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Default Cooking Captive

This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it. I would really appreciate if you would give me feedback on how to make my next one better. Thank you.

Cooking Captive

By Jasmine

“You’ll want to use your hands so you won’t bruise the batter.” Mary instructs as she looks directly into the camera and smiles warmly. She is the epitome of femininity. Her long dark hair hangs past her shoulders when she wears it down. Today, it is up and the wisps that have escaped curl softly around her face.

He pauses the recording of the cooking show and strokes her cheek on the screen. He sees her love for him shinning in her green eyes. Leaning forward, he kisses her lips as she bides her audience goodbye. He longs to touch her for real. She is his dream girl. He sits in front of the TV as the next show starts. He has every appearance she has done on DVD. He watches each of each night until sleep takes him with her talking softly in his ear.

As soon as the camera was off Mary called the crew to come eat the food from the last show. “Another great show gang! You all make me look good! She laughed and joked with the crew and the kitchen staff. This is her family and she was happy here. She took time to get to know each one. She loved them and they loved her. When everyone else left, she wrapped up the food she prepared for the three previous shows filmed earlier in the day, and dropped them off at the soup kitchen on her way home.

Adam was a challenge for Mary. He was shy and didn’t speak much. His clothing sort of hung on his tall, slender frame. His dark hair flopped over his brown eyes and he was constantly pushing it back. Adam was the last person to leave the set because he was the dishwasher. Each evening Adam appeared each evening to help carry the food to Mary’s car. He was a shy man who could barely look in her direction, let alone look her in the eye. Mary tried to be especially nice Adam and draw him out of his shell. “Thanks Adam, you are such a to help me.”

“D..d..do you e..eat all this?” Adam asked her one night. She told him about her work with the soup kitchen and how she volunteered there when she wasn’t filming. They said goodnight and he watched her drive away. He knew at that moment that they were kindred spirits. She spent her holidays with the homeless because she had no one at home. She needed him.

Mary hummed as she drove to the Soup Kitchen. Today was another great day. She filmed four shows a day for two weeks and then she was free for the rest of the year. Tomorrow was her last day to work. It was a great life.

It was late by the time she arrived home and she was exhausted. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she stretched out on the sofa and looked over her recipes for tomorrow’s show.

She drifted off to sleep as he watched through the French doors. Adam watched her sleep until she awakened several hours later. She put on that oversized football jersey she wore most nights, set the alarm and turned off the lights. Adam knew he wouldn’t see her again until morning, well, until he was home watching her cook just for him.

At the end of the last show, they had the end of the season party. They ate, drank and celebrated together. The show was a hit and they would be together again for the next season. Mary hugged everyone and told each one how much they contributed to the show and that she couldn’t do it without them. It wasn’t long before everyone headed home. As she and Adam carried out their nightly ritual of loading the food for the soup kitchen in her car, Adam told her that he loved her. Mary tried to be gentle with his heart. “It’s against the studio’s rules for me to see someone who works with me. I am sorry. You are a good friend.”

Adam couldn’t believe this. The studio had come between him and his dream girl. “NO! I don’t care. I’ll quit. Then we can be together!” Adam screamed as he closed the few feet between them.

Mary stepped back instinctively, but found herself against her car. Adam was angry and looking at her in the eyes for the first time. He seemed taller and powerful. She also noticed that his stutter was gone. She was afraid of him. “Adam. Stop. Please. There is nothing we can do. Rules are rules.” She said in soft, calming tones that belied her inner feelings.

“I have to go now. They need this food at the soup kitchen. We’ll talk tomorrow. Goodnight.” Mary said hopefully as she edged toward the door and opened it. Adam stepped back and held the door for her. She got in and just before he closed the door, Adam said, “until later, my love” and closed the door.

Mary’s trip to the soup kitchen calmed her. She stayed longer than usual talking and even making up a few soups for tomorrow. The ordeal earlier made her want to be around people. She felt much better on her way home and looked forward to a bubble bath, a glass of wine and finishing the book she was reading.

He waited for her. She’s late. She’s never this late. Where is she? Is she with another man? No! Stop thinking like that. She wouldn’t do that! Adam tried to control his thoughts as he paced behind her house. Finally, he heard her car. He hid in his usual spot and watched her as she went through her nightly ritual. His heart raced as he watched her pour the wine he laced with a strong sleeping pill. Its effect would be slow. He could wait.

The warm water and the scented bubble bath relaxed Mary almost immediately. She couldn’t even read she was so sleepy. Letting the water out of the tub, she dried off, slipped on her robe and just crashed across her bed. Sleeping so soundly that she didn’t hear the opening of the French doors.

Looking down at his lady, the woman who would be his, he stroked her hair and spoke quietly to her. “You are mine. No one can keep us apart.”

As she slept, Adam gathered her belongings; the clothing, underwear, toiletries and perfumes, things he knew she would need and packed them in her luggage. He took them to the car before returning for Mary. He carried her to the car in his arms and placed her in the back seat so she could sleep. They had a long drive.

The effect of the pill wore off slowly. Looking around, Mary didn’t know where she was but realized she was in a log cabin and it was snowing outside. “How did I get here? Where is here?” she wondered. Getting out of bed, she realized she was wearing her own robe with nothing on underneath. Nothing about this place was familiar until she saw her perfumes on the dresser. Her jewelry was here too. Opening the drawers to the dresser she realized that it was her things in there and in the same order as she had them in her own house. “Why can’t I remember what happened?” she asked herself.

There was a tap on the door, Mary jumped and pulled her robe tightly closed. She didn’t know what to do. She stood there silently as the door opened and Adam walked in with a tray of food and a rose. “Adam!” She screamed feeling instantly relieved before it hit her that something was wrong. He kicked the door closed, “Mary, my love. I hope you slept well darling. I brought you breakfast. I hope you will find it to your liking. I’m not a chef like you. But, it just wouldn’t be right for you to cook on our first morning together.” He told her with a bright smile.

“What is going on? Why am I here? How did I get here? Where is here?” Mary asked as the fear caused her voice to rise.

“Calm down my love. You are safe with me. I love you. We are away from those who would keep us apart. Do you want breakfast in bed or by the window?”

“I WANT BREAKFAST IN MY OWN HOME! I’M LEAVING! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THIS!” Mary screamed at him. She started pulling clothes out of the closet. “Get out! I want to get dressed!”

“Get dressed and we will talk. I’ll just leave this here for you.” Adam told her as he closed the door. Mary felt a little better until she heard the lock click.

Once dressed she pulled frantically locked door. “Adam. Adam! ADAM! Let me out!” She couldn’t hear a sound through the heavy wooden door but she continued to scream and pull on the door. Over an hour passed before she gave up. She started to eat the food, but realized that he must have drugged her to kidnap her. She threw the tray against the window.

“The window!” she said aloud. “Stupid! I can get out through the window!” She looked for a jacket quickly, but finding none, she pulled on 3 sweaters, two pairs of socks and snatched a pair of socks for her hands. The window wouldn’t open! She tugged and tugged on it, all the time listening for the door. Finally, she took the chair, threw it at the window and broke the glass. She quickly crawled through the window and scurried into the woods.

There was nothing but the crunch of her sneakers in the snow. She moved as quickly as she could. Stopping periodically to listen for the sound of a car or any sign of life, but hearing none, she trudged on without a clue which way was civilization. She knew he would be tracking her and it was easy with this snow.

“Oh darling, don’t you know you can’t get away from me?” He said as he watched her try to hide her steps by using a limb to wipe them away. “My girl’s got spirit.” He thought. After an hour, he decided it was time to end this game and he ran toward her, calling “Mary! Mary! Come back! You’ll catch cold out here! Mary turned at the sound and smacked him across the face with the limb.

Adam staggered back a few steps and lowered his head. He stayed there for long moments as Mary wielded the limb as a weapon and tried to anticipate his next move. She looked at her hands, the socks made for pitiful gloves. They were hanging off the ends of her fingers and she felt them slip on the limb when she hit him. She tightened her grip as she watched Adam warily.

He slowly straightened to his considerable height. His posture went from slumped to ramrod straight. His chest was puffed out. He looked powerful. His voice was now deep and menacing, “You shouldn’t have done that!” He told her icily. His hands were on the limb before it registered that he had moved. She felt the limb being pulled free and her body being pulled up against his almost as one motion. “Don’t ever do that again!” Adam hissed through clenched teeth. “All I want to do is love you and you love me, but this is wearing very thin. One more time and you will regret refusing me!”

“Why are you doing this? Just talk to me. I don’t want to be here. Can’t you see that?” She yanked her arm free and stood her ground. “Take me home right now Adam!” Crossing her arms indicating that she wasn’t going to move until he complied with her demand, she watched the emotions playing across Adam’s face. It was almost as if he became another person. He grabbed her arm, pushed her in front of him and quietly demanded. “Adam loves you and you will be his. Now, do as you are told and I won’t have to prove to you that I am NOT that wimp Adam that loves you. I merely want you.”

Now frightened to the core, Mary had heard of multiple personalities, but only in the movies. She saw the physical changes and heard the change in his voice and saw the predatory look in his eyes. She knew she had to escape this man or bring Adam back. But how to do that was the big question. She looked over her shoulder and he responded by shoving her forward. “Keep moving and wiggle that ass more for me like you did for Adam.” He laughed.

Mary stopped and faced him, “Look, Adam is my friend. I want to talk to him not you!”

“I waited for you to make him happy, you couldn’t so he needed me to help. But, looking at you, I might just keep you for myself.” He stepped forward menacingly, taking her by the shoulders. “If you are very good, I might let him have a taste when I’m done.” He laughed. Mary shuddered. “Just know that Adam doesn’t live here anymore. You have to deal with Drake now and you aren’t gonna like it, but I am!” His maniacal laughter chilled her to the bone.

Mary kicked him in the groin with her knee and took off running, she could see the smoke from the cabin and hoped she would have enough time to make it there and lock him out. It was not to be. Tripping over a log, she fell face first into the snow. He pounced on top of her; pinning her there in the cold, wet snow. “I told you to behave, but you just couldn’t do it, could you? Well, that just means we start the games a little ahead of schedule. He said up and slid down to the tops of her thighs. Mary felt him doing something to her sweaters, but didn’t know what he was doing until she felt the cold hit her back. He had cut all three of her sweaters off. “Cold baby?” He whispers in her ear. “Be still, or I might cut you and we wouldn’t want that now would we?” He sliced down the back of her pants. His gloved hands moved up and down her back, butt and thighs. His hand smacked her on each cheek once. “In just a few minutes, that’s going to sting when I do that.” Yanking her head up by her long, dark hair, he pulled her to her knees. “You sure hid these great tits from the world!” He told her as he took in her breasts with his eyes. His eyes swept downward to her womanhood. “Nicely trimmed, but I like mine shaved. I’ll take care of that eventually.” He pulled her up to her feet, “the shoes go next and frost bite can be so painful.” He told her as he tweaked one nipple and then the other. Mary jerked away from him. He gave her a few “gentle” swats with a branch across her backside. She squealed as the frozen branches hit her cheeks and upper thighs. The cold made her skin so much more sensitive. His eyes narrowed with pleasure as she jumped. “Move!” he ordered. May did as she was told and moved as quickly as she could toward the cabin. “It’s not much farther, but you’ll be ready for some heat when we get there!” He laughed and would smack her ass every few yards with the branch as she almost ran through the snow.

She could see the cabin and felt both trepidation and relief. She knew it was warm but she also Drake was a cold sadist. Still, she needed the warmth to survive. She just had to find a way to get Adam to come back. She knew Adam wouldn’t hurt her.

As they approached the front porch, she yelled as if Adam was inside the cabin. “Adam! Adam! I’m back! Where….” SMACK! She felt the branch across her butt and thighs hit hard and she screamed in agony. He pulled her against him, keeping her hair wound tightly in her hand. “Tear off that little branch right there,” he indicated the end of one of the pine arms on the branch. Mary complied and handed it to him. He took it from her ran one gloved hand over each of her breasts and squeezed each one. Moving in front of her, he licked her right nipple with his tongue and sucked it into his mouth. She was so cold that the heat of his mouth caused tingles of pain as it warmed her skin. When the icy tingles stopped and she could breath again, he raised his head and the saliva froze on her nipple. Taking the branch he used the tip of it to spank her frozen breasts. Mary screamed in pain as even these light strokes caused her intense pain. He stopped abruptly and pulled Mary into the house. He pushed her down onto the rug by the fire. He started stripping off his own clothing. “The best way to get warm is by shared bodily warmth. I love warming up a cold bitch.” He was on top of her before she could even think. His warmth felt good. His hands were warm on her breasts but cruel in the way he mauled and squeezed them. The nipples were hard and almost frozen so just the heat from his mouth caused prickles of pain, but the bits and tugs were excruciating.

“Owwww! No! Get off of me! You are hurting me! Please! Adam! Adam!”

His reply was to twist his head as his teeth held her nipple and his knee went between hers. She writhed and struggle beneath him to free herself. He seemed to enjoy it even more. He positioned his body between her legs. He pulled her hands above her head, stretching her out beneath him. “Look me in the eyes or I will hurt you badly and you know I will.” He demanded. She complied, understanding that he wanted to hurt her.

He entered her with one long, steady thrust. She screamed in agony, her back arching. She fought him with everything she had. Her torso bumping up and down on the floor, kicking her legs and crying out as his trusts became harder. Hearing his sharp intake of breath, she knew she had given him what he wanted – the struggle. Mary forced herself to stop struggling to lie there beneath his cruel taking of her and focused on her breathing. Drake hated it and it took only a moment for him to realize what she was doing. There was no way she was going to get through this that easily.
He rolled her over onto her side, lifted on leg and pinned the other beneath his. He cock went even deeper inside her, hitting her cervix and forcing yelps of pain from her. Her arms were free but so were his hands. She hit at his arms as his cruel hands assaulted her breasts, pulling and twisting on her nipples. “That’s it!” he told her, the pleasure he was experiencing shinning in his eyes.

Control. I have to be in control of my own body. I can do this. She stopped moving again and tried to block him from her mind. Again, he was not to be thwarted. “Bitch, it was almost over until you stopped moving!” He ground out to her as he pressed her leg over her body and forced her onto her stomach. She felt his strong hands on her cheeks, holding them open. He pressed the head of his cock against her anal opening. Mary squealed and begged, “No! Not there! God! You can’t!” He laughed and pressed against her harder, holding her by her hips as she tried to crawl away. He pulled her back against him. She screamed at the pain even though he hadn’t entered her. He stopped, holding her letting her attempts to escape make her body move on him. He laughed, pulled back and slammed into her pussy once again. “Next time babe. This time, I’m gonna fuck you like the bitch you are!” He fucked her hard and fast, pulling her back against him, moving her hips to give himself the most pleasure. It seemed like hours as he slammed into her over and over again but it was only minutes until he exploded inside her; his breathing hard and labored. He collapsed on top of her, pinning her on her stomach.

After a few moments, he pulled her up, dragged her into the kitchen area of the open cabin. He tied wrapped a rope around her abdomen and tied her to the chair and tied her ankles to the legs of the chair. “You need to eat, can’t have you losing weight. I like those curves.” He smiled as he groped each breasts.

For lunch we have some hearty beef stew. It’s one of your own recipes. Adam made it last night. He placed a bow in front of her and handed her a spoon. They ate in silence, his eyes raking over her. After lunch, he left her tied to the chair. He turned the chair to the window so he could see her from outside, gave her the book she had been reading at home, “don’t want you to get bored.” She watched as he went out and restocked the wood for the fire.

When he returned, he searched through her things and found a white floor length gown, that was low in the front and in the back but at least it would cover here. She was amazed when he tossed the long robe onto the sofa with the gown. “You want that?” Mary nodded. “Then you have to earn it! I need you to cook dinner. You cook dinner and then you get the robe.”

“I can’t cook with nothing on! It’s not sanitary and I might get burned. Let me put it on first.” She asked hopefully.

“No. You can wear this.” He said as he tossed her an apron that covered most of her breasts and went down to mid thigh, but left her backside completely exposed.

He untied her and put the apron on her. When he tied the bow in the back he pressed himself against her, “I like you with nothing on but a bow in the back” He whispered and sat down at the table to watch her cook. She cooked slowly, believing that he would not come after again as long as she was cooking. She put the roast in the oven and busied herself in the kitchen. When she could delay no longer, they had dinner, this time; he didn’t tie her to the chair. They ate in silence. She cleaned the kitchen and put away the dishes. He watched her like a hawk. He had allowed her only one knife. She left it in the dish drainer and hoped that he wouldn’t take it. As she dried her hands, he came up behind her, picked her up, and placed her face down on the counter. Her feet not touching the floor, she squirmed. “Good baby! You know how I like it!” he said in her ear as he fucked her brutally. He climaxed quickly leaned over her. “Next time, don’t try to hid my knife.” He grabbed the knife and walked away as she slide off the counter onto the floor.

He returned moments later. “I drew you a bath. Take your time. You have an hour before I come back for you. Since he had just taken her, she thought he was probably telling her the truth, but she didn’t trust him. She longed for the warm water to sooth her battered body. Sinking into the deep tub, she finally allowed herself to relax. It seemed like only moments before he knocked on the door. “15 minutes before I come in for you and you won’t like it.” She got out, dried off and was about to put the apron back on when the there was a tap on the door and an arm appeared with the gown and robe. He dropped it to the floor and closed the door. Mary quickly put it on and left her sanctuary.

Drake grabbed his perfumed woman into master bedroom and tied her with her hands above her head and her legs together with white rope. “Tomorrow’s a big day, I’m gonna show you things you don’t even want to think about!” He groped her body thoroughly and drifted off to sleep.

Mary awakened to “Oh My God!” She looked up to see Adam’s stricken face above her. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“Adam? Is that you? Are you back? Untie me! Quickly!” she frantically told him. She knew that Adam was back but she also knew that one wrong move and Drake would return. “Hurry before he comes back!” she frantically whispered.

He untied her and she kissed him sweetly, not wishing to awaken Drake. “Baby, I’ll tell you all about it after I get dressed.” She pulled on her clothes and asked Adam for the car keys. I want to go explore and pick up a few special things that I will need for dinner tonight.

“I’ll go with you.” He told her as she pulled on her coat, hat and gloves. She moved toward him, placing her hands on his chest, “I want it to be a surprise. Tonight will be our night. Besides, you need to cut more firewood. When I get back, we can go for a walk and build a snowman.” He encircled her in his arms, kisses her lips softly, “Hurry. I love you.” He handed her the keys and she forced herself to walk calmly out to the car. He watched her back out and drive away. Once out of his site, she gunned the engine and followed the trail out to the road and to safety. A call to the police would wait until she was really safe.
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Excellent storyline, well written.
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