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Talking Women in uniform - stories

Hey I've always been keen on big strong girls in uniform being cornered, used, abused, forced to cum - looking at the number of views on the WPC thread earlier lots of you like them too so I thought I would post some more stories. If any of you have any like wise post them here! Thanks

Lt. Elizabeth Hall (Royal Navy) Pirate adventure.

Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.

The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Part One.

Royal Naval Ship HMS Brilliant has been in the South China sea for the last few months carrying out anti piracy operations. The duties like those of the blockade around the Balkan states was becoming tedious.

Lieutenant Liz Hall was detailed to lead a four man team from the Brilliant
to the Tanker "Siam Xan Xai" it was early evening. The tanker had departed Singapore the day before and was bound for SongKhla, Thailand.

She hated duties like this. The Captain had an attitude about Women in the Navy, He always made sure the female members of the crew got more than they're fair share of shit duties. Liz knew this but was determined she would never complain, she just took it out on the crew.

Lt Liz hall was a big woman 5' 10" a chest of 46" blonde, wide smile, blue eyes, always smartly dressed, immaculate in fact.

It was the 08-June-1999 according to port officials the tanker was laden with 2100 tons of gas-oil and was a ripe target for local pirates. Lt Hall's orders were clear. Board the vessel. Establish a rapport with the ships captain, give guidance on Anti-piracy operations. Increase the profile of the Royal Navy. Rejoin the Brilliant.

The Non-Com detailed was a Chief petty Officer Pete Bradshaw. There was no love lost between him and her; He'd tried it on with her and other female members of the crew on many occasions. She'd even had him disciplined for drunkenly groping a WREN, something he lost shore leave over and three years seniority. If it wasn't for his language abilities he wouldn't be on her team.
Pete and the others were not too happy with being detailed to work for her.

The male crew called her the Ice Queen behind her back, all of them lusted after her though, literally buckets of semen had been discharged during off duty time over the thought of her big stiff tits bouncing about while she was shafted.
They travelled across in an high speed inflatable.

The weather was so humid and close, she wore her navy tropical whites, a flack jacket, her belt holding her pistol, holstered. The other three men wore similar, but with SA80 assault rifles. They approached the vessel from behind and gained permission to board her.

The ships crew were a mixture of Chinese and Indonesians, there were 16 in total, They were glad to see the Royal Navy, even happier to see Lt Liz Hall and her big breasts. The chief petty officer acted as interpreter. One of the Ratings caught all the operation on video, to help with de-briefing later.

He exchanged pleasantries with the crew, One of them asked if the Lt took it up the ass, he replied "Not yet but she will" they all laughed. She naively joined in.
She set about interviewing the captain and crew, advising them about their security. They didn't seem to have any, The company they worked for had just told them to avoid Pirates, or passively let them have anything they want.
As planned HMS Brilliant continued on to contact a further two vessels, and would return the next evening for the away team. As the evening wore on the weather took a turn for the worst, A Typhoon warning was in force, It looked like it would cross between HMS Brilliant and the Tanker.

The tanker captain decided to steer closer to the Malaysian islands for protection. Lt Hall tried to contact her vessel but found the weather was causing too much interference, she gave up. They were stuck here for the duration.
She sat in the wheel house drinking some coffee, She was so hot, her uniform was soaked with sweat. Under her arms, her back and breasts were dark with it.

She stood and took off her flak jacket, she could feel the eyes of the crew on her as she shrugged it off her shoulders and dropped it too the floor, Her bra and breasts were outlined beautifully her wet service blouse stuck firmly to her breasts. She did her best to ignore them and the chatter and laughter that carried on for minutes after. She sat back down and cradled her breasts to hide them from view. With the change in temperature her nipples were straining against the material, two large bumps, they tingled demanding attention. She swallowed some more coffee and tried to think of something else.

The evening wore on, at about midnight Lt Hall was slumbering in a chair. Suddenly all hell let loose, the crew were in an awful state of panic, running about shouting and yammering in distress. Lt Hall came out of the wheel house trying to find the Chief. She found him outside with the other two ratings.

"They're panicked Ma'am, keep shouting about Pirates!" he shouted above the
din. Lt Hall swallowed in fear, this couldn't be happening. "Try to find out what's happening Chief, the important thing is to stay calm, once they see our Naval uniforms they'll probably turn tail and run!"

He grinned "Do you believe in the tooth fairy as well Ma'am?" Shots rang out, there were screams. The Chief grabbed two of the Chinese crew and shouted at them trying to get information. He turned back to the Lieutenant.

"There's about a dozen of them Ma'am, heavily armed, came in on two high speed small craft, Their on the main deck and coming this way. They say they've killed several of the crew" She was appalled she grabbed for her pistol and checked it was loaded and took off the safety. "I'll get the men to put down some suppressing fire over the rail Ma'am, that should sort the bastards!"

"No Chief you must give a warning, get one of the men to show himself, clearly warn them the Royal Navy are here. They'll soon change there minds and clear off."
"I don't think that's a good idea Ma'am. They'll kill him"
"It's not a good idea Chief it's an order! Now do as your told!" he stared at her, more gunfire came from below closer this time.

"Right, Yes Ma'am! Jones come here!" He turned to the rating.
"Jones, get to the head of the stairs, give a clear warning that were here"
He scurried off. Moments later he cocked his weapon and turned into the open stair.
"Royal Navy stop or I fire!"

Bullets slammed into him he didn't stand a chance, he crashed into the bulkhead behind, dead. The other rating began to return fire through the opening. He screamed and fell back as automatic fire raked his twitching form. Through the opening Asian men with various automatic weapons poured.
The chief swung around and shot two before a boot kicked him square in the face and he slumped back, his rifle tumbled to the floor. Lt Hall fired twice into the throng before a rifle butt hit her in the face and screaming she slammed backwards onto the floor, unconscious.

The captain and the rest of the crew surrendered. The vessel was slowed to a stop the anchor dropped.
The Lieutenant and chief were dragged unconscious into the wheel house and down to the mess deck. They tied the crew up and sat them on the floor. The
Chief's hands were tied behind his back and he was left face down. Her limp form was thrown on the floor.
The pirate leader stood admiring his catch. He was a large Chinaman, broken teeth smiled out from his bearded face, He wore some torn chinos a T-shirt a belt with two holsters. The rest were all similarly dressed, a motley crew of maritime down and outs, all sporting leering grins as they crowded around her. The all chatted excitedly, their imaginations running riot at the possibilities the young officer presented. Tonight would be a good night.

Lt Hall lay were she had been dropped. Her mouth slack blood trickled from her nose. Her sweat soaked blouse still clinging to her breasts. At a word she was slung on her front, two pirates knelt beside her. One forced her elbows together, the other tied them tightly with cord. It bit into her strong arms, making the flesh bulge between the lines of cord. She was turned back over, painfully laid on her arms.

Lt. Hall stirred slowly coming back to consciousness. She started as her vision cleared and she was faced by a sea of grinning Asian faces. The nearest laughed and spoke in pigeon English.

"Yoo Wakee wakee to fun time, Royal Navee bitch!" He had a shiny gold tooth
where one of his incisors should have been.
She stared around in terror. She struggled as they dragged her up and backwards to the nearest mess table, they sat her on the edge of it. One knelt behind her holding her bound arms, Her black Navy trousered legs dangled over the edge. The Leader stood in front of her, he grabbed her face and twisted it to his. Behind him one of the pirates held her ratings camera, he focused it on her terrified face. The red record light glared at her. He grinned and spoke to her menacingly in Chinese. Gold tooth translated.

"Captain want know were Brit ship? You tell him!" She glanced about desperately seeking help.
"I don't know, I don't" He translated. The leader squeezed her sore face harder, and then spat in her face, he shouted at her.
"You not know were is own ship, You lie. Tell us!"
"I don't know the, the storm!" she pleaded.
He spoke meaningfully into her face.
"He say we will make you remember, you like that, us make you remember!"

The leader let go of her face and started to undo her blouse. She tried to pull away.
"DON'T! Stop it, I'm a Royal Navy Officer you'll . . . you'll be in a lot of trouble . . NO NO DON'T!"
He got tired of the buttons and wrenched the rest open, revealing her large
cotton bra encased tits, he laughed and squeezed them. shouting.
"He like those he say you big uddered cow, we all like you big tits!"

"Please leave me alone . . NO PLEASE! GET OFF! NOOOOOO!" she squirmed as he stretched the cups down off both fat jugs, he stroked them and forced her bra further down her chest. Her tits hung free, each time she complained and struggled they jiggled and bounced. He flicked her semi-erect teats making her wince and gasp. As they came up he gripped them between finger and thumb and pulled them.
"NO YOU MUSTN'T PLEASE, it hurts nooooooooooo!" he giggled and let go, then he spoke at length, the others laughed.
"He want more rope, he lash your tits up good, He fuck them yes!"
"We all fuck them, fuck your face yes!" she tried to pull away as more cord

The Leader wrapped it around her chest beneath them, he pulled it tight, tied it off, then more under her arms above them. He yanked it tight.
"OOOWWWW don't please don't!" he made a noose then taking her right teat he yanked her breast cruelly and forced it over it, he snatched it tight around it's base, squeezing her breast into a large fat taut globe. She started to cry.
"Stop please stop, I don't know, the. . the Chief knows, please your hurting!"
He made another noose and forced it over the other breast, he snatched that tight too. The cord bit into her breast flesh deep. Her big white tits were now two taut fat balloons, He lashed the noose ends together, pulling her tits hard against each other, then the loose ends he forced under the ropes top and bottom, he lashed the middle hard. Then both sides he bound together. All the time she pleaded and begged for him to stop. It was music to their ears, by the time her tits were two trapped, bulging white balloons, they all had straining stiff cocks. The leader spoke again.

"He say Chief has no big tits, we ask you yes"
"But I don't know, please NOOOOO OWWWW!!" The guy behind pushed her to the edge of the table, forcing her head forward. Her breasts hung together, her cleavage a deep inviting ravine. She looked up her blue eyes transfixed on the leaders groin as he undid his pants and pulled out a thick, hard circumcised cock, the shaft veiny and a dark olive yellow, the head, fat and purple, swollen with lust. Pre-cum strung from the tip, it was greasy and unwashed, he wanked it slowly savoring the moment.

"OH NO PLEASE! Please don't do this I don't know anything. Pleeeease!"
He grabbed her tits pulling them apart, he shoved his cock into he cleavage. She looked away grimacing as he forced her bound tits to his cock and began to shaft them. He squeezed her breasts to his meat, his fingers biting cruelly into her flesh. The guy behind her held her solidly by the upper arms as his leader raped her bound tits.

She shut her eye's not wanting to see the sea of grinning faces of the pirates and the captive crew as they watched her abuse with glee. Her torso shook and heaved as he fucked her tits. It seemed like ages but eventually he shouted something. She was dragged upright he gripped her blonde hair, shaking her head she opened her eye's just as he unloaded a huge gush of semen straight into her surprised face, She wasn't fast enough, closing her mouth and she grimaced with disgust as his sperm splashed into her closing mouth. The rest splattered across her face and she was held fast as spurt after spurt covered her eyes, cheeks and nose. She gasped for breath as he finished, trying to spit out the foul salty deposit.

The leader was well pleased with himself and she was held as he wiped the rest on her service blouse.
"OH GOD you disgusting creep! Get it off me!" she could feel it all sliding down her face, to drip onto her bound chest.

The man with the camera circled her getting her forced facial on tape.
"You get more bitch, much more!" gloated the English speaker.
Another pushed forward as the leader moved away. He had his cock out ready; it was simply the biggest cock she'd ever seen, not even imagined in her darkest fantasies. He had a knife in the other hand; he pressed it to her cheek. He spoke insistently to her.
"He say you suck cock, you suck now or he cut ear off!"
"Oh god no! I . . I can't please no" another grabbed her ear and pulled it out to be cut off.
"Please haven't you done enough, please don't make me do this, please" The knife went to her ear, she screamed and opened her mouth, her lips had the leaders semen stringing from them. He pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cock in.

Her eyes bulged and she fought not to retch as his evil smelling cock filled her mouth, he wanked it too her mouth. shouting.
"He say suck suck!" she closed her mouth around it and fighting to control her stomach she sucked and felt it swell. He pushed it forward she tried to push it back with her tongue but he was too strong. She struggled for breath as he rammed it to the back of her mouth, and deeper.
She tried to pull away but he gripped her hair and she gurgled as it sank into her throat entrance. They laughed as she struggled.

She gagged and choked but he kept on she felt it suddenly seem to snap past her muscles and surge into her throat. Her lips were taut around his girth as he set too, deep throating her. Her nostrils flared as she caught some much needed air. He began really beasting her face; she was struggling to breathe as his cock jerked in and out of her aching throat. She was nearly unconscious some minutes later when he grunted and unleashed a heavy hot gush of jizz straight down into her gullet.

Lt Hall jerked and groaned her legs kicking as she struggled to be off it. They held her fast as her throat rapidly filled with thick hot sperm. She gagged and coughed drowning, sperm flooded out of her nostrils in a thick flow. Then self preservation took over and she swallowed, more spunk thumped into her open esophagus. Her head swam as she felt her belly fill with heat from his heavy nuts.
He relaxed and let go of her head, she jerked it up off his wilting meat,
Semen flooded from her lips as she drew a desperate breathe before fainting dead away.

They dragged her limp form back over the table, They took her to the other end and pushed her bound arms cruelly under the table surface. Her shoulders were proud of the edge her head lolled backwards. One went beneath the table and tied her bound elbows to the central metal leg.

Her legs were grabbed and her trousers wrenched open and down. Her shoes dragged off, followed by her trousers, they cut her white briefs off revealing her hairy fat pussy. Her strong legs were gripped by her thighs and she was dragged bodily as far down the table as her arms would allow.
She spluttered and began to come too as her legs were forced up and apart and over her head. Two pirates held each calf while another tied rope around each black socked ankle. Then the rope was tied to the leg underneath. This left her bent in double her thick thighs framing her bound tits.

One gripped her hips and pulled her further down the table. She screamed and moaned. Her big white ass was pointing off the edge of the table, her hairy cunt straight up. She lifted her spunk coated face. Straining and struggling to be free.
"Wh . . What what's happening what phphutt" she spat sperm from her mouth
"Yoo tell us were British boat is?"
"Oh God I don't know, it could be anywhere, please what are you going to do?"
"Wee fuck yoo good, you like that yes" She pulled at the rope, desperate.
"NOOO please, don't I don't know were the fucking ship is!"

Two pirates were pawing her ass and pussy, exploring her white flesh, they squeezed and tested her wide buttocks. She cringed and squealed as they rubbed her cunt. They seemed to argue a lot then and some were sent away. The English speaker came to her head.

"We not like hairy cunt Navee, shave you yes" The pirates came back with
some foam and a razor. Water was splashed on her cunt from a cup,
"No don't, don't shave me, NOOO! Please, please" she begged as foam was sprayed on to her cunt. They started to rub it in, covering all of it, their fingers sliding and rubbing and easing the foam into every crease of her pussy.

Lt Hall's cunt was swelling and opening with the attention, her vulva betraying her mounting excitement. One held her thigh tops apart while the other began to shave the hair off, She threw her head back trying to ease the pain in her shoulders, not wanting to see. Hands grabbed her head, twisting it, the knife pressed to her cheek again. Another Pirate held his cock to her lips.
"NO I don't want to please, oh pleas . . .MMMPPHHH!" he pushed it in silencing her, She helplessly let him push it in and out, feeling the thick velvety head slide over her tongue and press to her throat, Her mind was on her cunt as she felt the razor shaving over and round her pubis. She was slapped the knife pressing harder, encouraging her, she sucked.
They giggled. More of his cock slid in, her lips stretched to a thin line around his girth as he forced it into her throat. Nearly all of her cunt was shaved now, all that was left was her cunt lips, Her lower belly was milk white beneath were her pubes had been, They pulled her lips taut to shave them, her ass and legs were shaking as they finished and then toweled her dry. Her now bald cunt looked very inviting. The one who had shaved her fingered her vulva open to reveal her inner lips. The others crowded around to watch. The camera zoomed in.

He roughly pulled her cunt open; she winced and strained unable to see what they were doing. He dragged her lips wide, revealing her cunt entrance. Her clitoral hood now on show, fat and wrinkled, Another rubbed and then dragged the hood up with his thumb, her pink hard nub was revealed, shiny and dry. They laughed and joked.

The cock in her mouth jerked and spewed more semen into her unwilling throat, she coughed and spluttered around it as he dragged it out and squirted the rest across her face. She panted her head lolling back, she blinked trying to clear the semen from her eyes. She jolted and squealed as she felt someone spit on her open twat.

"NO NO DON'T!" she pleaded as they began to prod and probe her cunt with rough fingers. She struggled to lift her head, to see what was happening, her legs flexing as she tried to move.

They watched her internal muscles twitch and spasm as they teased her cunt entrance, running finger tips over and around her lips. The leader came close and inspected her now shaved cunt. He spoke to the interpreter, grinning he swigged some beer from a bottle.
"Our Leader says you have tight cunt, too tight, Fist you he say, so big Asian cocks fit in yes!"
"What do you mean? What are you going to do?, leave me alone NOOOOO!" she stiffened as two fingers were forced into her cunt, they were twisted and pushed repeatedly, slowly opening her up.
"You tell, were is ship?"
"I don't know, I don't know, oh please, I don't know!"

The majority of the others dragged chairs over to watch as one pirate crouched at the end of the table fingering her. The camera man stood over his shoulder, Two others approached her terrified face, dragging they're cocks out, grinning and wanking them.

One grabbed her hair as she blubbed and tried to shy away. He knelt on the floor dragging her head back savagely. The other stood over her and pushed the head of his cock to her sobbing mouth, he shoved it in as she snorted for breath, his nuts slapping her forehead as he rammed his meat into her open gullet. He forced it into her sore bruised throat, unceasingly stabbing deep into her open mouth. He grunted and began raping her face. You could see her throat bulge and pulse as he fucked away.

Three fingers were now rammed into her cunt, her ass and legs twitching and flexing as he made them go in. He grinned and leant forward. He began lapping at her clit, wetly circling and flicking her fattening bud. He forced a forth finger in and eased them up to his knuckles in her gaping cunt. She groaned and shuddered as he started to fuck them in and out.

The guy on her face was really fucking her throat with a vengeance, his nuts slapping heavily on the bridge of her nose as her lips were stretched tight around his girth, he gripped her bound tits and used them for leverage as he pistoned her ruddy face. He rammed deep in her throat and stayed there she struggled and made muffled gagging noises, He gripped and pinched her teats pulling and stretching them, he cruelly twisted them, her nipples now two thick red studs as he milked them. Her throat clamped around his cock hard, he gasped and she jerked and whined as he dumped his load into her. She went grey struggling for air, he pulled back, releasing her teats. She sucked air in desperately swallowing his load, as she did, more spurted in making her choke and splutter. He pulled further out and squirted the last bolts straight into her face, clogging her nostrils and eyes.

"UUURRGHH (Cough, Cough) you dirty bastards (Cough) STOP IT! STOP IT!"
Semen flew from her mouth and nostrils as she cursed.
"OWWWWW! MY CUNT PLEASE, take it out please, your hurting meeee!"
He twisted his hand over and rammed it deep, forcing her cunt wider. Her internal muscles clenched at him.
"It won't go in, it won't, you'll kill me! PLEASE NOOOOOO!!"
"You say were ship is?"
"Please, (sob) I don't know, (sob) I don't. (sob) Please believe me"
He leant back calling to another he came over and gripped her vulva on either side, he wrenched and pulled it wider. She screamed and thrashed, h did it again, the other bent his thumb in and slowly forced it in too, She sobbed and wept begging them to stop. Her cunt walls slowly gave and with a pop his whole hand slid into her vagina.

"NOOOO NOOO STOP! STOP! MY CUNT ARGHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO ARGHH!!" her whole body went ridged as it went in.
"You tell us bitch, we take hand out, TELL US!"
"I DON'T KNOW, please, please, take it out, it's too big please"
She jerked and flinched as he moved his hand inside her.
"OH GOD! PLEASE!!" The fister grinned at her spooge covered features and began to ease his hand deeper, slowly flexing his fingers, He reached over with his other hand, he started to frig her clit. He rubbed it hard with his thumb. She winced and groaned.

"Don't touch me there, I, I don't like it, no, NO! ARRRGGHHH!!"
They all laughed, as he started to fist her, making her take his hand, forcing it deeper inside her aching cunt, her cunt lips closed around his wrist. She threw her head back in agony. The one who had held her hair was there he grabbed her ears and forced her head back down. He forced his cock into her unwilling mouth. She jerked and snorted helplessly as he forced her to take his meat into her slick throat. "MMMMPPPPHHHH!!" she groaned. Her cunt was becoming wetter and wetter, her clit now a hard erect button,

The fister stirred and punched her cunt, pressing and teasing her clit as she fought to clench her cunt to his hand, she was trying to stop him, but it was impossible. Slowly her belly was tightening, her cunt heating as shock after excruciating shock shot up through her belly from her sensitive clit. He laughed and shouted to the others. They gathered closer waiting to see her cum.
The guy in her throat pulled out, spraying semen over her throat and bound tits. She gasped and shuddered. Wincing and jerking with each deep cunt stretching thrust.

The fister rammed his mouth to her clit and clamped his lips over it. Sucking hard on it. He rammed his hand in and out as she slowly arched her back, her whole body trembling with tension, He rapidly fisted her, forcing her to climax.
He flicked and lapped at her clit, feeling her cunt tighten and clamp around his hand squeezing it harder and harder.

She screamed, her belly releasing, contractions unlike anything she'd experienced before thumped through her uterus, her cervix fluttering as hot
insistent juice flooded around his hand, and spurted out around his wrist.
The Pirates went crazy, amazed at the site of this young Navy officer being forced to cum in front of them, her body jolting and squirming as her clit was thumbed and teased until she did it again. She sobbed and pleaded helplessly as they made her do it again. Her bound tits gyrating and wobbling between her snatching legs.

He kept his hand in and stepped to on side, keeping her impaled on it as they crowded closer to watch. The interpreter gripped her hair and shook her face.
"You say where ship now!" she spat at him disgusted with herself.
"I don't know you bastards, I don't know!" He shouted to the leader who laughed and shouted back, at this all the others laughed. He turned back to her.
"We fuck you in ass, you remember when we fuck you in ass yes?"

She grimaced, disgusted, she could feel fingers easing her fat cheeks apart already. What could she do, she tried to clench her cheeks.
"No please, don't do this to me, please I beg you, please" he grinned at her, a moist finger tested her anus.
She couldn't stand it any longer, She'd always swore she would never do that, never! "OK, OK I'll tell you, I'll tell you!"
He grinned and shouted to the leader who came over, he appeared he swigged his beer and stood waiting.
"You tell!"
"In Indonesian waters, we were to meet them there."
He spoke to the leader, he grunted and had a go at him.
"Not good where, where or we all fuck ass!"
"Pulau mubur, Pulau mabur they were to meet us north of Pulau mabur"

He turned and told him he took a swig of beer and laughed then he announced something and turned away. The others all cheered. The interpreter turned back grinning,
"He say he not believe you we fuck ass anyway, hey we fuck you in ass you like bitch?"
"NO! NO! It's the truth, it's the truth, PLEASE NOOOOOOO!!"
She struggled helplessly as they renewed their interest in her ass, fingers pulling and teasing her cheeks apart, the fist in her cunt clenching and unclenching.
"I'll fuck you all , I will just don't fuck my bottom, please untie me and I'll fuck all of you, please I mean it!"

They ignored her pleas. Smearing her own thick wet discharge from her twat to her ass hole, arguing amongst themselves who would fuck her virgin ass first..
"I'll do what ever you want just don't bugger me please, please!"
The interpreter spoke to them they laughed, he turned to her,
"I just tell them you say, you want them all to butt fuck you hard, to make you bleed," she couldn't believe it.

"NOOO, NOOOO!!" she struggled with renewed vigor. The fister laughed and started to hand fuck her hard again setting her contractions off again, her belly cramping hard. She groaned, her ass forgotten.
"But I've told you, pleeeeeeaaaaase!" A finger pressed slowly into her dark stained ring, her sphincter reacted squeezing it tightly.

The Leader changed his mind when he saw how tight the Lieutenants ass was, his cock filled rapidly, he pushed the others out of the way, wanking his rejuvenated meat he grinned down at her pained face. He let spit dribble from his lower lip to stretch out and land in her ass crease, it ran down and over her puckered anus. He forced his finger tips into her cleft on either side of her anus and stretched it wide. She tried to clench it but he was far too strong. His cock stood out straight from his open trousers. He bobbed it against her spider.

The fister stirred his hand she grimaced and went ridged again.

His cock was pressing hard to her bottom hole, he laughed and gripped his meat strengthening it as he strove to feed it into her clenched ass hole.
Her cunt felt so full, her bottom aching as she tried to keep him out, she gritted her teeth determined. They're leader laughed and muttered. The translator smiled,
"He say you have strong ass, feel good" she sobbed in despair as he pushed harder.
"I need the toilet, I need to, to shit tell him, tell him!" she offered in desperation.
He passed it on. The leader chuckled and answered the others laughed.
"He say good, much tighter and hotter, you will wish you had Navee whore!"
"Oh no, oh don't do this please, please OWWW!"

Her anus began to give, The head of his cock bending as it sought entry. He grunted with effort, pressing harder, She kicked against the ropes trying to pull away. He slapped her big ass cheek, complaining, She jumped with the harsh slap her skin rouging immediately.
"He say open up, you open ass now" insisted the translator.
"Nooooo!" she managed determined to resist.

He pulled his cock away . he wetly licked his thumb and pushed it to her ass hole, turning and pressing, twisting and forcing it. Until it slowly gave. He slowly eased his thumb into her tight rectum, slowly, very slowly, her muscles fighting all the way. She shuddered and groaned not giving an inch.
"We open it up baby, we ass fuck you good yes!" he gloated.
"Piss off you bastard, get it out, fuck off you slant eyed cunt, ARGHHH NO!"
His thumb sank in to her ass up to the first knuckle he started to push the head of his fuck meat into the now slightly enlarged opening.

The camera man watched intently as the muscled ring started to unfurl, much to her distress. She was trying so hard not to let him in, forcing her ass closed against his awful intrusion. Soon both his thumb and cock head began to ease into her dark hole. She winced as her ring burned and ached as he forced it. He paused a moment before slowly drawing out his thumb. The head of his cock now held in the entrance to her fat ass the muscle of her forbidden place began to close around the mushroom shaped head of his tool as he eased it into her, forcing it deeper just a millimeter more, just beyond it's widest circumference until his long veiny shaft protruded from her tight twitching shroud of Sodom. He bent the head and let spit dribble from his mouth onto the space where his cock was entering her bottom

He started to ease his slimy cock into her bowels, slowly, fighting her muscles all the way. He gripped her magnificent womanly bottom with both hands, pulling her back on to him as she reflexively tried to escape her defilement.
More of his rod entered her clenching bowels. Still more.
"OH GOD YOUR KILLING ME!!" she yelled arching her back.
The fister continued to hand fuck her rubbing her clit. Still more cock slithered up her ass. Eventually he grunted in satisfaction his cock buried almost to the hilt in her ass. His large, hairy sac caressed the cheeks of her bottom.
He slowly eased his cockmeat back out of her, very slowly, The fister still rubbing her clit, savoring her moans of pain. When it's length was nearly unsheathed from her, he slid it back in, a little faster now. Now with every stroke out he paused to enjoy her sphincter squeezing and choking his helmet. Before he thrust it back in making her jolt and snatch at her bonds.

The fister started to flex and fuck her cunt as his leader picked up the pace, ramming her tightly clenching shit chute, hard deep thrusts which made her ass muscles spasm and grip his girth. He pinched and frigged her clit making her howl in pain as he began viciously butt fucking her. LT Hall couldn't believe the terrible stretching pain she was going through, and now how her ass burned and stung as his manhood thrust in and out of her bottom, while they teased and tortured her clit,. They were going to make her come again, she could feel it, she hated herself, but couldn't stop it. The shocks from her clit were awful pleasure.
She could hear herself grunting as he buggered her, her belly tightening getting hotter and hotter, and her cunt squeezing the fist inside her.

She screamed her body going wild as his fingers became a blur on her ridged clit, she felt as if she would split open, she was thrusting her own ass down on to his cock feeling it impossibly expand and sink higher into her rectum. Her belly exploded into a blinding rush of heavy contractions, her body heaving as her forced orgasm ripped through her. Her mouth stretched open in a wide silent scream of anguish, eyes rolling back in her head.
The fister laughed and yanked his fist from her cunt, Lt Hall howled in frustration.

Her pussy lips quivering with released tension the muscles snapping back reflexively, her cunt emptily squeezing nothingness, robbed of the aching fullness of his hand. There began a frenzied cycle of contractions which rapidly built to ejaculation, cunt juice jetted from between her swollen piss flaps on to the Pirate leaders belly as he heaved into her throbbing ass hole. He groaned in pleasure and she squealed in shock she felt the head of his cock rammed impossibly deeper it swelled making her rectum spasm and clench Then hot semen spurted into her bowels, searing throbbing heat, making her rectum flood with strangely exciting sensations.

Spurt after spurt deep into her virgin ass. Her legs kicked her whole body stiffening as her ass was pumped full, eventually with a sigh he pulled back his cock the head pulling free of her sucking rectum with a loud fart, it was coated in semen blood and shit, more semen dribbled from the end on to the floor. He stepped away.

Lt Hall's body stayed ridged, she sobbed with disbelief as her orgasm waned.
Two others argued who would be next, the winner a large Indonesian with a scared face crammed his cock to her gaping ass and brutally forced in. He rammed deeply into her knocking the breath from her. He began viciously reaming her poor ass, cursing and slapping her legs and tits making her cry as he raped her ass. He forced his coarse haired belly to her splayed cunt, rubbing her sensitive clit, making her writhe and sob as he forced more and more of his cock solidly up her butt, pulling her inner ass walls in with it's girth as he stabbed it deep and stayed there while he gripped her still erect teats and cruelly pulled them. She squirmed and frantically tried to pull away inadvertently fucking his meat with her tightly clenching rectum.

He began buggering her hard forcing her to take all his meat into her stretched full rectum. Thankfully he was too excited and moments later he suddenly came thumping her bowels full of more hot seed. He pulled out, leaving her anus gaping open, They're combined semen gushed out flooding her crack and running down her lower back. She squealed in shock and horror thinking that she had shit herself.

"OH NO, MY BOTTOM, MY BOTTOM, you bastards, bastards"
The cameraman caught it all flooding out on video, her face red with humiliation, her pleas as another readied himself and then shoved himself deep into her ass.
"NOOOO leave me alone, UNNNNNGGGGHHHH!" her hands and feet snatched at the ropes as he filled her ass.

The other Pirates crowded closer, one from either side grabbed a breast each and squeezing them up, they started to gnaw and suck at her thick teats. Another grabbed her hair and forced her head back, as her mouth gaped he shoved his cock in, she struggled as he forced it hard into her throat. She gagged and choked, snorting air through her flared nostrils. Hands gripped her thick thighs just below the back of her knees, she grunted as another thick hot cock was forced hard into the depths of her narrowing rectum. Her body bucked and jolted as she had her ass slam fucked.

From the floor the chief's eyes flicked open, he watched silently as his officer was gang raped, he suppressed a grin as her grunts and groans filled the room. His eye's settled on the Pirate with the camera. He had to get out of this alive, alive and with that tape, he desperately tried to form a plan.


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