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Default Masked Intruder


Andrea was a successful woman. He had been scaling in her corporation and he had reached a very important job. For that reason she was sent to Minneapolis, where the main office of her company is.
She rented a house in a small town a few miles away downtown Minneapolis. It was a small and quiet community, where everybody knew each other. Andrea was very pleased living there. Sheriff seldom had to work but minor faults.
Her house was out of the town, by the Mississippi River, between some big trees in a very nice place. It was isolated, which Andrea wanted, so she can relax after working hard everyday.

One Friday night she was at home, watching to the news at T.V. They were talking about a serial rapist called “The Phantom”, since he wore a mask of the Phantom of the Opera when he committed his assaults. Police couldn’t arrest him because he moved after two or three rapes. The last one had been made in Chicago last week. Andrea thought that she was safe living in a place like that, far away of any danger. She was wrong, but she wouldn’t know yet.

The Phantom had flew from Chicago before the police had any clue about who was he. He decided to go to the Twin Cities, a place he had never been. He bought a map of the outskirts and look for lonely places to make his new performance, as he called his attacks.
He acted always the same way. He lurked a few days in quiet places until he found the proper victim. She must live alone, in a lonely house or flat and it had to be easy to escape, if there was any problem.

The Phantom arrived to the small town where Andrea lived. He drove through it and found Andrea’s house. He read in the post box the name of a woman only. He waited until she came home.

“Bingo”, he thought when he saw Andrea getting down the car and going to the door. He thought it was his lucky day: a very lonely house and a gorgeous girl alone in it.
He could see her just a glance, but he liked her. She was a brunette about 35, with a fit body. She had a round bottom and big bouncing breasts. He dressed as a business woman: miniskirt suit. Her legs seemed well on her hi heel shoes. She entered the house.

The Phantom was a master in spying in houses without being noticed. He spied Andrea. He could se her undressing and going to the bathroom. He could see his body. He calculated she was about 5´5” tall, nearly 100 breast size and a good round bottom. Her figure was a really bee shape. Her face was dark as if she wasn’t Anglo-Saxon. Indeed, her second name was Spanish. So he was to rape his first Spanish girl. That made him grin.

She left the bathroom fully naked and went to her bedroom. He put a t-shirt and pants, went to the living room and switched on T.V. The Phantom watched they were talking about him. He grinned again, thinking he was going to rape this unaware girl.
He had to be sure that the girl was to be alone all night. No boyfriend or phone call that ruined the performance, so he waited until she went to bed.

It was past midnight when Andrea went to bed. He undressed and put on a pink satin short and t-shirt. She looked wonderful in that outfit. She turned off the lights and fell asleep.

The Phantom started his performance. First of all he disconnected the phone and the electrical power.
It was easy to him break into the house: there wasn’t any alarm or security stuff. Once he was inside, he explored all of it to be sure there wouldn’t be any bad surprises.
He went to the bedroom. Andrea was asleep. He took the cell phone and disconnected too. The prologue of the performance had concluded. Now it was time for the first act. He pulled the sheets. Andrea’s body was even more gorgeous when he could see it closely.

Andrea felt the cool air and wake up. She couldn’t find the sheets. Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth. He opened her eyes wide. She saw something that chilled her. A man wearing a mask of the Phantom of the Opera was on her, waving a knife in front of her. She realise that the serial rapist that watched on T.V. was in her bedroom.
He said “Hush, baby. We’re gonna have some fun”. He tried to get up, but the man was too heavy for her. She kicked the air and beat the man. He slapped her strongly twice with the hand that covered her mouth.
He said: “It ain´t no use in fighting, baby. We are alone here and this house is too far away from another to someone hear you screaming. So let me do my performance and you won’t be hurt.”

Andrea felt a drop of blood in her lips. The slap was really strong. He cried and begged him. “Please, don’t hurt me. Take the money and get anything you want.”
The Phantom replied: “That’s exactly what I’m gonna do: take what I want. And what I want is YOU!”

He began to move the knife on Andrea’s chest, circling the shape of her breasts and stopping in her nipples. He also was talking about how nice breasts she had and how much fun he was to have with them. Andrea cried and begged. The Phantom knew that spending a time talking his victims while his knife moved on her bodies terrified them and made them to obey him. That’s what he called the first act.
He leant aside to get the knife to her stomach, stopping a bit in the navel. Then he got down the knife to her thighs, moving it slowly. He went to his cunt and said “I’m gonna screw this, but not with a knife, but a gun” Andrea trembled and squeaked in terror. The Phantom laughed.

Andrea jumped on him, hitting him in the face and trying to take off his mask. He could lean back and avoid get his face out of the mask. He fisted her in the face. She fell back, dazed and feeling his nose nearly to blow out.
“Bitch!” He said. “Don’t you never try again to take off my mask or I’ll kill you the most painful way I could.” Two more slaps came on Andrea’s face. “Understand, slut?” Silence. Slap. “Understand?”

At last, in a faint voice, Andrea answered: “Yes”
“What? Say it louder!”
The Phantom put his face by Andrea’s one and said: “Say it louder and say Sir”
Andrea cried. This was humiliating. Maybe if he had not tried to fight him back he wouldn’t humiliate her that way.
“Louder, bitch! And say Sir!”
“Yes, sir” said Andrea in a cry.
“You have no will from now on. I’m gonna make you my sex slave. Understand?”
“Yes, sir”
“Say that you’re my whore”
“No, please, stop doing this” said Andrea crying
The Phantom put the knife in her left nipple, pressing a bit. “Say it!”
Andrea squeaked as she felt the cold steel on her nipple through the satin shirt. “I’m your whore.”
He grinned and decided to go to the second act.

The Phantom cut the shirt. Slowly, using the point of the knife, he put apart the pieces of the shirt. Her breasts appeared in front of him. He moved hid knife on them.
Now Andrea felt the steel in her skin; that made her fear more. She nodded her head begging him to stop.
But The Phantom didn’t. Instead, he moved the knife to her shorts and cut them off. He slipped them off. Making a twist, he got the shorts hanging in the point of the knife. He showed them to Andrea for a few seconds. Then he threw them away.

Andrea was fully naked exposed to The Phantom. He looked at her and said: “You have a gorgeous body. I’m gonna use it as a toy. And remember that if you try something I don’t like, I shall slice you off.”
Andrea was now completely paralysed because of the terror. The Phantom said that the third act was to begin. Then he unzipped his pants and got them down. Andrea saw a huge cock getting to her face. He put it on her lips and said. “Kiss it, slut”. She kissed it.
“Now open your mouth”. Andrea did it and The Phantom put his cock in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pulled back. Then he pushed her head. Andrea was forced to blowjob him. After a while, Andrea felt in his mouth a rock erected dick tat got to his throat. She was gagged, so she couldn’t make a noise.
The Phantom took the cock out of her mouth. He slowly touched her body with it, stopping in her breasts and nipples. He got down her entrance. He opened it with his fingers. He touched it with the point of his dick and pushed into a bit. She squeaked and shook. Her cunt was dry.
He sucked his fingers and touched her vagina with them.

Finally, he began to set his cock into her cunt. First slowly, enjoying the touch of her inside with his cock. Then he stuck it all inside. Andrea screamed in pain. He thrust his cock in her cunt deeper and deeper. He squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. That was a great fuck for him but a painful humiliation for her.

Andrea thought than he was going to break her womb. His cock was so big that it had get deeper than any other before. He begged him to stop screaming louder, but this excited him more and more.
He groaned in pleasure and came inside her. The rape should end now, she thought.

The Phantom lied on her, kissing her neck and ears. But suddenly he laughed and pushed her out of the bed.
“On your knees, bitch!” He kneeled down in front of him. He was sitting in the verge of the bed.
“Now suck my cock again!” She opened her mouth and did what she was told.
This time he just caressed her head as she blow jobbed him. She managed not to get the cock to her throat, what was really disgusting to her. She used her tongue to make him come sooner. She was right. She felt how the cock was about to come and tried to lean back to avoid he came inside her mouth. But he grabbed firmly her head and pushed it. His cock got to her throat, coming deep inside her mouth. He pulled her hair back throwing the last drops of semen in her face.
She coughed and nearly puked. He crawled her pulling her hair to the bathroom. Andrea screamed again louder between coughs. He set her face into the toilet and flushed laughing and saying: “Now bitch, you can puke”

Andrea coughed sometimes to get breathe as the flush stopped. Then she tried to stand up, but he grabbed her hair and pulled it up. Now he took her back to the bedroom walking, not crawling. He pushed her to the bed face down.

In the bathroom he had taken some skin creams. He got some of one of them he thought it was good and spread in her asshole. Andrea realise what was about to happen and shouted “No, please, don’t do that”
The Phantom laughed and said “The more you scream, the most excited I’ll be”. Andrea tried to get up, but a fist knocked her down.
The Phantom thrust his cock into her butt. Andrea screamed as loud as she could. He rammed some times to widen the asshole. Andrea cried and screamed. She felt the most terrible pain ever. She thought that now she was breaking in two parts. Her anus was aching.
His left hand was on her waist pushing it back. His right one was on her boobs squeezing them strongly and pinching her nipples. So he rammed her many times.
She almost fainted for the pain when he came in her anus. He groaned and began to maul her tits. His cock loosened and got out of her ass. She was crying.

He said: “This is the end of the play, my dear whore. Have you enjoyed it?”
She cried louder, humiliated for the question. She fell on the bed.
Then, The Phantom got dressed. He took out a rope and tied her ankles and her wrists. He gagged her with her torn short.

He said: “Good bye, baby. Hope to see you soon” And left the house silently as a real phantom.
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a very nice story, thank you.
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Nice story I enjoyed it Though it was a little annoying you used 'he' when referring to the victom quite some times, or did I misunderstand something? :/
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The story's good. I was kind of hoping Andrea would get the knife up her cunt (a personal kink of mine, though).

Please check your pronouns. They're confusing. Women are always "she" or "her", and men are always "he" or "him".
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