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Default Peyton List

It occurred to me while I was fucking Emma in her warm moist throat that my collection of fuck toys was composed entirely of beautiful brunettes. I needed a little bit of variety to my pets so the next girl I decided to enslave is Peyton List.

She's a little different to my other slaves in the way she reacted to her new life. There's less fight in her as she is quick to go to blank space with dead eyes as I rape her. I guess she must have prior experience from castings with asshole directors.

Fucking her like this is hardly fun even with Willa Holland's tongue worshipping my ass as she gives me a rim job and the slight of Emma Watson using the cane on Sarah Hyland's bleeding tits. I flip Peyton over and my hand slams down on her shapely ass, my red handprint glowing angrily on her flesh. Still no reaction.

I then position myself at the entrance of her tightest hole. The tip of my cock pushing into her ass as I try to force myself in. Finally she comes back to life. Her hollow eyes lighting up with horrors and disgust.

"No not there, please just fuck my pussy. I'm being good! I'm being a good girl for you! Please don't fuck my ass!"

I smile at the shattering of her mental walls and savagery impale myself in. Grabbing her pretty blonde hair, I pull back and order Emma to give my new slave a few lashes with her cane. All while I hate fuck her ass making her cry in brutal pain. She starts shaking from the abuse and my pleasure is overwhelming. I pull out and cum on her pretty crying face.

Emma and Willa both lick my cock clean as my abuse of Peyton continues. Having turned onto her back to shield her gaping ass, her tits are exposed for me to torture once again. I reattach the jumper cables to her nipples and twist unnecessarily to hear her scream. Our little game with a car battery can then start over again but seemingly hurts worse than before.

1) Emma Watson
2) Sarah Hyland
3) Willa Holland
4) Peyton List

Edit: oops didn't check to see that Dove Cameron was already taken

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