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Talking US Army Recruit Medical Exam Story By Mad Gerald

Now this is based on a story told to me by an ex US military babe it happened in the early 90's :

US Army Recruit Medical Exam

Story By Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Copyright Mad Gerald 2000.

Part One of ?

Private Atkinson had been in the army for just weeks. Her time at Aberdeen proving ground was far different than anyone had said. She was having a bad time at the moment.

Atkinson was 5’ 6" quite big and stocky. She had a chest of 38DD. Short cropped auburn hair, glasses, quietly kept herself to herself. She was very fit having been brought up on her uncle’s farm near Dayton Ohio. She had no problem with the training as she was very strong anyhow. All she'd known was the farm and local school, her knowledge of the ways of the world was very limited.

She was fine until about four days ago, she had been late for muster and so she was detailed to clean the billet as punishment. When she was alone cleaning and scrubbing the floor near the showers. Her drill sergeant Frank had come over and was watching her.

He was a big black guy about 6'2" well muscled, he looked mean all the time, Atkinson didn't like blacks, especially ones that told her what to do.
"Are you trying to clean that floor or bring it pleasure Private?" She looked up at him with a pained 'fuck off you annoying twat' grimace.
"To clean it sergeant!" She carried on.
"I don't care for your attitude young lady. STAND UP!" she jumped up
"Only my mother is allowed to look at me that way Private!" he shouted into her face. "ARE YOU MY MOTHER PRIVATE!!"
"No Sergeant!" she retorted.
"In that case Private you must still be my recruit, and if you’re my recruit you must owe me, say, twelve star jumps. GET TOO IT!!"

She began the star jumps, he stood in front of her and counted, and all through he leered at her heavy tits slamming up and down. They were real solid and heavy with it. By seven her shirt was soaked in sweat. It clung to her bra outlining it. Panting she came to the end.

"Right get back too it Private, make some effort this time!" he turned and walked off. She watched him go she listened she could hear him on the phone, then went to her locker, she cursed him. She took off her shirt, her bra was hurting her and wet through. She took it off. Her heavy tits swung free, big and pink with exertion. They glistened with sweat; she toweled herself dry with the wet shirt. Her nipples came up hard with the attention. Then she pulled a clean shirt on and went back to cleaning.

She'd been cleaning for another ten minutes when he returned with two other drill instructors another black guy and a short white guy. She worked harder trying to impress they were fascinated by her big tits bouncing to and fro as she scrubbed. He smiled realizing she had taken her bra off leaving the big heavy fuckers to bounce all the more; he walked around behind her and watched her big ass (tight in her BDU's) as it went back and too.
"Have you changed your shirt Private?" she stopped and looked up at him
"Yes sergeant, it was wet and I thought . . ." she trailed off.
“Stand up!” she leapt to her feet, he came really close looking into her face almost touching her stiff tits with his starched shirt front. She glanced past him seeing the others stifle grins she didn’t notice the Digi-camera capturing it all.

"Who told you to change your dress Private?"
"No one Sergeant" He smiled at her.
"Twenty star jumps, GET TOO IT!!" she obeyed resentfully. He watched closely as her fresh shirt became dark with sweat; it clung to her freely bouncing breasts as she labored past 8 then 12. She struggled to leap the last four. Her teats were stiff with the friction, pressing hard to the material of her shirt. It was so obvious that they were staring at them. They pressed to the tight material two fat points. Her face glowed crimson with humiliation and embarrassment.
She finished and stood to attention. Something his cock had already done. He stood in front of her and admired her wet chest. “Your shirt has come adrift from your trousers Private address it!” she hurriedly tucked it in pulling it even tighter across her tits.
He went over to the bucket of water she was using and dipped a finger in it he tutted.
“You can’t clean a floor with cold water ain’t that right Al?” He picked up the bucket “That’s a fact!” the white drill instructor barked. Her Sgt poured the cold water all over the floor in front of her; he grinned,
“Not good enough Private now get down and give me 20 pushups!”
She jumped down and pressed her hands to the floor now lying in 2 inches of cold water she started to do the pus ups. Her breasts were soaked, already goose bumping her nipples were aching as they stood around and watched her struggle up and down.

“Straighten those arms, push up and lock!” she did her breasts outlined beautifully the material stuck to them. They sat on their haunches admiring them “Now this Private is going to make a fine soldier don’t you think?” her teats were rigid hard against the material her face crimson her arms quivering with the strain. “Now down slowly!” she did as she was told until the tips of both teats touched the freezing water “STOP!” she held herself there straining as they chuckled “Now that’s damn fine” the white guy leaned close to her ear “They aching girly? you feel that cold making them titties throb? Well you need them babies warming up you just come and see me yeah” he grinned and moved away. “Carry on!” she struggled to get to pushing up and down again each time her teats hit the water chills coursed through them. She got to 14 and was struggling to force her arms straight her nipples were like two pulsing aching nubs sapping her strength “C’mon get them outa that water Private!” “Now you ain’t tryin!” She forced her arms out and down again out and down crimson with humiliation as they watched her. Eventually she got to twenty. “Stop stand up!” she stood to attention her shirt slick to her aching breasts “Now that was pretty poor but I can think of two reasons to keep you in the army Private” they all chuckled.

"Get back to cleaning Private!" she complied meekly. For another ten minutes they stayed there watching her scrubbing with the brush her tits slamming back and too.
"You thirsty Private?" she stopped and knelt up, her T-shirt slick with sweat and cold water stuck to her big tits.
"Yes sergeant I am sergeant!" she fired off. He grinned at her.
"Good, carry on Private!" she swallowed, pissed at his attitude.
"Yes sergeant!" she carried on, they carried on watching her. After another ten minutes he asked her the same again.
"Yes I am Sergeant!" she replied gasping. He smiled.
"OK you earned it Private, come with me I've some Gatorade in the office"
"Yes sergeant thank you sergeant!" she got up and followed them. In the office her drill sergeant pointed to a jug on his desk. It was half full of green gator. She poured herself a glass and downed it in one.
"Happy now Private? have some more if you want" he sat at his desk smiling at her. She helped herself to another full glass she felt refreshed.
"Thank you sergeant" He sent her back to work. She went back to work, she continued scrubbing and then after about ten minutes she felt faint, she couldn't keep awake. She staggered to her bed.

Her drill sergeant watched from the hinges of his office door as she scrubbed and then faltered. She rested and tried again her eyes looking whoozy then she gave up and with her legs almost buckling weaves down the billet and collapsed on her bed.

He turned and grinned to the other two “Paaaarrrrrteeeee!” he chuckled. They left it ten more minutes before he went over locked the doors. They approached her on her bed. He couldn't remember how many times he'd done this. He looked her up and down. She was impressive. He leant over her and slapped her face repeatedly.

There was no response. He grabbed her legs and hauled her ass onto the floor. He propped her back against the side of the bed. He reached down and pulled her T-shirt up over her sweaty tits. He fondled and squeezed them then pulled and wobbled them as they hung free two big fat hard slabs.
“Now ain’t they pretty huh” the others grinned

Her breasts unlike the rest of her weren't tanned but a lovely alabaster white. Two large round stiff globes that sat heavy on her ribs. Her aureoles were wide dark pink circles centered by semi-erect teats. He undid his BDU's and pulled his cock out. Then retrieved his digi-cam from the shelf where it had sat recording the proceedings and took some stills. He put the camera on the bed and pulled her shoulders straight, her head lolled back; mouth open. He sat astride her hips and squeezing up her tits in both hands slid his cock into her sweaty cleavage. He reached over picked the camera up and took some more shots he put it down. He rolled the firm flesh against his shaft, pulling on them.

"You're a regular fuckin' heifer now ain't you bitch!". He gripped her teats between finger and thumb, pulling them to each other behind his cock. He spat into her cleavage and then began to fuck her tits hard, viciously squeezing her hard full breasts too his cock. His fingers biting in marking her skin as he pumped up between them for ages. Eventually he nearly came and stopped.

He pulled off releasing them, and then he toyed with her nipples rubbing his cock over them. "Nearly, nearly made me cum bitch, now let’s have a look at that big ass o' yours honey, see if my cock fits" He got off her and the others helped haul her up onto her bunk. He threw her on her face and dragged her back over the edge so her knees rested on the floor.
With practiced ease he reached around and undid her BDU's and wrenched them down off her ass. She had issue briefs on which he dragged down revealing her wide white butt. He patted her cheeks and then took some more photos. He parted her buttocks and stretched them open to reveal her amber cleft. Her virgin anus nestling at the depths; He wet a finger and tested it pressing it in.

"Ohh yeah tight as can be baby, I'm gonna have me some o' that"
He couldn't wait any longer. He spat on his fingers wetting the head of his cock, then he forced into her tight resistant star. He managed to slowly force it in and rested glorying in the hot vice like grip of her twitching sphincter. He grabbed her hips and eased into her rectum.

Then he slowly sodomized her enjoying every moment. The billet resounded to the sounds of his grunts of pleasure and her ass squelching and farting as his hips slapped loudly against her broad stiff cheeks. He gripped her shoulders for leverage as he reamed her butt. Then he hauled her torso up. He slung his forearm around her throat and held her upright to his chest. He rammed deeply into her ass and stayed there stirring her guts with his meat. With the other hand he cruelly pulled and stretched her nipples, pinching the aureole between finger and thumb so he could make them big and fat as he raped her ass; her limp head lolling and jerking with each hard thrust. He lost control after about twenty minutes and lay on her broad back slamming up into her unconscious form. Viciously ramming deep into her and emptying his hot seed deep into her bowels. He rested then. After a few minutes laid on her back he got up and slid his cock out. It was streaked in shit, blood and semen.
The other two had waited their turn and Al hurriedly got behind her and sank his meat up her still gaping butt hole he got his hands under her to squeeze and pinch her fat tits as he raped her ass heaving his skinny white cock deep up into her groaning as he came too soon. He clambered off for the last instructor KJ.

He gripped her buttocks hard in his hands and wrenched them apart and spat in her open shitter “This is where you get big brother cock up your fat white ass honey!” he fisted his impressive meat and placed the thick head against her slick asshole he held her by the hips and dragged her butt back on to it in a slow even way he grinned watching it as it slithered in the root far thicker stretched her ring into a straining thin line. He held it there feeling the heat of her rectum bathe his meat then he started to sodomise her slowly climbing on top of her he smiled and spat on her face “Oh yeah Mom and dad will be real proud!” Al laughed as KJ started to really fuck her ass slamming into her unconscious form hard his hips battering her fleshy butt cheeks red. Frank stood at the end of the bed and videoing her slack face as she was ass raped. KJ trapped her legs between his and thrust up into her hard getting faster and faster; heaving into her he gasped and came pumping more hot seed into her already sodden ass. KJ pulled out. They took some pictures of her still gaping ass hole their semen dribbling from it. Then they redressed her and lay her on her bunk as they had found her.

She woke with a start in the evening and didn't remember how she had got there. She'd come too laid on top of her bunk. Her ass really hurt, her tits and shoulders too. She was desperate for the toilet. When she went white goo and blood came out as well as her shit. She was horrified. Perhaps she had something dreadful wrong with her. She told no one. Over the next two days, it slowly got better, but it held her back, running and forced marches were the worst.

More? Enjoy MG
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