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Default Mission to Mars

been awhile since I do a story. This was a paid for piece of a tentacle rape on a deserted planet. not for the squeamish.


Sophie Maes undoes the zipper to her flight suit, the heat from the Martian planet too much for her at this time. Her nipples push against the wet fabric of her top, her short hair sticking to her forehead as she gazes out at the planet’s surface. Even within her air conditioned craft, the heat from the surface is too much to bear and Sophie finds herself using a folder to try and cool off even as sweat runs down her neck and into her cleavage, the whole of her being feeling like an overcooked pot roast. She thinks at least her breasts aren’t very large to add to the overbearing temperature, being only a size C, but right now, that’s still the least of her troubles as a tingle of fear runs down her spine.
Unable to bear the stress any longer she lifts the binoculars to her eyes, looking out through the glass towards the hot desert fields, searching for the “thing” that took her two copilots. They’d crashed on this hot barren planet only days ago and Martin and Joey had made a scan of the perimeter for a 30 foot radius after assessing the damage to the ship. Joey had returned safely, trying to look over the damaged engine and see if he could repair it, but Martin upon crossing the lip of a crag had simply disappeared. Though she’d called for him over the radio and both she and Joey had looked for the man for hours, no sign of him could be found. It had been... odd, and not the least bit frightening.
Joey had recommended they stay inside the craft while they rest and try to think things through. That hadn’t lasted, as the ship had suddenly rocked right after they had said that, a sudden explosion and crashing sounding from the right turbine engine sounding loudly. The sudden loss of weight from the ship had sounded heavy and when the plane had tilted, it had worried the both of them. But after several hours of nothing happening, Joey had decided to go early morning and check the damage.
It was severe.
The right engine had been torn from the craft, making the ship unflyable. Joey had cursed in his suit, looking at the surrounding damage, at the debris scattered across the floor as that engine piece looked as if it had been ripped in half by a powerful force that had merely wrenched it off the craft. They’d both wondered what could have had the power to do such a thing? To be able to have enough force to rip an engine off a plane and leave that long deep groove in the metal? Sadly, they didn’t have long to wait as when Joey turned to reenter the ship, the mass of orange red slime had risen from the earth before him and engulfed him whole.
Sophie had closed the shutters to the craft immediatly and locked herself inside even as she heard Joey over the intercom scream. It had seemed to last for hours before she heard a crunching noise and everything went silent.
Joey never returned.
Now Sophie scans the hard packed earth, searching for the killer monstrosity hiding in plane sight. A hopeless task, she knows, as the earth had looked completely normal when the ground had risen up to engulf Joey, but doing something is better than doing nothing she thinks. Anything is better than nothing. For if she does nothing then she’ll focus too much on what is “out there” and lose her mind.
Thoughts of suicide have entered her mind on more than one occasion already, but with the radio seeming to still be able to send out communications beyond the atmosphere, a shred of hope remains. All she needs is to be able to reach an orbiting craft so they can send a rescue party to pick her up. That is all. Just a single call...
“Hello? Hello?” says a voice through a static field. “This is Delta nine zero. We’ve picked up your distress signal. Is anyone still there? Please respond!”
Sophie almost laughs hysterically in relief. It’s all over then.
She raises the intercom intent on contacting the rescue team. As she flips the switches with the clacks of the machinery about her, she touches something wet as she leans towards the side seat and raises her hand, finding it sticky and wet with a very warm fluid of a milky white color.
“What?” she whispers, her heart racing when the ship suddenly rumbles and the ground behind her suddenly explodes.
“No!” she screams, instinctively reaching for the radio set, but even as she does so, she knows it is too late as the stringy arms grip her own limbs, wrapping around her waist and shoulders in a quick vice like grip. It jerks her hard against the chair seat, a set of appendages wrapping around her throat, making it hard to breathe. She struggles, jerking against the seat, her eyes brimming with tears.
“Nnnooooo.... please, god, no,” she whimpers as more sickly ropes wrap around her body then suddenly jerk her back, the seat actually wrenched from its metallic hinges. She hears a crack and would have screamed if not for how tightly the slimy lengths had gripped her body, pulling so tightly at her throat. As such, the most she could do is grunt even as the intercom sounded, asking for reply. A reply she can no longer give.
She feels the tendrils loosen only enough so they can wrap more fully around her body and jerk her back. Sophie kicks frantically, wanting to keep a hold of the seat before her but her struggles are less than pointless as she is quickly dragged back into the cockpit to settle in the center of the writhing mass.
All her limbs become pinned, folded back on her body as other sinewy threads seem to grip at her clothes with pseudo pods and jerk violently at them. The thin flimsy material, made for fighting the elements is no match to pure brute strength and tears quickly and easily. Her flesh is exposed to the hot air around her and she can only sob, begging repeatedly, whispering “no” in a high pitched squeal. It does no good. The creature is either devoid of emotion or can not hear, but it can feel, oh it can most certainly feel.
Sophie feels as those same pseudo pods press at her vaginal lips, tickling them and tugging at them lick a dog licking her privates before spreading her wide. She nearly screams, the action hardly gentle. She feels her legs spread wider and looks up between them, seeing a thickened tentacle rising, tensing like a serpent at her genitals.
She shakes her head repeatedly, whispering “no.” But much like before it is to no avail.
The serpent like appendage slams into her opening with enough force that it makes her arch her back and let out a cry despite the strangle hold several threads have on her neck, so severe is the pain. She feels that slimy limb pull back, seeming to almost pull her womb out with it in its sucking motion before it slams back inside with brutal force, taking her breath away. Then it pulls again, more lightly this time, before slamming back against the tight walls of her womb as if it wishes to push its way through. It might well be.
Sophie can barely distinguish feeling anymore as the creature begins to thrust more rapidly against her body, slapping wetly against her hips as it jackhammers against her womb with a brutal and barbaric force, each time pummeling her insides again and again, making Sophie cry and squirm as she screams, resisting the attacks being laid upon her.
She wonders only briefly how the thing got inside when she feels the draft above her tickle her breasts. She raises her head, glaring at the thin crack with grit teeth and straining neck before she lets her head fall back, simply trying to endure the pain, nails biting into her palms and toes curl back on her feet. She wonders, just how much of this can her body endure before it gives out?
So much is the pain of the thrusting in her vaginal walls that she doesn’t notice her anal passage being stretched out until something thick and hard pushes into her anal cavity and inside her sphincter. Sophie cries out as the new pain washes over her, the realization that something is pushing inside and stretching her formerly unused passage causing her waves of humiliation and pain mixing into one. Like with the other entranceway, she finds that the tentacle begins to pull out, still sucking on her passage before shoving itself forcefully inside. Then backing out and pushing forcefully again.
Sophie can only cry, her body feeling as if it is on fire as both her orifices are split wide, a long slippery wetness coming down her legs and between her butt cheeks as the two tendrils continue to force themselves inside, pushing against her internal organs. Again and again, pummeling her insides. Her cries dwindle, becoming hiccuping gasp as the tentacles beat themselves inside her body, trying to mash her insides into pulp.
As Sophie’s mind begins to drift, her body no longer able to handle all the sensations of pain, blood now splattering onto the floor with each thrust in wet sticky droplets, the inside of her womb finally gives way. She does not scream. Instead, her back arches as she vomits, a spray of vomit and bile and blood mixed in one. She can only curse the gods above before her mind blacks out in merciful darkness.
Still the thrusting continues, pushing in and out, twisting inside her loins back and forth, pushing organs aside in their process upwards through her stomach and torso. With her body stretched as it is, Sophie does not notice as more tendrils begin to force their way inside her vaginal walls and her sphincter. The pain is so intense already that many parts of her mind have already shut down to their basic functions, simply trying to keep the body alive as it begins to convulse in shock. Still, the beast makes headway inside her body, pushing up her diaphragm and stomach, moving through her ribs and spine, bone cracking as it makes its way through, the body twisting and convulsing until the appendages make their way into the esophagus. These muscles pop and split as the tendrils make their way through her jaw, popping the hinges, dislocating the bone as they push their way out, spraying a hot viscous fluid as they come out. They spray the body fully in a white fluid, coating it completely, seeming to have a near endless supply of it.
The fluid soon begins to eat away at the flesh and the tendrils pull back inside, depositing their loads inside. Bone, muscle and sinew is dissolved into the slime like creature, melting in its flesh, the stains of blood and organ on the floor cleaned up by an overly greedy sucking mouth like tendril. Sated and full, the slime makes its way up the craft, slipping out through the crack it had forced open in the hull, no evidence of the flight captain remaining. The radio in the background continues to blare forth.
“Alright, this is Delta zero niner. If any one is still there, we’re going to be sending down an evac ship in thirty hours. If anyone is there, make sure to be ready when we arrive. Over and out...”
The message cuts off, only static remaining.
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This is great SFI story. Love how you describe her. Would of loved to see this flight suit bulging. The alein fucking her image is great know it started in her cunt and worked up through her body and out her mouth was awesome.
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gore, horror, sci-fi, tentacle

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