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Default Stealing Pussy chapter two

Jack snatched the young dark haired girl over the counter by her hair before she could push any alarm button. A few feet away his brother Michael stood over the blonde woman he had knocked to the floor in the mad rush to gain entrance before the doors were locked. Micheal bent down and grabbed Terry by the hair yanking her to her feet.Terry moaned in pain at the rough treatment as the masked robber pulled her off the floor and jammed his gun in the small of her back."Now bitch were going to walk over there and your going to lock the doors just like you always do understand"the man demanded guiding her to the door by the hair.Behind them Jack forced young cathy to the back of the store out of site were he gagged her and bound her hands and feet with duct tape he stole from a nearby shelf. Leaving her helpless on the floor he procedded back to the front of the store to help his older brrother. Terry locked the doors as instructed then tthe man tore the keys from her hand. "Alright cunt which one opens the pharmacy" michael demanded shaking the keys in his hand. "None"terry said nervously hoping to confess the robber. "That's bullshit"jack snorted walking up beehind his brother
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