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Default The Look

She smiles at him bravely because she loves him so much. His demands are outrageous but he tells her again and again how much he loves her. His smile is captivating and…loving.

She can’t hold back the tears but nods through the fog in her mind. She’s not an easy one herself. She knows that. He hates the movies she loves and still comes with. He doesn’t like her friends but treats them with cordiality and respect. Or…did. Back when her friends where around more often.
But still, she tries to convince herself…it counts.

“It’s only a tattoo, babe”, he begs and his puppy eyes are widening. “I want to trace the lines with my tongue every night”

It is not what she’d expected. Not a well lit, clean place but a cheap parlor on the outskirts of town. The “artist” grunts happily a couple of times as he pats her tits into place and she thinks she can feel the man rub his thighs against her hips when he leans over her.
She feels incredibly exposed and when they leave, she realizes that no payment was made.

But he is so happy and they go see the Indie-movie she’d been talking about. They also have great sex.

“But it’s like an addition to the tat! It completes the whole thing!”
“But, I’m just not sure I want something like that”
“Of course, it’s all about what YOU want...sorry, I mentioned what I like. I’ll shut up now; in fact, I think I better shut up for good”

She panics, completely panics.

As they walk to the Piercing Studio, she tries to sound excited. He is still a little closed off. Doesn’t he believe her? That she earnestly wants this?
She decides that she’ll prove it!

“It’d complete the tattoo even more if it wasn’t just two, you know…”, she whispers.
He looks at her, assessing her.

She can’t do it in one sitting. Her nipples hurt and the girl inserting the rings isn’t gentle about it. Why does he call her “babe”?

When the swelling is gone he tells her that he loves the look on her.

They go again three days later. This time it’s a guy and he insists that, yes, his fingers must be inside of her.

“Look at me!”, he urges and his tongue is licking her lips as the stranger fingers her, rubs her clit with rough fingers that suddenly sent jolts through her body.

“Let it happen!”

“I can’t…”, she gasps and comes.

“You’re such a slut, hon!”

She can’t answer because this is the exact moment when the guy drives the piercing through her lips.

She is mortified but the two men present laugh and the stranger licks his fingers. Once again, no payment is made.

“Trust me, Laurie is a good friend of mine – it’ll save you so much time!”
The permanent makeup is horrible but he promises it will fade quickly.
But he sais, he loves the look.

It is a Thursday. She’ll never forget the day.
A damp Thursday in April.

It is chilly outside when gets on her knees in a dark alley in front of a dirty 50 something with a receding hairline and tiny blinking eyes.
He is slightly overweight and when he pulls up his shirt and opens his pants, she can smell sweat and dirt. He urgently presses her forehead against his protruding belly and she tries to push him away.

“Come now…”, the man grunts hungrily and pulls out his cock with one hand, the other wrapped around her head.

“Don’t be shy, girl – show me some love”, he gurgles slightly drunk.

He slaps her cheek twice and pushes his sweaty cock between her lips. She swirls her tongue around the soft flesh over his hardening cock, licks and tries not to gag.

Both of his hands are now wrapped around her head and only from the corner of her eyes she gets a glimpse of the man she loves.
He looks…proud.

“Oh yes…yes!”, the stranger gasps and she feels his penis pulsing in her mouth. He has little control over himself as he shoves deeper into her throat and buckles over as he erupts between her lips.
His hips jerk back and forth, his cum drips from her lips onto her chest and the new clothes.

“Oh…oh”, he grunts pushing her aside so he can double over.

She gags, staggers to her feet. Not easy since she isn’t used to heels that high. Her hands are so dirty from the wet ground and...
She sways and only manages to rub off some.

The man gets up as well and heads towards main street. This time, money is exchanged.

“She aint worth it yet – you need to teach her”, he gasps and slowly walks away, zipping up his pants.

As she walks up to him he casually puts away the 50 and looks her up and down.
“I like the look”
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interesting start. like a psychological rape at this point.
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Default The Look

That's good!
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