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Default Kristi's Kidnapping

This is one of my older stories. It consists of 3 chapters written so far.

Kristi's Kidnapping
Chapter 1

I had been watching Kristi for some time. It is fairly easy to watch
someone go about their life without their knowing about it. Just ask a cop
who has done a stakeout. My purpose differed somewhat from a cop's, though.
I was going to kidnap Kristi.

After I knew her routine well enough, I also knew where the best place to
make the grab would be. She always shopped at the same supermarket near her
house every day or so. I had also found her parking in the semi-secluded
employee section, rather than the normal parking lot. The reason was
simple. At the time of day she stopped there the main lot was usually full.
She could park in the employee lot, though, and walk along the side of the
building more quickly than walking in from a distant space in the main lot.

After laying my plans for the actual grab, and also setting up my "shop"
for the action yet to come I then lay my trap for Kristi. I'd identified
the two spaces she normally used. They were vacated by employees whose
shift ended about forty-five minutes prior to Kristi's usual time of
arrival. I parked my white van in one of those two spots, along side of the
other one she tended to use. To make sure that there would be no one using
the slot I wanted her in, I put one of those orange cones in it. Keeping
careful track of the time, I pulled the cone in within just two minutes of
the target's arrival.

Like a good target, Kristi pulled into this lesser used lot right alongside
of my white van. I'd positioned the passenger side review mirror to give me
a view of her as she got out of her car. I waited for her to lock her car
door before springing my trap.

The sudden sliding of the van door startled her and I had a wonderful view
of her wide blue eyes as she turned involuntarily toward the noise. Her
eyes got even bigger as she looked at me, and then at the cold blue barrel
of the .44 magnum in my right hand.

I didn't wait for her to decide on an action. She was already recoiling
from the shock of seeing a deadly weapon leveled upon her and was going
into that deer in the headlights freeze action everyone has upon looking at
a gun. I lunged forward, one foot to the ground as my left hand grabbed her
by the generously filled blouse. Pushing back from my position on the
ground I brought her forward by the convenient handle. Forward for her,
backward for me, pulling her halfway into the van before she could even
think about what was happening.

"Make one noise and your head will be all over the parking lot, Kristi."
She didn't know me, but the realization that I knew her name was just the
right sort of edge to keep her from attempting to try anything stupid.

It was enough of an edge to allow me to finish getting her into the van.
Pushing her down to the van floor and swinging the door closed only took a
second. In the sudden dimness she was further put off balance. My eyes were
adjusted to that level of lighting, hers were not.

I pushed the gun barrel into her face, right to her pretty lips. "Open your
mouth." She hesitated, so I went with the melodramatic and unnecessary show
of cocking the double action hammer on the revolver. The clicking of the
mechanism was as loud as old Marley's shackles, and just as angry. Kristi
took the hint.

I love watching that six inch blue steel barrel slide into a woman's mouth.
Freudians would have a field day with that surge of power, but I don't give
a damn. It feels good to do that. I really enjoyed it this time, seeing the
shudder run through Kristi's lush body when the gun oil flavored lollipop
entered her mouth. Couldn't have asked her to do better.

"That's right, Kristi, you just make ole' Dirty Harry here feel nice and
welcome in your pretty mouth and not make him angry by trying to scream."

My free left hand found her right wrist and pulled it up over her head
where I had a set of handcuffs waiting. I ratcheted the first cuff closed
on her wrist, then found her other arm by feel and brought it up to join
the right. She wouldn't be pulling her arms down, now, though. The
handcuffs were locked to a chain bolted to the bed of the van.

Now that some of the important elements were taken care of I allowed myself
a feel of my newly won toy. I grabbed her right full, breast in my left
hand and squeezed. Kristi's eyes were trying to do the screaming her mouth
didn't dare do. Tears spilled from the corners of her eyes that wouldn't
leave that cocked killer cock that occupying her mouth.

"Your lips look like you would make a good cock-sucker. Have you sucked
cock before, Kristi? Why not put a lip lock on ole' Harry and show him that
he shouldn't be in a hurry to blow a load all over your tonsils, hmm?"

Her lips were fear dry as she slowly brought them in to wrap around that
hard pistol pecker. I laughed as I slowly moved it back and forth, fucking
her face with my gun. My reward for evil laughter was another of those
delicious shudders.

In the back of my head I knew that to stick around much longer was surely a
risk and there would be more time, later, to stick things in pretty
Kristi's mouth. With a second, regretfully brief, squeeze of her breast I
returned to the task of wrapping my present to myself.

I got the prod-muffle gag out of a pocket and held it next to her mouth.
"Open up, little baby, I've got your Binky right here." Just as slowly as
she'd moved before, she let her mouth open, freeing my gun barrel. I
crammed the hard rubber prod into her mouth. More filling than the
relatively slender steel rod, the rubber would hold her much more quiet.
The surface of the gag's strap, which would hold the prod in place, was a
thick wad of sponge. It would form a muffling barrier around her lips, to
make sure she was as quiet as possible.

My little muffler in place I stuffed Harry into his holster and used both
hands to buckle the gag into place.

No longer having Harry's Cyclopean eye staring down her gullet, Kristi
picked this moment to get feisty. I like it when a girl fights. It
increases the fun of breaking her.

She attempted to lever up from the floor. Not very easily accomplished when
your wrists are pinned by chain to that same floor. With my hands free, I
could pretty much pick and choose my target. She had gotten one leg under
herself and was pushing up/rolling to her side, face towards me. I brought
one of my big hands down across her face. Hard.

The sudden, albeit not very intense, pain combined with the unyielding
restraint on her wrists gave her pause. She looked at me and began to try
to say something behind the gag. Or perhaps to scream. No one was capable
of hearing her, though.

"Save your breath, sweetie. There will be plenty of time for your screams
later. However, if you don't get real cooperative real fast you might not
live to make those screams." I touched a hand to Harry to let her know I
meant business. It was all the reminder she needed.

I took one of her ankles in my left hand, then snapped the leg iron closed
on it. These are built like handcuffs, but are slightly larger for the
ankle, rather than the wrist. This set had its eighteen-inch chain cut in
half and each half was bolted to the van's frame, too. Far apart from one
another. At their closest approach the two cuffs won't go closer than three

I snagged her other ankle and brought it to the matching cuff. Now my
present was wrapped up nice and snug. I took a moment to enjoy the sight.

Kristi's not a little girl. She is five feet, nine inches tall. A big girl,
but still small compared to my own size. Her breasts were not huge, but
nicely sized at 36D, making them appear larger, due to the cup size. Right
then, with her big blue eyes peeking out from under a fringe of her dirty
blonde hair she looked very nice indeed. Her slim waist tapered down from
her chest before flaring into the kind of hips a man can ride all night
from in front or behind. The modest skirt she wore had ridden up in our
struggles, exposing the crotch of her pantyhose. It also revealed all of
her long, long legs. She had ripened quite nicely in her twenty-four years
of life. Now it was time to take that physical beauty and shape it to my
own (twisted, I admit) will.

I let a wolf's grin stretch across my face. "You'll be a lot of fun,
Kristi. A _lot_ of fun!" I turned away and got into the driver's seat.
Starting the engine, I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way to my
private playground observing every rule of safe and lawful driving.

A few years ago, during a business boom that quickly faded, there had been
expansion on the west side of town. Some places had opened up to do
business that never quite kept up the payments. The banks had eventually
taken charge of many different types of buildings and auctioned them off.
That was how I had acquired my playground. A structure originally designed
for a mail-order outfit, set far back off the road. It even had a large
roll-up door so that vans could be pulled into the building. Arriving at my
place I hit the remote to raise the door at exactly one hour after I had
grabbed Kristi's blouse. We were now many miles from the parking lot where
her car was still parked. I pulled my van inside and hit the button again
to close the roll-up door. I cut the engine as it finished closing.

I turned to the back of the van where Kristi still lay, trussed up and
silenced. "Don't go away now, y' hear?" I chuckled as I got out of my
driver's side door.

I had already set up some of my equipment. I needed very little time to
turn on the powerful flood lights I wanted on my initial play station. I
also began the taping of the six video cameras which would capture every
moment of these first few hours with Kristi. Later, I would set them up in
different locations to complete the record.

A quick look around at the scene and I knew it was time to fetch my prize
into the spotlight.

I slid open the van's side door and looked fondly on Kristi. She too had
been busy, testing her bonds. Foolish little slut. They would take a lot
more than she could put into them. All her struggles had done was to
further hike up her skirt and to pull her blouse out of the waistband of
her skirt, exposing some creamy white tummy flesh to my eyes. It did show
her to still have fight. I would enjoy taking it out of her.

"I've got a pretty little necklace for you, Kristi." I held up a large
dog's choke chain. Climbing inside the van I put the chain over her head
and fitted it around her neck. I then put a second set of handcuffs around
her wrists, these were not fastened to the frame of the van. Having her
wrists secured, I unlocked the first set of cuffs and her ankles as well.

I'll say this about Kristi, she's not one to give up easily. She reached
for the revolver as soon as her ankles were free. Now, I'm not stupid. Nor
are cops who do a lot more wrestling with suspects than I do. This was a
holster designed to resist being pulled out except by the wearer and resist
it did. I grabbed the chain on the handcuffs and the choke chain instead of
reaching for the gun. Pulling up on the choke chain left my little wildcat
feeling those cruel metal links designed to restrain a Rottwieller digging
into her much more tender throat.

"Bet you'll pass out from lack of oxygen before that holster gives way,
slut!" No bluff. She wasn't pulling in any air and had at most ninety
seconds before blacking out. The choker was also restricting her carotid
arteries, thereby shortening the time she had any fight to give.

She wasn't stupid. Her hands relaxed from the butt of the revolver and I
lifted them away from it with my grip on the cuffs.

"Good girl. Now it is time to see your new home!"

Using my two handles, one on her wrists and one on her choke chain, I
pulled her out of the van. She had to scramble to keep up, but made it. We
quick-timed it across the floor to the taping area.

I let go of her choke chain to fasten the handcuffs to a line above her
head. After being cut off from easy breathing she didn't fight this
binding. She was busy gasping for air through her nose.

I took out a spreader bar while she was occupied with remembering to
breathe. I fastened one end to her right ankle and then pushed her legs
apart to attach the other to her left.

These touches completed I stood back to admire my prize once more.

Kristi had recovered her breath enough to start struggling again. She
tugged on the cuffs on her wrists, probably chafing them in the process.
She tried to bring her legs together, as well, with about as much success.
Quite a sight, let me tell you!

Ever watched an indignant and frightened woman struggling in bondage with a
serious attempt at getting away? Her shoulders and hips were swinging,
breasts bouncing inside her bra, and the sounds coming out of her! It
wasn't loud, but so sweet! The muffle-prod was keeping her squeals and
screams down to a very intoxicating series of moans.

Kristi's 125 pound body was developing a nice sheen of perspiration from
fear and exertion. Her twisting and turning in her bonds was giving me a
very nice look at her curves. I was very glad the video cameras were
capturing every moment. Her blue eyes glared at me above the gag.

"Looking good, little Kristi! Very nice! You will be such a pleasure to
work with!" That earned me a redoubled glare and a _lot_ more efforts to
curse me through her gag.

Enough footage of a clothed body, I decided. I stepped closer to her,
looking down into her face. I grabbed her dishwater blonde hair and pulled
back on it, forcing her neck to arch. She did try to kick at me, but the
spreader bar defeated the motion before it began. The result was a petulant
foot stamping, like a little girl who didn't get her way.

I reached into a pocket and came out with my switchblade. I snapped it open
in front of her eyes. I own and sometimes use bigger knives, but there is
something so intense about a switchblade's loud snap as it opens. It gives
a thrill of power to the wielder and a shudder to most of those who lie
bound before its sharp edged glory. Kristi did that shudder again, the one
I like so much. It was so perfect I could have kissed her for letting me
get that on film.

I turned the handle in my fingers, letting the blade catch the light and
shine it down into her face. Letting her get a long, loving look at the
length of sharpened steel with its needle sharp tip.

"Feeling a little scared, Kristi-slut?" I paused for an answer and supplied
my own with the grip I held on her hair, forcing a rough, jerky nod that
tugged her hair painfully. "Good! Do you know why that is good? Because
the more you fear me the more cooperative you will be." I brought the edge
of the blade down, caressing her cheekbone with the flat of the cool metal.
"And the more you are cooperative you are the longer you will remain pretty
and alive."

I let that last comment sink in as I trailed the tip of the blade down her
cheek to her throat. She felt that threat very clearly. Her eyes closed and
I saw her throat try to swallow.

"You are mine, now." I brought the blade down to the first button of her
blouse. "All mine." A slice and the button left the material, its threads
cut through. The material, already under tension from her position gaped
open, showing a hint of the cleavage held by her bra. "To do with as I
wish." A second button fell victim to the edge of my switchblade, falling
to the floor. The blouse opened wider, showing the front strap of her bra
and a bit of her smooth, taught belly.

I paused in my knife stripping of my new play toy to play with her. I used
that needle sharp tip on the blade to trace a small daisy upon the cleavage
of her D-cup left breast. The tip's passing created a faint white outline,
at first, which grew into a light pink before beginning to fade entirely.
This one would mark well under the whips.

Kristi's response to my artwork was to hold her breath the entire time I
had her breast under the knife. When I finally drew the tip away she
exhaled loudly through her nose and then breathed deeply once more.

Fear had been in her eyes time and again throughout our first meeting, but
I think it was finally dawning on her how hopeless her situation was. I
could just as easily carve that daisy, or any flower or figure I wanted on
her body. Anywhere. Her eyes held that look of powerlessness that I had
aimed for. She _was_ powerless. Like Townsend wrote, the only power left to
her was her submission.

"That's right, little slut. You don't have any hope to stop me from doing
whatever I want to you. No one will appear to save you. No way." I said
this looking down into her eyes. "Your only choice now is cooperation, and
even that isn't an option. Any resistance at all will be repaid with force.
I'll still get what I want, and you will only be hurt even more. "

There are two paths a person takes at this point. One is to try and lull me
with total compliance. I'd cut that path off, though. She couldn't promise
anything, except with her eyes. The other is to try and prove me wrong. All
other paths were closed. I'd played her like a puppet right into just the
one I wanted her to take. She took the second path.

I'd already tightened my grip even more on her hair. Good thing, too. She
exploded in the limited terms her bondage allowed.

Kristi shook her head violently, nearly pulling her hair free of my grasp.
She swung her torso and hips as far as her tether would allow her. She
straddle-stepped her spread legs and even managed to connect with the bar
on my shin. Of course, I'd counted on that, from experience and the blow
was wasted on the well padded shin brace, making only a resounding 'clack'
as the rod hit the plastic brace under my pants leg.

I was loving every minute of it. I wanted her to wear herself down for me.
It proved to me that I had chosen her well. The handcuffs were chafing her
wrists, giving her reason to regret this incident of resistance later. The
same effect was happening in her hair as her own twisting pulled and
twisted her locks. She'd be feeling this little tantrum for a long time
this evening, and probably tomorrow as well. And it gained her nothing.

"There's no place to go, Kristi. No place at all. And I'm not going to let
you go. You are mine, little slut. You won't leave me. Not alive, anyway!"

I decided to continue unveiling my little Fatima of the modern veils. She'd
wound down and was panting through her nose. The screams and curses she'd
tried to hurl through the gag had faded now to mere sobs of frustration. My
knife made another pass and her final button fell away to the floor. As her
capture and other events had pulled most of the blouse's tails out of her
skirt's waistband her narrow waist was now evident. Even the delicate
goblet of her navel was exposed. She fought the flinch I expected when I
traced its rim with the knifepoint.

I let go of her hair to lift the hem of her skirt, then sliced a six-inch
long gash in it. Grasping both sides of the gash in my hands I tore it
clear up to the waistband in one try.

Kristi's sobs redoubled, knowing that her rape was inevitable. If she only
knew all of what I had planned for her she would cry all the harder.

Having revealed her charms in form, if not in fact I eased back a bit. It
bears you in good stead to let a victim have a good cry. Full out attack
mode can take more out of you in the long run, making later efforts suffer
from exhaustion. Since rape alone was not my goal I wanted to conserve my
energy, but let hers wear down. Plus, I wanted lots of good footage of
this. The build up is half the fun for the viewer, knowing what's coming,
but holding back with just a bit of tease.

I stepped out of the floodlights to the cooler air in the darkness beyond.
I gulped down cold spring water as I watched her cry. Tears ran down her
cheeks in tiny rivulets. The sponge on the muffle-prod was fully saturated
by now. Her mouth would be dry, her voice hoarse from the screams. I wanted
to let her dangle on my emotional hook. She wasn't totally naked, yet. She
would be, soon enough, though.

The ripped gap in her skirt framed her barely covered cunt, highlighting it
to my eyes and the eyes of at least three of the cameras. Her breasts where
all but revealed in their brassiere, which was framed by the ruined blouse.
This time, when a woman is not totally naked, but her clothes don't cover
her in any meaningful way is a very psychologically tormenting time. I'd
done more than bare her body. I'd bared her dignity, her essence as a
woman. It was very damning to her.

I gulped a bit more of the water, making sure I was well hydrated for the
work to come. When I approached her again, it was from behind. She was so
lost in her own misery that whatever small noises I made approaching were
not noticed.

"Break time's over, sweetmeat!" I announced as I pulled the choke chain
taut around her throat again. She jumped, startled and began to thrash a
bit. I wasn't in front of her, and she had no point of reference as to
where to move or what to do. Like a fish yanked from the depths of the sea
by the angler's hook she flopped around, lost in a world she didn't

I relaxed the choke chain, letting her have air again. It isn't my favorite
tool for breath control, but it will do for a quick and quite painful
introduction to the facts. Fact one: I control her life, totally, and can
take it away at anytime.

I walked around her, taking in the sights. The proud thrust to the breasts,
the slim waist, the full hips and the long, long legs. Very nice. I
succeeded in not breaking my arm patting myself on the back, sort of. I had
quite a catch here.

With a seemingly careless wave of my knife that at first appeared destined
to plunge into her chest, then diverted, I parted her front bra strap in a
single pass. I had practice. She'd seen the knife and expected to feel it
dive into her heart, and so the final baring of her breasts came with mixed
relief. She was alive, but did she really want to be?

"You are mine, Kristi-slut, in all things." I moved a hand over her right
breast, feeling its soft curves with tenderness. Her nipples weren't hard.
Yet. I could change that, though. I would. "In pleasure," I pulled my hand
away from its soft home, "and in pain!" I punctuated my statement with a
slap to her right breast. Her back arched as she writhed from the stinging
blow. She howled behind the gag, a wordless cry that came from deep within.
I wanted to be sure she understood that I meant it, so I delivered a
companion swat to her left breast.

Her tits swung magnificently. Each blow had swung them out to the side only
for them to snap back to their original place with hardly a wobble. Red
prints of my fingers marked each striking point in livid, lurid shades.
While I was pledged to inflict so much more upon this little slut I took a
moment to enjoy these first few strikes upon her flesh.

"From this point forward every thing you feel, everything you do is for me,
from me or just because I want to. Your own interests are totally
secondary. All of them. Every need of your own is mine to fulfill or deny.
You are _mine_!" She wasn't looking at me, but I knew she heard me. And was
denying it. For now.

I like to reinforce my lessons with graphic examples. I picked up an item
from beyond the perimeter of lights and cameras. I stepped forward. The
pain had given a modest erectness to the slut's nipples. I took advantage
of this by putting the first of a set of screw clamps on her left nipple.
Whether she was getting tired, or just starting to accept what was
happening I'm not totally sure, but she didn't start to struggle until the
second clamp was on. Of course, I started tightening that clamp first.

When she began to try and shrink away I simply switched my attentions to
tightening the other clamp. This went on until I had tightened the clamps
to my satisfaction. Not their tightest, by a long shot. Just enough to make
her feel their potential.

"Can you doubt the truth of my words while the proof bites your nipples?
Hmm? Care to make them go away? Can you make them go away? Shall we say two
minutes? Surely an independent woman like you can make a little piece of
metal go away in that long a time, right?" I knew damn well that she stood
no chance. I don't bet on anything but a sure thing. If she could get even
one of them off it would set this plan back big time. If she lost, though,
it would advance her training immensely. Of course, having sprayed the
contact surfaces of the clamps with Stickum helped boost the probability of
her loosing.

I'll hand it to her. She gave it the old school try. Of course, the shaking
of her chest only helped give me more wonderful footage, this time of a
woman in pain, and in making those same nipples feel even worse. Normally a
clamp hurts, then goes numb. You do anything strenuous to it, though, and
it doesn't get numb very quickly. She helped make it an enjoyable one
hundred twenty seconds.

"Time's up! How many clamps did you get off? Oops, this one just got
tighter!" Of course it did, I just tightened it myself. "And this one,
too!" So much for numbness setting in.

"Listen up, slut!" I pulled her head back with her hair-handle as I stood
directly in front of her, leaning against the trapped tips of her nipples,
forcing a grimace of pain she couldn't hold back from me. "You have _no_
choice. No power. No fucking _life_ without me giving it to you!"

I reached a free hand up to her left breast and squeezed it. Slowly, I
built up the pressure on her trapped breast. This caused dual pain. The
direct pain of the pressure and the sharper pain of the trapped nipple
being forced to swell against the clamp.

Her eyes were watering, or perhaps she was crying, looking into mine. It
was time to give her something else to feel, though. To show there was more
to being my slut than pain.

I released her breast and lowered my hand to the juncture of her thighs. I
felt the slick texture of the nylon pantyhose over her mons. I stroked the
mound with tenderness and care. I kept my eyes locked with hers as the
sensation began to sink in to her abused, frightened mind.

"That's right, Kristi. I can give pleasure, too. When I feel like it. When
I want you to feel it. My choice. My power."

She didn't want to feel this. My touch on her in an intimate and tender
manner. I'd not studied sexuality for nothing though. I knew how to touch a
woman in ways that are pleasing. And the human body doesn't always pay
attention to the outrage of the mind. Not when you choose your victim

My finger slowly stroked along the edges of her cunt lips over the nylon.
Lightly. Teasingly. Gently insistent. Patiently.

Kristi tried to focus upon the pain I was giving her. Upon her fear of me.
Upon the fact that I had kidnapped her and was very likely to rape her or
worse. I could see it all in her eyes.

And I saw her failure as she began to despair. Despair of resisting that
touch upon her cunt. That touching that knew all of her secret places and
was tempting them with exquisite pleasures. Touching that drove her fears
from her body and coaxed a response from it. A response to the touching
from someone she feared and loathed.

Kristi's cunt was getting wet. Slowly, surely, I was turning her body
against her. Making her want that touch, and more. She was hating me for
making her feel this way even more than she hated me for giving her pain.
She was beginning to hate her own body for betraying her in my hands.

I let my eyes smile down into hers. Not a full gloat. Just a smirk with the
eyes. She knew I knew she was responding. And my finger stroked directly
over her hardening clit.

Kristi let go with a sob of despair and her body sagged in the bonds.

"Pleasure is the reward for sluts who cooperate, Kristi. More pleasure than
you can imagine. More than that pathetic, sensitive twerp Richard could
give you."

That brought her back. One more inkling that I knew more about her than the
average stranger.

"You really aren't that good at faking orgasms, little slut. The Meg Ryan
over-acting doesn't really suit you." She shuddered and blushed. And
cringed. All at once. I knew more about her than she thought anyone knew.

She screamed at me. Rage at having her life so thoroughly invaded. How
little she knew how that life was to change in my service.

"All of that is in the past, my slut. You are mine now. You won't fake your
orgasms with me. And you will orgasm. When I say so." I twisted the clamps
on her nipples. It reawakened her sensation there. One more reminder of my
threats having a way of coming true.

With that reminder burning into her brain, I stepped away. I swallowed some
more of the water, conscious of how the hot lights were dehydrating me. It
was likely even worse for Kristi, who could only suck on the prod for
moisture, and it would give none.

I watched her, from the cool darkness. Sweat had matted her hair somewhat,
and dampened the arm pits of her blouse. Good.

She looked around, trying to gauge where I was. I knew that with all the
other lights out she would not be able to spot me beyond the perimeter of
the light. I wanted her to worry where I would come from next. When and
what her next torment would be. But I had the rest of her life to torment
her. I was in no hurry.

Instead I let the luxury of time do some of my work for me. Her nipples
would be growing numb again. All the better for the pain that would rush
into them when I pulled the clamps off.

After the roller coaster ride I'd been giving to her fear and stress levels
it would work for me to let her wait. I made my way to the control booth
and started changing tapes on the cameras. They would be edited later. I
came back from a different angle from the last. I had an interest in
keeping her off guard.

I simply walked up to her and unscrewed the left nipple clamp. Immediately
the pain hit her. And kept building as blood returned to the nipple. She
twisted and turned and tried to keep the other one away from me, even as
her exertions made it hurt.

"You think I'm not going to take that other one off? Stupid slut!" I
reached out and gave the right clamp a yank. She damn near came off the
floor in her spasm of pain. "Cooperation is the key, Kristi. Your
salvation." Another sharp tug and it finally came loose, having squeezed
her flesh through its tight jaws on its way. Her legs buckled under the
pain and she hung from her wrists for a bit, before raising back up to her
feet, slowly.

She hated me. She feared me. I was going to keep her in fear and use it.
The hatred needed to be turned inward, soon. Turned in upon herself.
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Kristi's Kidnapping
Chapter 2

When I next came at my little playtoy, I did it from in front, letting her
see me coming. The dread and loathing were evident in her eyes. I wanted to
begin the process of letting Kristi vent. It wouldn't save her, might even
damn her, and would go great on the video.

She flinched when I reached for the back of her head. I grabbed her hair to
gain access to the real target, the buckle on the gag. When she realized
what I was doing, she bent her head to give me better access.

The prod-muffle slid free of her now very dry lips. Immediately, she began
to try and take charge of this scenario with words.

"Why are you doing this to me! Let me go!..." her words were cut off by a
short, sharp retort that I delivered with the back of my hand applied to
her cheek, mirroring the blow I'd given her earlier.

"Don't speak until given permission, slut." I spoke calmly. I could afford
to. "I will permit you to ask questions shortly. For now, you will listen,
and remain quiet."

"Unless I force you to scream." I added in an afterthought.

"I saw you, and wanted you, Kristi. Not as a girlfriend. Not as a wife. Not
even as a temporary diversion. I wanted you as my slave."

"You are crazy! You..." I don't like it when slut's disobey direct and
clear instructions. I decided to get to the heart of the problem. I grabbed
a crop from just beyond the perimeter and used it. Her outburst switched to
a scream as I laced her breasts with the tip of the horseman's tool. Left,
right, left, right. Four red streaks quickly rose up on her milky white

I let her screams die away to sobbing before continuing. It doesn't do to
not be heard because your victim is too wrapped up in pain.

"I may be insane, but that is beside the point. I have you. Now my
objective is to make you mine in more ways than just your physical
presence. It is my intention to make you mine in total."

I used the crop to caress one of her nipples, already made sore by the
clamps, but untouched as yet by the crop strokes. She flinched away,
proving what was already known. She had a long way to go.

"I am going to break you to my will. Or kill you. There is no other
option." I didn't tell her that there was a time limit upon her life if she
went unbroken. I would not waste my time upon a lost cause. She would break
for me in one week, or she would die. Then I would seek another target.

I didn't expect her to become a well-trained slave in that short a time.
No, I wasn't that hopeful or over-confident. I expected her to break to my
will and lose herself totally in my service so that training could begin.
Or I would dispose of her and try again.

It would seem cruel to anyone that I had given her such limited and
seemingly unappealing choices. They are, however, the only options that
would meet my needs. Letting her go was not an option, no matter what I

"You will now be given the luxury of three questions. The way I choose to
answer is solely up to me, though."

She looked up at me upon hearing this. Judging, measuring. She was afforded
a short leash upon her words, how far could she pull me?

"Why me?"

In answer I stepped closer. She mistook this approach for some softening in
my demeanor. She realized her error when I again grabbed by her hair and
placed the handle of the crop to her cunt lips.

"Because I believe that you can be made to accept your slavery." I rubbed
that handle against her cunt lips, insistently.

Did I see a hint of a positive reaction in her eyes? Some sense that this
action was, against her will, pleasurable? Perhaps, but she didn't want to
admit it. Not to herself and certainly not to me.

"Because I look in your eyes and see the hint of something missing in your
life. Something you may not even want to admit exists. You fear it, perhaps
as much as you fear me. I'm here to awaken that desire for something you
wouldn't even give a name to, but haunts your dreams."

I'd struck a cord there. She swallowed, looking at me, looking to try and
find out how much I knew about her, and how she could use that against me.
She wasn't yet willing to pass on trying for her freedom. Or perhaps she
really wanted confirmation that I was strong enough to keep her.

"One question down, two to go." I released her and stepped away, leaving
her to relax, feeling whatever she had felt as I had stimulated her with
the crop handle.

"Why don't you let me go? I won't tell anyone, I promise! I'll -" I spun
around at this stupid act at bargaining. It was beneath contempt. I brought
the crop up in a long arc. It found its target at the juncture of her
thighs. The lips that had so recently been caressed by the handle were now
feeling the anger of the tip. A fitting metaphor for her new life. The two
ends of the same crop. One end the pleasure of control, the other burning
pain targeted with devilish accuracy.

"That is my answer. Two down, one question left."

The blow to her crotch had shocked her more than hurt her. That I would
have the audacity to hit her there would never have occurred to her before.
Her head rose up, her eyes boring into mine. How dare I hit her like that!
Ah, what she had yet to learn about what I dared.

Having burned through her first two questions with so little to show for
them, she paused before asking her next one. I'd anticipated her first two
and planned my responses so that they would come quickly and with
authority. I felt sure that this next question would not be so easily
anticipated, if I had chosen the right one.

"What do I get out of this 'service' to you?" Okay, so she was showing real
promise here. She hadn't given in, but was willing to open some
communication. An opening I could use to my advantage.

"You get to live, and you get to experience the pleasure that I can
provide." No slaps, no sudden moves. An honest answer for an intelligent
question. I'd shown her the stick, now was the time to hint that there was
a carrot.

She started to open her mouth again, to ask a further question, or to
protest. Fortunately for her I didn't give her the chance to make that
mistake. I raised the crop's tip up to her lips, halting her words before
they began.

"Your three questions are used up." When you give a prospective slave a
limit it is mandatory that you enforce it. Otherwise you lose control.

I stepped out of the circle of lights then. Leaving her alone to
contemplate what I had said.

I went to fetch up a special item I'd designed for the purpose of
restraining reluctant prisoners for long periods of time. It was a tilting
box on wheels, with some extra features that weren't immediately apparent.

I rolled the box up behind her. She heard the sound of it approaching and
turned to see it. She again started to speak, only to withdraw her words
before they were said.

I pulled it up to her and pushed on her shoulders to turn her away from it,
with her back to the device. I pushed it forward a bit and slid the metal
plate at it's bottom, leading edge under the back of her heels. She tried
to shuffle forward, away from this.

"No, back up on it."

"No!" She didn't know what I had planned, and apparently still wanted proof
that I controlled her. I obliged her.

I gripped her hair and pulled back on it, hard. She couldn't go far forward
with her arms trapped above her. With me pulling back this way, she had to
shift her weight to avoid having her self pulled entirely off balance. Her
feet slid on to the base plate and I set the device back into its slightly
tilted position.

This left Kristi lying back on the flat, smooth plywood board that formed
the rear of the thing. As it rested back, the base plate tilted up to lift
her off the floor a little bit.

I moved around to the front now and pulled out the switchblade again.
Kristi inhaled sharply as I brought it close to her navel, only to sigh a
bit when the knife cut the waistband of her skirt. I put the knife away so
that I could fasten a belt that was attached to the plywood backing of the
device around her waist. I put more straps around her just above her knees,
then removed the spreader bar and her shoes. This left her stockinged feet
resting on the metal base.

I then took the lead of the dog collar that was still around her neck and
drew it through a hole in the back of the board. I pulled it tight and
fastened it back there. She had to keep her head and back pressed against
the wood in order not to start choking, ensuring her compliance as I
unfastened her wrists from the cuffs.

Her struggles against the cruel metal had chafed, but her capillary refill
was still quick, showing that no real damage had been done. As I freed the
second wrist from above her head she chose that moment to try and be

Her right arm snaked into the pocket where I'd placed the switchblade. I
felt it in there as the second cuff swung free of her wrist and I leapt
back from where the device held her in place.

A switchblade has a lock to hold the button in place, so that it doesn't
spring open in your pocket. Kristi hadn't known this and spent two vital
seconds pressing hard on the button before figuring it out.

By the time she had figured it out, my revolver was out and pointed
directly between her eyes. I was also three feet outside the furthest she
could reach while restrained to my platform.

"Not smart, Kristi, bringing a knife to a gun fight."

I was secretly pleased by her actions. It showed she still had a lot of
fight left in her. No easy victories from this one. An easily broken woman
is not worth my time. I'd have to stay on my guard with her every second.
Challenging in everything that went on between us. Wonderful!

She looked down the barrel of the gun and started to shake with
frustration. So close to striking a blow against this horrible man whom had
kidnapped and threatened her. So close and now so far. I could read it in
her eyes as they began to tear up again.

"You will drop the knife by the time I count three." She wasn't coming off
that board any time soon without my help, thanks to that choke chain. The
knife was more a liability now than a tool for her liberation. "One." She
hesitated, trying to think of a further way to use her small, impotent
victory. "Two." I'd trumped her hand. She opened her hand, realizing that
this situation was not controllable by her. The knife fell to the floor,

I stepped forward, the gun still pointed at her face. Like the bird
mesmerized by the snake about to strike, she didn't take her eyes off the
muzzle of the weapon.

"Open those pretty lips, Kristi, your old friend is back." I put the muzzle
to her lips. They parted and Harry slid inside once more. "Now wrap them
around him, show him how much you missed him."

She complied, meekly. With her attention so wrapped up in watching the gun
I used my free hand to move her right wrist to where it's appointed
restraint waited on the board. It isn't easy to fasten a wrist with a belt
using only one hand, but I got her pinned anyway.

I grabbed her other wrist with the free hand, then pulled the gun barrel
from her mouth. I ran it down the front of her body, to her crotch.

Still holding her free wrist, I rubbed the length of cold steel against the
lips of her cunt. "Harry likes you, Kristi." I wasn't using subtlety, just
force, to press it into her. This wasn't a reward. "Maybe he should take
your cunt before I do? He's had your mouth twice already. Do you want to be
fucked with a gun, Kristi-slut?"

"Please...No..." She was frightened of having Harry inside her. That was
good information to have. I would use that against her, later.

With a final upward push, I finished dry humping her with the gun and
holstered it again. I moved her left wrist to the restraint and fastened it
down as well. I check, then tightened the one on her right wrist.

Kristi was now bound to the board in a way that was suggestive of a
butterfly pinned to a specimen board. Spread in her glory and just as
unable to fly away. If more butterflies were as fun as Kristi, more folks
would be collecting them.

I stepped away again, outside of her field of vision. I wanted fresh tapes
in the recorders for the upcoming scene. I moved to the control area and
swapped tapes out of the machines.

While she was trapped to the board, it was only slightly reclined. She
couldn't totally relax upon it at any point. She needed to keep her back
pressed to the board, couldn't close or widen her legs, couldn't arch her
stomach forward, and couldn't use her arms. It was tilted for a number of
reasons, but mainly because it disoriented her to be held in this
semi-recline. Unable to relax, unable to stand up straight.

I approached her from behind, where she could not see me approach no matter
how much noise I made. What she did see was the part of this device that
made it more evil that it already was.

She was introduced to that part when it thrust through a hole in the board
between her legs. A curved section of angle iron, curved up so that it
pointed at the ceiling when pushed through. It was designed to gently cup
her mons, and it was a good fit for her. The iron formed a /\, the point
facing her as it curved to fit. I positioned it, then examined its position
in relationship to her. A couple of minor adjustments and it was just

The iron just barely touched the surface of her pantyhose covered cunt. The
curve allowed it to follow her own form so that the point of the angle
slightly parted the lips and extended back, even cleaving her buttocks
slightly near her anus. Part of it extended on through the back of the
board. The reason would become evident later.

Kristi watched these preparations with curiosity and puzzlement. I wasn't
able to rape her with this section of iron protecting her, nor did it hurt.
It just barely touched her in most places. How did this match with the
horrors I had already visited upon her? And why did its apparent innocence
worry her? I might as well have had her tell me these things running
through her mind. I was that close to being able to read it.

I grabbed her chin suddenly, with my fingers curling around her lower jaw,
pushing her cheeks between her teeth as she opened her mouth to protest. I
stifled any comment she was about to make as I forced a kiss upon her. With
my fingers pushing her cheeks between her teeth, she wasn't about to bite
me without biting into her own flesh first. Her tongue struggled with mine
to keep it from violating her.

Her lips and mouth were dry and tasted slightly of the gun oil she'd picked
up from her two lip-locks on the barrel of the gun. It was important to
note how far her dehydration had progressed. I wanted her to be under
physical stress from it, but not to the point where she might totally lose

Judging that I could keep her under the lights without water for a bit
longer I pulled my mouth from hers and then shoved a penis gag from my
pocket into her still open mouth.

"Bet you remember this shape, Kristi, although it is probably bigger than
poor Richard's." Lucky for her she was gagged, as the sounds coming out of
her mouth as I fastened the gag surely would have earned her some extreme
punishment if they had been allowed to become words. "He likes it when you
suck him, doesn't he? And you get excited when he comes on your face. Yes,
I read that in your diary, Kristi. And I know why you feel that way." That
shocked her into stunned silence.

Trussed and stuffed, my bird now needed to be heated for a good, long
period. That's where my machine would shine. I moved behind her and set a
few of the controls on it that had been hidden from her sight and then
walked off to enjoy the show.

A mechanical hum rose from the back of the machine as the motor began to
spin up to speed. The motor turned a wheel that was only slightly off
center, producing a vibration in the wheel's axle. These vibrations were
conducted from the axle directly into the piece of angle iron over Kristi's

The effect? A giant vibrator, capable of many levels of intensity,
currently just introducing itself to Kristi's perception. The angle iron
buzzed her entire pubic area. The lips of her cunt would feel it the most,
but also the area near her asshole and they would be felt somewhat by her
clit, too.

The reason the iron just barely touched her in all of those places was
simple. I didn't want her to become numb to the vibrations. They would be
right there, humming right along on her most sensitive parts. Arousing her,
no matter what she tried to think of or do.

Kristi felt them, alright. I watched from the darkness, sipping cold water
as her eyes widened. I was glad the tape in the recorders was fresh as I
caught her struggles to keep from being stimulated by the fiendish device
caused her to wriggle in her bonds as much as possible.

She tried to shift her weight from foot to foot but that only meant that
one side got an even more intense vibration than if she stayed flat on her
feet. Then she tried lifting herself up on tiptoe. That decreased the
contact, somewhat. It was an outlet I had counted on. Gravity still pulled
down upon her as she strained to push herself up and away from the invasive
pleasure humming through that iron. She was in reasonably good shape and
could manage to strain like this for several minutes. But not forever.

Eventually her strength faded and with much trembling of over taxed muscles
she slid back down to a renewed tingling as the vibrations impacted her sex
again. Tears and perspiration flowed down her cheeks as she felt the
humming again insist that she had no control over becoming aroused. I
wasn't even present in her sight to be the one causing her to suffer this
humiliation, yet I was the one in control of it. And of her. She opened and
closed her bound hands and strained at the straps that held her legs
defenselessly spread. She quivered all over in her efforts to avoid this

It seemed that nothing would ever lessen the persistent drive of sexual
arousal being forced upon her. She could not free herself from the clutches
of the device that was making her climb toward pleasure. She rose back on
her toes, briefly, anything to get away from being driven insane with the
stimulation that was wracking her lower body. But that couldn't last. She
screamed into the cock-gag as she sank back on exhausted leg muscles to be
doomed to arousal.

Then the humming faded, and with it the vibrations slowed and stopped. I
could hear her panting through her nose as she struggled to regain her
composure, tried to deny the remnants of insistent desire that still
haunted her cunt. Her hair damp with sweat, she looked a lot less prideful
than she once had. Some of the fight had been taken from her in trying to
fight her own body's reactions.

Under the impression that this particular torment was over, Kristi did her
best to regain her composure. Still I watched from the darkness, giving her
this moment of hope and respite. I let her hope so that I could crush that

Then the humming began again. A low moan from Kristi accompanied the
motor's renewed noises. More a wail of despair than an attempt at an actual

Again the maddening buzzing between her legs erupted. Tears spilled from
her eyes as pleasure was once again forced into her. She hadn't known that
the device had been set to provide random bursts of vibrations at different
levels of intensity. The one she was currently riding was stronger, a lot
more insistent than the previous torment. She attempted to rise up on her
toes again, but her calves wouldn't take her weight this soon after her
previous exertions. She slid back into a pleasure-hell.

A hell that I was lord of. I reappeared, grinning from ear to ear. Gloating
at her failure. Enjoying her despair. I placed both of my hands on her
breasts, caressing them. She couldn't struggle away, pinned to the surface
of my pleasure-web. I used my skills to give her breasts as much arousal as
her cunt was receiving.

Her now tender, abused nipples were rolled lovingly between my fingers,
rolled beneath my palms. I gave her ample breasts soft kisses and gentle
squeezes. Her eyes were begging me. She wanted me to stop, to make it stop.
To not make her feel pleasure in this way. Against her will.

Tough luck, Kristi, I don't have any mercy.

The flood of stimulation continued. Higher and higher she rose. Fighting
what she was feeling. Shaking with her sobs. Unable to fight the pleasure.
Unable to escape my making it happen.

"Let it happen, Kristi. Come for me, slut."

And she did. Whether she surrendered or if she were just overwhelmed, it
happened. She came. Hard.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body stiffened in a
convulsion of pleasure as the first orgasm I would cause in her took hold
of her. For several seconds she didn't breathe. Then her whole body
shuddered as she collapsed in her bonds.

The motor shut off on its own at that point. I released her breasts and
moved behind the device to ease the choke chain. I didn't release it, only
allowed her some slack so that she wouldn't strangle in her post-orgasmic
haze. Putting the random timer on pause, I moved back around and took the
penis gag out of her mouth.

I cradled her face in my hands and lifted hers to mine. I kissed her
unresisting lips, even feeling a reflexive return of the kiss. A moment of
unexpected tenderness in the den of the demon. Whether she would remember this moment later or not, it would have an effect upon her in days to come.
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Kristi's Kidnapping
Chapter 3

After forcing Kristi to climax I felt that my efforts had been justified. I
was not as concerned that I'd have to kill her for not working out. The
orgasm I had induced in her had not been totally inevitable. Most women
could resist it. It would have no effect on a woman who was totally frigid.
You can't turn an ice queen into a nymphomaniac in a few hours time, if at

But you can make a woman with dreams and desires react to having those
dreams and desires fulfilled, even against her will.

I am not a careless hunter. My prey is not easy to spot, since it is
camouflaged by many, many look-alikes.
But what I'm after is to me precious enough to warrant all the hard work.
When I can be reasonably sure that I'm on the right track.

With Kristi I was fairly certain of having found the right prey. Her
performance a few moments ago proved that. I'd also done some earlier
research on her to be sure of my target.

I'd bent her, but she was far from broken. She proved this to me after
having come back to her senses. I'd moved back a bit after that show of
tenderness and just watched her, waiting for her to recover so that I could
continue the work we'd started. She slowly raised her head from her
shoulder and looked at me. Then tried to spit at me.

Ah, what a gesture of defiance! I was happy to see it present. Of course,
there wasn't enough moisture in her mouth to make a wad of spittle, so it
was more a wish than an action.

Maybe she expected me to scream at her. Or hit her immediately. Instead, I
just smiled.

Moving the back of the machine I set the controls again, then I gathered up
a few items to introduce her to a new side of passion. I also pulled the
choke chain tight again, relishing the gasping from my little captive as
she felt herself being pulled back into the fully restrained posture.

Kristi noticed the riding crop right off when I moved back into her field
of vision. She expected another brief taste of pain for her act of
defiance. That was not my intent, however. Pain, yes. Brief, no.

The marks from the earlier, brief cropping had faded entirely. I set my
other tools on the floor at my feet, then swung the crop through the air in
front of her breasts. It cut the air with an angry sound. She tried to
shrink back, but her position on the board prevented her from going
anywhere. She couldn't twist to either side without strangling herself on
the choke chain. The rest of the restraints pinned her arms and lower body,
keeping her from taking any measures to prevent me from striking anywhere I

The motor's hum signaled the beginning of this new dance. Kristi heard it
and her eyes went from the crop to my eyes. "Turn it off! Don't do this!"

My reply was a savage blow that caught her across both breasts above her
nipples. She convulsed under the blow, trying to move anywhere to prevent
this attack upon her body. She tried to scream, too, but by trying to turn
away from me, she had tightened the choke chain. Her scream was cut off by
the links of the chain tightening about her throat.

Her body was in an insupportable position. To remain in one place was to
invite further pain. To move was to cut off her own air supply.

"I'll do what I want, little slut." Then I swung again, a blow straight
down over her left breast, just barely missing her nipple, which was my

Through an effort of will, Kristi kept her back pressed against the wood so
that she could breathe. She screamed clearly this time. Full throated and

When she finished her howl of pain the crop was resting on her right
breast, in position to deliver another of the severe downward blows like
the one she'd just experienced. But it wasn't moving, yet. And the motor
was humming, driving the vibrations between her legs. Her eyes were on the
tip of the crop, afraid to look away. Trying to keep it from hitting her by
an act of will.

"Concentrate upon the pleasure, little slut. Focus upon it." Then I raised
the crop.

"NO!" The crop came down anyway, again a just-missed pass of the nipple,
her breast was not spared anything else, though. Again a strangled, choked
scream as she fought the choke chain to try and escape.

"Protesting and pleading do you no good, Kristi-slut. Only submission to my
commands is rewarded. Focus upon the pleasure throbbing between you legs,
cunt. That is your salvation."

The next blow came from below, smashing Kristi's heavy left breast upward.
Without a pause I swung the crop down and back up to repeat the strike on
the right.

"Only surrendering to the pleasure can save you. The pain is infinite, but
the pleasure can redeem the pain, to make your pleasure just as infinite."

The motor's hum picked up speed at this point. The vibrations picking up
its insistence upon her focusing upon the pleasure.

The crop slashed six times in quick succession, three strokes upon each of
her thighs.

Kristi was sobbing, loudly. More tears spilled down her cheeks, falling to
her recently battered breasts. The salt of those tears sliding across the
angry red welts of the crop's passing.

"Take in the pain, Kristi. Take in the pleasure. Fuse them. Ride them. Let
the pain be taken by the pleasure and ride them into the clouds."

I paused to let the machine do its work. The pleasure would be there for
her. But she had to obey, to allow it to mix with the pain I had forced
upon her.

"I read your diary, Kristi. I read of your dreams. Of the fantasies you use
when you make yourself come. I went through your books and found the pages
you creased in that set of books about the princess. You want to feel what
I have to give, Kristi."

Still crying, she shook her head as much as her position allowed.

"You wanted the man who beat you to love you, didn't you? You had Richard
tie you up, but he was clumsy. Your hands slipped through the knots. His
spanking of your bottom was all wrong. It didn't hurt right, the way you
hurt in your fantasies."

The vibrations were working their magic. I saw her hips move. Thrusting out
and down, the only movement she had not tried in the past. The one that her
position would allow. A movement to bring her cunt in better contact with
the vibrating arm, to increase her stimulation.

"You don't have to suffer this pain, Kristi. You can surrender to it, let
it wash you clean of the turmoil in your mind, in your heart."

The crop swung now across both nipples at once. I had timed it to match her
thrusting her cunt against the vibrations. Her mouth opened to scream with
pain, but no sound came out. Instead, her eyes flew open wide. I saw into
those eyes, reading them in their blankness. She was feeling the pain as
pleasure, finally. She was on the verge of orgasm.

Her hips were thrust as far as possible against the vibrations, her clit in
full contact with the machine. I swung the crop back across her nipple,
already lanced through with pain. She gulped air to scream again, still
unable to as her pain and pleasure mingled to raise her higher still.

"It's good, isn't it, Kristi. You are out there, feeling the pain as
pleasure. You are getting off on having your nipples whipped, my little

Her face was twisted in an expression of amazement, awe, pain and ecstasy.
I started swinging the crop again, no longer caring how accurate I was. I
was sending her out there. Out where there is only the pleasure of pain.

"Fly for me, Kristi. Spread the wings of pain and fly on the winds of
pleasure! Come for me, slut!"

As though I had hit some hidden trigger, her body was swept by a wave of
subtle contractions as she did indeed come for me. I could count at least
three major peaks, although only she could say how many minor ones crested
within her. The crop seemed to keep lifting her back up to those peaks and
I swung it time and again, feeling my own body sing with the contact of
fire flowing between us.

Her body sagged in its bonds, no longer fully conscious. I tossed the crop
aside and quickly relaxed the tension on the choke chain again. She had
come too far to allow her own weight snuff out her life now. The motor
hummed down to a stop and I let the program continue to run, to allow it to
resume again in a short while.

I lifted Kristi's head by her hair. Her eyes were half-closed. Words, far
too faint to hear, streamed out. I could not know what she was saying, and
I doubted that she was aware, either. I kissed her moving lips lightly,
then licked at the salty paths of her tears.

I picked up one of the items I had set aside, a pair of paramedic shears.
Not as sexy as the switchblade, but very effective at removing clothing
from a bound victim. I cut down the sleeves of her blouse then removed its
remnants. I next worked on her pantyhose, getting those out of the way.
Through all of this she did not struggle or help.

As I finished the final unwrapping of my little slut, the motor started to
hum again. The vibrations ebbing into her cunt roused Kristi again, who was
still out in the realm of afterglow. A low moan came from her lips as she
shifted in her slumped posture to better feel the pleasure waves coursing
up from the vibrating arm of my machine.

I picked up my next gift for my new slave. While I've termed it a
'martinet', it is not the classic whip of severe pain. It is a small
flogger with elk-hide leather tresses. The tresses are joined to a braided
leather shaft with a coiled spring core which extends down into a braided
leather handle. I had mine made up by a fellow who was fantastic in his
leather work.

Elk-hide is soft and supple, capable of being very caressing. It also makes
for one of the loudest sounding leathers when striking flesh. It's bark is
worse than its bite, but its impact is still considerable when used on
sensitive parts.

Kristi found this out when her abused breasts began to feel the first blows
from the martinet. Still not down to earth after her first climb into the
clouds, the pleasure had begun to buoy her up again. The blows from the
whip were driving her gentle floating into a rocket-propelled spiral
upward. The elk-hide thudded against her flesh, re-awakening the sharper
sensations from the crop's impact earlier. Her nipples, stiffened under
these blows, reaching out to invite further abuse.

"Fly for me, little one. Soar on the winds. Rise higher and higher." I
moved the martinet back and forth across her breasts, the spring core of
the whip aiding my own strength in striking her.

"I am here to take you upon those winds, to raise you up and let them carry
you aloft." I switched a figure eight pattern, zeroing in the impacts upon
those greedy nipples. Kristi was beyond screaming, her voice only heard as
grunts and moans. Her eyes were closed. Not seeing me, but seeing herself,
as a butterfly, wings spread to catch the strong breezes, lifting into the

Her nipples grew red with the impacts, and were stiff from the abuse. I
snatched up a set of clover clamps from my stock of tools and snapped one
closed on her left nipple. Kristi gasped and came yet again. I didn't let
her come back down from the pain before letting the other clamp bite down
with padded jaws upon her right nipple.

I took the chain that connected the two clamps and pulled upon it. It
tightened the clamps and cruelly twisted her nipples.

"Fly for me, my kite. Dance in the winds, safe from crashing by my
control." I tugged the chain from side to side, slowly, letting her feel
this tether between us. "I control the pain and the pleasure. Ride them!
Fly, slut!"

Kristi came yet again, her crotch crammed tightly to the rapidly vibrating
metal. The sensations she was feeling, the lack of any contact to this
world save through me were taking her beyond anything she could have
experienced before in her young life.

The motor cut off, then. She was no longer receiving direct pleasure. Just
pain. But she wasn't coming down from the clouds. Now it was pain alone
that held her out there.

"That's very good, little slut. Now you fly for me on pain alone." I pulled
back more on the clamp chain. Kristi's face was an image right out of
Christian iconography. The ecstasy of the martyred saint. Pain, suffused
with a pleasure beyond the mere stimulation of the erogenous zones.

I felt the flow, the fire that flows when power is exchanged between two
people who are working in pain. My control of her flowed down my arm,
through the chain, into her trapped nipples, to flood her being. Taken in,
the alchemy of submission transmuted that control into the response of a
person who is no longer fully in this world. Her submission flowed back
through her nipples, the clamps, the chain, to be taken into me. A circuit

I kept the tension up as I moved closer to her, my lips a scant few inches
from hers. I could feel her breath as she slowly inhaled deep into her
belly and slowly out let it out again. She was open to me, now. Not broken,
not by a long shot, but I could get behind her usual guard in this state of

"You have done well, little slut. You have gone with my pain, instead of
fighting it. Learning to accept and even ride with it. I've taken you to a
new place, one you only had dreamed existed. Only I can bring you here.
Leaving me would mean never coming here again."

Not exactly true. I knew a handful of other men and women who could have
brought her to this state of mind. The difference was is that I brought her
here against her will. They would have required her cooperation, if she had
only known what to look for.

"Only I can do this for you. You won't get here again by yourself or with
someone like Richard. You won't find yourself dancing on these winds if you
reject me. Never again to feel like this. You love it here. You won't want
to give it up, nor give me up."

Implanted suggestions take time to work. Time and repetition. I would enjoy
giving her a chance to hear me tell her all of this again.

I let up the tension on the clamps. The release from the peak of pain eased
Kristi's features, somewhat. Her body began to relax. Good.

Both hands grasped the clamps and applied pressure to open the clamps of
the jaws simultaneously. The shock of the clamps releasing both nipples so
soon after they were so cruelly pulled and twisted brought Kristi to the
limits of what she could feel from pain.

"COME!" I shouted at her, right in her face as the pain crested in her
nipples. No vibrations this time. Just pain in her already sore nipples.

Kristi screamed her orgasm. A breaking voice, wailing the torment and
pleasure replied to my command. Pain made pleasure, pleasure unendurable
racked her body. I clasped her body to mine, crushing those same tortured
nipples as she experienced her orgasm.

Her flesh was hot, all over, somewhat clammy. I was thrilled with her
responsiveness to my torments, but knew enough about the body to recognize
the danger signs.

I had forced her to perspire under the hot lights and kept her under great
physical and emotional stress. It worked to weaken her ability to resist
the ideas I had just given her in her flight. Now it was time to take the
steps necessary to preserve her health.

I had her off the device quickly, using my own strength to hold her up. She
didn't have any of her own to give to that task, using hers mainly to keep
breathing. She was still in the clouds and would be for a time.

It is impractical to carry an unconscious woman by holding her in your
arms. Impractical, but it mentally impacts her more than the fireman's
carry. I took Kristi up in my arms and carried her to the bed I had
prepared in her new room.

I lay her limp body on the bed, face up and removed the choke chain. I drew
the leg iron that was fastened to the wall beside the bed and snapped it
closed around her ankle. I could lock the room, but keeping her bound was
as much a part of her new life as it was a means to help break her. At no
time should she have liberty.

I left the room momentarily and returned with a cold bottle of spring
water. She was dehydrated and I needed to correct that. I first took a
large swig of the water to quench my own need, then filled my mouth with

I bent down over her face on the bed and put my lips to her. Reflexively,
she opened her mouth to kiss. That was when I let some of the water from my
mouth pour into hers. She stirred from her semi-delirious level of
consciousness, almost choking on the sudden and unexpected wetness. Then
her body took over, swallowing the tiny amount of water it needed so badly.

As I heard her swallow the water I let a little more dribble in. She
continued to swallow each bit I gave her. I had filled and emptied my mouth
three times before I felt she was out of the woods, so to speak. Enough
water to start her re-hydration.

Out from under the heat of the floodlights, her body had cooled
considerably. I ran my hand over her belly, feeling the gooseflesh
beginning to grow here in the coolness of the room. I pulled a warm blanket
over her body.

There wasn't much room on the bed without crowding her, but I still managed
to lay on my side next to her. I stroked her hair, now fully matted from
perspiration and her cheeks. She was out there, amongst the clouds, still.

"Rest, little one. You've had a hard time, but have learned an important
lesson. That I can give you something you only dreamed possible."

We lay there for some time. My arms were around her as she slowly came back
into her body from her ride in the clouds. Eventually, she came back far
enough to fall into sleep. When I heard her deep, rhythmic breathing and
was sure she would stay asleep for a time I got off the bed and left the
room, locking the door behind me. I'd left the half-full water bottle next
to the bed.

Kristi could sleep for now, but I had a bit more work to do. I shut down
the taping equipment, putting the tapes away safely and shut off the
floodlights. I picked up the used and discarded tools and put them away. I
even took off the shoulder holster and gun, putting them under lock and
key. I would need them again, but not for the balance of the night.

I took a last look around and checked my pockets, making sure I had
everything I would need. Assured that I did, I locked the building tight as
I went out the door.

I had a rental car waiting for me. It was part of my plans for covering the
disappearance of Kristi. I got in and drove to her apartment. It was night
out by this time and most of her neighbors would be asleep or nearing the
time for sleep. I'd been in her place in the daylight dressed as a workman
without incident. This would be my last visit and I wanted as few possible
observers as I could.

I let myself into her place and immediately made for her suitcase, stored
in the bedroom closet. I got it out, wearing latex gloves and began filling
it, carefully. I wanted to choose items that she would choose to take with
her as well as items I wanted her to have. Grooming and hygiene items,
underclothes, shoes, her diary, ordinary, everyday clothing as well as
lingerie and a couple of her better outfits. It was quite a selection and
barely fit into the suitcase.

She had no pets and the couple of plants she had already suffered from mild
neglect. She would not be returning here, nor would I. I shut off the
lights behind me and left her apartment.

I drove the rental to the airport, where I had first taken it out. There,
the sight of a man with a suitcase was totally normal. I finished dropping
the car off and took the shuttle-bus to the terminal. I got off at one of
the airline's entryway and went inside, then made my way to another level
where I could find a taxi-stand.

Once again, a man with a suitcase, getting in a cab at the airport looked
totally normal. I had the driver take me to an address on the other side of
the block from the grocery store where Kristi's car had been left, locked,
in the employee parking area. As it was a store open twenty-four hours a
day, no one had noticed one more car there in the intervening hours. It was
also not highly visible to anyone else at this hour. I put her suitcase in
the trunk and then got into her car and drove it back to my place. A second
roll-up door opened to my signal and I pulled her car into it.

To anyone investigating tomorrow when Kristi didn't show up for work, she
had come home, packed, and left town. If anyone had seen me leaving her
apartment, they might trace the car to the airport car-rental, and even my
entry to the airport. No one would look for me then turning around and
leaving the airport with a suitcase. They would assume I had been meeting
her there, or flying to meet her elsewhere.

No one would look for Kristi in her hometown, no matter what.

I took a peek at my still slumbering now missing person in her bed. The
light falling from behind me across the bed made her face look particularly
angelic. An appearance that would soften the heart of any lover. Indeed, it
softened mine. Did I really want to continue through with this?

I recalled how she had felt, climaxing against me after the clamps came
off. Yes. I did want to do this. I wanted her to be mine, forever.
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Outstanding story. I hope you have a chance to finish it and share it with us.
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Originally Posted by justmetoo View Post
Outstanding story. I hope you have a chance to finish it and share it with us.
Thank you for the comments!
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Very good story : Hope there will be more chapters !
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I may tackle a continuation again after I finish my current project.
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Default A homage to the author of this fine piece

Damn, I wish I were Kristi Would you settle for "Kristi" being a redhead named Brea?

In all seriousness, I very much enjoyed this story. If ever you want to chat, share ideas, please do message me.
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forced orgasm, humiliation, kidnapping, rape

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