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Default the peeping tom

another paid story. enjoy


Olivia runs her hand through her hair, looking towards the door, wondering about the individual on the other side. She’s been a member of the special crimes unit for several years and has run through many sensitive cases over the years but has never heard of a man who took such sadistic pleasure in torturing his victims. What makes this case all the more difficult is the one witness who seems available able to say anything is a young boy who’s had an eye on her since she was his babysitter when he was little. That she’s a neighbor who lives not half a block down from his residence makes everything all the more personal as she’s had personal run ins with the young man for his numerous offenses of being a peeping tom. But this time it may be that his “habit” may actually be one to serve in catching a potential rapist and killer. She just hopes Mark is cooperative.
As Mark opens the door she sees a young man with a scruffy unshaved goatee and wandering eyes, a 79'rs shirt on his thin frame with light jeans and a cap to compliment the wardrobe. She sighs inwardly and looks towards the young man.
“Mark, we need to talk,” she says.
“No we don’t,” says the young man shutting the door.
She presses her hand against the frame, holding it open as she pushes her foot inside.
“This is an important case that might be a matter between life and death, do you understand?”
“I understand you’re trying to force your way into my property. Now lay off!” he says indignantly.
“You can work with me or I can bring you up on those charges with peeping that you’ve been caught with and impeding an investigation.”
“So what?” he says. “I’ve done time before. Nothing new.”
“Mark,” she says, exasperated. “Don’t you care that someone’s life may be on the line?” she says, trying to appeal to the young man’s humanity.
“No,” he says, “but I care about what color of panties you’re wearing.”
“What?!” she says, “what does that have to do with anything?”
“Nothing if you don’t want any info,” he says. “So what color are they?”
She groans inwardly. Mark is the lowest type of scum there is, but at least he’s no killer. Not yet at least. She’ll have to play his game if she wants the information, she thinks, even if it disgust her.
“Pink, alright,” she says. “Now, will you let me in?”
The young man swings the door open wide, spreading his arms as if inviting her in. “After you,” he says.
“You’re such an ass,” she says.
“It’s part of my charm,” he says, a wide grin splitting his lips. She hisses silently. She’s going to hate working with this man, she can just tell.

As she walks into the apartment, Olivia wrinkles her nose. The smell is appalling and she can not take a step without stepping on wrinkled wrappers or dirtied clothes, all of them strewn about the floor, leaving it a stinking mess. The couches where the young man tosses himself on are no better, torn and smelling of sweat and semen.
“Gonna’ take a seat?” he says, already gripping a beer and popping the tab in one swift motion.
“Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking?” she says.
The young man grins at her with mischievous eyes before taking a swig from his beverage.
“Never too early, specially after what I’ve seen. Some serious shit.”
Ignoring her surroundings, Olivia walks around the dirty furniture, taking a seat on the cleaner part of the open couch.
“And what are those things you saw? What did you see, Mark?” she ask in a serious tone.
The young man leans his head back, pinching the bridge of his nose as he nods and looks towards her once more.
“Not too good about talking about it,” he says, “but I can show you.”
“You do realize we’re talking about a murder,” she says. “Showing me may not be the “best” idea if you know what I mean?”
“I’m no killer, Ms. B,” he says, spreading his arms. “Now do you want me to show you or do you want to use the door?”
Olivia grits her teeth, her hands clenching in front of her. She needs that information but she’s wondering exactly what it is this kid wants to do that he wishes to “show” her rather than simply tell her. But she may have no choice. Not if she wishes to bring just to Brenda Tanning. She pulls out the photo, sliding it across the dirty table towards him.
“You know this woman?” she says.
He picks the photo up, gazing at it before placing it back down.
“Yeah, that’s ol’ Brenda. A real whore, she was.”
“You know she’s dead, correct?”
“Yeah, no one knows that better than me, Ms. B,” he says, his voice lowering as he speaks. “I saw it, I watched it happen.”
He leans forward, shaking his head.
“She had shitty taste in men,” he says. “She shoulda’ chosen me instead of that creep that done her in.”
Olivia grimaces at the thought.
“Do tell,” she says, trying to get him to talk.
He puts down the alcohol, walking around her. She keeps her eyes pinned on him as he circles around her.
“Ol’ Tommy,” he says, he’s a big ol’ shit. Guy is a linebacker, big and huge and black as sin with this nice little city white girl. Always come looking for Brenda in the middle of the night and the bitch always liked spreading for him.
“Always wondered if they knew I was watching as they’d keep the blinds open all the time, letting me see what they were doing.”
He traces his fingers slowly over Olivia’s hand, a small shiver running up her spine as he does so. Her skin crawls at the touch but if she can keep him talking then she’ll let him do as he pleases as long as he gives her what she wants.
“Alright, so what happened on the 22nd of October?”
“That’s what I’m getting to,” he says, moving his fingers away from her. “Ya see, I know Brenda, she’s a hot little thing, slender body with a white skin like pearl and every night ‘round 2 am, there she is, with her lights on in her room, all alone, shimmying out of her clothes, touching herself,” and as he says this his fingers trail slowly down Olivia’s shoulder, brushing over her cleavage. She moves to her left, thinking the touch may be accidental, but uncertain.
“And then?” she says.
“Well, this red head,” she says, “she always be spreading her legs out, sticking her fingers in and out of that wet slit of hers, groaning as she looks out the window.”
“That seems odd,” says Olivia. Had the woman been aware there was a peeping tom at her window, but nothing was ever reported. So why does it seem like she knew he was watching or perhaps even participating in the act? “What makes you think she knew you were there?”
The young man’s hand trails over her shoulder as he thinks back to that event.
“She knew,” he says. “Her eyes would always wander in my direction as she’d spread her pussy out for me, pushing her fingers in and out. Telling ya,’ she knew I was out there, watching, and she was getting off on it. Just sliding those fingers in and out of that wet slit, as if telling me to come inside and fuck her.”
“But you didn’t,” says Olivia.
“Hell no! You seen the size of Tommy Ortiz?” he says. “That fucker is as huge as an oxe! No way am I messing with something like that for a small piece of ass. Uh uh. I like keeping my neck where it is.”
“So what happened?” she ask, not liking how Mark’s hands have slid over her shoulders and seem to be massaging them.
“That’s what I’m getting to, Ms. B,” he says. “Just be patient!”
Olivia finds her nails digging into the couch cushion as the young man continues his tail of lewdness, remembering the young redhead he’s spoken about and how it looked like she’d had her neck snapped by a very large man, her blank eyes staring from the photo as the police had investigated, pulling at Olivia’s heart. A woman of such youth, snuffed out for what purpose? Jealousy? Revenge? Or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? She didn’t know, but she intended to find out. But right now, as Mark’s hands travel down her shoulders, she is beginning to doubt her safety as the boy continues with his game.
“Now, while that bitch was looking at me, fingering herself, in comes ol’ Tommy, big as a mountain and built like an oxe. He grabs our little lady’s long red hair like this,” he says, his fingers intertwining in Olivia’s hair only for his hand to jerk her head back painfully.
“Mark, what are you...”
But she doesn’t get to speak further as the young man begins to kiss her roughly, his mouth over hers, tongue playing with the inside of hers, pushing against her teeth and tongue, twisting spirals inside. Olivia finds herself drawing marks across the couch as Mark does this, his hand slipping beneath her top, beneath her bra, gripping her breasts and massaging it. He pulls away from her gasping lips slowly, speaking.
“Ol’ Tommy,” he liked to play rough, kissing the girl hard as he went along, gripping those nice tits of her good and tight!” he says.
His hand presses down on her tit meat making Olivia groan as he does so, his fingers taking the tip of her nipple and tugging at the tip as he presses the nub between his two fingers.
“Now Brenda,” he says, “she had a nice rack, kinda’ like you.”
His mouth comes down towards her neck, trailing down it, even going so far as to nip at the skin and tug at it as he bites.
“Yeah,” he says, “she was a good looking bitch, but Tommy could only do the whole foreplay thing so long before he needed more.”
“Mark what are you doing?” she says. “This... this...”
She hears his zipper come down, the click of metal ringing seeming so loud against her ears and suddenly she is feeling Mark turning her head, twisting her neck painfully as his member is unfurled from beneath his underwear, his cock slapping lightly against her forehead, making her wince.
“Mark... don’t,” she gasp.
“Yeah...” the young man drones, seemingly high on his own words. “Ol’ Tom, he wasn’t much for the foreplay stuff. He just wanted a feel of those nice red lips against his cock like so.”
Olivia feels her head being twisted, fingers jabbing her cheeks and pulling at her gums and lips, seeming to spread her lips open and even though she tries to resist, the feelings of discomfort like this are so new to her that she doesn’t resist for long and finds the young man’s member sliding between her lips and forcing its way to the back of her throat, making her eyes bulge as the thick cock slides in further and deeper.
“Yeah, Tommy, that boy, he liked those soft red lips on his cock. Loved how she’d give him head and curl her lips around his big pink head, sucking the shit off. Just like you’re doing for me right now,” he says.
Olivia feels as her head bobs back and forth even as she tries to push away from the young man, feeling as his cock seems to stiffen inside her mouth, the head of his phallus poking at the roof of her mouth, twitching as it becomes hard. She simply stares, wondering how it is that she got in so deep that such a thing like this would happen to her? And Mark, he seems oblivious to it all, his actions almost drone like as he continues with his sordid tale, seeming ignorant of what he is doing to her. Olivia can only hope he does not last long.

“Yeah,” Mark says, thrusting against Olivia’s tonsils again and again as he pushes against her throat, holding her head down against the sofa cushion while one hand slips beneath her top, fondling her breast. “Yeah, you keep working it with your tongue like that,” just like that whore, he says, gasping.
“Brenda was sure having problems breathing around that dude’s cock, I’ll tell ya,” he says. “Eyes going all big like saucers and such! Such a lazy bitch she couldn’t work her man’s cock between her lips. Just a lazy whore. You could see her slapping at the blankets, even hear her whine from the other side of the windows. Really was a pathetic sight to see, the dumb whore!”
Olivia herself is having troubles trying to breathe around the man’s member, it pistoning in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, beating against the back of her neck so she’s nearly choking, the bile churning in her stomach. She can feel herself about ready to dry heave, but Mark seems completely ignorant to the fact, continuing with his story as he speaks to her.
“Yeah,” he says, “I could see her head bobbing up and down like a good ol’ whore even while she was trying to breathe around that man’s cock. Even saw him lift his head as if he knew I was back there, not that he seemed to care. All his focus was on the bitch at his cock, which is the same for me. I was just jacking off back there, jerking my ramrod as quick as that girl’s head was going up and down. It was awesome! And through it all Tommy was just whacking the bitch’s ass like this!”
And his hand comes down over her breast, giving it a solid and loud whack!
Olivia suddenly jerks at the blow, doubling forward, her throat instinctively tightening around the man’s phallus, inadvertently seeming to pull at his shaft, drawing up his cum. In an effort to keep breathing, Olivia is forced to swallow the wash of cum that spills down her throat, it sliding down thick and sticky down her mouth. She swallows three thick mouth fulls of the stuff, her eyes watering as she takes in the flavor, gulping the fowl fluid down.
Mark finally pulls out, his member flipping upwards, smacking her in the eye as it does so, a string of semen stinging her eye as it hits her, making the membrane burn. But she does not scream, instead more focused on the simple act of breathing, coughing against the seat even as Mark continues to hold her head down against the cushion.
“You’re pretty good at this, Ms. B!” says Mark, his eyes seeming large and wild, but we’re nowhere near done yet!”
“Mark, please!” she says, feeling thoroughly defiled at this point, having taken in the young man’s seed in her mouth. She doesn’t feel like she can take more. But her words fall on deaf ears as Mark grips her hair, pulling her off the seat and turning her around, bending her over the couch.
Mark pushes her down against the seat, lifting her skirt up and slaps her rear roughly, the sound ringing with a loud smack. She lets out a cry as she feels the sting of the blow trying to shield her rectum with her hands unaware until seconds later that Mark isn’t interested in hitting her anymore as he grips her panties and wrenches them down around her ankles.
“Mark, what are you doing?!” she yells in fear and worry now, her throat still feeling raw from the face fucking she’d just received she doesn’t think her body is ready for a real fucking and her body feels completely dry.
“Mark!” she yells, trying to get his attention. “Don’t do this. You don’t want to do this!”
“Sure I do, Ms. B,” he says, three fingers running up her slit, pushing inside, making her cry out.
He leans forward against her, hit hot breath against her face.
“You sure scream pretty, Ms. B,” he says. “Not as good as the girl did. There were some lungs on that one, I tell you. Guess she wasn’t used to her boyfriend pounding into her like he did. I know I wouldn’t be, looking at how he threw her on the bed and started fucking her like some starved dog wearing at a bone. I’m gonna’ guess he was pounding that sweet little puckered asshole of hers, but don’t worry, I won’t be quite that exact in this retelling, he says against her ear.
“Wait. Mark...”
She has barely whispered those words when she feels the man’s member brush against her sex before it begins to push inside, her vaginal lips stretching to accommodate its girth as she cries out, wincing as it pushes inside inch by inch.
“Don’t worry, Ms. B,” he hears Mark say, “this is where the fun starts!”
Olivia grits her teeth, her vision blurry as her body adjust to the size of what is inside her, her breathing coming out slow and heavy, sweat running down her brow as she grips the dirty stained cushion before her, waiting for what is to come.
She feels as Mark begins to slide out of her sex, pulling out until only the head still remain inside her before he slams it inside in a single thrust, making her cry out as her eyes bulge, back arching.
“That’s just foreplay, Ms. B. We’re going to start for real now...”

“P-please, Mark,” she whimpers. “Don’t! I... ack!”
She cries out, eyes bulging as Mark slams his member inside her womb again, pulling out part way only to thrust inside once more. Each time pulling out less and less as he pistons her vaginal folds, hitting her with brutal force as his hips slap wetly against hers.
His fingers find their way around her neck as he pulls Olivia back towards him, pressing her body against his own even as he continues to thrust against her.
“Mmm.... Ms. B,” he ways, rubbing rough course chin hair against her face, “I can’t believe just how tight you are! Doesn’t your old man give you a good shagging?”
“Mark... geh... st..gah... stop!” she says between gasp as the man continues to piston inside her. He slows as he hears her words, pushing away from her.
“Now why you gotta’ go and say something like that, Ms. B? Just when I’m starting to get into it and just trying to give you a good time? Just like that bitchy redhead Brenda did when I broke into her place.”
“Wh-what do you mean?” she says.
Mark continues to beat against her, his hips working roughly against her own.
“That fucker, Tommy,” he says, “he knew I was there the whole time! Whole... fucking .. Time!”
He says each word, accentuating it with the thrust against her body.
“Man just couldn’t let it be! He had to be rubbing it in my face! He knew that I had a thing for Brenda so he’d fuck her right in front of me each day,” he says, the thrusting seeming to wear away at Olivia’s internal walls, seeming more violent as the young man continues with his story, explaining something sinister.
His fingers run long gouges across her hips as he continues to beat against her body, almost as if he’s trying to push his cock up through her womb and out her mouth. She is gasping as he continues to beat against her, her stomach crushed against the seat cushion, but still, Mark continues, his story growing darker with the minute.
“Fucker just had to rub it in my face every day! Make me feel it, make me pay with seeing that skank open her legs for him each and every day!”
Those thrust beat into Olivia’s body and she can only whimper as the man continues against her.
“So when that dumb fuck finished I went out back, waiting for him to come out for his smoke, and just like clockwork, not twenty minutes after fucking, he’s outside, lighting a joint, shirtless with nothing on him but a pack of smokes and his pants. He didn’t even see me coming! Just bam! Right upside his uppity head and then another! And another! Left him a goddamned mess just the way he’d left me!”
Even as he speaks, Olivia is recording the information in her mind, hearing how this man has confessed to killing the other. Tommy McCormmick, line back for the college varsity, found outside his home with his skull caved in like a rotten watermelon by an outside intruder, the weapon for killing never found. But he hadn’t been the only victim. The killer had made his way over to Brenda’s as well.
“Yeah,” he says. “I’d made that fucker pay! But I wasn’t done yet, Ms. B. I’d been so high and just after seeing the fuck go at it with Brenda I needed to have my turn. And the dumb slut, she’d heard me and rather than call the cops or do something smart like that, she’d come to check on her stupid sex toy!”

“As you can guess, Ms. B,” he says, she freaked out, eyes going big like saucers when she saw her boyfriend. Tried to scream, but I shut her up fast!”
“So you... gkkk... killed her?” says Olivia, still feeling as the man thrust against her body, jerking her forward hard.
“Nah, Ms. B,” he says. “That woulda’ been a real waste of ass if I never got to sample it first!”
What he says makes her stomach roll inside itself, as he is admitting that he raped the woman before he killed her. DNA analysis had confirmed the presence of DNA not belonging to the victim outside and Mark is now admitting to it. She feels about ready to call the officers outside and wonders why they haven’t come in yet? Why are they letting this progress as it is? Mark still continues, running his mouth and damning himself further.
“Nah, after I punched her in the face I got my cock out and started face fucking her. You see, it was really limp at that point, since I’d already jacked off to her being fucked by Tommy so I needed her to get it hard again, and man, I can’t believe how soft those fucking lips of hers were! So soft they made me real hard, real fast!”
He continues to thrust against her and Olivia wishes he’d hurry up and cum inside her already. Her pussy is clenching around his member, feeling raw and abused and still he continues jerking off to her.
“Yeah,” he says, seeming to slow down a bit much to Olivia’s relief. “She got me hard fast with those soft lips so I took her into her room and took that sweet sweet pussy that Tommy ignored tonight. Wasn’t very tight, but it was real good pounding into it, but as I was fucking her, I realized, I can’t let her live. She’s going to tell the cops if I let her go. So...”
She hears him slipping something off his pants.
“Mark... wait!” she says, before she feels the belt suddenly curled around her neck, looped around the buckle and tightened as Mark’s thrusting suddenly becomes faster. “Yeah... just like this I keep fucking her! I feel her tightening that loose little hole of hers as I fuck her and it’s great! It makes me feel like a king! You know, Ms. B!”
He jerks at the belt and Olivia can only claw at it, her tongue beginning to push out from her lips. Oh god, she thinks, this is how Brenda died and now she’s going to die too...
“I fucked her like this,” he says, the belt tightening on her neck. “Fucked her hard as the belt cut her air off and it felt great!” He leans forward, licking Olivia’s face as he continues to thrust inside her, his jerking coming more rapidly. “I fucked her hard, feeling her losing it just under me! It was great to feel her dying as I came off on her!”
As the belt is pulled back, squeezing on her neck, Olivia feels herself about to pass out, her eyes beginning to roll in her head even as she hears the young man groan, his thick seed filling her womb as the belt gets increasingly tighter.
“Doesn’t it feel great, Ms. B?” he says. “Fucking like this! I know it does for me!”
As she is about to pass out, the door shatters, officers in swat gear yelling with rifles aimed towards Mark. He releases her immediately, lowering himself to the ground as medical personal come to look her over and check her vitals to make sure her condition is stable.
She breathes raggedly, the belt falling away from her neck as she rubs her throat where it had become raw. She looks down at the young man as he is roughly cuffed, hands pulled behind his back, even as a line of cum runs down her legs.
“Got you... fucker...” she whispers, before her vision begins to fade. At least they have him. They have this scummy bastard and he’ll pay for what he’s done. Then her mind completely blacks out, a smile on her lips.
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Default Very enjoyable

Really well written story, thank you very much, I loved the twist at the end, nicely done. More more encore encore!
Thank you Darkstalker.
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That's a very good story DS, thanks.
I am not racist, I dislike everyone equally.
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Great story. Did the swat guys get to see her naked?
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