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Default Bree's Seducton

Seducing of Jessica & Jennifer

Hanzi Mare (known in some parts of the world as 'Thor of The Steely Moon') stood quietly, watching the naked eighteen-year-old girl toss and turn in her sleep. Sexual desire was without a doubt, the strongest human emotion known. Hanzi would forever use this emotion to play with all his lovely females. Jessica was young and beautiful, pretty much like all the girls he played with, and tonight he decided to enslave her. Hanzi was pleased, and willed her awake.

"Who...who are you?" Jessica asked, looking up at him.

"Hi beautiful, did you miss me?" Hanzi asked, ignoring her question.

Hanzi let his eyes roam down Jessica's nudity, and grinned. His mind sent waves of desire, deep inside the girl. Jessica moaned, and started to thrash around. Hanzi could smell her arousal, and reached down to scoop up some of her nectar. He then brought it up to his mouth for a taste.

'Not bad' he thought, 'but I will like it much better when she is menstruating.'

While Hanzi licked up the rest of Jessica’s cum from his fingers, he scanned her mind with only a half interest. He stopped suddenly, when he saw her. A girl named Jennifer Smith would be celebrating her 19th birthday, tomorrow night, at a hotel. Hanzi was stunned at the girl's beauty.

"This 'Jennifer'. Is she your friend?"

"Yes. I'm her best friend."

"I think maybe I'd like to go to this party you are throwing for her. How about I be your date."

"Yes!" Jessica squealed.

Hanzi continued to peek into Jessica's mind, learning all about this female beauty named Jennifer. The girl was breath taking, and for the very first time in close to a century, Hanzi was feeling... desire.

Originally, Hanzi had planned on having a couple of nights with this lovely teenager, and that was basically it. Through mind control; he could will her to do, or act, anyway he chose. Hanzi would allow Jessica a vague memory of her experiences, but not enough to ruin her life. Anytime he returned though, the girls he left in this state, would find themselves aroused all over again.

Now all that had changed. Hanzi continued to peer inside Jessica’s mind, as he carefully shuffled through the times she had been together with Jennifer. He stopped suddenly, when he caught a picture of Jennifer sitting naked, in front of her vanity mirror. .

Hanzi used his mind to push his lust straight into the mind of Jessica. He chuckled when she saw the girl suddenly clutch her groin. Jessica groaned. He mentally allowed her fingers to ease her desire. Jessica was panting hard now, as she pleasured herself. Hanzi slowly stripped out of his own clothes. By the time he climbed on the bed, and between her legs, her pussy was swollen with need.

"I’m a virgin, so please be gentle," Jessica moaned

Hanzi always preferred virgins.

Hanzi very carefully rubbed his cock up and down her wet opening, then entered all ten inches of himself, deep inside of her.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Master! Please fuck me, ohhhhhhhh!”Jessica cried out with an orgasm.

Jessica has never felt the pleasures of a man before. Now she was experiencing the lust of the undead.

“Ohhhhhhh… Ohhhhh… my Godddddd... I’m cumminnnggg!” Jessica moaned.

Hanzi grasped her by the hips, and held her steady.

Vampires needed to mate, also, and Jessica was fertile in her cycle.

“I’m going to give you my child, Jessica,” Hanzi said.

"Oh, please …………… please ………… Master, please. Fuck me. Please …………… cum in me ……………… shoot your cum in me ……………… Shoot it in me. ……………… Knock me up! Make me pregnant with your baby!" she pleadingly sobbed.

Pulling her hips back down to him, he thrust into the sobbing beauty. Again and again, faster and faster, they fucked.

"Ohhhhhh …….. ohhhhhhhh …………… I …………… I cummmmminggggggg!" came the shuddering moan, as Jessica trembled in Hanzi’s arms, with his lengthy cock buried to the hilt.

Holding her ass tightly to him, he groaned, "Awwwww! Here comes my seed"

Spurt after thick spurt of his hot thick semen flooded the fertile womb of the young teenager, who had been a virgin, earlier. The undead could last forever.

Hanzi drew his cock out of Jessica's pussy. He lowered his head between her legs, baring his fangs to her defenseless flesh. Her clitoris was still engorged with blood that he so desperately needed. Using his fangs, he punctured holes inside the folds of her nether lips, and quickly took two long gulps of her rich human blood. His tongue licked her natural juices, probing her once virgin passages.

“Ohhhhhhh… uhhhh…. Aghhhhhh... Ummmm,"Jessica gasped, clutching her nubile breasts.

Vampires, who drank blood from a newly deflowered pussy, initiated the girl into a special circle. Jessica was his slave now, and she would prove pivotal in his plans.

Mind control took effort and concentration, and the subject couldn't be controlled over great distances. But once he drank from a virgin girl, she would become his pleasure slave. He could control her from across oceans, if he so chose. Jessica's body would cry for his lips, his caress, and above all his cock. Although she would appear perfectly normal to the public, and very much herself inside of her own mind, she wouldn't be able to disobey any command he gave her.

Jessica came to the party with her arm draped around an absolute hunk of a man. He was tall, dark and mysterious, and quickly had the other teenage girls buzzing. Jennifer was shocked, at first. Jessica had just complained to her the other night, that she didn't have time to date.

Yet here she was, with the best looking man at the party.

Jennifer did have to admit that they looked good together but deep down she thought that he and she would look even better together.

"Jenny, I'd like you to meet my date, Hanzi Mare."

Hanzi extended his hand, while Jennifer did the same. As their hands touched, Hanzi locked her in his gaze. He only needed a mere second to establish control, and once this was accomplished he could push her mind... her very actions ... her every desire... in any direction he chose. A quick scan told him, that Jennifer was not only innocent looking (and by far the most loveliest female creature he'd seen in not one, but several centuries). It also confirmed his suspicion that Jennifer had never experienced a man before.

Starting right now, Jennifer was going to feel the way a girl of her beauty should feel, every waking moment of her life.

Jennifer felt a shiver of desire shoot straight up her arm, as her hand made contact with Hanzi's hand. She gasped at the intensity of it. How could that mere touch elicit such feelings inside of her? Jennifer couldn't believe it, but there was no denying what it was. Every symptom flooded her. Her breasts pitched forward... her breathing quickened... and she could feel dampness inside the crotch of her panties. When Hanzi finally released her hand, the intensity of her arousal dissipated, but not completely. Jennifer glanced at Jessica, hoping that her best friend hadn't noticed the affect her date was having on her. She was surprised to find Jessica smiling at her, instead. Jessica had either expected her reaction, or maybe she thought it was perfectly natural. Jennifer managed to excuse herself, and make her rounds, talking with the other guests. She did everything in her power to avoid the man, and hoped that Jessica wouldn’t be offended. Jennifer acted like the gracious guest of honor, but something had been brewing inside of her, that she found herself unable to fight. Need! Need, greater than anything she'd ever fathomed possible, had consumed her for the first time in her life. Jennifer knew what it was like to sexually desire another. Now she knew what the other girls meant, when they talked about sexual arousal, and its effect on a woman's body. Jennifer couldn’t resist the temptation to steal glances at Hanzi. With each glance she stole, it seemed her desire for him went up a notch. With the way she was feeling right now, she wanted to tear off her dress, and beg him to ravish her! How could this be happening? The mere sight of him had soaked her panties!

It didn't take more than a few minutes later, when Jennifer finally couldn't take it anymore. She rushed to the bathroom. She locked the door and quickly stripped out of her dress. She pulled down her panties, unsnapped her 38D cup bra, and let it fall to the floor.

Every inch of her was erotically charged. As she brushed her fingertips against her enlarged nipples, she cried out at their sensitivity. She cupped her ample breasts, and then squeezed her nipples. She gasped at the sensation this elicited, and knew that she needed to cum. She was panting now, as she stuck two fingers deep inside of her vagina. This sparked a powerful climax. When she pulled her hand away, it was soaked with cum.

She flashed back to a fantasy she had had, about a dark mysterious man who would some day sweep her off her feet. But this was ridiculous. She again inserted two fingers into her wet hole, and this time used her thumb to brush against her clit. The next orgasm was even more intense.

Jennifer felt like crying. There was no denying it. She wanted him. She wanted Hanzi to fuck her pussy until she passed out. The mere thought of his big dick ramming in and out of her, made her fingering all the more intense, bringing her to her third and final orgasm.

Jennifer must have passed out, because the next thing she knew, there was someone knocking at the door.

She was sitting on the commode, her legs spread out, and three of her fingers were still buried deep inside of her. Her cum dribbled out, the second her fingers exited her pussy. She grabbed for a washcloth.

When she heard a second knock, she had her bra and panties back on. She was in the middle of slipping on her dress. She smelled of sex, and there was nothing she could do about it. Now she understood what people were talking about when they said: 'that girl reeks of sex'.

She felt like a female dog in heat. By the time she left the bathroom, she was feeling aroused all over again.

How could a complete stranger, armed with nothing more than a handshake, have this type of effect on her?

As she passed a couple of the older girls in the hallway, they gave her a funny look.

Jennifer imagined that they could smell her, and blushed in embarrassment. What Jennifer didn't know was that the girls actually did smell her, and wondered who the lucky guy (or girl) was.

Jennifer not only smelled of sex, her whole body was flushed, and she looked as if she'd just been willingly raped.

When Jennifer went back to the living room, she found out that Jessica and Hanzi had already left the party. She leaned her back against the wall with a sigh of relief, mingled with disappointment. Jennifer wondered if she would ever see him again.

Hanzi Mare and Jessica, went straight from the party, to Jennifer’s hotel room. When they arrived, Jessica was feeling horny again. Hanzi merely patted her head, as he waited for Jennifer to return. He looked down at his new sex slave, and elevated her arousal with a simple gaze. Jessica gasped, squeezing her thighs together as tight as she could. He mentally instructed her to tighten her pussy muscles, which helped her achieve her second orgasm.

Jennifer’s sexual arousal was making it hard for her to stay at her own party. She apologized to everyone, and made the excuse that she was feeling ill, and needed to call it a night. She returned to her hotel room, and was startled to find Hanzi sitting on the couch. Her best friend, Jessica, was kneeling in front of him. At first she thought she might be giving him a blow job. But she could see now, that she was merely kneeling in a submissive position, before the man.

"Hi, Jennie. Did you enjoy the party?” Hanzi asked.

"Yes... NO! I..."

The mere sight of Hanzi elicited the memories of her masturbation, and the feelings of her fingers going in and out of her own vagina. It was making her horny all over again.

Hanzi smiled at her, as if he'd known somehow what she was thinking.

"Turning nineteen can be a traumatic experience,“ he said. ”Especially when a young beautiful woman is awakened, down under."

Jennifer blushed at his words.

"Why are you here?" she asked, and then looked down at Jessica.

"Jessica? What has he done to you?"

"Permission to speak freely, Master?" Jessica asked Hanzi.

Jessica saw Hanzi nod his head with permission.

Jennifer asked,” What the hell is going on?”

"Hanzi wanted to give you your birthday gift, personally," Jessica replied with a smile, and then stood up.

Jennifer was feeling hornier with every second that went by. Now that she stood in front of the man responsible for her condition, she wasn't sure what to do. Arousal like she'd never experienced before, was flooding every pore in her body. Hanzi stood up from the couch, and walked up in front of her. Not only couldn't Jennifer talk, but she also couldn't move. The only thing she could do, at this point, was feel. Jennifer could feel that her panties were soaked.

In one motion, Hanzi used both his hands, to tear open the front of her dress. Then he let it fall in a heap, at her feet. Jennifer gasped when he did the same to her bra, springing free her generous breasts. Jennifer's whole body was shaking with need, and she knew she must look like an animal in heat.

Slowly, Hanzi began caressing her tits. All along the slopes of her highly excited body. Jennifer was caught up in a passion that she could neither deny, nor resist. She moaned in pleasure.

Jennifer's entire body throbbed with lust, and she desperately wanted to be fucked! It didn't matter by whom. She just needed it! More than anything in her life, she wanted to be fucked. This realization no longer bothered her, and she cried out, when Hanzi thrust his hand between her legs. She gasped, moaned, and screamed.

She just now realized that she could talk again. But instead of yelling 'stop', she screamed for him to fuck her where she stood.

Hanzi picked up her trembling body like a fig leaf, and carried her to the bedroom. He gingerly placed her on the bed. Hanzi stripped, and was stroking his own ten inches, while he watched this very erotic sight before him. When passion was ignited by the supernatural, these mortal girls had a habit of passing out during the throes of an orgasm.

Jennifer saw Hanzi naked before her. She was aching, as he moved his body between her legs. He wrapped his hands around her thighs. As much as passion was wracking her body, Jennifer was still frightened. She didn't think that his huge dick could actually fit inside her virgin pussy. But when she felt him exert his will on her, to spread her thighs, she quickly complied.

"Hanzi, I'm a virgin. Please... please be gentle with me." Jennifer asked with trepidation.

She glanced at Hanzi, who was now descending his lips over her pussy. He knew she was very wet down there. Hanzi quickly thrust his tongue against her lips, stabbing his tongue in and out of her cream filled pussy. Jennifer again found her body thrashing around, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Hanzi then guided his cock into her, inserting his member deep inside her creamy pussy.

Jennifer screamed out, when she felt her hymen break.

Hanzi began his pounding.

Jennifer felt a most glorious sexual high.

"Please, Hanzi! Ohhhhhh, Hanzi! Ohhhhhhhh, harder, fuck me harder," she exclaimed, forgetting her previous request for him to be gentle with her.

Hanzi was relentless as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper into the depths of her hot pussy.

“You are my bride, Jennifer. I must mate with you,” he commanded the young teenager

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes, Master! Breed me. Let me have your demon spawn!” Jennifer moaned uncontrollably.

“Oh, God! Ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh!” Jennifer groaned, as her trim legs wrapped tightly around the vampire’s humping ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhahhhhhohhhhhhhhh, Master!!

She screamed as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her entire body.

She felt the body upon her quiver, and the thick cock head within her expand. Suddenly the thick muscle buried deep within her exploded, sending gush after hot gush of his potent seed deep into her womb

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jennifer finally screamed out, as loud as she could, as a more powerful orgasm rocked her entire being. Then she passed out.

While Jennifer slept, Hanzi exposed his fangs. He drank from her clit, then drank every drop of virgin blood from her pussy. He made sure to get every last drop.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhmmmmmm..” Jennifer moaned in her slumber.

“We're half way there Jenny,” smiled Hanzi, as he licked up the last of it.

She was now another of his immortal brides.

Jennifer woke, and looked down at herself. She felt different. She looked different. She felt sexier, healthier. Her tits felt firmer and fuller.

She squeezed them hard, and rubbed them, while relishing the pleasure she felt from her ministrations.

Only yesterday she had rubbed them like this, and felt nothing more than the sensation of rubbing.

Now she rubbed them, and felt jolts of sensual pleasure. Jennifer reached down to touch herself, noting the soreness between her legs. But instead of feeling pain, she felt pleasure. Jennifer couldn't stop thinking about how incredible it all was last night. How Hanzi had deflowered her. They fucked until she passed out, and she was no longer a virgin.

He had impregnated both her, and Jessica.

After her self pleasure had orgasmed her again, she noticed the note on her vanity. It was from Hanzi.

You are forever mine. Hanzi

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