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Default A Spring Day on the Plantation

Disclaimer: This deals with a white slave owner and a black slave. Not reflective of my views (the race stuff that is). I hope people can enjoy and no one is offended.

She may have been a slave, but she was a hot one. The truth was, I didn’t believe whites were any better than blacks. I simply accepted the fact that the rest of the world did, and as a result, owning them as slaves was legal. Believe me, if I could own white people as slaves I would own some of them too, but currently here in South Carolina, we could only own black people as slaves, so I would make do with them.

“Taryn, I’m going down to the riverbank to do some fishing, but I need some refreshment. Go see Janice, and ask her to pour a pitcher of iced tea for you to bring up to me. Now remember, I want you to bring it to me, no one else.”

As she turned, to walk away I watched her tight little ass, wiggling as she walked briskly to perform her task, and please me. Making my way down to the river, I pondered whether or not I should fuck the little lady. My wife would never approve, but I had needs, and occasionally, using a slave as a instrument of release was necessary, particularly since my wife was away taking care of her family. Besides, sex with a slave is the best sex ever. The feeling of dominance over another human was phenomenal. Knowing a girl had no choice, and had to submit to my demands, regardless of her feelings and fears was intoxicating.

Hearing her steps, as she approached me on the riverbank, I turned to her and motioned to her to place the tray on the tree stump beside me. As she turned to walk away, I called out, “Hey where are you going? Stay here, I want to talk to you for awhile”. Shyly, she walked back and stood before me looking for a place to sit down. “Right here” I said, gesturing to the ground right in front of me. She sat in front of me, carefully crossing her legs, while pressing down her skirt in front, so I couldn’t see up it. Evidently she had no idea why I wanted her alone. I guess in the female slave quarters, sex education is not a priority. I was about to school her.

I made small chat for a bit while she answered my questions promptly and politely. Finaly I said to her what a beautiful girl she was. This caught her off guard, making her blush and at the same time look down, as eye contact seemed awkward at that moment.
“You really should be proud, of that. Not many girls have such beauty”
She responded, blushing, looking down “ Thank you sir”
“No need to thank me, I’m glad to be sitting here with a pretty young lady like you”
Her mind must have been spinning. Granted she knew she was pretty, but as a slave, most white men only barked commands at her, referring to her as a nigger. She barely suppressed a proud smile. Attention from a white master was highly coveted amongst some slaves. The pretty girls who a master liked, tended to get easier jobs, and sometimes gifts, like pretty clothing that normally only white women were allowed to wear. She may or may not have known that such attention also included satisfying the sexual needs of a master. I had sold her mother shortly after she was born, and the other women in the female slave quarters might not have bothered to teach her much about sex, if anything at all. Her innocence was captivating.
I could see the wheels in her head spinning. Was this a test I was giving her? Had she done something wrong, or did her master really mean these wonderful things he was saying?
“It’s OK to be proud of looking pretty. I bet all the male slaves think you are the prettiest girl here.”
Responding, “I never talk to them Sir. I know we aren’t supposed to be around male slaves unless there is a master present”

“Well I’m glad to hear that Taryn, it shows that on top of being pretty, you are well behaved. You are the kind of girl that often ends up living in the house”

I could see the elation in her eyes as I dangled that carrot in front of her eyes. Only a select few slaves were allowed the privilege of living in the house. This meant status, access to clean sheets every night, better food, indoor baths with hot water....and many other perks.

Trying to control her excitement, “Thank you sir, I am grateful that you think good things of me”
“Of course I do. But back to the issue of the male slaves do you ever notice them looking at you?”
“Well sir....” she replied, “there have been a few times I have noticed them staring at me. When I come back from a bath in my bathing clothes, I spot them looking at me”, She was blushing madly.
“Well that’s perfectly understandable, given how beautiful you are. Any man in his right mind would be looking at you. Do you like it when they do that?”

Now she was really blushing, and tried to answer, stuttering her words while looking down ashamed. I continued, “Taryn, it’s perfectly OK to like when the boys look at you. I like it when a pretty girl looks at me, why shouldn’t you enjoy knowing that men find you pretty? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Blushing innocently, she responded, “I guess I like it....sort of. It makes me feel special.”
“Well you are special Taryn, you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever had working for me”
Blushing, “thank you sir”

“So Taryn, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a man? Hold his hand, kiss him?”
“She looked down suddenly, blushing nervously, “Oh no sir, I know we are not allowed to be with the man slaves.”

“That’s right Taryn, and you are very well behaved for following the rules” I actively discouraged relationships of any form amongst my slaves. I wanted no bonds or loyalties amongst them. That is why I sold her mother when she was born. When a slave woman gives birth, either she or the child are sold. Allowing a mother and/or father to grow with their child would create feelings and loyalties I did not want amongst my slaves. Relationships between male and female slaves, particularly sexual relations were strictly forbidden. Only one had this rule been broken, and both the male slave and female slave were severely punished in front of all the other slaves. I allowed one of my associates to handle the whipping, since I didn’t like to be seen in the role of punisher amongst my slaves. When he whipped them, for several hours straight, their pitiful screams for mercy piercing the night, I made a point of telling the slaves how bad I felt that these two had forced this to happen with their bad behaviour. By the time it was over, the female had died of shock and blood loss. The male was taken back to the slave quarters so they could try to treat his wounds, but he got a bad infection and died two days later. Ever since, I always appointed a mentor slave to all new slaves, and made it clear to the mentor that they were responsible for the new ones behaviour.

To this end I didn’t even encourage close friendships, between slaves of the same sex. I didn’t want them having loyalties that conflicted with their obligation to me. This might result in them collaborating to under perform when working. I preferred to keep my slaves competing against each other for my favour. That’s why many of them were traded away when they developed friendships with other slaves. I also made it clear that for every slave that escaped, two at random would be punished. They tended to police themselves real well. I once planted a slave as a spy, guaranteeing him a trip to Canada if he could catch any attempt at dissention. He provided evidence of such activity once, and the offenders were shot. I kept my word and he made it to Canada. After that, they were so paranoid of each other, that I had complete control.
Even breeding was done mechanically, with a woman slave bent over, head fully covered, while a stud slave from another farm who she did not know would mount her from behind to breed her. Nobody ever knew who their father was, and very few ever had any inkling of who their mother was.
“But, there is nothing wrong with thinking about it, that is perfectly natural. Surely you must wonder what it is like to kiss a man, or be held by him. It’s OK, you can tell me”. She had to know what kissing was, because she had seen several white people kissing each other.

Blushing terribly, her heart visibly pounding, she spoke very quietly, “Yes sir,......I have thought about it”
Cupping her chin in my hand I raised her face so she was looking at me, “Hey, it’s OK......I understand. Don’t you think I like kissing pretty girls? It’s perfectly natural for a beautiful young lady like you to have feelings about men”

“I guess sir”. She was feeling very embarrassed, and shy but at the same time, she was feeling flattered, that a white plantation owner was talking to her like this. She also wanted to keep me happy, since I had mentioned the possibility of making her a house slave.

Looking in her big brown eyes, I spoke, “Taryn, you can tell me. Have you ever wanted to kiss a man? Ever wanted to know what it was like?”

“I ......I uhm....I...yes sir”, She was crimson at this point.
“Would you like me to show you what it’s like to kiss a man?”

She was taken aback by this, and visibly reacted, “Oh sir, I’m not good enough for that....I’m just...”
“Just what?” I asked, interrupting, “Just a beautiful girl, who should be allowed to be with a man?”
“I...uhm....”she was flustered, flattered and at the same time nervous. This was all happening so fast, she was completely disoriented by the speed at which these events were taking place, and felt herself to be in a completely alien situation.

Leaning in, I placed my hand behind her head so she couldn’t pull back. Placing my hand on her thigh, I closed my mouth in on hers, while here eyes grew as wide as pie plates. She was trembling, partly with excitement and partly from nervousness. As my lips made contact with hers, she squeaked, from her innocence, and vulnerability. Her lips were soft, and smooth. Breaking the kiss I said, “Relax, allow your mouth to open a bit”, before planting my lips on hers. This time I pulled her in close, wrapping my arms around her, and While she trembled, her heart pounding, I pressed my tongue past her lips, exploring inside her mouth as her breathing almost stopped. I probed, kissing her gently, but urgently as my hands rubbed her back, and I pulled her tightly against me. After a few moments, she took the cue from my probing her tongue, and nervously started responding with hers. I guess it’s just instinctive.
When I broke the kiss, she was literally breathless, panting deeply to breath in, but at the same time excited. “Oh...........sir............” between pants, “...that ......that was....”
“It’s Ok Taryn, take your time. You kiss really nicely by the way. That was the best kiss I’ve had in a very long time”

Skaking from nervous excitement, she finally caught her breath. “Oh sir.......thank you.....it was wonderful”

“Good....I’m glad. You are very special Taryn, and I think I want to teach you more about what it is like for men and women to be together. I will want you to know these things, because I want to move you into the house. You are going to be my special girl, with all the priviledges of a house servant and then some”.

She looked at me wide eyed, elated, and nervous. Her whole life was taking a very sharp turn in a different direction. Maybe that was why she was being allowed hot baths lately, and given new skirts, while the other shack slaves had cold baths, and older clothes. If she moved into the house, she would have hot baths daily, and clean clothes daily, with easier work than the women in the shacks.
She responded nervously, trying to keep me happy, “Oh sir....thank you......thank you.....you are a wonderful master.....I am so lucky....thank you” she was almost teary with gratitude.

“It’s Ok, you deserve it”, I said. Pulling out a bottle of very expensive cognac, I took a drink, and then offered her the bottle “Here, have a drink”. She looked around for a glass, but then looked back at me, “Oh sir, thank you but I have nothing with me”.
“No need, just use the bottle”. This threw her. Her entire life she had been told tat she was never to drink out of a glass or container that a white person did, even if she washed it afterward. Now she was being offered the chance to drink straight out of the same bottle with one.
“But sir......I was told never to..”
Cutting her off, I spoke, “That’s Ok Taryn, today is a special day, and I want you to enjoy yourself” I said, gesturing to her to take the bottle.
Carefully she took it, and raised it to her mouth nervously, wondering if this was a test. When it touched her lips, I nodded approvingly, encouraging her to take a drink. Raising it up she allowed the expensive cognac to pour into her mouth and she swallowed. Her reaction when the liquor hit her was to be expected from someone who had never drank. The sense of warmness, flooding her body, caused her wonderfull feelings, but at the same time, she almost coughed from the sensations.
“Did you like that?”
“Oh yes sir,...thank you” she responded shyly
Taking advantage of the moment, I pulled her in close again, and kissed her, passionately, this time noticing that she responded in kind. Her heart was still pounding through her chest, but she was enjoying the feeling, in a nervous kind of way. As I kissed her passionately my hands started to roam, feeling her body as she trembled.

As my hand started to caress the soft mound of her small breast through the thin cloth of her blouse, She gasped, breaking the kiss....”Oh..sir”.
“It’s OK Taryn, this is normal for a man to do. You will see that it feels good. When a man is with a woman, he touches her body in all kinds of special places, and it feels wonderful. You will see....I will show you. Now relax and enjoy the feeling”, as I pulled her in close, kissing her, while I caressed her breasts, feeling her nipples harden through the material. As she relaxed, she started responding nervously, pushing her chest out, enjoying the sensation. With this response, I lifted her, pulling her into my lap, without breaking the kiss, As I groped her, and felt her body through her clothing, I quickly took her left leg and crossed it over my lap so she was now seated in my lap, straddling me. This seemed to unsettle her, but she submitted, nervously, feeling terribly anxious, and uncertain about what was happening, yet at the same time strangely enjoying the feelings going through her body. As we kissed, I pulled her in close, so her crotch was presed against mine, and I could feel the heat of her blossoming womanhood, pressing through the fabric of her undergarments against the bulge in my trousers, while I held her ass tightly. This proved to be too much for the poor girl. She was not educated about sex, but something instinctive told her that this was taboo....and perhaps forbidden.
“Oh sir.....is this right.....what would Mrs....”
Placing a finger on her lips, silencing her I said, “Yes it’s Ok. This is between you and me. You are a beautiful young lady, and it is proper that I show you everything about what it is for a man and woman to be together. We won’t talk about this to my wife”
I handed her the bottle, offering her another drink, which she took greatfully, as it seemed to help her nerves. I held the bottle to her mouth, making sure she took a big drink. When Itook it back, she exhaled, nervously and excitedly.
“Relax, you will enjoy this, and you will make me very happy. You want to make me happy right?”

“Oh yes sir......thank you”

Pulling her in , Ground my crotch against hers, mauling her taut little buttocks, as I kissed her deeply. The setting was good because the sun was starting to go down. Grinding my crotch against hers, thrilling at the thought that only a thin layer of material was defending her virgin pussy from my cock which was already straining to get into her. All in good time.

As we continued, I could tell that the action against her groin was exciting her. While she tried to control herself, every so often she lost control momentarily and ground herself back against me. I kept my hands moving. The alcohol, and my manipulations were loosening her up real nice. I started undoing the buttons on her blouse, while holding her in tight with my other hand. She stiffened but did not resist. As my hand entered the open blouse, I gently touched her soft little breast, causing her to gasp.
“sir....I..”,cutting her off, I said, “Shhhhh...it’s Ok, darling....it’s OK”
I slowly closed my thumb and forefinger on her nipple, gently tweaking it as she squealed from the sensation....”oh sir”
As I kissed her, I fully removed the blouse, leaving her topless, as she straddled me.
“You have a beautiful body Taryn, you should be so proud.”
With that I pulled her in tight, not letting her respond, kissing her on the mouth, exploring it with my tounge, as my left hand, teased her nipples, and I ground my crotch into hers. I knew it was having the desired effect, as the heat coming through her undergarments was incredible. Slowly I lowered my mouth to her chest, and started, kissing her breasts, gently licking them, and then taking turns with each one, closing my lipsover it, gently holding them with my teeth and running my tongue over them. As I did that, both hands grasped her buttocks, and I started grinding against her faster.

“Oh sir...sir, ....I am nervous.....oh”, and she eventually lost all shame and prudence, and started actively riding me, loving the sensation it caused in her innocent young virgin pussy, as I pulled our bodies closer, sucking on her nipples.

Once she started to relax even more, I ran my hand under her skirt, and pressed it against her undergarments, moving it between her legs slowly as she stared transfixed, nervousely, saying, “Sir?....sir?”
I did not respond. I wanted her to just feel everything I was doing. Feel the sense of abandon.
When I touched the spot where her pussy was, I could already feel some moistness coming through. Excited, I started rubbing her pussy through the material, while kissing her, and teasing her nipples. She was hyperventilating, and her heart was pounding furiously against her ribcage so hard it must have almost hurt. Her flat abdomen fluttered nervously, erratically.

Only when I started pulling her undergarments down did she suddenly start getting frightened, and panicky.
“Oh sir....I’m so...I feel ashamed”
“It’s Ok Taryn,, when a man and a woman are together, he touches her in special places like that, and it makes her feel good and him feel good. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous the first time, but it’s perfectly natural. I won’t hurt you. I will make you feel real good. And then we will move you to the house”
I threw that last bit at her to remind her what was at stake. Pulling them down, I wrestled them past her slender legs and removed them completely. When the warm night air wafted against her pussy she gasped, at the feeling of vulnerability. She gasped even louder, a half a second later when my fingers touched her little innocent flower.

“Oh sir....” she cried out, blushing in shame, covering her face with both hands.
“It’s OK love, it’s perfectly normal. It feels good doesn’t it?”
Hyperventilating, barely able to speak, she gasped, “yes.....sir”.

“Then relax, it’s time I show you what a man and a woman do together. Young lady, I’m going to make you into a woman.” With that, I started gently tracing my finger along the wet folds of her pussy, while she gasped, staring off into space, unable to come to terms with these strange sensations coursing through her body. She was ashamed. She was excited. She was nervous. She was loving it. I slowly sped up the pace at which my finger traced along her pussy, as she gasped and I pulled her in close, kissing her hard and passionately. Eventually instinct won over, and she started moving her hips in response to my fingers movements. Stepping things up a bit, I pressed the tip of my finger against her opening, making her gasp, and flinch. Inching it in, while her eyes looked at me nervously, I found what I was looking for. She was fully intact. Her hymen was in place so there was no question, that she had never been touched by another slave or farmhand. Loving the feel of her tight warm passage I pulled my finger out, and then undid her skirt, taking it off, leaving her perfectly naked in the darkness as the sun finally set. Kissing her, I removed my shirt so she could see my chest. In short order, I had removed my pants also an was naked in the night as the moon started making itself known.

The nervous girl, straddling my body was mesmerized at the sight of my cock, straining, and twitching. Puling her close, I spoke. “That’s what happens when a man finds himself with a beautiful lady. And you are a beautiful lady” She blushed. Taking her hand I gently brought it towards my cock, wrapping her fingers around it as she tentatively submitted.

“Oh that feels good, when you touch me like that. It feels the same way I was just making you feel”
With that I started coaching her how to stroke my cock, and play with it, teaching her to use one hand to slowly stroke, and the other to fondle my balls, or run a finger around the tip. With that we both sat there, her straddling me as we masturbated each other in the moonlight, kissing passionately like lovers.
As our breathing increased, I was careful not to bring her to orgasm. I wanted her to stay aroused and lacking control. Removing her hand I pulled her in close so her pussy lips were up against the shaft of my cock She gasped at this sensation, but was almost beyond words as her lips spread gently and her budding clitoris, pressed against my shaft. Now she was grinding shamelessly against me, delighting in the sensation of my cock stimulating her sensitive little button.

This kept up for a few minutes, until I started getting really excited. I knew I would have to deflower her soon. I couldn’t wait much longer. Rolling her onto her back I spread her legs and position myself between them, grasping my phallus in my hands. Her sudden vulnerability made her nervous and she stuttered, “What are .....sir,...are we?”

“It’s Ok sweetheart, you’re going to love this. I’m going to have sex with you. This is something special that happens between a man and woman. You know what sex is don’t you?”

Nervously, “No sir,......I’ve heard some of the older women talking about it, but no-one has told me what it was.....I was too shy to ask.”

“Well luv, I’m going to teach you all about it. Tonight you are my lady”.

Nervously looking at my cock between her legs she asked tentatively, “will.....will it hurt?” Despite not having any sexual knowledge, I guess certain things are instinctive.

“No love. Well a bit at first, but it gets better. You will love it. Trust me”

Touching my cock to her vulva, I pressed only enough to part her outer lips, but not enough to penetrate. This would hurt the poor girl, but there was no need to worry her about that now. What I wanted was to relax her so she would be easy to penetrate. Instead of pushing into her, I simply slid the head of my cock between the fleshy folds, up and down as she moaned, and breathed heavily. Laying on top of her, I started running the length of my cock along between her lips, making sure to be constantly stimulating her clitoris. It looked visually like I was fucking her, but I wasn’t. This however got her all excited again, and in no time she was grinding back against me as I thrust against her in the moonlight, with the sound of the creek beside us. It felt amazing, and I wanted to jam it into her, but as a small kindness, I decided I would bring her to climax first, since she probably would not enjoy the act of having sex this first time. I would ride her like this, right up until she climaxed, and at the instant of climax, I would penetrate and start fucking her, while she was temporarily overwhelmed. My hands roamed her body, as I kissed her deeply, while sliding my cock along her young pussy. Her breathing was getting more frantic, her moans heated and she was grinding back in lustful abandon as her back arched, and her pert young tits shone in the moonlight.

“Oh my god sir,....i’m feeling,.....sir something funny is happening,”. I knew she was about to climax, and turned up my efforts slightly as she squealed. This lasted another minute or so and then her body started shaking, twitching uncontrollably. “Oh sir..somethings happening....some...oh..ohhh,...oh “ she was suddenly hit with her very first orgasm, her body shuddering uncontrollably as she squealed.

It was time. Before she could feel any fear, or respond, I changed the angle of my cock, so it was now situated at her entrance, and grabbing her legs, pinning them to her chest I leaned in with all my weight, forcing my head past the tiny resisting ring of her vagina. Her expression, immediately changed to one of alarm, then fear,....and then pain.

“Sir....sir ow oh sir, please it hurts, .....sir please .....”, Pushing with all my weight, I opened the tight resisting ring, and forced my cock into her tight resisting vagina, tearing through her innocence, “........sir it....aaa...aaaaa...aaaaaiiiiiiiiighhhh!!!!!!” her high pitched scream pierced the night as her young body was forced open painfully, while I tore her flesh with my manhood, forcing myself into her tight young body.

It was incredible, the sensation of her tiny vagina, trying to crush my cock as it was stretched impossibly over my hardness, the obvious pain in her face, and her cries, as she thrashed frantically to escape the cruel weapon that was tearing her vagina, while I pinned her down by her shoulders, keeping her legs pinned back for maximum penetration. This was the life, forcibly deflowering a defenceless young slave, while she cried for mercy.

“Sir, oh god please sir....your hurting me,....it’s tearing me.....oh god sir please......pleeeeeaaasse”, as I continued, exerting my weight against her body, to try to stuff more of my steely flesh into her resisting body. I didn’t expect it to hurt her this bad, but at the same time I couldn’t stop myself. It felt so good I had to get the rest of my cock into her virgin pussy, regardless of her desperate cries for mercy.
Inch by inch I forced the rest in as she struggled and screamed, all the while I was trying to reassure her, “It’s Ok...it’s ok sweetheart,.....it will be over soon”. Eventually I bottomed out in her pussy, and stopped, just to feel her tightness grasping me, and I hate to admit, watch her young body squirming desperately for escape while she cried in pain.

Pulling back, I thrust myself all the way in, eliciting another loud piercing scream. I didn’t want to hear her screaming anymore, so I closed my mouth upon hers, kissing her hard on the mouth. Then, with my elbows locked around her knees, pinning her legs against her chest, and my hands pinning her wrists to the ground I started fucking her. She tried screaming into my mouth, but pretty soon, she seemed to simply break into heaping sobs as I violated her innocent tightness, focussing only on my own satisfaction. I fucked her deep and hard, for several minutes, and then my balls started rumbling, warning me of an impending orgasm. With that I started really giving it to her, and broke the kiss, saying “Here it comes darling” as my cock postponed in and out of her pussy until I exploded in the most powerful orgasm I had in years. Driving myself all the way in, I held myself there, feeling jet after jet of sperm, firing against the back of her vagina. I collapsed, sweating and panting on top of her as she sobbed and cried. I felt bad at this stage, since she was a genuinely sweet girl, but then that was the way it was. It wouldn’t always hurt her. And as a matter of fact, I would eventually make her love it. Pulling out, I rolled up beside her as she cried, kissing her softly, wiping away the tears. “It’s OK luv, it’s all over. You did great. You were amazing”

Crying, she looked at me, the hurt and betrayal evident in her eyes, “You hurt me.....I’m....”, looking at the blood on her fingers which she pressed between her legs, “I’m bleeding sir”, and she broke into sobs. Collecting her in my arms, I said, “I’m sorry sweetheart, it always hurts the first time. Now that we have that over with, I promise it will get better. Let’s get back to the house. I will have Celia draw you a bath, and you and I can sleep together in the guest bedroom”

She bravely smiled through her tears, trying to stop herself from crying. “Thank you sir”

“From now on Taryn, you live in the house. We are going to get you new clothes, and you will have access to most parts of it on your own”, knowing this would make her feel better
Beavis, I just can't seem to do well with chicks. I joined this Rape Board forum in hopes of meeting that special girl, but every time I meet a girl there who I enjoy being with, who is willing to share her feelings in a mutually supportive relationship...I rape the fucking bitch
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The smile on her face was adorable. It was hard to believe something so cute and gorgeous could be a slave, but the fact was she was my slave, and for that I was thrilled. I was going to fuck this gorgeous little body for all it was worth. I was going to have my cock driving in and out of her tight little pussy, morning noon and night for the next while. I was also going to teach her to use her mouth to pleasure me also. She was going to be a petite brown piece of flesh upon which I would release all sexual frustration. She was my object....my possession.

As she dressed, I watched in the moonlight as she bent over to put the dress back on, as her bare ass shone in the darkness. She was still a bit in shock from the ordeal of her defloration. It was a bit unfortunate I guess, but that was just the natural order of things. Maybe it was gods way of giving men dominion over their woman, and of course over their mistresses. Why else would such a sensitive organ like the vagina be designed to tear and bleed when a man first penetrated a woman? Why were woman build physically weaker than men? It was simply the way things were meant to be, and it was my right to use a woman’s body that way, as it was her duty to submit to my needs. Yes it could be painful, but that was her duty to me.

As we walked I put my arm around her, pulling her in close holding her like a lover. She relaxed against me, feeling comfort at my kind words as we walked. I really did like her; she was cute and sexy, with such an innocent demeanour. She seemed a bit nervous about doing the wrong thing, about displeasing me. She was however walking a bit bowlegged, a result of her injuries from her defloration. I guess that was going to hurt for a few days

When we stepped onto the back porch, Celia was waiting, looking knowingly at the young girl stepping onto the porch. There was a look of sympathy since Celia had also lost her virginity to me, but at the same time I could see a bit of resentment. Any time a new girl was moved into the house, the other house girls immediately resented her. They saw any new girl as a challenge to their position. I liked it that way.

Looking at Celia, without having to say a word I made eye contact and she immediately went inside to start heating water for a bath. I walked Taryn into the house as she stepped gingerly over the step into the foyer, before I lead her into the kitchen. We sat there for some time, talking as I detailed to Taryn what she would be doing in the house. She would have her cleaning duties, but she would also be involved in the kitchen. For the next few days Celia would be showing her the ropes.

Stepping in towards Taryn, I pulled her in close, kissing her on the mouth as her big sad eyes looked at me, partly with hurt and betrayal, and partly with adoration. She was now in the masters house, where she would have a real bed, with real sheets, and be allowed to eat inside the house. On the other hand, she knew what I was capable of doing and this made her frightened.

Celia stepped in a bit later and spoke, “The bath is ready Sir”

‘Thanks Celia, Please wait until we are done and then empty it.”

With that I stepped past Celia, not missing the glare she was giving to the nervous young girl walking beside me.

As I took Taryn into the bathing room she asked me, “Does Celia not like me sir?”

“Well love, remember when I told you how beautiful you are”, she nodded in response, “Well, maybe she is jealous. You are a very beautiful girl, and any woman would feel jealous of you”. She beamed at the flattery, barely able to conceal a smile.

Undressing the beautiful young black girl, I walked her over to the tub, and had her step gingerly into it. She had never had a hot bath in her life, always bathing in the river like the other cabin slaves. At first she was a bit nervous, but eventually she settled in. Relaxing in the luxuriating water, she was thrilled at how her life had just changed in the period of one day.

I took out a wash clothe and slowly started cleaning her.

To be continued...................
Beavis, I just can't seem to do well with chicks. I joined this Rape Board forum in hopes of meeting that special girl, but every time I meet a girl there who I enjoy being with, who is willing to share her feelings in a mutually supportive relationship...I rape the fucking bitch
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Scrubbing her body slowly, I took my time, running a clothe over her skin, cleaning her as she marvelled and blushed. She was still shy about being naked in front of me so it would take some time before she could fully relax. When my fingers snaked between her thighs, she tensed for a second, still sore from our recent intercourse.

“Relax Taryn, I won’t harm you”

She loosened her thighs, but was still visibly tense and winced in discomfort as my fingers touched her recently deflowered pussy. This was to be expected. I took my time cleaning her, but when I worked my fingers between her pussy lips, I marvelled at her delightfully small hole, and was amazed that my cock had recently fit in there. No wonder she was crying so much.

Lifting her out of the tub, I dried her off, from head to toe, taking my time to feel her beautiful young body. I then quickly cleaned myself off and took her hand, leading her out of the bathing room.
Waling her with me to the guest bedroom I gestured for her to walk in as she looked around in amazement at the sheer size of it, and the luxury. She was used to the hay beds in the slave shacks. Something like this was unheard of for her. Her eyes shone with excitement at her new quarters.

“Do you like it”

“Oh yes sir.......so much. Thank you sir....this is wonderful”

“Well, you’ve earned it. Come on, lets get into that big bed of yours”

Removing her towel, I also removed mine, as we stood there naked in the room, only the light of the oil lamp and the moon casting light through it. I quickly snuffed the oil lamp and stepped towards her, taking her in my arms, pulling her in close. I waited a moment before speaking, just feeling her soft young body pressed against mine as I held her. I could feel my arousal starting.

“Taryn, you are the most beautiful girl that I have ever acquired”, looking her in the eyes as I spoke. “I need to be with you again, right now”.

At this point, she felt my hardness, pressing against her belly as I held her in close, and she got a fearful look in her eyes at the implications of what I just said.

“Oh sir........I ......well sir, you really hurt me....down there”, she blushed as she spoke, her eyes starting to water, “I’m sorry, I’m just really frightened......I don’t think I can...at least not right now”, her voice choked as she spoke those words.

Grabbing her chin gently, I raised her face to mine, speaking to her in a soft paternal tone; “Hey sweetheart, I brought you in here because you really please me. A beautiful girl like you.....I would never want to hurt you, but a man has needs. Do you understand that?” She was startng to sniffle, closing her eyes.

“Hey Taryn,...”I spoke in a slightly firmer, yet still comforting tone, “We all have things in life we have to do. I run this plantation; it’s not always enjoyable but that is my job”, I held her eyes in mine, “...and your job is to satisfy me now. That is a duty you must fulfill, as part of how you earn your keep around here. It may hurt but it is your duty....besides, it does get better with time.”

“Taryn, your body provides me with such pleasure I can’t describe......I just need to have it...I need to. You want to please me right?”

She looked up at me with her big wet brown eyes, “Sniff.....yes sir,...b..but....”

“No buts Taryn........you want to please me right?” It was a statement, more than a request.

Quivering she responded, “Yes sir”, in barely a whisper. The poor girl was terrified, because she knew how badly a cock could hurt her now, and she dreaded going through that again.

“Good girl, now give me a kiss”, pulling her face gently towards mine, I planted my lips o hers, and kissed her deeply, holding her body against mine as we kissed in the moonlight, I felt my hardness grow as her body trembled against mine.

Breaking the kiss, I stepped towards the bed, and pulled the covers down, exposing the soft sheets underneath. Taryn stood there in disbelief, at the sight of the sheer luxury while at the same time trying to stop herself from shaking in fear of what was to come. Turning, I swept her up in my arms as she gasped in surprise, and I carried her in my arms, laying her in the bed gently. Laying in the bed beside her, I turned and kissed her, pressing my lips against hers, as she kissed back as was her duty. I could feel her tenseness now, as her entire body cringed at the impending penetration of her small young pussy, which was still raw and sore from her recent defloration. Kissing her some more, I took my time, trying to relax the poor girl a bit, but it was not working.

Realizing there was only so much I could reasonably be expected to do in this situation, I started kissing her breasts, and her body, which sort of excited her at times, but not enough to compensate for the fear she was experiencing. I felt bad, but there was nothing I could do. Sex usually hurt the first several times, and that was not my doing. God made it that way.

Rolling up against her, pressing my right leg between her legs I moved my hand between her legs, pressing my finger against her pussy, slowly and gently pressing against it as she tensed up at the contact. I tried slowly rubbing my hand back and forth, but that was not helping much, as she was not getting wet. Licking my fingers, I used the saliva to help wet her a bit, and then started siding my fingers back and forth along her pussy as she whimpered and cringed.

“Sir, it’s very sore”, she whimpered,

“I know sweetheart, and you are being a very brave girl, doing this to make me happy. I think you are wonderful”

The praise seemed to get a smile, but it was a pained one as she was feeling discomfort. Pushing my finger into her depths, I breached her gate as she yelped at the penetration. I worked my finger around in there a bit, trying to spread the saliva around a bit.

Rolling on top of her, I wet my fingers again, only this time I used them to get a bit of moisture on the head of my cock. I wanted to try to take a bit more time, try to get her a bit more ready, but my body was crying out for relief, and I had to take her now.

Spreading her legs a bit more, I moved myself into position as she scrunched her eyes shut and whimpered, “Please sir....don’t hurt me”

“I will be gentle, I promise”. She looked at me with wet eyes, showing gratitude at my promise. I really didn’t want to hurt her, but I had needs, and fair was fair. I had paid a good price for the young lady, and now I was even letting her live in my house, instead of the slave quarters.

As I touched my cock head to her pussy lips, she flinched, letting out a faint squeak as her body shuddered. I started slowly rubbing it up and down, kind of like what we were doing down by the river, but this time she wasn’t responding. Her body was tightening up in defence of itself.

“Taryn, it’s alot easier if you relax dear.”

After awhile, with me rubbing my cockhead up and down between her pussy lips as she scrunched her eyes shut wincing at the discomfort of having this friction against her injured pussy, I realized that I was simply going to have to go ahead and fuck the little darling, since this was as wet as she was going to get.
“OK love, try to relax here”

With that I started pushing the head against her lips, as she started whimpering, grasping the bed sheets in her hands as she squeezed them into tight fists with white knuckles. It was slightly tough going, with her being so tight, and not very wet, but I had done this many times before. It would be rough, for her and me, as there was a tiny burning friction as I forced my head between her lips. Nothing serious, but it was there.
The whole time she was yelping and crying, “ow..ow......ahh...aigh..ow” as I worked my cock head past her lips, lodging the head in her pussy opening as she finally opened up
“Ow sir!......Ow, it hurts,...it hurts!....please”

“It’s OK love, it only hurts the first few times, after that it gets better”, and with that, I started pushing harder, trying to force my manhood into her body as was my right while she squealed and cried from the pain. I finally managed to get a considerable length of my cock into her in one stroke.

“AAAAIIIIIGGGHIIIIIIIII!!!! “ her scream pierced the room, but I was not stopping now, not when I was almost all the way in. Pushing and squirming to get the last few inches in, I ignored her pleas; “Ow......ow sir, it hurts, ......sir it hurts,...ow...ow-ow-ow, “ and she broke down into sobs as I lodged the entirety of my cock into her tight young channel.

Laying on top of her, I gave her a moment to try to adjust. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, it;s just that this was the way it was. A man had a right to the body of a woman he purchased, and it was her sacred duty to submit that body to my pleasures, even if it hurt. It just felt so right, for her tiny little body to be underneath mine, as her little pussy, tried to strangle my cock.

With that I started slowly working my cock in and out of her, trying not to be too rough with her as I fucked the crying young girl. With each outthrust she gasped in, and with each in thrust she cried out as I kept working my cock in and out of her young body.

It was amazing the feeling of tightness as her tiny pussy literally was massaging my cock while she cried. Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and needed to speed things up. I desperately needed to release my seed into her delicate young body as I thrust harder and faster with each stroke, until I was pounding into the poor girl with reckless abandon as she wailed that it hurt, begging me to stop or slow down. Of course I would do no such thing.

Pounding into her tight little pussy I really leaned into her, driving my cock into her flesh with sheer savagery, utterly disregarding her obvious pain as I satisfied myself with her body, which in fairness was my right to do.

Pounding away, I felt my orgasm approaching as I fucked her tightness and I leaned in hard, pressing my cock deep into her body, against her cervix as she cried out and I came harder than I had in years, releasing a powerful orgasm, deep inside her as she whimpered.

As the orgasm subsided, and the spurts of semen inside her womb stopped I felt a strong sense of relaxation come over me as I sagged on top of her small body, breathing hard and dripping sweat as she sobbed beneath me.

Rolling off of her, I pulled her in close, as the poor girl sobbed in my arms until I fell asleep.
Beavis, I just can't seem to do well with chicks. I joined this Rape Board forum in hopes of meeting that special girl, but every time I meet a girl there who I enjoy being with, who is willing to share her feelings in a mutually supportive relationship...I rape the fucking bitch
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Fantastic writing! Really loved the detail. You are a very good story-teller. I especially liked how you decribed the way you treated the slaves.
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Beautifully written <3
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Originally Posted by bedroomvile8r View Post
Fantastic writing! Really loved the detail. You are a very good story-teller. I especially liked how you decribed the way you treated the slaves.
Thank you
Beavis, I just can't seem to do well with chicks. I joined this Rape Board forum in hopes of meeting that special girl, but every time I meet a girl there who I enjoy being with, who is willing to share her feelings in a mutually supportive relationship...I rape the fucking bitch
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Originally Posted by mchawtie View Post
Beautifully written <3
THank you
Beavis, I just can't seem to do well with chicks. I joined this Rape Board forum in hopes of meeting that special girl, but every time I meet a girl there who I enjoy being with, who is willing to share her feelings in a mutually supportive relationship...I rape the fucking bitch
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