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Originally Posted by Shyminx View Post
Virgin rape used to be my number one fantasy.

I don't go for the extremely violent type of fantasies in general but the virgin rape fantasy would entail pain from the actual tearing of the hymen and the subsequent blood from the tearing.

I've had two types of fantasies: one gentle and the other forceful.

Where the rapist is somewhat gentle, he treats her as a lover might. He doesn't want to hurt her, even goes to the extent of trying to console her. And yet he insists on breaking into her. He gets her ready with a lot of foreplay resulting in her humiliation as her scared virgin body succumbs to his expert technique. Her fear does not leave her even though her body gets ready for her first ever penetration. She struggles to stop him but his cock is at her entrance and she knows she is seconds from being defiled, and having that which she had saved taken from her. There is obviously pain from the tearing but it is a slow rape letting her body adjust till he loses control and goes wild. By this time she is sufficiently moist and ends up cumming with her rapist... I think this type of scene would invoke more humiliation for the victim both for being conquered and for the way her body reacted.

The second type is somewhat violent where the rapist wants to hurt her because she is a virgin. He wants to take her purity from her and she knows he will be brutal about it. He considers it a prize and her a tease for holding onto it. He does not care for her discomfort so there is no foreplay, just the pain from her torn hymen and the blood lubricating her recently virgin passage which she would have struggled to save.

For either scene I think the victim would be horrified and humiliated by the fact that her body is being used; disgusted that a man she had not chosen to be her first is taking her; and scared of the pain and the outcome of the rape. Finally, she would feel defiled and dirty, shocked by the realization that she is now just a statistic and nothing special.
This is an excellent post and I enjoyed it very much, thank you! I have very similar fantasies myself. With one or two exceptions...the gentle rape I envision as more of a blackmail but the rapist still makes the attempt to seduce her. There is a great scene that exemplifies it in WWE's Desert Diva between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson. (It's ironic - I don't watch WWE but just happened upon this scene on youtube) I wish to I could find the complete scene somewhere, but alas there are only bits and pieces.

In regards to the violent rape: I love the idea of marital rape. The virgin bride says no out of shear fear of the unknown which in turns sends the husband (who has been brought up to believe the bride is the property of her husband, to be used at his will and pleasure.) into an animal like rage, throwing her on the bed, landing on top of her, pinning her down. Mercilessly he slams into her letting out fierce growls each time he thrusts into her. Harder and harder he until he can no longer control his body, he reaches the height of his climax, contorting his face and arching his back. Everything is still for one perfect moment before a long, slow groan escapes him. His body drained of any strength, he collapses upon her,exhausted, knocking the wind out of her as he does. She listens to his labored breath become more regular as he falls into a perfect sleep. She feels his flaccid cock still inside her as his now-cold semen oozes down her thighs. Silent tears stream down her cheeks as much, if not more so, from the humiliation as the cataclysmic pain that seemed to tear her body apart. Eventually, she struggles to find some sort of escape in an insomniatic sleep.

Wow, didn't mean to get off on a tangent there, but I got on a roll and didn't want to stop. I am working on a story on this subject, after all.

In closing, for what it's worth, I would like to add my description of the ultimate rape: (And keep in mind, she is the ultimate sorority bitch) I rape her, constantly telling her that with her reputation of sleeping around, and my being a pillar of the community and a paradigm of all things good and true, no one will ever believe that I raped her. "No, I can't tell you that..." I say, mimicking my statement to the police. "It was beautiful, so intimate, so tender...we-we made love" I then let out an evil laugh. Once it is over, I very slowly, very calmly take a shower and dress. I exit the bathroom as if marching at parade. She lays on the bed naked. Curled in the fetal position, she silently sobs as one arm covers her bruised chest, the other extending downward to cover her slit, slowly dripping with my seed. Without breaking my stride I throw my used towel at her in complete and utter disgust, "Clean yourself up." As the door shuts heavily behind me, I smirk, basking in the glow of justice having been served as the coldest dish possible.
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