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Default Stealin Pussy: Chapter 3

"She's lying to you the manager has the key to every thing"Jack explained tto his brother. "Is that true bitch" michel asked barely able to control his temper. Terry stood in front of the two men trembling in fear she remained silent. "Answer me" michael yelled a second before his right hand shot out slapping terry hard in the face knocking her back to the floor.Terry lay on the cold tile floor sobbing in fear and pain, the left side of her face stung where the man's gloved hand struck her. Infuriated micheal bent down grabbed her by the throat and forced her to hef feet."Now are you going to tell me the truth"he demanded holding her tightly by the throat his masked face mere inches from hers. Defiantly terry manged to whisper "Fuck you" in response. "Fuck me" he angrly shouted back "no fuck you i think it's time you learned your place"tighting his grip he forced her to the back of the store out of sight. Behind them his brother jack followed laughing knowing what was to come next.
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