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Learn first what she values most. For example:

Is she a modest/religious lady? Organize for her a black mass in a church where she is the only naked form, being made to drink holy piss blessed by the dark priest, making her drink beast cum instead of wine and eat human chocolate after she was gangraped by all the men and women of the Satan worshipper sect.

Is she an always pampered, elegant woman proud of her body? She does love her soft soles and long nails? While being raped again and again and having her elegance ruined also destroy those parts what she considers her most feminine parts. If she adores her breasts pump them full with silicone transofmring them into balloon like whore tits. If she adores her hands rip her nails off and break her fingers. If she adores her feet burn her soles into blistered, creased ugly horror.
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