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Yeah, definitely one of my favorites too. For me the sexiest part of any fantasy is how much the girl hates the rape, rather than any other aspect. The more she hates it the sexier it is. Naturally a virgin has a whole range of reasons to hate the experience above and beyond the simple rape factor starting with the sanctity of her first time and working through the terrible pain, to the simple humiliation of being raped.

Because of that most of my fantasies include a few extra elements.

1. Find a girl who knows about sex, but is very prim and determined to keep her virginity. This ensures the maximum of natural fear of the force defloration, whilst combining the maximum of humiliation.

2. use a combination of drugs and other paraphernalia to increase her tightness, dryness, and most of all her sensory sensitivity so that every sensation is magnified a hundred fold. And make sure she knows exactly what I’m doing, this helps drive the psychological factors to their maximum pre-rape.

3. Bind her in a full body latex suit and use a set of restraints that deny all movement except her mouth opening and closing, no finger waggling, elbow waving, back arcing, head tossing, e.t.c. I don't want her to be able to feel anything except what’s happening down there and I don't want her to have any outlet for her emotions besides her voice, no coping mechanisms. She's forced to give whets occurring inside her 100% of her concentration weather she wants to or not because there's nothing else to concentrate on.

4. Make sure I’m as brutal and forceful as possible maximizing the physical suffering, and build up as much emotional terror as possible just prior to penetration.

Yes I know, rather overly sadistic. Like I said the idea is to make her hate the rape as much as possible. By ensuring the most physically and emotionally negative environment and experience it's possible to do and eliminating as many of the coping mechanism’s as possible while still allowing her to express her horror I maximize her dislike of it to heights not normally possible because no normal rape can achieve the level of physical and emotional distress or eliminate so thoroughly means of expressing (and so dealing with), that horror and suffering.

Hope I haven't scared the ladies too badly .
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