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Default The Taking of SusanHaynes


The night before, a lonely man was aroused by an invitation in his email. He had explored, and nested himself into a unique, highly disturbing chat room about ravaging young girls. The lonely man paid a small price to be a part of the hunt. No fantasies allowed with this circle of “friends”. He fed his desires off of others conquests, until, it was finally his turn. At first glance, his target looked like just another piece of rape bait. But, he looked closely and got wide-eyed at the realization of where he knew her from. He had tutored her a few years ago. Like in a trance, he couldn’t look away while his blood turned cold at the sight of the candid photo. Her young, pure, skin was eye candy for the pervert. Lust turned quickly into obsession and his cock engorged at the thought of forcibly touching her. She was within walking distance. All he needed was an excuse to be alone with her…

The Story

Susan Haynes. A slender redheaded white girl; a mommy's favorite, daddy's little girl. Susan was gifted with the pinkest of lips, and skin so fresh and firm. Her flowing hair nearly touched the small of her back. It was curly too; in that fun, flirty, way. Not an inch on her body seemed touched, not even a blemish. She was raised as a Catholic girl, to be free of sin; and especially to abstain from sex until marriage.

Susan’s parents. They were heartwarming folks; welcoming my handshake as I agreed to “tutor”. She had important exams that needed passing, otherwise she'd be held back. They could have done a thorough background check, not realizing people like me are on the hunt for na´ve teenage girls. Susan would be abducted, to a place where a whole party would await and pay me in carrying out the errand.

The parents summoned her into the living room. She treaded slowly into the kitchen in a casual pink tank top and noticed me smile at her with such glee. The crucifix around her neck made her even cuter. The parents reminded her, this is short notice and there was no one else available. Susan would be alone with me for a few hours. She sat down near me, but keeping her distance. She remembered the lessons taught by her Reverend a long time ago, if she ever sat too close to a man, that can be considered sinful. "Ok well, there are snacks in the fridge. Please help yourself and do whatever you can..." I nod in agreement, accepting gratitude from the parents.

Susan flung her bright red hair, flashing some skin after giving me a sweet innocent smile. Her floral scent distracted me, making me hard and wet as she started explaining what problems she was having. They were easy questions about her science homework. Pretty but a stupid lazy girl, I thought.

Following some actual tutoring, texts were sent to my “friends”. I sneaked a picture on my phone. It’s easy if you set a timer and angle the phone at the exact moment. I was meticulous but had fear running in my blood, waiting for the moment. Maybe the parents forgot something and would come back. But an hour passed with no interruption.

It was obvious my eyes were glued to the screen at times. The constant pinging from my phone must have been obvious to Susan. “Sorry my girlfriend cant stop texting me,” as my eyes lit up from the last text. Whenever Susan looked up for answers she saw this older man staring romantically into her eyes. The kind of inappropriate stare not to be shared with teenagers. She would quickly turn away from my gaze and politely asked if I needed a few minutes alone.

Inside the kitchen, I catch a few breaths before I make the move. I open several drawers for something useful. A roll of duct tape catches my attention. Perfect. I come back to the table, hiding the tape behind my back.

"I think we should take a short break. Want to do something fun? Let's play a game. C'mon, I can tell all this science is boring you." I suggest in a soft voice as my loose hand stroked her cheek against her will, with lustful eyes. Her young skin felt so soft and creamy as I fight against her confusion and reluctance. Terror soon followed; feeling cornered, especially now that her parents were long gone. Her anxiety was redlining, breathing getting rapid, desperate to say something to distract me, "I think my mom and dad want me get my homework done" as she pointed at the next question in the book.

I shoved her books off the table, then grabbed her wrist. “I said play with me, slut.” I violently yanked her body out of the chair and forced onto a couch. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? HELP ME!!!!! she howled as I grabbed her arms and pinned them over the bend of the couch. My heavier body climbed on top, crushing her pelvis under my weight. No running. No fighting.

Susan bucked violently as my knee forced its way and parted her thighs open. My hands then groped my own crotch, unzipping myself free. I stroke it while Susan screams bloody murder. “Mmmm you’re a pretty girl.” She turned her head, sobbing with eyes shut trying to block out what was happening to her. Her body ascends into fear and horror when she feels my hands over her pink tanktop, with screams that make my ears ring. “So soft and young.” She tried so hard to fidget and roll away from under me. GET OFF OF ME, she cried out multiple times. “Shhh. Oh yes baby, cant wait to see whats underneath.” Blood rushes into my cock, wanting to remove more clothes.

She continued to struggle as I pressed down into her back with my knee, retrieving the duct tape. It was easy now to force her wrists, cross them tightly with one hand as I wrap layers of tape. I wrestle with her feet to close them together and wrap even more layers. “That’s right just a few more layers, to make sure pretty body doesn’t run off.” With her wrists and ankles bound, I let my weight off for a second. Susan’s body tries to run, but ends up rolling off the couch and slams into the hard wood floor. HELP ME. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

“Nobody’s coming to help sweetie. Mommy and daddy are long gone.” I force her back on the couch and lean into Susan’s body while my hands are free to explore her creamy flesh; molesting her, kissing her all over with all my lust and passion. Not a sliver of resistance can get in my way. My half-naked body now enveloped Susan’s slender, nubile body. I hugged her and held her while I gave soft kisses to her neck. “So soft, so young” I utter repeatedly as my lust takes over, ignoring her pleas. “See, isn’t this much more fun than your boring science? You’re terrible at it anyway. You’re good at being a sexy doll that I can break in and rape.” My moist mouth pants and licks her hot skin, all over her face, and getting more aggressive as my hands rub your backside. Her screams turn into wails, realizing how disgusting it would feel to penetrated by my cock, something that she learned to be sick at the very thought. Then I slow down, holding her face to look at me. “I know some friends that would love to play with you too. Take you far away. But first we’re gonna have fun.”

Filled with glee I carried Susan over my shoulder and into her bedroom. It was a beautiful, clean, pink room with photos of loved ones scattered on the walls. A sickening contrast of their faces smiling while Susan’s dropped like a rag doll and immediately secured her in my loving lustful embrace, rubbing my stiff cock along her waist. Her screaming was muffled but still able to screech with the duct tape slapped across her lips. I rush to take off my boxers then, forcing my cock inside her panties to rub back and forth tenderly around her crotch for a while. “Wanna know why I was texting on my phone for long. My friends wanted to know if you were virgin. Are you? Answer me Susan or I’ll just find out for myself.” Her tears fell at the thought of filthy people like me wanting what she’s strived to keep intact till marriage in front of the eyes of the Lord, and she unwillingly nods her head up and down.

"Ahhh so good. Such a good girl for keeping it untouched for so long. I love you Susan. You're perfect. Every inch, every hair on your head. Your smell. It's intoxicating for bad people like me. I'm not religious, but I thank God, or whoever, for bringing you to me." My breath intensified in a rage. I make a loud grunting noise and rip off the tanktop. It’s a ripped and tattered mess. Her shorts are just as soft and easily torn. Pretty pink cotton is in shreds that fly across her half-naked body. "You don’t know this about me, but it's my turn now to bring home the meat." I then grab my phone to take pictures and send to my friends, and proved my success. Susan screamed through her gag as I tore more clothes.

Young Susan, now only in her training bra and panties. I traced my fingers around where her nipples would be. More pictures were taken but she quickly tossed her head to the side, overwhelmed and humiliated at how exposed and vulnerable she really was. All alone with me.

“Hold still slut. Hell, these pictures of you alone will make me money.” Bright flashes fill your bedroom, capturing her petite body. Shoulders back. Mouth sealed in duct tape. I remove it temporarily to take pictures of me masturbating my erect cock, and letting it drop over her face. Shame and humiliation turned her face a deep red color, realizing how powerless she really was. I could do any degrading thing to her and she couldn’t do shit about it, “Give me a smile Susan. Show the camera what a little whore youre going to be. I don’t care if there are tears. Do it now you fucking bitch, or I’ll choke you.” Putting on half a smile, her tears keep pouring. "Please just let me go. I won't tell anyone what you did, I swear to God." She begged to be left alone as I took pics and a video from all sides of her bound, half naked body.

I leave her be, for the moment, admiring the video I just shot. “Fuck yea, look at you with my cock on your face. You look like a little teenage whore.” Then I show Susan how my fellow pervs commented the pictures; master’s and mistresses admiring you, on how much they want your pretty face nested in their crotches, typing you up mercilessly in their dungeons, locking you in assorted cages. I keep on filming as I tell all of the sick and depraved things these monsters want to do with her. The sudden sexual imagery made her ball her eyes out and pleading with me. “Start praying mommy and daddy come rushing home to save you, because I want your virgin pussy. Right NOW. I’ll get paid less but youre just so young and delicious.”

“Your parents just texted me. They’re running late I’m afraid.” I then gripped her face tightly, while the thumbs trail her soft cheeks wet with tears. I held her real close to mine, as if telling her a secret. “Which means they wont find out youre MISSING til late tonight. How exciting for us.” I pounce on the bed and turn her over. Gleeful to play with her bound body. Her back faced me and my legs were spread over her smooth thighs, hugging her close with my cock dripping with lust. My fingers slowly traced her soft curves, then down her spine. I unhooked her bra, savoring every fearful reaction. Her body belonged to me, now in this moment as she cried and screamed for me STOP. My hands slither around, seeking for her tender “untouched” young breasts, squeezing gently at first, feeling her frightened small titties in between my coarse fingers. They become erect just by the slightest touch. Then I turned her over again, taking in the sight of her nakedness; her face covered in tears and shame. Her virgin tits were perky, by far, the sexiest pink nipples I’ve ever seen. My hands then teased her, taking my time feeling down her stomach. She shook more violently as I got closer to her crotch. But as I tried to trace her virgin clit, she tries to buck me off and screams NO. “Nuh uh Susan, I’ve had enough of your whining.” This time I force socks in her mouth before I tape it shut and plant a big ol' fat kiss across her gagged face.

Susan had no idea what sex was, let alone a rapist having his way with her nubile, luscious, smooth body. She tried to block out everything, but my hot lips on her nipples, making soft and sweet sucking sounds, my teeth grazing her flesh, just couldn’t be blocked. Helpless young teen, getting violated by a stranger, bound and gagged. “Young and fresh, just how the cult likes them.” I turn her over, then my hands claimed her panties. They’re gone, and my fingers then invade the soft space between the youngling’s ass cheeks, spreading her and finding her fuck holes. “Oh GOD, is that your virgin pussy? I’ve never felt one before. Yours is so soft and perfect!” I cant help but run my hand up and down, molesting her innocence. I'm grunting and panting, losing myself to lust. Susan at this point lost her mind, desperate for anyone to save her from this pig robbing her innocence.

I kissed her all over, as if that would soothe her. “I wanna fuck you so bad Susan. Don’t you want me inside your tiny flower? Huh, you little slut?” All Susan can react with is screaming through her gag, trying anything to get away from me. Everything I read on the internet chats about forcing girls, I got to do with Susan. She hated me, wanted me dead, but I didn’t give a fuck. I’m going to claim her pussy as my prize. I continued to lick around her sensitive nipples, making them get nice and hard as she violently jerks her body up and down, arching her back, begging in her mind now as the gag muffles her from articulating PLEASE STOP!!!

The bed sheets are soaked in sweat and reeking of my sex as I thoroughly enjoy my prize, eating it like a sweet savory dessert. Her hands and feet were now getting tired from her useless struggling. Susan’s body is turned over on her stomach while I hold her by her bound wrists. Then I hoisted her waist up with pillows and folded sheets. "This will hurt Susan. The first cock of many. And then god knows whom." I waste no time finding my way inside Susan. All of my weight presses down onto her back and on her taped wrists as I make the first thrust. My head gently nuzzles the side of her face, softly uttering degrading words as I push my way in and feeling that precious cherry pop. “Fuck yea, youre a little whore now. You’re a dirty girl. You’re all mine.” I can only imagine how unbearable the pain was for poor Susan as I licked her tears away. She screamed her head off as her most precious of things, her virginity was forcefully taken. She sobbed through the whole ordeal, maybe asking God for forgiveness. With a mind fuck it must have been. This pig was the sinful one, but Susan thought to herself by giving up fighting she was letting this happen.

I ignored all of her useless whining, “Little bitch, your innocence is gone. I CANT WAIT for you meet my friends. Many men and lesbian dommes will love you too. Oh yea, they get off on owning little teenage sluts. There’s gonna be an auction on you sweetie.” I’m in ecstasy, licking your pretty face clean while my thrusts get harder and pulsing with excitement. She had no idea what life went on in the secret underground slave farm. “Deviants like me, all sorts honey, are gonna lock a metal collar on you, chain you up, and do whatever the fuck they want. Your mommy and daddy will never see you again.” All my hateful words are like poison for Susan but fuel me to thrust harder and harder, grabbing her hair, jerking her head into the bed. I’m nearly about to explode.

My thrusting got wilder, needing to fuck my hot seed in this teenage slut. I pull out my camera again, aiming at her pretty face. “Look at you little bitch, getting fucked by an older man nearly three times your age.” My thrusting stops all of a sudden, and I’m howling about to have the sweetest orgasm, completing the defiling of Susan’s used-holes. OH FUCK. I’m screaming now as my cock spasms.

I’ve flooded her, stolen her purity, and again as I wrap Susan's hair in my hands, pounding her backside til all my cum was spent. I’m out of breath, sweating all over her. She just laid there a broken mess. Once she was one of God's chosen children, and now I have destroyed that. “Oh GOD, that was wonderful.” I take one more video, of Susan’s shuddering, sobbing, bound and gagged useless body on the pink bed drabbed in pink wallpaper. “What do you think baby, should I send a copy to your parents, so they get to see what a raped bitch looks like? Maybe later, I will.”

Moments later, Susan blacked out. Her next destination was unknown to anyone, except for the driver where Susan was then transferred for “safe” packaging and handling.

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