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Old 06-21-2015, 12:02 AM   #1
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Post A public service announcement: Don't be stupid like me

So as the title suggests, this is a public service announcement for all my fellow rape fetishizing kinksters who would like to do real-life roleplay with willing members.

Tonight I very nearly hooked up with a husband and wife that wanted the wife to get raped. Supposedly. The whole thing was fraught with red flags, but being a horny guy on a Saturday night, I wasn't thinking straight.

So I sometimes peruse CL looking for casual encounters. I've had a few, usually with couples, since 99% of the W4M listings are advertisements for escorts or gay guys looking for dick pics. Anyway, I see a listing saying "I want my wife raped" in a nearby military town, send a response with a picture and wait. A few hours later, I hear back from the husband.

He says that his wife wants to have this rape fantasy, he's going to tape it, I'm to meet him in a parking lot near his house and he'll show me where the back door is which is right beside his bedroom, I'm to go in, get naked, and wake his wife up with some dick. I'm of course trying to make sure this is legit, and I'm asking for some kind of proof that she's into it, something, anything which would lead me to believe that I'm not about to do something horrible, or get myself shot, stabbed, robbed, raped, or arrested.
I'm asking about rules, safewords, etc. He says the only rules are to be careful with choking so as not to leave bruises, and they have a safeword, but she'd rather die than say it because previous encounters have been too soft with her. I'm really starting to like this "wife" of his.

So, he says he can send me a screenshot of the conversation he had with her about it, which never materialized, but he does end up sending a clip from a previous video encounter, some guy walked into the room, gets nude, and starts to get into the bed with the sleeping wife. He sends some pictures of her, and oh my god, is she ever hot. I've heard before that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and this should have sounded alarms, but I can't discount anything, because I've had success on there before, with beautiful women, so sometimes good things do happen too.

Anyway, I drive down there, an hour away, go to the gas station he directed me to on his street, messaged him I was there. He directs me further down the street to an optometrists office (it's 1am, everythings closed), and to walk across the street and meet him in the parking lot, and he'll lead me to the back door.

So as I'm driving down the street, I get near the optometrist's office, and what do I see, but the (in this case) glorious sight of blue lights pulling over some guy, in the parking lot, where he wants me to meet him. So I drive down the street a bit further, message him again explaining the situation, and tell him that if he can't provide proof, I'm going to finally start thinking with my big brain instead of my little head and I'm outta here. His reply was "what do you want me to say man? The cop just has a speed trap there, just meet me around the corner."

I apologize, and promptly nope the fuck on outta there, and head home, which I should have never left.

Folks, if you're going to play-rape with people, there should be some standard etiquette involved, some form of meeting people beforehand, maybe even signing some contracts to make it abundantly clear that it's just for play, come up with some agreed upon safe words, and then we can all have fun.

This has been a sobering night for me, and while I hope to eventually find some play-mate to share these dark kinks with (hint-hint, ladies in GA), I'm not about to risk life and liberty for some pussy. So please folks, don't be stupid like me and waste your time (and possibly their time too, if it was real....), if you don't have confirmation beforehand from the "victim", don't even leave your desk.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled perversions.
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I have always built up a lengthy rapport with my "victims", in two cases over five or more years. At least many months.
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Default Get a sign

If anonymity is key for some reason, you can simply have her at an appointed time of day walk to the front/side/back door, smile and wave for the hidden camera you are holding (in a car, behind a bush, etc), and hold up a sign which clearly states "Please play rape me"
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Even online is dangerous nowadays. Too many underaged retard girls emerging lately. I promptly block the fuck out of them no matter what. I don't want to RP with kids or get Chris Hansen'd.
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I always anticipated the news story talking about Chris Hansen being caught with an underage girl he met on the net. Lol. He just seemed like the type
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