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Talking A matter of time By Mad Gerald

A matter of time By Mad Gerald
Story By Mad Gerald

The contents of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a policewoman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Off the shore of the new Islamic state 04:16.

Just over the horizon off a deserted beach lies a British amphibious landing craft. The waves lazily slapping the sides, all is quiet in the pre dawn light. On board are two Royal Navy sailors and their Officer Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy, 5'10" a brunette with 38D tits and a strong well shaped body the two ratings shared a cigarette and watched her leaning against the front of the control deck peering out toward the shore with binoculars. She's wearing desert combats and life jacket, Her combat trousers tight around her wide well rounded ass. She is watching the coastline with NVG's she is waiting to snatch an SBS claw back from a mission but so far none of the expected comms contact has happened. Just as she decides the window is closed and she's leaving there is a signal from the distant shore. She sighs in relief and checks the coded flashes against her orders satisfied she orders the pilot to guide the landing craft in to the beach.

The craft powers into the sand and the ramp drops. Dark figures swarm toward the boat across the beach. Emma realises to late there is too many figures. One of her ratings shouts in alarm and begins firing as rounds start to strike the bulkhead around her. She shouts at the pilot to withdraw but his head is gone, she turns horrified to see the other rating riddled with rounds she stuffs the order card down the front of her combat trousers into her briefs as she heaves her pistol out and shoots one, two, three, of the swarming figures, She tries to back toward the controls.

A rifle butt hits the side of her head men leap over the bulkhead she spins with the blow struggling to bring her weapon to bare as a boot slams into her guts. She screams falling forward as four or five enemy soldiers swarm over her grabbing her arms wrenching them behind her, she yelps feeling her arms cruelly yanked backwards her shoulders almost dislocating as her elbows then her wrists are bound tightly almost instantly with zip ties. She is dragged roughly to her feet and thrown face first over the bulkhead to the floor of the craft.

More hands grab her and drag her to the ramp and hurl her toward more waiting figures. She screams and struggles in shock as more hands grab her and drag her up the sand to a waiting truck, she is dragged to a halt her shoulders dragged back and a foul smelling hood is shoved over her face, it stinks. Some form of collar is dragged tight around her neck trapping her in the hood she struggles to breathe in total darkness as they pick her up and throw her into the back of the vehicle.

After a short bumpy ride it stops she is hauled out and dragged across flags and through a door by two strong men holding her up by her bound arms. Sue struggles and kicks but she is forced into the brightly lit room. The room is in a Security blockhouse off it are other doors leading down some steps. She is hauled down them through another door into a large cell. In the middle of the room a large desk and a sort of upright bench, the corners have harsh lights mounted on stands and a video camera on a tripod stands by the desk. Three men stripped to the waist are already in the room; one busies himself with the video camera and then prepares another hand held 35mm camera with flash. The tallest motions to the bench silently and she is dragged to it and her hips are slammed into the front, quickly her booted feet are forced into two manacles and held fast on either side of the base. She is panting in fear in the hood as she tries to pull her feet away but she is held forward against the waist high wood. A thick leather strap is fastened across the backs of her desert combat clad thighs and dragged tight.


"Wh…what are you doing? I am an Officer in her majesties Navy You're hurting me… STOP IT ARGHHH!!" her hooded face is slapped hard shocking her to silence.


She is sure that is a camera? A voice penetrates the darkness of the hood

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


There was a grunt from outside the hood and then she felt fingers tugging the buttons undone on her Combat jacket, it is wrenched open and back off her shoulders revealing her desert drab vest bulging with her 38D breasts, hands roughly feel them testing their weight and firmness.

"Don't touch me! I am a prisoner war and demand UGHHHH!"


A fist slams into her hooded head dazing her.

She feels the vest dragged out of her trousers and wrenched up over her head covering the hood. Rough hands squeeze and manhandle her breasts through her white sports bra before she feels it stretched out and cut. She shudders as her breasts pop free and she feels their eyes on them feasting on both heavy jugs. They are a soft pink white, both full round globes capped with light coral aureole and darker toned dimpled nipples. Her flesh is covered in goose bumps.


"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

Fingers lightly touch her breasts tracing the outline of both before pawing and patting them, stroking both concentrating on her nipples as they react and come up stiff and her aureole become thicker and wrinkled.


"Please don't do that to me!"

"Why are you here?"

"My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


She stiffens as fingers pluck and tease her teats dragging them out and pulling them hard before releasing them and brushing them rapidly with their fingers.

"Why are you here?"

"OHH! My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"


"You have very beautiful breasts Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H can you imagine what could happen to them, what my men would do with their teeth to such delicious full white breasts?"

"M… My name is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"How they will fight to suckle and bite your thick nipples, gripping them and pumping them to their faces, bruising and twisting them sore with their eagerness to abuse your two helplessly trapped breasts?"

Emma stood silently her breathing was a pant now of rising fear and anguish. She heard them moving about, the clunk and scrape of things unimaginable. She strained with her legs finding them helpless she tried to free her arms feeling the zip ties drag tighter around both her wrists and her elbows. She jumped as a wooden pole was shoved up under her arms across the middle of her back and secured there forcing her forward at the waist. A hand gripped the front of her hood and another wooden pole was pressed under her chin, forcing her head up and back, making her bend she heard a metal click as it was secured she could hardly breathe through the hood as it was, but now with the pole under her chin pressed to her windpipe it was almost impossible. Now with her thighs secured to the upright bench, her jaw resting on this thick pole and her back pressed forward by the other pole she was utterly helpless, the whole method forcing her chest out so that her breasts stuck out fat and stiff from her ribs. She was sweating now, goose bumps coming up in fear as fingers toyed with her jutting tits then bounced and jiggled them.


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She stayed silent feeling tears well up in her eyes inside the hood.

"Do you have you're men suck your big tits Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth determined not to react.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


The hands bounced and then slapped her breasts experimentally, she felt them slap together and winced, as they were playfully slapped up, down, left and right. Then they were gripped and tugged out and released so they sprung back to her chest.


"Why did you let your men die Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She gritted her teeth and tried not to listen as her nipples were rubbed and tugged between finger and thumb.

"Did you let those men play with you're big fat tits Lieutenant-Commander Blake or were they worthless? Below you? Hardly worth thinking about?"

She shook her head feeling emotion rising in her throat as two sets of hands pawed and fondled her breasts.


"I bet they thought of you Lieutenant-Commander Blake, I bet they thought of you're big fat tits all the time, about sucking them and fucking them and coming on them. About gripping them while they stuffed your cunt full huh Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She tried to shut it out to think of something else, anything else other than all those eyes that would always track to her tits, to her ass.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Was it worth it? Why you are here?"


She stifled a rising sob as they suddenly slapped her breasts harder making her wince and snatch at her bonds as one harsh stinging blow after another rained down on both pushed out boobs making them bounce and slam up and down.


The officer in charge of the interrogation was Ushu the defence garrison Commander a hero of the Islamic revolution, 6' 4" heavily muscled with a strong featured dark face split by a thick black moustache and topped by a shaved head, he had four days to get all he could out of this whore before he had to hand her on, four days that he had planned in his head years hence in the hope of ever capturing a western whore soldier. He grinned as he formed the next question. Watching her breasts bounce and wobble as they were struck by his faithful aid Hassaf.

Hassaf was a stocky 5' 6" tribesman, his face gnarled and leather like belying his age, his grin was made up of only three teeth at the top and four at the bottom, a livid scar ran from just under his nose to under his left ear. His bare black haired chest was sheened with sweat and his hard muscled arms could deliver much harder blows than they were delivering now. On the wall in the office Hassaf would cut out and pin up pictures of western female soldiers and pilots that he found in magazines to fantasise about, he never believed he would ever get his hands on a woman like Blake.

The other man was Nizer an East German ex-Stasi agent who had fled to avoid jail at the end of the regimes rule and the fall of the wall. He amused Ushu with his interesting techniques to get the most from an interrogation and his extreme perversity and violent nature. He was pale and bald with wide staring ice blue eyes and a thin frame, which belied the size of his cock that was truly out of proportion to his physique. He was the man with the camera he liked to photograph his subjects for his collection and it added to the whole humiliation of the captive and their feeling of helplessness.


At a signal from Ushu Hassaf stopped slapping her breasts, they were streaked with red finger marks her teats now rigid, both breasts juddered to a halt. Leaving them rising and falling rapidly with her breathing.


"What was it that led you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma blinked back tears and shook her head in the hood.

Ushu signalled to Nizer who put down the camera and picked up a sheet of thick black neoprene. It had two vertical slits in it close together and straps and buckles at both sides. Him and Hassaf busied themselves grabbing a breast each and roughly stuffed them through the slits in the neoprene and dragged it up hard to her chest then they stretched it around her body and buckled it tightly. Now her breasts were trapped in the thick elastic material, which forced them up and together into two jutting American football shapes crowned with her rigid teats. They left her panting fearfully.

"There that's better now we can really enjoy them!" Ushu stated.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Again she shook her head in defiance.

Ushu grinned he loved the arrogant self assured ones more than any others, he nodded to Hassaf who began tugging and pulling her nipples again. Twisting and pulling them stretching them out and pumping each thick nub like a child with a toy.

"Your mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Emma gritted her teeth determined not to cry out as her nipples were wrenched and tugged.

Hassaf released her nipples and cupped each heavy tit in his hands gripping and pulling them, squeezing them together hard as his cock strained against his pants.

"Who were you waiting for Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"M… My name is…is Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Hassaf had her breasts squeezed up hard his thumbs swiping each nipple back and too, as Nizer photographed them.

"What was their mission Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Are you married slut!"

Hassaf released her breasts and slapped them hard his big hand swiping viciously across both nipples slamming her tits to the left then he back handed them to the right.

"How many men have you slept with Lieutenant-Commander Blake!?"

"I am a prisoner of war and should be…arghhh!"

Hassaf slapped her tits hard back and too watching as they bounced and quivered to a halt. He pinched her left teat hard twisting and pulling it out so that her breast stretched out behind it.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

He gripped the other and dragged that out too, stretching the both of them out to their full extent. Nizer selected a thin birch from the quiver at the side of the bench and swished it about before bringing it down expertly just shy of Hassaf's gripping fingers. Emma snatched in shock suddenly throwing her head back and releasing a surprised yelp through her teeth as pain like lightning shot through each of her breasts leaving them burning and tingling. Before she had time to brace another struck them and another and another criss-crossing her stretched out tits with streaks of fiery agony.

"Why did you let your worthless men die Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

Time and time again the birch came down just on her aureole sending brutal shocks thumping through her breasts. She felt as if it was cutting her breasts open, slitting her flesh she writhed and jolted in agony with each practised blow.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"


Suddenly Hassaf let her nipples go and her breasts sprang back against the neoprene both were marked with thin red to purple lines her nipples thick and rouged.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

"EMM…EMM…EMMA… Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H!"

"Nizer let five of the men in!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she managed through the hood as she heard the door heard excited Arab voices and then she was surrounded by bodies, hands plucking, squeezing and pawing her trapped breasts.


Pinching and tweaking her teats then they were fighting over them like mad men hands grabbing and pulling, mouths biting, tongues eagerly lapping at her teats, sucking them slurping and gnawing at them as she howled in pain and anguish inside the hood. Fingers biting into each heavy breast bruising and pinching, as her interrogators watched.


As soon as it began it was over she heard them barked at and leave her breasts throbbed and ached.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

She stood there silently stifling her sobs suddenly she felt something cold on her teat, cold and wet being smeared on, then on the other, worked into her nipples greasing them thick nimble fingers wanking her nipples like small cocks into long thick studs.

"What are your orders Lieutenant-Commander Blake?"

Suddenly she felt something snap closed on her right nipple. Pain shot through her tit lancing up through her as it then happened to the other nipple she let out a sob as realisation hit her then electricity belted through her bruised jugs making her dance and jerk. It stopped.


"Oh GOD you fuckers…You Fuckers!"

Again it screamed through her senses, white fire making her see colours and her teeth chatter as she splattered the inside of the hood with saliva.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"


Ushu laughed watching her big tits shake and bounce, her nipples almost crushed flat by the cruel crocodile clips Hassaf had snapped onto them.
The electricity stopped she gasped and groaned inside the hood.

"Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

She made a little noise and waited for more electricity.

"Are you wet Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy?"

"Is your cunt wet? Hassaf check for me will you"

Emma felt rough hands wrench open the front of her combat trousers from behind and then drag them down to the thick belt around her thighs. She felt cooler air on her white brief clad arse then the waistband was gripped and they were torn down revealing her big white bottom cheeks. She cringed as she felt their eyes on her butt. Ushu snatched up the order card grinned and shoved it in his pocket,she squirmed as his fingers delved between her trapped thighs pushing her gusset away from her cunt, she braced herself in shame and self hate as his fingers slid against her slick cunt hairs discovering her sopping twat. He pulled his fingers out holding them up she heard them chuckle.

"My…my Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake you have a very wet cunt don't you. Do you like our little games because there's much more fun in store my officer slut. Put her filthy cunt away!"

Hassaf gripped her briefs and wrenched them back up her arse, dragging them right up into her arse cleavage and cunt so that the gusset was dragged up into her wet cunt making her pump her hips and sob.

"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

He threw the switch and Emma spasmed and shrieked as the current lanced through her tits making her whole body fit and strain until it snapped off leaving her nipples throbbing and her muscles aching with effort.

"Now you were just about to tell us why you are here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"Please I…I…don't know anything…Please!"

"Oh but you must know your orders now mustn't you? You are doing very well Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake we are enjoying this but now it is time for us to take a break while my aid takes a piss"

Emma sighed in relief until she felt the hood being yanked up and round, she felt it tugged up hard and felt something against her back then felt some knees on her shoulders, she began to panic wondering what was happening now?


Hassaf put the steps near the POW's back and climbed up them, he grabbed the hood yanking the top toward him and placed his knees on the captured sailors shoulders, he tugged free the ties on the hole on the top of the hood, he yanked out his semi-erect cock and pushed it into the hole. With a grin he began to piss into the hood.


Ushu watched her body as she reacted to the piss, her shoulders bucked trying to dislodge her assailant as she spluttered and gagged inside the hood her wired up tits bouncing and shaking from side to side as she writhed in disgust.


Emma felt the heat on her head first as it hit her hair and soaked it but then as the piss started to stream down her face and neck she went wild spluttering and gagging as the stinking piss smothered her face going in her mouth as she fought for breath. What was worse was it was filling up the hood faster than it was draining terrified she begged him to stop.


"No splut Noph you filthy pigs stop please stophhhlut!!"

Hassaf finished pissing into the hood and climbed down he grinned evilly watching the piss soaked up by her clothing and streaming down her body.

Ushu asked again she sobbed and spluttered within the hood.

Nizer put the camera down and stood in front of her wired tits and hauled out his cock and began pissing on her bound tits inside the hood she found her voice shrieking and shaking her tits in horror as she felt the hot stream of piss hammer on her stinging tender tits. When he had finished they threw the switch laughing as her whole body jolted and jerked her shrieks juddering and stammering with the current. They shut it off watching her slump. Ushu nodded to Hassaf and he gripped the wires and yanked them off her tits making her scream in agony as his hands went to her soaked breasts, He swiped away the piss and grabbed some thick duct tape off the desk he ripped a strip off and holding her breasts together with one hand he plastered it over her nipples hard and then dragged the two sides out and stuck them to the neoprene. Then he pulled out his cock wanking the length and stuffed it up between her crushed together boobs.

Emma realised what was happening as the thick hot cock bludgeoned its way into her cleavage, forcing her flesh to give as it was rammed in and then began to fuck her helplessly bound breasts.

"Please your hurting…PLEASE…AHHH…AHHH…NOOOO!!" she begged

He fucked them in a frenzy holding the body of each and really beasting her trapped tits enjoying her fruitless pleadings as he slam fucked her sore tits up and down until with a gasp he gripped them cruelly and pumped them as she wailed in pain and he spurted jizz in a thick stream up into her hooded face, it pumped out like a geyser huge blobs landing on her striped breasts and sinking into her tight cleavage making her already stinging tits scream out in agony.


"Now Why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake Royal Navy Service Number 4268137H?"

"You know why I'm here!!"
"Enlighten us?"

"I…I..I can't Please I can't"

Hassaf began rubbing his semen into her striped tits easing it into every stinging weal. She shuddered and groaned.

"We are waiting, why are you here?"

"OH GOD Name rank and Number that's all you will get name rank and number!"

"I am not convinced Emma Blake Lieutenant-Commander, Whip her tits some more!"


Nizal grinned with excitement as he brought the birch down on her semen coated tits, he sped up literally beating the fuck out of her helpless tits as she wailed and shrieked in the hood for him to stop. His arm a blur as he expertly whipped her held fast jugs until at a signal from Ushu he stopped gripped the duct tape and ripped it off her breasts so they sprang free her nipples almost being torn off by the adhesive. Emma screamed her lungs out eventually ending in a hoarse sobbing within the hood.

Ushu smiled and nodded to Nizer who retrieved the crocodile clips and grabbed one heavy breast after another and clipped them on to her still distended teats.

"Now again why are you here Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake?"

"No! no more please no more I won't talk you bastards I won't!!"

Nizal stood behind her and dropped his trousers and began to manhandle his 14 inch, fat girthed cock, peeling back the foreskin and spitting on the head of it as it reared up so that he could wank it slowly, he pulled out a thick strange looking condom and rolled it onto his manhood. Satisfied he stroked it and handled his nuts before gripping the back of Emma's briefs and wrenching them up into her ass and cunt hard over and over until they tore off.

He threw them on the floor and tested her ass cheeks with his hands, squeezing and spreading them before placing his thick cock against her ass crack. He stepped back and grabbed the conductive gel and squeezed a blob out onto his fingertip.

He thrust it up into her ass making her yelp and flinch in shocked horror as his finger rammed deeply up into her never before pierced shitter. He withdrew his finger and sniffed it then put on some thick rubber gloves. He tried to spread her ass again, she groaned and desperately clenched it shut her big round butt cheeks hard and tense as he pushed and pressed at them trying to get his digits into her squeezed shut crack to lever them. She wailed and fought harder to keep him out, his fingers clawing at her straining flesh, her muscles quivering as she struggled to resist his insistent fingers as they pried and teased the tips into her clamped buttocks, worrying his fingers between her rigid globes into her deep butt cleavage.

She ground her thighs together trying to keep them out working her ass hard, her hips gyrating slowly as she began to lose the fight.
"Arghhh leave my bottom alone, please don,t, stop it! STOP IT!!"

His fingers slowly wormed their way in and began to drag her straining cheeks apart she jumped as he slid his digits deeper almost touching her ass hole as he fought to lever them wider. He over came her effort and to her horror stretched them apart and shoved the thick head of his rubber-sheathed cock into her deep crease so it sat against her amber stained puckered ring.

"Tell us your mission, who were you waiting for! What are your orders!!"

"Oh God I can't tell you! Please what is he going to do to me? Don't do this to me! Stop it, STOP!! I can only tell you my Nam…ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Ushu shocked her hard across her semen coated tits making her jolt and dance as Nizer held her hips tight He began to press against her virgin anus, loving the way it bucked and pressed back as she writhed and gyrated. Her body slowly forced itself back onto his meat, her butt hole painfully spreading and spasming around the tip of the thick blunt head as the electricity jerked her back onto it.

Nizer grinned in pleasure his glaring face taking on a look of pleasurable effort as he slowly dragged her hips back force-feeding his cock head into her spasming anus. Nothing ever had felt this good, she flinched and her hips tried to lift away as her ring was spread wider and wider. Suddenly it gave with a excruciating pop and the whole head of his cock snapped into her virgin rectum her ring clasping tightly the back of his bloated crown. The power cut and Emma slumped like a puppet and then jerked upright again with a agonising moan as she came to her senses and tried to stand on tiptoe to get off the awful thing up her ass.

"Is that good Lieutenant-Commander Emma Blake? Better than telling us your orders?"

"OH CHRIST! UHGNNNNN! Take it out, please take it out!!"

Nizer was in ecstasy never had he felt a ass so tight and reluctant, now he was in her ring was almost strangling the head of his meat and her rectum was almost chewing his cockhead as she fought to shit him out.

"Oh Please take it out you filthy rapist bastards please it…it's so big too big
oh Christ please! please take it out!"

"Did you hear that she wants it taking out, and it's hardly in at all, Oh well, take it out!"

Nizer grimaced and then did as he was bid slowly dragging his meat from her aching ring. He left it at the entrance as it slowly closed against the tip. He felt her clench her ass tightly to stop him entering her again. He looked down seeing her big white bum cheeks press closed tightly around the crown of his cock. It made him want to press in all the more but he resisted waiting instead for the next shock to let her do it herself.

"Is that better Lieutenant-Commander Blake are you going to tell us who you were waiting? For what was their target? Their strength?"


He shocked her again her body arching trying to bend the poles as she flexed and spasmed. Nizer stayed still letting her slowly press her ass back onto his meat, feeling again her ring spread wider and wider. Before snapping around his meat to suck and chew it as he grinned and brutally forced it deeper into her quivering butt, His face lit with a terrible glee as he tried to split her, wanted to hurt her. He began to grind it into her ass feeling her hips flex, hearing her scream change in pitch as the pain in her ass over shadowed the electricity. She was almost fitting now as Ushu switched it off.

Nizer,s cock was embedded about an inch up her ass; he stirred it slowly making her groan in disgust and pain.
"Oh…OH Fuck! Hell! Shit it hurts! GOD IT HURTS!! Take it out, I'll tell you. I'll tell you anything just take it out!"

Nizer grinned at Ushu over her shoulder and pulled her hips down and back his rubber glove clad hands biting deep into her fleshy hips as he pressed it deeper making her grunt and jolt and then try to pull away.


"Ha you need the toilet? You will tell us anything?"

"Yes…yes anything just please make him stop! Stop hurting my bottom!"

"Where did you go to school?"

"Wh…What! I thought you wanted UHHHHGGH!!"

Nizer pressed and stirred his cock making her hips flex in agony.

"We ask the questions we only want you to answer the questions we ask you"

"UGHHH AH Oooooh fuck what I…I went to Bristol University"

"Good, Now what do you masturbate about slut?"

"You sick bastards You…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

She jolted and danced shrieking into the hood as Ushu threw the switch again her
Breasts shuddering as the current slammed through them. Nizer eased her hips
Back feeling his cock slithered deeper.

End of part one.

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