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Default making humiliating sounds

I really like the idea of hearing from my rapist what he will do next, being scared of it, but not being able to stop him. I love feeling how helpless I am.

Also being taken away what is important to me could do the trick. I am thought to be a good, kind of innocent girl by most people around me and for my job, I shouldn't reveal my slutty side. So being taken photos about me and maybe being shown how he is posting it online would be humiliating. Or a video, where I have to beg for being fucked or say how I like it. Or choose what I want.

One other idea: I had a role play partner, who told me to make pig sounds in the bed, between two fuckings. He slapped me, choked me, threatened me, did everything to force me to do that, but it was very hard for me. There was nothing sexual in it in my mind, nothing turning me on, so kind of turning me into a disgusting animal was purely and utterly degrading. He made me cry with that alone. I can't say I liked doing that, but I loved how he found a new way to really humiliate me and show me what power he had over me.
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