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Default Princess Rape

I’ve written several stories around here, but I realized I didn’t have time to ever finish any “novels”. So I figured I might as well write some shorter stories. Then I was at a costume party and one of the little darlings there made a comment (and wore a costume) that put her directly into my rape fantasy.

“I wish we could be real princesses, like actually live in that time and wear crowns and everything”.

Ah little sweetie. So innocent, not at all realizing how much I wanted to throw her down and violate her young body.

She had addressed this comment to her two friends, because the three of them were all wearing princess costumes. Elizabeth was wearing a blue dress to cover her noticeable D-Cup breasts and small white body. A black flower adorned her pretty brown hair. Madeleine’s important features were blocked by a black dress with white sequins covering it, drawing attention to her gorgeous brown eyes, and matching hair. Down at her knees where her dress ended though, were some gorgeous, long, tanned legs.

The speaker, Ivana, is an adorable little cutie with nice boobs and a cute ass hidden by her modest, almost bride-like white princess dress. She has the most innocent face you’ll ever see. Actually all three of them are extremely innocent. They’re 19-year-old Catholic School virgins, the sort who stay away from boys, but certainly attract a lot of attention from unwelcome suitors. And all of them are currently dressed as princesses. I actually have a picture of them right here: http://motherless.com/EDC1A8A?full

Perfect rapemeat.

I had already wanted to yank their clothes off and pound all of their little virgin pussies, maybe even force Madeleine to suck me off, and Ivana’s well timed comment got me thinking. Supposing they were all transported back to the middle ages, and taught about what it meant to be an unlucky princess when your town is conquered? Pillage, plunder, and rape.

Hopefully savage rape, rough, painful, and humiliating. That’d teach the little virgin bitches. Yes, I want to see it. So I’m thinking that a gang of 6 men big black men with huge cocks would be perfect for the task. In fact, something like this must have happened, and it would have happened just like this:

Screams and sobbing rung out through the city streets, as the young princesses huddled together, terrified of being found.

“We have to help them!” whispered Elizabeth.

“But we’ll be caught. If we stay here in the castle we’ll be safe” answered Madeleine firmly.

The princesses were concealed in a large room beneath beneath their bedroom closet accessible only through a trap door. Years of study in concealment techniques had made it a perfect hiding place. They were safe there.

Unfortunately, the screams of dying men from outside proved that the rest of the castle was not in such good hands. The cries continued to get closer and closer, until the sound of the girl’s bedroom door was heard slamming open. Underneath the girls were beside themselves with terror. A voice from above yelled out:

“Damn boys! We got a ladies chamber! Search extra hard in here and we’ll get some pussy tonight!”

Ivana’s eyes went wide at that perversity, but she remained silent. The sounds continued from above, until without warning, the closet door was yanked open with a loud creak. Elizabeth shrieked in terror, forgetting that those above couldn’t even see anything but an empty closet. The horror on her fellow princesses faces alerted her to her mistake, just as a voice frighteningly close to them from above yelled out:

“I heard something down here! We’ve got some pussy waitin for us down here!”

The princesses were trapped. Within moments the trap door was opened and the men charged down into the hidden room.

“3 of them! Fuck yes!” shouted one of the men as he grabbed Madeleine’s slender frame from behind.

Elizabeth tried to run toward the back of the room, despite the fact that it was an enclosed space. But one of the men chased her down and wrapped himself around her, grabbing her big breasts and dragging her back toward where Madeleine and Ivana were now being held by 2 men each.

“Let’s have a party with their cunts boys!” shouted the biggest man, who appeared to be their leader.

Almost on cue, two big black cocks were shoved toward Madeleine’s face and jammed into her screaming mouth. Elizabeth was thrown back and forth between the two men assigned to her, as they made sure to grab her tits and ass as the wailing cutie was thrown from man to man.

Meanwhile the biggest of the men had made his way around behind little Ivana and was squeezing her nice round butt as she squealed in horror.

“No no don’t touch my bottom!” she cried.

The black man in front of her started mauling the darling’s round, shapely boobs. She was helpless against the two men’s combined assault.

After a few moments of fully getting acquainted with the girl’s charms, the men threw all three girls on their backs. As if it was planned, all three girl’s skirts were yanked up at the same moment, exposing the little virgin’s panties.

Ivana had yellow panties with frilly white lace around the edges and cute little pink and green flowers all over. Elizabeth was wearing pink cotton panties, extremely cute and girly. Madeleine’s panties were white with a flowery pattern all around.

All three of them then had their legs yanked up toward the sky, and their pussies grabbed through their panties. The men started rubbing the little girls, fondling the most private part of their innocent virgin bodies.

Then a man laid down on top of each princess, forcing them to keep their legs in the air. Ivana was gasping in pain.

“Stop stop I can’t breathe!” she squealed.

“I don’t care cutie” growled her attacker as he put his face down over hers, and stole the little girls first kiss. Her tears and wails were to no avail.

The man laying on top of Elizabeth roughly kissed her, sucking on the cuties mouth and tasting the defenseless lips. Then he reached his hands down between her legs, and yanked the little princesses panties down. He positioned his rockhard cock in front of the virgin’s pussy lips, and he shoved it in with an excited yell.

The man on top of Madeleine rubbed his penis against her underwear for a few moments, then he too yanked down the girl’s panties, and jammed himself inside of her. Her long legs flailed around in the air as she squirmed back and forth, caught on the end of his dick.

Ivana still hadn’t been penetrated, her attacker had been too busy kissing and French kissing her. But after he’d had enough, he reached down toward her waist. He grabbed her girly yellow panties and started to pull them down, but Ivana grabbed them too and tried to keep her modesty intact. The man reached up with one hand and grabbed her breast painfully hard. Ivana instinctively put her hands up to protect herself, and with his other hand, the man yanked the little strip of cotton down, exposing her naked pussy as she screamed:

“No! no, no, it’s a sin!”

But the man paid no attention to her helpless pleas, and he forced his dick into the young girls tiny virgin pussy. Her big brown eyes opened wide in pain and humiliation and she began gasping for breath.

Now each of the princesses had blood running down their legs and a huge black cock plugged into their pussies. They were screaming their helpless little heads off, but it was no use. Their attackers were violently thrusting, in and out and in and out of the princesses small little bodies.

The man inside Elizabeth was the first to cum. He grabbed ahold of the young girls breasts and yelled “Oh GOD YES!” as the little girl squealed “No, NO NOOOOO!!!” but it was no use. He exploded inside of the little girl and filled her up with his sperm. Elizabeth covered her face with her hands and began to cry. Never before had she been violated like this. Her tormentor pulled out of her with a controlling smile. Elizabeth curled up into the fetal position and sobbed in humiliation.

Meanwhile, Madeleine and Ivana were still being fucked. The man inside of Ivana was alternating between rough, fast thrusts, and slow, sensual ones. Ivana’s eyes betrayed her. As innocent as she was, when he sensually fucked her, she couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Madeleine’s rapist on the other hand, was pounding away at her with no regard for the cutie’s wants, and he was very close to cumming. She screamed at him to stop, that it was hurting her, but he continued with his assault, and when he was ready, he wrapped his arms around her, dropped his weight down onto her, an gasped excitedly as he flooded her with cum. Then he simply laid on her, content in his dominance of the beautiful young princess.

Ivana was moaning with pain and pleasure “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooooh” she cried as the cock had its way with her. She was angry at herself for enjoying it, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Her body was enjoying it’s first experience with sex. Her eyes rolled back, she realized what was about to happen and she weakly pleaded “no, no… OH, OHHHHHHHHHH” and then the little darling experienced her first orgasm, shortly followed by her attacker cumming in her as well.

Now while each girl had been raped, the other three men had been standing over them, either fapping, or grabbing onto the girls private parts to have some good feels of their own, but now that the first three men were finished, the men who had been waiting had their turns with the defenseless princesses.

Elizabeth had tried to crawl away from her abusers, but two of them grabbed her and started playing with her again. They pulled off her dress and started fondling her big boobs. Then they threw her on her back and the one who hadn’t gotten his chance yet got to bang her young pussy.

Naturally each of the three secondary rapists came inside of their victims quite quickly, since they’d already been preparing for quite some time. But one time cumming in each girl wasn’t enough, they all had room for some more torment.

By this time the princesses had stopped screaming, and were simply crying with humiliation from the way they were being violated. One of the men pulled Madeleine onto her hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style, while two others jammed their dicks into her cute young mouth.

The man playing with Ivana had stripped her naked and had bent her over his knee. He was busy spanking her nice round butt cheeks.

The two men taking advantage of Elizabeth flipped her onto her stomach. The feisty little darling begged them “please stop! You’ve already raped me twice, how can you possibly violate me any more?” Her pleading was interrupted by an ear piercing shriek. Elizabeth turned to see Ivana, also face down on the ground, with a man laying on her back, thrusting in and out… of her butt.

That was when Elizabeth realized what the men were about to do to her, just as the rock hard 9 inch dick slammed into her ass. Elizabeth screamed like she had never screamed before, as her butt was torn apart, but it made no difference, she was completely helpless.

Ivana wasn’t able to believe what was being done to her, but she could see that they were doing it to Elizabeth as well. The men sodomized the poor screaming little girls, and enjoyed every moment of it.

Eventually, all the men came inside of their little victims once again, then they grabbed each former virgin by her hair, and dragged the girls up the stairs. Just before they reached the top, the leader of the rapists turned back toward the sobbing, humiliated little princesses and said with a cruel laugh:

“I hope you princesses enjoyed being raped, because that’s going to be your lives from now on. You’ll be sold as sexual slaves in our country, and will be dominated every day for the rest of your lives.”

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