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Default Daddy's Little Sex Slave - Open to Anyone!

Hoping that someone will take interest in it! I am basing this off of the story I wrote a few years ago - and yes, I do plan to continue it eventually...just have to flesh out some ideas first! If you haven't read it and like incest rape and forced slavery, I suggest you go read it before attempting to try to play this out! I thought I had started this before but I can't seem to locate it, so here goes! Below is the description I posted on another board titled Incest Rape Fantasy which will give you an idea on what I'm after!

I have had this fantasy for a good long time about the mother walking out on the father and his daughter (daughters? ) or her dying. The girls are sent to a boarding school during their childhood and only comes home on Summer Break. The father receives letters and pictures from them and notices how they have been growing up beautifully and starts jacking off to the pictures, imagining what he would do to them when they would get home.

He would surf the net and find that he is not the only one with ideas and fantasies like this and start talking online to a bunch of other men like him and they form a sort of 'society' amongst themselves, turning an abandoned little town in the country into their own little orgy playground with their daughters. They would move there (where the outside world doesn't notice them) and form a community there so the daughters have nowhere to escape to...everytime they try to escape, one of the other daddies would catch them and rape them or take them back to their father and have a group orgy there.

The original girls would finally come home and their father, being wealthy, would have a home set up for them that would be every sick father's fantasy home...little girl bedroom, gym for the girls to work out in (with some hidden kinks here and there), a home theater that shows porn round the clock, a dungeon to take them to if they are bad, a swimming grotto where the pool would open up onto a hot tub and a waterfall where the father could fuck them under, etc.

Eventually they would get married and he would force breed them so they would produce more little slaves (if it's a boy he would train his son to be just like him, if it's a girl, she would be a slave just like her mommy).

Sorry if this is long and detailed...just something I've had on my mind for awhile now (as you can tell with a couple of the stories I've written lol. If anyone would like to rp this scenario, look me up or send me a starter! Would LOVE to rp this scenario VIRTUALLY of course lol. The girl would be about 17 or 18.

Here's the link to my story should you want to read it and get some ideas for the rp: http://ravishu.com/forums/index.php?topic=18499.0

================================================== ===========================

It had been a year since she had been home. Cleo had been away to boarding school and was coming home for a visit. But it wasn't the home she grew up in. A few years before, her mother walked out on her father, leaving Cleo in his care. Her father was a thriving artist and an author. Cleo was never allowed to read his writings...she never knew what he wrote about. She saw some of his artwork...but not most of it. She didn't know he was a pretty graphic writer or artist when it came to sex.

She had received a letter and a package in the mail telling her that her father had built a new house out in the country. He had also sent pictures, depicting the inside and outside of the house. It was a huge house with room to spare. The pictures showed a beautiful 3 flour mansion. There were about 5 bedrooms according to the pictures...her bedroom was set to resemble her tastes, her likes and dislikes. There was an atrium built onto the side of the house. He had remembered that she loved plants and flowers...that much was for sure.

There was also a dance studio along with a fully equipped gym where she could continue training in both dance and gymnastics. On the other end of the house there was a swimming pool with a grotto like area, showing a beautiful waterfall flowing into the huge pool.

All in all, it was safe to say: She was in love with the house. She couldn't wait to see it. But...there were some things she didn't know about the house. Some things that the pictures didn't show.

There were certain...rooms...that her father added onto the house. You see, he was obsessed with his daughter. He was obsessed to make her HIS 'little girl'...keep her young and 'pure'...for his use only. He had realized that she was growing into a beautiful young woman. That was why he sent her to an all girl's boarding school.

He had always been a fan of rape sites. They featured rape videos, comics, stories...anything to turn on his sick fantasies. Lately he had been looking at pictures of his daughter and found himself becoming turned on by her. He knew that incest was illegal where he lived at. That was why he built the house out in the country...away from prying eyes. It was also near a town where noone knew them. If anyone saw them together at a diner or anywhere or the sort, they would just think that it was a young woman who loved older men. They wouldn't know that it was a father with his daughter.

He had joined a group online where he could meet people that shared his fantasies. He knew of a man who had twin daughters and one of his daughters was forced to marry her older brother when her father learned she was pregnant with her brother's child. He had met the group members a few times...had a few orgies...that was when he realized that he had to make his reality known.

In the house he had included a room where it was shaped like his daughter's room when she was a little girl. Pink wallpaper, several toys...stuffed animals. Nothing was too good for his little girl. Only difference was, there was a huge circular bed with pink satin sheets where he could take her. Of course there were restraints to fasten her to the bed should she become...unruly. There was also several cameras pointing in all angles to record her being taken. There were several monitors where she could be forced to watch herself being taken. There was huge walk-in closet that contained several more 'toys' to use on her...along with all sorts of 'outfits' that he made sure to be too small for her. He wanted her to look good and sexified just for him.

Further in the house there was a studio where he could sit and draw with a few 'amenities' to keep his little angel occupied while she 'modeled' for him. Like a pedestal for instance with a dildo fastened to it. He could settle her onto it should he want it to happen and draw her in several positions. There was another pedestal like it in several other rooms...like the TV room next to huge flat screen tv. He could watch TV and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of his daughter.

Yes...he had several plans for his daughter indeed.
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