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Default My wife gets raped (MMMF, beast, inter, impreg)

This is a story that I wrote when my wife was still my fiance. First story post on this site although this story has been posted elsewhere.

Let me know if you like/dislike and why.

It is my rape fantasies about her that you are about to start reading. In real life rape is horrible and violent and leads to AIDS, blood and death and I would NEVER want this to happen really. I am actually madly in love with her.

However, in my mind…

My fiancé – take 1

Ever since I met Kate, my world has changed. She is beautiful and wonderful. A lovely blonde woman of 34 with the most beautiful ice blue eyes that almost glows. She has a great body and 34C breasts and is always either shaved or trimmed between her lovely legs. We fell in love very quickly and just got along and I love her with my whole heart. So you can imagine how it felt to be forced to watch 7 black men take her and use every one of her lovely openings to cum inside.

We were on holiday, the holiday where I asked her to become my wife and she said yes immediately. It had been a fun day on the beach and we were both tired, much to tired to go make food, so we decided to go out for supper.

We took a drive down the coastal road, laughing and chatting about the day and how exciting and wonderful everything was when we saw a lovely little restaurant hidden between the trees. Being a week night it was not very busy and we were one of only three couples eating out there. The inside was magnificent and the food even better and we ate, the sea air making as really hungry. All through the dinner I could see the black waiters looking at us and I thought it was really just concern for us.

I constantly looked at her, radiant in her red top and cream skirt. She had a black, lacey bra that could just be seen peeking out and was beautifully made up. And now one had to tell me that she was wearing her lace g-string, Kate always only wore the tiniest g-strings.

Having been there before us, the other couples left and as we asked for the bill, we were alone in the restaurant. We paid and chatted about a nice night we would spend together, she asked me to buy condoms so we could make love the whole night and believe me I was excited about this.

We got up, kissed and walked to the door, only to find it locked. This is where this story really starts.

“Waiter”, I said, “We can’t get out, the door is locked.”

“Sorry Sir”, he said and walked towards us, the other waiters trailing him, “we will help you in a second.”

I was wondering why all the waiters walked up to us to open the door, but one never really expects the worst, not ever happening to you or the woman you love so dearly.

Our waiter walked up to the door and fiddled with it and asked me try again. It was then, when I turned to try the doorhandle that 4 of the men grabbed me and the other 3 grabbed Kate. She screamed and it took me a second to realise that I was held as well.

“What the fuck!” I said as I started to struggle against them and Kate herself was putting up a fight but she was built much too delicately to resist 3 big black men and they held her as I was wrestled to the nearest wall. The one took out handcuffs and they forced my hands behind my back, which they promptly cuffed around a big steel pipe running close to the wall. I was stuck!!!

They left me then and also decended on my pretty, screaming Kate, the other three already touching places they should not. By the time I realized that my wrists were not coming out of the cuffs her breasts were already being felt through her top and one of the men was pulling up her skirt. The other was holding her feet and her hands to avoid being kicked or hit!

“Get away from her you bastards”, I screamed at the top of my lungs and only got a couple of smiling faces as Kate had a man reach under her skirt and pull her g-string to her knees.

“Nooooo”, I screamed as the man again lifted her dress and exposed her shaven sex to the waiters. Kate was besides herself and still tried to fight through the tears as a black hand slipped between her legs and the rough black fingers started roughly rubbing her sexlips.

The men who held her easily bent her over the table closest to me and pulled her legs wide open. They pulled my love’s skirt up and I could see her lovely sexslit, but so could they. One man used his fingers to open her sexlips and he put his fingertip into my angel.

“Stop, you fuck, stop now”, I angrily growled but he simply looked at me and laughed as he undid his pants and took out the biggest penis I had ever seen.

The rumours about black men is true, it was a thick, black phallus with a huge purple glans that looked almost threatening. I had to stop this.

“Please don’t, you can have anything but don’t do that”, I begged, trying to appeal to them as humans not to violate my Kate. But once again I got the smile as his fingers once again spread her slit wide open and he pushed the cockhead into the pink hole. Kate squealed like a hurt animal.

He pushed twice, making her moan from hurt, but she was too dry and he only got the tip in. Then he withdrew, spat on his hand and rubbed the slippery spittle over the tip and shaft of his cock and once again fitted it into my Kate.

“Oh fuck, don’t”, I screamed as he pushed twice again. The spit did its job and the first push saw my Kate scream, her whole body stiffening as her lips slid to the middle of the black shaft. The second push pressed his scrotum up against my lover’s clitoris, the entire penis hilted in her vagina.

He placed his hands on her smooth hips and turned to me, slowly grinding himself against her, making her moan. Then for the first time since it started he spoke to me.

“Well mister your little girl feels so good! Her slut cunt feels like a little hot vice around my cock. Don’t worry all my friends will feel it too. And don’t you think of doing anything stupid like trying to run away or telling anyone about this, we have cameras all over our restaurant and this little video of your slut being fucked will be on the internet before you are finished doing whatever you want to try. And believe me when we are done tonight she won’t be the innocent woman you came in with. Oh and we heard you talking about buys condoms, which must mean that this little white whore is not protected. Don’t worry we won’t be needing condoms as we plan to give her fertile wet cunt a few doses of sperm right inside. So not another peep out of you or your little girl will be the hottest new thing on the internet.”

I couldn’t believe it. This waiter standing there against my wife to be, locked in the most intimate way to her, telling me this. I wanted to take him on again but as if he knew he pointed right at the wall above me. I strained my neck and true as bob there was a lense in the wall, it was pointed right to the table my angel was being fucked on. This was not the first time they did this. That camera would have seen what I did and would already have footage of Kate’s vagina being spread open and penetrated. He pointed to a couple of other areas and I saw the lenses there, every angle being covered, and her pretty face was on film too, no way that her identity would be hidden if they were to put it on the internet. So I kept quiet, the anger building in me as the waiter turned his attention from me to her and he started to fuck her like a cheap whore.

Kate was squealing, moaning, grunting and sobbing at the same time as the waiter raped her in her vagina. Unlike in porn movies the penetration was largely hidden from me, I could just see this black man working her white body. Although every now and then he would pull out far enough for me to see the glistening black shaft disappearing into her pink slit before being rammed into her again. There was more than spit on that shaft by now and I realized that Kate’s vagina was becoming wet. I would later read that this was the female instinct and that a lot of raped girls were reported to orgasm and get very wet during rape. But for now it angered me as it seemed that she was responding to this man.

It did not take him long to have my fiancé moaning more that crying and she was gasping like a girl in a porn movie and then she grunted and I saw her body stiffen so much! She was having an orgasm right there on that waiter’s black cock!!! He fucked her through her orgasm, feeling her tight cunt spasming and then he stopped, holding his cock deep inside my panting, spent girl.

“Hey man, did you see the white whore cumming on my cock!! What do you say I return the favour and have her feel my cumming cock in her!!!”

“No please, she’ll get pregnant! You are right she is not on protection!!! Please”

He ignored me and started to pump her hard again, making her moan soon enough, her entire humiliation being caught on the cameras and then he started grunting. He drove to his orgasm in her velvety opening and suddenly almost growled, pressing right up against her. He stood still like this and there was no doubt what was happening. That raping black cock was filling my lover’s female orifice with sticky, white cum!!!!

Meanwhile Kate was feeling the huge cock in her jerk and then felt herself become very wet and slippery between her legs and she started crying again. She was helpless and nothing could get her off the ejaculating penis and she could only feel her violation becoming complete as he filled her, covering the mouth of her uterus with the sperm.

The guy held his cock in her as it grew soft and said, “The whole idea is to get your white whore pregnant, you dumb fuck!!! We are all on pills to increase our sperm count and your little slut here just got a dose of that in her cunt. And each one of my friends here will soon transfer their juice from their balls into her tummy so what do you think the chances are that she won’t take?”

I just looked at him.

“You fucking tell me!! Or well hurt her. Tell me when is her period!!”, he balled his fist to hit her.

“No please”, I said, “She came off week and a half ago.” Kate looked back at me with red eyes and mouthed “No”, but what could I do.

“Did you hear that boys, our white slut has no protection and is in her most fertile time. This time we will make a white tummy swell I promise you!!!”

They all cheered as he still stood there with his cock up her spermed vagina. It was as if this was their mission, to make a white girl pregnant against her will. They had tried three times before and only managed to take the girls’ innocence. Two was on the pill and one had just come off and did not take, but with my love everything was just just to perfect for them and a couple of months later she stood at our wedding with her big pregnant belly, with seven black men in the second row (the video they took would bind her to them for life and even when we were married).

He stood there, allowing the semen to soak deep into Kate. No one would ever know which one of the rapists made my love pregnant as over the next couple of hours her vagina was to be spermed so many times we both lost count. Slowly he withdrew from her and his wet, limp cock slipped out of her now red, open orifice, followed closely by a trickle of white semen!

Seeing my angel like that broke my heart, used and leaking a rapist’s cum from her most feminine place. But I had to get used to that as the next three hours made the wildest porn movie I had ever seen look tame, and the star was the woman I love!!!

They pointed and laughed at her leaking pussy and they dried her opening with one of the table napkins before the next black man took up position behind her. Kate was begging them to stop but they just grinned and she felt another cock stretch and fill her.

This penetration was easy, Kate being open and very slippery from the cum in her and without a word the man started pumping her body, his cock sliding easily in her sexy body. As before they felt her fight go out of her as the first man spermed her and they let go. Kate had nothing to protect anymore and she lay there over the table, sobbing and feeling the cock in her slimy vagina. This gave the men other things to do, like touch her soft body and one was trying to get a bj from my fiancé.

He pinched her nose shut and as she gasped for air, the purple cockhead slipped into her mouth. He told her not to bite or they would kill us both and then the penis slid over my angel’s tongue making her gag. All the time the black man behind her fucked her hard and fast, making her sexy body shake. She moaned around the cock she had shoved into her pretty mouth and suddenly she grunted and shuddered as she came again!

Meanwhile the rest were completely undressing her. Cutting her clothes off with the steak knives on the table. The lovely outfit she had put on with such care was being cut and torn while her most private part was being violated right before my eyes.

Soon she was completely naked, her entire body exposed and her white skin visible to all. The contrast between her white skin and the dark skins of the men raping her made it even more intense to look at especially seeing her sexy mouth around the black shaft and the glimpses of the dark penis pushing between her pink cuntlips into her warm, silky depths.

Kate had always been a tight girl between her legs and for me it was heaven fucking her. I could only try to imagine how it would feel for the black men with their large cocks, stretching her already tight hole to double what I usually did. The result of that was evident as the black man was starting to grunt and he grabbed her smooth hips and started to really fuck her hard making her moan around the cock in her mouth.

She was not used to being stretched and fucked like this and the cum in her made the fucking so smooth and with a little squeal she came again, her cunt contracting around his penis and this pushed him over the edge, ramming his cock all the way up her, the tip nudging her uterus as it started spurting cum into her. He arched his back and almost howled in pleasure, holding his groin right up against the white skin of my lover’s rear, his large cock completely buried in her soft genitals whilst he emptied his balls in her.

Kate was still shaking from her orgasm as she felt the cock fill her with hot semen and she started crying again, sobbing around the cock in her mouth. There was no more complete violation that a man could do to a woman than fill her cunt with semen against her will. It was like marking his territory in her body and two black men had already done this to my fiancé.

He held himself tightly against her, making sure every single drop of semen was transferred to her warm slit and during this the man using her mouth lifted her head slightly to align her mouth and throat and started to push his cocktip into my angel’s warm throat. She chocked immediately and started to cough around the cock, spit flying and dripping out of her mouth. This caused her cunt to clamp down and milk every last drop from the softening cock in her.

As her choking subsided the man behind her disengaged from her leaving her vagina wide and red. Then the stream of white, thick semen started to run from her. I could not believe the amount of sperm running out of my love’s vagina. The pills they mentioned must be working as for a number of seconds a thick, wide trickle of cum ran out of her vagina, over her clit and dripped from her mound.

She was trying to get them to stop, putting up a last bit of fighting again, wanting it to end as she saw another waiter take off his pants. She moaned around the cock in her mouth but they held her down again as this man stepped up behind her. Once again he used a napkin to wipe her raped slit clean before taking his penis in hand.

I had a shock. This man was huge. He must have been over 9 inches long and over 2 inches wide!!! He was hung like a horse and was circumcised and he intended in sticking that monstrous thing up my lovely fiancé! I had stayed quiet for long enough, this had to stop.

“Stop that, please stop that now, get away from her,” I said to this man.

The man ignored me fully and aimed the huge, purple tip at the abused fuck orifice between her pretty legs. He no longer needed to spread her, she was open and slippery from her rape so far and, holding his cock close to the base, he pressed the tip against her sex opening. Kate stiffened as she felt herself being stretched wider and wider.

He looked at me and smiled and said, “Your little slut here is very tight, lets see if she is still so tight once my hard cock has made a whore out of her.”

I screamed at him to stop, but he simply rammed forward, pushing her soft opening wider than it has ever been and she screamed around the cock as the muscles of her sexual orifice was stretched to painful proportions.

The rapist in her mouth took her scream and gasp as his queue and he thrust his penis down my love’s throat. I saw her body stiffen again and could physically see her throat enlarge as the huge penis slid into it. Her eyes widened as she started to choke and her body squirmed and her hands tried to get to her face but was held.

Meanwhile, behind her, the man rammed again and more of the monstrous black cock slid into her abused pussy. Veins stood out on the side of her throat as the combination of the pain between her legs and the lack of oxygen drove her to absolute desperation. She squealed loudly and her eyes opened even wider as she got three more thrusts between her legs. She felt the guy press up against her and she felt the pain of having such a huge cock fully in her for the first time.

The men stood like this for a while until my love was close to passing out from lack of oxygen while I screamed at them and threatened them and then both pulled out.

She coughed and spluttered loudly whilst her vagina was a huge black cave between her legs. She looked so cheap and slutty, her normally closed slit so wide and used. I wondered if it would ever close up completely again. But I had little time to look as the man stepped up again and in one savage thrust replaced his entire cock into her gaping cunt.

Kate groaned loudly and her back arched as the man replaced his big cock again and this time he started to fuck her with his huge cock. His hands gripped her just above her hips and he held her in place as he punished her tight opening.

I would never know if it was this man of what they did to her later but Kate was never quite as tight ever again and he definitely contributed. I knew, as I watched this man fuck my lover savagely with his huge black cock, that he was causing permanent damage.

Kate screamed out as he fucked her and opened her wide and then the pain started to fade into an impossible pleasure for my love. She tried to ignore it but what woman could. With the way this cock dilated her, every single motion got transferred to her already primed clitoris and she came so hard she almost fainted. She started moaning loudly, a woman in absolute sexual ecstasy. I could not believe it.

She pushed her sexy hips backwards into the invading penis, not wanting him to take any of her pleasure away and he did not. He kept on fucking my lover, driving her from peak to peak and turned her into his willing participant. Instead of trying to push them away her hands gripped the edge of the table, her knuckles white and she gyrated her hips and moaned, her skin covered in a sheen of sweat.

Then he grunted and lanced into her, bringing a cry of pain to her again, as he started to cum. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto him, arching her backwards as his penis started to spurt. She screamed in agony as he pulled her hair backwards and started to plead with him. But he was only interested in cumming as deep in her as he could. And came he did.

His penis size was in every way equivalent to what he was depositing in my bride-to-be. I saw him grunt and shudder as he held her suspended like that and I knew that his dirty, black raping cock was ejaculating in my girl. He kept on spurting and spurting, even when white strings of cum started to push out between his black cock and her cunt lips. Only once every crevice of my lover’s genitals were completely stuffed with his cum did he pull out and he let go of her hair.

She fell back onto the table and was crying as he placed his hand on the small of her back and he kicked her legs wide apart, completely exposing her violated opening as a flood of his cum ran out.

“Now that is what a used white whore looks like, “ he said to me with a huge grin on his face, pointing to her spermed orifice, “maybe that white Blackman juice will make a baby in your white slut.”

He turned to his friends and said, “Just look how open the whore is! I think my cock has stretched her permanently like that first white bitch we had! Let’s hope she takes! But I think it is time we change her life forever.”

They all started cheering and I wondered what it was. Kate looked back at me with her red crying eyes and I saw fear in her face. If this had not been a life changing experience, we both feared what would be.

“I think you guys better hold her down for this”

The men returned and held her down like at the start of the rape. The man who had just raped her once again wiped her red, open slit clean with napkins and then he went into the back room of the restaurant.

When he returned he had a huge Dalmatian on a leash. The dog was panting and straining against the leash.

Both Kate and I started yelling and screaming and swearing but we could go nowhere. I could only watch as the man let the dog approach my girl and he allowed the dog to start sniffing my Kate between her legs. Sniffing soon made room for licking and Kate started screaming and begging as the warm, rough tongue started to invade her slit.

She was still very open from the black man’s rape and the dog started to lick right up inside her, tasting the mix of juices and it was clear that this dog knew exactly what this meant as the red dick started to push out of the hairy sheath between the dog’s legs.

“Now we will turn your white girl into the animal we think all white whores are. And if you both were hoping that we only intend to let Tokolosh lick her, you will be shocked in a minute or two. No, we intend to let him mate with your whore for as long as he wants to and he has been trained to enjoy white whores for a long time indeed.”

We started begging again but it fell on deaf ears and the man unhooked the leash and the Dalmatian mounted my girl. It was unreal and Kate gasped loudly as the dog’s dripping tip pushed between her open sexlips. Then it was out again as the dog was squirming on her back, its fur against her skin. He pushed a second time and it pressed against her left thigh, leaving a slimy trail. The third time, however, he made an animal out of her.

She felt the tip push between her lips again and hoped it would slip out again but this time it found the orifice it wanted and the next moment the cock rammed up her cunt and the dog started fuckpumping her hard and fast. My girl felt the animal invade her most private place and take it as the black men had done, but this time the penis was not even human and it made her scream and strain herself to get away, but the men were to strong and behind her the dog worked at her body without stop.

The dog’s cock had been dripping when it was inserted into my girl and her vagina was already being lined with small spurts of dogcum. Dogs were like this, cumming more and more during the act until they released the main flood at the end. So even if I could have removed the dog right then, my Kate would still have been a mated woman.

But I could not and this animal would finish what it started in her, already Kate moaned as the knot was starting to form. The dog mated her so hard and fast that there was nothing she could do but cum for the animal, especially not with the swelling knot at the base of the animal cock bumping her clit with every thrust and then again on the way out again. This was what broke her spirit she later confessed to me, to be made to cum by a dog, an animal. And came she did. Her entire body stiffened under the dog and she almost howled as the invading dogcock gave her the most intense orgasm of her life. An orgasm so intense it drew Kate to dogs for the rest of her life, to the great future delight of the black rapists. A fact they would exploit to the maximum after the birth of their child from the body of my wife.

Meanwhile the dogcock was spurting more and more into my Kate and drops of milky dogcum was running out of her and dripping to the floor as the dog prepared to tie with her, its balls tensing to release a flood of its seed into the love of my life.

Meanwhile my girl was coasting from her orgasm. The black men where enjoying this so much. Each one of the three girls before my wife had also got a dose of Tokolosh between their legs and each one came hard.

“You white bitches really like red dogmeat in your cunts don’t you?,” said the one with the big dong.

They rest just laughed and cheered as Tokolosh’s pumping reached a peak and it rammed into her and held it there still making light thrusts. No woman could ever be prepared for her first dogknotting, even if she knew what was about to happen and Kate did not. The knot was already a third of the size when it rammed in the final time and it popped into Kate’s and she grunted as the dog pressed up against her white skin, its cock all the way of her most private place, the round knot in her orifice, just behind her entrance. Then the knot started swelling. It tied her breathtakingly quickly, swelling to full size as quickly as a man’s penis gets erect.

Kate went from moaning to grunting to panicky cries as the knot swelled inside her, going to noticeable to snug to tight to painful proportions in her cunt as it dilated her more than she ever had been. At full size the knot was three times the diameter of the huge cock of the man who had raped her before letting the dog mate her. The only fortunate thing was that the knot was behind her entrance, in the soft vaginal tube that could dilate easily but even here it was painful for an untrained woman.

During the knotting the red dogcock had gone from occasional pulses of milky liquid to strong squirts of a white liquid as the knot sealed her and locked them together. And I had to watch this dog empty his balls in my lover’s body, having just had to watch her being forced to commit this act. Neither of us had even known before this happened that a girl could be taken by a dog and now she not only had been taken, but tied and spermed by this animal. A dog’s body temperature was higher than that of a human and it Kate to feel a warmness spread inside her lower body as the dog released its cum into her genitals. She could not doubt for a second just how mated she was.

Meanwhile the huge black man started to inspect their join. He lifted the dog’s tail and exposed the mating. The dog’s balls were right up against Kate’s slit, the cock completely in her. Drops of dogcum were running down her slit and her legs or dripping to the floor. He pulled the scrotum aside and I could see her lips straining around the swollen knot. Her entrance was dilated enough to see the knot inside her, the huge bulk inside her causing her clit to stand out. The black man started to rub his thumb over this little button as he felt her entrance with his other fingers. Kate started to buck and moan again and the pressure of the knot on her insides did not help much and she came again, vaginally knotted to this animal.

“The whore is taken and sealed, you guys can let her go.”

The men released Kate and at first she could just lie there with the dog on her back, speared between her legs by this animal. She cried and gasped and moaned at the same time as every single motion of the dog brought sensations she had never felt before. Then the dog stepped over her and turned backwards, its rear leg lifting over her bum as it turned, the cock rotation inside her slippery channel making her scream in sexual agony.

Then the dog was ass to ass with my lover, its tail on her back, its cock in her cunt and Kate tried to stand up. She used her arms to press herself up and had to open her legs wide to cope with the sheer bulk between them and I saw her tear streaked face as she looked back and then down between her legs. She tried to get up but the dog moved with, the seal complete and then her hands went between her legs. She panicked as she felt around her cunt lips and then into her slit and her fingers touched the hot penis of the dog. She felt the slimy dogcum covering everything she treasured and could only imagine how much of it was right up inside her at that moment.

“Get that white whore off the table so she can crawl like the bitch she is’, said one of the rapists and they pushed the table away from the knotted girl. My Kate could not stand hunched over forward like that for long, locked to the animal behind her in the most intimate humiliating way and she went down on her hands and knees. Even at this stage she could still feel the cock spasm from time to time, pumping even more animal cum into her sexual places. But the knot held her so completely that she could do nothing but stay there.

The black man pointed at the smallest of the men, who had up till now just held my fiancé.

“Go and enjoy the whore”.

He walked up to her where she was stuck to the animal and straddled the two. His penis was erect and he had covered it in some olive oil from the table. He pulled the dog’s tails to one side, exposing her humiliation. The red shaft stretching her vaginal cleft and just above it, the tight, puckered ring of her anus. And a moment later Kate was screaming again as this horrible man started to insert his cock into this opening.

He kept on ramming until he was hilted in my girl’s rear and she was sobbing out loud. He started butt fucking the dog tied woman making her shake and scream again, knowing that the huge knot in her sex would make her cum from this abuse as every one of the previous women had.

I could not believe what they were doing with my girl. She was being sexually abused in the most inhuman way. Having to take a buttrape whilst she was tied vaginally to a dog must break any woman and mine was no exception. Seeing the fight go out her finally and her opening her mouth sedately when she was requested make me cry.

And it turned into a three way rape. Dog in her cunt, and two black rapists making used of her ass and her mouth at the same time. Her body was a shaking sextoy as the men used her. And they had practiced well to time what they were doing.

Inside her cunt, the dog was deflating a bit and the connection got more loose and the men were driving to time with the dog’s withdrawal.

And this time they got it perfect. Both cocks came at the same time and they pulled out until only the tips remained in her and her mouth and ass got flooded with rape cum. Then all three pulled out of her. The dog’s knot popping free and the men just pulling out. Cumming so shallow made their semen run from her mouth and her ass as the dog’s cum rushed out of her.

My heart broke seeing her like this! No one can explain what it feels like being helpless and seeing your girl taken in such a way and then seeing animal and rapist cum run from her lovely openings. And I could still barely believe that the white liquid running from her vagina came from the balls of a dog! Fucking a girl’s mouth left the sperm in her stomach and digested it, assfucking her left the sperm in her colon where there is just waste, but cuntfucking deposited the sperm in her genitals. Right where it should go, right in the core of what made her female. And whether or not the dogsperm could make Kate pregnant, it was in her genitals and anyways the men had already filled her insides with human cum so pregnancy was almost certain for her at this stage. She had felt the heat spread in her lower front, and every woman knew what that meant when she also felt the hard shape of a cock up her girlchannel! Just seeing that specific opening dripping dogcum made me feel helpless and ashamed. How could I not have protected her more. They had taken everything from her. I would later find out that that is why they used a dog, because once a girl has had a dogcock sperm her vagina her protectiveness over her fuck-entrance disappeared.

She was panting and they helped her up onto a table again. The napkins were used once again to clean her and they soaked most of the dogcum up that was leaking out. It was time to see how much the dogfuck had changed her.

They men left my naked fiancé on leaning over the table.

“Get up Kate,” one said. Then he turned to me, “If you know what is good for her you will keep quiet now.”

She did, shakily and stood before them naked. As she was now standing up more dogcum dripped from her swollen sexslit and ran down the inside of her right leg.

“We have three more guys that want to fuck your cunt Kate.”

“OK, just get it over with please. I want to go home. You are evil men.”

I could not believe her agreeing to it. Only later I would make peace with it and understand it.

“Will you play with like you would with your husband?”

It took a while but she said yes.

“Do you know what is dripping from your white whore cunt.”

Another pause.

“Tell us what. We want to hear you say it.”

More silence.

“The semen of your Dalmation that you let rape me.”

I could barely keep quiet.

“But you seemed to enjoy it. You cummed like a little slut.”


“Did you cum on the dog’s cock Kate, or did you not?”

“Yes, I did, OK?”

“We have two more dogs we want you to service once we are done with you. Are you going to do it willingly? We want to see you being a proper little bitch and offer yourself to them. Don’t worry they are trained as well as the Dalmation.”

More silence and then anger on her pretty face.

“If I don’t do it you’ll just strap me down and let them take me anyways, and what else do I have to lose. I have more of your and your Dalmation’s cum in me now than you have in your balls so yes, you bastard, I’ll willingly fuck whoever or whatever you want me to. Can I go home after the second dog?”

My mouth was wide with shock.

“Yes Kate, you can. One more thing. When you start with the dogs we want you to give one a blowjob whilst the second one mates you.”

“Fuck you!” she screamed, “Fuck you but yes of course I will do it.”

“That is good you whore, well you are going to be in a threesome with the men who have not fucked you yet. So it will start with you displaying your cunt to them and asking if they will fuck you, cum in you and allow you to suck them. Be very specific about you wanting them to cum inside you. Then you will undress them and get them hard with your mouth. Then you will take our boss and ask him to lie on the floor and you will sit on his cock with you cunt. After your first orgasm you will ask our floormanager to fuck you up your butt and give our stock manager a blow job at the same time. You are used to it now so do it good. The three men are standing right there. And no swearing, only nice whore-talk from now on or things will go bad. So turn around, bend over, use your fingers to spread that dogfucked cunt open and tell us that you are our whore. Then display yourself to them and beg them to fuck you.”

I saw that Kate was as angry and shocked as I was. I barely managed to keep quiet and I could see it took difficulty for her. But she knew she had to do it. So she bent over forward, her legs apart and reached behind herself with her hands, spreading her swollen cuntlips apart, showing her red, open cunthole that was still slick with dogcum. I could hardly believe this was my fiancé!!!

She put on the sweetest voice she could manage under the circumstances and said, “Hi my name is Kate and I will be your whore if you want me.”

Then she turned herself so her exposed orifice was towards the three dressed men.

“Please would you gentlemen put your hard cocks up my vagina. Please also use my bottom and my mouth. Please would you do me the honour of ejaculating in my mouth and bottom?”

Only from her body language and her blushing face could I see how she hated this but she did it anyway.

“So come over here you white slut. Take our pants off and get our cocks hard with that slut mouth of yours”.

She could only obey. And I watched her unzip three pairs of trousers, push them down and release three huge black cocks. Two were uncircumcised and she pushed the foreskins back. They were already mostly erect.

I had to watch her kneel in front of each black man and take his cock in her mouth. It looked just like a wild porn movie and my girl was the star.

When they were erect, she asked the Manager to lie down on the floor. He only complied too happily, his huge cock standing up. My Kate stepped over him and went down, taking his cock in her one hand whilst she spread her sexlips with the other and inserted the tip into her slick channel. She sat down, the black shaft sinking in between my lover’s legs. She moaned in pleasure. She may not want to do this but she was enjoying every second of the sex act now.

“Kiss me while you fuck me with your hips, slut,” the man in her said. She leaned forward and I could clearly see the joining of their genitals and she pressed her breasts against his chest and placed her sexy mouth on his big black lips. His tongue slid into her mouth and they started kissing as Kate started bobbing her hips up and down. I could see how her body melted to the man inside it as soon her hands was holding his head and she was really kissing him, her hips driving like mad. At this point a viewer would not realize at all that she was still being raped, she looked like a pornwhore.

Soon she came hard and she broke the kiss and moaned loudly, the sound of a woman in absolute sexual pleasure. She kept pumping her hips, grinding herself against this man. From my angle I could so clearly see the penetration and the way her core was gyrating around this cock that was skewering her. It was heartbreaking to see this happening to my fiancé.

Once she had coasted she kept on slowly moving her hips as she looked at. My fiancé was now a woman with lust in her eyes, a real whore. She looked up at the two standing there with their hard cocks and said, “Please come and fuck those lovely black cocks into my ass and mouth.”

She opened her mouth and ran her tongue over her lips. They had really broken in my fiancé and exposed her raw core of female sexuality.

The men did not have to be invited twice and one kneeled over her, pulled her buttocks apart and speared her still gaping anus whilst the other slid his cock into her mouth. She grunted around the cock in her mouth as her ass was dilated again and filled. Then she was sandwiched between the two black bodies, her legs wide open and her lower body once again double fucked. But this time she was playing with. She moved her hips on the two cocks as her mouth sucked hungrily on the man in front of her. The men sandwiching her started to roughly fuck her, making her pant again.

It was a wild fucking scene, and I knew it would look great on the film. Seeing my fiancé being double fucked made me want to cry. And I begged for it to be over until the men started cumming in her. Once again her cunt got a dose of Blackman cum and her ass and mouth soon followed. And her new obedience showed in that this time not a drop of cum spilled from her mouth, no, Kate swallowed every drop!

When they pulled out her ass and cunt gaped again and sperm dripped from my abused lover. Every man present had fucked my wife-to-be and they all looked very amused with themselves.

They got up, leaving Kate sitting on the floor.

“Get up you slut, we want to see you drip.”

She got up and dripped she did. These men came so much that a white, slick stream ran down her inner legs. She blushed so much. Her senses returning again.

She was wiped clean again as the men let in the two dogs. One was a black Boxer. But the second was a tan coloured Great Dane! Her eyes stretched wide when she saw the size of the animal.

Pointing at the boxer she was told to get on her hands and knees and present her rear for mating. I could not believe that I would once again witness my lovely girl being fucked in her cunt by a dog!! I wanted to start crying as I watched her obey. She got on her hands and knees and waved her bottom at the dog.

The dog was well trained indeed. The moment it saw the exposed human female in the mating position it mounted her and with one fluid motion it pushed the red cock out of its sheath and into the slippery opening. She screamed as the dogcock punched into her vagina and then started squealing and grunting as the dog started to hump her hard and fast. This dog had a bigger cock than the Dalmation and soon her squeals turned into orgasmic moans as her body was unable to reject the stimulation of the oddly shaped penis. Then she cried out loudly and her back arched under the animal. My lover was driven to orgasm by another animal!! I wanted to just die. I could already see the first trickles of the dog’s juices run down her legs. Once again her most feminine place was being invaded by the juice from a dog’s penis!!

The dog kept on humping her and this made her orgasm so intensely she could hardly breathe and then my lover was knotted again. This time she did not panic like before and she felt the cock swell as well as the spermpulses become quicker and more intense and once again the warm feeling spread through her lower body. And this time she used this bulk inside her and pressed her legs together and started grinding against the dog and soon she had another orgasm. The black men looked so pleased with how she was reacting to this.

Meanwhile her inner thighs ran with dogcum. I was looking at a mated dogwhore as she took his semen into her, knotted to him and panting with sexual pleasure. When the Boxer stepped over his knotted bitch, they brought the Dane forward. And by this time Kate was so sexually wired that they did not have to even ask her to do what they wanted. They walked the dog up to her so her head was right by it’s already dripping cock. The knot was but a small bulge but the red dogcock was already hanging free from the sheath and drops of liquid was issuing from the tip.

“Suck it you whore.”

So Kate took the cock in her right hand and put her mouth over the leaking tip. How can I explain what it feels like seeing your fiancé take a dogcock into her mouth!

She took half the red shaft into her sexy mouth and then started to work it. The dog barked gruffly and started to gently hump her face. But she held the shaft tightly whilst her tongue worked up and down the dog’s penis. Every so often Kate would take the cock out of her mouth and empty the collected dogjuice from her mouth. It ran down her chin. She was a complete fuckslut now!

Then the Boxer withdrew, complemented by the rush of it’s sperm from Kate’s cunt and down her legs. She gasped loudly as the dog pulled out.

“Well Kate, turn your whoreass around and get that Dane in your slut cunt.”

I could not believe them talking to her like that. What I could believe even less was that she was obeying. She turned around and was mounted by the huge dog in a flash. Because its cock was already dangling down fully erect it had trouble inserting it into my girl so one of the men helped it. It took the red cock and stuffed the tip up my girl’s fuckhole. She gasped again.

When the dog felt the warm grip of my lover’s vagina around it’s dripping cocktip it rammed it up her, making her scream again and started mating her so hard that Kate had to widen her stance not to be pushed over. It rammed her so hard that her breasts were swinging wildly and she was screaming and squealing. They loved this bit. It is difficult to describe the fucking a Dane gives a human girl. All the other girls they had raped also got a dose of Great Dane and it made all of them bleed slightly when it knotted them. But each one howled in pleasure. It was so easy to control a woman.

My lover was no exception and her screams once again went to moans of pleasure as the huge animal rammed its cock up her most sensitive place. She came within a minute. Hard and fast. Whilst the dog still pounded her body and made her peak again and again. The dog made her cum three times before the knotting started. And it was to be the most intense and painful experience of her life.

The dog rammed in and again she felt the swelling but this time it did not stop and she started begging and screaming again. But it kept on getting bigger and bigger inside her. It stretched her abused vagina wider and wider until her sexlips were white with strain. The size of the knot made her very entrance be dilated and not just her insides and she started crying. Meanwhile inside her the pulses of dogcum started. She could feel each one they were that strong and the heat spread through her front once more. And then the dogknot swelled further than her vaginal entrance could take at that stage and she bellowed in pain as her entrance gave way and tore. It was not serious but enough to send a trickle of blood down both legs and to cause pain she had not yet experienced before. She would never be as tight as she was again, permanently changed by this animal and the looseness made her able to take a Dane knot without any damage in future.

But she rode out this last 30 minutes of being tied to the dog in agony and soon she passed out.

When the dog disengaged from her body, the men took her into the kitchen and cleaned her. They stitched and disinfected her torn cunt and sent her home with me naked.

For three days she could not walk and it took a month before her vagina was useable again but the very next morning I woke with her sucking my cock. When we saw a male dog I would catch her looking at it and almost every night I caught her masturbating in her sleep.

I write this with her in the living room, getting knotted to our new Great Dane that she insisted we buy. Her vagina has healed almost perfectly, there is a small scar between her vaginal and anal holes but it is minor. Only once it had healed did we manage to figure out how much looser she is and it is quite a bit. Where Kate had a naturally closed sexslit before the rape she now always gapes open a bit. And tonight is a big night as the rapists are visiting again for the first time since that day 3 months ago. There is no doubt anymore that she is pregnant as she has started to show and I have to admit how sexy it is seeing a pregnant girl with a dog on her back, being mated till she screams in pleasure.

They had been in constant contact with us since the rape. And they were so happy to hear that Kate was pregnant from them. They also loved to hear that she was physically altered by them and I had to send them pictures of my naked, pregnant fiancé. They let us know that they will be flying down every weekend till she gives birth to fuck her and watch her get fucked by the new dog. Then the week before the birth we are to get married. The day of the birth we are to fly to them and she is to give birth right there in front of them. They also insisted that at 8 o’clock today they would be at our house and she were to greet them on the living room floor, knotted to the dog.

Well let me go see a group of black people fuck my pregnant fiancé. There is the knock we have been waiting for. Write to you again after the weekend.
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Likes? Dislikes and why?

Should I post another story?
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I really loved it Thanks man ^^ hope soon to read another.
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good story but beast is not really my things
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I loved it. I'm not into beastiality, but you made it sound interesting. The men were more my thing, but you gave a reason for the dogs which fit in with the story. Please write another one.
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Delicious story! If ONLY i was there! HAHAHAHA.
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OMG - this was soooo hot! thank you. keep writing!!!
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Great story!
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omg! this story was amazing, the whole time i pictured myself in her place and i must admit.. i came mor ethen once while reading *blush*

should you post more? god yes! cant wait for more from you! thanks for putting it up!
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Thank you very much!
a great story!
Please post more!
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WOW! That was soooo hot! I was masterbateing as I read the dog parts! LOL! I LOVE BEASTIALITY!!!! Please write another!!! With horses or something...
If you wish to RP with me, just PM me!
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awesome story! should you choose to write about the 3 unlucky ladies that came (pun intended..lol) before her I'm sure we would love to read about it
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Damn, that was good.
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realy nice story
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if i was there i wish to join too ahaha
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I LIKE the dog thing and liked the story.

It makes the humiliation stronger and increases the erotic angle of the rape.
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Nice story! Thank you...
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great story thx a lot
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I really loved the story. It really was exciting and got me off.
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