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Default Full Control

This is the other commision for FET that I have written. I have been given permission to submit this story as long as a description of the character isn't given in full detail.

Full Control

Chapter 1 Memories

She remembered it like it was yesterday even though it was a couple of years ago. She never liked her daddy’s younger bimbo girlfriend. It wasn't just because she was young (early twenties) with short blonde hair and small lovely perky nipples. That was annoying but not a fair cause of dislike. No, it wasn't even because she dressed like a whore most of the time, wearing short skirts, open loose shirts and heels. No, it was the drugs and sleazy friends that would visit because of her. But what was worse was the way she made her dad slowly change into them. They helped him unwind with beer and weed, and other occasional substances. But the one night she would never forget was the night that her father started to destroy her.
It was an average Saturday night which meant she wanted to go out. Saturday's meant the bimbo's sketchy friends, booze, pot and whatever else. But today her father insisted she stay. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and black shorts that summer night. She foolishly decided to stay and see what her father wanted. “Sam, you're eighteen, and it's time you became aware of some facts of life.” He patted his lap. She saw the bimbo sitting on the couch with Larzius, she doubted it was his real name but as usual he brought the party supplies so everyone respected the title. “First off, you should be nicer to daddy's friends.”
“What do you mean by that daddy?'
“Have you ever had crack before little girl?” the bimbo asked smoking a crack pipe.
“No, and I don't want to,” she said turning towards her. She suddenly felt her father's strong arms grabbing her pulling her down on his lap.
“Maybe you need just a shot,”
“No daddy, please.” Sam begged glancing at the needle. “Please daddy, I'll be good, I'll behave. Her father pushed her off and stood up.
“Take off the t-shirt and shorts” he ordered her while Larzaius held the needle for her to see.
“What daddy no,” Sam cringed , Larzaius brought the needle closer to her. She eyed the needle then looked at the bimbo. “Alright, I'll do it, just please get that stuff away from me.” She slipped off her pink t-shirt and dropped it to the floor. Sam glanced at the needle and started removing her shorts. She stood there standing in her white lace bra and panties.
“The bra to, let’s see those lovely young breasts,” Tears of frustration flowed down her face but she was more afraid of ending up like the bimbo. She bit her lip as her bra hit the floor
“Now come here and bend over daddy’s lap.”
“Please don't stick me,” Sam cried. “I don't want drugs.”
“Then behave yourself and get your ass here now,” Sam whimpered as she bent over her father's knee. The bimbo walked up to her humbled bent frame and produced a butt plug with nylon strings attached to it.
“This is going to be such a pretty tail,”
“What no,” Sam struggled as the bimbo started pulling down her panties, her father held her down. She started kicking, and flailing about before Larzaius approached her readying the syringe. Sam saw the needle and settled down. The bimbo approached her with her new tail. She felt a wet digit start to work its way into her asshole. Samantha cried out as the bimbo worked her digits in and out of her sphincter. She felt her father's spit go in her ass as the bimbo held her ass open. She then felt the rubber tip of something slowly being pushed into her ass. “No,” she screamed as she felt it being inserted deep from behind, she started breathing hard. “Daddy please...”
“Now you're going to be a good girl for now on aren't you?
“Yes daddy,” she cried as the plug went deeper into her.
“Promise” he told her her spanking her ass hard.
“Yes daddy, I promise.”
“Tell daddy you'll be a good little slut,” the bimbo told her.
“What, I'm not...” she felt a harsh slap against her ass.
“I think we just need to loosen her up a bit” her father said. To her horror he started turning the plug in her, and pulling it in and out thrusting it back and forth into her ass.
“No more daddy, please no more,” she whined. “I promise I'll, I'll be a good little slut.”
“Have a drink honey it will help you relax,” the bimbo told her. The girl sobbed but took the shot glass that was offered to her.
'That's a good girl,” her father cooed. He pulled the plug out of his whimpering daughter. She cried out in relief of the pain and felt her father's tongue press deep inside her mouth. She looked at her father with shock and disgust. Her father had kissed her the same way her boyfriend used to. She was further revolted as he started to suckle her tits while his hand went between her legs rubbing her crotch. The bimbo grabbed the plug and rolled it against her asshole
“No” she groaned all the while her body was starting to react differently than her mind. All her private regions were being stimulated at the same time and it was driving her insane. Her father took the plug from the bimbo and started pushing back into her, all the stimulation that was going started to overwhelm her senses and then to everyone's surprise she came. The shock from everyone allowed her the freedom to run to her bedroom and lock the door behind her. The shame overcame her, she came, her father of all people made her cum, she was being manhandled and abused and, and raped so why did she cum?”
Samantha heard a knock at the door.
“Your friend is on the phone should we invite her to come over and play instead,” she heard the bimbo say.
“No please just leave us alone,” Sam cried.
“If you come down and play we'll leave her alone, otherwise, well your daddy wants to watch a girl play with herself while he plays with their tits, whose are up to you,” Sam looked at the door, he didn't want her friend involved.
“Alright I'll be right out,” she walked over to the door defeated.

For the rest of the weekend she served drinks topless to her dad and his friends. She was also forced to wear the plug all weekend. They had come to an agreement she would let wear the plug and spend her time at home topless. Her friends were allowed to touch and play with her tits as long as it was no more then just fondling, their would be no intercourse of any kind. Her father had agreed to the conditions and Sam spent her weekend being fondled and humiliated by her father and his friends. But she should have realized that the bimbo had other ideas for her.

Chapter 2
One of Samantha's daughterly duties was to sit on her daddy's lap and play with her crotch while he suckled her. This had started becoming a regular practice that she could not refuse because of the threats made to her friends if she didn't comply. At school she tried her best to keep a calm disposition to ashamed of orgasyming that night to talk to her friends or ask for help. She was scared she was eighteen and only had sex once with no foreplay so her body wasn't used to all the stimuli that she was going through every day. Then one day while in her father's room doing her daughterly duties she started to moan and her crotch became wet before she could even touch it.
“It looks like your training is finally taking effect,” She realized that he was right. “And now fo r the next part of your training,” he went to his drawer and pulled out a jaw harness.
“What, what are you doing,” her father grabbed her head. “You can either do this here in private or when the others are watching,” her father told her sounding darker and crueler than she ever heard before. Her cheeks flushed as she stretched her jaw allowing the harness to be set up. When it was tight enough her father sealed it with a personal kiss. As he kissed her he could feel his hands unbuttoning her shorts. “I think its time that we start adding to your services. Her eyes widened but the harness prevented her from asking what he meant. He placed her on all fours and then placed her hands on her crotch. She felt his hands slide off her shorts, she started rubbing her crotch knowing that was he was expecting. She felt him pulling on the butt plug and figured he was just going to play with the plug in her ass. Her fingers were getting wetter with her juices and she saw him standing behind her taking off his pants. He suddenly removed her tail she felt a small sensation of releif until she felt something cold and slimy rubbing her shit hole.
“Daddy don't ,” she tried to say as her father was lubing her ass. She then realized the plug wasn't just for punishment it was also to make her ass more flexible to intrusion. She tried to tell him to stop but the harness kept her from any use of her jaw. Her father took up the position behind her and she felt his sturdy cock playing with her asshole. He then slowly put in to her horror her asshole started to envelop his cock. A pain unlike any she knew before shot through Samantha. It hurt as her father's cock felt bigger than it looked. She felt scared and stupid her father was setting her up the whole time and she didn't see it. The plug had stretched her out so she could handle him better as he shoved it in her, she felt it getting bigger inside her.
“I'm going to cum,” he moaned as rammed her with more intensity. She suddenly felt a warm sticky sensation within her anal cavity and she started to cry. Her tears flowed down her face like her father's cum oozed out of her ass as he pulled out. Her father then stroked his cock in a small saucer until little drops of cum filled the plate. “Clean off your plate,” Sam eyed the plate and then looked at her father
“No please you can't” he grabbed the plate and rubbed it in her face.
“Clean it!” he said. She realized that whatever drug he took before coming to her room had made him meaner, more aggressive. As she tried to wipe the cum off her face she felt her father grab her by the hair. Samantha hated the feel of it both the cum and her assailant and she wondered what was going to happen to her. Her father pulled her to his bedroom where he had an elaborate structure set up. It looked like her old swing set only the bottom was more weighed down. She was still too sore to notice her father grabbing her arms and putting her hands through the leather straps.
“Daddy no please,” he tightened the straps Samantha hung there helpless. The tail was still in her ass and she saw her father lie down on his bed. He pushed a button and trashy looking whore came on the tv as her father starting stroking his cock.
“Now honey, daddy’s only to going to masturbate during the blow job scenes. “But when he tells you he’s going to cum you will politely ask for it,”
“No I won’t Sam said defiantly. She was tired of being used by him.
“You will or you can hang there until you do,” She watched as her father massaged his cock. Sam didn’t say anything she just watched the porn along with her father. The trashy whore got on her knees and started to suck off the actor. She watched her father start to pump his cock. It was a surreal experience watching a porno movie with her father. She struggled against the bonds but they were on her tight. The scene continued as some slutty looking cop stops just as she is about to shoot a load in her mouth. Her father groaned still stroking knowing cop slut was going to join in soon. Samantha heard a low growl as father approached her his cock throbbing in his hands. “I'm going to cum,” he stroked his cock and shot his load all over her face and tits. “Now what do you say?” Samantha said nothing, she didn't cry or protest. “You're going to have to learn to be a good little slut Samantha and learn to like daddy's cum.
“Daddy, dad, please stop this now.” Her father's response was to go back to the bed and continue watching the movie.
“When you learn to ask politely and eat every drop you can go, but the longer you take the more cum you eat.” She didn't reply as the slut cop went to work on the cock in front of her. She just kneeled there, remembering all the times she used to watch porn in private, even after she turned eighteen there was a certain thrill to watching it in a situation where she could get caught, even now it wouldn't be so bad if the man watching it wasn't her father. Another blow job scene appeared on the screen as the bimbo cop was sucking off two convicts in a jail cell. Her father started stroking his cock even faster clearly aroused by the scenario. The inevitable happened again her father started stroking his cock and he got up and walked in front of her. “I'm going to cum Samantha,” she stayed quiet as her father betrayed her more, spraying even more cum on her face and body. She could feel the sticky sensation oozing down her skin and on her face. Tears came from her eyes but she still didn't say anything she just hoped the movie would end soon. He went back to the bed and continued to stroke as the slut cop was getting it both in her mouth and her pussy. Samantha just kneeled there as her father hit her with load after load of his ejaculate. She needed time to process everything that happened to her. She was anally raped by her father and was now being treated like his cum dump. She was getting tired her face was getting sticky, her breasts were getting crusty, but the movie was almost over, the big jailbreak gangbang was winding down. His last stream of jizz was a little thin. He walked up to her looking as exhausted as she was.
“Now what do you say?” Samantha looked up at him. He wasn't looking very good. His eyes were blood shot, his skin pale.
“Dad we have to get you to a hospital,”
“What do you say?” her father was like a masturbating zombie. She looked at him she didn't know what to do. She hated him, but she didn't want him to die, She realized she had no choice.
“Daddy can I please eat your cum?” Her father smiled and took the platter and grabbed a spoon. He gently then scraped all the cum off her and put it on the plate. He then held it in front of her. She looked at the plate in disgust but started to lick all his cum off. Her father was unsteady on his feet. She continued licking his cum off the plate, it tasted disgusting like salty glue. She didn't want him to die though, if he died who knows how long she would hang there.
“Hey babe are you there” the hated voice of the bimbo yelled from downstairs. Samantha realized she had no choice.
“Help, I think he's Oding,” she could hear the bimbo rushing up the stairs. She crashed in to see him sitting on the bed looking ashen.
“Larzaius, have to call Larazaius,”
“No call 911,” but the bimbo paid her no heed and instead called the lecherous dealer. He arrived quickly and seemed to know what she was doing like an actual doctor. She watched as they moved her dad to a different room. No one offered to untie her and she hung there scared of what was happening. Samantha had lost track of time when the bimbo returned and she was livid.
“Listen you little bitch, you're going to start listening and doing what your told for now on,” Anger boiled in Samantha.
“Go to hell,” she screamed.
“You will do as you're told or, I'll ignore your father's wishes and give you a sample of our fun juice and I'll do it everyday until you do listen” Fear filled Sam's heart she knew the Bimbo had no love for her. “Do you understand?” Tears of frustration filled her eyes. “Do you understand?”
“Yes,” she said hanging her head in defeat. The Bimbo picked up the phone and dialed a number.
“Hi , this is Samantha's aunt, I'm afraid that her and her father have come down with a very contagious skin ailment and she won't be coming to school this week,” she hung up the phone after leaving the message. “I'm your teacher now you little cunt, its time for your first lesson,”

Chapter 3

She was told that her father was recovering nicely, but he would need rest this meant that Samantha was under the care of the former Bimbo now newly christened the Bitch is Sam’s mind. The Bitch had kept Samantha suspended and naked with the plug in her ass. The worse part was that the Bitch decided that Samantha needed to learn her place. So every meal she ate followed the procedure. The Bitch would bring a man over, Samantha while still suspended would have to pleasure him with her mouth until he was about to cum, then whatever was served for dinner was covered in semen which she would have to eat. If she disobeyed the Bitch would punish her, she learned the hard way after refusing to eat a bowl of extra frosted flakes in the morning. The Bitch calmly took the bowl and put it on the dresser then in front of a shocked Samantha started to strip. She went over and undid the rebar around Samantha’s legs which didn’t matter since she was stiff and could barely move them anyway. She started to undo Sam's cuffs. Sam fell to the ground exhausted. But she had no time to rest as the Bitch grabbed her head and rubbed her face against her pussy.
“Lick my cunt you little stuck up bitch,” the Bitch commanded pulling her hair roughly “Now eat the pussy,” Samantha was scared now. She had never see the Bitch like this before. She couldn't breathe as the Bimbo's trimmed cunt was pushed into her face. Fearful she stuck her tongue out and started to lick the Bitch's lower lips. She heard a small moan of satisfaction come from the Bitch. “If you're a good pussy licker, I'll let you stay off the rack. The bitch danced on her tongue “Now use your finger to,” Samantha was tired and wanted to rest she decided to comply until she get a chance to escape, her arms were stiff but she raised her left hand and started to pet the Bitch's pussy. She was already wet to Samantha's disgust but she knew she had no choice but to lick the Bitch's pussy. She placed her finger against her outer lips and rubbed gently. She heard the Bitch moan with pleasure and felt her push her even harder into her cunt. The Bitch moaned, “that's a good girl, that's it right there,” Samantha felt angry as pussy juices coated her fingers “Good girl now lie down,” Samantha was having a hard time staying up anyway so she collapsed on the floor. She suspected what the Bitch was planning as she faced upwards and wasn't surprised when the Bitch angled herself so her legs on either side of her head. She felt something wet and hot between her legs and realized it was the Bitch sampling the goods. “Be a good girl Sammy, or you hang?” Tears formed in Samantha's eyes as she started licking the Bitch's pussy again she felt even more violated then before as she felt a wetness starting to form between her legs. The Bitch knew how to eat pussy and Samantha hated how good she was being made to feel
“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she tried to keep up the tempo with her own tongue, she didn't want to cum, she didn't want to give the Bitch the satisfaction of knowing that she was defeated by her enemy. She hated the taste of the Bitch's cunt but she refused to cum first. She started licking faster doing her best not to let the Bitch win, but then Samantha felt her hot tongue push right through her pussy lips, “Ohhhh” she moaned feeling herself losing all control. She hated the humiliation that she was being put through she could feel her orgasm building, “No please, don't make me cum” she pleaded. The Bitch then rolled her on her side.
“Make me cum you little fuck toy,” she moaned “make me cum or you'll be sorry. The threat was enough to make Samantha compliant and she started using her fingers on the Bitch determined to make her cum first and then she felt something stuffed into her ass. Her eyes opened wide as she came, and came she moaned and screamed as the sensation of what she guessed was The Bitch's own fingers fucking her ass hole. Humiliation washed over Samantha as the Bitch tongue brought her to climax. The Bitch rolled off her. “Get on all fours,” Samantha was still stunned by her orgasm. She felt a slap against her left tit. “Now you little cunt,” the harsh treatment snapped her back to reality. Her body ached but she doubted the Bitch would show any mercy if she chose to disobey. She used her fingers doing her best to please the Bitch. She felt ashamed as clearly the Bitch knew what to do make a woman happy. Her pussy was betraying her getting wetter and wetter and close to climax. She raised her tongue and started to lick back, she was sore and tired and though she didn't want to show it scared.
“That's right, use your tongue,” Bitch the Bitch moaned. Samantha did as instructed, give the Bitch what she wanted and maybe buy herself time for escape. A tingle went through her. Damn it, why does she have to be so good at this, Samantha mentally cursed as she felt her knees buckling, the Bitch's tongue was like fire burning her from the inside. Samantha was getting desperate and started increasing the pace of her petting. She had already cum a couple of times and she yet to make the once. She wanted to explode, the Bitch was too good
“Please, no more,” she begged, Please M...Mistress no more,” she begged hoping that if she humbled herself in front of the Bitch she would agree to be merciful. The Bitch rolled off of her.
“It sounds like you're learning your place,” She less then gently rolled Samantha in a crawling posture “Larzaius,” the perverted dealer arrived in the room. 'Samantha's dying to suck your cock,”
“What,” Samantha blurted out. “ I never ...” and then she was given a look from the Bitch and she realized that if she didn't play along and do as she was told Larzaius would gladly use her as a pin cushion and she had no energy left to fight him off. “Yes, yes I do” she replied.
“Do what , crawl over here and beg like a good little bitch,” Her cheeks burned with shame as she started to craw to him. She crawled over to the evil man who she thought turned her father into a pervert and looked up at him.
'Can I please suck your cock sir,”
'Do you really want it?” Larzaius asked with a smirk.
“Yes please sir,” Samantha replied trying not to cry. Larzaius unzipped his pants revealing his eleven inch cock. Samantha started at it, it was so huge and so thick. “Oh, no please, I didn't know he was this big, please he'll wrench my jaw” she said pleadingly. The Bitch just looked at her with a cold yet amused look. She felt her hair grabbed roughly by Larzaius as he pulled her face into his crotch.
“You are going to learn to obey when you are told to do something,” Larzaius said pulling out a thick needle,
“No not that,” Samantha said, she quickly grabbed his cock and started stroking it, “I'll listen, please no needles, no drugs I'll listen I promise” Samantha said thinking about what she saw on the movie, she stuck her tongue out and rolled it all over the head of his cock. Larzaius moaned and put the needle down.
“That's right you do as your told for now on. Or you really will be your father's daughter.” he said with a wicked grin. Samantha nodded fully understanding what Larzaius was implying her fate would be. She opened her mouth and slowly took the head of his cock in her mouth. She felt his cockhead tingle in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it while it was in her mouth. She then tried to copy the video she saw slowly taking more and more of his cock in her mouth. He was too big, she felt like she was going to choke and she wanted to scream with his big cock in her mouth. To make matters more difficult for her she felt him pushing more in while roughly pulling on her hair. He started to thrust and she felt her arms grabbed by the Bitch. Larzaius looked down at her with a wicked grin on his face as he pulled out so she could lick his shaft. She could see the look of immense satisfaction in his eyes as she serviced him, she could read his mind “We broke you, you stuck up little bitch. This is only the beginning for you.” To make matters even more difficult for her Larzaius cock was even bigger that her father's and Larzaius had no intention on making it easier for her. She kept sucking and he kept going deeper and deeper into her throat, choking her with it. He even started to fuck her mouth, slowly at first and then began to pick up the tempo fucking her mouth furiously.
“Now Samantha you need to learn how to suck better that that, would you like me to show you how?” The Bitch asked in a disgustingly sweet voice. Tears of humiliation and asphyxiation filled her eyes. She had to accept that she was beaten, for now.
“Ok” Samantha said trying to sound meek as she played along with The Bitch.
“Good girl, now you start by gently grabbing it like this,” she grabbed his cock while Samantha watched. “Now you try,” Samantha gulped but did as she was told and grabbed Larzaius's cock. “Now stick out your tongue and gently lick the tip of it.” Samantha thought of some of the porno's she watched and licked the tip of the man's cock. She then rolled her tongue over his head. “Very good, you have been learning, now roll your tongue up and down his shaft.” She did as she was told running her tongue up and down his shaft, watching him get harder. “Now move your tongue slowly to his head and try to lick every bit of his head. Samantha said nothing, she saw no point at the moment any way. Instead she did as she was told and started licking upwards and then licking the head of his cock looping her tongue all around it, Larzaius groaned.
“You learn quick, daddy's girl,” he moaned out. “Now the balls lick them good,” Samantha just nodded and took his balls in her mouth. They were salty and hairy but she knew she had no say so she continued licking away trying to ignore the smelly hairs.
“Good girls, now move your tongue back up and take the head of his cock in your mouth,” She cried silently as her tongue went back up his shaft her lips slowly absorbed the head of his cock.
“Oh yes,” he moaned the satisfaction of forcing her to be docile was a lot more arousing than physically forcing he. “Look at me while you suck,” he ordered . Her eyes turned upward towards his horrible arrogant grin. She didn't want to see him win.
“No, go deeper,” the Bitch commanded. Samantha blushed but did as she was told. It was a struggle and she felt like she was going to pass out. The drug dealer was huge. She licked and sucked at his shaft, not to pleasure but to survive. She tried to go a little deeper, without instruction as she wanted him to cum so it would finally be over. She grabbed at his shaft and started pumping away.
“Look at me little slut,” she looked up it was the one thing she didn't want to do. She didn't want to see his face. This man destroyed her life, supplied the drugs that turned her father into the monster he was now.
“Ooh fuck here I cum,” he moaned and the familer warm sticky salty goo went over her tongue. He removed his cock from her mouth and she started to choke, the cum spewed from her mouth.
“Looks like we still have our work ahead of us. I better tell your school it might be a week before your ready to go back to class. Samantha cringed as she watched cum drip off his cock.
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Chapter 4

Things had gotten worse for her. The school was indeed called and a weeks pass was granted. Now that they had a week to educate her they wasted little time. Samantha woke up to find out that she was expected to suck a cock before every meal and cover her food in cum before being allowed to eat. She also learned that this would be easy since she would be eating her food on the floor until she learned to show respect. The ironic part followed afterwards as she was fitted with ankle braces with a strong bar in the middle keeping her legs apart. She was to remain topless only allowed to wear panties. Ironically The Bitch was actually forcing her to be an actual bitch in a physical manner. Sleeping was probably going to be the most uncomfortable thing she could imagine. Trying to sleep with her legs spread in such a manner. Larzaius entered her room with her breakfast. It was a bowl of rice crispies. Larzaius come in naked and he put the bowl three feet away from her. His full erect cock standing in front of the bowl. She sighed knowing what was expected of her. She slowly crawled to where Larzaius was waiting for her. She was shamefully getting used to sucking him off so she had no problem making him cum in a matter of minutes. The hard part was eating her meals.
Every meal was a nightmare for her, for lunch they had a frozen pizza. She had to keep tree guests The Bitch invited over hard well at the same time making sure they didn't cum too soon. She realized that they were conditioning her into becoming a bigger slut. She slowly learned how to tease a man enough to make him hard, but not enough to make him cum. The hour passed like slow torture as she was forced to go back and forth between them as the pizza cooked. She did her best to actually listen to the Bitches instructions as she didn't want further punishment. Slowly she was being turned into the slut they wanted her to be. She sucked them all off one at a time, and then moving to two at a time, stroking one while sucking the other, all under The Bitch's tutalage. She learned how to hold it all in while stroking them. Samantha wanted to die, she wanted it all to stop, her jaw was getting sore trying to adapt to the different lengths and thicknesses. The Bitch was taking great pleasure seeing her humbled just watched as Samantha sucked and stroked all the guests. Suddenly the sound of a buzzer went off.
“Pizza's done,” Samantha heart sank as she knew what expected of her. She continue sucking no longer holding back as the men around her could feel a build up in their cocks. The Bitch returned with two pizza's one of them was placed on the floor in front of her. The Bitch watched as the guests all stood in front of Samantha and started stroking their cocks all over the pizza. She knew that this is what she would be eating whenever she was hungry. “You better eat up Samantha. You have a busy day ahead of you and you'll need your strength.” Samantha stood up and took a bite of the cum special pizza. The gooey salty cheese taste made her want to gag. She was too scared to even think what The Bitch had in mind for her. She ate four slices while her guests laughed and slapped her ass on occasion. “Good, now we are going to a party and you'll be cumming with us.” One of them pulled out a needle and approached her.
“No, please I'll do what you want just no needles,” The Bitch waved the guest away.
“Now clean up, we're going on an outing. Samantha stood up. Her knees were sore from all the crawling she was forced to do. The Bitch had one of her friends escorted her to the washroom. The Bitch stood guard as Samantha stepped into the shower to clean off. When she finally came out of the shower she was taken to her room. “Get on your knees,” Samantha looked at The Bitch but kneeled as the guests and held her down. She looked up at The Bitch and waited for the terrible price that The Bitch had her ready to pay. She stared at her still planning to be defiant but she broke down and cried when The Bitch pulled out a pair of nipple rings. They were big enough to get her index finger through.
“No, god no please!” The Bitch just looked at her with a cold smile. Samantha panicked but was grabbed by the guests and held down as The Bitch approached her. She felt her tits being pulled and forced into a hardened state. “Please no,” Samantha cried. “I'll do anything you want just no needles please.” She felt a sharp pinching and then a pain go through her as the first nipple ring was attached. “Noooo” she cried trying to struggle out of their grip, please it hurts” she cried out but it didn't stop the bitch from adding the other. “No more, I'll be good, I will just please no more,” Samantha cried looking up at The Bitch for mercy.“Please take them out,” Samantha pleaded. The Bitch looked at her with a condescending smile.
“If you behave yourself and show me that you can be well behaved and obedient I will consider it. Now what do you say?” Samantha looked at The Bitch knowing instantly what she wanted to hear. Samantha looked at her with a combination of pain and humiliation going through her. The words felt like acid building up in her throat, like bile they tasted awful even thinking them.
“Please Mistress I’ll behave myself I promise to behave if you’ll take them out,” She hated it but the fact was she was broken. There was no one to help her to escape.
"Good now lets go" Samantha followed her mistress to the garage. She wasn't allowed to get dressed which made her worry even more, as it was clear that The Bitch clearly had something sadistic in mind. She approached the bitches car and watched as she popped the trunk. "Get in the trunk," Samantha lowered her head and climbed in the trunk. The Bitch took an old blanket and covered her with it. At first she tried to keep track of where they were going but it turned out to be pointless. The Bitch turned a couple of times and then stopped, before starting the drive again. She drove on as Samantha felt more bumps. The car then stopped again and she heard the beep of the horn. She heard a long clang of metal and felt the car slowing pulling in somewhere. The trunk was dark and cold and Samantha was more than happy to leave it. At least, that’s what she thought until she saw that she was in a garage full of men.
“Come on out,” Samantha did as ordered. The Bitch smiled as Samantha stood there being ogled by all the perverted men in the garage. She went to the front of the car and pulled out another young girl.
"Brenda," Samantha blurted out in surprise. The young girl looked at the ground her body racked in sobs. As she climbed out of the trunk Samantha saw she was surrounded by dirty looking men. Samantha wished she could have done without all the hoots and hollers. There had to be over twenty guys staring at her naked body. She tried to pull away but The Bitch gave her one steely glance and she knew to stay put.
“She was nice enough to drop off your homework so I invited her in, and well one thing led to another.” Samantha looked to see that her eyes were glazed over. “I offered her a drink,” Samantha right away figured out what kind of drink that The Bitch offered once she saw her friend's glazed over eyes. Samantha looked in shock as Brenda was brought to join them "Now I just thought it would be wise if you see what happens when our happy juice. Samantha saw her friend's glassy stare and somewhat stoned expression on her face. The men started to come closer like sharks eager to sample the young flesh that had been thrown in their pool.
"Well start sucking cock," The Bitch ordered Samantha. A pudgy balding man in his mid forties approached her. Samantha looked over to where Brenda was watching and turned red. Samantha hesitated not wanting Barbra to see her like that. She felt dirty as the portly man pulled her over to him and started playing with her pussy instead. She blushed as she was turned around and forced to face Brenda while getting her pussy rubbed. She could see the glazed over look on her friend's face. She was seeing the effects of drug by her friend's compliance. She had spent her time with them avoiding the drug to avoid what was happening to Brenda. “You see Brenda, Samantha has a bad case of the hornies and now thanks to her you have it to. Brenda nodded and got on her knees as she was approached by one of the perverts. She unzipped his pants and in front of Samantha started to suck his cock. After awhile though it became clear that she had never done anything like this before. The Bitch pulled her back. Samantha watched as more men came and viciously tore off her clothes and started filling her holes like a sex doll. “Try again little cunt” The Bitch said giving her another cock to suck.
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Chapter Finale Continued

“No stop!” Samantha cried out, rushing towards the group. Brenda didn't react to the humiliation of sucking off a complete stranger, or watching her friend being sexually molested in front of her. Some of the guys began peeling off her shirt. The one with the belt bent her over and started to smack her ass. Samantha was held back and forced to watch, stunned as her friend was assaulted. She cried as she heard her friend whimper.
"No daddy, I'll be a good girl, I promise." She knew that they were trying to warp her; to destroy her mind. Samantha cringed as the dirty men got her down on her knees. She grabbed a cock knowing what was expected of her. After she sucked a couple of men into hardness the both of them were made to kiss each other while rubbing their breasts together. After a while of that degradation they were then forced to get into a sixty nine position. What happened next was a flurry of groping hands and hard cocks going into all of her pleasure holes. She looked over to see her friend being abused in the same manner. The drugs weren’t really helping as she wasn’t used to the treatment like Samantha was. She looked over to see the last person she expected to enjoy being gang raped writhing in confusion.
“I think it’s time these two good friends got closer with each other. Samantha cried out in shock as a dirty hand spanked her ass. Both girls were covered in grime and semen leaked out of all their holes as they had been used repeatedly. Samantha was in so much pain she could barely move. “And after you’re done here you and your little friend can help make your daddy feel better.”
“Alright ladies let’s have a race,” the Bitch interrupted their rape. ‘It’s very easy; you ladies will use whatever it takes to get these guys to cum in these glasses. Whoever fills up and then drinks glass gets to stop for the rest of their visit. Their captors lined up in front of them their cocks buldging in front of them. Samantha was conflicted with the idea of sucking them off and leaving her friend to be raped or sacrificing herself and suffering more herself. Brenda was already sucking a fat cock when Samantha was about to speak up against her. As soon as she opened her mouth she was grabbed from behind and felt a cock being pushed past her lips. She choked and gagged while she felt another cock being pressed at her from behind. She moaned a little her body succumbing to the inevitable not wanting it but tired of resisting. “Now don't forget to beg for their cum.”
“Please cum, please,” Brenda moaned as she felt her body being invaded by a hard dick. She bucked her hips and rolled her tongue. Samantha looked and was scared that the same thing was going to end up happening to her. She continued to suck while letting the man behind her use any hole to make him cum faster. She grabbed at two more cocks and started stroking them, occasionally pulling her mouth away from the one in her mouth and licking over the two in her hands. The one behind her felt like an iron bar being pushed into her pussy. She looked over to see Brenda happily obeying any perverted order given to her. She watched as one of them started filling her glass with cum.
“Please fill my glass,” Samantha begged in fear and weakness. She felt ashamed that she was begging for cum, and that she was making it so Brenda would have to suffer longer. She started sucking faster, twisting her wrists as she pumped the two men in her hands, surrendering to the man fucking her from behind.
“Get the glass slut” she was ordered she eagerly grabbed the glass and was happy to see all the men filling it up. When they were done three more men took their place while the man from behind her seemed to be picking up the tempo.
“Give me cum, fill up my glass,”
“Yes daddy your friends can use me if they want to.” she heard Brenda say. She sobbed at the sight of her slender framed friend with her long hair all tied up in pig tails being used like a sex doll. A confused drugged up victim, and she was scared that she was going to end up just like her. The man in her pulled out and started stroking his cock in her glass while another one stepped behind her and started to push her way into her ass. He was a huge one. She felt her ass ripped apart by the sheer girth of the unseen girth of the monster behind her. She was almost glad she couldn't see it. Her attention was soon distracted as her throat was violently assaulted by another perverted cock. She was being impaled on both sides and could barely breathe. Loads of cum was shot in her mouth and she quickly pulled away and started coughing up what she could in the glass. She watched as Brenda also spit and jerked cocks over the glass. This kept going for what felt like an eternity to Samantha, she had lost count of the number of cocks that went inside both her and Brenda.
“This is taking to long, this contest isn't as much fun when one is more happy then the other,” The Bitch walked towards Samantha with a syringe. “Your friend going to make a nice little whore, but don’t worry we’ll make sure that she will find time for you.” The Bitch snapped her fingers and Samantha was brought close to Brenda. Samantha bowed her head as Brenda had her legs spread in front of her. “Clean her up” The Bitch ordered. Samantha fell to her knees
“No more please, I can't do that, not with Brenda. The Bitch sighed and took a syringe out of her purse.
“We just need to change your perspective on things.” Samantha started to back pedal trying to get away from the will deadening drugs. She was grabbed from behind by two pairs of really strong arms. They pulled her towards the syringe. She struggled and fought doing her best to get away from the needle. “Please no,” she whimpered. “Then you know what you have to do,” The Bitch ordered. Samantha cried and started crawling towards her friend. She watched as more and more men started cumming over Brenda. She stuck out her tongue and started licking Brenda's pussy, feeling repulsed at what she was forced to do. Tears started to fall down her face as Brenda moaned. She felt more and more men stroking their cocks around the two girls. She felt The Bitch grab her arm and she saw the glint of the syringe. “No, don't, damn it no more,” Samantha screamed in new found defiance. Suddenly the garage door opened and men came running into the garage. “FBI everybody freeze” one of the men said. Suddenly everyone was scrambling to get away, some grabbed guns, others grabbed the drugs and desperately took off in every direction. Larzaius groaned in pain as he took a bullet to the shoulder going down. The Bitch tried to run but she didn't get very far in her sleazy hooker boots. The whole garage was complete chaos as all the men tried to escape or grab a weapon. They didn't have a chance though as the cops and the FBI were all over the place.
“Get down on the ground now,” one of the FBI guys said grabbing her wrists. Samantha felt a strong hand on her shoulder.
“On the ground now,” Samantha shook her head trying to clear it, this was her only chance to be free she couldn't waste it.
'Wait, please, not whore, victim, We're victims..” she said before being pushed roughly to the ground. “He kid, kidnapped, rape” she said her protests muffled.

Samantha found herself in an interrogation room once again telling the police about the Bitch and Larzaius. She had left out any parts about the forced incest and offered to assist and testify at his trial. The DA was able to strike a deal for a new identity and a fresh start for Samantha and her father the nightmare was finally over.

For Now.
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