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Default A New Life for Me (Open to anyone who is an Elektra movie fan)


"What are you doing? Are are you counting?"

"OCD...Obssessive Compulsive Disorder...No big deal...I have it too...."

"No...I had it when I was a little girl...I don't have it now..."


Blinking Elektra Natchios shook from her reverie as she looked at the book she was reading as she sat on her couch. The book was about OCD and for some reason the subject had started to interest her. She had caught herself doing what Abbie had caught her doing a couple years ago: counting. She was counting her steps, arranging her things in a certain order...maybe she did have it. Even if she did, she knew it wasn't a big deal.

Sighing and tossing the book down on the couch she stood, stretching a little, her lithe body showing slight muscle tone, her black turtleneck tanktop rising rising showing her slightly muscular stomach and the top of her form fitting black yoga pants. Looking around the dark living room, she wondered what time it was then looked at the clock and saw it was 3 AM. Sighing, she knew she should get to bed.


"Come on Elektra, don't give up! Five more minutes! No no! Don't use your hands! Kick kick kick! Keep using your feet! That's it! Come on Elektra you can do it! Push push push!"

Seeing herself as a child again in the swimming pool kicking with her thumbs out of the water, she watched as her father gave her instructions with her mother protesting at the side of the pool and giving her regretful looks. Sighing, she wanted to plead with her father to let her take a break but still wanted to please him as she continued to kick to keep herself above water.

Flash forward to a few months later and she saw some shadows going toward her mother's room. Running up the stairs to her mother's room, it felt like she was running through a pea fog. Opening the door, she saw what looked like a demon standing just above her mother then it disappeared. Running to her mother's side, she tried to rouse her but only found her mother unable to move, not breathing at all.

Flash forward to when she's an adult and she's with a man she's fallen in love with: Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. He's finally found a way to see her even though he's blind. When it rains, the sound of the rain on the sidewalk bounces off and he can see her face. They share kisses and eventually meet at a dance. Unbenownst to her, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, shares last words with her father and sends an assassin after him later that night and her father dies in her arms. What she doesn't know is that the Kingpin might not be done yet.


Waking up in a cold sweat, Elektra looked around uncertainly gripping the blanket to her chest then stood and grabbed her robe, wrapping it around herself and then made her way out of her bedroom then down the hallway and checked the windows making sure they were all locked and then the doors but stops seeing the front door slightly ajar.

Biting her lip, she makes her way toward it uncertainly.
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