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Talking US Army Recruit Medical Exam Story By Mad Gerald Part 2

Her drill Sergeant demanded to know what was up.

"Atkinson what is wrong with you for god’s sake get here NOW!".
She told him “It’s difficult Sergeant, I well hurt somewhere".
"Where is somewhere you useless piece of dumb ass!”
She went brilliant red “My ass Sarge, my ass hurts!". He grinned and sent her to the medical department.
She waited for an appointment for over two hours. Then she was marched into one of the surgeries. Private Atkinson stood at attention, Waiting. Eventually the med officer looked up and asked her what was the matter. She stammered out her voice failing as she tried to say what the matter was.
"You are familiar with the penalty system in operation for recruits at this post Private?"
"Well in that case I'm Penalizing you two demerits for failing to speak clearly to an Officer, do you understand?"
"I have a problem with my Backside Sir"
"What kind of problem Private"
"It's difficult to say Sir, It's painful and when it started I had blood and a white substance which came out Sir"
"Have you had anal sex Private?"
"Anal sex Sir?"
"AHH do you know what that is Private Atkinson?"
"No sir"
"Right, did you get drunk and wake up in this state Private?"
"No sir, I felt unwell went to sleep on my bunk and awoke later in the day like that Sir"
"Oh dear, you are naive aren't you Private, OK, wait here a moment I'll be back in awhile" He got up and left.
He came back after 10 minutes and sat back down,
"The Armies doing a study here, do you mind if we video this examination for teaching purposes Private?"
Private Atkinson swallowed "no Sir I suppose I don't"
"Good, that's damn fine" he leaned forward with a remote and then sat back"
Private Atkinson looked the med officer in the eyes and, in a small voice, asked "What do you want me to do next Sir".
"Right Private Atkinson pull down your BDU's and lean on and over the side of the examination table, That's it, right over." With a quick motion,
Private Atkinson did as she was told.
The med officer readied his instruments and placed his left hand on the small of her back and began to slowly lower her tight, white panties with the fingers of his right hand. He took her panties down very slowly, and with purpose. Slowly, the lovely buttocks came into view. The med officer inspected Private Atkinson's ass with his eyes. He had always thought the butt of a girl was his most favorite part of her anatomy. Private Atkinson had a beautiful, healthy strong looking body. Even though Private Atkinson was only eighteen, she had a well developed body of a woman.
"Private lean all the way over and spread your legs-spread them far apart." She complied.
"Reach back and spread your cheeks so I can examine your anal area more closely." Private Atkinson was slow to respond to this order and the med officer muttered, "Two more demerits." Private Atkinson was mortified and reached back and spread her cheeks wide and moved her legs far apart.
The sight of the virgin anus and pussy were almost too much to bear. She had an almost hairless anus which just begged to be inspected.
"Further, move your legs wider Private!" She struggled to spread them further.
"I'm going to put lubricant on your anus to make the examination easier. I'm going to take a localized temperature reading OK, and then I need to manually inspect you with my fingers first to make sure that nothing will block the thermometer."
He dabbed some lubricant on her hole and on his right index finger. Private
Atkinson had never felt anything like this before. It was total domination of her body. She could not hide anything from her doctor. The med officer slid his finger in past her anal sphincter, then farther in until it was in all the way. Private Atkinson rose up on her tiptoes in her boots and then winced and shuddered. He had found the rectal problems which bothered her when she went to the bathroom.
He slowly withdrew his finger, and with her cheeks still spread, smoothly inserted the clear glass Pym rectal thermometer. "Let your cheeks close around it, that's it." she released her fingers. He held his right palm over her large stiff buttocks so it would not slip out. He asked her "Why did you flinch when my finger was inserted Private?” "It seems sore inside sir" She confessed.
"Good that's a very important detail; I'll investigate this problem in more depth later in the examination." After five minutes the glass tube was removed. The med officer looked at it and noticed that it showed a slight elevation in temperature. "Your temperatures up Private, please remind me to re-take your temperature halfway through the exam to make sure OK".
The med officer took a washcloth and cleaned her anus of the K-Y. He rubbed slowly, giving himself a chance to study her pussy. It was nice and plump covered in a matt of auburn hair. He slowly raised her panties. He told her to jump up onto the examination table and sit so he could begin the second part of the exam. He examined her head, eyes, mouth and neck. He felt her breasts through the service tee shirt. Private Atkinson thought this strange
"Remove your shirt Private." She did so hesitantly, slowly pulling up the shirt, exposing her rounded heavy breasts. She tossed the shirt onto the floor next to the table. He started to squeeze her tits.
He took his time pulling and fingering the taut flesh, he weighed them, then tweaked and teased each nipple. Her left nipple had harsh blue / purple bruising above and below it from her Drill Sergeant. Private Atkinson jumped when he squeezed her left one. He wanted to know why.
She told him the truth, how her drill sergeants made her run everywhere with no bra which gave her sore tits, and of all the star jumps she seemed to get. He gripped it in both hands and squeezed it again harder. She winced and bit her lip.
"That's another ten demerits. More will be given in the future if you
Insist in holding back any other information from me, I need to know everything."
Private Atkinson quietly explained to the doctor
"I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom sir, I feel like I need to go, I strain and strain but nothing happens."
The doctor explained "What is happening is that you're having a muscle spasm in your rectum and you're in need of some muscle expansion in that area, it’s probably due to the intensive training you're undergoing". The med officer continued "This will hurt initially, but it needs to be done otherwise your career in the army will be over."
Private Atkinson accepted this. She was ordered to stand on the exam table facing him. He hooked his fingers inside the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them all the way down. "Right then Private in order for me to properly examine your anal and rectal muscles, I will have to insert my fingers without any lubricant to test the muscle strength OK". She made a horrified face. He ordered her to squat down on the table. The Med officer put his dry hand on her butt and spread the cheeks. He placed his middle finger on her small, dry opening. "Now I want you to press down on my fingers and continue to bear down. Bear down and push, as if she you are going to the bathroom."
Private Atkinson was inducing her own agony for the first time, and she was embarrassed that she could hardly hide the fact that she was getting excited! She slowly pushed her big butt down and little by little, the doctor's finger was inserted. He felt and felt, he just couldn't tell. He told her to raise up a bit and pulled his finger out. He then stretched out both his index and middle fingers and put them to her asshole. He ordered her to bear down on them, just like before. It was almost too much to bear,
Two large male fingers invading her most prized hidden treasures. Private Atkinson winced and pushed, and pushed harder and started to lean over. He was just beginning to feel something in the rectum, but he didn't know what. He began to spread his fingers to dilate her anus so he could feel better, meanwhile watching her facial reactions closely all the time.
She began to whimper, so he had her lift up again and he withdrew his fingers. He allowed her to rise and told her to lie back down on the table.
One day soon she would beg him insert three or four dry fingers into her hole.

He told her "I'm sure I can cure your problem if you will consent to anal-oscupy, which means a long tube with a light on the end inserted into your rectum." She agreed and he told her that a fellow officer was a rectal specialist. They both would do it today. Private Atkinson was aghast! Now, two men would examine her and dilate her anus and insert various instruments into her rectum. He moved over and spoke on the phone.
Moments later another officer came in, a Major. The med officer continued the exam by pressing on her lower abdomen. When he pressed hard, she farted. Private Atkinson went bright red with embarrassment, but they did not seem to mind. The Major told her he had a certain cure for her gas problems. But that meant she would have to become his long term patient. It meant rectal tubes of large caliber and enemas, many kinds of enemas.
Private Atkinson nodded, never a thought of saying no to any of this. The med officer got a paper cup and said "Squat on the table Private I need a specimen to examine." She knelt and he offered the cup up between her legs
"C'mon then pee into the cup," he held the cup up to her pee hole. She was embarrassed, "Sir can I not pee in private."
"Four more demerits," he said. "Also, for as long as you are with me, you will tell me every time you have to pee and either one of us will escort you to the bathroom."
Soon after he began tapping lightly with his index finger on her exposed pee hole, a small stream of urine came down and hit the cup. He got a
Kleenex and started to wipe her off, a man had never wiped her hole before.
He got another cup "Right then we need a stool sample from you now." She was appalled "I just can't sir, I can't".
"Now now private it's all part of the exam you have to do it. You'll stay here until you do shit in the cup!" She strained and struggled and eventually red with exertion and humiliation she had shit in the cup. She looked away while he wiped her off.

Then he spread her cheeks while The Major placed his large right index finger on her tiny anus. He started to insert it dry. Private Atkinson began to cry and beg, but the finger eventually went in to the hilt. “Private try to push it out," She complied. Then after several tries,
“Right Private now try to pull it back in. This will build your rectal and sphincter muscles," he told her. After a long, protracted time, The Major drew his finger out, wiggling it back and forth as he did so.
His finger was quickly replaced with a larger size rectal thermometer with a much larger pear shaped tip. The Major's right hand went across her ass cheeks, holding the thermometer in place between his index and middle fingers. Every once in awhile he would twist it around to see if he could see if there was any change in her temperature.
A few minutes later, he pulled it out, and saw that it still showed a slight fever. She would need the cooling treatments. Private Atkinson got up and was ready to pull up her panties. She stood there between them with her BDU's down around her ankles and her panties just above her knees.

The med officer told The Major of his medical findings and also of the twenty demerits earned.
Then before she could say a word they took her to the exam room. Upon their entry into the exam room, Private Atkinson was instructed to lie face down on the exam table. The med officer placed his hands between her thighs and spread her legs apart, opening her to his intended treatment. Private
Atkinson could hear water running in the adjacent bathroom and could detect a faint smell of soap or detergent.
She knew what was coming and couldn't help but clench her anus in a figurative attempt to protect herself from this newest violation of her most private parts. As the major came back into the room, she turned and saw nothing else in the room but the big red bulging bag with the pink hose and large black nozzle he was carrying. Her eyes followed his every move as he hung the bag on the IV stand next to her. She felt something going on at her ankles and realized that the med officer was strapping ankle cuffs on her, and was securing them to the table somehow.
Her wrists were next, and before she knew it, her arms were extended out in front of her and splayed, fastened to either side of the head of the table in front of her.
" you have to tie me down for this?" she pleaded.
"Yes, Private Atkinson, we do. You're going to have a large cleansing enema before we can perform a more detailed rectal examination, and we can't have you squirming or resisting in any way," said the Major.
The Med officer was spreading her buttocks apart with his fingers now, inspecting her little brown target to be sure it was clear to receive the nozzle. Placing a dab of KY on his index finger, he touched its coolness to the centre of her hole and waited for her first clenching reflex to subside before he pushed the tip of his finger past her first, then second anal sphincters. As she relaxed, he slid his finger all the way up...deep inside her rectum, and proceeded to lubricate her lower canal thoroughly.
Private Atkinson had her head buried on the table the best she could, trying to escape this continuing humiliation. Her large breasts were squashed against the crinkly white paper covering the leather cushion of the table, and her nipples were hardening from the added sensation of a cute man's finger in her bare ass.
After what seemed like an hour, The Med officer's finger was withdrawn. She felt his hands spread her buttocks wide as the Major finished greasing up the black mushroom-tipped nozzle and inserted it into her backside. In, in, in the nozzle went until it was buried to its five-inch hilt.
"I'm going to begin the flow now, Private Atkinson. Just hold still and tell me if you feel any discomfort," said The Major. She heard a click and began to feel warmth spreading through her lower bowels, then up a bit further. The pressure built slowly, and she thought this wasn't as bad as she had anticipated. After a few minutes, though, her lower abdomen had become swollen and the cramps started. "Please hurts," she whimpered, rocking her hips from side to side. The med officer quickly and out of her view squeezed the bag sharply.

She yelped and cringed "ahhhh-uhhh oh god oh please!". With her eyes squeezed tightly shut she didn't see they're pleasure at her discomfort, they quickly hid their hardly contained grins as her eyes fluttered open. The Major stopped the flow and The Med officer reached under her and massaged her tummy until she indicated the cramps had subsided.
"You've taken only a little over a quart, Private Atkinson," The Major announced. "You have another quart to go. Now hold still and take it like a big girl, and don't be so silly!" She heard the awful click again, and more pressure began. It built slowly until she was just about to cry out again.
Then she heard the click again. "There, that's the whole bag. You did quite well for your first time, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said to her.
"We're going to have you hold it for a few minutes to give it time to work inside you." She felt the nozzle being slipped out of her rectum, only to be quickly replaced by something soft and tapered, but larger around. "I put a butt plug in your ass to help you hold the enema. When we let you up to release, I'll take it out for you over the toilet," The Med officer explained.

Private Atkinson lay on the table in her enforced position and held her enema. It was quite a struggle, but she did the best she could. She began moaning and trying to kick her feet against the table after about five minutes, whereupon The Doctors began unfastening her from the exam table.
"OK, off to the toilet with you," The Med officer said as they hustled her on wobbly legs to the bathroom. The Med officer had her squat over the toilet while he reached between her legs and worked the butt plug loose, then told her to sit on the toilet and expel. Immediately there was a rush of water, and an accompanying sigh of relief from Private Atkinson.
Only after she began to feel better did she realize that she had never gone to the toilet in front of anyone else, much less a man, since she was a toddler. Even though The Major and The Med officer had left her alone to finish after her first forceful expulsion, she felt her face growing hot with the embarrassment of what they had seen her do.
After about fifteen minutes on the toilet, she got up and cleaned herself thoroughly with the washcloth provided for her. Satisfied that she was once again presentable, she slowly walked back into the exam room. She was actually getting used to being naked in front of the two fully clothed older men.
"OK, young lady, hop up on the table. We have to do a quick gynecological examination before we do some more extensive rectal inspections," The Med officer announced. Private Atkinson, who had been standing there with one arm covering her large breasts and one trying to cover her young pussy, hesitantly plopped herself up on the cold exam table.
She noticed that there was new, clean crinkly white paper beneath her. The Major began adjusting some metal arms at the foot of the table that had shiny, smooth curved tops. As soon as they were fixed so they were vertically perpendicular to the table,
The Med officer put his hand on Private Atkinson's shoulder and told her to lie on her back. She obeyed, quickly stretching herself out full-length with her head on the little white cushion.

The Major, who was standing at her feet, motioned her toward him, saying, "Slide your butt down toward me, Private Atkinson. That's it, right to the end of the table. Now let's get your legs up into these stirrups, OK?" Private Atkinson did as she was told.
She quickly realized that The Major was now strapping her legs into the stirrups so she couldn't move them. The Med officer had taken her wrists, which still had the cuffs attached, and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head. She found herself stretched out with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table, legs splayed wide.
Both doctors now began to don the latex exam gloves. First pulling them on tight, they snapped them at the cuffs and the proceeded to flex their fingers to get the translucent coverings to fit tightly.
The Med officer sat on a stool right between her legs, which put his eyes on a level with her crotch. He slowly parted her pussy lips to get a good look at this eighteen-year-olds genitals, and noticed that she was pretty moist.
He smiled, wondering if he would ever bring her to the point where she would be begging him to do this to her. The Major, meanwhile, watched what the Med officer was doing, but glanced up occasionally to observe Private Atkinson's hardening nipples. When The Med officer was done with the external exam, he was ready to perform his manual examination of her pussy.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your vagina now, Private Atkinson. It seems you're wet enough so I won't need any KY," he smirked. "Have you gotten this wet with any boys yet?" She was embarrassed by her wetness, and his questioning just added to it. She knew that to hesitate would bring more punishment, so she immediately replied, "Only once, Sir." She turned her face to the side to escape their gaze.
The Major dutifully reached over and parted her lips as The Med officer inserted first one, then two of his fingers into her female opening. The light hairs guarding her privates did not present any obstacle to the insertion, and in one smooth motion the Med officer was inside all the way.
She could feel him moving his fingers around, with his thumb brushing her clit. She began to feel some familiar sensations when he did that, and despite herself, tried to bring her hips up to meet his fingers. When he had withdrawn his fingers, she saw The Major hand him a shiny instrument that looked like pliers, only with long wide jaws at right angles.
"This is a speculum. It's used to dilate you so I can see clearly up inside you," the Med officer explained. "But it's a small one, so I won't open it very wide and destroy your hymen. After all, we want to make sure you still remain a virgin." As he spoke, he opened and closed the petals of the speculum to illustrate. The Major dutifully squirted a liberal glob of KY onto the speculum and spread it all over.
The Med officer aimed the instrument dead centre at her pussy opening while The Major once again spread her outer lips apart. The cold metal touching her inner lips made Private Atkinson flinch, but the instrument was inserted without a hitch and turned handle down before being squeezed and locked open. "Ooooh," she breathed as the widening pressure increased.
Private Atkinson felt SO exposed now, and it was made even worse that two older men were looking into her body...a place where no one had ever looked before. As the speculum was being adjusted, The Major shook down a large rectal thermometer. He handed it to The Med officer, who deftly slipped it into Private Atkinson's rectum without waiting for her anus to unclench.
Private Atkinson wriggled on the table at the feel of the cold glass tube being inserted. She felt their fingers prodding and probing, occasionally sliding over her clitoris, and one time sliding back the little hood of skin covering the little pink bud. She was experiencing feelings now that she had never experienced before. Kind of like butterflies in her tummy, but multiplied by a factor of 100! After probing and stretching her for awhile,
The Major and The Med officer discussed their findings. "We don't see any problem in front here, Private Atkinson. We didn't think we would, but we had to be sure. We're going to have to check your bottom now and zero in on your rectal problems," The Major explained. First the thermometer was removed (with The Major reporting a finding of 99.6F, or normal), then the speculum slid out, letting her pussy lips plop back into their normal shape.
The Major had been lubricating his gloved middle finger, and had taken over the Med officer's position between Private Atkinson's legs. "While I have you in this position, I'm going to perform a preliminary rectal exam. Then we'll turn you over for a more complete examination," said The Major in a low voice. 'Oh, no!,' thought Private Atkinson. 'Not this! Anything but this!' She was truly mortified! The Major's left hand spread her large cheeks apart, just below where the speculum had just been.
The touch of the cold KY on her brown rosebud caused her to tense for a second, and as soon as she relaxed, The Major had the tip of his finger pushed into her. He let it remain there motionless for a few seconds to let her get used to it, then he gradually slid it all the way up until his knuckles pressed against the flesh of her bare bottom cheeks. He looked up at her face, and noticed that her eyes were closed, her head was back, and she was biting her lower lip. He could also see that she had her toes curled downward. He liked that reaction, and he spent a few minutes twisting his finger around, pulling it out and pushing it in, as he savored the tightness on his finger. Reluctantly, he withdrew his finger and peeled off his glove.
"I think I felt something inside there, young lady. We're definitely going to have to take a closer look," he told Private Atkinson. "Let's get these straps off you and get you turned over." Private Atkinson didn't know what to think now. She was already thoroughly humiliated, and knew worse was yet to come. But she wanted to avoid another punishment session at all costs.
Private Atkinson obediently turned over onto her tummy and waited for further instructions.
"Get up on your knees and put your head down on the table. You can rest your head on your arms if you're more comfortable," The Major said. "Come on back down towards the end of the table here...that's it." Once she was in position, The Major helped her spread her knees apart, leaving her pussy pouting out toward him and her anus clearly visible between the two quivering cheeks.

The Med officer placed a wide black leather strap over her arms and buckled her wrist cuffs to it. Another strap was placed over her lower legs, and another was attached to ankle cuffs to hold her feet in place at either side of the table. The Med officer went around checking each strap for tightness, made a few adjustments, then nodded to The Major that their patient was firmly secured.
"The straps will help hold you in place for me," The Major explained. "But I need you to keep your butt high in the air, and hold still." Private Atkinson arched her back a little and pushed her buns out as far as she comfortably could while lowering her chest so her nipples were just barely touching the clean white paper below her.

The Major was obviously going to be in charge of her rectal exam, as a follow-up to the one The Med officer conducted when she first entered the med centre. He began smearing KY all over the index and middle fingers of his right hand, then put his left hand on her lower back.
"I'm going to insert my fingers into your bottom hole, Private Atkinson. I want you to remain still and tell me if anything hurts," he instructed. She felt the cold glob touch her brown puckered hole and reflexively clenched her sphincter shut.
Once she relaxed, The Major inserted his middle finger slowly into her orifice, twisting it to and fro as he pushed it inside. After feeling around with no complaints from Private Atkinson, he withdrew his finger, and then reinserted both his index and middle fingers.
This brought a groan from Private Atkinson as her anus was being stretched wider than before.
"Any pain, Private Atkinson?" The Major inquired, as The Med officer held her buttocks apart. ", Sir. It just feels very full, that's all," she replied in a muffled voice, her face still buried self-consciously in her arms.
The Major felt around inside, flexing his fingers. His left hand had gone to her lower abdomen and slipped between her legs, and his fingers were now cradling her clit. He decided to test her reactions under these circumstances, so he rubbed her clit back and forth with his slippery fingers until she began wiggling her hips and pushing back against his fingers.
He and The Med officer exchanged knowing glances; but her first real orgasm would have to wait until the end. "I have to check your muscle tone, Private Atkinson. I want you to bear down on my fingers like you're going to the bathroom, OK? Try to push my fingers out," The Major told her. As The Med officer watched, Private Atkinson clenched her anus around The Major's fingers, trying to push them out. The Major made her repeat the exercise several times before he issued a new command. "All right. Now I want you to try to suck my fingers inside you."

This was a new feeling for Private Atkinson, and she clenched and tightened her anus until she got the feeling of trying to pull his fingers inside. After several attempts at this, she was told to relax, as The Major withdrew his fingers. They both could see her pussy was positively dripping now. "Your muscle tone seems to be normal," he said with a sigh as he wiped the KY from his fingers with an alcohol soaked gauze dressing.
"We're just going to look up inside you to see if there's anything visible that could be causing your problems." The Med officer handed The Major a pre lubricated rectal speculum, which resembled a set of reverse pliers; in other words, they spread apart as you squeezed the handles. The jaws were the same shape as the vaginal speculum, only smaller.
The Major aimed for the centre of her pink target and slowly pushed the speculum inside. When it was seated, he slowly squeezed the handles until her anus was wide open and adjusted the set screw to hold her open.
He aimed the beam of a small penlight into her rectum and looked around. To help him see the lower rectal walls better, he inserted a dental inspection mirror, which tickled Private Atkinson when it brushed the sides of her outer anal sphincter. Every time the mirror or its shiny metal handle touched her anal opening, she flinched and sighed.
The mirror was soon replaced by a long stem cotton swab, with which he poked and prodded her insides. As a parting experiment, he played the tip of the swab around her exposed anal opening. This brought a moan from Private Atkinson, apparently creating sensations she never knew existed before.

The Med officer and The Major smiled. The swab was left inside as the speculum was withdrawn, leaving the little wooden stick poking out of her little hole. The Major knew she probably couldn't feel the thin swab inside. Once she seemed to relax, The Major took the swab and twirled it with his fingers as he swiftly extracted it from her rectum. This brought an immediate twitch and a sigh from the captive teenage soldier.
"There's one more test we have to give you before we let you rest, Private Atkinson," The Med officer said. "We know your treatment here in our little clinic has aroused you. You can't hide it from your doctors. We feel it's our duty to show a young, inexperienced girl like you what a real orgasm is like. It will not only teach you a few things, but may make your bowel problems less severe."
Private Atkinson stiffened at the mention of the word "orgasm." 'Good girls don't do this,' she thought. 'What if anyone found out? Could I get pregnant from this? How could I do this in front of men?' A jumble of thought shot rapidly through her mind. Before she knew it, she said "Go ahead I'd like that, just do it, yeah" suddenly feeling brave. " do what you want, don't listen to me" She felt hands on her lower groin area again.
Then it happened. The fingers pulled out, and were immediately replaced by something hot and wet, the swollen head of his cock. GOD, she though, feeling a twinge of fear. 'That thermometer feels bigger than I remember it.' And then he pushed forward, denting the anal ring inward.
"Is that the same thermometer sir? it feels bigger" she tried to peer around to see. He pressed in harder 'It wouldn't fit; it couldn't!' "It won't go in sir, sir! It’s too big, it hurts, please!"
He pressed forward again; she tensed, preventing him from making any headway. "I'm sorry sir, I guess it won't fit again after all. use the other thermometer again sir" She said, laughing nervously. Hoping he would stop. His hands gripped, spreading her buns even further.
"It's not a thermometer bitch it's my cock!" Then he pushed again, parting the ring with the tip of his cock. Realization hit her like a hammer blow.
"NO!" she screamed, remembering with panic that she had ordered him to ignore all such protests. Just then the big head shot forward, expanding the rectal mouth beyond reason. The protective ring snapped closed behind the coronal rim and onto his thick shaft.
"I am stopped." The Major said, "but not for long." Then he began to press onward.
"OH GODDDD! TAKE IT OUT! Pleasssssseeeee?"

"Scream all you want, Private Atkinson." He whispered into her ear, relaxing onto her back. "But We've got what you said to me about not stopping no matter what on video tape. "Do what you want, don't listen to me" isn't that what you said, so that's what we aim to do yeah! That's right, we're making a porno tape all of our own . So don't even THINK about crying 'rape' after we're done. I have evidence of your unconditional consent."
They both laughed. With that, he thrust forward viscously, burying his huge erection in the tight, rubbery confines of her bowels. "Oh GOD." She wailed as humiliation began to merge with the pain. "Oh yeah bitch I'm gonna cum right up your tight fucking ass! So many times!" A feeling of total helplessness washed over her like a tidal wave as his rod sunk to the hilt, his balls slapping luridly against the splayed open gash of her hairy vaginal cleft.
"UUUUNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!! ….PLEASE, you have to stop. I can't do this. I can't. If you take it out, we can do anything else you want. ANYTHING!" "OK whore recruit, say, Please take it out of my ass major sir"
"Ohhh yessssss, Please take it out of my ass major Sir!"
"Louder bitch, louder!"
"No that just didn't sound right Private, say please take it out of my fat ass Major Sir"
"Oh please, please" she whimpered.
"Say it!" he barked.
"PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF MY FAT ASS MAJOR SIR!" She heaved on the wrist restraints trying to ease the awful full pressure.
"NO" they both had a fit of giggles. she groaned in pain and humiliation.
The Major already had what he wanted most in the world: His thick cock raping its way into a tight, unwilling ass. And so he began to screw in and out of the narrow passage, bringing further cries of distress to her trembling lips.
Her muscles collapsed, and Private Atkinson went limp as he began to brutally lunge into her soft buns, sheathing his throbbing bone again and again. Hot tears of agony and despair streamed down her face as she pushed her torso up with her hands in a feeble attempt to pull away; Straining against the straps. He took advantage of the arch of her back to slide his hands from her buttocks and up her sides, scooping up the full womanly mounds of her breasts. He mauled them roughly, adding to her pain. Finally, she lowered herself down onto the table, flattening her tits into his palms so he could not abuse them as freely.
Now that his hands were trapped beneath her, she was also able to clench her buttocks together, slowing his cock thrusts. This was OK with him. He liked the feel of her boobs in his hands. And he really liked the feel of her naked ass cheeks squeezing tightly on cock shaft like a pair of huge, fleshy lips. His monstrous cock pistoning deeply between the humid cheeks, pumping relentlessly faster and faster into the very core of her soul.
"UH…Uh…Uh." Private Atkinson panted, hyperventilating, her eyes bulging as the impaling tool began to swell. It bloated out so hugely she thought her intestinal walls would give out. She was going to come apart at the seams, her very person hood torn from her in the intensity of the inhuman penetration. The Major gasped, tightening his grip on her lush breasts. Suddenly, amazingly, inexplicably, the feeling was back! The feeling she had felt when he first fingered her ass. The feeling she felt when she masturbated with her own finger back there. The feeling she had right before she was about to…
"I'm COMING! Cumming up your ASS, TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!!" Announced her rapist, as he skewered his enormous cock to the hilt with one final, buttock-flattening lunge. She felt the hot come bathe the brutalized walls of her rectum, falling just short of the ecstasy that had been almost within her grasp. Another tear, this one a tear of frustration, rolled down her cheek. She knew now, knew again for certain that she could get to the fireworks via this route.
She glanced over her shoulder as he got off her and slid his tool out. Her ass farted disgustingly as he pulled out. Private Atkinson sobbed as she watched the other officer wank himself ready to mount her. His cock was far bigger than the others. The shaking, trembling Private moaned lowly as The Med officer pulled her ass cheeks apart, whining and groaning in anxiety and fear. She gave a short cry as she felt his cock head pressing against her anus, then gritted her teeth and gasped in pain as he put more and more pressure against her sphincter. His cock head slowly forced her asshole open and sank down into her. She groaned and moaned and mewled in pain as his log sank deeper and deeper into her rectum. Her ass stung and ached as his giant cock slid further inside.
"OOOOhhhhhh . . .PPlease no ohhhhh aahhhhh . . .Nooooooooooooo!" she cried.
"Yeahhhh," he sighed. "Nice recruit ass meat." He gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from the tormented girl as his cock drove deep. He drew back then thrust again, burying his cock in her tight anal tube. With hardly any hesitation, with no time to let her ass become accustomed to his girth, he began to pump, tearing his cock up and down inside her. At least the others cum made it easier. Soon he was pounding his cock with savage force and speed, sodomizing the weeping, shaking Private with no regard to her pain. His cock skewered her with terrible violence, ripping in and out of her tight, aching tunnel. His cock head pumped like a piston in and out of her anus as his hips rocked the girl again and again.
It caught her by surprise -- her orgasm. She could not fight it. It came in waves, like shock waves from an explosion. And as she came, The Med officer fucked even harder, reaming out the inside of her ass, plunging his long, thick cock deep into her asshole. She bucked against him and cried and screamed. As she came, she felt jets of wet juice splash down her trembling thighs --All nerve endings were supersensitive from her recent orgasm and his cock was really bigger than she could take. But he stretched her as he went.
She screamed several times and each time, she heard the approving grunts and even that, added to the depth of her orgasm. Then he came, dropping thick, white loads of jism down her asshole, sighing in pleasure as he felt the sperm shooting into her trembling, spasming guts. The pain was awful. But again, her body seemed to be out of her control. She shuddered in relief as he slid his tool out of her aching asshole. She felt semen ooze out and run down her pouting cunt lips. Her cunt ached for attention. She knew she'd do anything to be touched there again.
She couldn't look at them through humiliation her face glowing red as they released her and let her stand up at the end of the examination table. They turned her around and pressed her back on to the table again. The Med officer had taken her wrists; he guided them back into the cuffs and was tying each one to the corner of the exam table above her head.
She found herself stretched out again with her arms extended over her head and her bottom pushed out at the end of the table. Her legs were splayed wide by the Major and lifted back up into the stirrups. She lay there shaking with excitement and fear as he did the straps up tight on her slick thighs. Eventually they stood before her, the video lens behind them staring at her blackly.
"Since you seemed to like your examination so much, here's what we're going to do," The Med Officer began. "The Major is going to insert this 14-inch colon tube into your bottom. While he's manipulating that, I'm going to take this dildo and insert it into your vagina. Don't worry; although it's shaped like a boy's penis, its small enough so you'll remain a virgin. When it's inside you, I'm going to turn it on so it vibrates your insides."

Private Atkinson was shocked and mortified at what she was being asked to endure. She knew if she resisted or even protested, the consequences would be more demerits, more demerits meant being back coursed, which meant longer here in their clutches. She'd be in worse shape than she was in now.
She also had the conflicting feeling that she was going to enjoy this...even want it. So she just lay there in position as The Med Officer inserted the vibrating cock and turned it on.
A flood of sensations began to course through her entire genital region. Then she felt the familiar cold feeling as the 3/8-inch diameter colon tube was inserted into her rectum and began its journey up past the first flexure and up the descending colon. The Med Officer was now rubbing her clit back and forth between his fingers, and her smooth ass cheeks were dancing from side to side as much as the restraints would allow. The Major was pushing, pulling and twisting on the colon tube as The Med Officer manipulated the vibrator inside her once secret female parts.
Soon Private Atkinson's hips began bucking forward with increasing intensity, and the two doctors renewed their efforts. With the simultaneous stimulation of all three of her sensitive regions, it wasn't long before her body began jerking and convulsing.
Suddenly they pulled away, the vibrator yanked from her cunt entrance, the tube from her ass the fingers from her clit. "NOOOOOO No please don't stop please please oooohhhh please!" she begged struggling in her bonds. "Oh dear would you like it back inside you?" they teased.
"Yes . . yes please sir please!" the Major reinserted the colon tube.
She bucked and kicked as he forced it up into her wet rectum, he twisted and flexed it sadistically. "AAAHHH NOOOOO AH AH OOOOHHHH!" she groaned as it sank all the way in. Behind him the Med Officer had moved the video camera to get some close up shots of her.
She thrashed and strained on the table as the Major made her take all the tube up her aching ass, now there was only a few inches of it sticking out. The major grinned down at her sweating frame. she squirmed excited on the table beneath him. "Would you like my fingers back inside you Private?"

She nodded avidly, he patted her pussy and then rubbed the heel of his hand against her pubis. She stiffened a guttural moan bursting from her lips as he pressed against her over sensitive clit.
"I asked you a question Private!" he insisted he ran his fingers down either side of her swollen vulva. Her legs twitched and snatched at the restraints.
"Yes. . . yes I would, uh please yes please sir!" She was trembling. The Major pushed his fingers to either side of her pussy and drew it's moist folds apart. He slid two fingers up and down her quivering pussy lips.
"Would you like one finger or two Private?" she writhed and tried to press her pussy to his teasing digits.
"One or two?" he gripped the exposed colonic tube and twitched it. She jerked and arched her back. "Two! TWO!!" she cried. He pressed two fingers together and slowly eased them between her pouting lips, he twisted and probed with them until they were in the entrance to her cunt, Private Atkinson tried to kick her body jolting and squirming.
He turned his fingers over until his hand was palm upwards, Her vulva and inner lips were pouting and soaking with her juices, he inspected her cunt, her clitoral hood was drawn back exposing her stiff bud. He extended his tongue and slowly circled it. The effect was electric, she moaned and thrashed trying to press her cunt to it.
"Please please ooooooohhhh please!" he dipped his head and locked his lips over her clit, sucking hard, his fingers pressed up inside teasing the never before teased soft pad of her 'G' spot. With his other hand he flexed the colonic tube. "OH GOD, GOD, AH AH AHHH!" she cried her ass lifting and her whole body going ridged.

He flicked his tongue over her clit making her whole frame twitch and shudder. He felt it withdraw as she suddenly let out a scream of pleasure. Her belly released like she'd never believed possible, a surge of hot contractions that made her writhe stiffly, he snatched his fingers from her cunt. Private Atkinson ejaculated, hot cunt juice squirting from her gaping twat over and over. The Major got out of the way so the Med Officer could catch each squirt on tape.

She groaned as it subsided to an awful excruciating ache. The Med officer stepped forward and reinserted the vibrator into the mouth of her soaking cunt. She cried out with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm overcame her again. She bucked forward, then back to force the colon tube and vibrator farther inside her, then she slid forward again to get the sensations nearer her openings. Cunt juice sprayed out around the vibrator, gush after gush.

She thrashed and bucked, her belly contracting over and over as she squirted more love juice across the table her legs dancing helplessly as she came and came.

Finally, drenched with perspiration, she relaxed, still breathing hard as a result of her exertion. "My, my, Private Atkinson; It seems as if your first orgasm was a hardly a whole one! Now you know what the other girls have been talking about when they discuss orgasms. And you now should realize why women want to experience those feelings over and over again," the Med Officer said as he stroked the hair away from her eyes. Private Atkinson lay silently, ashamed of her nakedness, of her having Her ass raped by her doctors and an orgasm in front of them.

She felt completely spent as the waves of pleasure subsided. The colon tube and the dildo were removed, her pussy and anal areas cleaned off, and her restraints unfastened. Her wrist and ankle cuffs were removed, and she was allowed to sit upright, "I think that's enough for one session, Private Atkinson," The Med Officer said facing her. "It seems like your problems are more digestive than anything else. A treatment regime of proper diet and special enemas should bring you back to normal. You will report here for a few days so we can continue your treatment."

As she sat naked on the table facing the two men, she was so tired that she wouldn't think of questioning them on their decision. "Yes, Sir, I understand," she said in a small voice. "Good. Uniform on! Then get to your barracks and get some sleep. Tomorrow will probably be another long day for you," The Major said with a smile.

Enjoy MG.

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