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Part 10

Withdrawing from Diana, Harrison got to his knees and looked down at her. As Diana lay on her stomach a river of cum ran out from under her, forming a sticky puddle between her legs on the bedspread. Pressing her face into the mattress she laid there sobbing, almost uncontrollably, while struggling to catch her breath.

As he looked down, Harrison smiled at her and then made a surprising discovery that made him smile even more. His cock was jutting out from his crotch, still fully erect, and capable of continuing its assault on Diana's hot young body. In all his previous sexual encounters through the years (forced or otherwise) he had always recharged quickly, but he had never maintained an erection after an orgasm that would allow him to continue without interruption. Raping Diana had unquestionably been the greatest sexual conquest of his life (even better than the young law intern he had brutalized) and the emotional thrill clearly had an unexpected, positive, impact on his sexual stamina.

Staring down at her athletic young body, still spasmed with pitiful sobs, Harrison looked at her, firm, tight ass cheeks. As he stared at her rump, he smiled as he realized that he was probably the only male (other than her father-when she was a baby) who had ever had the pleasure of seeing it except through a pair of tight fitting pants. He was sure that more than a few of the jocks at her school had enjoyed walking down the hallway, behind her, as they checked out her backside while trying to conceal the obvious erections that it triggered. As that thought brought a smile to his face, an ever larger smile followed as he realized that he suddenly had the chance to take Diana's virginity yet again.

Slowly rising from the bed, Harrison went to his briefcase and quietly removed another item that he had brought with him. Cupping it in his hand, he then grabbed the camera and returned to the bed. Gently kneeling down where he had been, only a few seconds before, he opened the tube of KY Jelly and coated his cock with a liberal amount.

With his sheen of the lubricant, glistening along the length of his shaft, Harrison shifted his weight and positioned himself inches away from Diana's tight, virgin ass. Then, with his dick poised near the tight crevice in the cheeks of her backside, Harrison clicked off several quick pictures for his photos files.

Then without warning, he leaned forward and lay down on top of Diana, pinning her to the bed under his weight and pressed his crotch against her ass. As she began to struggle under his weight, he reached down to his crotch and manipulated the head of his greased dick along the crack of her ass. Then, once in position, he worked it in between her snug cheeks until it was barely touching the tight, almost microscopic sized, tightly puckered opening to her virginal rectum.

Then giving a slow, deliberate thrust, he forced it inch by inch, into her vise tight asshole. As the head of his dick slid partially into her rectum, Diana suddenly gasped and held her breath. The, pushing further still, the puckered little opening of her virgin sphincter opened further, allowing more of his cock to slide inside her. As he pushed, further, Diana began to squirm violently under him. Suddenly, with her wrists still secured to the headboard, she clawed desperately at the brass spindles, clutching at them and trying to pull herself toward the headboard, and out from underneath him.

Although she was able to slide her body further up the bed, Harrison managed to stay with her, and continued to work his cock into her until he was finally, fully inserted into her no longer virgin asshole. Once inside her, he held his cock within her, allowing her violated asshole to close tightly around his shaft. Holding it momentarily, in the depths of her rectum, he grimaced slightly as her tight sphincter clutched so tightly around his shaft that it felt as though she was cutting of the circulation to his cock.

Then, having fully inserted himself into her, he withdrew slightly. Then, thrusting forward again he met resistance as Diana, trying to keep him out of her, clenched her cheeks tightly together, and clutched tightly to the brass head board. Her attempt to obstruct him from re-entering her ass served only to make Harrison work harder and, ultimately, caused Diana more pain. Throwing his weight forward, he held tightly to her hips and forced his cock deeper, pushing further into her tightly clenched butt, until he had fully penetrated her, again.

As he neared maximum penetration, he rammed his cock forcefully into her until she screamed. As the scream left her lungs, he pushed harder, forcing her to scream again, this time louder than the first. As Diana's asshole stretched wider, to accommodate the massive diameter of his shaft, a small tear occurred in the tissue around her opening. As the blood began to flow, and Harrison began to thrust more rapidly, Diana squirmed in under him and grasped the headboard spindles in a death grip, and then she suddenly bit into the mattress, clenching her teeth until she almost tore through the bed linens and screamed like she was being murdered. Fortunately, the fact that her mouth was pressed into the thick mattress served to muffle any sounds that might otherwise have been heard outside the room.

As Harrison continued to work his cock into her now bloody asshole, her rectum stretched wider, allowing his cock to slide more easily as he pumped her tight, athletic rump. Still clutching at the headboard, Diana continued to squirm violently beneath him, pressing her body into the mattress as if she were trying to push herself all the way through it order to escape from the pounding ass fucking he was giving her.

As her rectum's grip on his cock grew less snug, his shaft slid more easily inside her and Diana's screaming grew quieter, indicating the pain was less intense. As her screams subsided to groans, then agonizing moans and finally deep gasps for breath, Harrison (who was nearing orgasm again) reached out and grabbed hold of her long brown hair, again. Yanking violently on her hair, he snapped her neck back and held her head in position until she was looking towards the ceiling, As tears continued to flow from her big brown eyes, Harrison smiled as he watched a river of drool and saliva pour from her mouth, around her spit soaked panties that were still stuffed in her mouth.

Watching her eyes, as they stared blankly at the ceiling, Harrison taunted her and said "You must be the biggest slut in your school, Diana! Only a real whore would enjoy getting fucked up the ass. You like having my dick in your ass, don't you, slut?" Diana tried to shake her head (side-to-side) to indicate "No", but before she had the chance, Harrison started yanking on her hair, making her move her head up and down, as if she was nodding "Yes". "I knew it" he laughed.

As Harrison's cock throbbed inside her rectum, ready to explode, Harrison asked "Since you're such a slut, I bet you want my cum inside your sweet ass, don't you?" Again, before she could gesture "No", Harrison pulled her hair and again forced her to move up and down in a nodding motion.

Slowing his strokes, Harrison suddenly grabbed another handful of her hair and held on like he was gripping the reins of a horse. Then, with Diana's head tipped back, almost to the point of it touching her back, Harrison watched her eyes roll back into her head as he exploded into her brutalized rectum.

As his load blasted deep inside her, almost to her bowels, Harrison withdrew from her blood and lubricant soaked asshole with a loud smacking sound. Then, letting go of her hair, he watched her head snap forward as she shrieked in agony. Then, Diana buried her face into the mattress, let out a deep groan and passed out.

As Harrison climbed off Diana he thought back over the course of the evening and the hours since they had met in the Horn Towers lobby for the "˜alleged' college pre-admission interview. In that time, much had changed in Diana's sheltered world. At 5:00 PM, she was a smiling, confident, high school senior who was two weeks from graduation and thinking only about college and moving into an exciting new chapter in her life.

Over the last 10 hours, the next chapter of her life had been re-written. Her spirit had been crushed like an eggshell. The brightness in her eyes had vanished and been replaced by a dim look of confusion and fear. Her confident smile had been replaced by a pathetic look of pain and anguish. And her precious virginity (that she wore like a badge of honor and flaunted like a cruel "˜no trespassing sign' at the young men she teased-dashing their sexual desires like a bucket of cold water) had been viciously taken from her. By 3:00 AM, she no longer had an opening in her body that had not been filled with cock. Harrison smiled as he thought about that and the things he still planned to do to her.

Looking at his watch, he realized that there was no hurry to release Diana from her torment. Her parents were not due back until Sunday and they were in a place where the things he was doing to her were not likely to attract attention. "The party has barely started" Harrison thought to himself.

Getting up from the bed, he decided he was ready for a break. Leaving Diana's limp and battered body lying there, he went into the bathroom and took a shower. He was surprised that a place like the Vagabond had such a nice supply of personal hygiene items. Laughing to himself, he doubted they spent much to keep the rooms stocked since few guests were there long enough to bathe.

After finishing his shower, Harrison dressed back into his suit pants and shirt, skipping the tie and jacket. Then putting his shoes and socks back on, he hung up the towel and returned to the room to check on Diana. She hadn't moved since he had left her. Picking up the camera, he shot a few more pictures of her as she lay on her stomach. Zooming in to get a good view of the blood and semen running out of her ass, he clicked off a few more pictures then set the camera on the night stand.

As he watched her, he sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her hair. It was no longer smooth and silky like it was when he first carried her into the room. It was now wet with sweat from the physical exertion her body had been subjected to and was a mass of snarls and tangles. Rolling her over onto her back, he looked at the streaks of mascara that ran down her cheeks from her intense sobbing and the rivers of dried saliva on her chin. Her panties hung half out of her mouth, like a huge white satin tongue and there was dried semen on her neck and under her nose. She looked like a slut who had just crawled out of a dark alley. That was quite a change from how she looked at 5:00PM.

Again picking up the camera, he took more pictures and then set it back down on the bed. Then reaching up to the headboard, he began removing the duct tape from Diana's wrists, releasing her from her bondage. Once her wrists were untied, he slapped her across the face to wake her from her fitful sleep.

As she opened her eyes, looking at him with her blank stare, still under the effects of the rohypnol, he reached out and pulled the spit drenched panties from her mouth. Still unaware that her wrists had been untied and with her mouth finally clear of the obstruction, she took in a deep breath through her mouth and gasped. Then, whispering in a hoarse voice she pleaded with him "P-p-p-please let me go!"

Harrison smiled at her and said "You look like a dirty little slut, Diana. I think you need a shower to clean yourself up. Would you like to take a shower?" Suddenly an expression, something close to relief, came across her face." Diana sighed in response and whispered "Oh yes! Y-y-y-yes! Please! Please!"

Harrison stepped away from the bed and pointed out to her that her wrists had been untied. Then, holding his arm out to the side, he made a sweeping motion towards the bathroom and stood there, waiting for her to make a move towards the bathroom. Gingerly rising from the bed, Diana stood up (still wearing the high heels) and walked on wobbly legs towards the bathroom. As Harrison watched her firm young body walk past him, Diana made a feeble attempt to cover her most intimate parts with her hands and staggered into the bathroom. Quickly closing the door behind her, Harrison heard her lock it and smiled. He had discovered earlier that the lock didn't work, but he felt no need to let Diana know that"¦yet!

As he heard the shower come on, he stood outside the door and listened to Diana moan as the warm water ran over her brutalized body. Then, stepping away from the door, he picked up his laptop and sat down on the bed.

While the computer booted up, Harrison picked up the camera from the bed and connected the cable from the camera to the laptop's USB port. He then proceeded to download the remainder of the pictures to his photo files. Once all the photos had transferred to the computer, he logged onto the internet. Once he was online, he surfed to the Facebook login screen. Once he was logged in, he went to Diana's wall and started checking out who had been visiting and what they had posted there.

In reviewing her wall, he saw a message she had posted at 3:30 on Friday in which she told her friends about her interview for Georgetown, that was scheduled for that afternoon. As he read the last sentence "I'm nervous because I think the interview will be very in depth", Harrison smiled as he thought how prophetic her comment had turned out to be.

Leaving the computer logged on, he minimized the screen and walked back over to the bathroom door. The water was still running and it sounded like Diana was crying. Smiling he decided it was time for him to throw her off balance, again.

Moving to the bed, he picked up her slacks and torn blouse along with her bra and spit soaked panties. Then grabbing her purse off the floor, he removed her cell phone and stuck it in his pants pocket. Then taking her clothes and purse, he barged through the bathroom door and set then in a pile on the toilet seat. He then walked over to the shower, and yanked open the curtain. Diana screamed and tried to cover herself up with her hands again. The idea that she didn't want him to see her naked, after what he had already done to her, seemed humorous to him.

As the soap ran off her body, he said "I brought your clothes in and your purse. When you're done I want you get dressed and to put on your make up. I want you to look just as nice as you did when I met you at the Horn Towers. And don't take too long!" Then he turned around and headed towards the bathroom door. Suddenly stopping, he said "Oh and one more thing! I have your cell phone so you won't be able to call anybody. If you're "really good" I'll let you call your parents later. Now hurry up!"

Shutting the door, Harrison sat down on the bed and listened. The water continued to run for about five more minutes. Then Harrison heard Diana turn off the shower and he stood up. Checking his watch, he saw it was after 4:00 AM. Quietly, he moved to the door and stepped outside into the night air. Shutting the door behind him, he waited by his car and looked around the parking lot.

Suddenly, Harrison saw what he was looking for and started preparations for the next phase of what he had planned for Diana.
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