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Default Rp Faq

Role-play section - FAQ:

Q: Can I play any story that comes to my mind?
A: Generally - yes. Check the forum rules for banned topics before, beyond that your mind is free to roam around ... science-fiction, historical, horror ... all themes are welcome. Play yourself, a fictional character, a movie star, whatever. Fantasy fun is what this is for.

Q: My story requires elements that are forbidden here. Are there any exceptions to board regulations?
A: No.

Q: How do I find a partner to role-play with?
A: The easiest way is to contact a member who has caught your interest via PM, asking if he/she might be interested in playing what you have in mind. Some members also have their instant messenger aliases available in their profiles, you can also contact them this way.

Q: How do I start a RP?
A: You can either work out the details with the partner you have chosen before and then simply create a new thread in the RP section, making an initial post to start the story or if you have not chosen a partner in avance you can also just create a so-called "open RP", setting up the scenario, you character, the road you like to travel, etc. and wait for interested members to join.

Q: Is it alright to restrict my RP to a single member (or several)?
A: Yes, absolutely. A RP is supposed to be fun for the people involved so you're definitely allowed to limit it to a certain number of players or even to specific members.

Q: How do I play?
A: Easy - however you like to! First person, third person, short posts, long posts, ... whatever finds your fancy. Just confer with your partner before you start how you want the RP to be written. If you start an open RP simply put the way you want it into the introduction. If you have never done a role-play before you might have to find out what suits your wishes best by giving it a try to see for yourself. You also might want to read through some of the RPs here to get a feeling for it.

Q: What do I do if I don't like the way the RP is progressing?
A: Contact your partner(s) - preferrably via PM - and openly talk to them, that's the easiest way to satisfy your needs. You'll most likely be able to work out whatever issues you're having with the current line of conduct.

Q: Can I stop a RP if I feel uncomfortable with it?
A: Yes, no doubt about it! There is no "duty" to finish a role-play of course. If - for whatever reason - you feel you can't (or won't) continue just stop. Naturally it is only fair to tell your partner(s) about it but neither do you have to explain yourself nor do you have to go on beyond your desires.

Q: Can I play stories/ideas that have already been played? Do a "re-imagining" if you will?
A: Certainly. Although members might take offense in that we do not have any copyright laws on RP ideas. If a scenario catches your interest you are free to give it your own try.

Q: What if I like the RP but I suddenly encounter some sort of "writer's block"?
A: No problem. Talk to your partner(s) about it. Maybe they can offer some hints on how to go on, maybe friends or other members you socialise with, even if they're not in the actual role-play. Many role-players have had an experience like that of some sort. In a really severe case you can always ask your partner(s) to put the RP on hold to pick it up again at a later time.

Q: How long is a single RP allowed to take?
A: No restrictions there. You may go on as long as you enjoy it.

This is the initial draft. If you have questions to be added shoot me a PM!
The Life and Death of Sam Crow
- How the Sons of Anarchy lost their way

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