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Default John Enslaving Me To Men part 2

Before the strip club John ordered me to go clean myself up in the bathroom. I took a quick shower, being careful not to wash any of my pussy jewels off, then re did my make up, and fixed my hair. I ashed John what he wanted me to wear to the club and he told me to put everything I was wearing that night back on. The wrist cuffs, neck collar, leather waist belt, thigh harnesses, ankle cuffs, chain g string, the harness bra, nipple clamps, vinyl tight mini dress, and the high heels. I did as I was told and walked out ready to leave. The whole party gave John props for arranging a worthless slave for the stag party who looked just like a porn star. John gave his brother, who was known to me only as "Daddy," a leather leash to hook to my collar so he could walk me like the bitch I was.
As we leave the house I see a party bus waiting for us outside. We all climb into the bus and Daddy ties me up to a pole in the middle of the bus. John walks up to me and blindfolds me, then tells me to open my mouth. I open it wide for him. I feel him blow into my mouth and I smell a weird odor like from earlier. I realize then that he's making me smoke more meth. At this point the additional 3 hits of ecstasy have began to kick in, and now I have all this energy and I don't know what to do with myself. John then tells me to open my mouth and drink what he gives me. He pours several shots down my throat until I almost gag. Then he forces me to drink some more but at least this time it was girly shots, they were easy to swallow. This went on for the whole ride to the club, about 30 minutes. By the time we arrived there I was rolling hard, tweaking hard since I've never done meth before, I've only tried coke in the past, and I was pretty drunk. Nothing seemed real, but everything felt so real and incredible. John let the driver of the bus finger me for a minute and I came almost instantly. I then heard John promise me to the driver at the end of the night.
Daddy grabs my leash and leads me into the strip club. It's an all nude club with some really hot women working the room and stage. The club is busy, every bar stool was full, and ever seat around the stage was full. There were tables around the room but they weren't full, just a couple tables had people sitting there. Past the bar you seen neon lights advertising the VIP rooms. I wasn't the only female customer in the club but I was the only one there on a leash and with a whole large group of men. John seen that every stripper there was either nude on stage, or just in a g string walking around the floor. He said it wasn't fair that I was able to be the only fuck hole slut in the place with clothes on. He told the bouncer to just sit back and let whatever happens to happen and that I want it and deserve it. The bouncer says ok but only if he gets a run at me too. John said he can have me at any time he wants me. John unzips my dress and lets it drop to the floor. Daddy then walks me around on my leash for the whole club to see me. Everyone loves the jeweled labeling I have revealing I'm a party pig that is to be porked. Daddy hands my leash to a stripper who then brings me up on stage with her. She ties me to the pole and fingers me for the crowd. She finger bangs me so hard that I cum all over her hand. She makes me lick it all off her hand then unties me from the pole. She pushes me down to my knees and shoves her cunt in my face and I eat her out. She grinds on my face until she cums all over it. She grabs my leash and makes me crawl around the stage allowing everyone seated around it to finger me and slap my tits around. Then she hands me back to Daddy. Daddy already had his cock out and forced me back on my knees to suck it in the middle of the club. I sucked it all until I gagged and couldn't breathe. Then Daddy picked me up, bent me over the stage, and fucked me right there for all to watch. He grabbed my hair lifting my head up so everyone could watch my tits bounce up and down as he fucked me. He slapped my face and told me to yell out how I loved his cock fucking me. I had a crowd around me as they watched him pound my pussy raw. Then he pulled out and came all over my ass. John then yelled to the crowd that the free show was over, and if they wanted to watch more in the VIP section they'd have to pay with money, and if they wanted to rough me up, fuck me, rape me, whatever they wanted then they'd have to pay in drugs. Ecstasy, meth, coke, even Special K if they had it. Then I was dragged by my leash into the VIP section.
Once inside I seen it was just a huge fetish fuck room. John brought me to the center table and showed me why I wore all the cuffs and harnesses. I had each ankle hooked up to chains and lifted up and wide apart. My wrists were then hooked up and pulled all the way back behind my head. My thighs were hooked up to keep my pussy and asshole available at all times, my waist harness was hooked up to keep me still for all thrusts so I didn't slide away, and my neck was hooked up to keep my head bent backwards for good deep face fucking. I laid like this for a few minutes until I had a cock slamming into my mouth. I was being suffocated by the man's balls as he drove his cock into the back of my throat each time. Then I feel a cock quickly fill my pussy and start fucking me deep and hard. I feel hands from all over start to grope my tits, grabbing and squeezing them, and twisting the nipples. Finally the cock in my mouth shoots a load down my throat and pulls out, allowing me to breathe again. As I'm gagging to catch my breath, another dick takes it's place to brutalize my face again. Then I feel warm cum shoot out onto my stomach from the dick that was in my pussy. As soon as he shot his load, another man pushed his way between my legs and started fucking my ass. I could hear a crowd shouting them all on as they took turns with filling my warm, wet, fuck holes. I lost count after 20 cocks. I was covered in cum, and was filled with so many loads in my ass and pussy. Once the men in the club were done with me I was brought back out to the club area. I had so much cum dripping down my thighs. Before I knew it, the bouncer grabbed me and threw me onto the stage and held me down as he choked me hard, and fucked me for the crowd to watch. When he was done he had a stripper hold me down while he fisted me. Then he held me down while the stripper fisted me. I was still very high and rolling hard so no matter what was happening to me all night long I just kept cumming over and over. I was sore from so many orgasms. Once the stripper's fist gave me one more cunt dripping orgasm, John decided it was time to leave. He grabbed my dress but wouldn't let me put it on. Daddy then dragged me outside by my leash, naked, covered in so many men's cum, my pussy dripping from my own orgasm juices as well as all the loads I had dumped inside of me all night long. He dragged me back on the bus, forced 2 more tabs of ecstasy down my throat, forced me to smoke more meth, and told me to prepare for what the rest of the party had in store all weekend. Before we left the parking lot though, John made good on his promise and gave me to the driver. The driver fucked me with my face and tits pressed up against the windshield for the whole parking lot to watch. He kept pulling in and out of my cunt, then my asshole, like he couldn't make up his mind. He settled on my asshole as he thrusted away until he came inside of me. Once he was done he threw me away into the back of the bus, I landed face first on the floor until John kicked me over onto my back with his foot. John told me to stay put as they took turns fisting me, fucking me with their feet, using a liquor bottle on me, and beer cans. This went on until we got back to the house about 30 minutes later. By this time I'm so fucked up on all the drugs that I can't wait to run inside and see what they'll do to me next!

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