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Default Mother & Daughter

Here is a start to a story I've been working on. Let me know if I should continue or not. Thanks

The Mom and Daughter

I was on my way home from work and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items. As I got out of my truck and started towards the store, a very nice black BMW pulled in to a space in front of me. I watched as two very nice looking blondes got out of the car and started walking ahead of me. Wow was all I could say to myself as I watched the sway of their asses.

A little background information on me before we continue this story. I have been out of prison for almost 6 months now and have been working a regular construction job. I was in prison for raping my neighbor’s wife. I know it was very stupid of me, but I just had to have her. However, it did cost me 5 years of my life I will never get back. I lost my wife, my kids and my great job with the Gas Company. After that I planned to go straight and keep my nose clean.

As the two women enter the store and selected a cart I realized they weren’t two friends as I had first thought. One was a bit older than the other, not that she wasn’t still very hot. From what I could see in the light of the store they could almost be twins, if the one wasn’t so much older. They had to be a mother and daughter and this fact was confirmed to me as I heard the older one say, “It is too bad your father won’t be home until next weekend and will miss you being home from college for spring break”. Oh man after hearing that, let’s just say the blood started to head south from my head.

I followed them around the store as the shopped and put a few things in my cart so as not to look to suspicious. The more I watched them the more I fell in love with them and knew that I just had to have them. I tried to shake these thoughts from my head. I had just gotten out of prison and had no plans to return, but knew if I was going to have these two, there was only going to be one way. I had to plan this one out and not just jump in head first as I did the first time. I broke away from watching them and went up to the cashier to pay from my groceries. Next I headed out to my truck and pulled it over to the side of the parking lot where I could sit and wait for the ladies to come out. I would follow them to their house to find out where they lived.

I know I had only been there about 15 minutes but it seem like it had been hours when the appeared from the store. I watched as the loaded their groceries into their car, got in and then started to pull out of their parking space. That was my queue to get my truck started and ready to move. I waited for them to get a little in front of me before following. They turned onto the main road in front of the grocery and I slowly followed them out. There were two cars between us, which was more than I could have wished for, it was perfect. I watched as the made a left hand turn into one of the richer neighborhoods in the area. I thought to myself, it figures them driving a BMW. The car that was right in front of me also turned at the same spot and I followed along. The then turned left, I watched as the car in front of me continued straight and I was about to follow the BMW when I realize they had turned onto a cul-de-sac with no outlet. Even though I had slowed to make the turn, at the last moment I was able to continue straight. If I had turned onto that cul-de-sac the gig would have been up. At the next turn I made a U-turn and slowly drove past their road. As I passed I was able to clearly see the BMW and the two women in the drive of the third house on the left. I then headed to my apartment with the wheels turning in my head coming up with the next step of my plan.

My plan came to me like a giant light bulb coming on in my head as I climbed the step to my apartment. It was going to be so simple to pull off and I had all the tools. As soon as I had put my groceries I was headed back to my truck for a visit to my storage unit. When I went to prison my wife divorced me and had all my things moved into a storage unit. My apartment isn’t big enough for all the stuff in storage so most of my thing are still there.

The storage unit was just half a mile from my apartment so I was there in no time and unlocking the door. First I found the box that had my old Gas Company shirts and picked out one that looked the newest. Next I found my Gas Company hat, along with my old tool bag. I dumped all the tools out of the back as I wouldn’t need any them. I then went to the old trunk that was in back. This trunk was my dad’s and it had all his things from the war. The one thing in there that I needed was his old Colt 45 Auto. I slip the gun into the tool bag and then grabbed an old volt meter that likely didn’t work any longer and put it in the back as well, it just might come in handy for my plan. I then headed out and lock the door. I put the tool bag behind the seat and the shirts and hat on the front seat next to me. Next stop was the Walmart up the road. At Walmart I picked up some zip ties, a roll of duct tape and some 45 Auto ammo. In no time I was heading back to my apartment but had one more stop to make on the way.

I pulled into a gas station on the main road and parked next to the pay phone. I dialed the number to my boss at work and listened to the phone ring twice before he picked up. I told him that my truck had broken down and that I was at a gas station waiting for a tow truck to arrive. I told him I was sorry but didn’t think I would be able to make it to work in the morning. He was very understanding and said not to worry that he was sure he could cover for me tomorrow. Hearing this I knew my plan was moving full speed ahead. So I’ve gone from heading down the path of righteousness to giving into my sexual urges in just a few hours. Man did I feel alive again.

I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped last night. I really wanted a good night’s sleep so I would have all my energy for the task at hand today. I slowly made my way to the small kitchen and start some coffee before heading in for a shower. Once I got under the hot water I started to feel the life come back to my body. Soon I’d get some coffee in me and I’d be a new man, ready to set my plans in motion. I figured that going to their house around 9:00 in the morning would be good for my plan. That would mean most of the neighbors would be at work and if one of them did get a scream out, it was a better chance no one would hear. After my shower, I shaved and cleaned up as best as I could. I wanted to look like an upstanding working man when I rang their bell later. Before dressing I did make a stop in the kitchen for some coffee, and yes it did the job. I picked out my nicest pair of tan pants and then I dressed.

After I was dressed and had two cups of coffee in my I moved to my tool bag. I took the 45 out of the bag and loaded it with the ammo from Walmart, I really hoped I wouldn’t need the ammo, but I had to be prepared. I placed the 45 back in the bag then put the duct tape, zip ties, a buck knife and the old meter in the bag. I was on my forth cup of coffee when it was time to leave. Before going to the door, I checked myself in the mirror and was pleased. Heck if I came to my door, I’d let me in, I thought with a laugh. Next I grabbed a light jacket and put it on and stuffed the Gas Company hat in the pocket. I really didn’t want anyone at the apartments seeing me dressed like this.

I made my way to my truck and was in luck as I didn’t see a single person on the way. I took my time and placed the bag behind the seat of the truck then climbed in as started up my old girl. Slowly I drove out of the apartment lot and turned onto the main road heading to my targets’ house. Oh man this was going to be fun and my excitement was rising as I could feel a swelling in my pants. I was hoping I didn’t have a hardon when rang the bell to their house. That wouldn’t look too good for me if one those women opened the door and there I was with a raging boner. I drove past their cul-de-sac and turned onto the next road. There was a house with a “For Sale” sign in the yard so I picked that one as a good place to park. I just pulled up in front of the house and parked on the street and not in the driveway. I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I slowly got out of the truck, took off my jacket, put on my hat and got my bag out of the back.

I walked across the street and followed the sidewalk to the out to the road and turned towards the cul-de-sac. I walked slowly as not to draw any undue attention as I made my way to their house. It seemed as though it was miles away in my mind. I had tossed and turned last night dreaming of what I was going to be doing to those two beauties today. Now I was getting very close to those dreams becoming real. As I turned onto the cul-de-sac, I could see that the BMW was still parked in the same place as it was the evening before. This was a very good sign and I could feel my heart pick up a beat or two with the excitement rising in me. Only 200 yards I and I would be ring their door bell.

As I walked up the driveway past the BMW, I reached into my bag and got out the old meter. I reached the door, ringing the door bell and then started studying the meter as if I was looking for something. It took a few minutes before I heard someone at the door, but it did not open immediately. I knew that one of the women was at that moment studying me through the peephole. I just kept acting like I was studying the meter, holding it up in the air and moving it around. I also made sure that whichever woman was watching me they would be able to see my Gas Company shirt and hat. It seemed like a long while even though it was less than a minute before I heard the door opening. I turned away from looking at the meter to meeting the eyes of the older lady.

“Can I help you sir?”
“Yes ma’am, I am with the Gas Company and we have had a major leak in the area. I am going door to door checking to ensure there are no pockets of gas trapped in any houses.”
“Oh my, are we in danger?”
“I hope not ma’am, but I need to check to be sure. Are you running your Air Conditioner?” (I knew they would be as it was the middle of summer.)
“Yes we are, is that a bad thing?”
“It could be ma’am, as it could have sucked gas into your house. I will need to come in if I could and make sure you don’t have any large amounts inside.”
“Yes, by all means please come in and check for us.”

I followed her inside and for the first time noticed that she was wearing a very tight fitting pair of shorts and a halter top that almost couldn’t keep here tits contained. I also could feel a swelling start in my pants. Part one of my plan had worked perfectly, now it was on to part two.

“Where do you need to check for the gas sir?”
“Gas is lighter than air, so it would be best if I checked upstairs.”
“Ok, but we will need to be quiet as my daughter is still sleeping.”
“I’ll be sure to be as quiet as a mouse ma’am. It would be best to start in the largest room upstairs, would that bother your daughter?”
“No that would be perfect; she is in the room across the hall from the master bedroom. I do ask that you don’t mind the mess as I haven’t had the chance to make the bed.”
“Yes ma’am; my eyes will only be on the meter ma’am. I’ll follow you.”

I watched as she started to climb the steps and the view of her ass was something that dreams are made from. However this dream is going to be all so real for me in just a matter of minutes. I followed closely, but as I did I put the meter back in the bag and pulled out the 45. She was totally trusting of me and wasn’t paying any attention behind her. I followed as she opened the door and it was at that moment I made my move. In one swift movement I dropped the bag, and cupped my hand over her mouth while letting her see the 45. She freaked a little but in some way I knew she understood I had her. I whispered into her ear, “Don’t fight me, don’t scream or I will kill you and then I will go across the hall and kill your daughter, do you understand?” She slowly nodded her head that she understood. I then whispered, “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth, if you scream you know what is going to happen right?” Again she nodded that she understood. Slowly I removed my hand, and the moment my gripped relaxed, she jumped. When she did, I pointed the gun at her and shook my head no. She froze where she stood.

“Good girl, now turn around and put your hands behind your back.” I watched as she slowly did as I had ordered. I pulled a zip tie from the bag and quickly bound her hands behind her back. “Now slowly go over and sit on the bed.” Again I watched as she followed my instructions. When she was sitting I took a second zip tie and bound her ankles. Next I took a piece of duct tape and put it over her mouth and pulled her back up in the bed in a laying position. Softly I told her, “I’m going to go across the hall and get your daughter and bring her in here. I don’t want her to wake up and find you like this and start screaming. That wouldn’t be good for either of you. Now you lay right there and don’t move. Do you understand?” Once more she nodded her head yes, but you could see the fear in her eyes. It was hard to leave mom laying there on the bed, she was a true MILF in all senses. She had long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, an ass to die for and tits the size of melons. If I hadn’t already known that her daughter was a younger version of her I would have let her sleep and put the dick to mom right now. That wasn’t the plan, and I really wanted to stick by the plan that I had in store for the both of them.

Quietly I left mom lying on the bed and softly crossed to the door on the other side of the hall. Slowly, ever so slowly I turned the knob on the door until is stopped. I then slowly opened the door and what greeted me was a pure sight of beauty. The daughter was lying on her bed sound asleep with only and teddy bear nightie and panties on. She really did look like a younger version of her mom. The only difference was her hair was a bit longer and her tits weren’t as large, but I was not complaining. Slowly I crossed the floor to the side of the bed and looked down upon her again. The close up view was even better and my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds. Quickly I pounced on my prey and covered her mouth while holding the 45 against her forehead. Her eyes opened and became as large as half dollars as the fear fill her being. She started to fight but I pushed the gun a little harder against her head and she became still. I quietly said, “Your mom is in the other room tied up, and if you are a good girl I will not hurt her, but if you do not listen I am going to kill both of you, do you understand?” She nodded her head that she understood and then I told her, “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth and if you scream or fight me I will shoot you and then I will go in and skin your mom alive, understand?” Again she nodded and I slowly removed my hand from her mouth. Next I told her, “ When I let you up, I want you to slowly get out of bed, and slowly walk across the hall and sit on the bed next to your mom.” She nodded and I let her up from the bed and watched as she slowly walked towards her mom’s room. I followed closely behind, but not so close that I could watch her ass swing in those tight little panties.
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great ! I hope the next will be soon !
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Love this...can't wait for the conclusion!
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I'll get to work on finishing.
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Part 2.
I watched closely, I mean really closely as the daughter walked across hall and entered her mom’s room. She let out a small gasp when she saw her mom bound and laying on the bed. I, myself could barely contain gasping as the sight of the beautiful mom laying there all helpless. The daughter followed my instructions and when to the bed and sat next to her mom. I then told her to help her mom sit up next her, and watched as she did what I said. Once the mom was sitting, I told the daughter to remove the tape from her mom’s mouth. She did, but tried to do it slowly so as not to hurt her mom. This was a good sign, a very good sign for me. When the tape was off her mouth, the mom looked at me and spoke very softly.

“Please don’t hurt us, I’ll show you where all the money and things of value are in the house.”
“That is very nice of you ma’am, but I have a little game in mind that we are going to play.”
“What kind of game?” both of the women asked in almost perfect unison.
“Simon Says, I’m Simon and I will tell one of you something to do and if you don’t do as I tell you when I tell you then I will hurt the other one. If you don’t listen five times, I will kill the other one. Do both of you ladies understand the rules so far?"

Neither of them spoke, but their eyes became very large and they both nodded that they understood.

“Now I am going to remove the zip ties from you mom, if you do anything like run or scream, I will shoot your daughter. Understand?"

The mom nodded her head again and with that I pulled the knife from the bag. I slowly walked to the bed and knelt down and cut the tie at her ankles. Then I told her to stand up and turn around. She did as she was told and I cut the tie binding her hands. I then took the chair that sat next to the bed and moved back a few feet and sat down. Both of them were looking at me and wondering what was next. “Ok missy you stand up next to your mom.” Slowly I watched as she rose from the bed and stood next to her mom. “Now both of you face each other.” They did as they were told once more. Nothing so far had been too tough for them, but the next order I knew would get a reaction. “Ok missy, take off your mom’s halter top.” She didn’t move and when she said, “But” I quickly rose from the chair and slapped her mom across the face. The mom fell onto the bed at the same time I looked at the daughter and said, “That is one!” The mom was quickly back on her feet and said to her daughter, “Do as he says sweetie.” With that the daughter slowly started to untie her mom’s halter. I watched as the top slow came off and revealed one of the nicest sets of tits I have ever seen. The sagged just a little from age, but you could tell in a moment they were all natural and they were amazing.

I let them stand there for a second before my next order. “Now mom return the favor and remove your daughter’s teddy.” She paused just the slightest of seconds before I saw her hands move to take off her daughter’s teddy. She didn’t move as slow as her daughter as the sting of my hand still on her face and she didn’t want that to happen to her little girl. When the teddy was gone, I had to change my mind, the daughter had the nicest pair of tits I have ever saw. Wow was all I could think. They were about 36s were her mom’s were 38s, but they had that perfect shape and large pink nipples that just begged to be sucked. I just stood and looked at the two half naked beauties before me, and almost forgot what I was doing they were so mesmerizing. After a second though I came back to my senses and continued the game.

“Ok missy, your mom took a pretty hard slap across her face because of you, so I think you should kiss it better.” She didn’t hesitate this time and leaned forward and put a light pick on her mom’s cheek. “Oh come on, you can do better than that missy, I want to see you kiss every inch of the redness on your mom’s face and I mean real kisses too!” She did as she was told and started planting kiss after kiss on her mom’s face. “Show your mom just how much you love her and how sorry you are making me slap her.” With each kiss they became more loving and tender. I watch with delight as I saw them start to have some effect on the mom as she started shifting her weight and rubbing her thighs together. This is working out even better than I had planned. I watched for a moment or two long and then said, “Very good missy, I’m sure your mom knows you love her.” With that said she stopped and they both stood there waiting for my next order, but there was something very different in the mom’s eyes. There was a glow of a fire building and I hope it was what I thought.

Not wanting anything to cool off I looked at mom and said, “Ok mom it is your turn, I want you to show your daughter how much you love her and give her a big wet French kiss.” The mom hesitated just a split second and saw the muscles in my legs start to contract before she took her daughter in her arms and placed her mouth on her daughter’s. She kissed her daughter very deeply and very tenderly just as a lover would kiss. There was a minute or so before I could see the daughter start to respond and return her mom’s kiss. Oh man was this hot, maybe the hottest thing I had ever seen in real life. Here before me were two of the hottest women on the planet kissing and to make it even hotter they were mother and daughter. I allowed this kissing to continue for some time and the longer they kissed the more into the kissing both of them became, it was almost a shame to stop them, but we had a lot more ground to cover before it was time for me to leave.

“Very good ladies, very good! I could tell that the two of you love each other very much, and from the looks of things the two of you do that all the time.”
Missy was quick to say, “No, that is the first time.”
“The first time you kissed your mom like that, or the first time you kissed another woman?”
“Well both, I haven’t kissed that many guys, much less kissed another girl.”
“Really, well then how old are you missy?
“I just turned 19.”
“Oh so you are still in high school?
“Oh no, I’m in my first year of college.”
“Hummmm, usually by now you would have gotten in on with your roommate, right mom?

Mom hesitated before saying, “I wouldn’t know anything about such things.”
“Oh really, you didn’t go to college or you didn’t make out with your roommate?”

Mom just looked at me and then her daughter but didn’t say anything.

“Come on mom, you can tell us, we promise not to tell anyone. Or would you rather me give your daughter a slap like you got?"

You could tell this might be one of the hardest things she had ever done, but she spoke up and said, “Ok, when I was in college I had a girlfriend for about 6 months. It was a wonderful relationship, very loving but there was just something missing.” She looked at her daughter and continued. “Shortly after her and I broke thing off, I met your dad and have been totally faithful to him ever since.”

The daughters mouth gapped open a bit at hearing this about her mom, but she didn’t say anything. There was an odd pause for a second as I had noticed a wet spot starting to form in the crotch of the tight yellow shorts that mom still wore.

.........More to come later.......

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Like where this is going, MORE!!!
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Part 3:

Mom caught me looking at her crotch and her hand quickly moved down to feel the wetness that was forming. When she realized how wet she had become her face turned three shades of red.

“Nothing to be ashamed of mom, so you get turned on by lesbian sex. I’ve heard there is a little lesbian in all women.”

She bowed her head slightly at the same time looking at her daughter then softly spoke, “I’m sorry sweetheart”.

“Mom I didn’t know or would have never thought about it anyway, don’t worry our secret is safe with me.”

“You see there mom, your little secret is safe with us.” I paused a brief second, then continued with, “Why don’t you go with it, you are turned on so why don’t you suck and play with your daughter’s awesome tits.”

The daughters face showed shock as she realized what I had told her mom to do, but her mom didn’t even hesitate for a moment. Her hands each taking one of daughters tits and her head lowered down as she started to such on the right nipple. The look of shock was still on her daughters face, but a soft moan escaped from her lips. I watched as the mom did a wonderful job of making love to her daughter’s tits. Moving between the two sucking the nipples until they were like little bullets ready to shoot off. The daughters head was tilted back and there were continual moans of pleasure coming from her lips. This was more than my cock could take being confined in my tight pants so I slowly released my belt and lowered my zipper to give it some space. I didn’t want to pull it out just yet though.

“Wow mom, you really are getting into that and your daughter seems to being enjoying the attention. “ Both of the women just moaned at my words and though it seemed they didn’t want to stop what was happening at the moment I had other plans.

“Missy I think it is time you repaid your mom’s loving attention and suck and play with her huge tits for a while.”

“But I’ve never done anything like that sir.”

“Sweetie there is always a first time, so do what feel natural and make your mom feel good.”

You could tell that mom didn’t want to stop playing with her daughter’s tits but she knew that I was in charge. So she slowly moved way and then watched as her daughters left hand first moved up to touch her right tit. The daughter moved her and hand some squeezing lightly on her mom’s tit. Then she slowly moved her right hand up to her mom’s left tit and did the same. I watched as mom’s nipples began to harden and her head also tilted back as she started to moan. Her moans grew much loader as she felt her daughter’s mouth on her left tit. The daughter was moving slow but what she was doing was all right and you could tell by the way her mom was moaning and that her whole crotch of her shorts was totally wet. I was somewhat surprised to hear mom say, “Use your teeth sweetie, nibble on my nipple and squeeze them harder”. The daughter listened to her mom and was really starting to get in to what she was doing.

“Ok ladies, I think it is time that both of you were totally naked. Mom take off your daughter’s panties with your mouth.” Again there was no hesitation as the mom slow sank to her knees. She leaned forward and caught the waist band of her daughter’s panties with her teeth and slowly moved her head downward. You could see that the daughter’s panties were also wet from the excitement as she lowered them down past her daughter’s knees and on to the floor. One foot at a time the daughter stepped out of the panties and once they were free, the mom took them into her hands and brought the wet crotch to her nose. “That’s it mom get a good smell and why not take a taste of your daughter’s juices while you are at it.” The mom misunderstood what I mean by tasting her daughter as she lowered the panties and moved her mouth to her daughter’s pussy. Oh and what a perfect pussy it was, lightly cover in blonde curls and neatly trimmed. I watched without speaking as mom’s tongue extended from her mouth and made contact with the outer lips of her daughter’s pussy. At that contact, her daughter jumped slightly and a squeaking sound escaped her lips. Mom wasn’t going to have her daughters pussy escape from her and quickly moved her hands up to her daughter’s ass to hold her in place.

“Oh my god mom what are you doing to me?”

“She is licking your pussy, doesn’t it feel good?”

“It feels wonderful, but no one has ever did anything like that to me before.”

“Like I said before, there is always a first time.”

“Ok mom, I said just a taste, it is your daughter’s turn to take off your shorts.”

You could tell neither of the women wanted what was happening to stop, but reluctantly the mom pulled away. She then slowly got back up into a standing position, though you could tell from the look on her face and the glistening wetness of her daughter’s juices on her lips she wasn’t ready to stop. The daughters knees were shakily, I think partly from her mom’s work on her pussy and partly from the fear of the on known. I watched as she unsteadily moved down to her knees in front of her mom. She paused to study the wet spot on her mom shorts before moving closer to take a sniff of her mom’s scent. It was almost like she changes in that moment as suddenly her hands moved up to the waist of her mom’s short and she quickly pulled them down. Her mouth was on her mom’s pussy in a instance and I watched as her tongue moved over her mom’s outer pussy lips. At the first contact of her daughter’s tongue, mom inhaled a large gulp of air and then a moan escaped from her lips. Mom’s knees became shakily and I watched as she took a step back and then went to a sitting position on the bed. Her daughter’s tongue never lost contact with her mom’s pussy in the movement. The daughter was going at her mom’s cleanly shaved pussy like it was her last meal on earth. I couldn’t stand it any longer and started removing my clothes. This is far better than any of my dreams.

While removing my clothes I remembered that my cell phone could take video. I quickly got it and started to record the action before me. Mom was leaning back on the bed and her legs were spread wide open as her daughter worked on her pussy. The smell of sex filled the room as did the sounds of pleasure. I moved closer with my phone still recording to get an up close view of the action. Mom’s pussy was wet and had the pinkest lips I had ever seen, it was a pussy that every man dreamed of fucking.

Mom sensing that I had moved close looked up to see me recording and gasped “What are you doing?”

“Just making a little memento of this awesome occasion.”

“Oh please you can’t, that will ruin both of us if it gets out.”

“Well then I guess we will have to make sure it never gets out now don’t we?”

“Yes, I’ll do anything form keeping my husband and family from seeing it.”

“Good, so I guess I don’t need this gun anymore now do I?”

“No we are yours to do with what you want.”

“Good, so why don’t you use your mouth and suck my cock.”

At that moment she saw my hard cock for the first time and gasped, “My lord that is big!” Now let me tell you my cock isn’t no monster by any means, but it is just under 8 inches length and is bigger than average in width. She then said “I’ve never seen a dick that big in real life, it is huge” as I leaned closer and her head started moving to my cock. She extended her tongue at first just licking the head and that sent shock waves through my body. She licked up and down it’s length a few times before taking the head in her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her to me, feeling my cock reach the back of her mouth. She gagged on it and I backed up some before pushing forward again. She gagged again but this time I continued to push forward until my cock entered her throat. With the next push my cock was fully in her and her nose was touching my pubic hairs. I held her there for a second then backed out letting her catch a breath before pushing back into her throat and stated face fucking her. This whole time her daughter hadn’t moved from lick her mom’s pussy and as I glanced down I could see her mom’s juices covering her face. At that moment mom's first orgasm hit her sending contraction throughout her body including her throat. This combined with her moaning around my cock sent me over the edge and dumped a months worth of cum into mom’s throat. I pulled back into her mouth so she could get a taste of the last few spurts and she didn’t miss a beat swirling her tongue around my cock head as she moaned.

************** More to Cum Later *************

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Part 4:
It took me a few moments to savor and recover from dumping about a gallon of cum down mom’s throat. I also realized that I had still been videotaping during that whole time and hoped I got some good shots. Mom had lain back completely on the bed and her daughter was still eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Once I caught my breath for a second I looked down and said, “Missy it is time for your mom to eat your pussy more and for me to see how good you suck cock.”

She looked up at me and said, “Ok but I’m not very good, I’ve only done it twice and one of the boys just told me to quit.”

“Well it looks like I’ll just have to teach you to do it right. Now get up and lay down on the bed with your head hanging off the edge.”

Mom moved so her daughter could get into the position I had instructed, and then she moved between her daughters legs and lowered her blonde head. I could tell by the looking on her daughters face when her tongue made contact with her pussy. I videotaped mom eating her daughter’s pussy for a few moments before moving into position at the daughters open mouth. My cock had softened some but not totally when I placed the head in the daughters mouth. “Now missy, use your tongue to swirl around my cock.” She did as she was told and I inched a little more into her mouth. It didn’t take me long before my cock was rock solid again and I started to push more into her mouth. She was moaning the whole time as her mom was giving her pussy a good tongue lashing. I gave my cock another push and felt the back of the daughter’s mouth and she gagged a little before I pulled back. I then started to slowly fuck her mouth without trying to send my cock down her throat. It was almost too much for me to hold back watching my cock sink into that pretty girls mouth but for some reason I didn’t want to scare her by putting all the way down her throat just yet. I bumped the back of her mouth once more and this time she didn’t gag at all. This is what I was hoping for by place her on the bed like this and making more of a straight line between her mouth and throat. I was now bumping the entrance of her throat with each stroke and all she was doing was moaning from her mom’s tongue. One more stroke and then the next one I didn’t stop. As my cock got to the entrance of her throat I continued to push and I easily went ball deep in her tight throat. I held it there for a second before pulling back and taking another stroke that put my balls on her nose. After two more deep stokes I pulled my cock from her mouth and she gasped for some air.

I then walked over and put my phone down next to my pants. I then walked around the bed to where mom had her ass stuck up in the air. It was time for some pussy and I wanted to see just how tight mom was. I moved in behind her and when she felt my cock head touch her pussy she moved forward and looked back, “Please go slow, I’ve never had a cock that size in my pussy.” Sure I was going to go slow, I wanted to savor every second of this and I moved forward until the head of my cock started to open the wet lips of her cunt. Inching on forward my cock was enveloped into a hot, wet and very tight tunnel. It felt better than any pussy I had ever fucked and I just couldn’t stop myself from plunging forward. When I buried my cock to the balls in her, moms head shot up and she shouted “Jesus it is huge, you’re are going to split me open!!!” I didn’t say a word and just pulled back to where only my head was still in her tight cunt and plunged forward with my full length again. She had completely forgotten about her daughter’s pussy as I gripped her hips in my hands and started to fuck her for all I was worth. “Oh god fuck me with that big cock, oh please don’t stop fucking me” she kept saying over and over. I didn’t plan on stopping either and added a new element to our joining when I pushed my thumb up her ass without any warning.

I had noticed she had the prettiest pink rosebud of an asshole, but I also had notice the tell, tell signs that she has been fucked there before. That and when my thumb entered her tightest hole she howled “Oh yes, finger my ass!!!” I spit on her ass to give my thumb some lube and match my cock’s strokes with my thumb. As I buried my cock in her cunt I pulled my thumb back and as I pulled my cock back buried my thumb. This went on for a few minutes and then I told the daughter, “Come around here missy I got a job for you to do.” She quickly started moving around to my side of the bed and when she was there I pulled my cock out of her mom’s pussy and told her to suck. She went to her knees and took my cock in without hesitation. She was really working it good too bobbing her head up and down on my cock like a pro. While she was working on my cock I took my thumb from her mom’s ass and then spit on her ass once more. This time I scooped up my spit with my middle two fingers and forced them both into the tight ass. Mom’s head lifted and a deep moan come from her lips. I started working my fingers in and out of her ass, spitting on it for lube ever few strokes until it was ready for my cock.

“Missy get my cock good and wet, then you can help me put it in your mom’s ass.”

“Oh my god you are going to put that in her butt? Mom he is going to put that big thing in your butt.”

“Oh yes dear he is going to fuck your mom’s ass and the way it felt in my pussy I can’t wait to feel it in my ass.”

With that I pulled my fingers from her ass and put the head of my cock in position. “Missy, get in there and lick your mom’s ass and my cock head and get them both good and wet with your spit.” The daughter did as she was told, and though I couldn’t see because her blonde head blocked my vision, I could feel her tongue doing its job. I let her work on us for a few seconds before I pushed my cock forward against the tight rosebud of mom’s ass. Mom sensing it was time pushed back and the head of my cock entered her ass with a pop. The daughter now moved her head out of the way and I saw my cock slipping inch by inch into her dark tight hole. Mom lowered her head to the bed and moaned louder than she had yet. It took a little time inching forward, and it was all I could do to hold back from plunging all the way in. I was trying to be nice, but mom had other ideas and said, “Give me all of it!!!” as she pushed back burying my cock to the balls. You could tell this cause her some pain, but she didn’t seem to mind as an orgasm hit her and she started shaking, contracting and moaning as her juices squirted from her pussy. I let her enjoy cumming and when I sensed she was coming down from the orgasm, I pulled my cock back and plunged forward. Grabbing her hips once more I started to fuck her ass like a man on a mission. The daughter had her head laying on her mom’s back watching as I fucked her mom harder and harder. It seemed as though the mom was caught in a continuous orgasm as she spasmed over and over. I pulled my cock from her ass and pushed it against her daughter’s lips. The daughter opened her mouth and I pushed my cock all the way down her throat. I gave the daughter’s throat a few strokes then pulled out and plunged ball deep back into mom’s ass. When I hit bottom, mom’s pussy start squirting all over my legs.

********** More to Cum Later *************
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I am loving this but would love to see the mother have to talk the daughter into taking his cock up her ass!
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