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I've discussed it with a couple of partners. You have to feel them out about it. In early days it was all straight sex. As I got more experience, I've had women bring it up to me, they just leave a book in the bedroom, for example. I have a dark look, most women can tell pretty quick I'm a pervert... I don't usually attract clean cut types unless they have a dark secret. I left a relationship with someone who wasn't into it at all. That wasn't the only reason for leaving but it's one indicator of a mis match. I'm back on here looking for a nice girl who wants to play dirty. I've met two on here before. Chat and phone are a good place to start. There's nothing like the satisfaction of living out one of your sexual fantasies, and if it's a mutual interest, happy days. You have to have that if the relationship is gonna work long term, unless you can get it on the side...
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