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Default The Lawless Breed!

The Lawless Breed!

The year was 1880, a time in America’s history when people traveled west to make a new start and find their fortune, it was also a time of lawlessness when men lived fast and died hard, and justice was met at the end of a rope or the barrel of a gun.

Glen and Mindy Francis were newlyweds from Pennsylvania heading west to make a life for themselves, Glen worked hard and save enough money to start a mercantile and planed to settle and set up their business in Cacon City Colorado Territory where Glen would run a general store. They were on the last leg of their journey on a stagecoach out of Kit Carson Colorado when gunshots were heard, Glen, Mindy and another male passenger Mr. Blair heard the stage driver yell “Bandits!” and was whipping the horses making them run as fast as they could, down the bumpy dusty trail while the man riding shotgun returned fire at the outlaws who were quickly gaining on the stagecoach.

After a short chase the driver and the man-riding shotgun had been killed, and the band of outlaws brought the stage to a halt. A man named Jake Evens was the leader of the of this ruthless gang of murders and thieves, numbering 13 in all, and in a commanding voice he ordered the occupants of the stagecoach to get out, and the frightened young couple along with Mr. Blair climbed down out of the coach.

Jake looked at Mr. Blair saying to the fat balding little man, “Give me all your money Mister” and Mr. Blair pulled out a small roll of bills and handed it over, “Is this all you have?” Jake asks, “Why yes sire that’s every penny” … “How bout you take off them there boots” Jake said with annoyance in his voice, “W-why would you want…” BANG! Jake cut his words off by shooting a hole through the top of Mr. Blair’s foot, and as Mr. Blair hoped around on one foot gritting his teeth in pain Jake said, “Do I need to repeat myself?” and Mr. Blair sat down on the ground taking off his boots and as he did a hidden roll of bills fell out.

“I-I-I can explai…” BANG! This time Jake cut Mr. Blair’s words off permanently with a bullet between his eyes, and he fell over backwards on his back dead, and glen stood stunned having never seen such cold-blooded violence in his life and Mindy was screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” putting her trembling hands over her face.

Then Jake looked at Glen and Mindy, “You want to lie to me to city boy?” and Glen hands shaking reached in his jacket pulling out an envelope filled with money, and as he handed it over to Jake he said, “That is all the money we have in this world sir, without it we are penniless” Jake holstered his pistol and looking at Mindy who stood beside her husband, hands over her face crying and shaking, Jake pulled her hands away from her face then grabbed her by the face and squeezing her cheeks said, “A pretty little cunt like this could earn you a decent dollar pimping her out … very sweet”

“I’ll thank you to unhand my wife sire” Glen said trying to get Jake to leave his little Mindy alone, but Jake just grinned at Glen, letting his hand slip down from her pretty face to the neck line of the busty blondes dress, ripping it open far enough to expose one of her breast, and Glen out of reflex, not even thinking, grabs Jake’s hand pulling it away from Mindy, and in one swift motion Jake had pulled his Boey Knife out and ran it clean through Glen’s gut and out his back.

Glen gasp, his eyes wide in shock, as Jake places his free hand on Glen’s chest and pushed him backwards off of his blade, and Glen stumbled backwards a few steps before falling in a seated position with his back up against the wheel of the stagecoach, and Mindy screams “Noooo! Nooooo! Nooooo!” as she drops to her knees beside her dieing husband wrapping her arms around his shoulders laying his head against his her chest, looking up at the coldest most bloodthirsty man she had ever saw, and with tears gushing from her big blue innocent eyes and streaking down her young pretty face sobs, “What have you done (Sobbing) you animals!”

Jake just grabs Mindy by the long braded ponytail that hangs down to the center of her back, pulling her away from her dieing husband and dragging her just a few feet in front of him, as the rest of his band of cut throats gather around licking their lips in lust, and he laughingly tells the terrified newlywed “Don’t worry sweet pee, you’ll soon be joining your soon to be dearly departed hubby in the great hereafter, but not before we take you on a wild west ride they don’t tell you about back east Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As Mindy lays in the dirt of the dusty ole trail, Jake steps on her braded ponytail with his boot to hold the little lady down, as two of his men reach down and start ripping her dress off of her, tearing it to shreds, stripping the young blonde completely naked. Jake looks at a tall lean man covered in trail dust wearing a double holster “Ned, go a head and break this little blonde bronco in for the men, and then they can all saddle her for a rodeo ride”

Ned looks down at the little newlywed grinning as he undoes his gun belts and then his pants, and her poor dieing husband in a weak voice is saying “Leave her alone … Pleaseeee leave my wife alone” as Ned drops to his knees, Mindy is kicking at him sobbing hysterically, “Leave me alone! Pleaseee leave me alone!” 4 of the other men each grab one of Mindy’s limbs, holding her down in the dirt, the 2 holding her arms started foundling, squeezing and pinching her 38 C sized breast, as Ned spits in his hand stroking his cock before pressing it up to the slit of her pussy lips.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!!” Mindy cries out in pain, as Ned slams the whole length of his big fat cock into her dry pussy, tearing her vaginal walls “Ohoooo! This little Bitch is tight, yea, her little city slicker hubby ain’t even got her broke in good yet Ha! Ha!” and Ned starts pounding the newlywed with everything he has, as her dieing husband looks on “Stop, stop, stop” is all the defense he can provide for his helpless wife as she screams and begs, “Get it out of meeee! (Sobbing) pleaseee get it out of meeee!”

“Ohoooo fuck Ohoooo fuck! I’m cummmming Ha! Ha! Yea Ha! Ha! Damn what a hellva ride boys” Ned says as his cock deflates and he gets up off of Mindy, shaking his cock gloatingly at Glen saying, “Your little whore came all over my cock there partner Ha! Ha! She’s hotter than a load of buckshot Ha! Ha!” Mindy, her face soaked in tears looks up at the next man fixing to mount her whimpering “No … pleaseee no more” just the sight of the fat sweaty Mexican that was sticking his cock between her sore pussy lips was enough to gag a maggot on a gut wagon.

No one in the gang actually new what the Mexican’s real name was they just all called him Greasy Joe, and Greasy Joe grabbed Mindy by the throat making her look at him as he said to her, “Mamasita gonna cum on Greasy Joe’s enchilada ain’t ya greengo whore!” and the belittling words this filthy grimy man spoke to her, and his sweat dripping down on her, along with his horrible smell was so revolting to Mindy she spat up at Greasy Joe, who turned his head and Mindy’s spit hit him in the ear, and all the rest of the men were laughing making Greasy Joe seethe with anger.

Before poor little Mindy knew it, Greasy Joe had pulled out his Texas toothpick and sliced off one of her ears, and he shoved it into her screaming mouth, telling her, “The next time you feel like spitting, spit in your own ear greengo whore!” and then he slammed his fat greasy cock into her so hard she spit out her ear as she gasp in pain, and Greasy Joe gave her a furious grunge fucking, making the poor little thing cum all over his greasy cock, “Si! Si! Si! The little greengo senora slut likes Mejicano cock” then as Greasy Joe started unloading his slimy spunk into Mindy he smugly gloated; “There’s some Mejicano hot souse for you greengo slut!” then he spit a slime ball of snotty goo into her face

After Greasy Joe got off of little Mindy, another climbed on top of her, and in a daze she turned looking at Glen, who she watched succumb to the knife wound Jake inflected upon him and died, along with her dream of a happy life in the west. One by one they raped her. Jake finally pulled Mindy up off the ground and bent her over a trunk he had kicked off the top of the stagecoach, while getting the cash box, and she just lay overtop of the trunk, putting up no resistance, all the fight had been fucked out of her, and Jake kicked her little legs apart, and dropped to his knees between them.

Jake used the cum leaking from Mindy’s sloppy cunt to lubricate his cock and rammed it up Mindy’s virgin asshole, and that snapped her out of the shocked trance she was in, making her scream bloody murder as Jake’s 10 incher ripped a path all the way to her bowels, and as she was screaming a half breed Negro Indian named Black Cloud, that the gang all called Chief slammed his 12 inches of man meat down deep in her throat, cutting off her breathing passages and her air supply.

Poor little Mindy lay draped across the trunk choking to death on Black Cloud’s big fat bone that was wedged tightly down her squeezing throat, as Jake drilled her mercilessly in the ass, and as Black Cloud held his cock buried balls deep in Mindy’s mouth, with his hairy nut sack pressed against her chin and her little button nose buried in his pubic hair, he took her braded ponytail in one hand and his bone handled knife in the other, and carved a circle through the skin of her head, around the bases of her braded ponytail, and with a jerk, yanked it off, scalping the poor little thing alive.

Mindy’s pain was mind boggling and indescribable, but things started to get fuzzy and blurry as her face started turning blue from not being able to breath, and then her pain was gone as her battered little body fell limp in death, that half breed had murdered her with his big dangerous cock, and he let out a victorious Indian battle cry waving her scalp around in the air as he started pumping his load down her throat, soon followed by Jake who creamed her lifeless ass.

Jake wiped his cock clean on Mindy’s ass cheek and stood up saying, “The funs all over here boys, lets put some distance between us and here, mount up and ride” And that’s all this was to this lawless breed of men, fun, and they headed east kicking up dust towards Kansas.


Chapter II

A posse out of Texas had been on the trail of Jake and his gang of cutthroats, but the trail went cold after a heavy downpour, it was just by chance that they came across the grisly sight of the stagecoach robbery after seeing buzzards circling in the sky. The posse was lead by Texas Ranger Capt Jarred Rogers, called JR by his men; they had been on Jake’s trail after the rape and killings of a Mexican couple in Texas.

“See if you can pick up there tracks Two Feathers” JR said to his Cheyenne scout, “This is sure a bad bunch we’re after JR … bad as I’ve ever saw” JR’s friend and fellow Ranger Frank said as he looked at the naked lifeless body of little Mindy draped over the trunk, “That damned half breed scalped himself another woman” with a determined look on his face JR looked at Frank, “We’ll get these son of a bitches Frank, if we have to track them to the gates of hell … we’ll get them”

Two Feathers came riding back up reporting, “Heading east Capt, half a day a head of us maybe more, but there’s another storm rolling in and it will be dark in half an hour, we’re gonna loose their trail again I fear” JR look at the approaching storm saying, “We’ll find them Two Feathers, they seem to leave a trail of dead people wherever they go … Frank have the men set up camp and get these people buried before that storm hits”

To Be Continued

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Jake and his gang were setting up camp just 7 miles south of Kit Carson Colorado as the storm raged west of them in the direction they had just came, missing them. “Ned, take a couple of guys and go into town and pick up some supplies for the trail a head, we’ll hold up here till first light, you can spend the night in town and catch up to us in the morning” Jake told his right-hand man.

“Patches, you and Perv get a couple packhorses, we’re going into town” Patches real name was Bob, he had lost his right eye in the war between the states and wore a patch over his eye, thus his nickname, and Perv, well he was as perverted as the day is long and hated his birth name of Oscar. They each got a packhorse and the 3 of them started off towards Kit Carson.


38-year-old Erica Goshen and her father had spent the day at Kit Carson, buying supplies for the little spread that they owned an hour’s ride from Kit Carson, and were on their way back home. They had come west from Indiana with her mother when Erica was 15; her mother had died during childbirth when Erica was 17, along with the child she was carrying, and it had been just her and her father every since.

Erica had learned to ride and shoot as well as any man, and was as good at working their land as her father, she had had a few gentlemen callers over the years, but they were all intimidated by a woman that could outride and outshoot them and they didn’t hang around long, just as well, Erica could have never brought herself to leave her father or the spread they worked together.

The 3 outlaws were ambling alongside the road towards Kit Carson about 100 yards from the road when they spotted Erica and her father’s two horse team pulling a wagon of supplies, Ned was looking at them through his eye piece, “Looks like our supplies are coming to us” Ned said handing the eye piece to Patches, who after looking handed it to Perv, “Sure a nice looking piece of ass that old man has with him ain’t it fellas?” Perv says, “Yes she is” patches agrees, “A whore looking that good would cost us a few dollars in gold in the City Ned” Ned knows the two of them are right, and Perv adds, “We can pocket the money for the supplies and save money on a whore Ned, Jake and the
Boys would never know”

“No harm in profiting from our good luck I recon” Ned says, “Patches you circle and come up quietly from their rear while Perv and I meet them head-on and introduce ourselves.

Erica and her father seen the two horsemen with packhorses coming towards them about 200 yards down the road, “Better get your rifle sweetheart, don’t know whether these riders are friend or foe” Erica gets the rifle from behind the seat and cocks it as the they meet up with Ned and Patches.

“Good evening gentlemen” Mr. Goshen says as they meet up, “Evening sir, Miss” Ned says as he and Perv tip their hats, and Ned noticing Erica at the ready says, “Miss we mean you no harm, easy on that trigger please, we’re just a couple of cow poke headed into town for supplies” … “Sorry gents but me and my Daughter can’t be to careful, we don’t know you two from Adam”

Then Erica and her father hear the sound of a shotgun being cocked, and look back over their shoulders to see Patches with a double barreled shotgun pointed at them, “Toss the gun away Bitch” Ned now says, and Erica has no choice but to comply.

Erica and her father had their hands tied behind their backs and their ankles bound together and laid in the back of the wagon with the supplies, Patches tied the reins of his horse to the back of the wagon and they took the father and his Daughter deep into the woods off of the road.

They stood Erica’s father on the back of the wagon and tied a rope around his neck, throwing it over a branch of a tree, and as he stood there gagged, ankles tied together and his wrist tied behind his back ready to be hanged, Ned in a teasing voice ask Erica, “Any last words you want to say to your father deary Ha! Ha! Ha!” … “Pleaseee! … Please don’t kill him Boohoo I’ll do anything you want if you let my Daddy live Boohoo”

“Hear that fellas, she’ll do anything we want Ha! Ha!” Ned says, “A willing fuck toy” Perv says with a grin” … “Untie our little slut patches” Ned said, as Patches cuts Erica free Ned told her, “ You hesitate on keeping your promise and we stretch Pop’s neck slut, you understand?” … “Yes Boohoo” … “Yes what Bitch?” Ned presses her; “Yes I understand Sir Boohoo” … “Take your clothes off, all of them and be quick about it”

The 3 outlaws look admiring their lucky catch as Erica stands before them naked, her big melon sized tits jiggling as she sobs, Perv was licking his lips as he stared beady eyed at the dark haired beauty, and he said to Ned, “You got to go first this morning on that little blonde Ned, you ort to let me tap this one first” grinning Ned says, “I wouldn’t want it to be said I wasn’t a fair minded man, you and Patches have at it and I’ll see what kind of supplies we have in the wagon.

“I want you to get down in the dirt on your belly Bitch and belly crawl over here to me” Perv says, and Ned’s warning of no hesitation still rang loudly in her ears as she got down on the ground on her belly and began slowly crawling over to Perv on her belly like a little worm in the dirt until she was at his feet, “Now start licking my boots clean and beg me to fuck you whore!”

Always being able to hold her own in this rugged land, Erica was a proud woman with confidence in herself, never having to bow down or take orders from any man, but her father was all she had in this world, so as her tears fell on Perv’s muddy old boots she began licking them clean begging him over and over to fuck her, “Please boohoo please fuck me Sir boohoo” she had never felt so humiliated and ashamed of herself as she felt now, belly down in the dirt licking this saddle tramps boots begging for him to fuck her, Erica had never been with a man all the way, nothing but hugging and kissing is all she’d ever gave to her gentlemen callers and now here she was like a dog in heat down in the dirt begging this animal to take her virginity.

As Erica licked the outlaw’s dirty boots begging for a fucking Perv was taking off his gun belt and undoing his pants, “Roll over Bitch and grab your ankles” Perv says to Erica, who rolls over curling her sexy legs back grabbing her ankles, her belly and tits all dirty from crawling. Perv wasted no time in kneeling down to claim his prize, spitting in his hand and stroking his cock, Perv loved to put the fear in a helpless woman and humiliate her; he loved his outlaw life and the power over life and death that it brought.

Snuggling the head of his cock between Erica’s quivering cunt lips he said to her, “I’m gonna fuck Poppa’s slut in front of him and if she doesn’t cum for me it will be the last thing your Pa sees” and then his eyes got wide in disbelief as the tip of his prick pushes up against her virginal hymen, “Oh my my my, Daddy’s little girl is still a virgin Ha! Ha!” and that perked up the ears of Ned who was putting the supplies from the wagon on the packhorses and Patches who was building a fire as the sun set.

Perv looked into Erica’s big brown eyes and said, “I want you to wrap your arms and legs around me as tight as you can and kiss me and say … please make me a woman you big stud” Erica wished this scumbag would just do what he was going to do, the begging for it was so emotionally hard on her, so much so she didn’t notice her hesitation until Perv said, “ If I have to say it again I’ll skin that old man of yours alive before he swings from that rope Bitch!”

Poor little Erica was just seething in humiliation as she wrapped her sexy shapely legs around the man she was about to beg to take her virginity, and kissed him as she hugged him tight with her arms, shamefully stuttering, “P-p-pleaseeee boohoo P-please make w-w-woman of me ya b-b-b-ig st-st-stud boohoo-boohoo!” crying so hard she could hardly talk.

Perv slowly pushed his prick through Erica’s virginal hymen, making sure she was looking him in the eyes as she felt him ripping it away from her, and as he plucked her little cherry she screamed in pain, her big brown eyes rolling back in her forehead, and Perv stated laying the man meat to little Erica, pounding her like a horse with a burr under it’s saddle, “Damn she soo tight! Yea that pussy good! Pussy real good Ha! Ha!”

“Please don’t cum inside of me!” Erica whimpered when it became obvious to her that this man was ready to explode, “You think you’re to good to bear my child do ya Bitch!” Perv yelled in Erica’s face then started slapping and backhanding her across her face, “Hummm do ya Bitch? Do ya?” … “Nooo I’m sorry boohoo-boohoo!” … “Beg me for my seed slut! … Beg me for it! Tell me you want to have my baby!”

Erica felt so small and insignificant laying there in the dirt with this man’s cock inside of her, as he slapped her around like she was worth no more than the dirt she had licked off his boots, begging him, “P-pleaseee give it to me Sir Boohoo-boohoo please seed me with your child, boohoo” and Erica’s body stated to turn on her and she started cumming all over the man’s cock who was slapping her around like trash, and then she felt him erupt inside of her, flooding her insides with his warm slimy seed

When Perv got up off of Erica she curled up in the fetal position crying, she had woke up this morning like all other mornings a proud, brave, confident young woman, and now she lay curled up in the dirt naked, feeling ashamed, scared and irrelevant in this rugged land.

Patches like Jake and most of Jake’s men were from the south, Patches hated northerners; northern cavalrymen slaughtered his wife and son after raping and sodomizing his wife, and it was clear to Patches by their accents that Mr. Goshen and his daughter Erica were blue bellies as he called them. In the fire that he had built, Patches was heating up a branding Iron he had made, fashioned after the stares and bars of the Confederacy.

Mr. Goshen was just a roll of the wagon wheel away from deaths door and could do nothing in his poor daughter’s defense as he saw Patches take the glowing red hot branding iron from the fire and approach his baby girl with it as she lay on the ground eyes closed sobbing, curled up in the fetal position, unaware of what Patches was preparing to do to her.

“AAAAHHHHAAA!!!” Erica had never felt such pain, and she started rolling around on the ground in agony, Patches had taken that glowing hot branding iron and pressed it to Erica’s buttock as she lay there all curled up crying, from having her virginity stolen by perverted Perv, and as she rolled around in agony, the smell of her burnt ass flesh in the air, Patches stood over her pressing it to her tit this time, “P-P-P-Pleaseeeee! AAAAA! Mercy! Mercy!” but Patches filled with hate stepped on Erica’s upper arms pinning her down to the ground, and took the branding iron and slowly lowered it to her pretty face, he was going to brand her forehead, but she turned her head so he pressed it to her cheek, “AAAAAHHHHAAAA!” she screamed then passed out, as smoke from her burnt face drifted up in the air.

Erica was brought back to consciousness a screaming, Patches had bent her over the back of the wagon by her father so he could see as he rammed his cock up his daughter’s ass, just like those Yankees had did to his wife, “AAAAA!!” she screamed as Patches rammed his rod in and out of her rectum, ripping her ass flesh, grabbing her by the back of her neck to holding her down as she beat the floor of the wagon with her balled up fist in agony, “Take it you blue belly Bitch! You fucking Yankee whore!” Patches yelled, and poor little Erica in shock and desperation was wiggling her ass, bucking and humping, trying to get free, but it only served to give herself an even more brutal butt fucking, but it did hurry Patches to busting his nuts up her ass, “Ohoooo Ha! Ha! Ha! Yea! Ahhhhh fuck yes! Ohoooaaa!” he moans in pleasure.

As Patches pulls his cock out of Erica’s ass and steps back, Ned grabs a fist full of her hair standing her up, and making her stand in front of her father, “Now I want you to get your Daddy’s dick out of his pants and suck it slut” Erica looks at Ned in disbelief, and Ned doesn’t even give Erica time to beg him not to make her do it before telling her, “I don’t want to hear a peep out of you slut, do what I told you or your Daddy’s a dead man”

Erica’s hands were trembling as she undid her father’s pants, pulled them down to his knees and stood there looking at his limp cock that was at the same height as her face with him standing in the wagon, “Kiss your Daddy’s dick and tell him your Daddy’s little whore” and visions of her Daddy swinging by his neck gave her the will to pucker her sweet lips and kiss the head of Daddy’s dick and sob, “I’m Daddy’s little whore boohoo” and Ned grinned seeing Mr. Goshen’s cock twitch from the soft touch of his daughter’s lips, “Now get busy Bitch and don’t stop until you suck out every drop of his cum, you know the consequence if you don’t”

Mr. Goshen’s dick didn’t stay limp long inside his daughter’s wet warm sucking mouth, it grew hard and long until it had her little mouth stretched wide open, “Come on Bitch work on dear ole Dad’s dick, get him off, or are you such a perverted little slut you want to stand there all night holding Dad’s dick in your mouth!”

Erica actually seen the wisdom in Ned’s words, if she wanted this over the best thing she could do was to get her fathers rocks off, because Ned would not let her stop till she had, and so she started working her tong, massaging the belly of Dad’s dick with the flat of her tong, her cheeks sunken in as she sucked for all she was worth, and dear ole Dad couldn’t help but moan a muffled grunt of pleasure as she worked her little head up and down on his shaft, with her lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing pole, and Mr. Goshen was about ready to cum.

As Mr. Goshen started shooting his load Ned stood just behind Erica, a little to her side yelling, “Swallow it whore! Swallow it!” and he had pulled out his knife, and as she sucked down the last drop, Ned shoved his knife into the center of Erica’s back, shoving it into her just far enough to sever her spinal cord, and the poor little lady dropped to the ground like a sack of taters, paralyzed from the neck down.

Ned then had Patches move the wagon forward hanging her father by his neck, and as her father hung by his neck dieing above her, Ned dropped his pants and raped little Erica in the ass. Erica lay there on her back in shock, unable to talk, unable to move, and unable to feel anything as Ned curled her limp legs back, placing them on his shoulders, and gave her a slow but steady ass fucking as she stared up at her father over Ned’s shoulder swinging by his neck.

The 3 outlaws got themselves some shuteye, leaving Erica naked and paralyzed on the ground under her hung father, and left them like that in the morning as they caught up with the rest of the gang who were already on the move headed east into Kansas.

The Goshen’s riderless team was found two days later by town’s folk and a search conducted, astonishingly Erica, who had been left by the outlaws to die a slow humiliating death under her fathers swinging corps, was found alive, but she was paralyzed for life, unable to talk or move, a prisoner of her own body, and memories of the outlaws, she was sent to a sanitarium for the physically and mentally impaired, where she was an easy target for horny staff members who took advantage of her inability to tell of her sexual abuse at their hands


The direction of the outlaw’s travel had turned so cold after the last storm that JR’s posse, who had families of their own headed back to Texas, only JR, Frank and Two Feathers pressed on, vowing to see Jake and his gang hang for their outrageous atrocities.
Jake had saved Two Feathers from a lynch mob ten years ago, and Two Feathers would follow Jake to his death, and Frank was a Texas Ranger like JR who never gave up till they got their man.


Chapter III

After robbing raping and pillaging in western Kansas for a month till the fall season, Jake’s gang would disband for the winter months and reassemble come spring, Jake along with Ned, Greasy Joe, Perv, Patches and Black Cloud were going to winter in Minnesota where Jake wanted to stake out a few northern banks that he heard were rich with Yankee railroad money, while other members of the gang would winter in Oklahoma and Missouri.

To Be Continued …..
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Four of Jake’s men, Richard, and Steve Hickman, two brothers, and their cousin Sam Spoon, along with a slow minded man named Freddy, broke off from the others and headed for the small farm of Mike and Tina Wilmatin, about 20 miles south of St. Joseph Missouri.

Rich, Steve and Sam knew Mike and Tina; they had all grown up around the same area. All 3 of them would have loved to be in Mike’s shoes, the man who shared Tina’s bed, but Tina had eyes only for Mike from the moment she met him, and Mike for her, and they married and were raising their two sons and daughter on the little farm Mike had inherited from his late father.

Mike and Tina were surprised but not alarmed when the 4 outlaws rode up on their farm that evening, after all they grew up with the 2 brothers and their cousin, they invited the men into their home for dinner and they all sat chatting and catching up, the outlaws claimed they had been on a cattle drive to explain their absents from the area. “Where are the kids?” Steve ask Tina, “Father passed away over the summer and Mom was lonely so she ask if they could stay with her for the winter in Joplin, so it’s just me and my handsome husband alone for the winter” and Tina and Mike smile at each other.

“Think I will step outside for a smoke” Sam says as he pushes away from the dinner table, but as he walked behind the chair Tina was setting in he draws his knife and put it to her throat, grabbing a handful of her strawberry blonde hair to hold her still, at the same time the other 3 pull out their pistols aimed at Mike.

“What the hell do you guys think your doing?” Mike, asked stunned at what was taking place, “Anything we want Miky ole boy, anything we want Ha! Ha! Ha!” Steve says with a smile, “And if you doing anything stupid we will carve little Tina up and eat her for breakfast”

The men tie Mike to his chair, and gag him, then turn their attention to Tina, who was setting with tears streaming down her cheeks, trembling in fear, “Now Tina we want you to get up on the table and take off them clothes” Steve says, but Tina just sets frozen in disbelief in her chair, staring at Steve, then looking at Rich, Sam removes the knife from her throat and takes a seat, knowing there was no where for Tina to run.

“Listen Tina” Rich says, “I know you’re scared, and you should be, you should be very scared, we have been robbing, raping and killing all over the south west and we’re gonna winter here with you, you’re gonna be our little Tina Toy, Ha! Ha! It’s you we have a hardon for, we don’t even like Mike, matter of fact he is only in the way, now you are gonna be our little Tina Play Toy, if we have to physically force you to do as your told we will, just as soon as we drop ole Mike here down the well, or he can live to see the sun rise tomorrow, his life is in your hands, what is it gonna be?”

Tina stood up, slipping off her shoes and stepping up on her chair seat, then up onto the table in her ankle length cotton dress, her trebling fingers working at the buttons on her dress as she unbuttoned them one by one until it was open enough for her to slide it off of her shoulders and let it slide down off of her body around her ankles, and after removing her undressing she stood on the table bare naked in front of them all.

“WOW! What a pretty little play toy we have here” Sam says with a smile, as they all looked with lusting eyes at her big tits that were nearly the size of watermelons, with perky cone shaped pink nipples the size of peaches, Tina was a full figured 37 year old, not fat, just pleasantly plump in all the right places, with long strawberry blonde hair that hung with a natural spiral curl to the small of her back, her full but neatly trimmed bush matched the color of her hair and her legs were muscular with beautiful rounded calf’s, and a meaty round ass with firm beefy buns, it was easy for Freddy to see why the other 3 had chosen her to winter with.

“Tina I want you to lay down on the table on your back with your head at Mike’s end of the table” Tina looked at Richard with her scared bluish-green eyes gushing tears begging, “Please Richard, boohoo, we all grew up together boohoo, we’re friends boohoo, pleaseee don’t do this to me pleaseee” but Rich feels no pity for Tina, only lust, “When your told to do something Tina Toy you’re to do it when you’re told, how you’re told and to do it right! Now lay down Bitch!”

The fearful young couple looked at each other as Tina lay down on the table, and Rich stood removing his clothes and walking behind Mike’s chair, scooting him back just far enough for him to stand between the couple, his fat twitching 8 inch cock right in front of Tina’s face as Rich pulled her toward him so that her head was off the edge of the table, “Open up Tina Toy, it’s time you started being a more hospitable host” but the crying young lady just couldn’t bring herself to comply with Rich’s orders.

Without moving from his position Rich swivels his torso looking back at Mike and backhands him hard across the face, cracking his lip, “Now I’m getting tired of every time I tell you something I have to tell it to ya twice! Now if I have to say it a third time I’ll break his fucking nose! Now open your fucking pie hole Bitch!” and what else could Tina do but open her quivering, plump, full lips, for a man she always thought of as her friend.

Poor little Tina was laying there with her head bent backwards off of the table, looking between Richard’s hairy thighs at her husband, who was looking at Richard’s ass humping and pumping as he face fucked his wife, his big hairy balls bouncing of Tina’s little perky nose with every thrust.

Steve who had taken off his clothes, bent over the other end of the table leaning on his elbows, told Rich, “Grab her legs and hold them back for me bro” and as Rich grabbed Tina by her ankles holding her legs back with her little feet in the air, Steve buried his face in her muff, his tong licking her clit until she was soak and wet with arousal that she couldn’t fight, but he didn’t make her climax, not yet, he got up on the table on his knees, taking Tina’s ankles from Rich and pulling them up in the air till Tina’s ass was off the table, and he slammed his 8 inch cock into her tight little pussy.

Tina had never been with any other man but her husband Mike, and now here she was getting drilled at both ends on her kitchen table by two brothers who use to argue over who got to carry her books to school. Then Rich crammed his cock all the way down Tina’s throat, holding it there, rolling his hip back and forth across her face grunting, “Ohoooo! Ohoooo! I’m cumin! I’m cumin!” And poor helpless Tina was unable to breathe as her choking throat muscles squeezed Rich’s cock shaft, milking him dry, and he stepped back just laughing about what he’d just done to her, just laughing, “Dinner has been served Ha! Ha!”

Just a couple minutes after Rich had pulled his cock out of her mouth, little Tina started having an orgasm of her own, just a blasting Steve’s stinger with her cum, which in turn caused him to pop his cork inside of her, and Tina was moaning from the shameful pleasure she was forced to feel, bawling in humiliation of it, all at the same time screaming for Steve not to cum in her, making her sort of sound like she was having a religious experience and was speaking in tongs, “Ohoooo Noooo whoooo stooooppp pleeeeeoooo Ohoooo!”

Tina lay there exhausted, her head hanging down off the table looking at her husband Mike, and she knew by the way he was looking at her he was disgusted with her, he was thinking she had enjoyed what the Hickman brothers had just done to her by the way she was cooing and moaning as she cam all over Steve’s cock, and Steve seeing the look on Mike’s face played it up, saying, “She’s a hot and horny little hoe Sam, her tight little pussy was just gripping and squeezing my cock, begging for more dick, Ha! Ha! I can’t remember the last time a whore loved getting fucked so much, you boys are gonna love this little Tina Toy”

Sam and Freddy were already naked awaiting their shot at Tina by the time Steve climbed down off the table, and Sam jerked Tina down off the table by her big tits, and she was laying in the floor crying as he said, “We all saw how you like fucking and sucking you little slut! Now lets see if you like it up the ass just as much!”

Tina hearing what Sam was going to do to her stated hugging his leg, begging him, “Pleaseee Sam! Pleaseeee! Please don’t sodomize me I’m begging you … pleaseee!” and Sam felt so powerful seeing Tina after all these years down in the floor naked at his feet begging him not to rape her in the ass, so many times he had fantasized about her doing that, “If you’re gonna beg do it like a proper whore would Bitch! And kiss my fucking ass!” and it showed just how much Tina feared an ass fucking by her timely compliance to Sam’s orders.

Sam had never been so glad to be a man as Tina knelt behind him sobbing, kissing his hairy ass and begging him to spare her an ass fucking, and poor little Tina after complying immediately like she had, and lowering herself to kissing this bastard’s stinking ass, felt so foolish when Sam said to the others, “Bend this Bitch over the table and tie her down for me will ya boys”

As the others bent Tina over the end of the table spreading her sexy shapely legs and tying her ankles to the table legs, and taking a rope tying one end of it to one wrist, then running it under the table tying the other end to her other wrist, Sam was standing in front of her husband with his 9 inch cock standing strait up in the air, telling him, “I’m fixing to do a man’s job here Mike ole buddy, now you watch close and I’ll teach you how a real man puts a little whore like that wife of yours in her rightful place Ha! Ha!”

Tina was still begging Sam as he stepped up behind her, trying to convince him not to do this to her, Tina didn’t understand Sam’s mindset though, hearing her beg and plead for him not to subject her to this savage degrading act of sexual cruelty only made him want to make the act as humiliating as he could for her, to show her what a big strong powerful man he was, and he placed the palms of his hands on her round meaty buns, squeezing them like bread doe and spreading her cheeks apart, placing the tips of his thumbs on each side of her anus, prying her tight rubbery pucker ring apart as he pressed the tip of his cock up to it.

“Gonna give it to ya dry Tina Toy!” Sam said, and then with a loud grunt rammed her rear with his rod, but her virgin asshole was so tight, that all he could sink was the bloated head of his cock in her anus, and just doing that snapped her rubbery ring like an overstreached rubber band, “AAAAAA … Oh Gawd help Meeee!” Tina cried out in agony, and Sam grabbed two fistfuls of Tina’s long mane, wrapping them around his hands like a horses reins, “Relax that ass or I’ll rip ya clean to your bowels Bitch!” and Sam rammed her again, his big bone meaning business this time as it ripped a five inch path of destruction down her rectum, “Mercy Sam AAAA!! I’m begging you for mercy!” On his third thrust Tina’s anus muscles caved into Sam’s relentless quest to have his cock all the way up her ass, and his pelvis slammed against her buns and his balls against her pussy.

Sam leaned forward over Tina, placing his hands on the table at her sides, standing there with his cock up her butt hole as he ask her, “You starting to understand your place Bitch and who’s in charge here?” … “Yes Sam boohoo” Tina sobbed, “When a man has his cock up your ass you should address him as Sir you worthless piece of ass meat!” … “Sir yes Sir boohoo” feeling his power Sam says, “You ask me to show you mercy, then earn it you sniveling, pathetic whore, start squeezing my cock with those butt cheeks or I’ll pound ya till you can’t walk for a week!”

This was the way to live Sam thought to himself, as Tina’s quivering buns squeezed the cock impaled between them, in an attempt to satisfy that beastly bone in order to be spared an all out butt busting by Sam, “Thata girl Tina Toy Ha! Ha! … See what I was telling ya Mike ole buddy, all ya gota do is give these little Bitches an attitude adjustment to let them know who rules the roost Ha! Ha! … Ain’t that right Tina Toy?” … “Yes Sam Sir boohoo” and he continued belittle Tina as she squeezed his cock until he shot his load up her ass, and stepped back, pulling his cock out of her ripped rear end.

Freddy was a very slow-minded man, but Sam had taken him under his wing and the rest of Jake’s gang accepted him. Tina realized in the short time she had known Freddy that he was slow-minded and when he stepped up behind her saying “My turn Tina Toy” she tried to reason with him, “Please Freddy, you seem like a nice man boohoo please don’t hurt me, I can do other things to make you happy, boohoo please Freddy pleaseee!” and Freddy wasn’t as hard hearted as the rest of the gang, and he felt a little sorry for Tina, but he always strived to please Sam.

“What should I do Sam” Freddy ask his mentor, “I thought you were an ass man like me Fed?” the last thing Freddy wanted was for Sam to be disappointed in him and he said, “I am Sam I am, I’m just like you” and Sam who was standing beside the table leaned over licking the tears off the side of Tina’s face said, “Then if I were you Freddy my friend I’d bust this little Bitches ass just as hard and fast as I could Ha! Ha!”

What Sam wanted over ruled any pity he felt for Tina and Freddy rammed his 10-inch cock all the way up Tina’s ripped rear end and like a bronco buster trying to break a Mustang Freddy was riding Tina for all he was worth, and poor little Tina was screaming, “Call him off of me Sam sir AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Pleaseeeeee caaaalllll him off of Meeeeee!!” but Sam started clapping his hands chanting “Freddy! Freddy! Freddy!” and Sam was joined by the Hickman brothers who clapped and chanted Freddy’s name, cheering him on.


Well the Hickman brothers, Sam and Freddy was enjoying their accommodations at the Wilmatin farm very much, it was a dream come true, but after the Wilmatin couple had missed Sunday services two weeks in a row the congregation ask the sheriff to ride out and check on the couple.

Sheriff Elliott had not survived all his years as a lawman by not being cautious, he always hoped for the best but expected the worst. Taking his deputy with him he sneaked up from the rear of the Wilmatin couple’s farmhouse, discreetly peering in the windows, and seeing what was taking place, he saw Mrs. Wilmatin, naked and on her knees crawling back and forth between to naked strangers, sucking their dicks, and her husband Mike tied to a chair, he knew if he and his deputy just rushed in the couple could get killed so they both took up positions outside the front door to wait for it to open to make a move and surprise the four outlaws.

Finally the door opened and Mrs. Wilmatin came out the door naked with a water bucket, then the Sheriff seen a foot come out the door kicking Tina in the ass and a voice yelling “Hurry up Bitch!” the deputy grabbed Tina pulling her out of the way as the Sheriff rushed the door putting a gun to the forehead of Richard who just kicked Tina, and the Sheriff said, “You so much as blink and you’re a dead man son” then joined by his deputy the four outlaws were taken into custody without a shot being fired.

Sheriff Elliott, gained the trust of Freddy after separating him from the others, and Freddy told him the whole story about his travels with the Jake Evens gang, “I know a man that would like to talk to you son” The Sheriff told Freddy.
JR, Frank and Two Feathers walked in the jail and were introduced to Freddy, who told them that Jake went to Minnesota for the winter to stake out banks, and JR and his two companions headed to Minnesota.

The Hickman brothers and Sam were sentenced to life and Freddy because of his help was sentenced to 10 years.
Mike never looked at Tina the same after she climaxed on Steve’s cock, and when he learned she was pregnant with one of the outlaw’s baby’s he divorced her and sent her packing to her Mother’s


Chapter IV

After casing out a few banks in Minnesota Jake and the men with him began looking for a place to hold up for the winter, a place with no lawmen, when they came across a small prairie town that only had a Church, School, Sawmill and a Doctor’s office, and a General Store that had a couple room for rent above the store, but no Sheriff, it was just a small country town with few inhabitants that catered to the farmers that lived throughout the countryside surrounding the town.

Jake looked at his companions and said, “Gentlemen welcome to Walnut Grove, we’ll winter here”

To Be Continued …
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Jake, Ned, Perv, Patches, Black Cloud and Greasy Joe, rented 3 rooms above Oleson’s Mercantile, owned by Nels Oleson and his wife Harriet, who had two children, a son 16 year old Willie, and a Daughter, 18 year old Nellie, both of whom were spoiled brats.

After getting settled in the outlaws broke off in pairs to canvas the surrounding countryside to get a feel for it’s layout and it’s people.

Not long after the outlaws arrival in Walnut Grove bad things started to happen to the towns folk and those living in the surrounding countryside.

First was Nellie Oleson, Nellie had always been an unruly young girl looking for trouble, she always had her nose where it didn’t belong in other peoples business, and on the second day of the outlaws stay at the Mercantile her parents had traveled to the nearest city of Sleepy Eye 40 miles away to order supplies to stock their store for the winter, and the outlaws were out canvassing the countryside. Nellie with the place empty went to snooping around and was in the room Perv and Patches shared, going through their belongings, when the two walked in on her.

“Well what do we have here Patches?” Pev says, “Looks like a thief Perv” and Patches shut and locked the door to the room. Nellie was instantly scared stiff, “I’m s-sorry I-I …” Perv grabbed Nellie by the throat with one hand choking her as he said, “Shut up you little Cunt! Your gonna learn what happens to nosey little Bitches! And if you draw the attention of any of the town’s folk (And he pulls out his knife) I’ll cut you up in little pieces! You understand me little girl?” and Nellie shook her little head yes as tears started to trickle from her big blue eyes.

Perv let go of Nellie’s neck telling her, “take off the dress Cunt” Nellie started crying harder saying, “Pleaseee I’m sorry Mister boohoo I won’t do it again I swear boohoo” Perv and Patches started undoing there pants and Perv told Nellie, “If I have to tell you again I’ll kill ya Cunt!”

The two outlaws stood naked with their big cock standing strait up in the air as they looked at the little 18 year old Oleson girl, who looked more like she was 15 standing there trembling and shaking, naked except for her knee-high white stockings and black slip on shoes, verily 5 foot 3 she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds soak and wet, Nellie wore her shoulder length blonde hair in two piggy tails tied with pretty pink ribbons, her small milky white tits looked like two cupcakes with her little cherry sized nipples, and her thinly haired blonde bush showed the youth of her age.

“I’m gonna bust this little Bitch Perv, you got the last cheery” Patches said as he forced little Nellie down on his bed, forcing her little legs apart with his knees as he climbed on top of her, “Please please don’t do this I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Nellie begged, she was use to her tears and her apologies getting her out of the scraps she got herself into, but tears and apologies didn’t work with a hardened breed like Patches and Perv, “Stop squirming around you fucking nosey little Cunt! Or I’ll roll you over and stick it up your little ass instead!” Patches warned Nellie.

“Daddyyyy! Dadd-mmmm” Nellie screamed as Patches prick plucked her virginal cherry, but her scream was muffled by Patches hand cupped over her mouth, and her thin but shapely young legs kicked strait up in the air jerking and twitching from the pain of Patches brutal penetration and thievery of her innocents, and Patches went out of his way to make this rape as brutal as he could, chewing on her pink cherry sized nipples as he slammed his fat cock in and out of her tight little twat, and by the time Patches dumped his slimy load deep in her pussy and climbed off of Nellie, she just lay there in his bed spread eagled in a semi state of shock staring unblinkingly up at the ceiling with blood and semen oozing from her ravaged cunt.

Then Perv stepped up beside the bed grabbing Nellie by a wrist and an ankle, flipping her up in the air and over on her belly like she was a flapjack, then Perv raped little Nellie in the ass. After they were both done using little Nellie, they had her clean herself up with water from the room washbasin, and put her dress back on, then the two outlaws took her downstairs into the back of the store where the door to the cellar was, and they opened the door.

“W-what are you going to do to me boohoo” Nellie ask as Patches stood behind her holding her by her upper arms, “I’m going to give your little head a big twist to the left till I break your skinny little neck Nellie, then ole Patches here is gonna toss you down the cellar steps, that way when your parents find you it will look like a terrible accident, you tripping and falling to your death Ha! Ha! Ha!” and Perv just loved the look of pure fear in Nellie’s big blue eyes by letting her know she was about to die.

“Pleaseee don’t kill me Sir pleaseee!” Nellie begged, “I’m sorry but we just can’t take the chance of you running to Mommy and Daddy and telling them what we did to you Nellie” … “I won’t tell boohoo I wont … I swear to you Oh Pleaseee!” Nellie begged, “I know you won’t little girl cause I’m gonna make shotgun sure of it Ha! Ha! Ha!” and then Perv grabbed her little head and with a quick twist “SNAP!” went her neck, then Perv brought her little head back around to see the look in her eyes in her last seconds of life, and with a grin said to her, “That’ll teach ya Ha! Ha! Throw her away Patches” and Patches turned her to face the cellar stairs and let go of her, but some how, nerves maybe, she teetered there on her feet, so Patches kicked her in the ass to send her tumbling down the stairs like a sack of taters.

Dr Hiram Baker, Walnut Grove’s country Doctor, ruled Nellie’s death was due to accidental falling down the cellar steps, causing a fracture of her neck. Harriet, Nellie’s mother was so grief stricken she had to be sedated and confined to bed rest.

Jake who had the town believing that He, Ned, Patches and Perv were cattlemen up here staking out grazing land for a herd of cattle they were going to drive up the coming summer all showed up for Nellie’s funeral serves and paid their respects to Nels, Nellie’s father. Jake did not let Greasy Joe or the half-breed Negro Indian Black Cloud go to the funeral serves because of their un-kept appearance, they were just to grimy and stinky, and is also why they roomed together, the towns people believed the two of them were just hired scouts of Jake’s.

At the funeral services Jake saw Caroline Ingalls, the 37 year old wife of a farmer named Charles, who was not present at the funeral, and Jake saw her two young lovely daughters 20-year-old Mary, who was blind, and 18-year-old Laura, although Jake did not speak to Caroline that day, he thought to himself, “Before I leave this area I’m going to get to know you a whole lot better Mrs. Ingalls, you can bet your pretty little ass on that”

Greasy Joe and Black Cloud were back in their rented room above the mercantile, and Greasy Joe was looking out the window at the funeral serves, the pretty little thing that caught his eye was the little blonde schoolteacher, Miss Eva Beadle, “Si Si there’s dat sexy little school maestro Yi! Yi Yi! I wanna stick my enchilada in her asno” Black Cloud looked out the window to see whom his Mexican friend was talking about, “I saw her buggy at a little house a mile south of town, she’d be easy pickings” Black Cloud said, “Well whata we waitn for amigo, lets go wait fo her to get home” and they both laughed and headed off to Miss Beadle’s house.

By the time Eva Beadle got home the sun was just going down, so after entering her darkened home she lit an oil lamp, “What is that horrible smell” she said out loud to herself, slipping off her shoes as she walked over and put a couple of logs on the fire in the fire place. She soon found out what that terrible odor was when Greasy Joe and Black Cloud stepped out of hiding, shocked hardly describes the look on Eva’s face to see a big, fat, naked hairy greasy, grimy Mexican and a tall muscular dirty black naked Indian standing around her grinning and stroking their big fat cocks.

“Hola sexy greengo senora, we ben waitn on yus to get your bastante asno hom” Greasy Joe said in his usual broken English, “What my Mexican friend here means to say is … it’s about time you got your ass home Bitch! And now you’re gonna get fucked!” and Greasy Joe just laughs, “Ha! Ha! si si Chief si si Ha! Ha!”

Miss Beadle was frozen in fear, was this really happing, this kind of thing didn’t happen in Walnut Grove, the pretty little 29 year old schoolteacher thought to herself, but she knew it was happing, and before she came to her senses and tried to bolt for the door, the big half breed had grabbed a hold of her short blonde curly hair with one hand as he stood behind her, and his other hand grabbed the neckline of the back of her dress and ripped it down clean to her waist, with her dress down around her waist and her ample 36C sized milky white breast bouncing around, Greasy Joe grabbed what was left of her dress tearing it from her body and rendering the little schoolteacher totally nude.

Black Cloud grabbed Eva by her arms and Greasy Joe grabbed a hold of her sexy shapely legs and they picked Miss Beadle up and carried her into her bedroom, with her begging “Nooo! Noooo! Stop! Stooopp! Let go of Meee!” but they just tossed her down on her bed and Greasy Joe pounced on top of her like a wolf on a rabbit, putting his hands on her upper arms to pin her down to her mattress, as he used his knees to pry her unwilling legs apart, “Abra yus legs yu greengo ramera! Or I kill yu!”

Although Eva couldn’t understand every word this filthy stinking Mexican was saying, she didn’t need a translation to understand he was demanding that she open herself up to him or he would kill her, and Eva seen she had no choice but to comply, she was out here in the countryside all alone, and knew there would be no knight in shinny armor ridding to her rescue, the good people of Walnut Grove would all be in their homes by this hour ready for bed, so Miss Beadle relaxed her legs and surrendered her honor and dignity to the squander of this greasy grimy man who smelled like a dead animal.

“Conseguido!! Ha! Ha! Si! Si!” Greasy Joe gloatingly yells in Miss Beadle’s tear soaked face as he rammed his greasy fat cock to the hilt inside of her dry pussy, causing her great pain, “AAAAA! Ohoooo My Gawd!” she cries, Greasy Joe presses his mouth to hers trying to kiss her as he begins pumping his cock in and out of her tight twat, but Eva kept her lips clinched, trying very hard not to heave from the smell of his breath, so Greasy Joe twist her tender nipple till she screams and crams his tong in her mouth.

Greasy Joe loved it, doing the dirty dance with this well breed respectable white lady, his fat greasy cock dancing around inside of her pussy jerking and twitching as he slammed it in and out of her, his greasy balls smacking her asshole with every thrust, and their tongs dancing inside of her mouth as she tried using her tong to push his tong out of her mouth to no avail.

Poor little Eva Beadle couldn’t have felt more dirtier, this fat hairy Mexican felt like a greased pig on top of her, and smelled like one to, and his tong tasted of cheap whisky and chewing tobacco, then her hazel eyes grew wide in revulsion as she felt him spit something wet, soft and nasty in her mouth and realized it was the wade of tobacco he’d been chewing, her first instinct was to spit it out, but he immediately covered her mouth with the palm of his hand, and pinched her nose closed with his thumb and index finger, so she couldn’t breath.

“Trague lo yus mugriento greengo ramera!” although she couldn’t understand a word he was saying Eva knew what he wanted and that was for her to swallow the disgusting chew he spat in her mouth, and she was shaking her head no, “Trague lo or I asfixie yu greengo senora slut!” finally her lungs burning for air Miss Beadle swallowed Greasy Joe’s wade of tobacco. Then Greasy Joe rolled over with Eva, so that she was laying on top of him, which brought her some relief, making it easier for her to breath being out from under his weight.

But her relief was short lived as Greasy Joe slapped her little round rump with the palm of his hand saying to Black Cloud, “Wanna palo her en du asno amigo Ha! Ha!” Black Cloud who could speak Spanish as well as English climbed on top of poor little Miss Beadle pressing his 12 inch black cock up to the pucker of her virgin rosebud saying, “Damn straight I do amigo, lets take this little teacher to school Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Nooooo! Noooooo! NoooouuuUUAAAAAAAAAA!!! – AAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Little Eva Beadle screamed in unbelievable agony as Black Cloud rammed crammed and stuffed his big black cock all the way up her tight little ass, and that big black Indian stated drilling her without mercy, up on one knee leaning over top of her with his hands on her brass headboard for leverage just a ripping and tearing her rectum into hamburger, teaching that poor little teacher a lesson not taught in school.

First Eva’s sexy little body went into spasms as she kicked her little feet against the mattress like she was playing a drum roll and her little legs were the drumsticks, then she went into convulsions, jerking, twitching and flopping around between her two rapist, her shocked hazel eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, then blessed unconsciousness.

For several hours Black Cloud and Greasy Joe raped and sodomized Miss Beadle as she drifted in and out of consciousness, when they were finished with her and she came back to, she found herself naked laying in the living room floor, her wrist tied behind her back with a rope around her neck, the rope was hanging over one of the exposed joist in the ceiling, and when Greasy Joe seen her open her eyes he started pulling the rope, pulling her by her neck, up to her feet, up onto her tiptoes.

“Tiempo fo yu tu die mamasita” Greasy Joe said to the terrified schoolteacher, “Pleaseee! Pleaseee! Don’t kill meeee! Pleaseeee! I don’t want to die” … “Ahhh you hear that Greasy Joe, I kinda feel sorry for this little greengo cunt” Miss Beadle’s sexy shapely legs are trembling as she strains to stay up high enough on her tiptoes to keep the rope from completely cutting off her air “Pleaseee let me live Ohooo Pleaseee boohoo” and Greasy Joe is laughing so hard his fat belly is jiggling as he mocks Eva, “Stop lo! Stop lo! You gonna marca me grito boohoo Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Then Greasy Joe pulls Eva up off of her feet so that she is dangling by the neck, kicking her little feet, pointing her toes toward the ground as she makes gurgling noises, and as Greasy Joe looks her in her fear stricken eyes and tells her “Adios blanco basura Bitch!” Black Cloud draws his knife and grabs her by the hair and scalped the poor little Walnut Grove schoolteacher, and as he held her up off the floor by the rope Greasy Joe kicked her in the ass, humiliating her all the way up till the end telling her, “Hura arriba an die greengo cunt!”

The two outlaws cut Eva’s hands fee and took the rope off her neck and tossed her corpse onto her bed, and on the way out the door Greasy Joe took the oil lamp smashing it against the floor setting the house on fire.


The house burnt clear to the ground and only chard remains of Miss Beadle were found on her bedsprings, so the best educated guess that Dr Baker could make was that she never woke up during the accidental fire and must have died peacefully in her sleep from smoke inhalation.


Chapter V

JR, Frank and Two Feathers were getting discouraged; they had looked high and low all winter around the State of Minnesota, but no one seemed to know anything about the whereabouts of Jake or the men riding with him, spring was almost here and JR began to think Jake must already have started south to meet up with the rest of his gang, so he decided to work his way back south as well.


“Mount up boys, we need to get back and meet up with the rest of the gang” Jake says, “But there is a bit of unfinished business I want to see to on the way” and the 6 outlaws headed south out of town.
About 5 miles out of town Jake held up his hand motioning for his boys to stop, “We’re here” he said, and the 6 riders sat on their horses looking down the hill at the little house on the prairie …

To Be Continued.

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Great story. +rep
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Default Great

Super great story, I hardly can wait it to continue reading!

Please go on!
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Thank you Captdsulu and Naor2a for your kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story.
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Caroline Ingalls and her daughter Laura were busying themselves with household chores while Mary knitted, Mary lost her eyesight a year ago but was finally getting to the point of accepting the lose of her sight. Charles Ingalls the husband and father had taken a job at a mine 100 miles away to earn enough money for Mary to see a specialist, dangerous work but the money was good.
The Ingalls ladies heard the riders outside and Caroline looked out the window, “It’s those cattlemen who have been staying in town, Laura stay in the house with your sister Mary, I’ll go out and see what brings them by”

By the time Caroline got outside Jake was down off his horse and greeted her at the door, “Good morning gentlemen” she said in a nervous but polite voice, “Morning Mrs. Ingalls” Jake says, “What brings you Gentlemen by this morning” Caroline ask, “Well I heard in town that your man has been gone for sometime and we wanted to stop by before leaving town and see if there were anything we could do for you lonely ladies” Jake says with a wicked smile.

Caroline didn’t like Jake’s choice of words and they’re underlining meaning, but pretended that what he meant by them had gone over her head, “I thank you gentlemen for your concern and thoughtfulness but we have everything well at hand here and Charles should be home anytime now, but I want to wish you men safe traveling back to your herd”

“I’m afraid I have a confession to make Mrs. Ingalls, we’re not really cattlemen and there is no herd” Caroline can no longer hide her uneasiness, she knows by the look on the faces of these rugged men that she and her girls are in trouble, “I I don’t understand I thought you …” but Jake interrupted Caroline saying, “Have you ever heard the name Jake Evens?”

Of course Caroline had heard of Jake Evens, everyone who wasn’t living under a rock had heard that name and of the horrific crimes he and his men had committed across the west and Mexico, raping, robbing and killing, word had it that no one had ever seen Jake Evens and lived to tell of it.

The color drained out of Caroline’s face and she started to feel faint and unsteady on her feet from learning who this man really was, and that just feed Jake’s already inflated male ego to see the fear that the mere mention of his name brought this beautiful lady.

“P-p-please M-M-Mr. Evens Sir, I’m just a simple farmers wife, me and my girls can bring you no harm, please don’t hurt us” Caroline says as a tear trickles down her cheek, without saying a word Jake whips out his Boey Knife and places it to the top button of Caroline’s dress and cut it off, she is frozen with fear and says noting as Jake plucks off the second button then the third, now shaking like a leaf trying very hard not to faint Caroline whimpers “Pleaseee boohoo” but Jake just mutters to her “Shut up woman” as he cut another button off of her dress before pulling it off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground.

“Esto senora es a atractiva pedazo of asno hombre” … “You can say that again Greasy Joe, ole Jake can pick’em can’t he Ha! Ha!” Black cloud says, “Why don’t you teach that Mex better English Chief, I can hardly understand a word he says” Patches says with a grin, “He said that this lady is a sexy piece of ass man” and Perv laughs, “Little Momma here is definitely a looker, but I wonder if those two pretty little pussies she has in the house will squirm as much as Nellie did Ha! Ha!”

After Perv’s statement about Nellie, Caroline now realizes her death was not due to an accidental fall, but that the young girl was raped and killed, and her fear now heightens to the level that her knees are knocking and she becomes dizzy with fear for what they will do to her daughters, “I don’t know about the little Oleson cunt, but this little farmers hoe has a better set of tits then that little schoolteacher had don’t you think Greasy Joe?” Black Cloud asks, “ Ah, Senorita Beadle, I think she realmente lika mi Mejicana enchilada Ha! Ha! Ha!”

After hearing that not only Nellie, but that Miss Beadle also had fallen victim to these ruthless men, Caroline had no reason not to fully believe that she and here daughters would meet the same fate, and her fear was immeasurable, so much so she became weak with fright, and fell to her knees at Jake’s feet, her trembling legs unable to support her, Caroline’s fear was so intense that even her bladder failed her and she began pissing down her legs as she knelt there naked in the dirt.

Caroline is looking up at Jake with her trembling hands held together, so scared, and crying so hard that all she can do is simply plead, “Pleaseeeee Pleaseeeeee … Pleaseeeee!” Jake loved it, this was real power, and he grabbed a hold of Mrs. Ingalls hair and lead her in the house, making her crawl on her knees saying, “Lets go play with those precious little pussies you have in the house sweet Caroline”

Mary and Laura had overheard everything and was cuddled together hugging each other crying. Like their mother they understood their probable fate, Jake took two chairs and sat them side by side and had the Ingalls girls set down in them, “I want you two little cunts to set there and keep your mouths shut, I’m gonna play a game with your Ma, run her through some test if you will, if she passes the test you all get to live, if she fails me … me and my men will fuck yens all to death!” then he looks at Caroline who is still on her knees and asks, “Do you understand what I’m saying Mrs. Ingalls?”

“I’ll do anything you want if you don’t hurt my little girls Mr. Evens boohoo-boohoo” and Jake already knew she would, it always amazed Jake the dirty things he could get a mother to do to protect her child, and that’s why he picked Caroline after seeing her with her two lovely daughters in town.

Jake got down on one knee in front of Caroline, put his lips to her quivering lips and kissed her long and hard, sticking his tong deep in her mouth, then he kissed the ball tip of her nose saying, “Such a pretty face … Fellas each one of you will do something nasty and filthy of your choice to this pretty face of Mrs. Ingalls, short of having her suck your dick, which ever one of you that I judge humiliates her the most will be rewarded with her sucking every drop of your slime out of your balls, Ned you first”

Ned pulled a chair up and sat down in front of Caroline, and started hacking up a big snotty slime ball of spit, then he put his hand underneath her quivering chin, raising her pretty face to make her look at him, then he blasted her in the face with the snotty spit ball, hitting her between the eyes with it, and as it slid down the bridge of her nose he hacked up another one, this one hit her in the eye, “How do you like that you nasty little Bitch!” Ned said more as a statement then a question and he got up out of the chair.

“Very good Mrs. Ingalls” Jake said, “You didn’t sass him or beg him, very submissive, I like that in a woman, it will serve you well not to forget that … Patches your next”

Patches took a seat in the chair in front of Caroline, “Open your fucking mouth you dirty dirt farming Yankee trash” and as Caroline knelt there in front of the one eyed bandit he hacked up a mouth full of slimy saliva and snot, spitting it into her open mouth, “Now gargle and rinse your mouth with it, then swallow it Yankee trash!” and Caroline tried to comply, but after about two seconds of gargling the slimy snot she gagged nearly throwing up, and it foamed out of her mouth, down her neck, running down between her heaving breast, “You worthless Cunt! Now we’re gonna have to try it again” and not wanting to have to repeat this a third time Caroline found the fortitude and determination to accomplish this nasty part of her test.

“Very! Very! Good Caroline” said Jake, “I thought for sure you’d be unable to go through with that and resort to begging for mercy, had that been the case you would now be choosing which one of your daughters were gonna loose their cheery to me while you sucked ole Patches prick Ha! Ha! … Perv you’re up”

Perv took his place in the chair in front of Caroline, “Take my boots off Bitch!” it was all Caroline could do to pull the boots off Perv’s sweaty feet, and the smell alone was enough to turn her stomach, “Now the socks Slut!” then he had Caroline hold his foot in her trembling hands and kiss every toe, and lick the dirt out from between them.

Caroline was drowning in humiliation and despair, every man was treating her worse then the last, striving to win the pleasure of her sucking lips on his cock, and showing her absolutely no regard in trying to win it.

After perv made her suck every toe on his other foot he leaned over putting his face just inches from Caroline’s and took his finger pushing one of his own nostrils closed as he cleared the other one all over her face by blowing through it, blowing his snot all over her pretty face, then he cleared the other nostril in the same manner before getting up from the gagging, humiliated and shamed lady.

And Jake loved it, seeing this kindhearted respectable wife and mother being done so dirty and cheap by his men, and looking at Black Cloud he said, “Go a head Chief, looks like you have a big hill to climb if you want this pretty little cock sucker sucking on your tomahawk Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Black Cloud was an intelligent half breed, being born part Negro and part Indian he had learned early in life he had to out score the whit man if he wanted to succeed, but he was a realist, he knew Greasy Joe had away of making a woman’s skin crawl like no other man he’d ever saw, and knew because of this the cards were stacked against him, so he knew his cock might not be the cock this little white woman had to suck, but his cum would be the first she tasted.

Black Cloud stepped up in front of Caroline, dropping his pants to his knees and pulling out his big black 12 inch cock and started stroking it in front of her face, so close she could smell the sour musky stench of his filthy pole, “Keep your eyes open and look at it ya white whore!” he said to her as she bawled like a baby with her pretty face covered in the collective filth of the other men’s deplorable acts against her.

First came the pre-cum from Black Clouds piss slit, a steady stream of it oozing out as he held his cock over Caroline’s face, letting it run down her forehead her nose and the blush red cheeks of her pretty face, mixing with the torrent of tears she was shedding, before dripping from her quivering chin, falling and splattering on Caroline’s firm 42Ds.

By the time Black Cloud was ready to shoot his heavy load he had covered Caroline’s pretty face with a thick glossy coating of his pre-cum, “Open your mouth Bitch!” Black Cloud demanded of Caroline, and that poor little Ingalls Lady somehow muster the courage she would have never dreamed she had, as she opened her mouth and knelt there awaiting the slimy sperm she knew he was going to feed her, and then it came, glob after slimy thick glob lading on her tong, hitting her pearly white teeth upper lip and chin.

Jake was just enjoying every second of Caroline’s disgrace at the hands of his men, and Caroline knew he was by the look of pleasure on his face as he said to her, “You are truly an amazing woman Caroline, I’ve seen a lot of gutter sluts in my time that couldn’t do what your doing for them two little virgins of yours, now all you got to do is make it through Greasy Joe without throwing up to keep me from taking the innocents of one of those sweet little girls of yours … Get busy Greasy”

Greasy Joe stepped up in front of the little Ingalls lady who was just shivering and shaking in utter shame and humiliation, and he was butt ass naked, “Luuk up en mi Senorita Ingalls” he said to her, and as Caroline looked up the length of Greasy Joe’s filthy body from down on her knees, she seen what had to be the filthiest man she had ever saw in her life, his big greasy cock jerking and twitching, his thick black body hair was sticking to his own greasy skin, his beard caked with dried tobacco spit, and as he glared down at her with eyes as black as coal he spat out a big wade of tobacco juice that hit her heavily on her forehead, splattering all over her face.

Just the sight and smell of the nauseating man alone had her stomach a churning, and she feared that if she had to touch any part of him she wouldn’t be capable of not throwing up, then Greasy Joe turned his back towards her so that she was facing his fat greasy hairy ass, and he reached behind himself grabbing his ass, spreading his cheeks and prying open the pucker of his own shitty asshole, Greasy Joe was determined to win the prize of her lips around his cock.

“Now palo yus nariz up mi asnohoyo blanco basura Bitch!” poor little Caroline looked over at Jake, then back at Greasy Joe’s greay fat ass then at Black Cloud and the other men, and Jake knew she didn’t understand what the Mexican was saying he wanted her to no with his ass, “The lady needs a translation Chief” Jake said to Black Cloud, “He says … Now stick your nose up his asshole white trash Bitch!”

Poor Caroline knelt there staring at Greasy Joe’s big greasy hairy asshole frozen in disgust of what he wanted from her, she’d have rather shoved her face in pig shit than have to comply with this demand, and Jake could see her fortitude failing her, and he said to her, “You don’t have to do it Caroline, you can just surrender to greasy Joe and suck his cock, but if you do, I need you to pick out one of those little pop a twats of your for me to fuck!”

Only the special love a mother has for her children could give a woman the tenacity and resolve to do such a wickedly soiled act, and Caroline loved those little girls of hers more then life it’s self, and she closed her eyes and stuck her face into the mucky crevice of Greasy Joe’s hot sweaty greasy hairy ass crack, pressing the ball tip of her nose in the gapping shitty pucker that he held open for her, “Mas profundo blanco basura Bitch!” … “He says deeper white trash Bitch!” Black Cloud translated, and Caroline was just wanting it over and started pressing her face into the crack of his ass as tightly as she could, her nose all the way up his shitty asshole, and Greasy Joe clamped his asshole tightly around her nose, then cut the biggest, wettest, nastiest fart, blasting Caroline’s nose with it and the foul gases gushed out around her face, peppering it with his shit.

Caroline felt the vomit coming up and pulled her face from its filthy perch, putting her hand over her mouth forcing herself to swallow it back down, and Greasy Joe turned back around laughing a victorious laugh, knowing he had won the prize of her sweet lips around his cock, “Si! Si! Si! Do I victoria Senor Jake?” and grinning Jake says, “Yes Greasy you win amigo Ha! Ha!”

Greasy Joe took his cock in his hand and started beating it across Caroline’s face yelling “Abra yus boca! Abra yus boca!” and it wasn’t that Caroline knew Greasy Joe was demanding she open her mouth, she didn’t know what he was saying and only opened her mouth to say so when Greasy Joe crammed his fat greasy cock into her mouth, poor little Caroline had never sucked a cock in her life, her and Charles’s love making had always consisted of missionary style under the covers with the lights out, so to now have Greasy Joe’s fat greasy cock wedged tightly in her throat was a shock to her.

Greasy Joe gripped Caroline’s head tightly in his hands and began to slam his filthy prick in and out of her mouth, she wasn’t going to suck cock, she was going to get face fucked by this hot-tempered Mexican, who was just jam fucking her little mouth, yelling at her and berating her, most of wish she couldn’t understand, but she understood enough to realize she was nothing but a piece of meat to this foul man, an object to be used abused and enjoyed without regard, “Chupe it! Chupe it yu greengo ramera! Yu joder vagabundo! Chupe it!”

Then Greasy Joe crammed his cock all the way down down her throat, holding it there with his greasy balls pressed to her chin and her nose buried in his sweaty greasy pubic hair, and she felt the warm thick fluid pumping through his cock shaft and spewing from his piss slit and sliding down her throat like molasses coating her stomach as he force feed her every drop of his revolting spunk.

After Greasy Joe was finished he wiped his cock off on her face and turned to the other men bragging “Du poco greengo cunt amor mi Mejicano enchilada amigos Yi! Yi! Yi! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Well done Mrs. Ingalls, get up I’ll take you out to that watering troff and get you cleaned up” Jake said to the traumatized mother, and she looked up at the man who had put her through all of this knowing he was the one who held all the power over what happened to her and her daughters and in the softest most submissive voice Jake had ever heard a woman speak in sobbed “I fear for my babies being left in her with your men alone Mr. Evens Sir, please don’t let harm come to them” … “Why you have my word on it Mrs. Ingalls”


Chapter VI

As Caroline Ingalls stood slowly to her feet, physically weak and mentally weary from her humiliating abuse by this brutal breed of men, Jake looked at Ned, and motioned him over to him, and unheard by anyone whispered directives in his ear before leading Caroline out the door to the watering troff …

To be continued.
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Jake lead Mrs. Ingalls down to the watering troff outside the barn doors and had her set down in the in the water as he rolled up his sleeves and began washing her sexy little body for her, messaging her shoulders which after all she had been through actually felt comforting to the weary woman, who closed her eyes and tried to dream it was Charles’s hands that were massaging her shoulders and caressing her body as Jake moved them down to her melon sized breast, gently foundling them as lovingly as Charles would.

Then one of Jakes hand slides down her flat belly raking his fingertips through her full bush as he slipped his middle finger up inside of her pussy lips to massage her clit, and Caroline’s tortured mind fell believingly into her daydream that the soothing hands that were treating her body so gentle and loving were the hands of her loving husband, moaned in pleasure as she began getting wet with arousal “Ohooo Charles” which angered Jake who grabbed her by the back of her neck bending her over forwards as she sat in the troff and shoved her face down into the water.

Jake held Caroline’s face under the water till the air bubbles stopped coming up, then pulled her face up out of the troff yelling at her as she coughed up troff water, “Do I look like that dirt farmer you’re married to ya stupid Slut?” brought back to reality Caroline was coughing up water and sobbing “I’m sorry hak, hak, hak, I’m sorry Jake I’m so sorry Sir boohoo” … “Don’t let it happen again Bitch or my name will be the last words you utter in this lifetime! You understand?” … “Yes Sir boohoo I’m sorry”

Jake lead Caroline from the troff into the barn to a pile of straw, “Undress me sweet Caroline” Jake ordered her, and Caroline didn’t hesitate as she started taking the outlaw’s clothes off of him, she understood it was her duty to serve the needs of this powerful man, to Caroline he was the most powerful man in the world, for he held the power of life and death over her and her daughters. Mary was only 20 years old and Laura 18, and Caroline didn’t want their lives cut short by her failure to please this rugged man.

Jake lay down in the straw, “Get down here on top of me Mrs. Ingalls and give yourself to me” Caroline and Charles had been childhood sweethearts, she had never been with nor had she ever desired any other man then her husband, so it was not easy by any means for her to get down and straddle this man who now owned her body, and she was riddled with guilt as she reached between her legs with her trembling little hand, taking a hold of Jake’s fully erect 10 inch rigid rod, and pushed the head of it up between her pussy lips that were still moistened from the fingering Jake had given her.

“Uuuuuu-Ahhhhh-oooooo she moaned as she slowly slid herself down on his pole, “Now Caroline I want you to serve me up a fucking that would make that dirt farmer of yours turn green with envy, if you dare hold back on me I will know it and your little girls will pay a heavy price for your insubordination, and you keep your eyes open and looking at me so you don’t forget who it is that you’re fucking”

Caroline started out wiggling around on Jakes joystick to get accustomed to his large tool, then she placed her hands on his muscular hairy chest as she began pumping her hips up and down the length of it, and she couldn’t help but cry as she gave herself to this man, her tears falling down on him like a warm summer rain, and Jake liked the sight of a weeping female forced to pleasure him under her own steam, and her tears on his chest felt heavenly to him, as he watched with lusting eyes at her big tits jiggling as she began to ride him faster and faster.

SMACK!! Jake slapped her on the ass, yelling, “Fuck me harder move it faster farm girl! Up and down move it around whore!” Caroline got down on her elbows putting her lips to Jakes, kissing him passionately as her big soft tits bounced and jiggled on his hairy chest, pounding her little pussy up and down on his prick determined to please this man who held all the power over her and her daughters.

Caroline couldn’t stop the fire burning between her legs as she gave Jake everything she had, she had never ridden Charles like this and was ashamed of the pleasures she was forcing herself to feel as she tried to please Jake, and Caroline was cooing like a kitten “Ohooo Ohooo Ohooo” she moaned, “What’s my name Bitch?” Jake asks her, “Jake Sir Ohooo Ohooo” … “Keep saying my name whore” … “Ohooo Jake Ohooo Jake Ohooo Jake”

Caroline was about to boil over, she wanted to close her eyes and make believe it was Charles, to ease her own guilt over the pleasure she was feeling, but closing her eyes she knew was forbidden as she finally exploded in a thundering climax all over Jakes cock, her eyes wide as she looked at him screaming his name as she was commanded to do, “Ohoooo Jaaaakeeee! Ohoooo Jaaaakeee Ohooo Jaaaakeeee!” she screamed as she blasted his bone with her cream, and Jake wrapped his strong arms around Caroline, holding her tightly pressed to him as he unloaded his man seed into her birthing canal.

After his cock deflated Jake rolled Caroline off of him and told her, “Now get that sweet little mouth of yours down there to my cock and clean up the mess you made of me Slut!” Jake’s words were so cruel and degrading and made her feel so cheap, but none the less Caroline obeyed them without hesitation or complaint because this man was Jake Evens, and Caroline knew she meant no more to him than a toy, something to be used for his enjoyment.

Carolina licked Jake’s limp cock, removing the traces of her feminine juices and the traces of his semen off of his pole that was starting to jerk and twitch coming back to life with ever lick of her soft, warm, wet tong, until it was standing stiff in the air, and she knew he’d be wanting more satisfaction from her, figuring this time it would be her mouth he’d use as his prick pleasure, but she was shocked and very frightened when he said to her, “Now I want my little farm floozy to get back on top of me facing my feet and stick that cock of mine up her fucking ass”

Caroline just looked at Jake, thinking to herself that surely he was kidding, waiting to hear him say what he really wanted from her, “What are you waiting for you stupid Bitch? Something you didn’t understand about what your to do?” …”W-w-well I-I never heard of such a thing, please sir it wont fit up my bottom … pleaseee” Jake grabbed a hold of Caroline’s hair and brought her face up to his looking her dead in the eyes and said in a very serious manner as not to be misunderstood, “Then you make it fit Bitch! Or I’ll go in the house … need I say more?” and the defeated lady whimpered, “No Sir I understand boohoo”

Caroline was setting astraddle of Jake, with the helmet shaped head of his cock pressed to the pucker of her virgin asshole, bawling like a baby as she wiggled and pushed her anus downward on the big rigid pole of Jake Evens, a man that was use to getting what he wanted when he wanted it, and he wanted his cock up Caroline’s ass and she was aimed to see he got what he wanted as she squealed and squirmed her asshole down his fat pole shivering all over as it stretched her rectum to it’s limits.

Once she had Jake’s cock all the way up her ass he setup and forced her to bend over and kiss his feet as he sat there verbally degrading her with his cock up her asshole, “You know you’re a whore right Mrs. Ingalls? I mean you do know that I assume? You’re lucky I haven’t killed you or those little sluts of yours! You should be grateful of the kindness I have been showing you and your little tramp you know that? … Do you Slut?” … “Yes Sir Mr. Evens Sir boohoo-boohoo thank you Sir boohoo thank you so much boohoo” poor little Caroline cried as she kissed Jakes feet with her asshole squeezing his cock.

Caroline’s feet kissing and cock squeezing finally had Jake dumping a load up her ass, and afterwards she was made to clean him again till he cumed in her mouth, “Can we go back in the house Mr. Evens Sir Pleaseee I want to check on my girls” … “We will go check on your little baby cunts when I say so momma cunt, understand?” and what could Caroline say but “Yes Sir boohoo” … “Now come here and lay down beside me and we’ll take a short snooze”

Chapter VI.

After about a 3-hour nap Jake finally lead Caroline up to the house, and when they open the door and walked in Caroline stopped dead in her tracks, she was immediately devastated by the horror that she saw, MARYYYY!!! LAURA!!!! … NOOO!! NOOOO!!!” …

To Be Continued …
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Jake grabbed Caroline from behind in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her side as she went into a hysterical panic, and in a state of frenzy trying to reach her poor poor little girls Mary and Laura, what those five animals had done and were doing to her innocent little girls no mother should ever have to see.

Mary, her 20 year old, a pretty little blue-eyed blonde who was blind and couldn’t have harmed a fly, was on her knees in front of a support beam for the loft, with her arms tied up behind her back, her left wrist was tied to her right upper arm just above the elbow, and her right wrist tied above her left elbow. They had Mary kneeling with the center of her chest pressed up against the round support beam, and her 34D sized breast stretched around the 6-inch thick beam, and they had hammered nails through her tits nailing her to the beam, Ned loved nailing a woman down.

Mary’s sexy young body told the story of what they had done to her, she was drenched in sperm, both dried and fresh, showing a prolonged and ongoing sexual assault on her, her backside was covered in welts from Perv’s studded belt, from her shoulder blades to her feet, her pretty face was stained with Greasy Joe’s tobacco spit, and on her forehead and both butt cheeks Mary had been branded with the Stares and Bars of the Confederacy by ole Patches hot branding iron, and the bloody bald spot on the top of Mary’s little head shown that Black Cloud had done went and lifted Mary’s scalp, and she was in a state of shock, her sexy young little body quivering all over.

Little 18 year old Laura Ingalls, who was affectionately called Half Pint by her father because of her small stature was belly down in the floor with her arms stretched out to her sides and her hands nailed down to the floor, there was a log of firewood under her hips propping her sweet young round ass up in the air and her little legs were spread wide open with nails driven down through the bottoms of her little feet into the floor, and Greasy Joe was presently between her quivering little legs nailing her in the ass with his big fat greasy cock, and after he cumed up her ass he got up looking at Caroline who was still being embraced by Jake and said to her, “I tank yur poco tanks I b hr papa, she ceeps skremin Dady! Dady! Y I marca loviun in hr asno Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Then that fat greasy Mexican started dancing around doing the cha cha as Black Cloud with his bone handled knife in hand dropped to his knees between Laura’s legs and rammed his big 12-inch cock up her asshole “Daddyyyy! Daddyyyy! Daddyyyy! Laura screamed, “Pleasee stop him Jake pleaseeeeee! I’d do anything for you and your men I swear boohoo-boohoo-boohoo!” Caroline sobbingly begged, “You have nothing to give me that I can’t take from you ya dirty dirt farming floozy! … Scalp that little no account cunt Chief! Scalp the little Bitch!” was Jake’s reply to Caroline’s plea.

Black Cloud grabbed one of Laura’s braded ponytails and carved a circle around the base of her brad, through the skin of her scalp, and it made a sickening popping sound as he jerked it off of her little head, and little Half Pint was jerking and twitching all over from the unbearable pain, “Momma! Poppa! Momma! Poppa!” Laura screamed in a state of shock as she felt Black Cloud Carving yet another circle through the skin of her scalp, to lift from her, her other pigtail, and then POP! Black Cloud had a pigtail in each hand twirling them around in the air shouting his victorious battle cry while his cock was still up Laura’s asshole, pumping her bowels full of his cum, “Kill me … kill me” Laura begged so she could be released from her unbearable pain.

“Nooo! Noooo! Don’t you do it! Leave her alone! … Pleaseeee!” Caroline screamed at Patches as she seen him take his glowing hot branding iron from the fireplace and walk over to Laura, Patches just grinned an evil grin at Caroline as he pressed the hot iron to one of Laura’s buttocks, and it sounded like bacon frying as the hot iron melted her soft tender ass flesh, and smoke from frying fat of her ass drifted up in the air, and Laura was jerking, twitching, flopping shaking and trembling all over going into convolutions, but Patches wasn’t done as he pressed the iron to her other beefy bun and then to the side of her face.

“Ok gentlemen” Jake called out, “Mommy’s turn, bend this little Bitch over the table and hold her down” and Jake let go of Caroline who was taken by his men and bent over the side of the kitchen table, as Jake told Ned, “Nail her down Ned and fuck her in the ass!” and Ned got his hammer and nails, and as the men held Caroline down he placed a nail to the backside of Caroline’s right hand, and brought the hammer up high in the air, bringing it down on the head of the nail, driving it through Caroline’s hand into the tabletop, then hammered the nail again, this he repeated to Caroline’s other hand as she screamed bloody murder.

Caroline’s sexy legs were then spread and held down as Ned nailed her little feet to the floor, Jake took a seat on the other side of the table, as Ned stepped up behind her pressing his cock up to her asshole, “Pull her head back Ned so I can see the look on her pretty face” Jake said to his right-hand man, and poor little Caroline was crying so hard snot was coming from her little button nose as she murmured to Jake, “I. gave .. Myself.. To .. You .. So .. You .. Would .. Protect .. Me .. And .. My .. Babies .. You .. Gave .. Me .. Your .. Word” and showing just what a truly coldhearted man he was Jake with a grin told Caroline.

“I lied to you in making you that promise Mrs. Ingalls, so that you would become my willing little slut! Knowing all along while you were giving your body to me and coming all over my cock, that my men were up here destroying the lives of your baby girls Ha! Ha! Ha! Don’t you feel like a stupid little Bitch! Ha! Ha!” then Ned rams his cock up Caroline’s ass ripping her rectum and she screams in Jake’s face, “Ohoooooo My Gawd!!! AAAAA!!!!”

After Ned unloads his wade up Caroline’s asshole, Jake tells Perv, “Perve put your belt to this Bitches butt until she begs you for an ass fucking” … WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! … WHACK! … Perv’s studded leather belt is brought down without mercy across Caroline’s beefy buns, making her ass cheeks jiggle and her thighs ripple with every blow, until the poor little thing was screaming “Stick it to me Perv! AAAA!! Stick it to me!!” as a large puddle of tears forms on the tabletop underneath Caroline’s pretty face, and Perv raped Mrs. Ingalls in the ass.

“Greasy my man, do your thing amigo!” Jake says to the filthy Mexican, and Greasy Joe steps up behind Caroline and as he presses his cock up to her ravaged ass he spits his wade of tobacco in his hand and shoves it in Caroline’s mouth cupping his hand over it so she couldn’t spit it out, and then proceeded to rape Mrs. Ingalls in the ass, and by the time he came up her bleeding butt hole she had choked down his nasty chew.

“Patches, you ready to make a good Yankee out of this stinking piece of Minnesota trash?” Jake asks, and Patches pulls his hot branding iron from the fireplace, and on both butt cheeks he burnt the Stares and Bars deep into the fatty tissue of Caroline’s ass flesh, and while he was fucking her in the ass he grabbed her hair turning her little head sideways and branded her forehead as well, then he pressed her forehead down into her own puddle of tears and a steam cloud encircled Caroline’s little head as her sizzling flesh was cooled in her tears, then Patches cumed up Caroline’s asshole.

Then Jake told Black Cloud, “I think it’s time this Yankee piece of trash had a haircut Chief” Black Cloud stepped up behind the traumatized Mrs. Ingalls and rammed his 12-inch cock up her ass, proud in knowing that he was getting a couple inches of virgin ass meat that the cocks of the other gang members could not reach, and as he raped Caroline in the ass he took his knife as he cocked her head back, so she was looking at Jake, as the tip of his knife cut through the flesh of her scalp to her skull, then with a quick jerk POPPED!! It off of her little head, and her pretty eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets in shock as she looked at Jake Evens laughing at her, and the defeated woman like her daughter Laura begged for death, “Kill me Jake … Pleaseeee kill me”

“You and those worthless little Cunts of yours will die on your own soon enough I imagine, and until then you Bitches can just stay here and suffer Ha! Ha! Ha! My men and me got to be hitting the trail; we can’t hang around here forever socializing with the likes of you dirty Yankee Sluts!” then he dumped a salt shaker full of salt over Caroline’s scalped head to add to her agony before he and his men resumed their journey to meet up with the rest of his gang in Dodge City.


JR, Frank and Two Feathers hitched their horses to the post in front of Oleson’s mercantile, and walked inside showing Mr. Oleson a wanted poster with the written descriptions of Jake and the five men traveling with him.

“They stayed here the whole winter telling us they were cattlemen up here looking for grazing land, they rode out of town this early morning heading south” Nels Oleson told the Texas Ranger, “Come on gentlemen there’s no time to waste” JR said to Frank and Two Feathers.

Two Feathers was able to pickup the tracks of the outlaws that lead to the Ingalls farm, where they found Mrs. Ingalls and her daughters nailed down where the outlaws had left them to die, “Capt there tracks lead from here south, they are only a few hours ahead of us, if we go now we maybe able to catch up with them by morning” Two Feathers informed JR as he was pulling out the nails from Caroline’s feet.

“I’m afraid it will have to wait Two Feathers these women are in bad shape if we don’t get them in town for help they will die” and the lawmen took Caroline and her daughters into Walnut Grove to Dr Baker.
Caroline, Mary and Laura survived their nightmarish assault by the Jake Evens gang, but their lives would never be the same, and their bodies forever scared by their missing scalps, their buttocks and faces branded with the Stares and Bars of the Confederacy, and they each had a little outlaw baby to take care of now, Caroline knew hers had to be the child of Jake Evens, him being the only one of the gang to seed her vagina, and it was easy to see who the father of Mary’s chubby little dark skinned baby was fathered by, the father of Laura’s baby would never be known for sure.

Chapter VIII

Lisa Phillips sat down in her chair by the fireplace to do a little reading before retiring to bed when Jake and his men came across her little house just outside of Watertown North Dakota, were she was a seamstress.
After her husbands passing away a little over two years ago this was how the 49-year-old spent her evening alone, but this evening she would not be spending alone.
Lisa was startled and when her front door came crashing in, and frozen to her chair as in walked 6 rugged and dusty men …

To Be Continued.

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The outlaws all surrounded the chair Lisa was setting in as she looked up at them scared speechless, had she fallen asleep and this all just a bad dream, but she knew that was not the case, as Jake standing in front of her chair took the book she was reading out of her hands and tossed it in the fireplace, asking her, “Who else lives her?” But the little blonde just looks up at Jake, her big blue eyes filled with fear, so he slapped her, “Answer me Bitch!” … “J-j-just m-m-e” Lisa answers, “Well Just Me, we are gonna be holdin` up here for the night” then Jake said to his men, “I’m gonna get me some shuteye boys Ya”ll be ready to ride by first light” Then looking at Lisa said, “And by the time I get up I expect to see that little Miss Just Me worst nightmare has come true for her if you know what I mean” and Jake went to little Lisa’s room to sleep in her bed, leaving her to his men.

“Stand up Bitch” Ned said to the widow but she wasn’t moving to get up fast enough for Greasy Joe’s liking so he yanked her up out of her seat by her shoulder length blonde hair, and Black Cloud from behind her ripped off her knee length cotton nightgown with two quick jerks leaving the 49 year old standing naked before the five remaining thugs.

“You’re a fine looking piece of female flesh Just Me” said Ned, “And it has been awhile since I have been with an older more experienced woman, but it has been a long day and a hard ride so I’m turning in for the night” then looking at the other four men he says, “The last one up with her turns out her light like Jake said, you boys have fun”

All the men were tired and elected to turn it, except Greasy Joe, he was never to tired to make a white woman regret the day she was born, and he wasted no time in destroying pretty little Lisa.

As Lisa stood there naked and trembling in fear of the filthy Mexican he kicked her sexy shapely legs out from under her and she fell hard to the floor on her tailbone, the fall jamming all the vertebras of her spinal column together causing intense pain and she was looking up at the Mexican with the fear of understanding he was going to kill her, as she twitched around in the floor at his feet “Pleaseee! … Pleaseee! … Pleaseeee!” was all she could say.

Greasy Joe stood over top of her taking off his clothes until he towered over her naked, Lisa tried to get up but couldn’t, the damage done to her spinal column was causing her to much pain to support her weight, and so she was just laying in the floor trying to move as little as possible because the slightest movement caused her pain, and she was staring fearfully at the filthy Mexican standing over her stroking his cock.

Greasy Joe trying to speak in his best English, not having Black Cloud to translate for him, told Lisa, “Git up en yur nees greengo slut” Lisa looking up at him with pleading blue eyes sobs, “P-please I’m hurt boohoo I’m hurt bad, p-p-pleaseee have mercy on me Sir” but there wasn’t a shred of mercy in the coldhearted bandit, “Yu git up en yur nees an chupe on mi enchilada now Bitch! If I hav to git en du flora wit yu I fugg yu en du asno”

Little Lisa understood enough to know he was threatening to sodomize her if she did not comply with orders, and pain shot all up and down her spine as she struggled to get up to her knees, tears streaming down her pain contorted face as she stares in disbelief at just how filthy this man’s cock was, how could she ever stomach to stick it in her mouth, “Abra yur pI ho greengo slut” he demanded of Lisa, holding his twitching cock in his hand as pre-cum oozed from it’s piss slit. ”P-pleaseee! I’m just an old woman boohoo why are you doing this to me why? Boohoo”

“Yur rite, yu just a gouda fo nutin ol Bitch! I soly fugg ol greengo Bitches en du asno!” and then he raised his foot, putting it on Lisa’s chest and shoving her brutally backwards back down in the floor, and was right on top of her curling her sexy little legs back so far that she was completely doubled over with her knees beside her head and her ass up in the air, and as Lisa felt the bloated head of Greasy Joe’s bone pop in her anus past her rubbery virgin ring, she cried out desperately at the top of her lungs, “Ohooo Gawd! Nooo! Nooooo! … Somebody help meeee! … Pleaseeeee Help Meeeee!”

“Damit Greasy! Would you shut that old Bitch up! Some of us are trying to get some shuteye here,” Ned yelled, and then THUMP! Greasy Joe punched Lisa in the side of her face, so hard it dislocated her lower jaw and she was dazed and seeing stares, then spitting his big wade of tobacco in his hand he crammed it deep into her mouth, and striating his legs, picking his knees up off the floor, up on his toes, he slammed his cock to the hilt up her tight virgin ass, and as little Lisa gasp in agony from the brutal ripping and tearing of her rectum, the wade of tobacco lodged in her wind pipe.

What a travesty it was for little Lisa’s last moments in life to be spent looking up at this filthy animal grunting and slobbering in her face, telling her to, “DI yu ol greengo Bitch! … DI!” and feeling his fat greasy cock being slammed in and out of the most sacred part of her womanhood, as she choked to death on his filthy wade of tobacco chew. Lisa was dead by the time Greasy Joe unloaded his sperm up her ass, and the heartless criminal just rolled her over belly down in the floor and used her soft ass as a pillow for his nights sleep.

In the morning Jake and his men mounted up and headed into Watertown to pick up supplies for the trail ahead, leaving Lisa dead and naked where she lay, and then continued their journey towards Dodge City.
After making sure the Ingalls women were being cared for the two Texas Rangers and their Cheyenne scout took up Jake’s trail, following it all the way up behind Lisa’s house where they found her, after covering her up with a blanket they followed the outlaw’s tracks into town where the tracks were swallowed up with the rest of the town’s traffic.


Chapter IX

JR reported the rape and murder of the town’s seamstress. Not knowing whether the wanted men were still in town or had headed out, JR and his two companions had no choice but to conduct a thorough search of the town, which took the better part of the day, causing them to loose precious time.

After surmising that the gang was once again on the move, and probably headed south, the lawmen crisscrossed combing the countryside south of town, trying to pick up the outlaws trail …

To Be Continued.

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Great story. I can hardly wait to see what 'fun' the guys are going to have with the next group of bitches they find.
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Default great story

many thanks for this great story. I hope the outlaws will find another family to ravage or rape the virgin daughters in front of their family or what about a wedding, with a lot of virgins to be "transformed" in women...
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After a couple days of hard riding Jake and his men were in Nebraska, about ten miles north of Wahoo, and the men were starting to complain, “I don’t know why we are keeping up this backbreaking pace, Chief scouted our rear and says no law posse is sniffing our asses” Perv says, “Yea, I don’t know why Jake is so on edge, be nice to find a place to hold up for a day or two, drink some whiskey and maybe play a game of cards” Patches adds, “En sum pretty chicas, mi so horny I redy tu fugg mi horse Ha! Ha! Ha!” Greasy Joe jokes.

The men have a point Jake, and the horses could use the rest” Ned says to their leader, “Okay! Okay! You men whine worse then a bunch of old women, we’ll find a place to hold up for awhile”
41 Year-old Nick Lucas and his 36 year-old wife Veronica had been born into slavery and had married 20 years ago on their Master’s farm in southern Tennessee, where Veronica had given birth to a set of twins, Nicky and Vicky, and today was a happy occasion for the family of four, it was Nicky and Vicky’s eighteenth birthday.
The girl’s Mother had hand stitched them each a pretty pink knee length dress with blue trim, which they were proudly wearing as they sat at the kitchen table blowing out the candles on their birthday cake as their parents sang happy birthday to them.
Jake had sent Black Cloud to checkout the little farmhouse about 500 yards from the nearby woods where he and the rest of the group waited for his report.

“Just one black man and three black females Jake” Black Cloud reported, “Appears to be a couple and their two daughters … easy pickins`” The outlaws rode quietly up behind the barn, approaching from a direction where the barn provided a blind spot from the view of the house, the men dismounted and Perv held the horses as the rest of the gang prepared to make a surprised entry into the house.

Suddenly the door flung open and Nick Lucas found himself staring down the barrel of Jake’s gun, as Ned, both pistols drawn, fires two shots through the roof of the house as a shock tactic, “One wrong move from you boy and you’ll start out this planting season by planting the dead bodies of these three nigger Bitches! You understand me boy?” Jake asks of Nick, Nick knew right away by Jake’s southern drawl what sort of men he was dealing with, and knew they would not hesitate in slaughtering a black family, and may kill his family even if he complies with their demands, “Yes … Yes`um Sir … I understand”

“Patches tie up this boy’s feet” Jake said, Patches had just gotten down on one knee and looped the rope around Nick’s left ankle when Nick yanked Patches pistol from his holster, cocking the hammer back and BANG! Firing it pointblank at Patches as Patches tried diving out of the way, the bullet taking off his lower left earlobe, but before he could cock the hammer of the pistol back again Nick heard the shot, BANG! And felt the hot lead from Jake’s pistol plunge into his chest, the pistol falling from his hand as he feel to the floor.

As Jake stepped over top of Nick lowering his pistol to finish him off, Veronica feel to her knees at Jake’s feet begging, “Pleaseeee Massa Pleaseee don’t kill him pleaseee!” but Jake pistol whipped her to the floor beside her husband BANG! BANG! And he pumped two more rounds into Nick’s chest ending his life.

Veronica was kneeling over her husband’s body hysterically sobbing in grief, “Noooo! Noooooo! Nooooooo! Gawd Nooooooo! Nick! Nick!! Nick!!!” and his two daughters sprang up from their seats at the table running to their father crying “Daddy! Daddy!!”

Perv, after hearing the gunshots put the horses in the barn and showed up at the door with a red Hound Dog following him, Perv had feed the dog some jerky while holding the horses and now had a new friend. Looking at the dead man in the floor and the three women bent overtop of him crying, Perv said, “Now them their some big tidied Jungle Bunnies”

Jake waving his pistol at the three women told them to get up, but in their shock they just looked up at him with tears streaming down their pretty faces, BANG! Jake fired another shot into Nick’s body yelling “Now you stupid black Bitches before I send you to join him”

The three Lucas women were standing cuddled together, Veronica standing with her arms wrapped around her trebling teenagers, as Jake had a couple of the men drag Nick’s corpse out of the house and drop it down in the cellar.

“Now I want to see you two birthday girls strip down to your birthday suits” Jake said as he holstered his smoking pistol, “No!” Veronica said, “Please their just children” Jake was immediately insulted, how dare a Negro say the word `No` to him, much less a female Negro.

“What did you say to me you worthless black swine?” Jake barked at Veronica with fire in his eyes, Veronica knew what the consequences could be talking down to a white man, the war may have freed the Negro from the Plantation, but in 1880 a Negro could find themselves flogged or even lynched for speaking down to a white, particularly a white man, and never be charged or spend a day in jail for doing so.

“Please Massa, I meant you no disrespect, I’m sorry Massa, I just fearin` for my babies” Veronica fearfully and apologetically explained, as tears dropped from her quivering chin down on her big breast making her thin cotton top transparent. “I think you have been off the Plantation so long you forgot your place didn’t ya you uppity black cunt! … Boys string this sassy nigger up by her wrist from that ceiling rafter”

Veronica kept sobbingly apologizing as Black Cloud and Greasy Joe happily accommodated Jake by tying ropes around Veronica’s wrist and hanging her with her arms spread from the ceiling roof beam, and as she stood there on her tiptoes sobbing over and over “I sorry Massa Sir boohoo I sorry” Jake unforgiving said, “Not near as sorry as your gonna be Jungle Bunny! … Strip the Bitch!”

Black Cloud and Greasy Joe were laughing at Veronica as they ripped her dress from her body, and what a body it was, Veronica stood about five foot five and weighed around 140 pounds, and by the looks of it, a good 20 pounds of that was all tits and ass, “Yi! Yi! Yi! Ella tetas r as grande az watr-melones!” Greasy Joe says excitedly as he roughly grabs one of her tits and shakes it around “En ella nipals az grande az manzanas!” and Greasy Joe sucked in a mouth full of Veronica’s apple sized nipple.

“Perv put that big belt of yours to the backside of this black Bitch!” Jake angrily says, “Be a pleasure Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ll make a sorry Bitch out of this sorry little nigger!” poor little Veronica hadn’t been beaten by a white man’s belt in over 15 years, and the memories came flooding back to haunt her as Perv brought that belt of his down across her ass CRACK! “AAAAA!! Mercy Masssaaaa Mercy!” she cried out as her round brown buns bounced around from the impact of the belt.

All the outlaw’s eyes were glued on Veronica as Pev’s belt bit at her backside making her buns bounce, and she was dancing a jig on her tiptoes in pain, which had her big boobs bouncing, flopping, shaking and jiggling all around on her chest as she begged, “I sorrryyyy Massaaaa! I sorrrryyyy Massaaaaa! I sorrryyyy!” And Nicky and Vicky, the birthday girls were chilled to their very core in fear, huddled together crying like babies as they watched their Momma shamed and beaten by these white devils that had invaded their home and murdered their father in front of their very eyes.

Perv beat Veronica till his arm tired, and she hung limp and exhausted by her wrist, Jake looked at the trembling and terrified sisters huddling together barking irritably at them, “I thought I told you two pop a twat twins to get them clothes off! Maybe you want to join your Momma on the rafters!”

The two identical twins may have been mirror images of each other, but Jake could see the differences in their personalities right away, little Vicky snapped to attention very submissively “Sorry Massa yes Massa” hurriedly undoing the buttons on her birthday dress, pulling it off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, but Nicky her sister, slowly without saying a word, and with the look of insolence in her eyes reluctantly complied.

It was easy to see that the girls physically took after their mother; although it was stacked on a smaller frame they were all tits and ass like Veronica, “You!” Jake snapped his fingers pointing at Nicky, “Get down on your knees and crawl over here to me you fucking piece of Monkey Meat!”

You could see it cutting at the young girls pride, but at the same time she was to frightened of this white man who had already proven he’d kill without hesitation or remorse if disobeyed, and slowly she got down in the floor on her knees and began crawling over to him, tears of fear and humiliation dripping from her chin down onto her big 38Double D breast, that jiggled like jelly as she sobbed.

Kneeling at Jake’s feet he told her to look up at him, and as she obeyed he told her, “I see the same look of rebellion in your eyes that I seen in your father’s and you see where that landed him didn’t ya Monkey Meat?” and as before, there was hesitation in her answering, so Jake slapped her across the face so hard her ear was ringing, “Answer me Bitch!” and she sobbed “Yes … M-m-massa boohoo-boohoo”

“Undo my pants Monkey Meat, I have a big banana birthday treat in there for ya” and the men started laughing as Nicky’s trembling little hands worked at the snap and zipper of Jakes pants, and Veronica felt so helpless as she watched her little girl jump as the outlaws big 9 inch cock sprang free of his pants, “Pleaseee … Pleaseeee Massa Sir she just a baby boohoo I begging ya Massa” Veronica pleaded.

Greasy Joe was just looking for a reason to hurt Veronica and her opening her mouth was reason enough, he grabbed her by her big tits, squeezing them as hard as he could, bringing his knee up between Veronica’s legs, pounding his knee cap into her pussy with all his might, the thunderous blow raising her feet a foot off the floor and jarring every bone in her body, “Ohooooo! … Gawd! …AAAAA!” she couldn’t believe the pain, in all the years she’d spent as a slave such a dirty tactic had never been used on her to discipline her, and then THUMP! He delivered yet another one, laughing in her shocked face as she stared pleadingly at him, now in to much pain to even speak or cry out, “Dat ort tu calma hr up Senor Jake Ha! Ha!”

“You’re a good man Greasy Ha! Ha! You keep Momma Monkey Meat in line while her little Chimpanzee here deep throats my banana” Little Nicky understood clearly what was expected of her by Jake’s words to Greasy Joe, and after witnessing what was just done to her mother she got right to it without having to be told, wrapping her full, thick, plump round red lips around Jake’s cock and she began sucking on the first cock she’d ever seen in her life, and she was sliding those soft lips up and down Jake’s shaft, taking him as deep as her tonsils.

“Mmmmmm not bad, not bad at all” Jake moaned as Nicky looked up at him seeking his approval, “This little banana buffer of yours is either a fast learner Momma Monkey, or Daddy been taking her out behind the barn Ha! Ha! Ha!” And seeing her child done so dirty and witnessing the only man she ever loved gunned down by this unscrupulous white man, Veronica snapped, and in a moment of not thinking, after hearing him slander her dead husband’s good name said, “Maybe your Daddy should have taken you out behind the barn Baby Raper!” it was a statement Veronica immediately regretted and one she wished she could take back, but the spoken word is like a bullet fired from a gun, once it’s fired it can’t be taken back, nor it’s consequences, and it earned Veronica another knew between her legs from Greasy Joe.

Jake put his hands behind Nicky’s little head, interlocking his fingers, and as he held her little head still he crammed his 9 inches of man meat down little Nicky’s throat, his fat prick was wedged tightly in her narrow throat canal, sealing off her air passages making it impossible for her to breath, Nicky put her hands on Jake’s thighs trying to push him off of her and he said, “Someone grab this Monkey Bitches hands” and Ned got down on one knee behind Nicky, placing his other knee in the middle of her back as he grabbed her by the wrist.

Nicky gagging and choking on his cock in her throat felt so good to Jake and he moaned, “I’ll teach this little Monkey Bitch something her Daddy didn’t teach her out behind the barn!” he grunted as Veronica sobbed, “I sorry Massa I sorry, punish me for talking stupid not my baby Massa pleaseee!!” and poor little Nicky was trying to beg around the fat prick that filled her mouth and throat but couldn’t make the slightest peep, and her little heart was rapidly beating as she realized she was suffocating, and Veronica was begging “Please don’t kill her Massa plaeaseee! Please I sorry Massa!”

And Jake just stood there enjoying hearing Veronica begging for her child’s life, a life he had the power to snuff out with his mighty cock, enjoying the feeling of Nicky’s throat squeezing his prick as it constricted around his throbbing cock, he done made up his mind he wasn’t pulling his cock out of Nicky’s throat until she had gotten him off or was dead, whichever came first. “Milk me Monkey Meat or die!” Jake grunted as he fired off his load in her throat, a load of sperm which Nicky had no choice but to swallow, as she felt him squirt glob after slimy glob down her throat.

Jake then tucked his cock back in his pants, and tucked Nicky’s little head between his thighs, grabbing a hold of her upper arms and forcing her up on her feet, “Okay Ned, make a woman out of our little birthday girl” Jake said to his right-hand man, and as Ned stepped up behind the virgin birthday girl, snuggling his prick head between her dry quivering pussy lips, he started singing.

“Happy birthday to you … you little Jig-a-Boo … I’m gonna take your cheeerrryyy! … And cum inside you! …Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Then Ned pushed his cock into Nicky till he felt her virginal hymen against the tip of his prick, “There it is Momma Monkey Meat” Ned said looking at Veronica, “I feel your little Chimp’s cherry” … “Pleaseeee Massa she just a little girl pleaseee” then with a sudden thrust of his hips the outlaw robbed the birthday girl of her innocents, making her scream out in pain as his prick plucked her cherry.

Now standing behind Nicky with his cock buried in her tight little twat Ned smacked her on the ass telling Veronica, “I just made a full grown Monkey out of your little baby Chimp Momma Monkey Ha! Ha! Ha!” then Ned began giving Nicky a good hard fucking, his fat white cock stretching the little black girl’s tight little cunt, making her scream and squeal, “It hurts Massa! It hurts!”

Veronica could do nothing but cry as she watched her little girl being raped, Nicky standing there in front of her bent over with Jake squeezing her little head between his thighs, holding her arms up behind her as Ned hammered his cock in and out of her little pussy, her beefy black buns bouncing back and forth every time Ned’s hips would spank her butt, and her big tits hanging down swinging back and forth like a pendulum on a clock, smacking Jake’s knees, until finally Ned buried his cock deep inside of Nicky and held it there as her quivering little pussy milked his balls dry.

Jake then had Veronica taken down from the rafters, and tied spread-eagled to her bed, and had little Nicky forced on top of her mother in the 69 position, Veronica’s chin was right below Nicky’s pussy slit so that Veronica was staring right up the crack of her daughter’s ass, with her head sandwiched by her thighs, and Nicky’s chin at her Mother’s crotch, then Jake turned his band of bandits loose on the pair.

All the helpless mother could do was gasp, “Ohooo my Gawd Noooo!” as Greasy Joe got on his knees over her head, behind her daughter, and press his fat, greasy, stinking cock to the rubbery virgin pucker ring of Nicky’s asshole, and started ramming it up her rectum, and Veronica could feel the vibrations of her baby girl’s screams and the deep gasps of her warm breath on her pussy lips as Greasy Joe’s fat cock ripped the smooth silken wall of Nicky’s shit tube.

Greasy Joe made sure that the belly of his greasy bone was rubbing across the balled tip of Veronica’s little nose and that his filthy, sweaty, hairy ball sack was raking across her face every time he thrust his cock up her daughter’s asshole, not stopping till his cock was ball sack deep up Nicky’s butt hole and Veronica’s nose in his asshole, and to muffle Nicky’s screams Black Cloud had grabbed a hold of the back of Nicky’s little head as he stood beside the bed and buried the little girls face into her mothers cunt.

Then while Greasy Joe started shooting his filthy load up Nicky’s ripped and torn rear end, he was smacking both of her buttocks with the palms of his hands like those brown beefy buns were a set of bongo drums. After he dumped his whole load up Nicky’s asshole he pulled his cock out of her ass and pinched Veronica’s nose shut, and demanded that she open her mouth, threatening to kill Nicky if she didn’t, and Veronica complied, and poor little Veronica shuddered in repulsion as Greasy Joe’s slimy spunk poured back out of her daughter’s ravaged asshole, running down across her quivering pussy lips and into her mouth.

Black Cloud then got on the bed between Veronica’s legs and thrust his 12-inch big black cock into her pussy, and forced little Nicky to stick out her tong and lick his dick as he slowly fucked her mother with it, and at the same time Perv took Greasy Joe’s place over Veronica’s head and made the mother suck his cock until it was rock hard, then he pulled it out of her little mouth and shoved it into Nicky’s cunt and began fucking the teenager, his cock shaft, balls and asshole scrubbing Veronica’s face as he did, after raping Nicky’s pussy for a few minutes he moved his cock on up to her asshole and nailed her there, then back down to Veronica’s mouth, from one hole to the other until he finally flooded Nicky’s cunt with his semen, telling Veronica, “Open up that cum dumpster of yours Jungle Bunny!” And once again Veronica was eating the cum of a bandit, after it leaked from a raped fuck hole of her daughter.

Black Cloud, after dumping his load in Veronica’s cunt, grabbed Nicky by the back of her head and pressed her face into her mother’s crotch, burying her little nose up her mother’s asshole and her mouth between her pussy lips, telling Nicky, “Clean your Momma’s slimy hole out slut!” Nicky didn’t see what was coming next with her face stuck in her mother’s snatch, but Veronica did, as Patches stepped up to the side of the bed brandishing his glowing hot branding iron, “Nooooo Masssaa Nooooo Masssaaa Nooooo … Pleaseeee!”

Nicky’s screams were muffled by Veronica’s pussy, as Patches pressed the hot iron to her meaty butt cheek, and in her agony she was eating, sucking and slurping on her mom’s cunt, as her sexy young body jerked, twitched and twisted on top of Veronica in agony, and then unable to control herself Veronica exploded in an orgasm all over her baby girls face, as Nicky screamed in her cunt, nearly drowning Nicky in her cum, “You nasty nigger whore!” Patches said to Veronica as she came all over Nicky’s face, and he took the hot iron and pressed it to Veronica’s forehead.

Although Veronica and Nicky were worn and weary from the brutal treatment they had already received at the hands of the outlaws, they were continually used and abused long into the night, while little Vicky remained unmolested, she would be fresh meat for the morning.

In the morning Veronica was awakening by the sound of Nicky’s terror stricken voice screaming, “Help me Mommy help meeee! I scared Momma I scared!” Veronica realizing she was no longer tied down rushed from her bed into the main living quarters of the small house to see that the outlaws had stung Nicky up by her neck from a rafter with a rope. Nicky’s hands were free and she was clutching the rope above her head trying to hold herself up, but her strength was failing her and her hands were rope burnt and slipping down the rope.

Veronica ran to Nicky, wrapping her arms around Nicky’s legs to hold her up, trying to save the teenager’s life, and Nicky tried untying the rope from around her neck, but Ned grabbed her arms and held them as Patches tied her wrist behind her back, and Jake said, “I’m sorry Jig-a-Boo Bitch, but the rope stays around your neck, Momma will soon tire from holding you up and hang you will” and poor little Nicky started begging for her life, “Pleaseee Massa Pleaseee! … Pleaseee don’t kill me masssaaa Pleaseee! … I be good Massa I be good I promise Massa Ohooo pleaseee don’t kill meeee!” and Veronica was begging, “Please spare my child’s life Massa! Pleaseee! … I do anything for you Massa anything I swears it Massa!”

Jake grinned, “Are you sure you’d do anything, because there is something you can do to save that little Monkey’s life, but you anin’ta gonna like it” And Veronica never hesitated, whatever it was she’d do it to save Nicky’s life, “I do it Massa I do it” Jake places a chair under Nicky’s feet for her to stand on and told Veronica, “Get down on the floor on your hands and knees like the dirty little dog that you are Jig-a-Boo Bitch!” and not wanting to test the patents of this man who held the power of life or death for her daughter, Veronica immediately dropped to her hands and knees, “Now I want to hear you bark Bitch” and right on cue Veronica barked, “Roofff Roofff Rooffff boohoo”

Hearing the mother barking brought Perv in the front door with his new found friend, that big red Hound Dog, seeing Veronica down on the floor the hound dog started licking her face, and it dawned on Veronica what Jake had meant by her not going to like it, “Ohooo my Gawd Massa you not…” but Jake interrupted her saying, “Shut up and bark, you’re a dog now so fucking bark like one Bitch! Or I’ll kick that chair out from under that worthless little Bitch of yours!” Poor little Veronica was crying trembling and shaking, “Roofff Boohoo Roofff Boohoo Rooffff” knowing these evil hearted men were going to have her raped by this Hound Dog.

Well of coursed that ole Hound Dog had never fucked a human female before so it took some coaxing by Perv to get the pooch to understand what Perv wanted it to do, so Perv got down on one knee beside Veronica, and started smacking her on the ass, speaking to the dog, “Come on boy, come on … get up here” and the dog stuck it’s wet nose into Veronica’s crotch and began licking her slit and ass crack, and knew it was on the right track after Perv petted it’s head saying “Good Boy! Good Boy! Now get on up here, come on” then Jake said, “I don’t hear you barking Bitch!” poor little Veronica, talk about feeling cheaper than dirt, to say she was utterly humiliated would be an understatement, “Roofff boohoo Roofff boohoo Rooffff”

Then suddenly the Hound Dog was on her back humping wildly, it’s front paws clawing and scratching Veronica’s big watermelon sized tits. When the male dog achieves penetration, he holds tighter and thrust faster, and it is at this point when he is mating that the male dog’s penis expands, and Veronica’s pussy easily took that Hound’s cock upon entry, but she started to panic when she felt the enormous size that it was growing to inside of her, and it had it’s claws firmly gripping her big tits, holding onto them tight.

It looked as though Veronica’s eyes were going to pop out of her head in shock when the dog’s dick grew to at least 13 inches long and as fat as her wrist inside of her, then that Hound Dog went into a fast and furious fuck frenzy, until it was ready to cum. It is not convenient for the male if the female wants to bolt away 2 minutes after the male dog’s orgasm initiates, and is able to run off. This is why male dogs are the only animals that have a bulb or locking bulbus glandis, which traps the penis inside the female's vagina during copulation as it becomes engorged with blood.

Once that Hound Dog’s penis was locked into Veronica’s vagina by the bulbus glandis, the dog lifted a leg and swung it over Veronica’s ass while turning around, and the two were in the floor with their hind ends touching and the dog’s dick locked inside Veronica’s pussy while ejaculating inside of her. Jake knew it would take 20 minutes or longer for the bulbus glandis disengorges, allowing the mated Veronica to separate from the Hound Dog. Virgin dogs can become quite distressed at finding themselves unable to separate during their first copulation so you can just imagine the level of distress poor little Veronica was suffering with her pussy locked tight to that Hound Dog’s dick.

Then with a cruelty unmatched by the Devil himself Jake kicked the chair out from under Nicky’s feet, letting her swing by her neck, her sexy young legs kicking in the air in panic as the rope cut off her ability to breath, and poor Veronica unable to free herself from the Hound Dog’s locked cock was hysterically begging for her daughter’s life, “Noooo! Nooooo! Don’t kill my baby Massa! Not my baby!” but Jake and the hardened heathens all just laughed at her, petting the dog’s head telling it what a good boy he was, as Veronica watched helplessly as the life faded away from the little birthday girl.

Veronica was tied to a chair and was in a state of mental breakdown, as she had to watch for hours as the outlaws repeated raped and sodomized little Vicky in front of her, and when they tired of her gave her to the Hound Dog to enjoy, and after the dog had tired of the teenager they strung her up by her ankles beside her twin sister, hanging her upside down, placing a tub of water underneath her so that Vicky had to stay bent upwards at the waist to keep her head from hanging down in the tub of water and drowning, and that’s how they left them, Veronica staring in total shock at her daughter Vicky struggling to keep herself up out of the tub of water and drowning.


Chapter X

“And they call my people savages” JR’s Cheyenne scout sad as the three lawmen stood in the Lucas home, looking at Nicky hanging by her neck and Vicky hanging upside down beside her with her head submerged under the water in the tub, and their mother setting there tied in a chair in a complete state of shock, unable to speak from her mental trauma, reduced to a mental retard.

They untied Veronica but seen they could do little for her, the damage had been done, best they could do for her was to bury her dead and continue to chase the men responsible for destroying her family and send help from the nearest town to come and look after her.

To Be Continued.
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As the outlaws entered Dodge City, Ned said, “I can’t wait to have me some top shelf whiskey and a good game of cards, how bout you boys?” and everyone to a man agreed, except Jake who said, “I have to get this horse re-shoed before we meet up with the boys and hit the trail again, you boys go ahead and I’ll meet up with yens in a bit, and stay out of trouble”


After leaving the Lucas farm, JR acting on his gut feeling stopped following the outlaws trail and made a beeline for Dodge City, to continue to follow the gang’s trail would only lead to him coming across the gang’s crime scene after the fact, after a hard ride to Dodge JR spoke to the Marshal about the ruthless murdering bandits he was following and together a trap was planed.

There was no doubt in JR’s mind who the 5 men entering the Long Branch saloon were, a black skinned Indian, a Mexican, a man wearing an eye patch, and one wearing a double holstered guns, as He, Frank and Two Feathers sat in the darkened corner of the Saloon.

The outlaws all sat down at a round table, Ned pulling out a deck of cards began dealing out a hand as a redheaded lady approached their table asking them what they would like to drink, “Bring us a bottle of your best whiskey suga” Ned answered, when she brought back the whiskey and poured 5 shots Ned said, “Leave the bottle suga” and with a little annoyance in her voice she said “The name is Miss Kitty”

After Miss Kitty walked away from the table JR lit a match putting it to his cigar, which was a signal to the tall US Marshal of Dodge City, Mat Dillon, who was setting at the bar, that these were the men.

When the Marshal got up from the bar his 2 Deputies got up with him all of them drawling there pistols and walked up to the table, while the 2 Texas Rangers and their scout came up on the opposite side of the table, “I want you men to stand and take off those gun belts” the Marshal ordered, Ned looked up seeing all the lawmen who had their guns trained on them ask, “What’s this all about Marshal, we’re just honest cowpokes come in to wash down the trail dust and play a friendly game of cards”

“I been following your trail all the way from Texas Mister, I know who you men are, are you Jake?” JR ask, “Who? I’m afraid you have us confused with someone else, like I said we’re honest cowpokes” Ned insisted, “If your story checks out I will buy drinks for you gentlemen” The Marshal says, “But until then, stand and remove those belts nice and slow like”

Ned and the outlaws slowly stand to their feet, then with a drawl quicker then Mat Dillon had ever seen, Ned drew both of his pistols firing 2 shots at the same time, one hitting the Deputy next to him in the center of his chest dropping him dead on the spot and the other hitting JR in the left shoulder before the Marshal’s bullet dropped Ned dead with a shot to the head, and all the outlaws drew their weapons, and after a flurry of bullets 5 outlaws lay dead in the floor.

News traveled fast through Dodge City that Jake Evens and his gang had been gunned down by the law at the Long Branch saloon, “Damit! Damit!” Jake thought to himself upon hearing the news, then asked the blacksmith how much he owed him, “ 3 dollars” the blacksmith said, and as Jake calmly rode back out of town he said to himself, “Jake Evens is dead Hummm, well Jake ole buddy, looks like you have a clean slate, now all you need is to put together a new gang Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The End.
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lawless 2.jpg

Just my take on the first rape.

I know he is a little to "Clean Cut"

Just a little thank you for your greart story.

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The picture was awesome Captdsulu, and a GREAT visual to the opening chapter of this story, and I thank you for it! And a big thanks to the rest of you who had kind words for my story, I’m glade you enjoyed it.
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What I like most about this story is that it's quite unique for this board.
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