shakes her head no. “I said TAKE IT!” I grab her head and force my dick down her throat. She gags loudly after only a few seconds and I pull back letting her take a breath. “C’MON try again,” I let her cough a few times and then I forced it in her mouth again but this time, she gags after a few more seconds. “See, you’re a natural Christina. I can’t wait to cum in your mouth.” I continue my thrusting action and she’s quickly able to resist her gags slightly longer. “Gonna cum soon, hope you’re ready for this. You keep your mouth wide open. Got it?” She agrees with a moan. I thrust as fast as I can this time. “HERE WE GO, OPEN WIDE CHRISTINA!” My cum coats her tongue and the back of her throat. She gags a little but is able to take every drop I squirt in her. “Good girl, now swallow it.” She gulped down all my warm cum with ease and sticks her tongue at me, showing me proof.

Breathing heavily, Christina says, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought. But can you untie me now? My wrists hurt a lot and I’m kind of tired.”

I grab the roll of tape, she sees me coming towards her with it, “what are you doing?” I grabbed her ankles tying them together. She yells at me, “STOP IT! I’VE HAD ENOUGH, LET ME GO.” I grab her mouth, place one end of the roll on her mouth and wrapping the rest of it around her head. She screams yet again through the gag. I tell her, “I’ve hadn’t had enough yet.” I throw her over my shoulders and exit the room.

The End
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