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Smile British Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal.

A short story I wrote an age ago - in Macedonia actually after watching this Female army officer shouting the odds at these local policemen - how different it would have been if all her men weren't there with their weapons to deter them from what was so obviously going through their minds as she hollered and gesticulated - as her breasts bobbed about under her tight T shirt.

Army Captain's Language barrier ordeal.

Story by Mad Gerald

The content of this story is of sexual nature and does involve blackmail, and non-consensual sex.


All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story is intended for ADULTS only.


The attached story may be shared with others and freely posted in newsgroups and on the Internet, provided no money is charged to read this document, or if it is I am offered free entrance to that site in payment and no part of this document, including the notices and attached fiction are modified, and the original author is given proper credit for their work.

This story is fantasy! (not real, Fantasy OK) and involves the gang rape of a woman. It is very nc. If you are under 18 or offended by such material please do not read.


Macedonia 1997.

I am a translator with the UNHCR in Macedonia. I've done all sorts of jobs here since things got crazy this was one thing that stopped me being made to fight difficult when you are male and in your twenties. Two days ago I was called to one of the nearby refugee camps to help an army captain who was having some problem with the Macedonian police.
When I got there I had problems finding him as the camps are a mess of makeshift tents, trailers, boxes, you've all seen the pictures on TV it's a mess.

Anyhow after about an hour I managed to get there. Imagine my surprise when the Captain was a woman of about 5`10", a brunette with strong features. She wore British army combats, her sleeves rolled up to reveal her strong tanned arms. She was a big girl. Her dark brown hair cropped into a bob, as I approached from behind I admired her hour glass proportions. Looking at her I thought 'God it was ages since I'd had a fuck'.

She was gesturing and arguing loudly with a Macedonian police man there were another four stood about. There were no other British troops about.
I went over and she turned to me.
"AHH there you are at last, you took your time" she looked mightily pissed off, I smiled
"It's difficult you know the score, these places are a maze, how can I help?" my smile wasn't returned.

"Captain Jill Sheldon 4th armoured. I came here to visit a family who I befriended when one of our doctors treated their daughter here two days ago. I can't find them, and then these bastards turn up and start roughing up the other refugees here" I looked about at the policemen, they looked pretty unkempt and nasty to me, not the sort to upset when you’re a westerner alone.

"I think we should leave, come back with some help yeah?" she shook her head, pulling her face.
"No you translate for me, you tell them this is unacceptable yeah?"
"I think we should just leave" she looked even angrier.
"Listen! YOU! talk to them for me, just translate that's your job yeah! you
tell them what I say then we can leave OK!"
"Ok, whenever you’re ready" I admitted defeat.

She grabbed the policeman's arm that she had been speaking to and span him around to face her.
"Tell him who I am!" she ordered. I obeyed. In the local language.
"This is Captain Sheldon British army, she wants to speak with you sir"
I translated.
"So! tell her to fuck off back to Britain, stupid bitch" he stated

I looked at the Captain she hadn't understood a word.
"He says he wants you to leave" I told her. She looked furious.
"Tell him I'm not leaving; tell him I want his name and the names of his fellow officers!"
I told him, he looked at the others and then back at her, a grin crossed his thick features again.

"Tell Captain Sheldon she is to shut up and fuck off or we show her how to fuck off yes!" the others laughed.
"He still insists that you leave Captain" I told her. She stared at me.
"Right tell him I'm not leaving until he either leaves or gives me his and his men's names!" I couldn't believe how stubborn she was. I translated it for her. The policeman smiled and sighed,

"The Captain doesn't understand our language at all no?" I shook my head, his hand went to his pistol and rested there. Behind him the others already had their hands on their own Kalashnikovs. I was unarmed; the Captain only had a pistol in her holster, probably unloaded. I Swallowed.

"We are bandits with stolen uniforms, here to steal from these people, yes? You trick her to go into alley between tents behind us, so we can rape her fat ass or we kill you and the Captain now. Yes?" my mouth went dry with fear, I glanced at the policemen behind him they all had trainers on.

My mind raced.

"What did he say man!" she insisted. I was frozen, I knew they meant what they said, I had no choice. The Bandit interrupted
"We kill you both, and fuck her while she is still warm anyway, yes?" his face was like stone.
"He says his commander is through there. He is the one you must speak to" my voice faltered as I lied.

"You see, tell them whose boss and you get somewhere, come on!" she turned and walked toward the alley, the policeman grinned "You follow, behave and you both live yes" I nodded dumbly.

He and two others followed her as she strode toward the alley; two more pushed me forward from behind. Captain Sheldon got into the alley almost to the end before she realized it didn't go anywhere. It was full of rubbish and filth, old clothes and cardboard. She stopped and began to turn around her hands on her wide hips.

"This doesn't go anywhere!" she complained.
The Policemen were now between her and me, Two rushed forward to grab her arms. barrelling into her, she cried out in surprise and was thrown forward, crashing into the rubbish and filth, She was a powerful woman and she heaved up and succeeded in twisting over partially on her left side as they landed, the guy on that side punched her in the side of the face.

She grunted as it smashed into her face, her nose gushed blood, her head jerking backwards. At the same time she brought a knee up and rammed it into his abdomen, he gasped and doubled up, he managed to keep hold of her arm though. The one behind her twisted her arm right up her back, making her arch her back in pain.

The other recovered quickly from the blow to the abdomen and punched her again viciously in the face. She reeled back with the blow; the other grabbed her short hair with his free hand and wrenched her head back.

She was mid scream when the one she had kicked punched her again, his fist smashing into her jaw her head slammed back she tried to kick out he rabbit punched her again. Her mouth and nose now a bloody mess. She visibly slumped her legs which were kicking relaxed. She was knocked out for a moment.
They threw back on her front and with practised ease one gripped and dragged her elbows back hard. The other quickly bound them together tightly with thick tape.

They dragged her over onto her back; one wrenched her combat scarf from around her neck and rammed it into her slack mouth.

They held me against the wall of the tents a pistol to my face. The two busied themselves undoing her belt and trousers, they were wrenched down her legs to her combat booted ankles, each grabbed a knee and dragged her muscular but limp legs wide. One of them got between her knees and dragged her combat jacket up out of the way.

She wore white briefs covering her hairy pussy mound. He hooked his finger into the gusset and wrenched them to one side. I could see her cunt, covered in thick brown pubes, her thick lips closed. He yanked his trousers open and freed his cock.

As soon as it was free he pushed it to her pussy. Then he heaved his cock into her dry cunt. He pushed down on top of her and thrust viciously into her forcing it in. He laughed “Big soldier girl!” he spat on her face

Time and time again he heaved until eventually it was home. She groaned and stirred as he started to fuck her. He swore and cursed her as he fucked her, moaning that her cunt was too tight, the others jeered him on. His butt was pounding in and out now occasionally her legs jerked as he rammed deep, He dragged his arms up and gripped her shoulders.

Levering himself up, He started to really fuck her then. Now he had lifted up I could see her face her nose was still bleeding as was her lip, her head bounced and lolled about as he fucked her, her eyes closed. He laughed “Wake up your missing your rape you piece of shit!” He sped up and then heaved into her deep and with a loud grunt came in her. She groaned and gave a feeble kick with her trapped legs.

He pulled out and climbed out from between her open legs. Semen strung from his cock head to her open cunt lips. He grinned
"She has not been fucked for a good while, that was good, her cunt is like a fist!" they all laughed.

The other got between her thighs and with his cock standing rigidly out from the front of him, reached down and wrenched open the front of her combat jacket, she had a olive green T-shirt on underneath. He pulled a knife from his belt and slit it, and then he tore it open to the neck.

The Captain had quite hefty tits clad in a plain white under wired bra. He gripped it at its narrowest point between her tits and tried to stretch it up off them, either it was too tight or her tits too big and stiff, but it wouldn't come off so he cut it in the middle.

He threw the two halves over her arms and watched as they settled.
Two fat white mounds, crowned with wide coral aureole and semi-erect teats. He licked his lips and began stroking and fondling them. He pulled each nipple hard and flicked them with his finger tips.

The Captain came too and began staring about wildly. She tried to lift her legs but he was knelt on her combats which were still between her ankles. She started to shout into the gag, all that was heard though was muffled complaints.

She tried to pull and free her arms to no effect. Although she put on a good display of agitated tit wobbling for her assailant. He grinned down at her and then rammed his fingers into her cunt making her wince and grunt. ”Good you are awake you missed my friend raping you he came quickly he says you have a tight cunt for a fat bitch!” she looked at him in bewilderment not understanding a word he said. He withdrew them and showed her the semen stringing between his fingers, she screamed obscenities’ into her gag struggling as he laughed and wiped and smeared his friends semen all over her face. Her eyes went wide; you could see realization that she'd already been raped sweep across her face just before he bent his cock down and thrust up into her still gaping cunt.

She winced and kicked as he forced into her. She was wrenching at her arms and trying to dig her feet in to push off it as he forced her to take it.

Then when it was in he gripped her tits in both hands and began milking them to his face. Sucking and biting her pink nipples as he fucked her as she struggled and jolted trying to get him off her. He fucked her with deep hard thrusts never retreating very far out of her.

She turned her face away; saw me her pained eyes fixed on mine. Then she screwed them up tight and began struggling again as he fucked her.
He let go of her tits and gripped her hair instead and held her head down while he licked and kissed the side of her red face.

He rammed her harder and harder and then with her legs kicking and dancing a bizarre dance he shot his load deep into her. He stayed on top of her letting her feel every deep hot throb as his seed emptied into her violated cunt.

The leader that had been talking to me stepped forward "Hurry get off her,
You hold her shoulders! You get her legs, twist them over and hold them.
I'm going to fuck her up her fat pompous British asshole." One grabbed her shoulders and forced them down. The other that had just raped her forced her ankles together and twisted them over bending them, so her ass was facing the leader.

She strained to be free. "Leave her alone don't do that to her! that's
enough!" I burst out, One of my guards hit me across the face with the pistol.
"Shut up pig!" I was ignored by the others.

I watched helplessly as they fought her legs over and held them. Her backside was ample, two big stiff cheeks that shuddered as they forced her legs up and bent them her hairy cunt came into view, semen oozed from it, and down the back of her thigh. The leader knelt down in front of it and patted her flinching flank.

"Tell her I'm going to fuck her big fat ass to teach her some manners. Tell her this what happens to stuck up bitches that stick there noses in where it's not wanted, yes?!"

I swallowed unable to find the words. "Tell her!" I repeated the message.

Captain Sheldon went wild desperate to be free. They managed to hold on to her and after another five minutes struggle and two more punches she was held back as she was. Her ass presented to their leader.

He forced fingers into her deep cleft and dragged it open, her buttocks flexing and straining as she fought to keep him out. Eventually he was looking down at her asshole, it looked tight probably virginal. He eased two fingers into her cunt and scooped out some semen which he daubed into her cleft.

She winced and strained to kick as he began to finger it into her clenched anus. He slowly forced his finger in and began to fuck it in and out. She groaned and jerked as he did. She tried to shift her hips away but they held her fast. She snorted and gasped as he forced it in past the first then the second knuckle.

They laughed at her distress and he twisted and pressed it deeper making her squeal and jolt.

"Leave her alone, please haven't you done enough?" I pleaded. I got another pistol whipping that forced me to my knees. They held me there forcing me to watch as he pulled his finger slowly out.

Their leader wanked his cock squeezing it up hard and then he bent it down to her hardly lubed ass. They held her hard and fast as he pushed the tip to her ring, She was shaking her head and shouting muffled entreaties into the gag.

The one holding her legs gripped her right cheek and forced it up, this stretched her ring wide open. He pushed the crown of his cock to the spider of hard muscle and holding his cock hard in his hand began to force it in; the head was about three times around as her ring seemed to be. She let out awful deep moans of pain and grief as it pushed and pushed drawing her inner buttock walls in with it. Her head was thrown back, her face red, nostrils flared, and tears welling in her eyes as it went in with excruciating slowness.

He grunted with exertion, 'It must be hurting his cock' I thought as he pressed and pressed. She began to sob and then wail as he kept it up and then suddenly he gasped and she groaned and went rigid as it snapped pas her ring and entered her rectum. He forced it deeper making her lift her legs and grunt as she felt it force into her.

She snorted and strained trying to get off the thing but he kept on relentlessly until a good four inches of his thick meat was lodged in her ass.
He let go of his cock and gripped her hip and began fucking into her butt deeper. She squirmed and flexed in their grip but the held on as he began to get her reluctant ass to take more and more of his meat.

Now he was all the way in and you could see her whole body flinch with every deep thrust. He grunted and strained as he raped her poor ass, pulling her on to it with her hip as he watched her grimacing face contort with each cruel stab.

"Not so full of your British pomposity now bitch, not with some cock up your tight shitter eh?!" she groaned and shuddered as he butt fucked her with increasingly hard strokes. I could see from where I was his meat going in and out, it's shaft covered in her shit which seeped around it's girth.

He rammed up her deep his balls smashing against her ass cheek over and over he let go of her hip and grabbed her bouncing tits and began to pull and squeeze them so that she struggled more; wriggling and squirming on his pounding cock.

He started to heave into her like a bull at a gate lifting her ass off the floor with each gut wrenching thrust she howled and sobbed into the gag suddenly going rigid again as he gave a strangled cry and she felt his hot searing seed spurt into her bowels with hard insistent rhythm.

He pulled back and yanked his cock from her spasming orifice spraying the rest of his load over her big butt cheeks.
"YESS that was good!" he shouted in triumph as his orgasm abated.
He looked up at his man holding her shoulders "Hold him, so they can have some" he pointed to me, he got up and took over guarding me.

Captain Sheldon lay back exhausted as they released her legs. The two who had been guarding me were well fired up and grabbed the poor Captain by the epaulettes of her shoulders and hauled her up on to her shaking knees.

The one in front slid his legs between hers over her combat's that were still around her shins and the one behind forced her forward on to him. After some struggling to get her to comply, the one underneath had his cock buried deep in her slick cunt and was fucking up into her.

The other one climbed on her back and force fed his cock up her still open ass. She squealed and bucked as they sandwich fucked her. The one underneath wrapping his arms around her to hold her still while the one on her back beasted her quaking ass.

He held onto her shoulders for leverage as he butt fucked her without mercy, hard and fast making her wail and kick. He called out
"HAVE IT, HAVE IT WHORE!" as he shot his load into her sore ass.
He pulled off while the other piston fucked up into her and came too.
She groaned and lay still on top of him.

They hauled her off and threw her on her knees, head on the floor her face to one side ass toward me, her arms looked so uncomfortable tied together like that. I suddenly jerked as my guard grabbed my erection through my trousers.

"Hey he wants a piece of her ass too!" he leered.
"No no i don't I just . . just" he shoved me forward behind her.
The leader levelled his pistol at me. "Fuck her in the ass, come on UN man fuck her in the butt!"

"No please don't make me do this?" I pleaded.
"Fuck her ass or die UN man!" he growled.
I knelt down behind her and freed my cock from my trousers, her big white ass was open in front of me, her asshole still oozing shit stained spunk.
"I'm sorry" I whispered as I pushed it to her open ring.

"No talking! butt fuck her!" She groaned and flinched as I pressed in, I shuffled forward and sank more in it was so hot and tight. I laid my hands on her wide hips and started to fuck deeper into her, I laid my chest on her back and instinct took over and in minutes I was fucking her butt as hard and deep as any of them had.

She pressed back and groaned. I forced my hand around her front between her thighs and began frigging her neglected clit, she shuddered and reacted, I took my time enjoying the hot clenching of her butt as I strummed her clit, surprised at her reaction.

Suddenly she jerked and pushed upright letting out a high pitched repetitive squeal. Her ass slamming back down onto my meat, hot wetness gushed over and through my fingers as I realized she had come. At that I lost my load deep in her sucking pressing ass.

I glanced over my shoulder expecting some comment from our captors but there was none I pulled my meat from her ass and looked about. We were alone, the bastards had fled. I untied the Captains arms and pulled the gag from her mouth, "They've gone, you'll be all right, I'll get help" She winced as she moved.

"Not on you're life I'm getting out of here before they come back with some friends" she gasped. I helped her drag her clothes on and we fled. I took her to a 'Medicines sans frontiers' tent and once sure she was looked after. I fled too.
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