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My hand was gripped tightly on her dainty wrist... it felt so frail to me yet I was reveled by her strength... and this bitch had it, which is why I had to grip so hard. Yanking her toward the other room, the silence was deafening, not hearing a word or a peep... This wasn't like Ray - he got them to make noise, lots of it, as he pleasured in the torture of his women. But his pleasure bent to the extreme of the sadistic as he satiated his appetite on the flesh of his victims... yes, he was a fucking Hanibal. I nearly puked every time I saw what he did... but I tried not to give a fuck, cause the bitches mattered nothing to me... and Ray... well he was good at the game of doing the crime, and if a bitch is what he needed for motivation, then nothing an extra swig of booze couldn't do to get me to turn my head the other way. I still remember those old commercials with the cartoon dog, McGruff, dressed like a detective... the motto was "take a bite out of crime"... thinking to myself, who gives a fuck about the dog... I chuckled... Ray should be the fucking poster child.

Dani stood still, letting up a moment not resisting me, yet couldn't see past my body as my head peered through the doorway wanting to see why it was so fucking silent inside. As a former cop, my eyes could only stare at the scene, taking in every detail... I'd seen so many of them before. The vic was spread eagle on the bed, her body sprawled across the top... neither wrist tied, legs wide, her cunt looked like god damn hamburger... I'd heard of eating pussy but nothing like this. Jesus Christ I felt like I was going to fucking hurl... her pussy lips were completely mutilated, as if it were a full course meal... it gave a whole new meaning to "getting eaten out". Damn my stomach was tied in knots - this bitch had no pussy left. Yet what caught my attention next explained everything: the tie around her wrist, with the drained syringe laying there on the bed. The SOB fucked her up on heroine... SHIT!... FUCK!... The caked vomit on her mouth was the final "dead" giveaway... not seeing her breathing, Monique had clearly asphyxiated on her own puke... Jesus Fucking Christ! Now what the fuck?!? We have a fucking dead body on our hands... GOD DAMN IT RAY!

His lifeless body lay there as well... the stupid fucking son of a bitch literally had died and gone to heaven... having clearly inoculated himself with all the smack he'd had left, all jettisoned into his starving veins. I'd seen it before, the addict aiming towards the highest high finally fucks himself over. Meeting your maker was never so easy... why use a bullet when you can shoot up? Like the prisoner receiving a death sentence, laying there getting his lethal injection, the final cocktail, and all served up with a single needle... Life is truly fucked at that point... why bother breathing? Just fucking give up and die... This motherfucker did just that... and I wouldn't say happy either... I mean what fucking pleasure is there in mutilating someone and then ODing on heroine? That's really fucked up. See you in hell Ray... see you in fucking hell.

I felt Dani's head look over my shoulder... the gasp and deep breath told me everything... as a former cop, I'd been there and done that, feeling the anguish of the concerned friend or loved one as they gazed upon the injustice before them. Part of me wanted to let her gaze long enough to take in the shit before her... I somehow knew she had the balls (or fucking pussy) to soak it all in, but the timer in me was activated to only allow her to see so much. When she said "LET ME GO!" was when I knew it was enough... she'd seen and maybe registered the shit alright, but there was no need to let her go into the room... I felt the nauseated pains in my stomach, I didn't need this bitch feelin' the same and out of control. I blurted "Nothing you can do for her. COME ON!" as I yanked Dani away from the room... leaving the mess behind, and no witnesses... yes, karma can be a bitch.

Her shock left her limp unable to feel anything much less the ability to resist. I knew she numbed like the rookies I'd worked with, having seen there first dead body at the scene of a crime. The introspective stare at the body as their wheels turned trying to absorb it all... and the stupid question which always came up "Why?" As if the answer would come but never does... until experience tells you, there's never a why, only intent. The criminal creates the intent, and the victim is fucked. That's all there is to it. No justice, just getting fucked... and then allowing the survivors to even the fuck, by fucking over the fucker. Yes, karma IS truly a bitch.

Just then I felt the smartphone vibrate, stopping me in my tracks. Clenching Dani's wrist with one hand, I fumbled the phone with the other and fingered the screen to unlock it. An icon was flashing at the top indicating an email just arrived, but from whom? Perhaps it was an email from one one of her guy assistants at work, the ones she likely pussy whipped - and knowing the kind of no-shit kinda woman Dani was, it was some guy she probably turned into a eunuch: a man-whore with no fucking balls. I normally don't give a shit about people's lives but curiosity got to me on this one... so I touched the email. The phone first launched an app, then loaded the message on the display... I glanced at the header and saw it was from "Tom Banacek", which definitely got my attention... but it wasn't who it was from that caught my eye but how it began: "If you're reading this email Nick then you're still alive..."

My attention was focused at this point, the dreaded first line having caught my eye, drawing me in... I couldn't help but read further... the body of text laid our before me in such detail...

************************************************** **************************

To: dani.banacek@yahoo.com
From: tbanacek@ons.gov
Subject: You're surrounded

If you're reading this email Nick then you're still alive. Did you really think sending me those pictures of my daughter from her phone was any guarantee of anonymity? I expected more from you Nick, especially after all the years we worked together. I considered you to be a clever guy, always watching your back, but you were always naive of the capabilities of those in power. I always admired you for your principles but those silly ideas often put you and those you worked with at risk, which is why you lost your partner. You really think I had anything to do with that, then think again. You always thought it was a setup with the drug lord, that I framed you - did you ever consider your partner might be to blame? that maybe he was dealing on the wrong side and blew his cover when he went into the operation with you on that fateful day? Where you ever got the idea that I tipped them off before you guys arrived, I don't know. You've had me all wrong Nick. I was always on your side... until now. You've pushed it too far this time.

Right about now my men should be arriving. They were able to triangulate the cellphone signals to your location - and once they had the coordinates I knew immediately it was the usual cabin often used for corporate planning - one of Anna's favorite places. I have to say the pictures you sent of my daughter are pretty hot. She did grow up to be quite a piece of ass - and became a cold, frigid bitch just like her mother. Right Nick? You should know ;-) Well hope you enjoyed her because your minutes are numbered at this point. Soon the place will be surrounded and my men have been ordered to kill... everyone. No survivors, and yes that means my whore of a daughter too. She never listened to me, besides I'm not sure she's mine anyways. Nonetheless it will be found after the cabin massacre that you killed her with your own gun... the event of course will be carried by every news outlet... which means public sympathy will pour in for me, along with the votes. That's right Nick, you did a good job of getting me re-elected.

Jesus, you finally did something right in your life... now go to hell asshole, along with my daughter... you both fucking deserve it.

Thomas Banacek, Sr. Director
Department of Official National Security

************************************************** **************************

Nick couldn't help but stare at the screen. He got a chill and felt cold all over as he realized Tom was about to frame him again, this time not for losing his partner but for killing his daughter. Dani even noticed Nick wasn't budging, like he was frozen in fear - this man who normally wasn't phased by anything, couldn't move. After more than a minute Nick noticed Dani's concerned look. A rush of empathy ran through him as he realized she'd been right all along. Knowing they might not be alive much longer, he felt she should know the truth and gave her the phone. He stood there watching her read it, watching her fully absorb what was said, the impact of what was about to happen. He realized they were inextricably linked, and now for the first he began to feel guilty for getting her involved in all this. Dani herself couldn't help but stare at the phone, taking in the words...
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I stood there, transfixed by the text message displayed on my cellphone. I knew the truth long before I read it. It had been part of my entire life and now it was laid bare for a stranger to see. Any and every emotion that could spew forth drenched my mind and my heart. I wanted to cry, to scream to rail against the unfairness of life, but who was listening? I was well and truly alone. With that cold, clear missive, my world had been dismissed. I was no longer of any use to my father. I was part of the collateral damage that often followed in the wake of my father’s drive toward power. But it wasn’t simply me that suffered.

People lay dead or dying and we would soon join them, if my father had his way. These pathetic, foolhardy men had stumbled into the nightmare that was Tom Banacek. I should have resigned myself to the inevitable. I looked up at the man standing beside me. I hated him and his cronies. I hated my mother for being weak and needy—giving me to a monster whose shadow would forever taint my life. I hated myself for being stupid enough to think that for once I mattered. This man was the only epitaph I would have unless I could change the tide of destruction coming our way.

“Your name is Nick.” was all I uttered. It wasn’t a question. Just for a millisecond I saw terrible emotion flash across his weathered features. I wanted no part of it. What I did want was to live. This man was going to give me that whether he wanted to or not. I sighed heavily. “Now you know, Nick. You and your friends should have chosen a lot better victims. It seems we are now all victims of my father and I would say, we don’t have long. I hope this fuck was worth it. I hope that poor dead girl in there was worth it, and my friend Ana. I hope we were all worth it.” I gave a tremulous little laugh of anxiety. To my own ears it sounded insane. Maybe I had more of my father in me than I thought.

“You Banaceks are fucking nuts.” He growled, yanking the phone from my hand and throwing it against the nearest wall. It cracked into bits of plastic and metal as it clattered to the floor. “Look, nobody else is going to die today. SHIT!” turning from me, he pounded a balled up fist against the door of the room Monique and the other bastard were in. I shrank away from him. I was no longer afraid, but the anger blazing off him was intense. I could feel it like a wave of hot flames. He pulled me toward the entrance of the cabin just as the sound of gunfire penetrated the air. “What the hell?” his eyes turned to the direction the sound came from as we stopped dead in our tracks.

“What’s going on? Oh…god! What’s happening?” I cried.

“Fuck if I know!” he replied in a tone of annoyance, anger and surprise. Just as he opened his mouth to speak again, the remaining man burst in through the entrance of the cabin.

“REY! NICK! FUCK IT! LET’S GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” he was yelling, sweat rolled down his face as his eyes wildly darted about as he tried to catch his breath. His shirt was hanging out and his jeans were unzipped. I shuddered to think of what he’d done to Ana.

“Tim, what the fuck is going on out there?” Nick let go of me to steady his partner.

“Shit man, I haven’t got a fucking clue, but that bitch I was banging—they—they shot her! One fucking bullet right in her forehead. If I hadn’t stopped to take a piss, they’d have shot me, too! COME ON! FUCK THESE BITCHES! WE’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” the shorter man yelled again.

“GET A FUCKING GRIP TIM!” Nick growled, balling up his fist as if he was going to belt the other guy. I stood glued in my tracks watching the interplay between the two men. I had no idea who my father had sent, but I knew one thing, we were all dead unless we worked to get out of this place. “The trouble is her crazy ass father, Tom Banacek. Dude’s got hitmen on the payroll and he sent them to take us all out.” Nick tried to explain.

“Banacek? Banacek? D’you mean that old git trying to run for office? Wait…this bitch’s father? He’s trying to kill us?” Tim asked in disbelief. “Why the hell would he want to kill his own kid? How the fuck did he find us?” he shook his head.

“It’s a long story. We need to do something and fast, or we’re all toast.” Nick dismissed the other man’s questions with a swipe of his hand. Instead he asked a question and pulled his hand gun from his waist band. He examined his gun while we stood there.

“Where’s Rey? I’m not going out like this!” the other man looked toward the first bedroom.

“Ahh…shit….Rey. He’s dead.”

“Wait, wait—you mean those fuckers took him out?”

“Not exactly. Rey fucked himself over. Horse. Killed the girl, shot her up, too.” He continued to examine his gun as if it would give him something to focus on other than the carnage behind that bedroom door.

“What the hell? FUCK! I told him to leave that shit alone when we had a job to fucking do! DAMMIT!” the man looked around in disgust. “Well…robbery…raping some stupid bitch…that’s all it should have been! I’m not fucking going down for murder!” he yelled.

“Nobody’s going down for murder. But those guys out there don’t intend to leave any witnesses. I still have the keys to this one’s car.” He gave me a dirty look.

“Great, let’s get the hell out of here. Come on! Forget the split-tail.” The other man moved toward the kitchen.

“Not that way! They’ll be looking for us to make a break. Out the side window in her room.” He nodded to me. He grabbed me by the wrist. “Come on!”

“Wait—“I stood my ground, trying to pull away from him.

“Wait—“the other man was just as surprised as I was at Nick’s obvious intent to bring me along.

“What?” Nick gave us an annoyed look.

“She stays. We’ve got enough trouble.” The man snarled.

“Little Miss Banacek comes with us. She might not be worth much to her father alive right now, but she will come in handy to bring that bastard Banacek down! She stays with us.” his look brooked no argument. The ‘criminal’ was back. The man who momentarily saw my pain was gone. I hardened my face.

“Well, you fucking babysit her then!” Tim spat.

“Let’s go, here Tim—take Rey’s gun.” Nick handed it to the man called Tim. He tossed my purse lying on the floor at me. “You’ll need that when we shake these guys.”

Tim took the gun with practiced ease, checking to make sure it was loaded. We headed to the room I’d been in to make our escape. Nick strode to the bed, picked up his bag and pulled out several metallic bits and handed them to Tim.

“Here, take the sparkplugs. You make a run for her car, the gray one. I’ll cover you. Just leave the door open so we can get in fast. Got it?” he seemed to take control now. If he was rattled, I couldn’t tell.

We climbed as stealthily as possible out of the window. Tim dropped to the ground and darted toward my car. Quietly opening the door, he popped the hood and installed the plugs. Signaling us that the coast was clear, Tim left the front driver’s door open as he hopped in the backseat.

Nick edged out the window next, making sure none of my father’s goons were about. He landed softly onto the ground. Raising his arms to catch me, I wondered at his taking the time to make sure I got out safely. He could have left me to suffer, yet he didn’t do that. Maybe he believed me about my father’s disloyalty.

“Come on.” His gruffly ordered as I stuck one leg out the window. Easing out, I didn’t care that my dress was pushed up past my thighs showing my bottom minus panties. They had been destroyed as he raped me. The thought sent flutters of anger through me, but now was not the time to fight him. I shook myself free of the thought and climbed out. Just as I landed, his hands on my hips to ease me down, I felt the wind knocked out of me and heard him groaning as a dark clothed figure pounced on him. Nick fell to the ground, winded from his attacker. The man pummeled him knocking the gun from his hand.

The two men tussled with one another, I cringed in fear. Tim stayed in the car, looking for other hit men. I could hear him yelling something. I didn’t know what to do. I could have jumped in the car and driven off. Nick had dropped the keys. I could hear the thud of their punches, the crunch of bones and the painful sounds of a severe beatdown.

“Oh…god! Oh…god!” I whispered, edging around them. I wanted the keys, but then saw the gun. Nick’s gun. I knew it was loaded. Without thinking, I picked it up. The hitman was astride Nick, landing blow after blow. Nick’s face was bloody. The guy reached for his own weapon at his side. He grasped pressed the barrel against Nick’s forehead.

“Say good bye motherfucker!” the man crowed. Just as he pulled at the trigger, I pulled mine. The shot echoed through the area. It struck him in the back of the head. He fell against Nick. I could hear the shouts of men.

“NO…! Come on…please…please get up! They’re coming!” I scrambled to push the dead man off Nick and help him stand. “Can you see?” I asked, not sure why it mattered to me if he was alright. His face was a mess, but he was conscious and able to drive. He stumbled to the car once he was up and moving.

“Yeah…let’s get the fuck out of here!” he rasped. I climbed in, then he followed me. We pulled off just as the men rounded the corner. Bullets flew as they shot at us. Nick was an expert driver, swerving to dodge the bullets; he managed to drive us out of the woods surrounding the cabin.

A few hours later:

I was too nervous and keyed up to sleep as we drove on for miles. I didn’t know where we were, but I suspected we were near the border as the signs read in English and Spanish.

Both Nick and Tim were silent as we drove. Tim slept fitfully. Nick just concentrated on driving, ignoring me. We stopped once at a rest stop. Nick didn’t trust me not to do a runner. He followed me to the ladies room and waited outside until I came out. Tim bought sandwiches and coffee. The men sat on the ground outside the car talking in low tones. I sat in the car and devoured my food. I was hungry, tired, scared and angry. I was also confused. Before long, Nick got back into the car and started the engine. We pulled off leaving Tim.

“Wait…what about him?” I turned to see the man called Tim walking back to the rest stop.

“Don’t worry about him. He always lands on his feet. We’ll rendezvous in a few days, when your father starts looking in the wrong places for us. You and I are going to take a couple of detours, get some cash and lead Banacek on a merry chase. After that….I have got one fucking clue.” His tone brooked no refusal and pretty much told me he as not telling me anything more. I sat quietly as we drove. Soon I fell asleep. Normally I wouldn’t have, but I was exhausted. We stopped at a few out of the way places and withdrew small amounts of cash from an account I used for emergencies. It contained about $50,000 dollars. I noted Nick kept most of the money I’d drawn out. I suspected he’d give Tim his cut. Not much, but better than nothing. At this moment I didn’t care as long as I was safe.

The next time I woke up we were pulling onto a dusty road in the middle of nowhere. We passed several small houses before we ended up at the end of a lane. The house was secluded. It was more a shack than a house. If my father couldn’t find us, then I was fine with it.

“Come on, let’s get inside.” Nick made sure the park the car in a garage behind the little house. He didn’t want anyone getting suspicious at the fancy car pulled up outside. We walked inside. The place was dusty and smelled old.

“You want a beer or something?” he asked. I shook my head. I wanted a shower and bed. I wanted my life back and I didn’t want my life back. I wanted to escape, but to where? Anyone who knew my father would turn me over to him without question. I suppose I was suffering some type of shock. He probably thought I was going to lose it right now—freak out. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do; I was wound so tight. “Well…bedroom’s on the right, in there. Shower’s at the back of the cabin—not much else.” He noted my forlorn look. “You can take the bed; I’ll sleep on the sofa.” He offered.

I simply nodded my head like a mute thing. He left me sitting on the worn sofa staring at my hands. They were shaking. I heard Nick go into the kitchen. Soon there were sounds of him searching through cabinets. He returned with food and drink.

We finished off the sandwiches as he drank a beer while I had water. Neither of us spoke. Even when he showed me the shower, he said as little as possible. I said nothing. I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘thank you’. He left a towel and, what I suspected was one his T-shirts, in the bathroom. I cleaned up as best I could. My hair was a dust and sweat filled tangle. It was normally wavy, now it was a nest of tangles. Using my fingers I tried to manage it. By the time I finished my hair was still unruly, but it was clean. The T-shirt hung just below my thighs.

“At least it’s better than naked.” I sighed to the empty bathroom. I wandered back to the living room of sorts holding my torn dress. I would toss it out later. Curling up on the sofa, I felt unshed tears and a ball of misery in my gut. I felt old and worn. I never heard him go into bathroom, but looked up in surprise when he sat down beside me. He was freshly showered. I could smell the mix of fresh soap and his unique male scent. He wore a clean wife-beater and sweatpants. I didn’t want to look at him. I huddled in the corner.

“You can have the bed.” He said without preamble. Then he seemed to be at a loss. “Look, try to get some sleep. Nobody’s gonna…uh...hurt you.” He finished softly, then stood up and extended a hand to help me sit up. I shook my hand and curled up even tighter in the corner. I didn’t want anything to do with him. After a minute or two. He left me alone.

I pulled the thin blanket from the back of the sofa around me. Soon, muffled sounds of him on a cellphone drifted from the bedroom. Vaguely, I wondered, who would he be calling at this time of night? Deciding it was better to not know, I tried to relax. As impossible as it seemed, exhaustion finally won out. Drifting into a fitful sleep, I found myself floundering from one nightmare to the next. I was being raped by massive giants, cocks filled my mouth, my cunt, my ass. I was chased by vicious dogs and men, shot at and stabbed. I felt myself scream as my father’s laughing face filled the room, calling me a useless, stupid whore. Just like your mother—worthless cunt! I woke in a cold sweat. My heart pounded as if it would burst through my chest at any moment.

My mouth felt dry. I sat up. I was alone. Alone. My father had turned on me. My mother would hide behind him. My brothers believed in my father like some kind of demi-god. I had no friends that weren’t friends of my family. My coworkers feared me or avoided me. I felt myself begin to shake. It was a surreal feeling, as if I was floating outside myself and watching myself simultaneously. Then I felt the hot tears sliding down my face.

What did I have? Not one friend I could count on and the closest thing I had to friends were Ana and Monique and they were gone. They were gone because of the Banacek name, greed and power. I stood up and blindly walked to the back room. I didn’t know what I wanted. I just didn’t want to be alone or hurt.

“Nick—“I whispered. It was the first time I spoke his name. He rose up on his elbows. I supposed he had to be a light sleeper given his criminal activities, or maybe he just didn’t sleep. Whatever the case had been, he was awake now.”Please…help me…please…” I stammered like a nervous child, unable to get the words out! I needed someone or something to tell me that I was going to get through this nightmare.

He didn’t say a word. He merely pulled the covers back and indicated I should get in with him. Like a robot I moved forward. I don’t know how I got in, but I did. I felt his strong arms wrap around me. I looked up into his eyes. Before I knew what he was doing, his mouth came down to capture mine. The kiss wasn’t gentle. He seemed to know what I needed without me saying it. I kissed him back with a passion to match his. We tried to devour one another. His hands gripped my hips, my arms pulling me tight. His hands rose to run his fingers through my hair, yanking my head back to kiss a heated trail down the sensitive column of my neck. It made me involuntarily shiver and press my breasts against him. I rubbed the hardening tips of my nipples against his hot flesh.

“Unnnh….!” I uttered a deep moan when his teeth grazed my skin. My hands gripped at his arms, his hip and anything else I could grasp. Nick’s body was taut as a wire ready to spring. Reaching down to pull one of my legs over his own, keeping it trapped there.

I don’t know what was happening to me. I just needed someone to tell me I would survive—that I mattered. If it had to be Nick, I no longer cared. We had both been tools, used and discarded by my father.

“You sure about this?” he whispered darkly. It was strange hearing him ‘ask’ me rather than order me around. At the cabin it had been forced, brutal and full of hatred—directed at my father but hatred nonetheless. He’d done all he could to frighten and humiliate me. Now, unbelievably, I wanted him—my rapist and enemy--to take me. I wanted Nick to fuck me, and this time I would be a willing whore.

“Yes. I want it.” I paused for a second. In the dimness of the room, I couldn’t see his facial expression clearly. Now, it made no difference what he thought about me. I didn’t care at that moment. I rose up far enough to kiss his throat at the base. “Yes. I want it. I need it.” My own voice sounded so foreign to me.

Was I only acting on instinct, like some animal in heat? Maybe. I was protecting myself. I wanted this, hard and relentless. Flesh against flesh. Heat against heat. I heard him groan. I don’t know if it was part resignation, part desire…or even a bit of anger. He placed a finger under my chin; jerking my face back up as his mouth took mine again. This time he growled, plunging his tongue into my mouth. There was nothing sweet or easy about this kiss. There was no love, no hate, just pure lust—with a purpose.

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"She doesn't know what's going to happen next." Nick paused to listen and then spoke again "Yes Tim, I'll make sure to dispose of her even if Banacek comes up with the ransom. We certainly don't need her as a witness."

Nick spoke softly into his cell phone, ensuring he was quiet enough not to be heard. Looking over at the sofa he saw Dani huddled under the blanket, weakly and barely pulling it up over her shoulders for comfort. She peered into his direction with disinterest, while he watched her eyes gradually close from exhaustion. He could tell she was completely worn out... and couldn't help but stare at her, thinking of what he had just put her through.

Nick had his share of women in bed, treating them roughly - never trusting them especially after what his fucking ex did to him. But Dani was the first woman he'd ever taken against her will - and it all seemed so justified at the time. This was Banacek's daughter after all. Banacek... ironically the asshole who had fucked with him was the same bastard who fucked over his daughter. Watching Dani trying to comfort herself, he knew she was here because of something he did... that he added to the suffering she'd already endured under her father. Nick couldn't help but feel twinges of guilt seeping into his conscience. Fate had driven him to be a criminal, and a loner, but not to be so fucking cruel. How could he have done what he did to her?

Hearing Tim's voice he focused back on the conversation "Yeh I know, that Audi of hers should fetch us a good 90 G's - 'cept that coulda been split 3 ways..." Nick rolled his eyes "...Ray, what a fucking loser... rest in hell you sick bastard." He also thought about Ray's victim and what she endured - poor girl.

Nick's eyes drifted back over to Dani... she was sound asleep, but making troubled noises as though she were having nightmares. Nick would've woken her up but he knew she needed the rest. Something about looking at her comforted him... they both were victims of the same SOB... and that thought alone didn't make him feel so lonely... they had a connection.

A lot of what Tim was saying turned into incessant blabber as the feeling of exhaustion soon overwhelmed Nick as well. He interrupted Tim "Sure Buddy, I'll call you in the morning after I down a few shots and get some sleep." And with that he closed up the cell phone and put it down.

Nick reached for his trusted bottle of JD at his bedside, twisting the cap off. Picking up his shot glass he turned the bottle in order to pour, while looking at Dani sleeping restlessly. The remorse started playing with his head again, and thoughts about what he did to her and what she went through. The urge to wash away his misery was there but for some reason he didn't want to do it this time - for some reason he wanted to be miserable. For the first time he got choked up, while his eyes got watery. Twisting the cap back on, he put the unused, empty shot glass and the bottle back on the dresser. Deciding he was going to ride these feelings out, Nick felt a heaviness overcome him - heavier than he'd ever felt before. Lowering his head to the pillow, in no time he drifted off to sleep... his own being more restless than Dani's.

As soon as Nick closed his eyes, he felt he was soon opening them thinking he'd heard his name. Looking at the clock next to the bed he could tell he'd been in a deep sleep for a few hours. His name came again "Nick", rather softly... startled he raised himself on his elbows. Allowing his vision to quickly clear, before him he saw Dani kneeling over him. "Please help... please" she uttered, as though making a plea. Surprised that she even came to him, and his nerves more relaxed now, he felt sympathetic - like he wanted to take care of her. It was the very least he could do. Without a word he knew exactly what she needed, to be comforted, as he pulled back the covers. Dani heeded by climbing in, as she cuddled up next to Nick. His eyes wanted to well with tears as he instinctively reached around and held her in his arms, and it was everything he could do to hold them back. One look from Dani into his eyes is all it took as he moved in to kiss her deeply. Dani didn't resist but surrendered into his passion. The kiss was so strong, so intense, it actually hurt a little - but it was a reassuring pain that made all her other pain temporarily go away as she got caught up in his embrace.

Their bodies quickly maneuvered so that Nick was on top of Dani. Pulling her in closely, they were deep into the heat of passion as he ran his fingers through her hair, rather roughly, while Dani's hands felt the sinewy, strongly hewn muscles on Nick's back. Pressing his lips tighter against hers, he probed into her mouth, where their tongues wrapped around the other. Between her spread legs, she felt his hardening cock press up against her pussy lips, and he began thrusting against her panties... in her surge of passion, Dani was getting wet quite rapidly. After everything she'd been through, she needed relief from it all... she needed to escape, her mind brought into a moment of ecstasy if only to momentarily forget everything that happened... Oh yes... Dani was horny to the extreme, and really needed to be fucked.

Nick continued his passionate but gentle touches and gropes. After what he'd put her through, his normally rough manner was now tempered... subdued... and Dani sensed it. Yes, this felt wonderful but she needed more. She didn't just want to have sex, no... she needed to be fucked hard. He continued kissing her on her face, her neck, her chest - feeling and squeezing her breasts. God she needed it harder!!! Her frustration was building and building until she couldn't take it anymore...

"FUCK ME NICK! FUCK ME HARD!" she pleaded with an intensity of emotion. Nick was taken aback, not sure how to respond, especially after everything he'd done to her - she wanted it hard?

"You sure about this?" he wanted to be certain - again he began feeling his eyes become watery, as though she were asking him to hurt her. She even saved his life, how could he be rough with her now?

Dani responded "Yes. I want it. I need it." Nick heard what she said but it just didn't register. Why? Why would she want him to rough her up? He continued kissing her passionately, ignoring her request. Dani began feeling the frustration again as she desperately needed Nick to fuck the pain out of her!

Pushing him up off her, Dani was at a breaking point while Nick looked a bit bewildered. What happened next was nothing Dani would ever consciously do at a moment like this but it seemed she had no choice... as though a force within her needed to wake Nick up: her arm came up as her hand flew through the air, slapping him in the face... a slap so hard it stung. The words which came out from Dani were the same "FUCK ME YOU BASTARD! FUCK ME REALLY HARD!"

Like being snapped out of a trance, Nick instantly knew what to do... at first he felt anger, but soon his feelings for Dani morphed into a lustful passion he'd never felt before. This was not just Dani now but a WOMAN, a BITCH who really NEEDED TO GET FUCKED. His hands grabbed her wife beater from both sides and tore it completely off, her breasts bouncing freely on her chest. Gripping her panties, he yanked those off her legs tossing them aside. Soon he had his bottoms off, totally ready to take her. All of his blood flooded his cock until it was completely engorged and raging hard. Getting back between her legs, he spread them wide and hoisted them so they pointed straight up. Her vulnerable pussy was opening up, the lips spreading wider as he positioned himself. Pinning her arms down, he aimed his cock right at her cunt hole ready to take her.

Looking deep into her eyes this time, his eyes weren't watery but now full of determination and pure lust. "DANI!..." she looked back, with anticipation... "I'M GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE YOU TRULY DESERVE BITCH! REALLY FUCKING HARD!" And with that his hard cock plunged into her, without mercy. Dani gasped at the sudden penetration. Inch by fucking inch Nick's cock pummeled into her quim, gradually filling up her juicy cunt. His meat raged downward, deeper and deeper into her fuck hole. Dani made a guttural moan feeling as her cunt and insides stretched to accommodate Nick’s big thick rod, until it finally bottomed out with his cock head poking against her cervix – the cum slit right up against the entrance. As Nick’s balls slammed against her body, he too made a primal moan as he relished the feeling of his sperm shooter tightly squeezed by Dani’s pussy.

They both felt so animal at this point… as if the ONLY thing that mattered was thoroughly fucking each other… and they did… Gripping her ass, digging his fingers in, Nick began thrusting in and out, over and over – “raping” Dani’s cunt… fucking it as hard as he could. With every push her body jolted, and her tits flopped about… ramming into her with pure determination to fuck her brains out. Watching her boobs flailing about, he lustfully had to control them, grabbing and squeezing them real tight, until the flesh oozed between his fingers and the perky nipples poked way out. He owned her tits in the grips of his hands. The sight turned Nick on even more, as he now had to “punish” them by pinching her nipples, evoking painful moans of pleasure from Dani.

Nick kept ramming into her with unmerciful force, intent on taking her completely. To steady herself Dani had to hold onto Nick’s forearms – at the same time she kept pushing her hips against him thrusting her pussy around his penetrating cock. The fucking became so strong that not only her fingers tightly gripped his arms, the nails dug into his skin, drawing blood. This only caused Nick to increase the intensity of fucking her – but he loved it. She was the best fuck he ever had, and he hadn’t even cum yet.


“YES!” Dani exclaimed.


In the pure heat of passion, Dani loved being owned “YES!!! I AM YOUR FUCKTOY, YOUR WHORE, YOUR SLUT! FUCK ME HARDER YOU BASTARD!”

The dirty talk was bringing Dani to the edge, as she felt the intense pleasurable sensations of release building up. Nick felt the same as his balls tightened, the cum boiling inside his loins, his cock engorging even more inside her getting ready to fulfill its fucking destiny…

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! …DANI! …DANI!” He looked deep into her eyes “DO YOU WANT ME TO CUM INSIDE YOU???”

In the pending ecstasy of the moment, the animal lust Dani felt, the blissful release she so needed, she didn’t care if it was a question… she needed to be filled, completely…


Nick’s body tightened up, every muscle contracted… his pecs swelled and heaved forward… his biceps and forearms bulged as he gripped Dani’s ass even tighter… until… until… until… he shoved his cock in as deep as it could go… the cock slit pressing right up next to her cervix…


His stiff cock forcefully exploded, shooting cum right through the entrance, spurting, gushing, filling up Dani’s womb with all his white hot juices… gobs and gobs of jizz spewing forth as his rod kept pulsating with pleasure deeply inside her.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Nick was in the highest ecstasy he’d ever felt… so purely satisfying… it was fucking heaven.

Digging her fingers deeper into his arms, feeling his throbbing cock within her, his warm sperm flooding her insides, she went into a massive orgasm…


Arching her back, eyes up in her head, mouth agape, every tense muscle now released, her body went into the throws of absolute fucking pleasure…


Nick and Dani tightly embraced each other in their blissful moment… He again locked his lips on Dani, giving her a probing, deep orgasmic kiss, while their bodies kept jerking and spasming, feeling the pure, raw passion between them… it felt incredible… raw, pure, animal, lustful, passionate… so beautiful…

As they both began coming down from their incredible heights, his cock was still twitching inside her, emptying the final drops of his juices into her womb. For the longest time they held onto to each other, enjoying their mutual glows… Finally he withdrew from her pussy, lying next to her… both of them still breathing rapidly…

Nick was smiling ear to ear “Oh my God DANI! You’re the hottest fuck I’ve ever had! WOW!”

Dani did a half but guarded smile to herself. Trying to catch her own breath she felt so relieved, at least for now, getting just what she so desperately needed. As if on cue, they both then pushed themselves up, backing against the head board, sitting up as they stared forward quietly reflecting on the amazing, wild sex they just experienced…

After what seemed like a long awkward moment, Nick finally decided to break the silence by picking up the bottle of Jack Daniels and pouring himself a shot. It felt right this time, not to wash away the misery but more so to celebrate the moment. Dani looked at Nick again, this time longingly... not so much for him but for a drink, and after everything she’d been through she really, really needed it.

“Spare a shot Nick?”

But this time again, he knew long before what she wanted before she even said it. Smiling, he poured a shot and gave it to her.
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