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Default Helen Cornered

Here is the story written for my friend Treatlikemeat

Helen was doing some work in her yard. She wore her usual, jeans and ankle high, black riding boots. Never much for bras; her thick nipples stuck out beneath her white pullover shirt and camisole. The material clung to the rounded curves of her breasts. She wore a large brim, gardening hat over her short, bleach-blond hair, to protect her pale skin from the afternoon sun's rays.

Helen was trying to enjoy her day, but loud music and cursing coming from the tract behind her house, was ruining it for her. A gang of youths had taken over the vacant area behind her home. They were continuing to get on her last nerve. At times she could smell the aroma of marijuana that drifted through the air. Back in the day, she had done her fair share, but this was different. These were 18 to 21 year old punks, that had no feelings for anyone else. They would always be low-lifes and never hold a decent job.

Finally she had had enough. She put down her cultivator and hat, brushing off her jeans.

'I'm going to give those Chavs a piece of my mind,' she told herself.

She stomped her feet and stormed off in the direction of the gang. The gaggle of boys and girls were sitting on hay bales, that they had drug from an adjacent old barn. There must have been 6 or 8 of them. A radio blared out some awful tune from its position atop a hay bale. As she strode into their midst, they looked up at her with the haughty arrogance of youth.

"You kids need to take your radio and leave this property before I call the law. You have no business here. This is a quite neighborhood, and we like to keep it that way," she stated.

A black haired girl, sitting astride a young man's lap, took a draw from her blunt, and looked up at Helen with disdain.

"Oh yea, who's we, Bitch?" she replied.

Several members of the gang stood up, anxious for a little excitement. They eyed Helen up and down; sizing her up. Their attention was easily drawn to the hard nubs of her nipples.

"Myself and the neighbors," She responded in defiance.

The girl stood up, walking over to Helen.

"I don't see any neighbors. Only some bleach-blond Cunt with hard nipples," the girl said with a laugh.

The rest of the gang responded, laughing in turn.

Helen did not notice the larger boy. He had left his seat to slip up behind her. She was loosing her patience with these punks.

"As I said, 'You leave now, and I won't call the law.', "

"Oh, I don't think you are calling anyone, Bitch," the girl remarked. She dropped her blunt and reached up, cruelly tweaking Helen's nipples while pushing her back.

Helen's back brushed up against the chest of the boy behind her. Now, she was getting frightened. In her blind anger, she had failed to assess the situation first. A woman alone, surrounded by a drugged up, gang of rebellious youths, was not the position to put yourself in. Frantically, she began to think of a way to talk herself out. In the meantime, her eyes darted back and forth, seeking a route of escape.

"Look,' Helen said, 'I seem to have come off the wrong way. If you will just turn the radio down a bit; I'll go back to my house and leave you alone."

The boy behind her, dug his fingers into her shoulders and pulled her back against his chest. She could feel the throb of his young cock through the denim of her jeans.

"Oh, you'll come off just right," he said.

The gang of 6 or 8 had somehow grown to 12, as they surrounded her. Her body was being pushed towards the empty barn.

"Look, you Guys, just let me go home. You don't want to do this," she pleaded.

"Do what?" the boy said in mock innocence, while thrusting his crotch against her ass.

Before she could do anything, Helen found herself pushed into the empty barn. The large doors were shut behind her and a metal bar slid into the slots, locking it from inside. The large boy released her, and she turned, facing the black haired girl from before.

"Not so tough now, are you Bitch?" the girl said. "How about it boys? You want to take her down a notch?"

The surrounding boys grumbled with excitement while rubbing their crotches. The girl gave Helen a hard shove, and she went sprawling back into the large one's arms. Snatching her wrists, he pinned them behind her back with one hand.

"Throw me some of that twine," he commanded.

He caught the tossed twine and used it to secure her trapped wrists. Her struggles were useless against his strength. His hand then pulled her hair back, causing her chest to thrust up and out. Another young man approached, licking his lips at the pert nipples poking through her shirt. A long blade was produced, which he twirled before her terrified eyes.

"Let's see what your hiding in there," he said.

The sharp blade dipped into the neck of her Camisole and shirt, with a loud rip, it was sliced down the center. Her pale naked breasts fell out to the lustful gaze of her onlookers. Putting the knife away, the young man's fingers wrapped around the skin of her exposed tit flesh. He squeezed it, watching the thick nipple swell and throb with blood.

"Stop it ,you Asshole! that fucking hurts!" she yelled.

"I'll show you what hurts," he said, immediately unbuckling his belt, and slipping if from his shorts. The shorts fell to his feet, leaving him in a colorful pair of boxer shorts; an apparent bulge at the crotch. He could have cared less. The belt was doubled over before he sent the leather crashing down across her heaving breasts.

"Ahhh!" she screamed.

The one behind her, bent her body farther back, presenting her tits for another blow.

She screamed again as the belt cruelly dug into her thick nipple, drawing blood. Again and again the belt swiped across her flesh, leaving her breasts crisscrossed with red stripes.

"Please, please, stop, " she cried, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"You sorry now, Bitch?" the girl asked.

"Yes...yes..I...I am sorry," Helen sobbed.

"Then tell him, you will suck his cock," the girl said.

"I will not...Aghh!" she yelled, as the belt lashed once more across her swollen nipples.

"Ok...Ok" she reluctantly spat out.

Pressure was put on her shoulder blades until her knees dropped to the hard dirt floor. She found herself looking up into the mushroom head of the young man's stiff cock.

"Please," she once again pleaded.

"You mean, Please let me suck your cock," the girl added.

Helen could not believe the words were coming from her own lips; "Please, please let me suck your cock," she repeated.

The man took his long cock and bounced it off her nose.

"Open up," he said.

She partly opened her mouth, and he popped his shaft over her nose.

"Wider," he scolded.

She couldn't reach his bobbing shaft with her arms tied, so she had to reach out and catch it with her open mouth.

"Don't just hold it there,' someone said, 'Bob your head. Suck that cock."

Helen could hardly see the crowd from the tears that burned her eyes, but she knew they were there. Their taunts filled her with shame. The long cock dripped its vile pre-cum over her tongue, where it trickled down her throat and filled her cheeks with cum flavored drool. She could hear the horrible sound of her lips sloshing up and down the hard pole.

The black haired girl walked over, standing beside them. She placed one hand on the back of Helen's head and her other on the young man's ass. "Come on, Billy, make her choke on it." she said. Pushing with both of her hands she mashed the two together, forcing the long stiff cock down, past the back of Helen's throat.

Helen's gag reflex kicked in and a gush of drool came pouring from her lips. It ran from the cock in sticky strands and splashed over her belt striped tits.

One by one the gang began to undress, some fondling each other as they watched. A large breasted, naked blond sat down on a nearby haystack.

"Bring her here,' she told the men, 'Put her on her back, over my knees."

They did just that, letting Helen's head drop back, over the girls thigh and off the hay bale.

"I see what you mean," the man said and thrust his shaft back into her open mouth.

Now he could fuck her face good and hard; His cock reaching deep into her gullet. The blond girl held Helen's thrashing body and viciously slapped her abused breasts. The black haired girl and another young man began pulling at her riding boots and white socks. They tossed them on the dirt floor of the barn. Another knife was produced and the remains of her shirts were shredded and pulled away from her white skin.

"Look at that,' the blond first noticed, 'she's got some hairy armpits"

"Maybe she wants to be a man, and get fucked in the ass," the other girl stated.

"Is that right?' the blond asked Helen, 'You want to get fucked in the ass?"

Helen had heard the horrid words but could only gag beneath the thick cock. She started to speak as the shaft withdrew from her mouth, but it was stuffed right back in. This time, it exploded. The thick mass of hot cum filled her throat, shooting straight down her tender esophagus. She coughed and belched, sending copious amounts of cum out from around the pulsing cock, to pour down her face and into her eyes and nose.

"Your a sloppy cock sucker, aren't you Bitch?" the blond asked. She glanced up at the others. "Someone help me hold her, and get these jeans off. The Slut wants to be fucked in the ass."

The larger young man straddled Helen's face. His ass pushing into her face, while his thick cock, slapped between her breasts. He held her tightly to the blonde's naked thighs. Helen could feel the girls damp bush beneath her fingers and smell the pungent aroma of the boy's asshole. She was powerless as the jeans were tugged off her kicking legs, leaving her body clad in only her plain, red panties. Helen had a very hairy cunt, so many of her unruly hairs were already peaking out from the red waistband of her panties. The blond girl's hand disappeared beneath the material and clutched at the rough curls.

"Hey Guys, get these panties off. You should see this. The Bitch has one thick-ass bush."

They did not even bother with slipping the panties down her thighs. They were ripped right off, leaving deep red marks on her hips.

"No! Oh God, no!" she screamed, kicking and scissoring her legs.

"Whew,' one of them whistled, 'Look at that patch."

"Is there a cunt behind that?" someone else chimed in.

"Here it is," the blond said, digging her fingers through the mass of curls, then thrusting two fingers into Helen's slit. Helen kicked harder. "Oh you like that, Huh, Slut?

"Hold her legs apart... Wide, like that," the black haired girl ordered.

A dark skinned boy of about 18 or 19 ran over. He was carrying a white plastic container.

"Look what I found,' he said excitingly tossing it to the girl, 'Fist her, Suzie."

"Horse liniment,' the girl read, 'Excellent."

She dipped her fist into the container, then spread more of the white goop up her arm.

"Here's where you pay, Cunt."

Looking up, Helen could only see the round rose of the asshole in her face, but she felt the burn of the liniment and the stretch of her cunt around the young girl's hand. Three fingers became four, that became a tight fist, that battered the walls of her cunt, painfully slamming into her cervix.

"Ah...What are you...Aghhh...St...St...stop!" she cried, panting for breath.

Suzie's whole forearm had disappeared into the thick bush of Helen's cunt. As she was being fisted, the ass rolled back and forth over her face, her tits being pressed against the throbbing cock. With a cry from above, she felt the hot splash of cum over her breasts and abdomen. After that, the fist was pulled from her cunt with a loud 'slop' sound.

Helen's pussy hurt so bad, she could barely close her thighs.

The girl under her moved, and Helen was tied belly down over two stacks of hay. The rough hay stung her belly and scratched over the thick hairs of her cunt. Her legs were spread apart and tied to the bottom twines of the hay stacks. The black haired girl stuck her fingers back into the liniment and began lathering it over Helen's tight anal ring.

"Now, about that ass fuck, Bitch," she said.
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Default Helen Cornered Pt 2

"Stop! Stop!" Helen wailed, as the black haired girl began to push two of her liniment covered, fingers into the tight, puckered hole of her rosebud.

The blond came around to Helen's head. She was dragging a young man by the cock. Helen was drawn to the size of the man's penis. It was around 2 inches thick and stretched a good 8 inches in length, and that was in its semi- erect state. The blond smiled at the shocked look on Helen's face.

"We call him 'Horse'," she said.

Kneeling down before Helen, the girl began to stroke the shaft and lick up and down its length. It grew even larger.

"Look,' the blond said, taking the cock and rubbing its dewy tip under Helen's nose, 'This monster is going right up your tight little poop shoot. I bet you can't wait for that."

Helen could smell the aroma of pre-cum. A drip was left on her upper lip. Slowly it trailed down and into her mouth.

"No, no. I have never...I can't...Not that, please," Her pleas fell on deaf ears. In fact, they just made the group even more excited.

"Come along, Horse," the blond said, leading the young man around to Helen's backside.

Helen struggled, tugging at her cords. This only caused her rounded buttocks to shake and gyrate, farther stirring the gang's lust. The black haired girl spread open the cheeks of Helen's ass, giving them all a clear view of her slick, liniment coated, sphincter. The oval muscle twitched and pulsed, as Helen tried to clinch it closed and relieve the burning itch of the liniment.

The crown of the large cock pressed against her opening. The pressure increased and despite her effort, the head began to make its entrance.

"Oh God! No! Aghh!" she screamed.

"Make her squeal,' the crowd cheered, 'Plug the hairy Bitch."

Inch by painful inch, the invading cock stretched her virgin hole. Despite the liniment, the edges of her anal ring began to crack and bleed. The liniment packed into the cracks making them burn like fire. Still the shaft pressed on, driving ever deeper into her tight bowels. With a final twist of his hips, the battering ram was driven home. Helen could feel the man's pubic hairs scratching at her cheeks. Placing the flat of his hands on her lower back, he withdrew the cock, then plunged it back home.

"Aghh!" her screams reverberated across the walls of the barn.

Then came the pummeling of her ass. The shaft pushed aside the contents of her bowels to make its own way in. The young man's hips slapped against her naked ass, rocking her body on the coarse hay. The hay grazed against her tender breasts and hairy mound, chafing the skin. Her throat was raw and raspy, not just from her screams, but the brutal throat fuck she had endured. Her sounds were reduced to grunts, pants, and whimpers of pain.

The bystanders were in awe of the thick shaft, pile driving into her ass. The cock was coated in the liniment's white goo, but mixed with stains of blood and shit. Every few strokes, he would pull the shaft from her, and they would all stare into the open and stretched out hole. After that, it was back inside, joined by a loud grunt from Helen, and a pleasureful moan from 'Horse'.

With one last thrust, the cock was buried into Helen's ass. The shaft expanded and began pulsing out spurt after spurt of hot cum. Helen could feel the warmth as it spread out into her bowels. He held the shaft inside, until he could feel the contractions of her inner walls, trying to expel their cum enema.

The shaft withdrew from her gaping ass with a wet farting sound, followed by a gush of multicolored, brown, pink and white cum. She would get no respite though. Others were standing by, stiff cocks in hand, waiting to take the plunge in her abused hole. With her ass stretched wide, it took a few seconds for her to even feel the next cock.

A young girl came over. Her lover had just emptied his load into her shaved cunt. The cream still dripped down her smooth thighs. Someone pulled Helen's head up by the hair, and the girl pushed her cum filled cunt into Helen's face. She was caught in mid-scream, her mouth wide open, when the girl's cunt covered her lips. The thick jism poured into her mouth, rolling off her tongue and dripping down her chin. The cruel pounding of her ass, pushed her, face first, into the drooling snatch.

"Oh yea,' the girl crooned, 'That feels awesome."

During her ass rape, ropes were being draped over the barn's rafters. The oldest of the group, a muscular young man, had devised a plan for her next abuse.

"This is where I make her a virgin," he announced.

"Bullshit. How the Hell are you going to do that?" they asked.

"You'll see," he replied with a sardonic smile.
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Default Helen Cornered Pt 3

The man walked over and cut the twine from Helen's limbs. She pulled her hands together trying to rub the circulation back.

"Thank you," she said.

"Ha," he laughed with a sneer. Pointing to her feet, two other gang-bangers grabbed her ankles and jerked her from the hay. They drug her body under the rafters and began tying the rope to her feet.

The ropes were laced over the rafters 5 feet apart. One rope, then the other was pulled, hoisting Helen's body in the air. She frantically clawed at the dirt floor.

"Hey! Wha...What are you doing? Stop!" she cried.

Higher and higher she was raised, until only her fingers drug the ground. Her legs were spread in a wide 'V'. Cum dripped from her ass and trailed down the center of her back. Her chest, face, and abdomen was also smeared with a mixture of cum, dirt, and blood. She was forced to constantly lift her body with her fingers to take the weight off her ankles.

The young man who had devised this sinister plan, picked up a long wooden pole. It was part of what used to be the handle of a rake or hoe. He twirled it skillfully in his hands.

"Wha...What are you going to do with that?" Helen asked fearfully.

He said nothing, only swung the pole down, where it whacked against the exposed surface of her vulva.

"Aghh!" she screamed, lifting her body up to clutch at her throbbing cunt.

She was unable to hold her torso up for long. The burning tension in her abs, forced her to lean back down and push her fingertips back to the dirt floor. She saw him lift the rod, once again towards the ceiling.

"No! No! No!" she cried out, jerking up to grab at her sex.

The rod came down regardless, striking her fingers before mashing the lips of her sex. She pulled them back, screaming in agony. At least two of her digits were broken. Now, when she fell back, she could only push off the ground with one hand. He waited for her arms to drop, and swung the rod back down between her spread legs. This time the blow landed flat against her tender perineum, severely bruising it. As the next blow came. she raised to try and block it again. Several more fingers were broken in the process.

The gang was loving it. The young men stroked their cocks, as they watched Helen's body dance on the ropes. Blood was now dripping from her bruised and battered cunt. It made beautiful strands over her pale skin. As her muscles twitched from the pain, it would force more cum from her asshole. The cream seemed to just bubble out.

'She would need to be refilled,' the blond girl thought.

Helen could only moan. No longer could she lift herself up; Most of her fingers were broken.

The rod was set down, and the young man came forward to inspect her cunt. The lips were torn and bleeding. The whole surface of her vulva was swollen and purple; Its opening hidden from view. He was satisfied; She would feel like a virgin being fucked, yet much worse.

"Bring her down, Boys. Let's fill her cunt with some fresh cum," he stated.

Helen had almost passed out from the pain, but she was shaken back to consciousness, when her body crashed to her ground. Her head smacked against the hard dirt floor, making the room spin. When her vision came back, she was staring into the face of the young man that beat her. He was positioned between her widely spread legs. Her broken fingers were useless to fend him off.

"Say hello to my cock, Bitch," he said, thrusting the full length of his shaft into her battered sex.

She could hear the gang laughing at her raspy scream.

"Plug her man," they cheered. "Does it feel like your first time, you hairy Bitch?", "Hard Man, make her scream."

Each jam of his shaft was a jolt of pain. His crotch came down like a mallet against her bruised flesh. The walls of her sex were forced to welcome the intruder. Her cervix would be powerless against the flow of pending cum. She knew from his moans, that soon, it would indeed be filled to the brim with potent, young sperm.

With a groan from above it came. Her womb was awash with the flow of warm liquid. As the man withdrew, her thighs remained weakly splayed out, inviting the next cock to viciously spear her. They came, one after another. So many cocks, so much cum. The hairy bush of her sex was matted with it. It puddled under her, sticking to her ass with specks of dirt.

"That's too nasty," the next boy announced.

"Then take her in the ass again," a girl replied.

"Pin her legs back," he said.

Her ankles were grabbed and pinned back beside her head, leaving her raw ass, open and exposed. The erect shaft punched into her rear hole, tearing into her colon. His pelvis smacked into her sticky ass, filling the barn with the sound of wet slaps.

"Ohh," he groaned, filling her bowels with his seed.

Helen pleaded and prayed, 'Will it ever end?'

Her prayers were only met with another cock sliding into her ass. Load after load were left behind. Her belly became bloated from the huge amounts of cum. As the final man finished off in her ass, he looked at her with a strange satisfying grin. A new warmth had begun to fill her ass.

"Oh my God. No," she groaned. He was pissing in her ass.

"How did you like that?" he asked, slapping her thigh. Her full bowels began to cramp.

The black haired girl noticed the strained look on Helen's face.

"Oh no, you don't," she said.

The girl picked up a small bottle of beer and shoved it up Helen's ass.

Finished with her, they bent her feet and arms back, bundling them tightly behind her. Her body, dripping with blood, piss and cum, was picked up and carried to back her garden. There she was dropped. Barely able to move; She struggled painfully in the dirt. Sparkling in the afternoon sun, the discarded beer bottle, still rested in her ass. .The gang gathered around her, laughing and sipping their beers.

"Now what?" someone asked.

"She's not going anywhere," the black haired girl stated, "Let's just leave her here, to the ants."

The gang began to saunter off. Before leaving, the black haired girl went back over to Helen. She kicked her square in the ass, shattering the beer bottle. A huge gush of multicolored fluid, mixed with shards of glass, shot out of her ass.

"Let's see how long you make it, out here in the sun, Bitch." the girl commented with a grin.

She walked off, leaving Helen's body, soaking in a muddy pool of piss, shit, cum, and blood. Then, one by one, came the flies and ants.
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Great story! I love the detail. You didn't tell us much about Helen though?! How old was she, what did she look like etc. I still enjoyed your work and I suppose we can all fill in that gap with our own imagination! Thanks!
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Excellent -really humiliating. I do agree with Bobrob, though.
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Well, I especially like how it ended. Yet, a little info about Helen would be nice.
Thanks Kolt, for another good job.
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Default Helen

Details and info available and possibly a picture or two,, message me.
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enjoyed reading your story.
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That's a good read Kolt. Thanks.
I am not racist, I dislike everyone equally.
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Excellent Story. Loved the violence and the humiliation.
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anal, brutal pain, fisting, rape

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